What is the best Lumia of all time? (poll)

The Lumia brand is, rather obviously, a fan favorite among Windows phone fanatics. For a long time Lumia phones were the only good Windows phones you could buy. In 2017 however, it appears Microsoft has decided that there will be no more Lumia handsets, meaning our favorite brand is dead.

Because of that, we thought now is the perfect time to think back and remember our favorite Lumia devices, and even crown one Lumia the best Lumia of them all. There have been many Lumia's throughout the years, starting with the Lumia 800 back in 2011 that kicked everything off.

Now, we're not looking for the best Lumia based on specifications or whether it was the fastest, we're looking for the best Lumia based on how you personally enjoyed it. We want to crown the best Lumia based on how it made you feel, and whether you loved your time with it. Some people may have loved the Lumia 620, others the Lumia 550 or Lumia 1320.

For example, the Lumia 925 is in my opinion the best Lumia ever, because it had the best design, the sleekest display, and was everything I wanted in a smartphone running Windows Phone 8. I personally feel that my experience with Lumia peaked with the 925, as I don't really remember enjoying newer Lumia handsets such as the 930 or 950 as much as I did the Lumia 925.

We're omitting unreleased devices from our poll, for obvious reasons. Sure, the Lumia McLaren may have been the best Lumia ever based on the fact it had 3D touch, but since it was never released we can't know that for sure. Our poll includes most Lumia devices ever released (if there's a handset we missed, sorry!). Once voted, make sure you tell us why you chose what you did in the comments!

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  • The Lumia 920 Imo, it had everything, the weight for durability, qi charging without any back covers and a excellent camera.
  • The 920 will live forever, that phone was built like a tank! Mine still feels brand new, I wish I could somehow hack the creators update on it. Love the glossy white and 2.5D curved glass, sweet memories!!
  • I had the red one.
  • The Lumia 930 was everything of 920 plus more!
  • Agreed, I love the 930, but I love the 950XL more. Despite this, the 930 had less issues overall and a solid phone prior to the 950XL. Now the 950XL is pretty solid but as mentioned, the 930 was solid right out of the box.
  • The 920 was the most solid of them all. You could actually use it as a weaphone if somebody tried to rob you at night. 930 was better in some way, but not as solid. 950XL (my current) is the best. It has room for extra memory card, and you can change battery. It's big, but weigth less than 920. The camera is pretty good too. I think it is even better than the one on my 1020.
  • WEAPHONE i see what you did there, you sly one hehehehehehehehe #nicelyDone
  • We needed/need the build quality & material of the 930 with all the features of the 950XL. Now that would be the be the end all of all Windows Phones. Lumia Ultimate.
  • And the 1520 was the 930 just less weak build, with glancescreen and a micro sd :D
  • Actually less, as the 930 did/does not have Glance.
  • But not the looks. 920 had it almost all done right.
    925 was great too, improving a bit on the 920 camera and sporting a fresh look.  If I were to pick between 930 and 950 I would go with 950.  
  • I didnt use mine for a year or so and now I cant charge it anymore :/
  • I actually have Creators Update on mine, but I can't recommend it, it's really slow.
  • TH2 works great on 920 and its still updated
  • I voted for the 920, I had a beautiful black one as my first windows phone, great camera and fabulous design and build.
  • I was going to, but... 1520 with that huge screen was just magnificent.
  • Jepp for me the 1520 was not just the ultimate Lumia, but also hands down the best phone on the marked at the time. It's one of those rare occasions when the engineers got to make a phone as good as it could be. It's hardware was on par with any Android flagship, camera was only beaten by the 1020, it's battery dwarfed the competition and to top it all off they paired it with a no-comprimise-6"-screen. I miss it a lot:-(....
  • The Lumia 1520 is my vote. I still use my 1520 and will be sad when the day comes that it could not last forever. It eliminated my laptop on pleasure trips as it does it all. A book reader, GPS, terrific camera, email, web surfing, news reader, listening to podcasts, radio, video and movie player. Pack light and pack right.
  • 1520, amazing screen, perfect hardware/software relationship, good construction quality, undefeatable battery, top-ranked camera, the only weakness was the fragile screen, due to its big size and the inexistence of Gorilla glass 3. I have a 950xl, for now, a champion at almost all specs, but I miss my 1520 and its fantastic 6" IPS LCD. I have a 930, too. Beautiful, a splendid amoled 2,5d, diamante-shaped screen, the only I know that others brands' flagships users turn their necks to watch. Its display finally will have a sucessor, but in the incredibly beautiful Samsung S8. But 930's "IPhone-like battery" and its useful capacity to warm our hands in cold days, take away some good points from it. 1520 wons.
  • You can hack RS2 on the L920.
  • 920 camera sucked, and there was a serious problem with dust getting into the proximity sensor and front facing camera that kept it from greatness.
  • That FFC dust issue was resolved on later manufactured models. The main camera was amazing for the time and can still take some great shots
  • Dust issue was resolved but the curved glass distorted all pics.
  • Well, mine was rendered unusable by those defects, so those updates came too late for me.  And the camera? That stunk even for the time.  Here's a great then-current article on it: http://allaboutwindowsphone.com/features/item/17055_The_big_shootout_Nok... My wife's HTC 8X's camera was much better except in very low light.
  • You can the creators update on the NL92x.  I have the 925 and its running the latest build of 1703.  You have to connect to a PC and sideload vcReg using the Windows Phone 8 SDK.  From there you can dev interop unlock the device and side load a registry editor like Custom PFD 6.  Then it's just a matter of changing the registry to make the device appear like a Microsoft MDG Lumia 950 or similar.  There are detailed steps on: https://nokiapoweruser.com/hack-to-get-windows-10-mobile-redstone-build-... Once you get anniversary update you can join insider slow and get creators update.  Mine runs great.  I had issues with glance screen and there are some articles about that on XDA developers  
  • You can do that. Look for guides to unlock the phone using the engineering partitions. Mine is running the Creators Update posing as a Lumia 830.
  • -double post-
  • I had the 920 but traded it for a 925, was to bulky. Still have the 925 and my daily driver is the 930, love ❤ then both
  • Comrade found. Mines Black 925 and a White 930 beautiful phones indeed
  • But it did not swim...I kill mine. :(
  • The Lumia 1520 was my fav...
  • I remember the weight was a big issue with the tech sites that time but as soon as iphones and Samsung got heavy it was all fine.
  • 1520 :D why ? I loved the 930/icon but the lumia 1520 had glancescreen and micro sd :) also its a freaking big phone ans perfect to use for everything. I mean never used a tv anymore. Always had a good sized screen to work, write, draw and watch stuff on. Its perfect.
  • Only downside is that it felt heavy for its time.
  • 1520 no doubt.. still use it as my main phone still running 8.1.. I have an extra one ready for spares.. the day here drive stops working I'm migrating to the next flagship coming from Nokia.. I love the 1520
  • The 1520 is by far the best Lumia ever released! Potent quad core processor, 2gb RAM, 32gb expendable, beautiful LED screen with Glance and double tap, the best camera at the time on any smartphone, sunlight readability, qi wireless charging built in. In others words, the only (and I mean THE ONLY) thing it had wrong was the size and the LED screen. You folks can say the 930 was that phone, but no glance, no microSD and poor battery life didn't help, and this is coming from someone who owned three 930s. And I never owned a 1520, though, due to its massive size, but I really dig the yellow one.
  • Yeah,the yellow was the most beautiful.
  • The Icon. It was amazing and swayed many friends to the platform. But it died. Now I'm sad 😞
  • I'm still using my 3+ year old Icon (running CU from Slow Ring) but without Glance, I can't vote for it as the best ever. I miss that feature more than anything and only bought the Icon because I mistakenly believed that a realistic upgrade would come to Verizon before too long. What a mistake. I hate Verizon!
  • You can still have the Glance back tho, using interop tools and registry files :)
  • Yep!
  • I still use and enjoy my Icon. It does need a new battery tho. And VZW sux. Sent from my Nokia Lumia Icon
  • 1520 without doubt. Even with its broken screen and dead battery it still has a better feel, better build quality and is more reliable than my 950xl.
  • Why is the Lumia 2520 included in this list? It's a Windows RT tablet that failed miserably.
  • Why is a possible favorite Lumia should to the market on the list of possible favorite lumias sold to market?
  • Wait what are you trying to say? Can you paraphrase?
  • It's a Lumia and I have one. No issues and still going strong. I use it for watching TV on the plane, web browsing and playing games. Does everything I need it to do
  • I too agree that Lumia 1520 is the best phone.
  • In all seriousness i think the Lumia 920 is one of the greatest pieces of Hardware ever (besides the heavy weight) The 830 was also great (i only saw it online tho, it was never available in my country carriers and i'm too poor to afford full price). The 640 (cyan double layer glossy) seemed like a perfect midrange.
  • Lumia 1020. Still no company can't beat the badass camera.
  • Ya
  • I am writing this on a yellow Lumia 1020 running Windows Phone OS 8.1. Still enjoying the fantastic camera, but the Lumia 920 is actually more stable, both in durability and drivers (I have both a 920 and 1020). Which one is ultimately better? I think they are great as a team, so to speak. I love the fluidity of the 920 LCD screen while pictures look better with the much more contrasty "unlit-pixel capable" (read: AMOLED) display of the 1020.
