What happened to all the small, premium Windows 10 tablets?

During the last few weeks, I've been in the market for a premium eight-inch Windows 10 tablet with pen support that's good for notetaking, entertainment consumption, web browsing and email. To my dismay, it appears nobody is making these tablets. Not two years ago, the market was full of new, small Windows tablets running Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. In 2017, I can't find a single one that's on sale "new" from OEMs.

No more high-end eight-inch Windows tablets

If I search for "8-inch Windows 10 tablet" on Amazon (opens in new tab), I see a list of eight-inch Windows 10 tablets from lesser-known manufacturers, who are building cheap, low-powered tablets. I don't see Dell. I don't see HP, and I don't see any of the "big name" manufacturers. Instead, I see low-quality options from Linx, Teclast, NuVision, and CHUWI, with the only big name on that list being Acer with the Iconia W8.

All of these tablets are on sale for less than $120 (opens in new tab), meaning the specs and build aren't going to be great. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. It's great that you can get a Windows 10 tablet for so cheap these days, but that's not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for an iPad Mini equivalent Windows 10 tablet. Something that feels premium to hold, with an incredible screen, pen support and super fast performance.

Dell and HP both used to sell premium Windows 8.1 tablets, some of which included pen support. The HP Envy 8 Note was a perfect example of this. It was a premium, thin and light mini Windows 10 tablet that also had an Active Stylus, which was perfect for notetaking, web browsing, and email. It had a 1080p display, which is ideal for an eight-inch device, and is exactly what I'm looking today. Unfortunately, HP doesn't sell it anymore.

Dell had the Venue 8 Pro, which was also thin and light, rocking a 1080p screen, 4GB RAM, microSD expansion support and USB-C. Again, another great premium offering, but Dell doesn't sell this anymore either. In fact, both Dell and HP aren't selling any small Windows 10 tablets right now. They completely pulled out of this market, leaving lesser-known hardware makers to fill the gap with cheap Windows tablets.

So, why isn't there an iPad Mini equivalent Windows 10 tablet?

No money in the market

Dell and HP likely pulled out of the market because they were seeing poor sales, which means there isn't much of a market for this kind of device. That's unfortunate because I have several reasons to want a mini, premium Windows 10 tablet with pen support. And right now, that tablet doesn't exist. Nobody is building it. NuVision, easily one of the best eight-inch Windows 10 tablet manufacturers right now, is focused on making low-cost tablets rather than high-end premium ones.

For the last few years, iPad sales declined massively. Perhaps the obsession with tablets is over.

Microsoft itself was going to release a premium mini Windows 8.1 tablet back in 2014, called the Surface Mini. This device was just a couple weeks from being announced before the internal decision was made to pull the product. The Surface Mini was going to be a Windows RT-based mini Surface with pen support. This would have been the iPad Mini Windows tablet I'm currently looking for.

First look at a genuine canceled Surface Mini front panel. If only we had the rest.

First look at a genuine canceled Surface Mini front panel. If only we had the rest.

Hopefully, Microsoft returns to its Surface Mini project one day. With Windows 10 coming to ARM processors in the fall, later this year would be a perfect time for Microsoft to announce a small Surface tablet, powered by ARM, with pen support. For now, however, I've settled on an eight-inch tablet from NuVision (opens in new tab). Sure, it doesn't have pen support, but it appears to be well built and has a 1080p display.

Software to blame?

Perhaps part of the blame can be put on Microsoft for turning Windows 10 into a terrible tablet OS. Compared to Windows 8.1, Windows 10 was a major step back in tablet-mode functionality. In 2017, things are a bit better, but they still aren't where they used to be.

Small things such as pleasant animations and unique tablet experiences aren't present in Windows 10. On Windows 8.1, you could flick through your open apps by swiping from the left, an incredibly quick and useful way of multitasking. In Windows 10, that feature isn't present. Instead, swiping from the right just opens Task View.

Also, the Start Screen doesn't really scale well at eight inches. When in portrait mode, the Start Screen has this odd, useless space on either side of the columns where the Live tiles sit. Microsoft needs to optimize tablet mode for eight-inch devices a bit more.

So perhaps one of the reasons nobody is buying eight-inch Windows 10 tablets is because the software experience isn't up to snuff? I mean, as an "average Joe," why wouldn't you buy an iPad Mini over a Windows 10 offering of the same price?

Your thoughts?

I'm curious to see how many others out there are also in the market for an eight-inch tablet. I understand devices like the Surface Pro have removed all needs for having a smaller tablet, but I find there are several different use cases for smaller eight-inch devices instead of a 10- or 12-inch one.

What do you think?

