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Here are the missing features from the Nokia Lumia 730 and Lumia 830 that you may care about

Although the Lumia 730, Lumia 735 and Lumia 830 are impressive from our first impressions, as always there are a few caveats about features that are not there. Now, before everyone gets in tizzy about missing features, Microsoft obviously does this to separate out value between devices, or more specifically, the more stuff, the more it costs.

After playing around with the both phones for a little while, we have a partial list of popular Lumia features that are not available. Although these are not 'make or break' features for most people, for some their absence could be a letdown.

I'll leave the editorializing to you folks as I know you like to vent. Personally speaking, although I would like a Lumia with everything, none of what is written below is taming my enthusiasm for either Lumia. I'm of the firm belief that once you hold and use either the Lumia 735 or Lumia 830, the value and experience overcomes any features left on the cutting room table.

Lumia 730/Lumia 735

  • Glance – No
  • Double tap to wake – Yes
  • ClearBlack display – Yes
  • Dedicated camera button – No
  • Qi wireless – Yes
  • Hide on-screen keys – Yes
  • Cortana passive-voice activation – No (needs Snapdragon 80x)
  • Dolby Digital sound – No
  • Dolby Audio levelling – No
  • Dolby Dialog enhancer - No
  • Virtual Surround sound - Yes
  • Flip to silence – Yes
  • Graphic equalizer – Yes
  • Motion Data – Yes
  • Haptic feedback for on-screen keys – Yes
  • Sunlight readability – Yes
  • Battery Saver brightness – Yes
  • Brightness Profile – Yes
  • Color Profile – Yes

Lumia 830

  • Glance – Yes
  • Double tap to wake – Yes
  • ClearBlack display – Yes
  • Dedicated camera button – Yes
  • Qi wireless – Yes
  • Cortana passive-voice activation – No (needs Snapdragon 80x)
  • Dolby Digital sound – Yes
  • Dolby Audio levelling – Yes
  • Dolby Dialog enhancer - Yes
  • Virtual Surround sound - Yes
  • Flip to silence – Yes
  • Graphic equalizer – Yes
  • Motion Data – Yes
  • Haptic feedback for on-screen keys – Yes
  • Sunlight readability – Yes
  • Battery Saver brightness – Yes
  • Brightness Profile – Yes
  • Color Profile – Yes

As you can see, with the Lumia 830 you basically get everything that the high-end flagships have, except for more megapixels for the camera, 2 GB of RAM and more expensive Snapdragon processor. However, those are some nitty-gritty details that most consumers would have a tough time explaining the value of to a passerby. What matters is the core experience and from that perspective, the Lumia 830 looks to deliver.

For the Lumia 730, the biggest omission is Glance and Dolby audio support. The Dolby stuff is a big cost due to licensing, and it makes sense to cut that where possible, but the lack of Glance is a real bummer, especially since the Lumia 720 did have it. Still, users get double-tap to wake, Motion Data, ClearBlack display and lots of other perks making the Lumia 730 and Lumia 735 great values.

Does any of the above change your thoughts on either device? Where else could Microsoft cut corners to keep the price low on these phones?