  • the 808 does have better camera and sound, but 1020 is still better than most cameraphone, even today
  • Well, the Nokia 808 has a better camera :p I'm using my 3yo yellow 1020 right now running smoothly on build 15222, with glance screen and Lumia camera (take note 5mp jpg + 34mp DNG)
  • The Lumia 1520 was the absolute best.
  • I like my 950XL a lot, but it's had so many problems, not to mention not nearly as durable as my still-going-strong 920. So my vote goes to 920, for its durability, reliability, design (seriously, curved screen before it became popular!), amazing camera for the time... My Lumia 800 was also pretty good, but mostly just the design and fluidity of the OS.
  • it didn't have a curved screen, but a curved glass front face. It is beautiful anyways
  • Sorry, that's what I meant. Not the actual screen, just the glass. I call the panel and/or glass a screen.
  • 1520, without a shadow of a doubt. The 920 was a steller device but it was let down by the lack of a msd card. The 1520 had everything, sure some had issues with ghost touches and the fact AT&T gimped the US model. But for the rest of the world it had everything. I wish the L930 was the 1520 in a smaller package. The lack of glance and msd card hold it back.
  • Ghost touches was solved with Denim firmware.
  • Yes and no, for some it helped whereas for others it's attributed to the screen flex due to a slight defect in the poly carbonate in some models (was slightly weaker around the volume keys) so the screen would get bent over time ever so slightly on that region. Hardly noticeable but never the less it happened.
  • The Nokia 1020 had the best camera, but I think we have to concede the Nokia 920 was the absolute best. Its only "defect" was the lack of a microSD card slot HOWEVER, unlike the Nokia 1520, it didn't alienate the majority of people who don't like phablets.
  • Totally agree. I'll never get rid of my 920. I still hold it occasionally, and I'm like damn this feels nice in the hand. I hope somewhere down the line, another phone with a 5.5 or 5.7 inch screen is built just like it. All these new glass phones feel so delicate compared to the legendary 920 :-(
  • I owned many a Lumia, I started with a 520 and moved to a 920. After that, I had some 635's just to have them and then I tried a 1020 as a main device. I moved on from there to a 830 which was no doubt my favorite. The camera was great, the design was great and it had a SD card. My vote is for the 830 as a fan favorite. I moved to a 950 from the 830 and found the 950 to be the most diasappointing phone ive ever owned.    830 FTW.
  • The 830 was a waste of a phone though. They left out so many things and tried to claim it was an affordable flagship, whatever that means. What did you find disappointing in the 950?
  • The Lumia 830 all around was great except the price as being "affordable". I don't know any affordable Android or Symbian phones selling for $600 CAD (back then when the Lumia 830 was selling new)
  • For me, the Lumia 520/1. Aside from it being the entry point and the price it was, the size was great and the camera was solid. The buttons didn't light but I really enjoyed it a lot aside from the lack of a front camera. The 532 basically replaced it but it didn't work as well in my area for me. I miss such a combo almost all the time... Edit: The 640 was also great for me too even though I wished that it was smaller a good amount of the time.
  • The 1520. Hands down. It was the only phone, Android, Apple, or otherwise that made people stop me and ask what it was. Killer device.
  • 1520
  • 1020. Still have it and enjoy it. Best damn camera ever in a phone.
  • There were several 520 , 730 , 930 , 1020
  • 950XL.
  • For me the 950
  • 950 XL -> 1020 -> 1520.... All others are just here for courtesy.
  • 1520
  • I chose the 1520 as the best all around. If I had a second and third pick, I would have chose the 950XL and the 1020 with an honourable mention going to the TANK (Lumia 920).
  • I agree with all these, and im that order! Man ive owned a lot of Lumias lol
  • The 930, without a doubt. Thanks to a thicker body, and sloped sides on the back, if felt great in the hand. And the glass had a similar slope, so swiping from the edge felt smooth. The second generation Lumia colors were absolutely stunning and eye catching, making the phone unique. The 5 inch 1080p screen was, and still is, the perfect size for phones and one handed use. Not to mention the screen on the 930 looked great, with adjustable color profiles and anti-glare tech for outside use. The camera, OH MAN the camera. Using the tech learned from the 1020, it was put into a much smaller, reasonable package, but still performed amazingly. I'm a HUGE proponent of good video recording capabilities in smartphones. The 4 microphone arrangement on the 930 made videos taken with the 930 top notch. Honestly, they blew me away at the time. And of course, there's Windows Phone 8.1. Nokia's commitment to making their phones significantly better over time was part of the reason I loved their products. The new features in 8.1+Denim made the 930 so freaking great. In many ways a smartphone is just another tool in the 21st century. Sure, the 920 and 925, which I owned, were great in a lot of ways and I enjoyed them immensely. Hell, I still think the 920 was the best smartphone on the market when it was released. But with the Lumia 930, Nokia and Microsoft created a device that combined all of the great aspects of everything that came before it. I was proud to own it, talk about it, and show it off. The Lumia 930, like the Surface Pro 3, is a piece of technology that I love.
  • 1520 hands down. 920 hot second place
  • Lumia 1520
    3rd best camera behind the 1020 and 950
    4K video recording
    Largest screen of any Lumia
    Great battery life
    Incredibly slim
  • I should add SD card support as well
  • 1520 the best, even without an OLED screen. . 930/929 missed the mark without an SD card, a 1/2 implemented OLED screen and the defective microphone issues. The 830 was very good, except its under powered and 1GB ram hurts it, and a non OLED screen. The 925 was perfect for its day and even runs AU just fine and the screen is beautiful.
  • The Icon (930) was great. I dropped mine a few weeks ago and it shattered. Had to replace it. Otherwise I would still be using it. Oh how I miss it. I loved being able to say" Hey Cortana" while it was locked and have it respond to me.
  • Nokia Lumia 925.
  • Four years and still going strong on mine!
  • The 1520 is my number one, with the 920 being a very close second. The low light performance of the 920 is still unbeaten.
  • 1520 baby baby!!! GOAL Greatest Of All Lumias
  • Stuck with Lumia the whole way and am suffering now. But in the hopeful days I liked the promise of the 1020, but really felt the 1520 was the best. Living with the 940 xl but not feeling any joy at all. Sadly...i am super considering the GS8 :-/
  • I would have to say the Lumia 1520 and the Lumia icon
  • Who cares lol
  • Why be this way on a positive article? It's cool to see people comment and share their favorite Lumia (s).
  • Nokia Lumia 1520
  • I went with the 1020. It was a 920 with a killer camera. 1520 was a bit too big for me, though the sd slot was nice. I would have liked to throw the 2520 a bone. It was a Lumia out of water though. It was hobbled by the misunderstanding of RT. MS did a lousy job of explaining RT. If it were still around today, it would make a damn good WoA device.
  • Lumia 1520
  • I choose Lumia 920. Great phone it was
  • For me the Nokia Lumia 1520 and Microsoft Lumia 640 XL were the best Lumia phones I have ever used.
  • This may not be the popular choice but I've got to say that the Lumia 950 is the best Lumia of all time. It checks all of the boxes: Future resistant processor, amoled, Qi wireless, SD card slot, Glance!, amazing camera. The only slight miss is the overall design. The plastic back ruins the feel but add a Mozo back cover and this becomes the perfect phone...imo. The only other issue for most people seemed to be that it wasn't the magic unicorn everyone was hoping, in their minds, it would be in 2015.
  • I agree although I have the 950XL.
  • 800,720,730 in this order.
  • 1020 FTW. Man that camera...I could zoom in for days on a pic and it would still look great. Can't say that about any other phone since then...
  • NL 1520
  • Even though Lumia *might* be dead time certainly has not ended. So "of all time" is a bit of a stretch. My vote is a tie between 930 & 950XL because there's features of both that should have been melded into a single ultimate Lumia.
  • 1520 is my love.
  • The Lumia 1520 was the best Lumia in my opinion because of its large, gorgeous display, slick performance and great camera. It still runs great today on Windows 10 Mobile and I would still happily use it.
    I also loved the Lumia 830 for its sleek design and the camera that punched above its weight.
    And as much hate as it may get, the Lumia 950 XL deserves a place here just because it feels so great to use and has an incredible display.
  • And the more I think about it the more I realize just how much I really love my 950 XL. It really is a great phone despite its flaws and has every feature but the kitchen sink. And water resistance. With the Mozo cover it looks and feels professional and comfortable.
  • Agree, great phone.
  • 1020. The 950 is so buggy I'm finally getting rid of it this week. Last straw. Not connecting to cell network. The fix. Make a call. I kid you not. It then said my phone was in airplane mode. It wasn't. The prompt to take it out of airplane mode failed. So turn airplane mode on. Make a call. Then the prompt took it out and connected to the cell network. I'm so done. Fooled med three times. Shame on me.
  • Edit - Replied to the wrong comment
  • Lumia 925, the only flaw is the 16gb storage space...
  • The 920 blew me away at the time and for a long while after. I think it was the best phone on the market when it was released.
    The 1520 (non-AT&T version) was insane, and in a battle royale I would send it as the Windows Phone champion.
    But the 930, for me, hit the sweet spot and gets my vote. Honorable mention to the 735, a great mid range device with tons of style that didn't get attention or distribution it deserved.
  • Well since we're living in the past I say the Lumia 925 for me because my 920 I know not much of a difference was short lived.
  • The 650. Still using it and happy. 
  • Nokia 1020 and Nokia 1520
    Even after 4 years of rlease no one single company make mobile with 41 MP camera 📷 and strong hardware.
  • That camera and the processing time were not practical. Also, too small.
