Wells Fargo confirms it will continue supporting its Windows Phone app

It would be putting things lightly to say that this week has been a rough one for users of banking apps on Windows Phone. However, at least one bank has confirmed it is sticking around: Wells Fargo. After both Chase bank and Bank of America said they would be ending support for their Windows Phone apps, Wells Fargo says it has no plans to abandon the platform.

The news was originally reported by USA Today (opens in new tab), which received the following statement from Wells Fargo:

"Wells Fargo is committed to delivering apps that help our 14 million mobile banking customers manage their money virtually anytime, anywhere, and at this time we have no plans to retire our Windows 8 phone app," according to a statement provided to USA TODAY from a Wells Fargo spokeswoman. "We continue to examine our customers' needs and usage, and make our decisions accordingly."

This is great news for Wells Fargo customers, and possibly even those looking to switch banks after the Chase and Bank of America fiasco. In the meantime, perhaps Windows 10 will exert some pressure on banks to bring more support to the platform.

Download Wells Fargo for Windows Phone

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Source: USA Today Money (opens in new tab) Thanks, Ben, for the tip!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Super
  • I have Bank of America...for now. Already looking at options. I'm seriously considering Ally.
    Someone from Windows Central wouldn't have happened to contact Ally for comment would they?
  • Ally is strictly online and mobile. They have no physical branches and would be foolish to cut off their customers. Their app is great.
  • Please try ally!
    I have them and love them.
    Reached out on twitter and got this:
  • That's great I will probably leave Chase for them too!
  • Man... I sure wish it didn't take so much time and effort to switch banks (I have multiple business and personal accounts with several direct debits). I just left Citibank last year, one of the primary reasons to get the Chase app. Was very satisfied this last year... I am very unhappy with them now. I feel like I was bait and switched here.
  • Same here. I left PNC because of no app and went to bank of America. Now this. I may have to switch again just to make a statement. Hopefully others do the same
  • If you change or not that's your decision. However business don't even blink an eye on customers until they realized we are strong enough to cut ties with them. Very few companies have excellent service, even fewer have wonderful friendly staff. Show your support by supporting those that have views that more closely aligned with yours!!
  • Thing is this had nothing to do with views. The statement made by Wells Fargo was brilliant because they are saying they are going to support their customers however they wish to do business. A walk back by either or both would be hilarious cause now they look like douche bags. Checking out ally and wells now. My business goes to whom ever works for it, not the other way around. This is a little different than an opinion I held before reading Wells Fargo statement.
  • Quitting BoA after being a loyal customer since my Fleet bank was bought over by them. I believe 10+ years. Hell, I'll look into moving my mortgage account as well.
  • I would definitely write a letter to the president of Chase (not Dimon at JPM). It will get the attention it deserves.
  • I've been with bofa for 17 years. I just opened up accounts with Wells Fargo on Friday. And I'm planning to refinance my mortgage with Wells Fargo too. I do happen to have an android I could use, but WP is my primary every day phone. There doesn't seem to be any logical reason to pull an app that has already been paid for. And honestly the development costs have got to be a drop in the bucket for such a large institution. I'm sure  the interest and lending power they gain on forcing certain minimum deposit amounts would cover any of their development costs several times over.    
  • Just signed up for an account. Lets see how it goes.
  • Great one. The app is not bad looking.
  • Get Wells Fargo. Has a great track record
  • I also have BoA for checking and saving, and Chase credit card I use for all my expenses. I like having a physical bank near by, and I use the safety deposit at BoA. For that reason, and to support Wells Fargo's public out reach to Windows Phone users, I plan on moving to Wells Fargo tomorrow. Lets face it, how many companies publicly ask for Windows Phone users. I'm sold, and thank you Wells Fargo.
  • I've been backing with Ally for a few years now and have been very happy with them. My lady and I left Chase for Ally after they flat out told us we're not an important customer. That they're not for middle class people.
  • Have Ally and they are awesome. App works great. In fact I deposit all my checks that way because my other bank, PNC, has no WP app.
  • How long does it take for Ally to credit mobile check deposits to your account? BoA clears in one day. Even if you deposit on a Friday, your money is available by Saturday morning and not just a small portion of it. I'm considering switching to Ally as well.
  • I deposited $500 check on Christmas day. $200 available next biz day, remianing $300 by 2 biz days. 
  • I have an EBT card....the state deposits funds, sadly, only for food, but hey, it's reliable. No app necessary, just use my Obama phone to call for my balance, enter some shady security details and voila.
  • I've had Wells Fargo through all of this, so this put a huge smile on my face.
  • On my way to Wells Fargo
  • Big titties put a huge smile on my face.
  • Finally some good news
  • It would be better if State Farm announced their own app for WP...
  • True, then I might consider them for car insurance. GEICO just deleted their bleeping app too. Why can't these greedy companies write an app?
  • Did they? I JUST saw a GEICO commercial on Hulu that had a Windows Phone with the logo blanked out!
  • LOL, I saw that commercial too. Complete morons.