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • So the 830 has glance but the 930 doesn't. Interesting
  • 930 was an oversight AFAIK, one they don't want to repeat.
  • Erm a lil correction...when you said about glance should be Lumia 720 had mistyped 730...last paragraph of the article..
  • T-Mobile US.... ???
  • I think its 720 there... may be they corrected it later (y)
  • This I my phone. This is the phone for me. Not small not big, just right.
  • Here, have the internet sir.
  • Once upon a time, nobody cared about glance, otherwise the N9 would have sold like truckloads. Nokia brings it, everybody thinks it's a standard in wp. I have it on my 1520 but I never actually use it. It's turned off right now. What's this fuss about glance all about?
  • To me at least is that when I'm half asleep in bed and just want to check the time quickly I can wave my hand over the phone for it instead of hunting for the power button
  • Upvote #jedi
  • I have never had glance, but seeing the feature doesn't really do much for me.
  • Double tap to wake is far more useful than glance
  • Personally, double tap to wake is the first feature I disable on every Lumia device I've used and every single time I reset them. I tend to walk around with the phone in my hand, especially when I'm walking in the street listening to music. And then suddenly my music stops because I've accidentally opened a game or an app that stops the audio playing at that moment. Whoops.
  • I've never accidentally woke my phone with double tap to wake enabled. What phone are you using?
  • I have this problem on both the Lumia 925 and the 930. But as I said, it's because I fidget with the phone in my hand quite a lot, not really the phone's issue.
  • It sounds like you may not have a password on your phone.  Also there is the matter of swiping up once you wake the phone. I agree that if you are fidgeting with the phone that much you should absolutely turn it off.  At least the handset gives you that ability. Remember the days of no configurations and llocked roms?
  • you walk on the street while u listen to music ? u belong in jail !!
  • Maybe there is something from the feature that I'm missing, but I don't find it to be very difficult to press the power button to turn my phone on. Its actually a little more secure to prevent against accidental calling and button presses.
  • Where I like it, I have it set to "peek" mode, where it uses the proximity sensor to "wake" the glance screen. I pull it out of my pocket, see the time and notification icons, than slide it back in, all without even having to hit any buttons. It's set to always display when charging, so at my desk at work as well as my nightstand, the clock and notifications are always visible. And the fact that it doesn't take up much battery life at all (standard usage varience day by day is more than the difference in power it may use. IE: I can't tell that it's using any more battery power, or saving more because the information is saved in the display memory, so the cpu is still in sleep mode when I look at the time)
  • Yea, know, I had it on my 928 and used it....but, after a month or 2 moving over the ICON, I dont really miss it that much.... would it be nice, sure but, do I need it....nah...
  • I have glance ALWAYS ON. You could just put the phone in your pocket or just flip it upside down if you care about battery life. What I mainly love/use it for is alerts. The older smartphones used to have some type of LED to let you know you have an alert without turining the phone on. Glance replaces this. Not to mention you know what type of alert by just glancing at it. Picture this: you have your Lumia on a wireless charging stand (glance on) on a table across the room while you have headphones on watching Netflix. Easy to look if you have an alert pending, ya?
  • Double tap to wake is disabled for me. I keep the phone in my pocket and have several butt dials when it's on. Tells you how sensitive the Lumia screens are.
  • I find it useful at the cinema. I can check the time without being obnoxious and lighting the room up
  • Looking at this information, it seems that for MS/Nokia, the difference between a mid-range device (730) and an affordable high-end (830) is three things: Glance support, Dolby Support, and $160 price difference It does seem that Glance is very important!
  • And a bigger screen. And more internal memory. And a much better main camera. And a metallic design (or at least partially). I'd say the $160 price difference is justified.
  • I'm glad you see it that way, but I'm sceptical a lot of people can be convinced to agree. I think it's a really nice device. I'll probably end up getting one. I just think it's missing the wow-factor that is required to get people to say yeah, this actually is an affordable high-end device and I'll be happy to spend $440 on it. The camera is the only "obvious" and functional advantage over the 730 due to having OIS, but otherwise that too is barely above what the 730 offers (at least on paper). I think this device's biggest competitor will be the 730. I think it's just too close in terms of performance/features and too far appart in terms of price.
  • Mabe a lot of peope might or might not agree with him or you, but I agree with him
  • Yeah that's how things are. You make is sound like he's not right when is the other way around.
  • But when both have same processor with same capacity & especially lumia 730 is with 5 MP selfie camera & better pixel density screen, that price difference seems to be severely unjustified.
