What does the Heart button do in Xbox Music + Video?

Xbox Music is the phoenix that rose from the ashes of Zune. As you know, Zune wasn’t just digital media hardware from Microsoft. It was an entire ecosystem of music and videos that went with you from your smartphone, to your desktop and to the browser. The entire Zune brand and marketplace was more or less killed off in late 2012 so that Microsoft could instead focus on building Xbox Music and Xbox Video.

Microsoft learned a lot from doing Zune. They made a few mistakes here and there, but overall there weren’t too many complaints from users about the service itself. It definitely laid the foundation for Xbox Music. You’ll even still see relics from Zune in Xbox Music, like that little heart button.

What does that thing do, anyway?

This little heart was pretty important back in the Zune days. Songs could be hearted or un-hearted, which was the equivalent of liking or disliking a track. A song would then be marked as a favorite. Songs you liked would play more often in mixes, while those you didn’t like would play less. You could even create playlists for liked songs. Music could also be removed automatically from your Zune device if it wasn’t liked. Pretty cool feature, right?

If you head into the Music + Video hub on Windows Phone 8 you’ll still see the heart when playing music from Xbox Music. You can heart a song or break that heart, but what’s going on with it? Good luck finding out. There’s no documentation online anywhere from Microsoft on what the heck those hearts do in Windows Phone 8. We’ve long suspected that they helped shape and inform Xbox Music how to better make Smart DJ playlists for you on Windows Phone. However, Smart DJ isn’t exactly front and center in Xbox Music anymore.

Head into the dedicated Xbox Music app on Windows 8, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, or the web and you won’t find Smart DJ. Instead, you’ll find Radio. This section is where you create streaming radio stations based around an artist. However, you won’t find the heart button in any of these modern Xbox Music experiences. So we don’t see any way for you to help cultivate and refine a particular radio station. Instead, you’re at the mercy of whatever the Xbox Music algorithm thinks goes with Miles Davis, Zedd or The Weeknd.

Broken Heart Xbox Music

And that kind of sucks. Hearting a song in the Zune days was a great way for the system to learn your music tastes. With Xbox Music, there’s no direct way to give feedback for these radio stations. There’s no direct way for Xbox Music to learn what you like outside of it just observing what you listen to.

Songza, Beats Music, Spotify and most other modern streaming platforms have ways for users to give direct feedback about a song. Whether it’s a thumbs up or thumbs down, giving a heart or breaking a heart, they all have feedback.

Xbox Music does not. 

Going forward we won’t be seeing those hearts. They’re already going away in the recently released Xbox Music app on Windows Phone. You don’t see them on Windows 8, iOS, Android or the web. In fact the only play you can find them today is in the Music + Video hub on Windows Phone 8. The screenshots we’ve seen of the music app in Windows Phone 8.1 don’t have the hearts either.

The hearts are, for all intents and purposes, dead. A vestigial button from Zune. So on this Valentine's Day, while someone else may you give you a heart, it won't be from Microsoft.

  • It copy current song to favourite menu
  • Windows Phone 8 or 7? I don't see a Favorites at all on my device.
  • Daniel=Bug crusher
  • But Dan at least they allowed us to use iTunes as out PC to Phone Music hub I mean while zune looked great and all it was kind of annoying of how half my sings were not detected and thus not added. At least redmond did not make a COMPULSORY 'gimmick' app even though its a half assed one we got now. 
  • Did you have songs not supported by Zune? If it's anything in FLAC it wouldn't have been able to be displayed. You could also adjust where Zune checks your music. If it's not in the folder you have for music, it won't display.
  • Holy...they removed the 5 stars rating system from the original Zune Generation 1 to the current heart system that came with Zune Generation 2.... This is madness. Now they are removing the heart.....Good damn...looks like Apple knows what people really want.  What are doing at Redmond lately?
  • They're turning us on to iTunes. >:C
  • I've always wondered about the same
  • I utilized (and still do, w/ the desktop client and Zune HD) those hearts alot. If they are truly going away for good, they will be missed...by me, anyway.
