What do YOU think about the Galaxy S8 'Microsoft Edition?'

The special edition phone is really just a regular GS8 Microsoft is selling in its retail stores that's preloaded with additional Microsoft apps that don't come on GS8s sold via carriers or other retailers.

Updated November 30, 2017: We just heard from Samsung, and the company told us that there was apparently no "Microsoft Edition" Galaxy S8.

The move, however, is an odd one from Microsoft, and it could be seen as a step away from its own Windows 10 Mobile platform and toward the rival Android OS. What do you think? Does this move from Microsoft signal a new shift away from Windows Mobile? Or is it just a marketing stunt meant to draw more potential customers in Microsoft Stores?

More importantly, what does it mean for Windows Mobile users?

There's already an active discussion going on about this subject in the Windows Central forums, so head on over and let us know where you stand.

In the forums: Samsung S8 Microsoft edition

Just read that Microsoft will sell Samsung S8 "Microsoft edition", phone in their stores, Microsoft edition iphone deal also agreed. These phones will not run W10 but will run their native OS respectively, but will be installed with Microsoft apps, such as office,skype etc. As a long time supporter of the windows phone platform I'm not happy.What do you all think?

Al Sacco

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