  • companies don't write because they think its not worth investing money to keep just 3% users happy. out of 3% probably 1% are usa users ... so why bother? 
  • It's too bad though because the OS is superior, apps are not.
  • Because 3% is still millions of users. Because every one of those users is a customer dealing in real money.
    This oft quoted "market share", is tiring. It doesn't cost a lot of money to maintain an app with security updates. Take a look at the Apple Pay website. The headline banks are, you guessed it, Chase and BofA. Coincidence?
  • Because that 3% is millions of users. It's not about percentages, it's about numbers.
  • Actually, that 3% is for U.S. users. WP makes up 3% of the U.S. market.
  • Your name though!!!!
  • What is a clone doing here?
  • finally some body cares about 3% user base :P
  • MSFT needs to do something to get to 5% asap.
  • msft should install cynogenmod
  • You should rename yourself to cynogenmod guy.
  • Lol
  • Taking into account that by making an universal app you can also reach almost for free a few dozens of millions of computers (Windows 8.1 desktops, laptops and  tablets) -a number that will multiply with Win10-, I think that just looking a the 3% number is, to say the least, misleading and shorsighted.
  • well in 8.1 why do you even need app for such banks. you have a full chrome FF browser you can goto official website. I have surface pro 3 ... I hardly use apps. One note is the frequent one
  • Actually, I agree with you in that there is an absurd "app craze" going, as in many occasions a good web site can work perfectly, and there is no need to make different apps to every platform. Still, if they want to make an app, looking at the 3% thing is somehow meaningless.
  • Agreed. HTML5 even supports a camera for remote deposits. Whether IE and mobile IE support that is another story. Even spartan's HTML5test score wasn't that impressive.
  • Because apps are far more convenient and secure. And you can use the remote deposit functionality with an app.
  • The B of A and Chase "apps" allow you to deposit checks using your phones camera. The B of A web app does not allow remote deposit. The Windows 8.1 modern app allows remote deposit using your web cam, but it is also being discontinued. If the Bof A web app was as capable as the mobile apps, I would happily use it. I believe that the situation is the same for Chase.  
  • Everyone switch to wells Fargo, show them who's boss.
  • Banks have all the fuckin money, who, exactly do you think is the boss?
  • Windows 8 has over 200 million users. Windows phone itself has dozens of millions of users.
  • This ^. Clearly Win10 will dramatically change the equation.
  • I have Wells Fargo and use the mobile website instead of the app usually, but I'm glad they are keeping it!
  • You don't find the all useful? Is it missing any key functionality?
  • I use the app all the time. Seems to have all the usual functions that I need.
  • But isn't the app just a mobile wrapper? I mean look at the iOS version, then look at the wp version. 
  • I dont think a simple web wrapper would have access to the camera for mobile deposits, but I could be wrong.
    Either way, the app is full featured and works great - it is even updated somewhat regularly.
  • I think when V1 got released it was a web wrapper and little by little (very very slow) they started adding functionality. btw I've seen the iOS app on my brothers phone and its actually pretty unstable lol definitely looks better but he experiences many glitches, and the ratings on the store show some user frustration on that as well. still cant believe chase AND BoA both dropped support, two of my friends are switching their lumia 925 -_- I couldn't convince them any further lol
  • It is not just a web wrapper. It was a couple years ago. I believe WPCentral wrote about it even. That's how I started using it again.
  • I read that the app is basically a web wrapper, not sure tho.
  • I've Wells Fargo account and use their app occasionally, mostly for check deposits. This is something mobile website can't do. The looks of it are that of a web wrapper but works well.
  • Hey buddy, do us a favor and give it a download and a try the next time you need it :) I personally use the app in a folder I call "Wallet". I have Bank of America and the Store in there plus Mint.com. Anyway, I use it to check my balance, make transfers and make payments. I find it loads faster than the website. Since you have WF as your bank, test it out so they get another download in the books. I'll leave a review also and urge you to do the same. Doesn't have to be good of course.
  • You're not helping man. Use the app. You no use app, bank pull app. I use bank app so bank no pull app. Everyone should use it instead of the web wrapper, it helps the community. Please and thank you.
  • Choppy grammar, but I got ya.
  • Super great...
  • Maybe it's time to move all our banking to Wells Fargo.
  • Wells Fargo is by far the WORST bank to use.. They practically steal your money...
    Join a good credit union...
  • This. My credit union at least provides a link to the mobile site. Their mobile app on iPhone isn't that great.
  • I disagree, and think that BoA is the worst. Wells Fargo certainly isn't "stealing" any money from me. At any rate, it may seem odd, but Wells Fargo's app is the reason I chose them for a new account and I guess I'm happy as you could be with a bank. As for their app, it's full feature and works quite well. I particularly like the mobile check deposit and transfer features.
  • Chase's was the reason I went with them. I'd use my local credit union more if I had a windows phone app with them but I don't.
  • Rodneyej keeps having to pay overdraft fees every month. That's why he's can't deal with Wells Fargo. 
  • I don't have overdraft fees because I have a very good credit union.. Lol..
    And, if I did the OD fee would be half.. Think again, dude.