  • I've had a 520,635,640(XL),550,650,920,& 950,based on that I have to say the 950 or 640XL,but the 950 is by far and away the fastest I've ever had,but idk about my favorite,that's a tough one,probably the 640XL
  • 1520 and 950xl...Love both.
  • 1520 is the best phone I ever had and I'm still using it and loving it.
  • Still using mine too, wish it had been included in the new update...
  • While I loved my Lumia 1520 (I mean THAT SCREEN - 6 inches of pure HD glory), the Lumia 950XL has the (substantially) better camera, faster processor, and more ideal weight (156 gms vs 224 gms). I gave my vote to the underdog of all lumias - the 950 XL ;)
  • Running with 950xl crowd here. As much as I am wanting more from the app store, I moved from.an iPhone to this and I just can't go back. Everything works so well, hmm I guess I am talking OS. Ok so 950xl cos I love the design that let's covers not need to be cases over covers (Mozo) and because W10M runs on it. Somehow this phone has finesse.
  • Lumia 520 and Lumia 730
  • Same with me but in the reverse order. Lumia 520 was my first smartphone so it holds a very special place in my heart for giving me such a wonderful first time experience. But when I joined university in 2014, I brought Lumia 730 into my life and it literally changed my life. I remember changing one Lumia for bringing another Lumia when I could have bought one of the best 'feature rich' phone in the price range, disturbed many friends of mine ;) Then came a disaster: I dropped my Lumia 730 into water and you can guess what happened. When I came to know that repairing my phone will cost me an amount which could buy me a brand new phone even at that time I didn't think for a second and got it repaired. But perhaps our relation had to end soon. In a recent accident I dropped my Lumia 730 again. But this time I was on bike and the surface it fell on was hard enough to break our relationship :( But my love for Lumia 730 didn't die and I ordered the handset (although refurbished this time). While I am writing this, I am eagerly waiting for my Lumia 730 to be handed over to me. Hope this time our relation will last long..! 
  • same here My first smartphone was Lumia 520
  • Got the 925 a week after release. I have to say that was the best Lumia of the time with design, camera (low light), features and screen with 8.1. Now I have to say the 950XL for me is the best. Got it half price and like every single thing about it. Voted for the 950XL
  • Gotta love the pic of the 925. I see the Amazing Weather HD tile.
  • 1520 best Lumia phone 📱
  • 920 on W8, 650 on W10M.
  • Lumia 1020. To this day, nobody has been able to match that camera.
  • Years ago before the 1020, we had 808, better camera than it's brother 909 aka 1020
  • I had the 520 then the 640xl... But, I'll choose the 520.. It's camera was really good plus it's size was nice... And was really snappy on wp8:)
  • I loved the performance, camera, and size of the 1520! It will always hold a special place in my heart
  • I used Lumia since its first release in 2011 and have all main brands like... 800, 920, 925, 1520 and 950 XL. All was great but i like most Lumia 1520 for size, speed, battery backup and its hardware quality. Camera was awaesome.
  • Lumia 925, and McLaren.
  • Its very difficult to select just one.
  • 930/Icon
  • 920. It was built like a tank (and sometimes felt like it), its camera was leaps ahead of anything else, and it was the one Windows phone that actually turned heads for the right reasons.
  • I loved my 950XL, such a shame the platform is on it's last breathe and Microsoft refuse to tell anyone what's next. Shame on you MS, shame on you!!!
  • I like many lumia almost every phone because they looks so sexy in hands
    Design: Lumia 930 & Lumia 830 &Lumia 925 ( I am using a lumia 830 now more than 5 people told me that it is looking very beautiful and I don't know them they told while I was in bus or at a railway station)
    Camera : No doubt lumia 1020
    Performance: Lumia 950XL
  • 930 has the perfect look, if the battery last longer
  • Still have my 1020 but love my 950XL fast ring.
  • I'll be the 1st - 820 would never die
  • I vote for Lumia 1520
  • Loved my 920!!
  • This is not fair! I love the L1520, I equally love the L950xl. If could, I would have voted both but I understand I have to make a choice.
    I voted the L950xl, here are my reasons:
    1. Size, It is obviously smaller than 1520, yet the screen display is only 0.3 inches smaller, easier to carry around, it is also easier to use for extended period of time without stress.
    2. Use of biometric lock (iris scanner), which is very effective when you get used to it
    3. Continuum
    4. Removable battery.
    5. Lighter in weight, this helps the screen not to shatter easily when it falls on the floor (though it has the gorilla glass 4), also makes it easier to use for extended period of time without stress.
  • I would agree to all points but the 3rd one. Continuum is not a reason...that failed project that MS wasn't able to improve and Samsung p!$$ed on them with DeX.
  • Is it really .3" smaller? What about when you factor in the on screen button bar-you lose another 1/4" don't you?
  • Another 1520 fan here. Big, bold, bright (usable in sunlight), worked with gloves, superb camera, etc. My all time fave phone of any brand or type.
  • 1020 or current 950xl. I guess the 1020 would win with that top gun camera.
  • Easy answer. The Lumia 640. I have not one, but two of these bad boys.
  • I loved all my Lady Lumias !!! ♥♥♥
  • Lumia 928. Still runs great four years later. Xenon flash, great low-light camera.
  • 925 ftw
  • Lumia 950/xl the best of all time? :))) well if you take the phone as a HW, yes, and even the design it's not bad, but the freakin mediocre win10mo OS...mehhh For me, two of them were my favourites: 1020 and the 1520! Especially the yellow ones...too bad MS fcked up big time. WP8.1 was so fast on them
  • Lumia 1520 I think though I own a L730
  • Nokia Lumia 1520. It's been 2 years and 7 months. Going strong!
  • 1520 all the way. Mostly for the 6" screen. Still using mine after 3 years. Have thought about going to the 950xl but not giving up the screen real estate!
  • 1520 - got everything besides hello and pen....
  • I had 920, and used 520 extensively and have been using 950xl. Taking everything into consideration 520 was the best and now i am enjoying 950 xl.
  • 1520 - great design, beautiful screen, great battery life, great camera.
  • Of course 1520 forever ❤
  • My first Lumia was 720 then 1020, 1320, 1520, 640xl and 950xl. I would have gone for the 1520, but 950xl is more "pragmatic". It has dual sim and Sd card, removable back and battery, and a very beautiful display, tho battery is crap. But 950xl for me. Yea and i forgot... The 950xl camera is the best of all Lumia phones
  • Hands down 1520!
  • Lumia 640 is my first windows phone. I switched from android to windows platform in June 2015. I instantly fell in love with windows platform. Love the live tiles and no nonsense user interface. Never felt apps scarcity. Love my Lumia 640 dual sim phone 🙂
  • 1020 was/is my baby girl!
  • 930
  • Early adopter with a lumia 800, switched later to the 925. I loved my Lumia 925 in metal grey! It was classy, sleek and fitted perfect in my hand and suits... I was sad when my 925 stopped working. Enjoying my 950 today, but I wish I could have this OS, these specs AND the design of the 925.
  • Cudnt agree more...
  • The 'd' seems out of place.
  • Functionally 950XL and design wise 925
  • 1520.3 was hands down the best Lumia ever made.
  • The Lumia 1020. It had an amazing camera and it worked flawlessly for me after the first firmware update cleaned up some of the real-world camera usage. The Lumia 950 would have been my pick if I weren't constantly running into bugs with it. Perhaps the Creators Update will fix it, but it's a bit too late because I went back to my iPhone after Calendar and Outlook both crashed on startup for a week straight (I likely could have reformatted the phone, but that's not much of a phone at that point...). For what it's worth, the April update did fix the crashing issue.
  • It was difficult for me to choose between Lumia 925 and Lumia 930. I really liked the design of both of them. My wife used a Lumia 925 for a time. Now she uses a Lumia 950. One of my best friends still uses a Lumia 930. I really liked the look of both phones. Performance wise Lumia 930 was better than Lumia 925. It has also wireless charging. It has a better camera and a better display I think. And the vivid colors of Lumia 930, that awesome green, they were so attractive. On the other hand the metal chasis of Lumia 925, its screen and its low-light performance are to be taken into considerantion. In the end I voted with Lumia 930 but it was a hard choice.
  • For me the overall best was the 920, 1520, 800, 520, 640xl. The 920 was the overall best, but I enjoyed the design of the 800 better, the higher HD and size of the screen of the 1520, the 520 and 640s is a tie for reliability at a great price.
  • The 1520. The 920 was the trailblazer. The 1520 eliminated everything else in my briefcase, music player, camera, e-reader, and when you forgot your laptop the screen size actually was big enough to get some work done. It is my backup phone since I've replaced it an HP Elite x3.
  • The best Lumia of all times for me is the Lumia 1520, it's fast and beautiful, with a great screen resolution and true colors, I think it's the only phone which actually can go head to head with the iPhone 6plus, good camera and Great touch screen reaction, I currently own one running windows 10 mobile and I wouldn't change it for no other mobile device,
  • If design issue then undoubtedly 925. Everything else 950 XL 😉
  • 920 ALL THE WAY. And I'll never forget the TV AD for it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cB7AfejC-8c
  • Lumia 1020 tv ad was also great
  • The good old days when Microsoft was serious about Windows Phone/ Windows Mobile... Funny once the ads stopped, then the sales dropped...
  • If I could, I'll vote the L925, 930, 950xl. They the best, because I got them all, haha....