  • me too, its a shame they moved from zune to xbox music in WP8. Zune was the best music experience I ever had on any device, I don't know what i'll do when my zune HD breaks
  • A shame indeed. It is said that sometimes we take two steps back to go one forward. Zune was a step forward, Xbox music feels more like the 10th step going backwards with no signs of stopping. MS! What the hell were you thinking!!!
  • http://xboxmusic.uservoice.com/forums/209733-xbox-music-suggestion-box We need to start making more use of this site!
  • So does this mean in the Smart DJ or Radio or whatever they're called mixes there will be no way to give feedback on mixes? I've been a Zune/Xbox Music subscriber from the very beginning. If they're not gonna at least add features to keep up with the competition, the end may be nigh for me. Too many other services that do at least as much if not more.
  • I think they are two different offerings. Music+Video the heart is there. The new free streaming service Xbox Music just offers a "Radio" station function. Its not saving your suggestions because its offering up a Mix DJ like service, while the heart at Music+Video provides the full service of liking a selection. Of course the term "Radio" means something completely different in both apps.
  • Same here. I'm done moving backwards. MS has totally fucked up the music experience. Its a pile of shit now. The new app doesn't even show recent listens or recent downloads. I randomly download a lot of songs I hear and sorry, I don't remember the fucking name of the band so its pointless. Whoever is in charge of this division should have been fired 2 years ago.
  • Completely agree! XBox Music sucks dick, especially the Android app and Win7 website. The Android app doesn't even have a seekbar!
  • I cried
  • I don't use the music+Videos hub anymore. I think MixRadio is really really the better player!
  • This!
  • I use this too.
  • Except you can't decide what you're listening to. As radio, sure, it is probably better, but as a pick and choose buffet of tracks, it isn't even an option.
  • Go to My Music in Mix Radio. It shows the music you own.
  • That's the radio stuff, but MixRadio also access your local music folder, and the interface is a slightly tweaked view from Xbox Music. 
  • Not for everyone, because mixradio isn't available in all countries.
  • Yeah... Nokia knew what to do. ALWAYS!
  • I subscribe to XBox Music, MixRadio and Slacker.   Slacker is by far the best player and both the others could take a lot of design cues from them.  Don't get me wrong, I like XB Music very much but, the Radio isn't curated very well.  It should at least let you choose a few artists like in Mix Radio.  I also don't like how there are so many different versions of the same song and when I'm saving songs to my playlist, i often end up with duplicates different sources/albums. I do love that when I hit the search button on my Lumia 1020 and listen to a song, I can download it immediately for free to my collection.  That is by far the best feature.  We should be able to Like and Dislike songs just like Slacker Radio.  That has the best like dislike functionality.  It auto builds a playlist of your favorites which is killer.  Plus Slacker has much better curated station choices.  
  • I've begun using the same apps and also Songza. I've been Steve Ballmer's bitch for a long time and have always said that Zune was the best music service no one used. I can't say that anymore and oddly enough it was MixRadio that got me to look around. I don't want to work very hard to listen to music. There's too much good music out there -I want my music curated, no commercials, and yes I'll pay. I've been paying $14.99 to MS a month for as long as I can remember. Yes, I'm an idiot. My Xbox music account balled up after I tried to change the credit card - could be my fault but it doesn't matter; shouldn't be that hard. End of the month I'm leaving and yes, it's gonna suck when I try playing all those songs and playlists I've downloaded and created but every time I get an error I'll remember all the times MS could have given me a reach-around and never did.
  • I think exactly the same I REALLY LIKE MixRadio !! Looks much better, pictures, artist info, tweets, concert info.... I think it deserves a better place!!!
  • Microsoft is giving me a heartbreak with the loss of this feature. Too bad they no longer recognize it.
  • What a perfect day to write about hearts... :)
  • lol
  • Sam . . . did you pursposely picture Justin Beiber just to piss us all off? Lol   Update: Wait! I just noticed the broken heart! Well done ;)
  • Nice observation , Pal !