  • I love my credit union!
  • I'm just messing with you Rodneyej.  lol
  • Well, it hurts my feelings:-(:-(
  • Rod, the only thing that hurts your feelings is MS'S marketing and... Living in Texas.
  • Lol! Texas Rocks.
  • I knew you would like that
  • Lol! Yeah. BOA, and Chase are terrible too... Credit unions are the way to go.
  • Honestly I think it really depends on the branch and who works there. Some people say WF is great, some say its utter shit. That's because they live in different areas, with different branches of the same company. That's like me going to the Burger King where I live. Its full of stoners, it takes them 20 minutes to prepare a simple one meal order, and its still cold and stale when I get it. Other BKs I go to get the food cooked in less than 5 minutes, is nice and fresh (well, fresher than the other BK at least), and the service is always friendly. Why? Its because of the people that work there. The same thing applies to banks, and even credit unions. The credit Union I currently use used to have great customer service, and kinda still do since some of the old employees still work there. But now they're doing some remodeling in their building, redid their website and online banking (which screwed me because they reset everybody's passwords and user names, and they're getting new employees that do jack shit, and are never there to be friendly, they just do their job and could care less about having small friendly conversations at the same time. Its amazing how a branch of a bank, credit union, fast food joint, etc. you use can go from great to shit just based on a couple changes and new employees.
  • No,,, I'm talking about their policies.. That doesn't vary.
  • @rodneyej That's true too, but both issues can still influence how a customer feels about said company. In your case the policies are shit, and in mine the employees and customer support are worthless. Either way they both resulted in dissatisfied customers.
  • Sounds right!
  • Wells Fargo is nowhere near as bad as  BoA. BoA has had multiple lawsuits filed against them for shady practices, improper foreclosure practices, etc... It doesn't help that BoA (aka Country Wide) was one of the worst offenders durring the great robbery of the 2000's. Wells Fargo was actually one of the more responsible larger banks during that period.
  • @mbrooks78. Can personally attest to the fact that BoA is shady in the extreme. Ran into a tax screw-up and the government was actually on the ball about it and helpful. BoA, on the other hand, was just awful the whole way through. It's bad when a multi-billion dollar company claims they can't help you for three weeks straight because their fax machine is "broken".
  • Why would he switch to a credit union that doesn't have a WP app either if the whole purpose of moving was to have a mobile banking app? He might as well stay put.
  • Dude... Real life isn't about apps... Really?
  • @rodneyej Exactly. Everytime I hear people saying they're going to switch banks they know and trust or a device that you love to use just because it doesn't have an app I can't help but chuckle to myself while shaking my head in shame at the same time. Its extremely juvenile. That's like me quitting a job that pays me almost $100k a year just because they don't have any apps that use at the workplace for my phone, and going to a job that does, which could pay significantly less than my prior job. Now I'm a Windows Phone guy. Yeah the "app gap" sucks, but I don't care. I like the phone, it performs well, and I'm sticking with it to the end. People that complain about the low market share it has, and then abandoning the platform because of missing apps are just hurting that market share even more, and its hypocritical as all hell. As far as banks go, I'm considering switching from my credit union not because of a lack of an app, but because the service has kinda gone down in quality over the years.
  • Wow, a voice of reason. I still don't get why people say, "oh this app isn't here... I'm jumping ship". That's not the way to do it, that's how you ensure it never comes.
    I'm also a Windows phone guy and if the shop doesn't exist I'll ask the company for it and continue enjoying my phone with or without it.
    No app is so important that I'll change platforms.
  • Amen
  • Exactly.
  • Yeah, it is. Hence why "there's an app for that." Makes life a lot easier no matter where you are. Perfect example of this is me being miles away from my home and unable to deposit a check due to no PC, no app, no bank. True story, it happened.
  • I disagree. Wells Fargo is one of the best banks I've ever had.
  • I use Advantis Credit Union for everything.  I'm even getting 1.75% interest for my checking account up to 25K.  But I only do banking online on PC instead of on my phone.  So the Chase and BOA app pulling things are really not big deals.  Juse use Chase.com and bankofamerica.com instead.  It is easier and clearer to use anyway.
  • They're is absolutely NO WAY using the web site is easier than using the app.
  • use BOA on android :P
  • Yeah, so every hacker in Russia has your login credentials. XD
  • Exactly!
  • I have no reason to join a credit union, since I am in ohio, thats fine, but if I go to florida, I can't go to a fifth third (bank I have)...credit unions around here don't have any better auto rates -- checked and 5th 3rd had better rates, and they don't give any better rewards than a bank...plus 5th 3rd had charged me a fee once, went into a branch and fee was removed. Never had any issues with my bank....good if you like credit union, but not all banks/credit unions are the same.
  • True.... True..
  • @rodneyej Lol you better not hope that WF reads this. The least you need to do is piss them off and make them abandon Windows Phone too, and then have everybody else be pissed off even more.
  • Lol... Well, I guess it would all be my fault, instead of Microsoft's, for a change.