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • I had the same problem a few months ago.  I ended up with the Asus Transformer Mini.  It's 10" and I love it.  I don't use it to get any real work done though.  It's just a device for browsing, etc.
  • I've been looking at these too - is it the T102HA that you have?
  • Yes, the T102HA.  Amazon sometimes has some pretty good deals on them.  The 4GB of RAM really helps.
  • I have a Toshiba Encore 2 with an 8 inch screen I bought in 2015. Works great on the fast ring testing the latest builds and only has 1 GB of Ram and an Intel atom processor but well. I just sold a refund to a customer last week and they like it as well.
  • Rumor has it that even Apple is killing off the iPad mini, so that sort of tells you how bad the market is for mini-tablets.
  • As fare as usability goes CShell would make Windows scale nicely across many smaller screen sizes.
  • They should release that on the Fast Ring. Remember when Fast Ring was scary and not just bug fixes? Never knew if a build would destroy all your crap one day. Who cares if it officially releases on existing phones in the end (all signs point to no), if it doesn't let them keep it unofficially like Lumia 930 got to keep creators update - By that point it won't matter anyway. I'm keeping my 950 into 2018 either way because in comparison to other areas of technology phones are pretty much all boring by now anyway
  • I rememeber when Gabe Aul was debating whether to create a "faster than fast" ring, although to be honest letting people put themselves onto the Canary Ring would have done the same job
  • I think they should hire back some testers...instead of making the "insders"  i mean,  suckers do it!
  • I have the TF mini and it's my main consumer device too. With the detachable keyboard I can also get some real work done in a pinch too. It's a very versatile device that can be found at a very good price.
  • You beat me to it. As soon as I read the title, I thought Zac, you should get the Transformer Mini. Sure, it's a bit bigger but it's still very light and portable. I carry it in a large purse And, the battery life is insane. It's one of the best Windows small tablet options right now.
  • I'am also looking for similar tablet. I currently have Xiaomi Mipad 2 but with only 2GB of ram it is limited
  • Why bother with an 8" tablet when you carry an always connected, 6" phone?
  • Because not everyone wants to carry a big phone
  • Yeah but they seem to be heavily in the minority. Few smartphones are smaller than 5" and even the new iPhone is rumoured to start at 5.6"! This small tablet issue isn't just Windows. Android and iPad tablets don't sell either. I really think it doesn't make sense with how large phones are.
  • After using the Samsung note line for a few years, and working in the mobile industry for a few, the constant stretching causes pain in my thumb joint, I moved to the regular s7 for a smaller screen. There is a big difference between a 5.7 inch screen and 8 inch screen for media, browsing, games, or note taking.
  • Then why do you think small tablets are struggling to sell?
  • Several reasons, one of them we are already discussing. I think 8 inch is a worthwhile size above a 6 inch phone, you don't. Obviously people who agree with you aren't buying 8 inch tablets. Another reason for lack of small windows tablets would be Intel and their lack of an Atom replacement, there has been no improvements made in the last few years in terms of hardware, no incentive for anyone to upgrade. In general what a tablet is used for has been the same for years, media consumption, and even a 5 year old tablet can handle media just fine. So again, many people don't need to upgrade. I've got a Samsung Note 10.1 from 2012 that I still use and an Asus T100 which I think is a 2013 tablet, no reason to replace them for what I use them for. My final reason would be tablets are no longer new, people aren't buying their first tablet anymore. For the most part consumers know if a tablet is useful to them or not, and they know it won't replace their computer. Personally I love them, I know people that hate them. The market for a premium 8 inch tablet isn't high, but I feel there is still one and it's been abandoned. I'm not a market expert, but I feel the reasons I mention are many of the major reasons sales slumped and the OEMs quit making them.
  • nice analysis L0n3nja, and no I am not being sarcastic
  • I think with Windows on Arm, some of these issues can be solved to some extent. Another major reason is as Zac said, Win 10 is not very good on 8 inch tablet. With always connected Windows on Arm devices and a better optimized Windows for 8 inch this problem can be solved but yeah I do believe there is no market for premium 8 inch tablet. I was trying if 8 inch tablet fits any need and got a cheap local Canadian Windows 10 tablet from hipstreet. I liked in the beginning but now meh! I touch it when I feel I haven't used it for a while but there is no proper requirement for it in my day to day life which is dominated by a Desktop, a laptop and an LG G6. Phones like G6 also cut down the requirement for 8 inch tablet, that is also true. 
  • I think all those things do contribute for sure, but they don't explain why almost no one makes small tablets at all anymore. Even Apple hasn't updated the iPad Mini in years! Small tablets are nicer than phones, especially when watching video, but they are a bit less convenient to use. You always have to use two hands and they are not always with you.
  • I think partly because the tablet industry is more stagnant and boring than even the phone industry is
  • Yeah Coz phones have found a place and are very very personal these days. That is also pushed by constant innovation from OEMs and software makers as well at least in two major platforms unlike ahem Microsoft..... Tablets, since beginning, have found it hard to find a place like that. Even when or lets say if Microsoft gives push to premium 8" tablets with better OS and WoA, that will still be niche category. And the trade off between usability and use-cases for having an 8" tab for most people is just not good enough to push them to buy a new device. For general people I am saying.
  • Exactly! With the phone in my pocket, that tablet would be a waste of money. On the other hand, the best side of Windows 10 tablet (2in1 actually) is that it can run Win32 apps, and for that having a 10 inch display is more convenient.
  • That's where the foldable screen mobile device come in.  It is a 6" phone when folded and a 8" tablet when unfolded.  It has to be pocketable. 
  • And why bother with Windows? Not many apps and the desktop stuff will be terrible on a small touch screen. IMO, the OS is fine, but UWP hasnt produced the apps. 
  • Be prepared for the shitstorm of negative comments pallentx.  You cannot say apps and lack of here and get away with it...the fanpeople will get you!
  • I said on reddit the other day that the windows store is a app desert and i got downvoted to oblivion.  
  • I'm the biggest fan of Windows Tablets ever. I had a Compaq TC1000, a Gateway M275, Surface RT and a Surface Pro. The lack of apps is the sad truth. You can get by with a larger tablet running desktop software with a keyboard and mouse, but an 8in? Forget it. 
  • App comparison is a joke, but I don't use many apps any way.
  • You personally may not, but apps can be useful to those who prefer using a dedicated application to accomplish whatever task they seek to complete. The use case of end users varies, so what you may not seek is what others yearn for.
  • the issue here is the FORM FACTOR. apps or no apps mini tablets aren't selling well (includes any other OS out there)
  • Cause iPhone is for idiots ?
  • Beg to differ at this point.  Iphone is for people want something that works and is easy to use.  The complete opposite of what windows mobile  is at this point.
  • Easy to use is like saying for dummies.
  • Works for the scoes of millions dummies then... unliked the 20... 30 ismart MS users.
  • Why would you want something that is hard to use? *********? I see the point of using Windows on desktops if you have heavy work to complete, but for mobile, easy and effective will win everytime.
  • It edits masokist!
  • no...windows moible user is the same as saying for DUMMIES....DUMMY.   easy to use means,  you dont need to go hunting down a device online, you can go into any service provider and purchase a device.  You don't need to use online browser because there are actual apps to do things.  You can be mobile while using your phone instead of the key feature of your phone being it's ability to be tethered to a keyboard mouse and monitor.  Easy to use means you can do things without having frustruation because this app or that app is not on the phone and have to find work arounds to get stuff to work.  Easy to use means plugging into your car and having apple carplay at your finger tips (you, bebochek, probably use a horse and buggy still).   Easy to use is going to the gate at an airport and tapping your watch on the scanner to present your boarding pass,  easy to use means tapping your phone or watch on the lock in a hotel room instead of fumbling around for keys.   See....Yes.  If easy to use is being a "dummy"  then i am a ******* dummy.   That being said,  you are a MORON.....
  • Beg to differ. W10m is the most versatile of the 3. Both ios and android don't cooperate as well as windows and w10m. For example, from my phone I can log on to every onedrive in the family or business and download files. Not so with android, and certainly not with ios. My business runs on it, my family all have windows phones. It's a delight.
  • One Drive doesn't work on Android or iOS?! That is the first I have heard that. What does the Android and iOS app do then?
  • Tell that to the doctors, lawyers, and general professionals who use one.
    But you're a message board warrior, I'm sure you have them beat in the intellect department.
  • Lawyers are the scum of the earth.
  • Clever retort
  • WOW....so enlightend and mature....LOVE IT.....
  • BURN
  • I guess bebochek got "screwed" by a lawyer for doing something.....man...that guy ever whine.   Fanchild
  • Because 178% screen space and the vastly less scrolling and page turning when viewing content.
  • Because if I'm using an x86 Windows tablet, I'm doing it to gain access to applications that are only present on Windows. Otherwise, I'd use an Android/iOS tablet, or a Windows/iOS/Android phablet. Yes, that means Win32-based apps. Before I broke it, my main machine was a Dell Venue 8 Pro. While it wasn't great at it, it allowed me to have full Windows 10 and its supported apps like Office, remote server admin tools, VPN support, etc. for those occasions when I need to do work on the go and, more importantly, access to my favorite games like Star Trek Online, Kerbal Space Program, and Civ 4 when on the go. It might not have run them *fast*, but it could run them. I'm going to agree that software was part of the problem, though: Windows 8/8.1 worked far better as a tablet OS than Windows 10 did, and the loss of tablet-mode IE in favor of Edge was a gain in browser compatibility but a giant leap backwards in terms of interface usability. That's notably true across the OS, though.
  • I do agree that Windows 10 was a step backwards for tablets.  I wish they had a 8.1 like tablet mode built into Windows 10, but that's not going to happen.  I love the 7-8 inch portability size and wish they had more options available.  I am also hopeful like the article said that we'll see more tablets once ARM support is released.  I would definitely get one if the specs were decent.
  • Yeah outside the Windows Central bubble Windows 8 was a self inflicted shotgun wound to the chest of Microsoft, the overwhelming bulk of the Windows PC user base hated it so it's not coming back. Even though Win 10 has a tablet mode almost evey time I see someone using a touch screen on Win10 it's in desktop mode not tablet mode. I wouldn't count on Arm tablets being a thing either the SD835 chip is not cheap, until Windows supports more low cost Arm chips then there will be little interest from hardware makers.
  • That tablet mode start screen is baaad. How can the ugly stepchild (W10M) still have a more responsive and fluid experience when it comes to tiles. Launching an app in tablet mode feels awkward, there's something off in the animation also compared to on phones
  • "I wouldn't count on Arm tablets being a thing either the SD835 chip is not cheap, until Windows supports more low cost Arm chips then there will be little interest from hardware makers" That's an idea that I've not considered.  I think "little interest" may be an exaggeration, but you might be right that it will be a fairly niche segment at first.