  • Altleast someone noticed :)
  • Because clearly someone's personal choises interferes hugely in someone else's life... Unless you're a member of the "Taste Police", which make it's ok. /s
  • ^
  • Hey don't be hating on Justin.
  • XBox Music is still as awful as day one with my 920 and even worse trying to sync my Surface with the 920. I don't have an XBox music paid membership and getting my own ripped from cds music and purchased from Nokia's service sucks.
  • Why can't all my music be synced with OneDrive, or at least moved around with WiFi that way? The Cloud Connection screws with my music.
  • It has improved. For instance, select any album or artist, then bring up the Charms Bar, then Share, and if you have the Windows Phone Metro app installed, it will transfer to you phone. It won't copy what already exists. It will even properly sync/transfer playlists. I just used this last weekend for a trip I took this week. Works rather well IMO. Not as elegant as WiFi syncing that Zune had.
  • I do not play music on my Windows Phone because there is no good last.fm scrobbler. And linking your music library to xbox ruins the tags, most Kanye West's pieces get tagged with (explicit) at the end and it ruins some covers and seperates albums. Also, there is no way to see the lyrics or see whether a song is explicit or not.
  • Not even ScrobbleMe?
  • I just tried it and I accidentaly hit "scrobble" and it scrobbled stuff I last listened to last year :( ruined my account but good part that it scrobbles with correct tags. Thanks for the suggestion tho! I will start using it! http://www.last.fm/user/mohammadaqudah it detects plays as "yesterday evening" not "last year" lolol
    If you have last.fm, we can add each other.
  • You're welcome! Sadly there's no way to an app detect the time that a music was played due to system restrictions, so ScrobbleMe calculates the play time according to the music duration, but overall, the app is very accurate. I added you (my user is Mrbrightside___) and we're super! lol
  • Maybe it's a sign telling you to listen to good music instead.
  • Uh... I don't have a heart in Xbox music on my gdr3, Black updated 928... I'm still on the Zune 149.99/year music pass though. Think that makes a difference?
  • Nah, I have the heart on a NL1520 and that pass.
  • I'll reply with a screen shot when I get back to my PC. (I'm in the WPC mobile app now)
  • I think he/she is using the stand alone Xbox music app. I can confirm on my L1520 it's not there. Also if you start playing a song on the stand-alone app and pause it, if you then go to the Music+Videos hub and continue you don't see the heart. Pretty strange.
  • OK, this article is just confusing.  I have the heart in the old Music + Video app but not the new Xbox Music app. The title is "What does the Heart button do in Xbox Music?"  but there is no heart in Xbox music, only the old, preloaded Music + Video app. 
  • Fair enough. Adjusted title to reflect that.
  • Thanks!
  • On 928/GDR3/Black/$14.99 Zune Pass, have it here...
  • I will miss them! I always used the auto playlists with hearted songs on WP7, and made sure that my entire library was hearted or broken hearted. I really used that feature. Really saddens me to see them go :(
  • Those hearts were not so useful. I better like the star rating system of Windows Media Player.
    I like both "As Long As You Love me" and "I Want It That Way," but I would give 4 stars to the former, and 5 stars to the latter.
    The heart system did not differentiate between the two.
  • But, for syncing music it was bliss. Nowadays I have to manually remove songs I don't want on the go and to be frank, its a pain in the arse.
  • That stinks, I loved the heart system. Far better for me than the star rating system every other player used.
  • Xbox music sucks, period.
  • Microsoft definitely lacks in the product Use and Help market. Doesn't anyone write software use manuals anymore? No help links, even using the search charm in Windows 8 / RT is about useless.
  • If you're gonna continue taking threads from Reddit, not even including the one about the leaks, you might want to actually give them credit. And/or come up with the article subjects yourself.
  • We actually have had this planned for weeks, as much of our 'how to' or 'tip' content. We decided to run on Valentine's day, because heart | hearts. I could show you our editorial planning calendar, but...I don't know you. Also: stealing from Reddit? Ummm...do you really think this was an original idea or question? Really?