  • Keep blaming Microsoft for Chase and BofA abandoning their customers. Of course being the headline Apple Pay banks, probably had nothing to do with it.
  • I will keep blaming MS..... Because of things they haven't done in the past we have this effect now... That's how it is.
  • That's personal beef and doesn't explain why Chase and BofA left with the same timing while both are cozy with Apple Pay. 
  • You'll never understand how root cause works.. I'm sorry, I can't help you...
    Take it up with someone else, please.
  • Just because you list your personal beefs and give them the title "root cause", doesn't make you right. You have no supporting data.  You can't help me "understand" because you are using loose logic and then masking it with condescension.
    I have an economics degree and have done business consulting. You're going to have to work harder to shoo me away with your quips. 
  • Lol! I don't care to work harder to convince you of anything... All of WP's problems are caused by MS, and their poor marketing, and awareness, for the platform... Take it, or leave it.. But, understand one thing... Deal with my opinion one way, or another... Thanks for your opinion, dude, but no thanks... It's obvious you need someone to argue with, but I'll just save you wasted time, and tell you that NO I'm not willing to change my opinion on the situation...
    Once again, I can't help you with whatever you're looking for.. Sorry, and good luck.
  • Its' not me who needs someone to argue with. It is you repeating your personal opinion and masking it as fact and condescending to anyone who dares disagree with you.  I'm sure you think Forbe's are all just sheep who don't understand "root cause" either, because even THEY think this is a short-sighted, dumb decision.  I'm not arguing, but you are very volumous with your opinions disguised as fact and I'll always counter that with reason.  Potential users, developers, etc., come to these posts and I'd hate for them to focus on the most vocal and repeated opinions and not have them challenged.  I'm sorry you can't have a discussion with someone that isn't mirroring your own opinion.   It's not "arguing" until the condescending tone kicks in.  That's grown ups discussing real topics.  
  • Ok... Then ignore me.
  • I can't let that stuff go unchallenged when so many people come here. They need to hear a reasonable counter point. 
  • Looks like your abbreviating bank of fucking America.
  • Too late
  • Ally is another great option. I've had zero issues with them in the years I've been a customer!
  • I like that they dont' charge you fees if you don't direct deposit...I would like to keep some extra money in another account.
  • Ally charges you if you overdraft and if you exceed 6 withdraws from a savings account in one month...and that's about it lol. Almost everything about them is amazing! Though it would be awesome if they would partner with a brick and mortar bank so Ally users could deposit cash and get other benefits (like a safe deposit box). But they're very minor inconveniences for me, at least for now
  • @awsomsaucw I'm really considering switching to Ally from my credit union. I mainly use the online banking on my credit union but they redid their website and screwed my username and passwords all up, and trying to get ahold of customer support was the worst. Trying to contact support on the phone just resulted in me waiting 20 minutes on the phone listening to a goddamn robot telling me to wait for somebody to pick up the phone with that fucking Wii Shop channel music in the background, and I ended up calling them like 4 or 5 times with the same result. I ended up having to go to my local branch TWICE just to try and get the proper support I needed because of customer supports failure, which was ridiculous. They were very friendly dont get me wrong, but having to go to the same place twice doesn't seem acceptable to me, especially for such a minor issue. I dealt with a different lady the second time who was way more understanding and much friendlier. The first girl was nice, but she just seemed like all she cared about was her job and not interacting with customers, and she didn't give me any tips or anything I could try to fix the issue, which resulted in me going back there the second time. Either way I think I am considering switching to Ally after all of that. My current online banking works great dont get me wrong, but if that's the kind of support I have to go through whenever I have an issue then I'm screwed. I've heard good stuff about Allys support.
  • Wow that's awful! Ally's support is amazing. The first thing you hear when you call them is "press 0 to speak with someone anytime", then it goes into the menu options. I've only ever needed to call them twice since I've been a member, and both times I was off the phone with my issue solved in 10 min or less. The issues I stated above are the only real problems I have; it does require me to have an account with a normal bank. But it's worth it for all the awesome benefits I get with Ally
  • @awsomsauce yeah I noticed that when I tried to switch the first time that I needed another bank account. Now based on what you just said, the big question is... if I do make the switch, would I be able to cancel my current bank account after I get my Ally account all settled, or does Ally require that I keep another bank account synced to the Ally account in order to use it? If so then I don't really see the point in switching to Ally if I still have to deal with my old bank in a way
  • You do not need to have any other accounts open to bank with Ally. They might ask for other account info so you can transfer money in and fund your account, but it isn't necessary. I choose to keep a separate bank account so I can deposit cash into an atm and so my parents can quick transfer me money if I need it. But that's pretty much it for me
  • @ awsomsauce Oh alright cool, so basically I just need my current one to set it up then. Now all I need to know is if Ally is gonna drop Windows Phone support as well xP
  • It would be a completely idiotic thing for them to do so. Since they're an online only bank, getting rid of their app would put all their WP users in a very bad spot. Of course, you could always send 'em a tweet and ask!
  • I spoke to a CSR at Ally and got a pretty good vibe from them. You've been with them a long time eh,  What I didn't quite get clear was how they managed debit cards and those fees.  I think I remember them saying you get a limit each month of something like that.