  • i love Lumia 830, is one of the best, this phone have very good design and quality. even i believe 830 is better than new iphones
  • for me (and as of now by most users) 1520 is the best lumia ever. It was the fastest phone of its time, running the super smooth version of mobile phone in the market. it came at a time when the app gap too was at its lowest. Some people did not like the size, but for me 6" has been the ideal size for phone. It well and truly destroyedany other phone in the market back then and remianed better than some of the lumias launched after it even. Only good thing that MS did with Lumias was NOT to launch a 1530 and that has allowed 1520 to be 'lonely on the top'. Argh! I hate MS for not caring for such wonderful phones. Rather than developing them to grow market share, it killed them. Eventually it is well and truly on its way to kill its own mobile aspirations.
  • agree, I gave my wife the green Hulk after buying the 950xl, the battery life was insanely efficient on Win. 8.
  • I couldn't have said it better. I love my 1520 and feel betrayed by Microsoft.
  • I Have had the 720, 640XL & now have the 950XL. Out of those three my favourite is the 640XL,which I still have.
  • 930, hands down!
  • Lumia 925.. Amazing design, amazing performance. It was the reason that i thought of investing more in microsoft. Didn't know it would get so dissapointing in the mobile scene. There was a time i used to show off my Lumia 925 to the likes of Galaxy S4, etc. Now i am jealous of those who own android.. :( hope Msft has something good in the mobile arena for us loyal to it.
  • Nokia Lumia 925
  • It had the best camera it was sleek, fast, reliable, had a big screen, beat speaker on it, and awesome mics, the lumia 1520 was the best and from what i see from the votes it was B), now im rocking the lumia 950 xl yes it has better camera and mics, but still my lumia 1520 is the most favorable, if i didnt break it still be my main phone. Ps: I also owned the lumia 800, and the 920
  • Have to say Lumia 950 XL. It's the most complete Lumia I've had, and still using. Overall with size, screen, speed, camera, functions ++ it's my favorite. Started with 920, still have a couple which is still working well. The absolutely best at the time. And the 1020, with the insane camera, only soo slow... Wish they'd put in a separate processor for the camera... Really happy with the 640, really the most impressive compared to price/value for money. Using 950 XL now. Still have 920, 1020, 930, 820, 640, 620, 530 and a htc radar... Regularly using the 1020 and 920's for time lapses, the 640 as dashboard cam. Thinking about getting another (or more) 950 XL as backup phone, since I still consider anything android or iphone as inferior and nothing that I can make use of...
  • 1020 for sure. Was just so far ahead of its time when it was released. the camera still is probably the best even today!
  • Can you imagine the 1020 with today's faster processors?
  • This is a tough one.  The 920 is perhaps the most iconic in its design and is perhaps my favorite in that regard.  It's older brother, the 900 lured me into WP7, along with the HTC 7 Trophy.  However, I also loved my 928 for its xenon flash and excellent glance support, but again the HTC 8X was another favorite in our home (though a less robust design than the Lumias, my wife loved hers).  I also miss my 1020 for its camera-first design, reminiscent of my departed 808.  My replacement for the 928, the 930 is my current favorite Windows Phone device - it is the most balanced to me.  I did enjoy the 1520 but still feel that the 930's screen is better and overall the 930 is a more balanced device (sure the 1520 has a larger screen, but the resolution is the same as the 930 and the 930 has a much better screen, IMO).  I’ve even toyed with a 950 and 950XL at work and while they are fast performers, they feel cheaper and don’t seem as stable.  There is also the HTC One M8 to consider with its fun DOT case and microSD support – that was my backup Windows Phone 8 device for a while.  I also need to mention the 520 for converting many international friends to the Windows Phone platform, and the 635 for upgrading the 520.  I still feel the 640 is the best budget Windows Phone ever released ($35 with free SIM unlock and accepts 128GB microSD while running W10M close to the same performance level as 8.1 – how can I say no)!  So my vote goes to the 929/930/Icon and the 640 if there was a budget option.
  • Well to me the 925 that i still use with my second mobile number is the worst i ever had. Except for the design and the camera, that with the old Lumia Camera it makes great pictures, the rest was really bad. It was always gets hot, just surfing for a bunch of minutes Internet using mobile data and especially with the location sensor on. Often it is really unconfortable to keep in the hands, it really burns my hands! GPS sensor mounted over the 925 is the worst i ever tried. It looses the signal every 2 meters, when using the phone as navigator is impossible to drive with it, and i always have to wait several minutes before it catches the signal (when it catches the signal... because sometimes there is no way). Battery life is nothing great, and the display, at least in my case, was not as bright as the 920 or the 820 for instance. Even the 800 has a better display.
    If the 800 would have had Windows 8.1, i say it is the best Lumia ever made. Solid, great design, curved display. Just Windows Phone was the problem. I vote for the 930 as best Lumia ever made. I never owned a 950 so i cannot say anything about that. But after owing the 800, 820, 925 and the 930 which actually is my current smartphone, the 930 wins!
  • The Lumia 800 imo had the best design.  Very curvy and futuristic
  • That was my first foray into Windows Phone territory. The Nokia Lumia 800 was indeed sexy.Especially in cyan.
  • 950 XL for its great camera shots and continuum of course. Also 3d builder and windows hello are great.
  • 1520! I miss that phone. Couldn't fault it.
  • I think the 1020 was the best, that camera can not be overlooked, but my all time fav is the 1520 and then the 950XL. I'm still using both phones. Funny thing is, many apps still run better on my 1520 then my 950XL. Still enjoying but phones though. Still peeved at the omission of the better sound options, available on the 1520, on the 950XL.
  • I still use my 1020 love the cam though im on latest windows build feel its a bit slow but all working well, I also use android to keep up with the world 😐 shame on microsoft.
  • Lumia 720 was my first Windows phone, and it was awesome. Great build quality, design and screen.
  • I still use my 1020 love the cam though im on latest windows build i feel its a bit slow but all working well, I also use android to keep up with the world 😐 shame on microsoft.
  • 1520 for me
  • 1520 by a country mile
  • I'm going to throw my vote for the 925 in here. Sadly the sim card tray contacts are busted out, so I can't use it as a phone anymore. It had one of the best cameras that put my ex wifes point and shoot camera and her iphone 5s to shame, especially in low light taking pictures of our new daughter while she was sleeping. It has since seen service as a media player / gps unit in the car. Others have reported issues with the gps on that model, never had an issue with it here. My oldest son is going on a field trip to an aquarium, and will be taking it as a camera. I haven't found a newer Windows Phone that has really seemed like a worthy upgrade since. I've since moved onto android and the Note series of phones, mainly because I have to take detailed notes with my job and having a "note"pad always with me, it makes more sense to me. 
  • Lumia 950xl
  • Lumia 920. Only disadvantage was it's weight.
  • Tough call between the 920 and 925 for me but I'll have to give the edge to the 925. IMHO it might have been the best looking Nokia phone or Windows Phone ever.
  • Don't know about the other models but I still use Lumia 640 as my main phone and it's a difficult decision to change this great device. It has the latest version of W10M and besides what other companies do (crippling older phones with every new OS version) this one is so smooth and reliable you could hardly believe it's not a recently released phone. Of course some new third party apps are a bit slow on launch but after that their performance is surprisingly good. Battery life is great and the battery is also replaceable, a really good camera, SD card support and now I read that after creators update it's performance will be even better. Definitely the best phone I ever had. Look at the price of it. It wasn't a purchace. It was a theft.
  • Same here, it's a very good device! It's my main phone and it does what my lovely L520 no longer do :)
  • My vote goes to 920. The phone with bold colours, a looker, hassle free phone. Camera were lot great. I came to even like it's weight, due to the sturdy. No future generation Lumia sported such an awesome look(at their time of release) like Lumia 920, in my opinion.
  • The very first Windows 7 phone :P
  • Samsung Ativ was the best Windows Phone of all time.
  • Based on My Experience Lumia 620 - Great Design, Good Price Lumia 830 - Affordable Flahship, Great Hardware (except CPU should be Snapdragon 600 :P) Honorable Mentions (only try when I go to Phone Shop) Lumia 920 - Best Design (in my opinion) and Color Choices (I want a red), Great Hardware Spec, Good features such as PureView, Sensitive Touch, Qi Wireless Charge // I still want this phone as a collectible :3 Lumia 1020 - 41MP Camera!
  • Lumia 925 has to be my all time favourite. Now using 950XL but still feel nostalgic for 925 every now and then 
  • Lumia 1520 and 930 were equally great. The 950xl is the best though. Wish 920 colors could continue across the 9models today
  • I still have my Lumia 920 which was amazing! It was with me for three years. But my 950XL is the best so far. The clarity, features, speed and the camera is amazing. I have competed with many friends having Apple 6, 6S and even 7, but 950XL wins hands down!! Extra memory, dual sim, display dock, amazing battery which recharges superfast is awesome! This is the best Lumia with packed features. Hope MS continues with Windows phones in Surface too incase they cease to make Lumia's in the future!
  • 1520
  • 1520
  • 1520 is king.
  • Voted for 950, I loved my 820 and the 930 was excellent but my 950 is the first real step towards a single device for everything, way back in the late 90s I thought one day you won't need a camera, mp3, TV because well have phones that are pc's. Really very close to getting that full pc experience.
  • 925...just because....
  • I have a yellow 1020 that does not want to charge. Anyone know how i can fix it? I didnt charge it for probably a year since a i got a 950XL
  • Try charging it longer. One of my 920's didn't wake up before after two days...
  • Wow thats long. Did it give that charging sign when you charged it though?
  • Not until day two.