  • What are you talking about? Tablet mode exists in W10...
  • Yes, it exists but it sucks...Windows 8.1 had excellent tablet mode, which was separated from the Desktop. It was just brilliant.
  • No worries, it' comming.
    Surface Tab (9.2', pen support, thin bezel) will be released in 2018 Q2. It will run on ARM with W10S.
    W10 needs more work on the tablet mode.
  • Too big, terrible name, and first time I hear of such thing
  • Do you have a source for this? 
  • Yes, it's called imagination.
  • It's called cheap kool-aid!
  • Alas, it's only a fever dream, born of intense want rather than any source found in reality.
  • Pure speculation. But I think that would be a good thing, a natural step toward the mobile market, not too far from the well known Surface market, but still a good move before a Surface phone. it would "validate" Win on ARM and cshell.
  • But I like it... Please continue, tell me more.
  • Not interested as I have an X3 and a 1520. If I want to get something done I'll use my laptop.
  • If people aren't buying Android and iOS tablets, they obviously won't buy Windows tablets that, as tablets, are as useless as a Windows Phone. Without apps, there's no point in having one. Specially an expensive one. Which is why only the Surface Pro and 2 in 1 devices like it survived. Because no one actually uses them as tablets (also why it's absurd Microsoft doesn't include the keyboard but then again...it's Micrapplesoft now).
  • Oh, people use Surfaces and Surface-like devices as tablets all the time,as a university student i see it daily. But it's they fact that they quickly, easily, and flawlessly can become a full laptop that makes people use them. No one really wants to have to own and maintain multiple PCs, and having around a charger for each, that's what it really boils down to. A 10-12" Surface-style device can do everything a smaller tablet could do, and more. A 8" windows tablet absolutely cannot. 
  • I occasionally see people with Surface Pros at Starbucks or at the Airport. They are also very popular at work. Not once have I ever seen anyone use it without the keyboard. I almost never use mine without the keyboard and when I do, it is the most frustrating thing ever. I know that is anecdotal evidence, so take it as you will.
  • As a counter-anectodal evidence, I use mine 80+% of the time as a tablet, connecting the keyboard mostly only when I'm stationed at my desk at work. My Pro 4, however, isn't my main desktop PC, that'd be my MSI gaming laptop. Surfaces aren't sold here in Brazil, so I have only myself as an example of Pro 4 usage in my daily routine.
  • what's so frustrating? i use my sp3 as a tablet around 60% of the time, depeding on what i'm doinng even without tablet mode. there obviously could be improvements, but i'd call it far from frustating. in fact using ipads i've come much closer to tearing out my hair because all of the limitations, necessary workarounds and lack of proper multitasking. on windows 10, having custom gestures set up with gesture sign makes the experience phenomenal, even beating keyboard shortcuts in various scenarios.
  • Hand your grandmother a Surface Pro and an iPad and see which she prefers. You have to look beyond your sophisticated skills and abilities.
  • There's a device for everyone.  If I was looking for a tablet for my parents or little kids, I'd definitely consider an ipad.
  • Eh, both my mother and my grandmother would be equally lost regardless of the OS powering the device: Windows, iOS or Android. Your mileage may vary.
  • The iPad would be best for them, don't be silly. So much easier to use for an unsophisticated user. I hate Apple, but I am not delusional.
  • Hate to break it to you, but my uncle gave my grandmother an old iPhone of his for her to use Whatsapp and she gets as much lost using it as my mother does with her Moto G.
  • That's the same sh*t people were saying about the iPhone compared to Android. Well guess what, parents who are using iPhones still require me to set it up and show them how to use it. Same thing happened when mum (60s) switched to Android, and now she's been using a OnePlus One for over a year and still going. Stop with that nonsense of "it's easier to use". Just 'cause the OS is a lot more versatile doesn't mean they have to make use of every function it has to offer, I doubt even you do.
  • Well my mom (78 years old) uses a Surface 3 and has no complaints. Does all the stuff her old OG iPad did for her just as easily. Which is all tablet based stuff. Mahjong/Solitaire type games, web, Netflix, email and Facebook. She actually likes the UI better because the tiles are larger than the iPad's icons.. She also likes the type cover much better than her old folding keyboard case. The issue (not for her, but for more capable users) is what it always is with Microsoft Mobile devices... Apps. If Microsoft had more quality apps for touch-based tablet usage, it wouldn't even be a question of which device to use. As for me, I use my Pro 4 about 70%/30% PC to tablet. Which was about the same ratio I used my laptop/iPad combo.
  • So true...
  • well, my reply was directed at your frustration with the device. i assume you're not of grand-age and opted for a windows touch device willingly, knowing its features and capabilities. so with the additional knowledge that on an ipad you wouldn't be able to do them in the first plae, i am actually interested in what sort of workflows are frustrating. because, while not perfect in many regards, i have found most operations rather painless.
  • Hows that Surface Pro battery life for you?
  • My SP3 spends most of it's time in the vertical desktop dock, but when I am mobile with it the battery life seems fine. I will get 4+ hours of heavy use out of it. I did have a firmware issue last year though. For a good month it wouldn't go more than 10 minutes but Microsoft eventually fixed it.
  • I use my Pro 4 in tablet mode about 40% of the time.  Mainly for watching media and browsing.
  • i had the first Surface Pro, Surface 3 and now Surface Pro4 - never had a type cover ;) also i had the Asus VIVO Tab8, loved it a lot, took it everywhere with me, but then it died. some times i take Surface 3 for a walk to the park, but not as often, because it's much larger. I hope for 8" Surface Mini with LTE - i will finally throw away my Lumia 930 and will never by a phone.
  • while i don't disconnect the keyboard, i flip it backwards all the time when using my surface. especially for consuming content. netflix/hulu/etc... that all works great in tablet mode, especially in confined spaces like a commuter van. or if i'm just moving around the apartment. so, in the end, its clear it comes down to personal preference and personal needs, but i think it seems a bit exaggerated to say no one ever uses it in tablet mode.
  • I thought this same thing, but there are various keyboards available for the Surface Pro. It makes more sense to have separate SKUs for each. For example, if there are 5 different Surface Pro SKUs and 5 different keyboard SKUs, you have only 10 total. If you sell them combined, you now have to have 25 separate SKUs. Once you add in all the NFL keyboards, it becomes totally unmanageable. It is much easier for retailers and Microsoft to deal with separate SKUs instead of combining them, especially since it won't change the price and they can now advertise a lower base price even if it is misleading.
  • You don't need to include the keyboard in the same package. When you buy a Surface Pro, you're told to pick the keyboard colour you want and it's shipped with it. They simply remove the price of the keyboard at checkout because it's part of the price of the device. That's not an excuse at all when you think about it.
  • How does Best Buy order them in that case? There really is no advantage to bundling them. Maybe the off chance that someone buys just the Surface and is frustrated with the all touch interface and experience. Bundling just complicates ordering for retailers and limits combinations for consumers.
  • I don't understand your reasoning.  If I purchased a new surface pro today you'd be forcing me to buy another keyboard which is not needed because I already have one for my Pro 4.
  • Uh...no. You'd be getting one for free. Simple. At the price Microsoft is currently asking for the Surface Pro, the price of the keyboard is already there for sure. Alternatively, Microsoft should lower the price of the device to realistic numbers. Because the current prices go beyond being premium. They're a plain and simple rip-off.
  • I don't know that Microsoft is really trying to push sales of the Surface devices. It is a thin line between competing with their OEMs and merely selling a reference device.
  • Exactly. In the beginning people complained that the type covers were included, because they might want a different color. Now with all of the different colors, Alcantara fabric (amazing by the way), fingerprint readers, etc, it totally makes sense to not include one. They do occasionally run bundle deals where you can choose accessories and still get a bit of a discount.
  • Type covers were NEVER included.
    And the price of the devices WITH the pen was lower. They raised the prices and removed accessories. Next they'll be selling the charging cable separately.
  • I actually got a bundle deal for SP4, type cover included- from Dubai. It's probably rare but it's there. No choice of type cover colour of course.
  • Got my original Surface Pro with Touch cover and pen. So did my wife, but she never got the black keyboard out of the box because she had to buy a different color. (She's a girl, it mattered) I'm fine with them being seperate. I know they aren't going to be included 'for free', it will be in the price somehow, so I'd just rather pick the 'accessories' I actually want. 
  • Surface Pro 3 was 799.99 for the I3 model, new Surface Pro is 799.99 for the Core M, Surface Pro 3 was 999.99 for the I5/4Gb/128Gb, new Surface Pro is the same price. I don't know about Surface Pro 4 pricing but other than making me buy the pen separate I see no price increase from 3rd Gen to 5th.
  • Maybe you should look beyond the USA ;)
  • i think you don't understand the difference between the price ms sets for us and import tax in other countries. everythin is more expensive here in europe: iphones, macbooks, samsung galaxies ;)
  • Not to sound like an arrogant American, but the price of electronics in another country doesn't matter to me. I'm not involved in marketing, sales, distribution, or intend to purchase from another nation. I know import fees vary, and prices vary between nations, but I'm not about to study price fluctuations from another country to find out if the new Surface costs citizens of another nation more than an older surface did. If the new Surface costs you more than the old I'm sorry, but it's not the same for me if I never intended to use the pen anyway.
  • MY type cover was included, fwiw. Bought at the Microsoft Store.
  • You people are mixing the normal offering with promotional bundles (which rarely are the same price).
  • Haha don't even joke about it. Nintendo did this with one of their newer 3DS models. It could actually happen!
  • Funny that you think no one uses them as tablets, 'cause they earned the top spot in tablet customer satisfaction, and the survey shows that almost 50% use it as a Tablet most of the time https://www.macrumors.com/2017/04/06/microsoft-surface-beats-ipad-j-d-po...
  • Waiting for that windows 10 on ARM to drop. I think we will see more tablets or "surface mini" like devices.
  • We won't see windows on ARM if intel has a say in it. Or the emulation part of it anyway
  • It is impossible to patent an instruction set. So luckily Intel has not say in it.
  • Intel did this to themselves by cancelling Atom.
  • I think the issue is that nobody is producing the 8" tablet running Windows 10 Mobile. If it ran the Mobile OS instead of the Desktop OS, then it would work brilliantly. I have been looking for an 8" running Mobile for about 2 years now. I was very hopeful for a while as there were 3 that were about to come on the market but never really did. I can't for the life of me figure out why manufacturers do not see how an 8" running the Mobile OS would basically give us the true equivalent to an iPad Mini? Granted, running Mobile won't help you with your desire to use a stylus as I don't think Mobile supports stylus, but everything else about the OS is PERFECT for a small form factor tablet.