  • Turn it on and find out. I just glanced at my 1520 and I know it is 10:57am,I have 5 Outlook Emails, 2 Hotmail emails and 2 Work emails.....I didn't have to touch my phone at all. With glance off, you have to touch/unlock your phone to get the information. Glance is for convenience. Sure, I can reach for my phone that is on my desk, even double tape the screen but I shouldn't have to, I don't want to and with Glance, I don't actually have to. Hmmmm...I just glanced at my phone again, my alarm is turned on.
  • You win! I think I like glance as much as you. I have my 810 set to display for a few seconds when I pull it out of my pocket, and always on when plugged in. At 10 pm it changes to red and doesn't bother me when I sleep. At 5 am it turns white again. I love Glance. It's one of the main reasons I'll be getting an 830 instead of a 930. This 830 is going to easily meet my needs.
  • The N9 sold more than 2 million units, with no promotion, a DOA operating system, and no support. How could have it sell, with proper promotion, with proper support and with being present in all relevant markets in the first place is something that remains to be seen.
  • And the N9 had Glance! Wasn't it the first phone with this feature. And actually a feature you could tweak as you would using apps like Billboard.
  • No, my N8 already had glance. Glance is also way better on Amoled like on the N8/9.
  • Use glance and you shall understand the fuss. I couldn't imagine a Lumia phone without"Glance." Proud 928 owner.
  • I built a matched pair of upright Lego stands with Qi pucks in them.
    When I get home I put my phone on the stand on my desk and can easily see what emails are coming into what accounts, and when playing full-screen games I have an easy to see clock. When I was running a small business then it sat on the stand at my office desk and I could easily see how many calls/texts/emails came in while I stepped into another room for a minute.
    At night it rests on the stand on the bedside table and I can easily see what time it is when the kiddos wake me up in the middle of the night so I can decide if it is time to go ahead and get up, or drag them back to their beds.
    Most of the time when I am out an about I just want to check the time, and by the time it is out of my pocket then the glance screen is up letting me know what time it is without having to press or tap anything at all. Or if it is laying on a table then just waving my hand over it tells me the time and notifications without having to fumble about with the device at all. For some of us, the Glance screen is the most-used feature on our phones, and not having it is a bit of a deal breaker. With the last few phones not having it I thought it was not going to be a supported feature going forward, so I am very happy to see it come back. If you don't want it, then turn it off.
  • A) Get a bedside clock. I've got one with DAB radio built in, and its sets the clocks time by DAB and automatically adjust for daylight savings. B) Buy a watch Really, glance is not a big deal. Seriously.
  • OK. So why buy a smartphone? A basic phone can do. And laptops are still available to play games/email/surf net and all. The point is, if you don't need glance, no need to justify yourself by saying whatever you said.
  • Not having to interact with your phone to know if there's anything new (messages, missed calls, skype and whatever else you want) makes a lot of sense. Being able to just look at it to know if there's anything new is a convenience you only appreciate after using it. Of course, you'll need it always on - battery life is not meaningfully reduced, especially if you carry it in a pocket or other closed place.
  • It is a fantastic function. That is the fuss about it.
  • When we didn't have action center, that's was my notification center...actually double tap, glance and ultra sensitive touch are my fav features (clear black to, but only 5XX doesn't have it)
  • Personally I pull my phone out of my pocket to check the time and notifications all day. With glance, pulling it from my pocket turns glance on, so I can see that stuff, put it back in my pocket, screen turns off again. Less battery than fully turning the screen on, and easier than getting pulled into unlocking the phone and looking at things.
  • Glance is invaluable to me. Being able to check the time/miscalls/texts without having to constantly turn on the screen is great in a variety of settings (when half asleep, meetings, etc)
  • I have glance on all the time in my 1520 this way if I'm in bed I can just take a look at my Lumia and se the time or during the day I just talked it out of my bag and it shows me the time :D also I can see how many notifications I have.
  • The should make an upgrade -> 930g  ( g=glance )
  • it will make misunderstanding hence 930g means 930 grams lol
  • Wrong use of the word "hence". Nice try though lol
  • well that's my bad lol
    anyway thanks for telling me :P
  • Yup, it's so annoying right now, there's no one phone that has everything. Well the 1520 does I suppose, but I don't want something that big. The 930 would have been perfect if it had glance (and well was a little skinnier). The 830 tempts me, but the passive voice stuff that's coming would be a big loss. There's always something. Well, let's hope we get a 1030 soon, that should be perfect.
  • Yes, that would finally be a complete upgrade from my 920 that fits in my pocket.
  • Yeah, I really want to upgrade to the 930 from my 920. But without glance, i will pass.
  • I'd say they wouldn't want to repeat it.....I'm going to upgrade from my Lumia 920 to the 830 because of this very reason, love glance screen, have it set so always show when charging, roll over and see time in bed of a morning, love it. Spose I could just buy a clock.....but I mean I'm not always home either!