  • +1520
  • I find it very coincidental that an article that has been "planned for weeks" comes out the day after it's posted on r/windowsphone. Especially since it's nothing new and hasn't changed in months. As for your editorial planning calendar, couldn't interest me less; and using a calendar that can be easily edited just to show a commenter is useless. On the topic of stealing from Reddit and your blasé attitude towards giving credit, those are still people's ideas to illicit community feedback that WPCentral is playing off as their own. And it's not the first time I've noticed an article pop up on here that's directly taken from a thread of that subreddit. Cheers.
  • It's not like the article was written by Shai LaBeouf
  • Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Thanks for your thoughts.
  • Don't sweat it Daniel. I see your content on Reddit all the time. Consider it fair trade. :)
  • Difference is his content has his name and WPCentral. Damn you are thick.
  • You could also find these same topics on the WP uservoice site and the WP answers.microsoft site. Get over yourself, wanting credit for a topic written on a message board is... well, retarded.
  • Firstly, I'm not any of the people who created those threads. As for this ideology that taking from those threads or anywhere really, and not giving credit is okay.. I have to wonder how it's okay to refer to some of the threads where they get content (the 8.1 leaks is a recent one) and not the many others. You should get over yourself player. It's ridiculous to just go to Reddit and then make an article about it the next day. That leads many into thinking these topics in the time they are discussed to be original.
  • L2nak, even IF they were to get some content from Reddit threads (which I doubt but even if they did), realize that A) not everyone who goes to this site is on Reddit, not by a long shot B) they have access to a lot of expertise and inside info that people posting on Reddit don't so it is still a worthwhile addition C) it is just as likely to be something that came up in the forums here or elsewhere on the internet too; Reddit isn't the end all be all of discussion ideas whatever you might think. And for the record, yes, I am on Reddit; probably way more than I ought to be.
  • You completely missed the point.
  • You're refusing to accept another view. Maybe even, it's a coincedence?
  • Come on, even I've been meaning to go on the forums to start a thread about the heart issues. This isn't something that hasn't been on a lot of people's mind for a very long time.
  • Got to love The Weeknd
  • A bit late on this article eh? since WP8 came out almost a year and a half ago, and the heart hasn't worked since.
  • That implies that everyone bought a Windows Phone 8 device last year, and that there are no new customers wondering about the 'heart'. That is false.  It also forgets to mention that the standalone Xbox Music app for WP, iOS and Android have come out since, also confirming the demise of this feature. We'll be doing lots of 'old news' type tip posts and how-tos that veterans of this site will find boring. I suggest you skip reading those, as telling us it's 'old' is not really helpful. Everything we write on this site is not aimed at the ultimate Windows Phone nerd, we're also interested in helping people who are new to the platform.
  • Oh, so I'm a nerd now eh?
  • Yes.
  • C-C-C-Counter breaker! hahaha very pithy rejoinder Dan.
  • So,finally there is no use of the heart,eh?pity! Cause i would love to be able to have a custom playlist...
  • Shut up Meg
  • Always wondered what they mean.
    Thanks Sam.
  • Play smart DJ Mix is still available.
  • Just beiber is gay
  • Xbox music just isn't as good a experience as Zune was... I have faith that WP8.1 and W8.2 will bring the much needed features to bring it on line with Zune....
    I hope.
  • Three words... WP8.3
  • I hope so too.
  • Same here. :(
  • You heartless bastards. Its valentines day ffs.
  • Zune was better than Xbox Music tbh...
  • Yes. I use the ZUNE PC desktop software everyday. It's amazing, even after Microsoft has removed some features.
  • Nooo; i love "hearting" songs! I tend to play my entire catalogue on shuffle, and the hearts just sneaks in my fav tunes that bit more often. Will be sad to see this go. L920.
  • It's"front AND center" not "front IN center"
  • The WPCentral bloggers did not have English as their major in high school, let alone college. Thank you for your observation. Dan Rubino has explained to me that due to the volume of their blogs, they don't have time to use good English.
  • Mlcooper54, I hope you are joking.