  • Disagreed. It can run a desktop OS and still being brilliant when using as tablet, as Windows 8.1 showed. It is just that Windows 10 sucks on a tablet.
  • CShell hopefully will address this, fingers crossed
  • I still have my HP Envy 8 Note if you want it. I have had it since day 1 of its launch. Slow device (got faster after a win10 build back in Feb I think). But Stylus worked only 20% of the time. microSD card also worked 20% of the time.  Maybe OEMs are waiting for win10 ARM? If that's ever gonna happn
  • Exact same problem I had with my ProTab 608, well I wasn't even lucky enough for the pen to work 20% of the time. 4G was flaky as hell, screen was nice , Atom totally hamstrung by its I/O. I'd love a tablet that size again though with a 100% reliable stylus for notes. Hoping that we'll see an ARM 8" Surface with the full pen experience from the new pros and I'd buy in a flash. Not phased by the pros and cons of 10 as a tablet OS so long as 100% reliable pen for Onenote and inking pdfs, docs and Edge.
  • I have a Acer Iconia - 8 inch tablet. The experience with Windows 10 is not so great. It stays in Anniversary Update and waiting for Creators Update although the Tablet mode improved from the time Windows 10 was released. For browsing you can use Edge for smoothness and Mytube for Youtube.. Other than that smaller touch games would be good. I don't find it performing great nor bad.
  • I have the same problem. Dell Venue 8 Pro and nothing new on the market. Also I know that if I would like to change my device, I'll have to get at least 10 inch tablet what isn't good deal in my opinion. My Dell Venue 8 Pro is my best tablet I'm ever had!
  • I disagree if you're talking about the Atom powered Dell Venue Pro 8.  I couldn't handle how slow that device was.
  • I don't think that there was ever a real value proposition to a mini Windows tablet. Back in the day, I had the Dell Venue 8 Pro and it was awful. Windows on ARM should allow for more powerful hardware in a smaller package though, and with proper pen support, OEMs could make some really cool stuff.
  • What do you expect? Win10 is horrible on tablets... particularly to those of us who weren't too lazy to learn what Win8.1 had to offer. I am not Android on phones and tablets, and using my Tab S2 for work so much I prefer to a Windows laptop. Congrats Microsoft, you killed Windows.
  • Win8.1 was a much better OS for touch based devices no doubt.  But Win10 has improved quite a bit since launch.
  • Rolled back to Windows 8.1 from Windows 10 on my tablet. Windows 8.1 is just sooo much better for tablets.
  • I bought a Dell 8" tablet in 2015, but it was the smaller version with only 1GB RAM. So I switched to a CHUWI in 2016 with the later Atom processor, USB-C and 2GB RAM (and 1920x1200 16:10 display). This is quite comparable to my old iPad2, and for a kitchen surf pad with a bit mailing and RSS reading, it is the perfect solution. Additionally, it looks quite good with its aluminium back. But I also own a 12" CHUWI and a Surface Book, and once you get used to their screen size, you would never return to a smaller device for real work. At least not me.
  • poor perfomance - like the surface 3 - was a stumbling block essentially from the poor chipset. Combined with poor power managment, slow re-charge & constant windows updates knocking out wifi drivers was more than annoying. I say that having used extensively for x86 small-biz app the 8" Acer and & Venue Pro.
  • The emmc ssd was the bigest permormance block in the Surface 3, more so than the Atom processor.
  • 10 inch ate 7 and 8 inch
  • No, phablets ate small tablets. They really don't make sense when you have a ~6" phone.
  • for most people full windows 10 is to small on 8 inch device
  • I don't use it that way though. I still have the original Dell Venue 8 (with pen), and two Asus Vivitab Note 8s (both with pens, Wacom tech).  I have them set to full screen Start and run predominantly UWP apps. Very Win RTish setup.  Windows gives me that option. I also have the option to use an external monitor (or TV via Miracast) and a BT keyboard and mouse and run regular desktop apps if I choose. They are not powerhouses, but they can get that job done in a pinch, while still being very portable, pen capable, Windows devices.  It's a shame MS let this formfactor whither along with phone. The Surface Mini, may not have been 'category defining', but it could well have been category saving. They really have piddled away mobile.
  • This form factor isn't working for anyone. Even the iPad Mini isn't selling well. This certainly isn't a Microsoft issue even though they have the worst small tablet experience. I really think it is due to large phones. A small tablet doesn't make sense.
  • 8" tablets are great for certian applicaitions.  I use mine as a navigation tool in my jeep in the back country.  The large screen is awesome to see detail on maps,  but not big enough to be a behemoth on the dash.  Its a great comprimise.   But for the mainstream use,  I think the ipad air is the perfect size and shape.  Microsoft need to make a surface with those dimensions.  Screen size.   it's the same shape as a magainze.   it's perfect for what most do on tablets....read.   Anyone wanting to do more usually have full computers.
  • When I need a device larger than my phone/phablet, I jump right to a Surface Pro. That is I jump from pocket-sized to briefcase-sized. And the Surface Pro fits into a pretty small briefcase! So, regardless of which OS is used on an 8-inch tablet, I see no reason to buy one.
  • This is true. SP3 refurb, etc. are available at such a great price the lesser tablets are really pointless (unless you're using a flip phone).
  • There is no intel chips for it. Atoms are gone from that power envelope and market.
  • This is the truth behind it all. The bigger manufacturers have limited knowledge of anything that isn't Intel/AMD x86/x64 based architectures. Without those CPU on the market, they're poorly positioned, especially with no windows on ARM currently available. I think HP will be an interesting one to watch, as they at least dabbled with Arm based devices with the Windows 10 Mobile powered Elite X3.
  • This is the answer right here. Until Windows-on-ARM happens, you literally cannot build a premium small Windows device because Intel abandoned Atom 2 years ago, and all of the newer chips (whether Core-M or Apollo Lake) are too power-hungry for anything smaller than a Surface Pro. Even though there is no market for a premium small tablet that isn't an iPad, in part because there's still virtually no good tablet-friendly software in the Windows Store, OEMs don't even have the option of building anything that is remotely competitve if the chips don't exist.
  • Zac, how do you see W10 on ARM and also CShell playing into this in the near future?
  • Sometimes, I feel that these marketing decisions in big companies like Dell are taken by drunk managers. They cannot sell tablets because they don't know how to market or and this happens not because they are incompetent but because they rely more on graphs and numbers than on common sense.
  • True dat. Dell still had 8" Venue tablets on their site less than a month or two ago. They were buried on their business site though. Can't find them today, though they were hard to find in the past two. They made them so hard to get, the wife picked up a NuVision and a Jot stylus. Not a bad little combo.
  • I've been holding out hope that with Windows on ARM, these will come back into the spotlight. I want an 8" tablet that I can mount in a frame in my kitchen. I wanted it to use for reminders, recipes, music hub to the bluetooth speaker. The sky is the limit here.
  • Apple makes those. Buy one quick though, as it seems the mini is on it's way out too. ??
  • Want to use Windows Home Hub when it releases. Also, I have no apple devices, and no desire to use android or iOS.
  • You hit it on the head with the fact that Microsoft RUINED the tablet/touch experience in Windows 10.  EVERYTHING is so flipping TINY that it is 100% USER-SPITEFUL if you have a touch device any smaller that the monsterous Surface Hub.
  • I think you should visit your eye doc if you have problems using a device smaller than a Surface Hub. :p
  • In any case ScubaDog is right, that Microsoft ****** up with tablet mode in Windows 10. This is even more apparent if you used the excellent Windows 8.1 before.
  • If I were part of the "Big 5" vendors, I'd wait to see how WoA turns out with the Snapdragon 835 SoCs and then make a judgement call. If win32 apps work well on it, then perhaps there could be additional form factors with the same chip - or newer, as they're released. Interestingly, I just went through this conversation with myself and ended up with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8". So, I went where the market was.
  • If the X3 had pen support and Cshell it would be perfect
  • Tablets evolved into the 2in1 form factor.
    Having a keyboard attached to a 8" inch tablet is useless, therefore that size of tablets (and below that point) were not able to evolve.
    Android is not an OS suitable for keyboard and mouse, so 2in1 devices running Android won't be popular. Windows 10 is not good with tablets, and that's why it became the de-facto OS for 2in1 devices. But MS likes to see people suffering, so the upcoming CShell crap will probably be bad for 2in1 and good for tablets... Oh well
  • No, having a keyboard attached to an 8" tablet is not useless. You just need the right keyboard. One that is designed for portability, while still reasonably functional, like MS own portable folding keyboard. What is useless is an 8" tablet that requires a keyboard. Whether Win 10 at 8" is such a device can be debated. Windows 7 certainly was. Win 10, in tablet mode, using UWP apps is quite workable without a physical keyboard for a lot of tasks, IMHO. Not as functional as an iPad mind you, but iOS app developers never depended on a keyboard and mouse, while Windows app developers never had a world without them.  (OK Windows Mobile developers, but we pushed all those guys off a cliff every couple of years)
  • So true, I like the cliff thing.
  • After my best HP Touchpad I got 32GB NuVision 8" Atom x5-Z8300 Windows 10 from MS store on December for $59! Very happy!
  • I got mine for $80. I enjoy using it for browsing and listening to music while on my bed.
  • I was searching for this very same thing earlier this year with as much luck as you Zac. However, I don't have a great use case for it at the moment other than just wanting one 😆
  • This is something that Microsoft is really wrong with. I use my iPad Mini simply because it is small and easy to cary around the house for quick web and mail browsing. Carring around a SP like that just doesn't work. I have tried a few ATOM based small Windows tablets, but they just not have been good enough. We need something like a Surface Mini using an m3 processor, or maybe we will see something once the new Windows on ARM is released.
  • Agreed.  I may be one of the few who were happy that Intel killed their Atom line.  The m3 processor is much much better!
  • I think phones slowly replaced tablets... With 6'' phones now, tablets have become redundant...
  • Yeah, I believe MS's focus on pleasing enterprises with a win 7 like experience was the main culprit. Win 10 lacked much of what made Win 8.x such a great touch based OS. Both phones and tablet's suffered for this. The reason their surface tablet's weren't affected is because people mainly use them as laptops. It's more a laptop with some additional tablet features.
    The "Tablet mode" in Win 10 is a joke, it's basically just the start menu set to full screen. I wonder if MS already planned to abandon touch devices when they launched Win 10, or just didn't see the OS's obvious flaws? Probably the latter, since they aimed to put it on a billion devices.
    I really hope they learn from their mistakes and make Cshell a great consumer experience, otherwise MS/Windows will remain confined to the PC marked.
  • I honestly never understood what people complained about desktop mode in Windows 8.1. You could re-install the start button if you wanted too.
  • I have an HP Envy Note 5009 (with Verizon LTE) - and it works pretty slick. I do have to agree. 2Gb Ram and a 32Gb drive Stink from a performance consideration. The MicroSD is limited to 64Gb (weird). Battery tanks at about 5 hours (sometimes). I upgraded to the Samsung Book 12" - Now, that's a nice LTE Slate (very happy).
  • I got a Surface Pro 4 just before new one came out. It's great hardware, but buggy software let's it down. Sometimes will get stuck on wrong orientation mode, or be presented with a blank screen or the old classic of the Start button not working.