  • A limit for what, you remember? The only limit I know of is you're allowed up to 6 savings account withdraws every 30 days, then you're charged. Other than that, I can't think of any limits. And yes, I've been with them since 2011. Very few issues, have never paid a fee of any kind, check deposits are easy...I can't think of a single reason why I would ever move away from them
  • Yayyyy
  • Rather than move from BoA I think I'll buy a crap $40 lag Droid and just keep it in my desk for banking. Much easier I think. I'll also use it to remote control my Tesla P85D when it arrives.
  • LOL. I know you can't be talking about a Tesla P85D and a 40 dollar Droid to do banking.  lol.
  • Just buy a name brand one if you do. I was reading something about those Chinese knockoffs having spyware. Just FYI.
  • You are right. I'll have to buy a Porsche branded one or some high end one to match the P85D
  • I wish everyone could qualify for USAA. 
  • Great move. I saw at least one post they left Chase for BofA only to have BofA abandon us too. At least if any of us go to Wells Fargo, we know that we will have an app.
  • Switching to wells Fargo here
  • Good luck.
  • Nice mate
  • Very surprising.... But, not surprising considering it was the best opportunity for some good PR, not to mention getting a few more accounts.
  • This is the standard crap you would get from any company.... this is the line that is telling.    "We continue to examine our customers' needs and usage, and make our decisions accordingly." I am saying one thing now, but as examine their usage, that can change at anytime.  However, for now....move your accounts to us.  Thanks!    
  • I made the switch from BofA to Wells Fargo one day after hearing the BofA news. I'm glad Wells Fargo is pledging continued support. Seems I made the right move!
  • Well, come-on people let switch to Wells Fargo.
  • Good deal, I use the app all the time to cash my checks away from the bank.
  • First Tech Federal CU. And they have an app.
  • Forbes wrong an article calling Chase and BoA dumb for pulling the app (literally). With the media on our side this one time, we may be able to get them to change their minds and to leave the apps up.
  • Hopefully that'll happen.
  • Yeah, I called chase and filed complaint. You guys should too! It didn't take very long and the people were nice.
  • I just did that now. you guys also should do that. They told me that if they got a lot of complains then they will bring their app back.  
  • Hopefully BoA will change their mind soon, because my dad enjoys his BoA app and uses it basically everyday. I don't want to be the bearer of bad news.
  • Do you have a link to the Forbes article? Did they mention the cozy Apple Pay relationship with Chase and BofA?
  • Well, I know who I'm going with after college.
    Assuming they still support the platform in several years, of course.
  • Wow. They care about their customers.
  • I would hope a web wrapper app wouldn't be too hard to support. I use this app daily, but would love a native app.
  • I agree Sam how's work?
  • Hi Sam! Can you do photo deposits with their app? I left Wells years ago when they did the hostile takeover of First Interstate, but Chase is about to lose me over loss of the photo deposit thing.
  • Yes, you can use mobile depost on the Wells Fargo app! I use it all the time.
  • I'll speak to you Nerdy Woman, Sam is about a drive by these days.  :)
  • Is it just a web wrapper? I thought with the mobile deposit feature using the camera it would have to be a native app.
  • Sadly thanks to Microsoft the lines have become blurred on the subject of native versus web wrapped
  • Not really. If you can do mobile check deposit, it's not a web wrapper, is a native app.
  • Not true, it isn't hard to do mobile deposit through a website and therefore a web wrapper.
  • Def more than a plain web wrapper if they are tying into camera for deposit.
  • Check deposits can work through a website, a native app isn't needed. That's like saying you can't upload a picture to facebook using a website only a native app. But an app can be more convenient and higher performing.
  • But you're not simply uploading a photo of your check, the app actually uses your camera and gyroscope to make sure it's level. It works really well.
    I suppose it could still be a wrapper with that feature added in.
  • Hi Sam :)
  • @Sam Sabri it shouldn't be that hard to support. Its just the matter of maintaining the mobile site itself. Any changes to the UI and in turn it should automatically update the web app.
  • Been using Wells Fargo ever since glad they're sticking around.
  • Great! I got them too... Lets hope USAA keeps their app too...
  • Yeah, USAA is the best bank ever. I hope they keep their app around.
  • +1
  • They should. They don't have a branch system and seem to be about serving their customers. Love USAA.
  • Off topic ' facebook app updated.
  • Thank god. I was strongly considering Wells Fargo simply because that's the bank my bf uses, and after this I'll definitely be switching.
  • Fidelity Investments has been good to me. They also reimburse ATM fees to use other banks and they have a Windows Phone app.
  • Thanks Wells Fargo!
  • I could be wrong, but this app looks like it's just a web wrapper. Why wouldn't they leave it? Very little maintenance is required on an app that's just a mobile site w/links. Chase & BofA were native apps, not wrappers.
  • I think Spartan is scaring devs away
  • WTF are you talking about?
  • Now that's a great company unlike those other bums
  • Thank god I bank with WF! This bank is so much better than Chase.