  • The only reason I have Glance turned on all the time is because there's no blinking notification LED, and with Glance I can see if I have any lost call or pending message to read.
  • I so wish WP had LED notification as an option.
  • Glance is way less annoying if you sleep in the same room as your phone.
  • I thought they skipped it because it would make production and price more expensive? Though, yes, lack of glance kills the 930 for me.
  • So.. probably, there's a Lumia 935 comimg soon. God is good!!!
  • Good, glad the 930 was just an oversight. I won't buy another WP without glance, it's one of the best features on my 928.
  • +925. It's also the one feature that no other phones have. LG and HTC try to make similar things with their circle case and dot case, but you have to press the power button anyway so it's kind of pointless. There aren't many features to make iOS and non nokia X Android users say "cool," but this is definitely one of them.
  • Daniel, thanks for the specifics and the size the 830 looks incredible.  This phone seems to hit the spot and as I’m a “non gamer” I don’t think that the SD400 will make a difference, I have the 920 now with DP8.1.1.  The only thing that that ruins the WP experience is that the same device is different for each carrier ‘Hardware” (Apple to their credit has this locked down).  The carries should really focus on plan pricing and service and a carrier should not dictate wireless charging standards.  As most on this site would agree the built in Qi in the 830 is very welcome, hopefully ATT won't remove it.
  • Given AT&T's lackluster support for WP, I'm wondering if they'll even offer the 830.
  • Icon I understand but they had time to change it for the 930 I'd imagine.
  • Enough of an oversight to send me back to the 1020 after a week. Serious error, although I'm used to glance since the N8/N9, so rely on it instead of a watch. That and the weight and crap battery and overheating and flickering and poor camera and etc. Etc...... Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • You think they would make a 931 or 935  just to fix that? that would cool...but expensive.
  • @ Daniel "Now, before everyone gets in tizzy about missing features, Microsoft obviously does this to separate out value between devices, or more specifically, the more stuff, the more it costs." This is not entirely true (which is a criticism of Microsoft/Nokia, not your comment). The reality is that there are often compromises on the higher end models as well, like no expandable storage on ANY of the 9xx series, and no Glance screen on the 930. Also, no removable backs or batteries on the high-end models. I consider those compromises because, from a consumer's standpoint, many flagship Android phones DO have most of those features (except Glance, of course). I think this is one reason that Windows Phones have had trouble gaining traction. It's simply easier for sales associates to "sell the specs" of an Android phone. Maybe Microsoft/Nokia is doing this intentionally... you know, to leave room for its OEM partners to offer these things... but, honestly, I hate it. I always feel like I have to compromise something with a Nokia device... and it's frustrating.
  • Yeah, the "high-end budget" phone, the 830, has glance while the 930 doesn't to cut costs. Doesn't make much sense...
  • That was due to the screen used, it does not have display memory which looks like is THE pivotal component on which glance relies on. It is unfortunate they cut on glance on the 730 / 735 when the 720 had it, would have been nice to have.
  • Its due to the 1080p screen in the 930 lacking screen memory. The icon has the same issue, the two phones above have on 720p screens.
  • They're the same in all but name, 930 is the international version of the icon.
  • It is because they have different screen technologies. The 930 has an AMOLED screen and the 830 has an IPS LCD screen. Nokia said for some reason they couldn't do glance with the AMOLED.
  • Nope the 82x series has it. It's the screen memory thing.
  • 925 was also had an amoled display, as did most Symbian Nokias with glance.
  • read what AlastorX50 said...
    it's due to the lack of screen memory and not because of the screen type... the 1020 uses AMOLED and have Glance
    the 520 uses IPS and have no glance
  • My wife has a 520 and glance works just fine on it.
    1520 has IPS (and 1080p) and it has Glance
    920 has IPS and Glance
    928 has AMOLED and has glance The resolution, size, display technology, etc. does not matter at all. The only thing that matters is if the screen controller has memory or not. If it has it, then Glance works; if not, then glance does not work.
  • I have a 520, and it has no glance. Don't spread misinformation.
  • Don't kid man. 520 never had glance
  • So how come you can have sleeping screen on the n series phones with AMOLED?
  • Stop spreading misinformation. Actually, at first glance was only available on AMOLED displays and in fact required it, until nokia managed to do it on LCD displays too. The reason ICON and 930 don't have it is, according to nokia, the lack of display memory.
  • Amoled displays illuminate individual pixels without the use of a backlight. Lcd panels do not and need a backlight. You can use glance on either but Nokia chose not to include it on later lcd models because of the impact on battery life (the backlight needs would need to stay on).
  • Amoled displays illuminate individual pixels without the use of a backlight. Lcd panels do not and need a backlight. You can use glance on either but Nokia chose not to include it on later lcd models because of the impact on battery life (the backlight would need to stay on).
