Chime in: What do you think of Microsoft Launcher for Android?

Mircrosoft Launcher
Mircrosoft Launcher (Image credit: Daniel-Rubino/Windows Central)

With Microsoft continuing to pull back its investments into Windows 10 Mobile, the company has found itself shifting toward established platforms to serve up its mobile experiences. Among the biggest focuses has been the Android OS, with a range of applications and experiences built from the ground up for these devices in mind.

Microsoft Launcher is the latest evidence of this change in approach, delivering a new sleek launcher experience built with Windows 10 PC users in mind. Not only does this add a new flair for customization – this directly integrates Microsoft services into the home screen, tying together loose ends for those making the shift from the Microsoft ecosystem.

With Android continuing to gain traction as a platform for ex-Windows Phone users, users over on the Windows Central forums have been discussing the offerings of Microsoft Launcher and its viability for new Android users.

How exactly do they work and is every recently or coming Android Phone supposed to be customizable with them? For example the recently released Razer Phone. At one time or another I might feel like switching from W10M to Android but old habits die hard and I'd like to get as close to W10M as possible which would require a Launcher like the Microsoft one - Being unfamiliar with Android though...


But we want to hear from you! Have you been using the Microsoft Launcher for Android? If so, what do you think of the launcher so far? For those avoiding it, let us know your reasons why! Jump into the forum thread below to share your opinions with our community.

Matt Brown

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