Welcome PreCentral.net to the Family!

We are pleased to welcome PreCentral.net to our family of mobile techology websites. Just in case you missed last weeks announcement Palm,inc. introduced their newest smartphone, the Palm Pre. Not only is this a new phone, but a new mobile operating system called webOS.

PreCentral.net will follow in the footsteps of TreoCentral, CrackBerry.com, TheiPhoneblog, Android Central and WMExperts by highlighting and discussing the progress, developments and accomplishments of this new mobile device and system. So lets set another place at the family table and see what all the buzz is about this new Palm device.

Check out the PreCentral.net announcement here.

Dieter Bohn
  • Doesn't this make treocentral obsolete? I don't see why ya'll didn't just morph treocentral...
  • TreoCentral didn't have a commenting system, which always bugged the hell out of me... PreCentral is using the same great template that WMExperts has switched to. Probably why they just made a whole new page instead of upgrading treocentral.
  • cant wait for the pre. to bad its on frakin sprint. looks like im goin to be toting two devices with two carriers
  • Shouldn't it maybe be WebOScentral? Because I'm assuming future updates to lines like the Centro, etc will likely transition to WebOS. Unless the Pre becomes a new flagship brand like Treo used to be. Either way, as a Sprint customer I'm excited by the prospects. It looks to be a very compelling device and definitely has my attention.