    The 1020 should flash when something starts to happen. (the Windows logo)
  • Way to stay on topic.
  • 930
  • Even though I am partial to the 950. My first ever Lumia was the 929. Being on VZ that was the best Lumia I could get, and I think I owned at least 4 different ones over the years. My fav was the matt white and silver one.
  • You made me miss my Nokia Lumia 925 even more.
  • Lumia 1020 until the 950 came out...
  • I will go for Lumia 1520, because of its screen size and it's ages, still working better then new phones, few glitches with software, but nothing major
  • Loved the 920. I had a yellow one. Handed it down to my son who rocked it for a long time until he accidentally dropped it in the sink while doing dishes. We still have it but unfortunately it no longer works. We still have an old 925 as well. Mainly because the wife had dropped it so many times and it is scarred so much that I was sure that no one would want to buy it. Screen is still in excellent shape though. I use it all the time as an iPod of sorts, paired to my BT headphones while I run I wish that I had never sold my old 1520 now a days. I loved that phone. I also had sold my Icon which I loved but never seemed to work quite right on T-Mobile.
  • 520 shuld be number one!
  • Best design-920
    Best camera-1020
    Best screen-1520
    Best overall-950xl While the 950 does not kill it in any category it was the best overall. And despite some hayday memories of 8.1 being great we do never nostalgically remember the bad. So ill stick with ten into these new uncharted waters....and with new Ms apps every day i have to hope there is a plan. And maybe that is no hardware from Ms....so be it. Anyone want to sell a hp.
  • My first "boyfriend" (lol) was the Lumia 520. And now I own a Lumia 640. I love them. I wish I had a L950 but it didn't come carrier-unlocked to my country :)
  • The 920. Once I hacked it to pit the coil from the cover in the phone itself it was perfection.
  • No one vote for lumia 900? 😡
  • I loved my yellow 1020! It was my second windows phone and loved it. Was slightly buggier than my windows 7.5 HD7 but it was so pretty and had such a great camera and the camera case and tripod! I wish I never smashed it I would still be using it otherwise 😭. I like my 950xl but I am feeling more and more sad about windows phone and how its lost loads of it's potential and it doesn't feel like its going anywhere anymore ☹
  • 930?
  • The 920. Hands down.
  • For pure fun and usefulness; 1520 Unicorn. Today with advanced use and enjoyment; 950 XL.
  • I bought my 1520 in July 2014 and I am still using it to my satisfaction today with build 15063. It is my communication device, jukebox, ereader, keeping up with news device and last but not least my photo and video camera. I don't see any reason for the discontinued support, not receiving the official rs 2 anymore. I don't want anything else until we have the new generation of devices with full Windows on ARM 64. I would have appreciated software innovations until that time. The Live Tiles are the best idea still, even though they could be used better.
  • This is a stupid poll because there is no way anyone other than a reviewer could get their hands on half of them. With that said.  I have had 520, 800,830, 920,930,950xl personally.  My wife had a 1520. My dad had a 928 and 950 I have to go with the 920 as being the best because it was the best all around.  It was just awesome for it's time. Great camera, sunlight readability, able to work with gloves, durable, sharp screen. While other phones in the lumia line improved on certain things, this phone had it all.  The 930 had some shortcomings with the screen and other than the icon variation wasn't sold in the US and LTE didn't work on AT&T.  The 1520 was plauged by touch sensititivy issues. the 830 was a major let down the 950/950xl were the biggest wastes of money
  • "Lumia 920...."
    This is 2017 and I m Still loving it....
  • I believe the 950 and 950xl should both have a single vote slot, same with the 640 series. Only difference really is the xl has slightly faster processor and that's only to run a larger screen. So virtually they are the same phone. I voted 950xl but had the 920 before that which I liked very much. Still have the 920 just in case 950xl breaks.
  • They are completely different phones..... Different screen, different processor, different battery, different back. They actually perform differntly too.
  • Lumia 928 - best of the 920/925 features plus xenon flash. Amazing low light capability without flash as well. Still using mine.
  • I'd feel bad, if I didn't vote for the 535. Wrll, it was clearly a budget phone, but it also was my introduction to Windows phones. I bought it on a contract, back when I was a University student. My (now ex) girlfriend had a premium Windows Phone in that time, and she was showing it off pretty often :D It was in my hands pretty often as well, and the more I used it, the more I loved it. (Sadly, I never checked or asked which exact modell it was :D ). So I decided I need one as well, and when it was time for a phone switch (I lost my Sony Xperia P while I was drunk, in a forest, lol :D ), I bought my 535, and loved it. For the price, it had everything I wanted. A big screen, decent cameras, and obviously, Windows Phone. And it was running well, not like android did on my Sony. And it had little extras I loved, like double tap to wake / sleep, flip to silence, a full equalizer, etc... I still have it as a backup phone, and it's still good, although I managed to scratch the back camera on it, so it now makes blurry images. But I think I will let it fix, no matter that it'll cost the same as the phones worth today :D Don't get me wrong, I love my 650 as well, but it doesn't have these much memories and things to it. And if you'd ask my little brother, he'd probably say that he liked his 532 more than his 650 now :D Because they teached us that specs aren't everything.
  • I love the 920. I still use it as a backup phone. It's a great phone for holding and as others have said, the camera is great and it's built like a tank. The screen only has very minor scratches and I never had a screen protector (just a flip cover). I dropped it once and there's a slight mark on one of the corners where it hit the ground. Pity there was no microSD slot. I also have an 830, 640 and 950 XL. They don't have character, in my opinion. The XL and 640 are just creaky and plasticky and the 830 just does its job. The 640 simply punches above its weight for the money you pay but the lack of a camera button loses some marks. An extra GB of RAM wouldn't hurt the 640. The XL is my main phone and the 830 is my second phone I use for work. I do like the light weight of both the 830 and 950 XL. But my vote goes to the 920.
  • 928, a refined 920, slimmer and that xenon flash is still king, wp8-8.1 was the peak of the wp experience, it felt like a dream, hardware and software working so nicely, nothing to envy from the others, wish that could still be the case
  • 1520 narrowly beats out the 950XL, as it was and still is a capable machine and doesn't look like it was designed by bored Xanax test studies.  However, as a performer the 950XL is awesome so that is #2 .... After that, #3 with Verizon Icon.  Finally, the 640 for its price and value.  
  • 640 all the way. I think it was the Lumia that had the best value all round.
  • yep 920 vote here, and my ATT guy threw in a free Qi charger that is still being used for my 950xl
  • Mine and also my Wife's Lumia/Nokia1020 phones have worked flawlessly since the very earliest we could get one. We feel no hard pressed reason to replace them other than trading up is a thing in the cell phone era. Battery is still good. As a phone it works flawlessly. As an App device, we sometimes feel left out by Stores and Banks. As a Camera, Wow! This phone's camera has saved the day so many times in so many places. I always bring a tripod and the special camera adapter (excellent backup power here) on trips. Never know when you might need to take a family portrait, like the last picture with your Dad the day before he passed on.
  • Nokia Lumia 610. I enjoyed the Windows Phone 7.x OS very much, it was so fast. The Lumia 610 also had a great design for the price, and had a flash light next to the camera. The Nokia Lumia 520 was also a phone I enjoyed, but lacked a flash light next to the camera.
  • L800 for me, if you have used one and is a guy you know what I mean.
  • 920
  • Why don't i see the poll?
  • I have had several Lumias since my first in 2012, the NL810. My favorite overall though was the 925. Beautiful design and the stylish rubber case I had for it made it look very sleek. Great camera especially in low light.
    That design would still look good today on a phone.
  • Unfortunately I never got to play with phones like the 920, 1520 or any of the flagship Lumias. But my vote goes to the 640, probably the most under appreciated phone​ ever put out. Time after time I read comments recommending the 640 for just about any situation. Want to try Windows? Get a 640. Need something to use until the 950 comes out? Get a 640. It was the go to phone for riding along with Windows. And at $100, probably the best value we ever had.
  • The Lumia 830 is my favorite because of the sleek design, wireless charging, OIS on a great camera, removable battery, expandable storage (which is why prefer it to the 930), that amazing 5.1 surround sound recording in vids etc. It would have been perfect if it had at least a snapdragon 617 or something and 2gbs of ram.
  • <p>The best was the 920: Most advanced in the user experience of his time (best GPS, best cam, best lifetime,...) but my favorite and best phone of my life is the Lumia 1520 ! Seriously, no phone can contest the 1520: The battery was awesome, the screen was amazing,...</p> <p>The 820 was fantastic also ! Seriously how Microsoft could kill this legacy !</p>
  • My lumia 925 is best durable hardware with windows 10 build 15205 no problem
  • Of all I've used, the 640 for sure. Best price-quality ratio, lovely battery life, and a solid performer even today.
  • Best Ever camera mobile Lumia 1020 is the best one...
  • i started withtthe 920, and it was a great phone, then i got a 1020, nice, but the 920 was still better. now i have a 950XL. superb.  many years ago, i had a Nokia, but it was not smart. used it for a long time. it is a shame that MS is not continuing the line.  really nice phones over all...i hope if and when the surface phone comes, it is as good.  i have a friend that is supper non tech, so i willed him the 920. and he loves it.it is still going strong...i had to chose between the 920, and the 950XL. but the added mem card slot ,and  the (easely ) removable battery are winners. i just wish i had gotten the dual sim...
  • Lumia 1520 was the best smartphone ever.
  • what is the point in these articles, the Lumia phones are dead ages ago, windows mobile is dead. Are they just desperate for something to post ?