  • No, I am not joking.   Here's the response from Dan: Yes, we make mistakes around here and that's due to the high pressure nature of our job--we're not PC Mag who can take 24 hours to work over a post as we work on very short deadlines and long nights. I write on average 40,000 words a month in 130 posts in addition to managing the site, the writers, making videos, attending meetings and flying to events.
  • "Microsoft learned a lot from Zune..." Yeah, and then they threw it all away and forgot what they learned as they spawned "Xbox Music".
  • Haha, exactly my thoughts!
  • Exactly. Same with Windows Media Player when Zune come out.
  • WMP can't touch Zune music features.
  • Zune was young, but it quickly and easily surpassed Windows Media Player in wanted/useful functionality. Xbox Music is basically a reskin of WMP + some ad-supported playback.
  • This.
  • Way to end this piece! Lol
  • I'm having problems with album covers not loading in the Windows Phone Store, Xbox Music app, and the Music + Videos app. Does anybody have a solution for this? I only stream music with my Music Pass so it shouldn't be an issue with locally stored albums.
  • I have the same problem.
  • I don't use Xbox music or video on my phone or PC. On phone I use Pandora although not very much. On my PC I strictly use Zune software. I dislike Xbox music a lot. Like a lot a lot.
  • I miss the heart already.
  • I love this article. LOL.
  • One of the main reasons why I've stayed on WP7 is Zune. I use the hearts to generate smart playlists and use them across multiple devices every day. I think it's stupid they're going away.
  • I always use the heart or broken heart in Xbox Music on songs I want to hear more or less of. Maybe it's wishful thinking but I always thought the heart songs came up more frequently when playing songs and the broken heart songs came up less. It's probably just me...
  • Actually further to playing around with this feature.. When swiping through my playlist.. Not one broken heart song came up the first time after 30+ skips. The 2nd time only 1 came up. The rest were full hearts or clear hearts. There were 6-7 songs in a row where hearted songs played. Maybe this feature does work!
  • Or I could be an absolute fool. Continuing to reply to my own thread.
  • I've been using the hearts all along. I was wondering if they were a placebo though.
  • Yeah.. Placebo is probably what it is.. But I swear the hearts DO work! Haha
  • Okay so up till now,i think i am the only one who uses music and videos hub.I've been using it since day i bought my phone.Back in the day Nokia music (now know as mix radio)Pretty much sucked,but with the recent updates,its now a decent player.Also the music and videos never got a update.
  • Best part of the hearts was that in the Zune software, when you clicked on an artist it sorted the liked songs on top of the song list. Sigh...I miss Zune. Honestly between lack of phone storage, and poor music managment software I rarely use my phone for music anymore.
  • I miss using it. Its too bad they got rid of it, but since they are separating the hub perhaps it may make a comeback someday.
  • The heart rating is the least of the problems on WP8, managing your collection and syncing playlists is nonexistent.
  • http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/winphone/forum/wp8-wpmusic/syncing-xb...
  • This is 2014 I have always put albums on my phones 100s of them! And have always been able to create a playlist(s) on a Whim eg for when I am training or walking to work or going to a party, or whilst I am at work. I like to add to the playlists I have on the phone whilst listening to the music on the phone. For example I have a lot of jazz Albums on my phone and sometimes when listening to an album I come across a track that I like, so on other phones I would just add it to a playlist, Can't do this with my beloved 920
    Like I said its 2014 we should be able to create and edit playlists on our phones.
  • You sort of can make/edit playlists on the phone, its just not very easy and quite impractical with a collection as large as mine (10,000 songs on my SD card). What I'm really talking about here is the ability to sync playlists created on my PC (ability to sort from almost any detail) to the phone through FUNCTIONAL software.
  • You guys pick up every discussion on Reddit, don't you? :)
  • I don't read read-it. I read WPCentral.
  • Microsoft, bring back song ratings.  I hate using Xbox Music because of this reason!!!!!
  • F*** You, Microsoft. I want my hearts and auto playlists back!
  • It makes me sad that they no longer have a way to like/dislike a track. Smartdj always gives me crap I don't care about. Pandora, slacker, etc all do a much better job at music discovery. Its to the point that I am seriously considering dropping my Xbox music pass and maybe check out beats music or Spotify. The only reason I haven't is the integration.