  • I have an 820 w/ AMOLED AND Glance.
  • It sounds like the 930 was ahead of its time, so much so that it would hinder future devices from being considered. I dunno.
  • the 1520 too is future proof. 930 and 1520 will get all the features of Lumia Denim
  • Ya, the 830 checks more 'yes' boxes on this list than the 'flagship' 930. I hope they release a new 935 that fixes these 'oversights'
  • The Lumia 930 support Glance in China
  • I think what's more interesting is that they announce this new "hey Cortana" feature but none of the two phones they announced has the ability....
  • Another marketing misstep. LOL.
  • if you see the hands on video, at around 2:02 you can see in app list that it has cortana
  • They are not giving Glance to OLED displays anymore.. 930 and 730 both have OLEDS, 830 uses IPS
  • They can use it just fine, and in fact it works best on amoled displays. The reason it does not work on the 530/630/730/930/Icon is because they bought cheap displays that do not have memory (or enough memory?) on the display controller. No screen memory, no Glance feature. No other factors matter on this.
    It works just fine on previous gen devices simply because they bought more fully-featured displays that have memory. Even the 520 has it, so you know it can't be THAT expensive of a feature to add.
  • i think amoled screens dont support glance...
  • Now that interactive cases are supported I would rather have that on my 930 than glance!
  • Still i consider 1520 as my upgrade.
  • I didn't regret buying this beast :) even after #moreLumias at IFA
  • On att, was considering the HTC one, but this event brings me back to the 1520. Lets hope, att is releasing one more high end phone by November.
  • I have one, and really like it. The strategy may make sense. With so many people buying the 520, these are great upgrade options for the typical, budget conscious consumer. Their partners are really jumping on as well, and the HTC One is left to shine as the only new premium device this Christmas. Unless another partner wants to step up...
  • Just got my 1520 last week. Love this phone! I'll take it over any of the newer offerings any day.
  • Thinking about giving up my 1020 for the 1520 now.
  • Wait! They might release a 1530 sooner rather than later!
  • Really? The 1520 is actually an x30 device in all but name.
  • I just meant the next generation 15xx
  • They need to bring the 1520 or its rumored upgrade 1525 to Verizon, I'm so jealous of everyone else getting the 1520 and the best we have for a phablet is a Android based handset... Sad Panda
  • Panda, turn that frown upside down!  At AT&T we don't get the Icon or M8. See, we all have first world misfortunes.
  • I agree... I'm on the 1020, and am ready for a nice high end upgrade. I'm not really a fan of the HUGE screen, but MS isn't leaving me with many options. Glance, wireless charging, and high megapixel camera are absolutely mandatory. My only option still seems to be buying the 1520.3 for use in AT&T... I can't even buy the version from the carrier due to their insipid Qi crippling for no damn reason. What a mess.
  • Agreed, if my 920 were to die today then I would get the 1520 to replace it. I am looking to replace my 920 soon-ish, but am hoping for a 1525 or 935 to be released before I bite the bullet. 930 is just too chunky, and the chunk is the only bit of the 920 that I somewhat regret; plus lack of SD and Glance support on a modern WP flagship kill it for me. Also not a fan of the housing design, but I can get past that if they fixed the other 2 issues.
    1520 is just about the perfect device, but it is nearing a year old already. I know that the 1520 SHOULD get updates and support for a good long time yet... but then again look at the support that the 920 and 1020 are getting with new features now, and the 1020 is just over a year old. I don't want to jump onto a 'new to me' device that simply isn't new and will not receive proper support during the 2 years that I intend to use it. Maybe that is paranoia speaking, but phone tech changes far too quickly to jump on a year old device.
  • Sucks.... I want a phone with glance and passive voice
  • Take a Lumia 1520 ! Lumia 1520 - the year old phone that's better than every new Lumia !
  • LOL
  • It's a bit sad I think... When will we have a TRUE flagship from MS ? What's needed is a 930 with glance support, µSD support and a 50Mpx APN (1020 successor) OR 20-25Mpx with optical zoom. Keep the Qi support (instead of an addon cover like 1020) and add the last version of qualcomm's SOC. Tadaaaaa !  
  • Well, they had McLaren supposedly ready to be in the market before Xmas before.. it was cancelled. :( Hope they can come up with its subsitute very quickly.
  • Why did you have to remind me of that.. It's was so hard to forget that. And now it's up infront of me :P 
  • Yeah, with a price tag of $700.. Get real people..
  • What's the problem of having a $700 price tag ? In France, sim-less 64G iPhone 5s has a $1000 tag and sell... I'd be happy (and don't think I'd be alone) to spend $700 in a phone of this kind...
  • That's what flagship means my friend. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Just keep the same camera because it outpreforms everything on the market , but make it thinner
  • The 1520+930/929 were supposedly them, although the 930 was a bit late, and 1520 is starting to get old. Hopefully an 805 1530 is released.
  • add waterproof to that list and I would glady pay a stupid amount of money for this phone
  • Totally forgot that ! Agreed !
  • +1520