    If just as a Laptop , it's great. As a tablet, then it's + just+ a bit too heavy. Also, if you think you're using a tablet, you'd expect umm..apps. Or at least programmes that scale correctly. MS are facing big problems. 8 years ago Woz had a WinPho and was hailing MS as research and development kings. Lots of exciting concepts and radical interfaces. Now, even Windows itself is starting to creak. They need to bolster their team of testers for starters.
  • All hail the great and powerful Woz ;)
  • I've been using a Surface 3 as a consumption device since it came out. Although bigger than the articles focus I'll got out on a limb and say it is a great device on W10 and a great value now ($369/128Gb Microsoft Store). The current "certified refurbished" appear brand new and have W10 installed and latest firmware. I've purchased three of these for other people and they all love them. No issues whatsoever. It runs better w W10 than w W8.1, the OS it originally came w when released. W10 fast insider fall creator even runs well short of the OS quirks such as Edge tabs, but this has nothing to do w S3. Until Surface/Snapdragon is available...
  • vivax tpc800 working like a charm in win10.ok maybe win10 in tab mode isnt wooow but it works just fine.thing is that people complain too much for everything.maybe im wrong but i see it that way
  • The main oem MSFT partners are waiting from Windows On ARM
  • The 8 inch is perfect for home automation. Have it set up in single app mode and attache the tablet to the wall. With Cortana support, they work very well. But with no smaller win tablets, I'm reporting to apple... ☹
  • I am actually looking for the perfect 10" device. I think 8" is just too small for a tablet.
  • Typical MS problem, marketing and apps. I was in The Office restaurant last night and was given an iPad to flip through their beer list...doesn't seem like something difficult to do on an 8" Win tablet? But who's out there marketing it to them?? I took a management class and at the end they handed out 20 iPads for us to fill out a survey on about the session (we had to return them after submitting). Again, how much cheaper would it have been on Windows tablets?? This has nothing to do with how the Start screen differs on Windows 8.1 compared to 10...it all has to do about who's pushing the product out to the market.
  • You aren't wrong there. An 8" NuVision at the MS Store is $79. How hard would it be to find a Windows dev to write those functions, menu, survey for a Win 10 tablet. The networking options have got to be better than iPads too.
  • Microsoft's iOS integration is so good now that you are better off with an iPad.  I use an iPhone and iPad Pro 9.7" to complement my two Windows 10 machines (no Mac will ever work its way back into my world ever again)
  • When called on, my 8* Nuvision does what I need it to do and at a very reasonable price.
  • I still use my HP Envy Note 8.  I think using the term "Premium" is a stretch- build quality was good, but the performance on an Atom with 2 gb memory is limited at best.  I never had the problems others had with my Envy, but performance was never great.  Hopefully W10 on ARM can change that.  I loved the full keyboard with the 8" screen.  I did a lot of work traveling with mine
  • I've hade a Linx8 for 3-4 years, love it gone from 8 to 8.1 to 10 runs all great and works fine for light gaming and browsing. Oh, and it cost me -£10 with discount, trade in and selling office key.
  • There is nearly no mini tablet market anymore at all - across the board. If Microsoft's vision for next generation smartphones being foldable mini tablets comes true (by Microsoft or any other OEM like Samsung or LG) we will see the sales reinvigorated (though will those be tablets or smartphones?).
  • "For the last few years, iPad sales declined massively. Perhaps the obsession with tablets is over." Even with the declines Apple sold 42 million iPads last year.
  • Yep. They're still selling quite a few of them. And tbh, their current offerings are more interesting than ever, a general media consumption device for $329 or a pretty powerful pro model starting at $649.
  • Correction: "Instead, swiping from the right just opens Task View" should read "swiping from the LEFT."
    Personally, as much as I liked Windows 8.1, I prefer Windows 10's opening of Task View instead when swiping in from the left when using my SP4 as a tablet. Flicking from the left in Windows 8.1 was too much of a "mystery meat" experience that also plagued the (admittedly beautiful looking) Windows Phone pivots.
  • Except you could swipe out and back quickly and get a list of all your running programs (almost like task view). It was such a natural gesture to perform with you thumb when holding the device. Probably the best touch gesture ever implemented.
  • I got a Cube i9 from China for $399 USD... It has been really good. However it is a bit too large for a tablet and windows 10 UI sucks
  • Hardware vendors still don't know how to make these things and intel also kinda screws them over, NVIDIA was a terrible decision for the first Surfaces and they just don't even try to make them well enough or future proof them...meh, so what? 😒
  • The consumer demand is one thing and artificially generated consumer demands through mindshare (trends and marketing campaigns is another). The consumer retrenchment is going to hit Microsoft's pockets in the long term. XES was a genius move, shutting it down was a moronic one.
  • I threw both of mine out. trying to keep things running with 2gb of ram and 32gb of storage is nightmarish. upgrade to new releases was not possible without a wipe each time. freeing up enough space was impossible otherwise. they should have set a higher minimum hardware standard.
  • I honestly do not see any reason why one would need a high quality 8" tablet.  It's just not big enough to do high quality things.  I have an 8" Nuvision tablet and a larger Surface 3.  I use each for the same things but the Surface 3 for more things such as document creation.  The Surface is my distant travel buddy while the Nuvision is more of a local traveler.
  • I'd love one for work that had the full surface pen experience and was 8". I have a good 15.4" laptop (GS63VR) I mainly use and also do a bit of gaming on, so much as I'd like a full sized surface as well I couldn't justify it financially or extra in bag. A 100% reliable pen on an 8" surface Arm tablet would be great for me as a secondary device for notes and use in conferences, flights etc. I could then still run legacy apps at a pinch. Cheers, Alex
  • Windows 10 are for business people so normal people don't have any rights to use windows 10 as per Microsoft . So normal people are started ignoring it...so be a business class people or buy surface
  • Eh... No... The entire mini-tablet market has gone belly up.
  • They are absolutely handy to gave. No issues with my Nuvision except for space when it's time to upgrade Windows.. I'm sure the "Surface" phone will take care of this issue. That's why we're waiting for this phone!!
  • I have the same problem. I have the original Dell Venue 8 pro (the one with the 1280x800 screen and 2GB RAM/32GB storage), been looking for a replacement and the closest I can come is the 10.8 inch Dell Lattitude 11 5175/9 which even refurbished is $400-700 for the tablet alone. There's nothing out there in the 8" size with 8GB RAM, a 1080p screen, & 128+ GB storage.
  • Question: What happened to all the premium small windows tablets Answer: No one bought any.   Somehow that ended up as an entire article.
  • I love my Kindle Fire, I hate my Kindle Fire. I wish my Kindle Fire was Windows 10. I would love to have a tablet that was much bigger than a phone, but small enough to throw in a jacket's 'garage' pocket.... also, awesome battery life would be amazing.
  • I think it was because Intel axed the Atom and the market was oversaturated by everyone and their mother getting in on the action.
  • This is a big part of it. Everyone had an 8 inch Atom powered tablet, market was saturated with something with limited demand, than Intel axed Atom so you can't really make a new and improved model.
  • Exercise some patience in the wait for new Windows 10 on ARM devices.
  • I bought my niece a Dell Venue 8 with Windows 10 Pro on it. It was refubished. I like it, she likes it, and it allows me to better manage it than what I could do on her Lumia 950. I got my nephew the Linx Vision 8 tablet with the cradle/controller. It was used. It feels great(build wise) and connects with no problems to our Xbox One even though its only got 2GB of RAM. Both of these tablets are hard to find. I would have preffered to buy them new but fortunately I was able to at least find them on eBay. I really would like a premium 8 inch tablet like you do Zac, for the full Window 10 experience, but I guess I'll just stick with my 950xl for now. Wish it had pen support though.
  • It's not just windows, Android lacks quality 8 inch tabs as well and even Apple hasn't updated the mini in what feels like forever. I too want an 8 inch tablet for note taking, I would settle for Android or Windows, several products used to exist for windows from Asus, and as you mentioned in the article Dell and HP. Samsung used to make an 8 inch Note with Android as well. Now there is nothing! There aren't even many good 10 inch options left from Windows, Android is mostly budget slates now as well. Tablet market in general has shifted as phones got larger and the 12 inch windows 2 in 1 got common. Waiting on an nuvision tablet to arrive today actually, not premium, but I've wanted an 8 inch tab for a long time and the price was right.
  • I'm in the same boat. I've been looking for a good 8" or 10" Windows 10 tablet for light use (email, web browsing, reading books, etc), and while I don't need a premium device for that - I would like the tablet to have a USB-C connector on it. I'm over Micro-USB and don't want to maintain cables for it, also the interface is too flimsy and prone to failure. 
  • HP is still in the game with HP Pro Tablet 8 , http://www8.hp.com/us/en/ads/new-style-it/protablet608.html Let's see if there are going to be more of them with ARM when x86 on ARM is coming... 
  • Still using my 8" Lenovo Mix 2 with Windows 10 and I must say, never had any issues with the OS being touchfriendly or not. For me, all actionbuttons (and whatnot) are more than big enough. The only issue that I'm having with the tablet is the touchscreen losing it's 'touch' capability from time to time, making me connect a mouse to the mini-usb-port for usage most of the time. I couldn't find a real solution yet so, as there are more that enough smart Windows owners on this board. Anyone an idea what the problem could be? I started with Win8.1 but updated it to Win10 at every release cycle.
  • If someone came out with a nice 8 inch Windows 10 tablet with premium build for under $400 I would be highly interested. Something that woukd have either a snapdragon 835 or a Intel i5 Y series, and 8gb of RAM, and at least 128gb SSD (not eMMC), and at least 1080p display with at least 85% sRGB colors. I would pay up to $399 for something like that. Maybe $499 if it had a type cover dock and came with the type cover.
  • Won't happen when Intel charges nearly $300 for any cpu that isn't atom/ Celeron/ Pentium.
  • What happened?  What happened?  What happened? Well... Theorm #1 - The Massively Screwed-up dis-Functional Team (MSFT) doesn't get or understand the consumer. Theorm #2 - The 8-inch tablet is primarily a consumer device. Quod Erat Demonstrandum (QED) - The Massively Screwed-up dis-Functional Team (MSFT) doesn't build an OS that fits the needs of a consumer so there are no 8-inch tablets for the consumer.
  • Good choice i also got that nuvision tab to replace my old asus m81c, i actually use them as wp replacements lol they fit my pockets but the nuvision is a bit thicker tho, just need it with gsm modem and I can leave my lumia in a box, bring it as a camera if the need arises
  • I already own the Nuvision you bought. I have it for about a year snd still very happy with it. It's not a powerhouse, but gets the daily stuff done. Hope you enjoy it!
  •  I'd like one, too.
  • I've been hurting for a 10-inch or 8-inch Windows tablet with USB-C and 1080p, fingerprint reader, pen support, and preferably with a 3:2 aspect ratio.  Sadly, this dream consumption device doesn't exist.  Microsoft hasn't updated the Surface 3.  Nothing else exists.  The Samsung Galaxy Book is a strong contender, but no kickstand or facial recognition or fingerprint reader.  That's just sad.  I was optimistic about ARM devices until Intel threatened to sue.  Now these devices may be delayed.  Sigh...