  • To those who say it's a web wrapper. It is not. With the mobile web, there is no mobile deposit. The app has mobile deposit.
  • Right. It's a "hybrid" app, meaning it is mostly web for the basic parts like checking balances, and native for the parts that need more like access to the camera for mobile check deposit.
  • @dharmababa If WF is able to pull this off with a web wrapper app, then why can't other banks? It's less money to maintain, and still has all the features that people want from a native app while having the convenience of a web app.
  • Because they don't care. This wasn't an economic business decision as much as some vocal critics of Microsoft want you think it is.
  • This. It's not pretty (at all), but it works and gets the job done, and lets me deposit checks on the go.
  • Smart bank!
  • Oh dear, I saw the title on my LiveTile and thought, "Shit, they're closing too!" Glad to hear they're continuing their support, seeing as I chose them because they had an app available.
  • As nice as this is there ads say differently
  • USAA pulled their app in the WP7 days...stating low marketshare/users.  They got a new dev here at headquarters and came back about 7 months after WP8 released.  USAA has been regularly supporting the app with updates too!   So...that's always an option too....
  • I wish everyone could qualify for USAA. They really are a top notch company and I appreciate the app because I use it for mobile depositing. I give a Twitter shout out every now and then...and they usually even respond to that! :) ha ha. 
  • I prefer burying mason jars. I use here maps to mark their location.
  • So you are saying that I should probably put all those jars I found back where I got them? Posted via my HTC One (M7)
  • Ha! Love it!
  • I use the WF app often. I'm am very pleased to see this news.
  • Great! They've just gained a new customer. Bye BofA. I prefer institutions responsible for keeping my money to NOT make dumb, rash, and disenfranchising decisions.
  • I have had Wells Fargo since I was a teenager and for over a decade, they haven't done me wrong. I also have USAA which is another awesome bank.
  • Good for Wells Fargo.
  • No app for me for AIB Ireland, and we the tax payer bailed the mother fu@@er out, load of pony
  • Im seriously going to put switching from Suntrust to Wells Fargo on my TDL for Feb. Tired of waiting, this just sealed the deal.
  • Thank you Wells Fargo! I live an hour from the closest Wells Fargo, so I would sorely miss their app for depositing the occasional check I receive. I keep them because of integration with bill pay through quicken for my bookkeeping. No local banks or credit unions offer that.
  • * waits for navy federal*
  • Navy Federal is all caught up in Apple, these days, so I wouldn't expect it. If you qualify for them, you could look into USAA. I have both, but use USAA for almost everything.
  • I use USAA for everything,  they are the best, and their insurance is unmatched. They also have a really nice Windows phone app and great customer service.  They have no local branches because their target audience are Military personnel, prior military persons, and their family members and there is no way to be everywhere military people are,  because they are everywhere. But you can depost cash via a UPS store.  Consequently, their entire product suite is built from the ground up to be mobile and work where the people are at. With their phone apps we have been able to deposit checks for many, many years way before the other banks added that feature to their mobile phone apps. They also allow you to use pretty much any ATM nationwide:   Excerpt   "You can also use any ATM nationwide and get automatic refunds up to $15 a month in fees the other banks charge to use their ATMs. To check your account balances, transfer funds and more 24/7, access usaa.com or mobile.usaa.com."
  • Glad I'm with Wells Fargo!
  • Awesome.  Everybody move your money to Wells Fargo NOW!
  • People what about mint?? One banking app to rule them all!!!
  • Not really for active account management but it great and I use it.
  • @U234 I've used the Mint app before and its not bad, but it updates my info really slowly. It would update my balance on there days after it already updated on my bank account. It doesn't have a lot of features either to me. Yeah I can view my bills, balance, and spending habits, but I want to be able to pay straight from the app so I don't have to have a million shortcuts to the sites where I pay all of my bills online at. I'm not saying the Mint app is bad in any way but IMO it needs to be updated with more features for it to be any good to use as a mobile banking app.
  • I use it daily folks!
  • I switched to ally from Chase. I say I could not be happier. If you have Windowsphone I say switch to Wells Fargo or ally, because they won't leave us windows fans in the dust.
  • @winrayjay99 Wells said they wouldn't leave Windows Phone, but there was no confirmation from Ally yet as far as what their move is, and that's what Im waiting for before I switch to them. I'm probably going to wait until after March sometime when all the banks get their stuff updated. If Ally still remains on the Windows Store, or says they will continue support before March, I'm jumping train.
  • Welp, Wells it is
  • Almost makes me want to open an account. Maybe I will.
  • Considering the same here.
  • I'll close my BofA account and stick with my Wells Fargo account even though there aren't any branch's in my state for Wells Fargo.
  • Ally for the win.
  • I have tried the f**** bank of America mobile site for the first time in 3 years with then and it sucksssssssss... I am leaving them... Going to my bank and I will let them know why. Customers have their rights too.
  • Nice!!