  • 1520 :3 still got mine. Still Waiting for a worthy upgrade :D but i really need to get a new replacement in some funture. Microphone is broken and the volume buttons as well.. And also notable : The 625. It runs like idk.. 4 days at least , with using it for 5ish hours a day listening to music and some youtube. Freaking good battery.
  • 1520 without a doubt.
  • I voted for the 800. It was the first Lumia and was the perfect size--everything since has been too big. Really, I wish for 950 specs in an 800 body. Imagine pocketing the 800 and using Continuum to get a desktop, laptop, or tablet experience from it whenever you need more productivity. Given the many votes for the huge 1520, I guess that most feel otherwise...
  • The Lumia 920 was a true flagship. It introduced features not yet found in smartphones, it was a showpiece for Windows Phone 8, and it was built like a tank.
  • The 1520 in my book. although the 920 hold a sweet spot in my heart. I still have both of them. a white 1520 and a red 920.   Although i'm currently on Android I still check out new build of w10 update on the 1520. outside of apps on Android WP is still my fav platform.
  • Lumia 920 all the way. I've had ALOT of the Lumia phones: 710, 900, 920, 830, (HTC one), ICON, and 950xl. The 920 just had the perfect feel in the hand, the right weight, the 2.5d glass was awesome and sleek, display was great, a great intro to wireless charging, camera was brilliant (at the time), super durable, reparability was easy (when I FINALLY cracked the screen). I loved that phone, even with it's shortcomings (no sd card, only 32GB onboard). It triggered a sentimental value that I haven't felt about a piece of hardware since my old NOKIA 3310 I think W10M is my OS of choice for life, but the 920 was the only Lumia handset that was something I could hold next to any iPhone or any android, and truly say that I had the better hardware. MS should have made a larger, more refined version of that exact form factor for the 950 and 950xl. I love my 950xl, but it's no 920 when it comes to feel. I'd say the ICON would have come in second had the battery life been better, and if it hadn't had the glaring omission of SD card support or USB OTG.
  • The 1520, hands down.
  • 1520. I've had it for 5 year now. Hate os, hate android. Everyone I know that has either a Samsung or apple always stop and stare at what phone I have, they always automatically think that its a Samsung note of some kind. When I say Nokia they either are let down or confused. As Nokia are not popular phones. But in the past Nokia has a great rep. I've dropped my 1520 on concrete face down, then stood on it with my full weight and nothing happened. Still the best phone with the best battery. Will keep it forever as I love everything in it.
  • Lumia 735
    Best Design, huge backcover for easy Change, good protection
    Wireless Charging
    Nano Sim
    nice OLED Display But waek CPU
    more RAM would be nice
    even more bigger battery
  • I love my Lumia 630. It was very sexy
  • 1520 - the Phabulous phone...
  • The Lumia 1020 is by far the best Lumia ever. It was so far ahead of anything else on the market. The 920 is second IMO, a phone that stayed viable as a daily driver for three years and had wireless charging built in. Honestly, I like my 950XL but our competitors really stepped up their game in offering quirky tech, on top of that they for some reason did away with hyper-sensitive touch so I have to take my gloves off now... One of my favorite features on the 1020 and 900.
  • The 930 for me.    Solid, reliable - great screen (quality and a good size,  big enough without being too big) , sd memory card. So disappointed it is no longer receiving updates.
  • Lumia 930
  • 920, will be replacing battery and hack to win 10 AU, see if it will be better than L640 for my wife. I LOVE THE 920.
  • I loved the Lumia 800 the most. It was perfect in every sense (at that time)... And with regards to being innovative, I think the (yellow) Lumia 1020 was the coolest ;)
  • I'd have to say my 1020 was my first true favorite phone but I love my current 950 much more.
    For entry-level phones, I'd have to say the 520 hands down. Four years ago, I purchased 520's for each of our four children. They were onsale for $15 each and what a deal. Being kids, digitizers were easily cracked but found replacements online for under $5. After changing the first digitizer, it would take under 5 minutes to replace and be back to the Welcome screen. The two oldest that had Android phones have also switched back. At Christmas, Microsoft had a fire sale on the 650's and I have a spares.
  • 1520 all the way!!! whether it was Windows 8 or Windows 10 still the best phone out there period.
  • The Lumia 920 and the 1520 where the best phones I owned. At the time the camera quality and the speed of the phones were amazing.
  • 925. When they did an epic fail on McLaren they should have fast tracked a 925.1 (926?) and called it good. Fix the mic failure issue, upgrade the screen tech, water proof it. They would have been good.
  • And of course inclued the GD Qi internally, the snap on case was junk and the plastic tabs broke off in a matter of months.
  • I choose 550 because i have it and don't have others. Like 950 or 1520 because couldn't afford them ...sour grapes? ?
  • Where's the poll?
  • How can Microsoft see the passion for their MS branded phone hardware and NOT continue? I really don't get it. If they were serious about phones, they wouldn't have pulled the plug so fast. No one could have seriously thought that they would have seen a double digit gain in market share overnight. In the very competitive situation where Droid & iOS spend big bucks promoting their products, patience would have been a virtue. I don't like droid or iOS..... Flip phones might return......
  • Lumia 920 is definitely the best. It had amazing specs for its time, and the $99 was definitely too low for what you got. The Lumia 930 would've been my choice if it worked with LTE networks in the US. I'm really enjoying my 950XL.
  • The 920 was the first and IMO the only non-compromise Lumia; it had everything at the time and was a head of the curve in others such as camera, coloured chasis options, wireless charging and was well priced. The other Lumias were either not sized right for the masses, no glance, limited storage (only 16gb), no wireless charging, limited carriers, or buggy photo app. But more importantly, the 920 represented at the time the best chance for the Windows Phone system. It couldn't do it by itself but IMO represented the height of this OS.
  • Every Nokia Lumia lacked A feature, that was part of the problem, they set a target sale price and dropped in enough features until it wasn't viable. The 920's lacked a SD card slot, that's the only thing wrong at the time
  • Yes good point, I forgot about the inability to take a SD card.
  • The Lumia 1020 (even I had a 920). Best camera with a great operating system. I thought Microsoft and Nokia gonna make a perfect team. Then Lumia 800, because I really liked the size and feeling. The Lumia 950XL as my current phone just has too many issues all the time and the OS feels unsupported (by Microsoft, I don't care about apps)
  • I've voted for the 950xl. But I think the best windows os phone was the O2 Xda mini. 2001 I think it was. Customization, battery life, syncing and the keyboard with t9 and predictive text was the only 12 key keyboard that was actually any good. Yes, I have been using windows on my daily phone for that long. I live in Singapore where hardly anybody uses it. To the point where I had to learn to repair cracked screens myself cos the shops never had parts or the knowhow. Losing hope for the first time though. Microsoft has till the end of the year to release something before I switch.
  • I had a 925 but it suddenly stopped working. 950XL was terrible in the beginning but the screen, I love the screen for its quality. And the camera makes a beautiful picture. So, 950XL is my favorite LUMIA.
  • Lumia 1520 has no rivals
  • I'd have to go 930/Icon. The camera was amazing and they made a great showcase for Windows 10 Mobile back when it was still semi-relevant.
  • I voted for 930, but i really love my 1520. I cant believe it's winning :)
  • Lumia 735 for me. It wasn't the most powerful Lumia I've owned, nor did it have the best camera, but what it did have pushes it over the top for me: Gorgeous design. Pretty much a perfect return to the original N9/Lumia 800 design. Removable case - unlike the 800, you can change the colour of your phone to match your mood/outfit/whatever. I had black and green with the phone but soon swapped it for a cyan one (my preference for any lumia). For friends I was able to get yellow and red to match them to their favourite colours. It made it feel like my own, and much more personal. Great screen - sure it was "only" 720p, but at 4.7" it's still over 300ppi and therefore perfectly acceptable. Great cameras - the selfie cam on the 735 is still the best FFC in the Lumia line, it's been surpassed elsewhere since, obviously, but it took some great shots. The main camera also took some great shots due to the F1.9 lens, it was easily comparible to the Lumia 920 in most conditions. I adored my 735 and being able to customise it with the cyan cover made it feel much more personal to me (without having to bulk it up with extra cases etc.) - I miss it still and was so upset to see Microsoft ditch the classic Lumia design altogether for the *40 and *50 series. Every Lumia I've owned has some great points though: Lumia 710 - Cute design and a great entry level phone. Showed the masses what Windows Phone could do (if only Microsoft had actually done it, haha! 😉) Lumia 900 - In cyan, gosh this phone was everything to me. Great screen, really nice cameras (for the time), and the amount of comments I'd get about it - it was so striking. Lumia 620 - This was such a cute little phone - allowed customisation of the backplate (always a plus!) and I grew really attached to it even though it was never powerful enough for what I put it through, haha. Lumia 920 - Great camera and screen - a shame it was bogged down by having the density of a tank. Lack of a cyan version really hindered my love for this every though I loved the photos it took. Lumia 950 - The most gorgeous phone screen I'd seen until the Galaxy S8 turned up (and blew literally every other screen on the planet out of the water), amazing main camera (shame about the terrible selfie cam though), and once modified with a third party case (either the official-ish cyan ones from China or the gorgeous leather and metal Mozo ones) is quite the looker.   But yeah, 735 did everything well imo. ❤
  • I just loved the design of the Lumia 800, no display since was so nicely curved, what I enjoyed here was too was the great variety of colours!