  • i would say 8" tablets in general are not selling well. lots of people are just satisfied with a 5.7" phone and a 10-12" tablet. that said, i have a dell venue 8 pro(latest), i've hat the lenovo yoga tablet 2, asus vivotab note 8, and the original dell venue 8 pro. the battery life on the latest dell is horrible. of all the 8" tablets, my favorite was the yoga because of the shape and the kickstand. it also felt very premium. I hope they revive that with an intel m3 processor, but i doubt thats going to happen. I also have the thinkpad tablet 10, and enjoy using that a lot more then the venue 8 pro.
  • Actually the one thing I don't like in my Lumia 950 is its size. If I had a choice I would never bought a smartphone larger than 5". 8" is the only size tablet I will buy. And 15" for notebook. All the surface line have wrong sizes for me.
  • The first is there isn't a decent powered low cost chip since Intel screwed up the Atom line. So we're left with Celerons with no cellular. The reason the Surface mini was cancelled was because the mobile Office for Windows was so far behind the apps the were launching for ios. Look at the pen integration we're just getting now for Windows 10 and you can see how far behind the mini would have been.
  • Check out the Lenovo Yoga Book. I travel a lot and wanted something light, pen support, and lighted keyboard. The Yoga Book fit the bill. 10" screen, 2 in 1 design can be used as a tablet, comes with a pen, and only 1.5lbs. I picked up one new for $380. A great laptop/tablet for a traveler.
  • I recently saw this Bak USA Seal tablet and it's pretty nice with solid specs(8gbs RAM) but I don't need the ruggedized outside https://www.bakusa.com/computers/seal#tab2
  • I wonder if this indicates they are losing another segment of enterprise customers. That size tablet also seems ideal for mobile workforce in some industries.
  • I have a Dell Venue 8 Pro that I still use all the time. It's the 64GB version and I have the pen and the bluetooth keyboard/case from Dell. I've thought about getting a Surface 3 to replace it, but I don't need anything that large. Most of the time when I travel I take my Surface Book with performance base, but sometimes I want to travel really light and the Dell still works very well. It's much faster than you would think considering the Atom processor and 2GB of RAM.
  • "wherefore" means "why", not "where"
  • Nutella ate them all.
  • W8 was great for touch screen, W8.1 made it lackluster, and W10 made it bad.
  • Uhm, how was Windows 8.1 worse than 8.1 for touch? I think 8.1.1 was the best touch experience on my Surface Pro, Windows 10 made it worse by taking away a lot functions and shortcuts: Uhm, how was Windows 8.1 worse than 8.1 for touch? I think 8.1.1 was the best touch experience on my Surface Pro, Windows 10 made it worse by taking away a lot functions and shortcuts: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/insider/forum/insider_wintp-insider_... Also, the touch experience on Windows 10 just isn't as smooth and responsive as Windows 8.1.1 IMO.
  • What would be the point? For small formats you need apps that use the screen wisely. You can use the browser if you have to, but that can't be the main use. You can't even install a Kindle reader anymore. The UWP market is dying due to a lack of mobile devices. I'm thinking of an 8" tablet but it will likely be a kindle.
  • have a lumia 950 and surface pro 4 but am on my lumia 2520 because its lovely. .....  
  • Wanted one like yesterday
  • Then its over for Microsoft for tablet market :/   But WHY i see EVERYWHERE cheap Android stuff??!!   Why not Windows!? why does Microsoft nothing????   Windows is a GREAT OS for tablet but there is NO tablets with Windows on the markwt only android and iOS.   But what does Google that Microsoft can't?   I supspected moore cheap tablets with Windows with fast cpu and 4GB ram.    
  • Intel canceled Willow Trail platform so there is no replacement for 3 years old Chery Trail. The cheep tablets are using old SoC and larger tablets are using Core M. I have old 8" tablet and I hope Microsoft will soon release Windows on ARM. Because it is the only way to have new 8" Windows tablets.
  • Microsoft seem to have two stalwart partners in HP and Acer. Both have issues at times, but both seem to try and support the majority of the Microsoft ecosystem. In relation to the tablet question however, Zac, you should look at the HP Pro Tablet 608. It comes in three configurations including one with LTE. I know that I have been looking at them and trying to fit them into my budget. I am a big fan of the small form factor devices. I have an evil IPad mini that was issued to me by work, a Dell Venue 8 Pro that I upgraded to Win 10 (I am handing that off to my daughter for school, along with the pen and matching keyboard), and even a WinBook 8" tablet that I also was able to upgrade to Win10, that I use as more of an ebook reader (it has usb A and micro usb) I also use the WinBook to scan the thumb drives that my students turn in to me (I teach business and computer science at a small high school).
  • I've got a Dell Venue 8 Pro and it's horrible on Windows 10. The biggest issue is heat. Of course, heat means that something is working extra hard sucking down current like a drunk in a bar and battery life has suffered severly. Dell released a chipset driver to address the issue but it never really fixed it. Unfortunately, it was upgraded prior to official release and now I can't go back to 8.1. Now it and it's pen sit on a shelf collecting dust. 
  • You should try a reset (it will reset to Windows 10), I'm running mine on Creators update and it's working great.
  • Waiting for a new one also. I recently bought an old HP Stream 8 with 3G off ebay. Works really well for a device with one 1GB of RAM. I tought I would have to go slow and only run one thing at a time. But it continually amazes me. The other cheap brands don't interest me as I don't have any confidence in them. The fact that the one being pushed by Microsoft can only manage 3 stars as a rating confirms this. 8 inch is a great casual size for non work related stuff, or work related stuff if you really have no choice. Thats how I use it any way.
  • Been searching for this form factor for months. Finally found an HP Envy 8 Note LTE. Has the pen, Has the LTE (with some work, T-Mobile supported), and isn't running the worst specs I've ever seen.  It isn't perfect, but it will get the job done.
  • I have a Thinkpad 8 and love it, it does everything I need. Battery life could be better but I have never be able to drain it completely in one use so it's fine for me.
  • I had one of those. Loved it, but someone stole it.  I have a Stream 8 now. Hopefully Lenovo makes another like it soon.
  • most likely awaiting windows on ARM and Cshell, I would love to get an eight-ten inch device with LTE.  Currently looking at the galaxy book, but that is only available for verizon at the moment.  Any idea when that exclusivity is over?
  • You forgot to mention in the article that at this relative small screen size apps have the edge over browser use. This is where the weak Store comes in. So there is your answer. They don't make these devices for the same reason as they don't make phones.
  • This Zack guy maybe in the market for a mini W10 tablet but obviously nobody else is. The poor guy wrote a whole article outlining his confusion over this fact. Probably because he isn't a business person so he doesn't understand companies go into particular markets to......make money. What a novel concept! It's the same lament these people have with WM...o why o why are there no windows mobile phones.....um they don't sell. Amazing how some people don't get this simple concept.
  • I got the NuVision TM800W610L. It is a pretty decent Windows Tablet. The only bad thing is the slow wi-fi as is uses 2.4 mhz only and not 5 mhz. There is another version of the tablet that comes with Windows 10 Pro. This one comes with Window Home.  These tablets don't have any bloatware installed.
  • The 8 inch Windows tablet is no longer seen as profitable as Windows is now seen almost entirely for business users, and 8 inch just isn't big enough for business use. I would love Windows to compete on all tablet fronts too, but Microsoft have the most broad range of products of any company I can think of, so they're allowed to let this one go!  
  • No
  • A lack of marketing, and larger smartphones, happened.
  • Truth is lack of a good tablet experience is what happened.  Nothing more.  Large smartphones, while taking away from android and IOS smaller devices are a non issue since MS never had a compelling large phone. 
  • the tablet mode is really very bad in windows 10 compared to windows 8. plain and simple problem for multitasking: you have 3 opened apps, two of them snapped by each other but the third one you need full screen. just ry to cycle throught them in any way - snapped windows will be full screen next time. in windows 8 you got back to your split screen setup every time you went back to one of those. i just can't work like this resnapping windows every time
  • Agreed, so many handy tablet functions missing in Windows 10 from Windows 8.1.1. There's lots of feedback for this, yet Microsoft still being a lazy slut in fixing them: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/insider/forum/insider_wintp-insider_... Now, apple is copying those handy functions into iOS 11.
  • I've had the Dell Venue 8 Pro for years, and mine is currently running W10 Pro.  It's a 64GB version with the 1200x800 screen.
    Last Christmas I bought a NuVision 8" with a Atom X 8300 processor and a terrific 1920x1200 screen, but only 2GB of RAM. Overall, the three year old Dell is still a better expereince, even with it's older Atom processor.  Double the RAM helps, and the solid state drive in the Dell is WAY faster than the one in the NuVision. If NuVison would take the one I bought, give it 4GB of RAM, and a better quality SSD, I'd be willing to spend $200 or so on it.  Give me 6GB or 8GB of RAM and 128GB of SSD, and a pen that slids into the housing, and I'd pay $300 - $325.
  • Hi made the decision to buy a CHUWI Hi8 Pro but this became the worse decision i have made with technology. It awkward to use, the issue with the Smart Menu on an 8ich screen is all too evident, has an issue where the device enters deep sleep and is murder to recover from plus the screen detects phantom screen presses all too often. When it comes to support this has to be the worst experience ever encountered from a manufacturer. There are no dedicated webpages to different devices containing drivers, bios updates etc instead everything is done on the CHUWI Forum and file hosting is third-party so if you need a driver update, click the link presented, get taken to a Dropbox webpage and get presented with a message stating the user has went over their allowance and the link has been disabled. Lately they have started to use MEGA to host their files but this is not an ideal situation to encouter if one is desperately trying the find a driver. Finally actually updating the bios. No native x32/x64 desktop installer is available, instead one needs to enter the bios and update via USB provided one has bought a USB Hub with OTG and a USB Type C connector when they bought the tablet in the first place!. My option avoid these tablets unless you love a challage and have a number of hours to resolve issues.
  • You get what you pay for... Hopefully some of the big manufacturers with better quality devices and support will rescue us.
  • For $60/ea, I purchased my kids four of the NuVision tablets from the Microsoft Store in December and couldn't refuse the price. They may not be premium devices, but they're really great devices for the money. I've emailed NuVision a week ago asking if they'd be releasing anything on ARM in the near future, but no replies yet.
  • @Zac maybe Whartonbrooks could make one? lol
  • Finally! A Windows Central author admits Windows 10 is a worse tablet experience than Windows 8.1.1. Windows 8.1.1 was much smoother and responsive tablet experience, faster with gesture shortcuts, and simpler to organize the start screen as you could select multiple tiles and perform an action on them simultaneously or move them. Only its mouse/keyboard experience needed refining, yet fukn Windows 10 tablet mode dumped a whole lot more: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/insider/forum/insider_wintp-insider_... Really wish they'd take Tablet mode a lot more seriously. Really missing the following: - Selecting and organizing multiple tiles at once. Windows 10's start menu is stupidly tedious to organize. - Split screen multitasking in portrait mode. Android Smartphones have been going this for years, yet Windows 10 Tablet Mode still lacks it, have to switch to Desktop mode to get such. Pathetic. - Pinning anything to the start screen and being able to quickly find it via windows search. For some stupid reason, if I pin one of my portable applications to start, the fukn Cortana search is too dumb to find it. - Quick access to all apps screen with a simple swipe of the start screen. This was in Windows 8.1.1.