  • Yeah, it was pretty useless...
  • Wow. Brutal review but worth it. The XBM experience, although evolving better with each update, is still no where near what Zune was. The heart or a thumbs up is needed for the smartDJ/radio.
  • For as amazing as the Zune experience was, I cannot beleive how awful Xbox Music is now. Can anyone explain why they just didn't rebrand Zune as it was? This would have been much better instead of tossing it out and handing the XBox Music total rebuild to a team of monkeys.
  • It's as though the Xbox team never saw ZUNE nor pays any attention to the current state of the marketplace of the competitors features either.
  • It definitely would appear that way...ridiculous really.
  • I still use the Zune desktop and will for the conceivable future. I set up smart DJ mixes that refresh every 5 days & sync those playlists to my WP8 weekly. Voila, I have constantly refreshed music on my phone with small storage required & no monthly fees.
  • You sync your WP8 with Zune?
  • Charleswlee, Sounds interesting. Can you share more details on what exactly you do?
  • How do you sync playlists from Zune to your WP8 device? Last time I tried messing around with playlists and syncing for that exact purpose, I was left utterly dissapointed and got nowhere - from what I remember, it would simply sync my playlist, but none of the songs.....
  • He doesn't. Zune will not sync with WP8.
  • But Xbox music will recognize Zune playlists which you can then convert. Hassle.
  • The Smart Dj algorithm has never been very good in comparison to other services.
  • I always wondered what it did, but I kept hearting songs I liked hoping something would happen someday. But today you broke my heart...
  • The way I see it is that microsoft may have learned from zune. Xbox (music, video) may have been developed from this, buts about all that can be said. I'm still missing a lot of features in zune for the dekstop for windows phone support. Is it better? I have not seen a major improvement. Sure maybe some UI tweaks here and there, but otherwise contentwise have not expiernced much improvement. Music is okay, but xbox movie database offerings and pricing is, in my experience, far from logic and confusing. Even the difference between movies that can only be bought and rentals are extremely confusing (and overpriced). I like the HD quality of movies in xbox movies, but the audio is awfully soft and for this the price is overrated. More needs to be done on these issues before I could learn to appreciate the heart button.
  • I use muzixmatch lyrics player instead.
  • I don't use Xbox music Pass, I generally only use Xbox Music to play my own music collection. I just don't see why Zune was dissolved. It seems like Microsoft made changes to a product without their customers wanting them. I don't see why the Zune software wasn't just rebranded with the Xbox name and colors, then had features added. You cant read an Xbox music article without the comments section talking about how much they preferred the way that Zune worked.
  • +920
  • Maybe instead of heart broken heart it looks for how long you play something. An immediate skip = broken heart. Since there's unlimited skips with xbox music, there's no reason *not* to skip a song you don't like. I imagine listening to a song most of the way through would constitute as a heart
  • Everything was better in the Zune days. Xbox Music sucks, it's a huge step back. And I'm a keep-10 Zune pass user so I feel I have the right to criticize.
  • Maybe they'll go back to the 5-star rating system that's universal across other mp3 players. *Crosses fingers*
  • They were lazy, they couldn't replace the rating system with anything else and they decided to leave it just because. I'm so upset because the Zune platform was so much more.
  • Same.. I can't even begin to explain how dissapointed I am with this Xbox Music junk... Guess we just need to get used to missing Zune forever...what a letdown.
  • I want to know what the 3/4 circle with a little one means. Also making playlists in both Xbox music and the old Xbox music + video apps SUCKS !!!! Furthermore, after creating a playlist in the new Xbox music it doesn't seem to play the list randomly if you click on the appropriate buttons to ask it to. The manual way of moving tracks up and down in the playlist is okay I guess, but I want random to be easy and MAKING the dang playlist easy.
  • And what is the globe for under the apps list when you swipe to the left? Its not for pinned web pages or map locations.
  • I'd like to see a 5 star/heart rating system. One of the best things in iTunes is the ability to rate tracks by stars and then create playlist from your likes.  And it should be incorporated in the UI access on the lock screen so you can rank new music rather than having to open the Xbox app to do so.