    I also just loved my 920 in glossy white ;-)
  • 920 for me. The camera was ahead of its time (after the Pureview 808), and it was the only smartphone I didn't worry about dropping.
  • The Lumia 920! I had it for more than 4 years without any repairs! Did the usual updates and upgrade to W10m, worked perfectly! Than the battery died and replaced the 920 for a 930, which is my daily phone. Love it and also W10m!
    I hope this OS will last for a long time!
  • My mom still uses a L920 and this one is also 4 years old! Running W8.1
  • It's really hard to choose between the 925 I had and the 950XL I traded it in for. 925 (white): Rock solid performer for me. Occasionally throughout the three years I had it, someone would ask about my cool looking new phone. Loved the camera. Great night-time photos at the campground, where the only light is stars and maybe a campfire in the distance. Definitely more than your eyes can see... (The ad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUgoQ7j0Zpc or the video shot with the phone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiJtIKu2iw0) 950XL (white): Rock solid performer for me, but perhaps because I didn't get it until after a few W10M updates. A Windows phone with the memory and storage a phone should have. Continuum works great and catches a few eyes, though it would be really nice to have more than one app on the screen at a time.
  • The 920 got my vote. It's by far my favorite phone ever. However, the 640 is the best $40 purchase of my life. Had I actually owned a 1520, it may have won out, but I just couldn't pull the trigger on a phone that big at the time.
  • The Lumia 1020 was just awesome. I upgraded from the 920 which was great but the photo quality on the 1020 was just the best for it's time. Why they went away from true dominance in photography is beyond me. The 1520 was nice too, I would have loved the 1020 camera in the form factor of the 1520. 
  • Lost on everyone here, there has been 38 Lumia's alone. Add that to the WP's from other OEM's, there has easily been 50+ "different" WP's. 
  • I have had 900, 520, 720, 930, 1520, 1320, 640XL, 950XL.  My opinion is that the best was the 930, my complain was the battery and no SD, but the rest I sill miss it.
  • Had a 900, 920 & 950XL. Id have to say 920. The weight was just perfect. I dont like super light phones, they feel cheap. I really like the 950XL with the black leather mozo back though!
  • Over the years I've owned a 4 Lumia 635, 640xl, 920, 950xl, 1020, and the 1520 and hands down the 1520 is the best phone I've ever owned. 2 day battery life, great camera and I loved the 6" screen. People would see me in public using my 1520 and freak out when they saw how big the screen was and how the aspect ratio is perfect and takes up the entire screen when playing a video (unlike the new s8 *cough*). Not to mention it had all the features like glance the ability to select if you want to use 4g, 3g, 2g qi wireless(rm-937/938 only)....ect. I used my 1520 from 2013 till Jan 2017 when my screen shattered and couldn't find a replacement so I got the 950xl which compared to the 1520 isn't the greatest quality device and a bunch of missing features like no peak on glance which you would think would of been there since it was on all their other premium Lumia's. Alot might argue with me but Imo the 1520 was an amazing phone and if Nokia made a wp and android version everyone probably would of threw their Samsungs in the trash and would of picked up a 1520.
  • I will onl y choose from those that I've owned: 900, 920, 1020, 950. I'm going to go with the 1020 because it had all that new cam tech, while retaining most of durability of the 920.
  • I voted for Lumia 640 XL. This is the handset that I'm currently using. I bought it almost 2 years ago, and this was my first mobile phone. Over these 2 years I've been with my phone almost everywhere. I chose to purchase a Windows phone due to its unique UI with with live tiles and all. Now, after almost 2 years I've really fallen in love with the platform and I also have some very exciting memories with this phone. So, this is why I have voted for my Lumia 640 XL. ;-)
  • Lumia 925 -> 950 -> 900 -> 830
  • No other phone I've loved like my old Lumia 800. And I've owned many (smart and dumb) phones in the years. I love my current Lumia 950 (and my 930) for its camera and recording quality but the battery life is difficult to live with.
  • I'll go with the Lumia 920. It had the best camera of its time, build quality was unmatched, and the design was very easy to the eye. The double speakers helped to close the deal, and to this day I've yet to see a phone with that sound quality or levels. The fact that the OS was the most stable and fast back then cements it as my favorite phone I've ever had. My runner-up is the 1020, but the low volume of the call speaker was something unforgivable for such an amazing piece of hardware.
  • "I still love ❤ my L920.....Best windows phone 📱 ever...."
  • "I still love ❤ my L920.....Best windows phone 📱 ever...."
  • anything with glance and tap to wake
  • My pick is the One M8...oh wait, that wasn't a Lumia.
  • Lumia 900 might have been "peak" Windows Phone for me as someone who started off on the Focus on release day and was the only non-Microsoft person in the store buying one.  At the time the Lumia 900 came out there was still a lot of platform excitement, the hardware was great and the 7 branch was pretty polished at that point. I was really excited about the Lumia 920 and might have picked that but 8.x was a big jump backwards in a lot of ways when it launched around the user experience and it just never really caught back up sadly. :(
  • Good old 920 seems to be one of the winners thus far.
  • I still use the 930 and I don't need another one
  • I've been using a 650 since November and have no complaints except one: Flimsy syncing to OneDrive. Probably more of an app or OneDrive issue than a 650 issue, but still it's annoying. No matter what settings I tinker with, photo auto-uploading to OneDrive is poor. Sometimes it only uploads a couple photos, sometimes never, sometimes whenever it feels like it. If I try to manually upload them, have to do it 2-3x to get them all uploaded. And we're only talking about a 5-10 photos sitting in the Camera Roll folder, nothing big.   
  • I can not see a poll or any link to a poll using up to date Firefox on W10 Creators.
  • I really love my Lumia 925 😄
  • Well now it either remains in polls like this or in the memories of people like me 😢
  • L1020. That device was a kickass mobile. Great camera, great shape, great battery performance (at least in my own opinion). It's a shame that someone stole me this phone.
  • I really liked the camera on the 1020. I was disappointed that they never did anything further with that particular line. The main reason my wife carries a smartphone is to take pics/video on the go and that camera was amazing. Sadly it also took one fall too many and died. Screen replacements are expensive for non-Apple/Samsung devices and the camera was apparently knocked a bit as well so the pics were never quite the same. Using a 950 now, which is decent, but still not as good as the 1020.
  • I'm still in love with my second hand 1520.  Has good internal storage plus SD.  Wonderful camera, beautiful screen, decent for music, allows wildly personalized looks. It's size makes it almost as good as having to carry around a laptop.  My one and only iPhone filled up so fast I decided never again.  Lots of Android phones.  Mega 6.3 1527 my last.  I just don't care for their OS.  I feel terrible not being included in Windows 10 mobile update.  Feeling like I'm being threatened into buying another phone which I can not afford.  That's life I guess.  Can't afford a new car every 3 years either...
  • I've owned a 920, 1520 and 950XL.  My wife (aka THE DESTROYER OF PHONES) has had a 710, 925, 720, 735, 950, and now a 650.  She even destroyed her new 950 and my old 1520 within 24 hours of each other, unbelievable... but I digress. The clear winner for me is the Lumia 925.  Such a classy, quality design with its sturdy rounded metal frame, great size and balance, high end components.  So obviously they binned that design straight away... nnnrg!  There are not many 925s around today, but if you look carefully along the side of the M3 motorway between Hook and Basingstoke, you may find the one that flew off the roof of my wife's car. Special mention for the 710, which was a decent design for its time, totally ripped off by Moto for the original Moto G.   My favourite was the 1520, but it certainly wasn't the best, because of the 'ghost click' issue which turned a scroll into a tap in the lower middle of the screen.  I replaced my screen twice for this issue.  The camera module was also flakey and caused the camera app to hang the phone, I replaced the camera module as well (which fixed it).  Then my wife sat on it... RIP 1520.
  • the destroyer of phones lol
  • Nokia Lumia 1020. I'm still using it. One hell of a camera beast.
    I'm looking for changing its battery. Can't find anywhere.
  • The 920, because it was the game-changer for the Lumia line.  No other Lumia before or since felt like a real "must-have" phone.  The 950XL I'm sporting now is just an up-to-date 920, in my mind.
  • I agree, it was a leading smartphone at the time, pushed the envelope and actually did offer things that the competition didn't. First smartphone to offer a rather decent camera.
  • The 950XL, my current phone. But I did like everything about the Icon!
  • I am very nostalgic about my Lumia 800, but it came down to 2 choices: the 1020 with the monster camera and the 930, which is still the phone I use today. Ultimatley I went with the 930 as it elevated the design to a new premium level (though I for one loved the unibody polycarbonate designs). Honorable mention: the 730/735. One of the best value phones ever. Beautiful OLED screen, exchangable back plates with QI, NFC, a decent camera and 1GB of RAM which was plenty back then. Also, the design reminded me of the Lumia 800 which was stunning.
  • I really love my Lumia 930 as it is still serving me as of the time of writing this. However, due to the technical problems I've faced with this phone. I have to give it to the Lumia 925. Love the design and the feel of that phone on my hand. Not to mention the screen!
  • Loved the 920 style and miss the phone, but sometimes ran hot and camera seemed to have issues.  The 1020 ran faster, but it was heavy and I never got the hang of the camera.  I wish I had jumped on the 1520 green monster.  Seems like many had their best experience on the 1520.  I was a bit disappointed when the 950 XL was not as big as the 1520.  I just opted for the 950 since the size differential did not seem significant.  I like the 950, but it may just be the the OS is more mature and works more seemlessly for an improved experience.