  • I just bought a couple NuVision 8" for my 2 girls ages 8 and 5. They used to share and iPad mini but needed something for themselves and they surprisingly use it more than the iPad mini mainly for movies, YouTube and some games they've downloaded. Just a shame we don't have YouTube kids 👎
  • I'm still using my old Dell Venue 8 Pro (5830) that I bought 4 years ago. I now have the latest Win 10 1703 - 15063. It runs better than ever; although, I did have issues with Win 10 1604. I thought my tablet was on it's last leg as it kept loosing it's WiFi connectivity and the BSD was becoming more frequent. I've factory reset it a few times but have the same result. I was at the verge of looking for a replacement and would prefer to stay at the 8" size because of it's size and weight. Not until updating to 1703 that resolved a lot of the issues and now, it's running great. I hope that the updates will keep it running for much longer until the battery is long exhausted. I'd love to have an 8" tablet laying around.
  • Isn't everyone having this issue though? Not just Window's but Apple and Android. I recently looked and Android tablets and they pretty much are the same as they were 2 yrs ago. Not many new refreshes that are considered an upgrade.
  • You need to widen your search. Plenty of quality 8 inch androids out there. Lenovo just released another. I mean, have you ever heard of Samsung? No one makes for Apple so that is not even an argument.
  • I really want to get my wife a 10in tablet for simple stuff (mostly surfing the internet and listening to music.)  I almost bought the NuVision when it was on sale, but read the horrible reviews and decided against it.  Hopefully someone will come out with something useful for a good price.
  • The Surface Pro 2 is still a great device, I'm still using mine with Windows 10 Pro. Later Surface Pro s just haven't been worth the upgrade without Thunderbolt 3.
  • Unless you are completely averse to apple products, the $329 iPad is a great purchase choice. You know it runs fast and smooth and will be supported for at least 4 years.
    Every other choice has some kind on uncertainty attached
  • Linx are a good make I have a really low spec one and its ok but the newer ones have more ram and cpu power and they look pretty nice.
  • Not only is Windows 10's UI not ideal for tablets like 8.1 was, it also runs like absolute trash with iPad Mini 4 comparable specs. (2gb ram, etc)
  • Simply put, phablets with their 6" and Netbooks with their 11.6" attract more customers more than small tablets between 7" and 10" The last successful Android tablet was the Nexus 7, today the iPad Mini is the only remaining popular tablet.  If Microsoft wants to compete with iPad Mini, they need to fix app gap problem first, and one way is to allow Android apps to run on Windows but without emulator software like Bluestacks. I'm sure iOS or Android is much better experience for a tablet than Windows 10 at it current state 
  • It's the lack of atom chips, plain and simple. With no chip to power your tablet, there's no tablet.
  • The Venue 8 Pro I gave my dad has gone to the great tablet heaven in the sky recently and we've been looking for a replacement.  My dad only uses his tablets to read the news, watch car repair videos in youtube and email friends and family.  I gave him the windows tablet to pre-empt him buying an ipad years ago.  Over the time he had with the tablet, I've noticed that he wasn't quite comfortable with it.  Some of it is attributable to the upgrade from windows 8 to 10 but most of it was due to its size.  at 8 inches, it was nice to look at and great to hold but in actual usability he wished it was a little bit bigger.   He's been eyeing my surface pro since forever and it's the size he wants but since he's also aware of what he usual does on his tablet he would also go for an 8" tablet as long as it's not expensive. To boil it down, his ideal size was a surface pro but he could overlook an 8" tablet's small screen if the costs are low enough.  So I don't think my dad would go for a premium 8" tablet if there's a 10" alternative out there.
  • Lenovo Miix 320, Samsung Galaxy Book
  • I'm in the Philippines, we're geographically close to China so we're flooded/dumped by cheap but good-enough whitelabel 10" windows tablets.  So I'm not limited to the big name brands like lenovo, samsung, dell, hp or etc, or even the well-known chinese ones.  After looking around a bit my price ceiling has changed dramatically for casual windows tablets.  I can get his preferred size with enough power suitable for his use for less than $100.  It even has a keyboard attachment if you could believe it.  It's Crazy.  :D
  • I am on the market for a small Windows 10 tablet. My dream is a 9 inch tablet with hi resolution screen, gps, stylus, 4 Gb of RAM and 64 Gb of storage; it must have USB-C connector. I have found the HP Pro Tablet 608 G1; it is 7.86 inches and is only lacking the pen support. The price is high though.
    Another candidate is the Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6, it has all the function of my dream machine except for the 10.6 inches. It is also twice the weight as the HP Pro 608. Almost twice the price as well here in Canada.
  • I really dislike Samsung tablets. Although I've only used them with Android not Windows, so maybe that's the problem....
  • I have the same trouble with Android Samsung products. I would like some feedback on the device but it seems too new.
  • I have use for a machine about 8". Sometimes the Pro 4 is too big for what I want, and my Elite x3 is too small and doesn't have pen support, so I'd have quite a bit of use from something in the middle.
  • I had a venue 8 pro, although it was a 2gb model with 32 gigs storage. I found the whole experience frustrating, as there were just too many things that
    needed a bigger screen. A 10" form to me is ideal as Windows just does not seem completely optimized for 8" displays.
  • You obvoiusly bought the wrond device for your usage. Windows is fine on 8 inch depending on what you do with it.
  • " For the last few years, iPad sales declined massively. Perhaps the obsession with tablets is over. " If that is true...I think you have your answer.... But the stylus....that makes it more interesting.....
  • I guess i will not be upgrading my Surface rt anytime soon. Because i want a premium mini tablet.
  • I think the UI just doesn't work that well at eight inches. 8.9 would have been a better size IMO, but no one ever made windows tablets that size. Perhaps composable shell will help there. The other thing is the chipsets. Intel has sort of retreated from that market, and they never had things like always connected LTE, and instant on. Perhaps WoA will help there. All tablets other than budget or windows, are shrinking markets. I think people realised that other than screen size, or windows functionality, tablets don't offer anything over phones - so you may as well either go cheap, or go windows or there isn't much point. It's a shame OEM's 'called it', on smaller windows tablets. They never made anything that powerful, never anything with active stylus support, never tried 8.9 inches. They went all in with cheaper 8 inch models like the dell venue, and then gave up when hybrids came along. An 8.9 inch, could also be a hybrid. It's sort of a lack of vision IMO.
  • 8.9 would be a failure I think. Its not big enough for work, like a 10.1 or 10.6. And its too big to drop in the purse or large pants pocket like the 8 inch.
  • In general, windows is a vastly better and more powerful experience than ios or android which is why unlike Samsung and apple tablets, windows tablet makers still have growth- BUT, it scales poorly to eight inches and below, it doesn't take advantage of ARM benefits. I'd like to hope MSFT is aware of both these issues. With a small tablet oriented composable shell running on windows on arm, and some _leadership_ via the surface brand, we might see the mini-windows tablet resurrected.
  • I don't think small tablets will come back, especially as phones get larger screens in small packages. This isn't a Windows problem. Small Android and iOS tablets don't sell well either. They just don't make much sense when you always have a large phone with you that is always connected.
  • That's because people from dinosaur age want the desktop mode, so MS roll back its decision
  • Zac, I traveled the same path looking for a 7" tablet that I could put a SIM card in and use as a phone.  It is a no go.  I think the reason is that the Surface line and similar tablets are "close enough" in size and worlds better in performance.  Surface tablets replace traditional tablets and lap tops making small tablets a tough sell.
  • I was gonna "upgrade" to the nuVision tablet but my Toshiba encore with 32GB/2GB is still alive and kicking. The battery life is pretty good and it has mini Hdmi which the nuVision lacks. I'm plenty happy with the encore.
  • I did the same thing. I thought about the nu vision but I've seen so many poor reviews I decided against it. I ended up getting an android tablet instead. I window if cshell and or windows 10S will make them viable again?
  • Windows 10 just plain sucks in tablet mode. 
  • i understand why someone would want a large windows tablet (like a surface pro), but a smaller one, not so much. windows is awful on tablets, mainly because of the lack of *good* apps in the app store and because its focused on productivity, whereas something like an ipad mini is focused on entertainment. i am curious though: are there any real benefits of choosing an 8-inch windows tablet over an ipad mini 4?
  • Seriously?! Everyone is different and some of us can't stand the iOS interface. Personally, how do you find any specific app that you want on an ipad. There are like 20 on each screen, not in any order. How do you conenct to other things? Is Wifi all you need? What about USB? Video out? Micro SD? Everyone is different, and Apple is not good enough for me and several others.
  • I can think of three things that killed this segment. 1. 32GB of primary storage. Almost every 8" Windows tablet had 32 GB of primary storage, meaning every major OS update is at best needlessly painful for the technically savvy, and simply won't get done by anyone less knowledgeable. 2. The convertibles, all of which were 10" and came with a keyboard for not much more money. 3. Windows 8, then Windows 10. People just weren't ready for the change to a full screen Start screen, nevermind that Windows 8 is why a lot of us finally have touch screens over a decade after we should have. Then Windows 10 came along and people were turned off by the tiny on-screen touch controls. That said, I'm still rocking my Asus Vivotab 8 and love it. Premium feel, and the perfect size for reading books, watching some video on the go, and in a pinch actual work using full-blown Office. I'm going to miss it when the thing finally dies, because there probably won't be a decent 8" device to replace it.
  • I think part of the problem is the lack of a suitable chipset. Another problem may be that, the vocal minority notwithstanding*, the mini tablet was really just a fad. And its not just the iPad mini and Windows, but Android mini tablets are going extinct as well.
  • I don't know why MS always cancel the best product that may save it..😐
  • Did the same search about a year ago. Gave up and got an iPad mini. I love it, just wish it was Windows 10.
  • Generally speaking, hardly anybody wants small, expensive tablets
  • Not only that there are no premium 8" Windows tablets on the market, but there are also no premium 10" tablets available. The only one that is available (or will be when finally released in Europe) is the Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6". However, that one is quite overpriced in my opinion (especially having an eMMC storage). At such high prices (829 EUR for the LTE version) one starts to consider the low-end Surface Pro (7Y30/4/128 - 949 EUR, without LTE though) even if it means carrying a [slightly] bigger device.
  • My though is Satya is a DORK. Everything began to go down with him.