  • This article on Forbes about Chase and BoA was pretty good: http://www.forbes.com/sites/davealtavilla/2015/01/30/chase-and-bank-of-america-showing-little-foresight-pull-support-for-windows-phone-apps/?commentId=comment_blogAndPostId/blog/comment/2760-2534-454
  • Rodney will say that Forbes doesn't understand basic economics and its all Microsoft's fault and those writers are just sheep.
  • Good
  • "Let's make financial decisions based around our phone and nothing else!"
  • Finally a large bank with some integrity for the little guy, the customer. I hope they don't decide later to abandon us.
  • Funny I sent a tweet to Fargo asking for continued support
  • Funny, I sent a tweet to Wells Fargo thanking them for their continued support.
  • That's good. I'm glad atleast wf has faith in wp And has love for us
  • Does anyone know If mobile check deposit is possible through html5 browser. I know there are camera controls available through the browser. Since i am not a software developer, i am not sure how difficult this would be to do. This is the only thing I really need on top of the already available mobile options. If this capability was there, I would be perfectly ok going to the mobile website.
  • Yea, its only a matter of time...
  • Applause
  • Good. I just signed up with them.
  • Wells FTW
  • Does anyone with experience know roughly what it costs to build and maintain an Banking App? I'm thinking it really can't be that much unless a bank has only 10 customers using it. Even then I would think the banks would appreciate current and future customers enough to offer options...unless they are hurting and looking for ways to cut spending...
  • @kingjah well the first thing you would have to do is contact the devs for the bank you want to make an app for and obtain their APIs (essentially what you would use to create an app that links all of that banks info and servers and whatnot to your app) but a lot of banks will refuse to do that because they're basically giving away all of their customers' information and entrusting it into a third party. More or less that's like me writing a check to a random stranger for a million dollars. They have my account info and routing info right on the check. If they were a potential hacker, they could use that info and gain ALL of my info and steal money from me. This is essentially what most banks fear will happen, and will only allow apps to be made officially by their devs, and no one else. So the best thing you can do is just make a web app for free that links to their mobile site, or keep complaining to them until they consider making a native app.
  • Emmm, do you really have 1million dollar to give away? I am in receiving mood.
  • Lol dude if I did If be driving by your house waving at you from my new Lambo.
  • If bofa can't afford to maintain an app for me I'm out. Hello Wells Fargo
  • To bad I hate wells Fargo
  • And here in India, we have apps for all major banks. Phewww!
  • Hell we waited forever for the app and now that its here I love it and use it everyday.
  • Awesome! Thank you Wells Fargo!!!!
  • That's a relief.
  • I was just saying to my gf that banks with bofa that she should switch to WF! LOL
  • Excellent. It's a nice app.
  • "we have no plans to retire our Windows 8 phone app" That would've been a much more reassuring statment had they actually gotten the name of the platform right...
  • I love Wells Fargo Bank!
  • I thought they were done to lol
  • Ok, all money transferred to wells Fargo
  • That is good news. I guess if you bank with freaking Chase and live in NYC it is kind hard to switch bank. Even though I hardly go to the physical branch it is comfortable knowing there is branch in every block. But I am really upset at their decision and will let them know every chance I get.
  • http://www.forbes.com/sites/davealtavilla/2015/01/30/chase-and-bank-of-a...
  • Wells Fargo app is excellent, especially the check photo deposit.
    Extremely easy to manage business and personal accounts.
    The bank branch service is excellent as well.
  • This is great news. Thank you, Wells Fargo!
  • Come on capital one...
  • WP is following the footsteps of the Zune. It's going obsolete.
  • I'm a customer and the app works great, I've been using it to transfer money from my account to other people's.
  • All of you with Chase and BOA accounts need to sound off - respectfully. This is nearly like a bank refusing a home loan because you will park a Dodge rather than a Ford in the garage. This is terrible customer service. Write. Explain how happy you have been. Tell them how this is a reduction in their promised service. Then finish by telling them you hope they do the right thing by continuing support for all their customers. There was a great article in I believe Forbes taking both banks to task over this. It was quite bullish on Windows 10.
  • Looks like I'm moving my Chase Private Client account to Wells Fargo. And I'll make sure they know why.
  • Kudos
  • Awsesome Wells Fargo I downloaded your app!  BoA and Chase thumbs down.
  • Maybe these companies will re-evaluate when they can write one app that covers PC, tablet and phones. As for me, I have no plans to leave my credit union because they don't support Windows Phone. Their mobile site works just fine for me.
  • Guess I'll look into that bank
  • Too bad they aren't where I live otherwise I'd switch. My current bank keeps sending me mail about using their Android and iOS apps for online banking. I told them to stop sending me that mess unless they create a Windows Phone app. Trying to find a bank that will actually support what I use.
  • Damn good to hear since they were late to the game when I had them. Switched to b of a for the app and now looking at going back :-/
  • Time to switch. I got to have my banking app.
  • Finally some good news for the weekend thank you wells fargo
  • You cannot beat ALLY Bank! I left CitiBank for them and wondered why I stayed with Citi for so long. It's hard to give up an old bank but do it, you will not regret it. Plus NO ATM fees, so use ANY ATM and deposit checks by taking pics on your phone and uploading them!