  • Lumia 520 - my first Windows phone. I loved the compact size - it was a proper pocket phone. I always thought the screen was nice and clear too. It also had (after updates) tap to wake, which was so great on such a cheap model. I ditched it after much heartache because I wanted W10 mobile - the 520 missed out on that upgrade. My current 550 is lovable but not in the same way. I miss my 520.
  • Seconded. I'm feeling so nostalgic that I'm going to fire up my 520 lying in the drawer.. :)
  • My 930 is my third and favourite lumia. Previously 800 and 820. It easily runs rs2 preview but has sadly been abandoned from rs3. I'm sure it will be my last windows phone.
  • From the comments I'm reading sounds like most people like their Lumia phones.  I still use my 928.  Since that is the only Lumia I've ever owned I can't comment on how it compares to other Lumias. I was planning on upgrading when my phone carrier offered another Lumia.  They never did. The problem isn't the phone itself but the fact that there are not many apps available to it or apps that are updated on a regular basis, like Here Drive. I'm having the same issue with a tablet running Windows.
  • 929/icon awesome pictures for the time, and durable (I was hard on mine, work construction) now I have a 950xl, liking it a lot. hope ms keeps making phones or at least continues to update the os.....no matter how they want to label it. Wife and kids have I-phones, and have had androids. I'm not real impressed with either of them. Prefer windows.
  • so 1520 anytime
  • Nokia Lumia 1020
  • 925. hands down. still using it despite apps being discontinued.
  • 1020 for me with its camera but the 1520 looks to be just taking it for me with the 6" screen and huge battery
  • You would have to get by my Sig Sauer to get to my 1520.
  • 830 it's only problem was that it was priced too high at launch....
  • I never owned one but the 925 was the best looking Lumia to me, I wanted one so bad, imagine its design with modern day specs in the 5.7"- 6" range....drool :)
  • windows needs a whole lot more "1520's" more
  • The 1520 is by far the best Lumia ever released! Potent quad core processor, 2gb RAM, 32gb expendable, beautiful LED screen with Glance and double tap, the best camera at the time on any smartphone, sunlight readability, qi wireless charging built in. In others words, the only (and I mean THE ONLY) thing it had wrong was the size and the LED screen. You folks can say the 930 was that phone, but no glance, no microSD and poor battery life didn't help, and this is coming from someone who owned three 930s. And I never owned a 1520, though, due to its massive size, but I really dig the yellow one.
  • I cant see the pool - why???
    I choose 1020 anyway.
  • My work phone was a Samsung A5-2016, I exchanged it for a Lumia 640 LTE because W10m works great and I h#te Androids... Lumia history:
    Lumia 920
    Lumia 1020
    Lumia 930>still
    And Lumia 640 for work.
  • Lumia 1520 was an EPIC phone. Still my favourite Nokia / Lumia / Windows Phone ever. Looking forward to purchasing a worthy replacement.
  • I never could afford or justify the fancy ones. I only had the. 520, 635, and 640. The 640 hit that sweet spot for me.
  • Agreed, the 640 best phone hands down. Had the 925, 635, and 920 prior.
  • I too liked the 925 best. The only drawback was screen size, worsening vision as I age and needing larger viewing area. Outside of that it had the best feel in the hand. It looked very refined in it's quality of craftsmanship but it was not bulky. To me it felt thinner than what the weight indicated so I got a case so that it would be easier for me to handle and not drop. I really liked the camera on it and you could tell the difference in quality of other phones when pictures were taken. My grandson uses it now to play games on and his favorites are still available from the store. My phone now the 640 XL is good but not even in the same class as the 925.
  • For me is the Lumia 950: It's like an upgraded Lumia 930 without the mic issue. Plus it doesn't have the boiling Snap 810.
  • Isn't this just going to be a case of everybody voting for their own handset?
  • I totally loved the Lumias. My first one was a modest Lumia 710, with all the ability to "root" the phone and put custom firmwares. Later on I got my first Android device, but at one moment I went back to Lumia. This time a Lumia 625 that did it very well. No complains. I was robbed, though. Thanks to the dumbass robber and that he used the phone without even reset it to factory, I could locate it and get it back. Even he took pictures with it and everything went to my OneDrive account.
    Those memories... I got it back by scaring him with sending him to jail. Haha, I'm a lawyer, after all. Nowadays I have, "just for the memories", a Lumia 530. Not bad at all. A good backup phone.
  • Surprised no 1040 on the list with the 43 megapixel camera.
  • 920 and 1520!
  • Lumia 1520!!! Just ordered mine in bright green!!
  • The 920 was king. Most reliable phone I've ever owned!
  • 1020, 920 and 1520. Also, the 800 and 900 were great.
  • I miss using my 1020, each time I look at the photos I take with 950XL. So for me, 1020 still the best.
  • I've had the 950xl , 735 and 920 and I'd rank them in that order. 920 battery life was poor and it wasn't durable, screen cracked easily.
  • Got to go with the 1020 because, simply, it was a breakthrough phone. No other phone before or since pushed the leading edge so far out.  I loved my 1020, my 1520 and my 950 (which I keep up to date on the Fast Ring). But, the real breakthrough was the 1020, for sure.    Here's to a Surface phone taking the next step in mobile photography to put all the others way behind - again.
  • Now that the reminiscing is over with, will people here be able to accept the fact that the Lumia line is finished and that Microsoft must now move forward?
  • I used from the base model mobiles lumia 530,630 and even mighty 640xl.... Every device is a masterpiece... Love all lumia mobiles...
  • What is the best Lumia of all time? Anyone made by Nokia before Microsoft screwed them up.
  • I have both 920 (Matte Cyan) and 930(special edition Black Gold). best cameras ever. still use the cracked 920 and my first 930 for my music on the go. i cried when MixRadio closed. still use the latest Black Gold everyday with a case to keep it new. best cellphone EVER. Nokias always stayed ahead of iPhones but lacked in marketing. remember my white e71, which i had a good year before Crapple starting marketing the hell out of their iPhone, "Now in White!!!" years ago. that was so pathetic.
  • Very hard! In terms of ownership experience, nothing touched me like the 925 did I don't think. With the yellow charging case on it, I just felt like a boss with that phone. I remember collecting an award and I had it in the top pocket of my white shirt and everybody could just see this bright yellow phone in my pocket - it attracted some attention! I still use a 930 as my daily driver (bright orange - that has also attracted a few comments at work!) which is the phone I yearned for from the moment it was released but I couldn't afford one when it was new. I still really like it, but I have also owned and really enjoyed the old 710 and the 625 too. I've still got my bright blue 710 and my mum is using the 625. I think the beautiful designs of the 925 and 930 haven't been matched by any other Lumia and I love the bold colour schemes that you could get between 2012 and 2014 on these phones.
  • Lumia 730/735. Best specs with a good size. I hate big phones like 950, really annoying in pocket!
  • Just for fairness - the 929 (iCon) and the 930 - are different phones.
  • Only in the antenna department. Other than that they're identical. 
  • Now here is a tough but nonetheless great q to ask, and reading everyone's thoughts has been fantastic. Whilst im loving my 950xl, with all the features finally in one place ie micro SD, great camera etc and a mzo leather back helps the lacking build quality, I have to go with the 1020. The build quality, curved glass, and all round bad ass personality made my yellow beast a favourite. It's died but sits humbly im my drawer in case of a miracle. And the camera grip - brilliant! I have to give a special mention to my 930 though, and to the humble 925 which took the weight and size out of the 920 but left a very nice phone that my wife still gets positive comments on in 2017. I almost got a 1520 at one point and tbh always regretted not diving in, The comments here affirming that. Perhaps will pick up a second hand one at some stage.
  • I'm still using my 920. Bought a yellow one brand new at the very start of 2013, and it's still going. BY far the best phone I've ever had. It just got so many things right, that it has been very difficult for me to 'upgrade'. I'm going to have to now. Time has come after apps are gone, support ending, fb messenger no longer works, and as a result time to move on. I'll write a forum post when I actually finally leave it in my drawer.
  • I'm going with the Lumia 1020. Has to be one of, if not the best phone I have ever had. Build quality was simply sublime, camera was amazing and just the pure design of it was magic.  
  • Lumia 640 hands down! With 8.1 Denim, absolutely flawless performance since day 1.
  • 730 is the best with budget packed design phone....😘😝
  • I voted 950 XL because it is after all the best synergy I have had with Windows across devices. It is also the Windows Phone, which have produced the best images and captures closest to what I was actually hoping for when I made the shot. I have owned a 920 and a 950 XL, I am almost positive that I would have enjoyed the 1520 for its massive camera, but I will never know :)
  • I would say the 950, even though I did love my 928
  • Lumia 930 ftw.
  • The 950XL I have is the best spec version that I've had but the 1520 is the most awesome looking one.
    When I used that 1520 people were stunned by the brilliant screen and the sheer size of it. It was a nice phone.
    It also survived me using it for work (outside, on roofs, etc) until my 10 year old drpped it just right to shatter the screen.
    It's still in my drawer. I'm tempted to order a new screen and try and fix it. Oh. My 7 yr old still uses the other 1520 my wife used previously. It's big enough to be considered a small tablet. LOL
  • My Lumia 950XL is not just the best lumia but the best phone ever
  • 1520 with 8.1 the best. I'm still use from day 1.
  • 1520
  • 929/ICON same phone as the 930... best Lumia of all time..
  • Once you held the 925 in your hands nothing before or after it felt as good on or off.