  • It really bothers me how I can give so little input on what music I want... I appreciate the content library and the unlimited streaming + downloads I get with my Music Pass, but the radio algorithms aren't the best. I constantly get tracks that I skip because I dint like them. To be able to give my feedback with a simple Like/Dislike button, so it get can a better sense of my music profile, would be invaluable. Shame, Microsoft is taking a step backwards in this regard.
  • I still have my Zune HD 32 and two Zune 16's. I feel like walking up to the Xbox building on the campus in Redmond and banging on their door and holding my Zunes way up high in the air and screaming a big ARGGGG at the peeps who make decisions.
  • Sam, got the question from reddit?
  • If MS in fact wants to completely remove the like/dislike functionality, it'll only be another nail in Xbox Music's coffin. I asbolutely hate what they've done with their music platform - I miss the Zune player from WP7 more and more every day...and I listen to far less music since getting WP8 - almost entirely because of this junk called Xbox Music. Sure it's slowly getting less terrible, but they've got a long ways to go until it's as good as Zune was. Seriously, what is the Xbox Music team thinking?
  • We really need an updated version of Zune.
  • With all of the cool Zune functionality slowly going away, it's getting harder and harder to justify spending money on my music pass.
  • The heart and break heart was my favorites features in Zune. I could easily filter the songs I like and don't. Really miss that in Xbox music.
  • On that note, if ms learned something from Zune, then why did they also get rid of the way music list are displayed on a laptop/tablet/pc?
    To me, this article is purely sympathetic.
    They learned how to give a bs excuse and still somehow try to cake over their bs apology by totally neglecting the fact that their new services is not like Zune at all and force feeding us this music crap and say that it's better.
    The app on the on laptop/tablet/pc isn't anywhere near as Xbox misic/video. It's a plainly boring excel spread sheet that mimics iTunes. Seriously, if I wanted to look at spread sheets, I'd just look at my work schedule all day.
    Oh, and since they did away with Zune, I haven't spent a single god damn dime through Xbox music, because their services sucks, it's rubbish and I hate that they forced me to go to iTunes.
  • Off topic...Does anyone know if the "Now Playing on Xbox" feature works in the Xbox Music hub in WP8?  lol.  -I'm pretty sure it doesn't and I think it's there for the sake of it.  I can't find any documentation about it either.
  • Hearts and autoplaylists were one of the best features of Zune and something I've complained about Xbox music lacking from day one, I really hope they reconsider
  • And listening stats too, those were great. Listened to some songs over fifty times, filter and make a playlist. Not anymore
  • Exactly we all need to bug them about these feature requests
  • Re: blackprince,
    Yes, Listening Stats! Another great feature of ZUNE, that I miss too!
  • will search option or/and folder hierarchy option  come to wp8 music app. şu müzik uygulamasına şarkı arama veya klasöre gelsin artık.  bune yavvv 
  • You know I tried searching this before and couldn't find anything either. I noticed that songs I disliked would still randomly play as one of the first songs in a shuffle
  • This change from Zune to Xbox Music was the most irritating. I used the hearts to manage my library and playlists all the time. It was a great way to make a playlist full of songs you want to here without searching for hours through your library. Playlist management is atrocious now and obviously not improving.
  • Thanks for this post, Sam. I'm glad to hear someone bringing it up and describing how instrumental the heart was in Zune's autoplaylist's feature. Best way to manage and maintain a playlist.
  • Still no GAPLESS SUPPORT :(
  • Sam, your taste in music... I like it.
  • I have had the music pass for some time and I do wonder why sometimes they do what they do. For instance playlists are now buried. I used to enjoy looking at others playlists call me lazy but it was great. Also as you point out any sense of community has now departed and the heart seemed to form part of that back in the day.
  • I was hoping to give a definition of Intuitive here so that MS workers who stumble upon these comments would be enlightened, but the IRONY is, that, I used my built in Bing search on my L1520 and Bing's own definition is NOT cut and paistable here, but all the other links for other sites defining Intuitive that come up, ARE......