  • Yeah, I've had them for a few years now and love them too. I left Chase for Ally. A lot of people think they need a physical branch but in fact don't yet are still scared to try banking without one. I'm with you in encouraging people to try it.
  • Well yeah their app is just a mobile wrapper. Something BOA should consider.
  • I use the Wells Fargo app all the time to deposit checks for work and personal.  Works every time.  My local branch is also always really helpful on the rare in bank situation.  Definitely would recommend them.
  • Hmmm, I was considering a switch to Wells from Chase before this week anyways.  I guess this news is swaying me further.
  • Moving large account from Chase to WF, and going to make sure both know exactly why.
  • I wonder how the banks would feel if there WP customers left to support banks that support them
  • That's a good new, since I'm with Wellsfargo ^_^
  • Keep real money in the pocket. Don't let them for control your life.
  • Metrotube is updated with ui n bug fixes
  • I'll switch bank account acording to may phone, not phone acording to may bank. I'll go with Wells Fargo then. ;)
  • I've been with Wells Fargo for 20 years and am proud to be a customer. They aren't perfect but I've always felt like they give customer service their best efforts.
  • Very Wells
  • In the US. In the Netherlands we have all the Bank apps. The US is just a small part of the world..
  • Must suck to be in the states with such low WP penetration :(
  • That's strange in USA MS'homeland just 3,5%...
    Nadella is not doing a good work about me. Anyway Here in Italy WP is the Second smartphone platform with about 15% of market share, but bigger banks don't have wp app too. Wp app only from smaller (allmost all) banks
    That's strange..
    Anyway i guess there is ibm after this "boycott ms campaign"
    Ibm manage it in a lot of banks here and ibm has a partnership with Apple And don't forget what ms did to os/2, i believe ibm is the worst ms counterpart
  • Interesting. That kind-of blows up the market share theory.
  • I am switching from boa to Wells
  • Music to my ears for long time Wells Fargo customer! :)
  • It's funny to see so many people with BoA after so many horrific things they've done but then drop them because of a mobile phone app. Haha. Wow.
  • Almost all big banks suck. I switched from WF years ago to a local credit union and have never been happier. And no they don't have an app for WP they were smart and made sure that their web site works perfectly on a mobile browser, so no need for an app. Check your local credit unions, they are way better then they used to be and they will treat you like a customer not just some number.
  • Smart move Wells Fargo. I can already see they will be picking up a few new customers due to this statement. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I've had Wells Fargo for about 20 years, and it's things like this that continue to reinforce my decision to stay with them.
  • Wells Fargo has "no Plans".....Will continue to evaluate our customers' needs?  WTH does that mean I think that its only a matter of time before they drop windows as wll. I'm afraid to say it, but who wants a phone or whatever that we can't even do  our banking on. Yea we can use the web wrap....but!... Microsoft if this keeps up, giving things to iPhones. Andorid,  and  enterprise solutions won't save Windows Phone, or for that matter Microsoft as well. It just showsn that you really don't give a crap about your own customers... Letting this happen to your faithful is well shameless. First you let Verizon push us around, (still no Icon update here), and now this....It amy already be too late!
  • Oh yea , I will definitely open up me an account at Wells Fargo just to express my firm standing commitment to Microsoft Lumia/Windows 10
  • Time to switch to bank. After all we are paid customers and they should give us what WE need
  • Chase and bank of America are doing the same thing Comcast is. They are LAZY. If you don't have the most popular thing, they let you out. So do I keep windows phone or do I move to the more popular and most developed for. I hate LAZY developers. So windows phone I keep.
  • I've been real happy with Wells Fargo. I have a couple of business accounts and home loans with them. Glad to see they are keeping the app.
    Also they have a no fee business account if you allow a transfer to happen once a month to your WF savings account, even if you transfer the money right back into checking.. Still no charge. That's nice these days.
  • And to all of the other banks that feel Windows just isn't good enough for them: http://www.muay-thai-guy.com/wp-content/uploads/1910506_815172491835837_...
  • Great news! Im moving to Wells Fargo.
  • Great news!! I recently just tweeted there customer service if there going to continue support... Great App!!
  • Good opportunity for Wells Fargo. Glad I'm banking with them granted you could always use website and pin to start (yes not perfect solution but a solution nonetheless).
  • Thats good news! Now I have to decide what to do with my Chase account.
  • To bad the app didn't work for me out any of my friends that use Wells Fargo
  • Already with WF and like their app! Glad it's staying.
  • Went from BofA to Wells Fargo and never looked back. There app is great along with their banking services.
  • Thanks wells!! Going to open an account next week!
  • I WILL be switching banks after the BoA fiasco. And its a shame because I really started liking them. Switching to either Ally, which is great or Wells Fargo. My only problem with Ally is that there aren't any physical branches. Whereas Wells Fargo has physical branches. And both have stated they plan to continue their support for WP.
  • I've been worth Ally for some years now and can vouch for their customer service. I don't know your situation but it's surprising once making the switch how little you actually "need" a physical branch.