Weezer to play at Microsoft Store opening in Pentagon City Mall (Arlington, VA)

Weezer, an American alternative rock band that was popular in the 1990s, is set to play at a follow-up ceremony at Microsoft's opening of the company's Pentagon City Mall in Arlington, VA store on August 11th, according to a report at ARL. The software giant plans to expand it's brick and mortar empire by opening a number of stores across the US - see previous unofficial list. Inviting Weezer along is adding a cherry to this beautiful ice-cream Sundae.

The store is looking to open at 9:30am on August 9th. Washington Wizards' point guard John Wall will head on down for a Kinect demonstration inside the store on the 11th, the day the band will play their set in the mall (at 2:00pm). Microsoft previously teamed up with Weezer by including the track "Buddy Holly" in Windows 95 on release. It's good to see the fire re-lit, we guess.

But if that wasn't sweet enough, Microsoft is also reported to be donating $1 million in software to local organisations to help build opportunities for the younger generation.

Source: ARL, via: dcist

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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