  • And I spend so much time marking those in my catalog with the like / dislike thinking they help my liked songs come up in Random playlists :/
  • This is an honest review that makes up for that fluff peice the other day.
  • I use ScrobbleMe and it recognises songs that I "hearted" as loved songs.
  • It gets scrobbled as a loved track in Last.Fm, I'm surprised this didn't come up
  • I loved the help it gave me to clean out music I didn't like on my device, love you heart!
  • By the way one of the bAd things about Xbox music compared to Zune is player background (in Zune when there was no artist photo it was turned black but in Xbox music it turns into a ugly grey-like color)(amoled unfriendly)
  • Argh, why must you make me sad today?! =[~)
  • I know what it does....it sucks!
  • Btw is there a way to create a custom playlist?
  • Yes it's bad, I would very much like to play my loved songs on Xbox Music as much as I do with my "starred" songs on Spotify. In fact, I hate that I can't play my loved songs since I clicked the heart 909 times. I know this because the app I have for last.fm scrobbles. And that's another thing that really blows, there is no last.fm scrobbler in Xbox Music, why? It seems that Microsoft doesn't really care about the real hardcore music listeners but only about the mainstream people that only casually listen to music. Sad. And probably their loss.
  • why are they removing them!!??!?! I was waiting for the future releases of Xbox Music to finally integrate the Zune Autoplaylists feature now that Zune is dead. Guess I'm done waiting. The heart/unheart feature was my favorite in Zune.. I always make autoplaylists with them :[ Terrible mistake by Microsoft... I unheart all my instrumental songs so I only have to make a playlist with the only hearted ones then I get all the "real" songs from my library to listen to. O well. I'm still using my Zune and ZuneHD for music anyways but still... very disappointed.
  • Go here! http://xboxmusic.uservoice.com/forums/209733-xbox-music-suggestion-box Tons of things to vote on, and it looks like there's a chance that they may actually listen.
  • Re: Niavlys77,
    Yes, please go and vote. You'll be surprised by the good ideas listed (and a few not so good). The numbers are very high on some of the ideas listed. There are also comments listed under each proposed idea. The cynics will say the web site doesn't do any good. I say, it doesn't do any harm, and might do some good. See for yourself and please vote for ZUNE features.
  • Is everybody on this forum over 50 or what? Haven't ya heard of the "Cloud." Stop y'all whining and use it darn it. XBOX MUSIC works well, everything seamlessly syncs through the cloud. Create a playlist on my XBOX or PC and BAM! it's magically on ma phone. Add a song to my collection, BAM! there it is. I have a ZUNE HD and I use the ZUNE software to manage that. I have no problems using both because: (1) I don't connect my phone to the PC (2) I turn off metadata on the xbox music app for PC, this way it won't mess with my ZUNE Metadata (3) There is no 3. Do those two things and you'll save yourself a lot of headaches.   Also if you're having trouble with duplicates on your phone. Good Luck, the only way I've been able to get rid of that is by Hard Resetting my phone. Just use the cloud if you're a Pass Subscriber(don't sync thru pc). Trust me, you're music listening life will be much better.
  • The heart feature made for an easy life in Wp7. Nowadays, it feels like they left it in as a nice kick in the teeth...a little reminder how things used to be before all the 'Xbox' crud was thrown together. Windows Phone is like a movie...the sequel sucks, which is inexcusable and baffling.
  • Jb's album journals was a big flop .
  • The real shame is, that the sheeps (= all owners of a WP8 device with Xbox music running on it) had to wait 16 months (2012.October --> 2014 February) for this explanation to happen. MS -with their childish and (more and more) obfuscated documentation of their consumer products/servcies- can go and f**k themselfes.
  • I just wish in the future updates they add a feature which is now available in the app 'Artist info'.Where the now playing info slides across the whole screen.Like a screen saver
  • This is kinda typically Microsoft though isn't it. They're the classic one step forward-two steps back company when it comes to software features.   
  • Kind of explains why WP8 has very little market share. Terrible music and video integration in 2014 is unacceptable.