  • Agreed!
  • I agree with some others here that the lack of an Intel chipset is one of the big reasons. If the 8 inch windows tablet was such a disaster as some on here say, why did all the major manufactuer have one, and then release new editions afterwards. Until the Intel chipsets stopped. They were not paying for Windows (at least the one designed for devices under 10 inches). Everyone is different and has different needs. While some can't stand Windows 10 start screen, others love it. Some people love to just browse the internet and listed to music, so a big phone is enough for them. Soem people love apps so an iOS tablet is a God send and anything else is trash because of the "app gap". Let's understand that one man's trash is another man's gold and be honest when we post these messages. Someone said there are no 8 inch androids earlier! Seriously!! Do some basic research before you post nonsense people.    
  • Tablets aren't selling like smartphones, because the upgrade cycle is longer.    Tablets generally stay on your coffee table or bedroom, so it's safe from shattering, and its battery life last longer, as it's used in a more limited fashion, for web browsing, watching movies or binging TV series on your work commute, or reading ebooks and comics and such. I have an Android Sony Xperia Z4, and I love it.   Even though it's a couple years old, it still works and looks like new, and I don't see any need to upgrade (from a 2K, 10.1 screen) for a long while, maybe another couple years.   Basically, the life cycle is much longer than manufacturers anticipated.
  • I have the Dell V8 that I keep on the W10 Fast ring. Its performance is so slow that it becomes of little use: music, reading, and watching movies. If more interaction is needed, then the waiting times get too long. Too limited processors killed that market... in my humble opinion... And manufacturers know it.
  • Please tell us why you are complaining about a tablet you are using on Microsoft's alpha (i.e. bug ridden) software program? Are you a Microsoft insider?
  • Obviously he is an Insider if he is running Fast Ring, doesn't make his statement false. I have the first-gen Dell V8P with BayTrail with W10 Creators Update and it is quite slow. Basic things like swiping from the right for the Action Center lag. It's forgivable for 3.5 year-old tech that was first-gen in terms of small Windows tablets. However, the problem is there was no succeeding hardware that truly improved on it. CherryTrail had negligable CPU speed improvements, GPU improvements got wiped out by higher resolution screens, and battery life actually suffered in the second-gen products. Only thing that will save this segment is Windows on Arm, but people need to be prepared that with a Snapdragon 835 any such device is gonna be ultra-premium, easily $450+. Best case scenario is take something like the OnePlus 5 and have that in a larger form factor and bigger battery with comparable pricing.
  • I have a HP Stream 7 but it is rather slow, low storage and no pen. I actually got it in the USA on offer at a Microsoft Store. It was worth it for the included Office 365 Home subscription. I did update to Windows 10 but its still slow. Not a great experience and no apps. On the other hand the (cough) ultra mobile PC is coming and it's not going to be a phone. So it will sit in the mini-tablet space at a premium price. Good luck Microsoft.
  • Mine has gotten better with the last updates, but, yeah, its overmatched and the storage is its achilles heel for sure.  Agreed, Terry Myerson said we'd seen tablets running W10A first, before phones...so I think manufacturers will test the waters once again over the holidays & early 2018.
  • i really like the 7 to 8 inch form factor for its comfort to hold... it's a shame its a shrinking market. 
  • Yeah. In the given atmosphere for windows mobile dying/rebooting, I was thinking owning such a small windows tablet would rather be cool, accompanied with an android phone or something..
  • So why did you guys give Win 10 Tablet Mode such a pass when Win10 was still in preview? You guys glossed right over it at the time like it wasn't missing anything at all.
  • huh?! Did you just wake up? Windows 10 is almost 2 years old. It was missing whole lot of things which the Microsoft insiders told them about and microsoft improved it significantly since then based on that and their own testing.
  • Cost notwithstanding, the upcoming Surface Note/Phone will meet requirements.
  • I would love to see one, Yes I do think in part that Softwear is to blame need for large amounts of space on the SSD. Although the biggest is the APPS. Like the phone people us the small tablets with mobile APPS. GPS, Pokimon Go, Smart Iot remote. Those items are not there. I would like to see a Small Surface Note. The area that it would be great for would be Notes. If I had a 8 inch with the same capabilities of the Surface 3, I would get one as long as it was around $400.
  • I've the HP tablet and the dell (hiding somewhere) (it's my sacrifical Fast Ring computer), and I do like using OneNote on it, I think it would do better with a bit more ram and a mobile core i3 or maybe a snapdragon 835. What I like about the HP: it is LTE capable, so no messing around with hotspots and the like when I want to connect.  
  • I purchased an Insignia 8" Windows tablet for use at my Church. The tablet's specifications are similar to the NuVision 8", so, I'm wondering if the physical devices are manufactured by a single company. To be sure, the Insignia won't replace a laptop, 2-in-1 or desktop. But, as a basic consumption device, it works well. The thing about these tablets is that, if you add accessories...such as a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard...you could spend more for the add-ons than you did for the tablet. If I could add one feature to these mini tablets...it would be the ability to use 5 GHz WiFi bands. As of now, mini tablets can only access 2.4 GHz bands.
  • Not really interested in 8" Windows tablets, but what I just can't find is a really powerful 10" Windows tablets, they all seem to be running Atom processors at that size and most only have 2GB RAM, you need to go 11" and up to at least get a Core-m and 4GB or more.  I didn't really shop recently but that was the case last summer. I bought last year a Lenovo Yoga 710 11" with Core-m5.  I'm quite satisfied but wish it was a bit smaller.  It's actually 11.6".  Loved my Asus Transformer Book 100 a few years back, but Atom didn't cut it for me anymore.
  • Because Tablet mode, a lot like Windows Mobile, seems like an afterthought Microsoft can't be bothered putting any effort into.  Some small improvements to 8.1's system would have been fine, but no, they chuck it all out and give us something that's actually a step backwards. I can't even stand the fact that it forces a vertical scroll, even when you turn things landscape. That's ridiculous.
  • Great question. Very useful market that has been overlooked. HP Stream 7 and NuVision tab have both been great for me in between Surface, Laptops, and Windows Phones
  • I like windows tablets better than android ones. But as a developer I would like to have something different from a tablet like iOS running on it or Ubuntu, tizen, or sailfish. That seems to be logical at this point
  • nothing is correct with Windows 8" tablet -UI is not properly scale -Go with cheap price is cheap quality, underpower specs
  • My almost three year old Lenovo Thinkpad 8 runs fine with W10 CU. It serves as an eReader and is large enough for everyday tasks. Unfortunately, no pen support!
  • Folks I think the reason Microsoft will introduce the dual screen minit Surface tablet is because there are too few  Windows 10 Microsoft Mini Tablets on the market. I hope microsoft makes an atom cpu Version because they will run full Windows 10 easier than a ARMS CPU version that uses Windows 10 on ARMS software. but icould be wrong about that
  • Mosty agreed. There are a number of reasons to want a good, fully featured, small windows tablet:
    Why full featured? As the author points out, there are still a few offerings from NuVision, Chuwi, and such that sit in the $100-$200, 2-4GB RAM, 32-64GB HD, 8-10 inch range. They're actually quite good considering price, but they can have some frustrating lacks. For instance, the NuVision 8 inch (2GB+32GB) has only one micro USB port and it's also used for charging. (You can't power the unit itself and use an external drive or stick.) 32GB is barely sufficient, even keeping the Windows install as svelte as possible. A Chuwi 10 inch (4GB+64GB) solves a lot of those issues but still requires that you dump the Android side to maximize available storage.
    Why a tablet? If you're highly mobile, you need something that's as small as possible so that carrying it around with you isn't so much a burden that you're likely just to leave it behind. At the same time, you need enough real-estate that you're not constantly scrolling, zooming, and pinching to get things done. I can do an amazing lot of things on my phone, but for some things, I just need to be able to see more at once. Then there's typing. The pop-up keyboard covers about 1/3 of the screen on my phone and slows my typing down to about 1/3 as well. That's OK for a paragraph but unthinkable for even a page. Even the NuVision 8 inch sports a display that does 1920x1200, so you don't get the small screen issues that the author mentioned. (It's not for folks that have trouble with small text though.)
    Why Windows? There are things that are only possible on a machine that runs Windows. MS Access is a big one for me. As I said, I can do an amazing lot of things on a phone and a few more on an Android or iOS tablet, but there's always this list of things they can't do. I need Windows. (On a side note, why is it that some folks insist on making tablet apps that are stripped-down from the functionality of their desktop counterparts?)
    So yes, I'd welcome something that isn't as pricey as the Surface while having more features than the NuVision or Chuwi offerings. The thing is, I realize, as apparently do the manufacturers, that my needs aren't that common. Apple has the fan-boy advantage here. If they build it, people will buy it. With a Windows machine, people only buy it if it actually meets their needs :)
  • For a small tablet to be successful, there needs to be many great touch-based apps available. Microsoft doesn't offer that.
  • MS needs to ditch the live tile concept. The full desktop on a tablet never did work for me. I tried to get used to it but I never did. I suspect I am not alone.
  • You are alone. ;-)
  • I saw an eight-inch Insignia Windows 10 tablet on display at Best Buy, near where I live. I wouldn't mind having a low-cost Windows 10 tablet, so long as it does everything I need it to do, which is basically everything listed at the beginning of this article: "notetaking, entertainment consumption, web browsing and email." I'd really love a Windows or an Android tablet to do all of this on, just because of the bigger display and the convenience of it. Maybe Microsoft will return to its Surface Mini ideas one day. There's a difference between an idea being shelved and an idea being trashed.
  • Its the software - plain and simple.   Windows 10 is a great OS.  I have several windows tablets (Thinkpad 10 and Thinkpad 8).  I love the Thinkpad 8, BUT I find myself using my android 8" tablet the most because of the apps.   Apps that are in the MS store are not "tablet like" if they are there at all.  For example, Kindle - not available - the version direct from Amazon nowhere near as good as the Android versions, same with Amazon music... just 2 examples.   There are some good apps - tune in finally works well after all these years, and I like flipboard and the weather apps.
  • You are missing the key reason... INTEL Intel isn't making any new mobile chips. As of mid-2016, now future Atom chips will be designed and its has cut back on production of existing chips. You won't find any premium Windows 10 tablets since there are no premium processors for it. Hard to sell a $400+ 8" tablet running a 2016-err atom processor which few companies can reliably source -- especially facing a Galaxy or iPad powered by a modern processor. The industry is waiting for Windows on ARM and a switch to Qualcomm chips. These should be less expensive, lighter, thinner, use less power, have on-chip BT/WiFi/LTE/5G, etc. HP Envy-2 is coming out on ARM. Eventually, they'll likely work their way down to smaller devices. It is also likely many vendors will wait for Microsoft's Andromeda device -- likely a 6" folding screen phone/pen tablet hybrid.