What if there really are no more new Windows Mobile devices?

Much is made of the so-called "death of Windows phones" throughout the community and the tech media. On one hand, we have no more Lumia phones coming, and third-party efforts have all but dried up. On the other, Microsoft hasn't actually said, well, anything, really. No news is good news, right?

This very topic is the meat of a great discussion right now in the Windows Central Forums:

There have been several articles that analyse every statement made by every Microsoft employee and executive about the future of windows mobile devices and the windows mobile OS There have been several proofs given and reasons given as to why there will be future windows mobile devices. This is what we have been hanging on as windows mobile fans and users And yet, there are also those that...

Chintan Gohel

The opening thread goes on into a lot of detail, but it seems to have hit a nerve and is sparking quite the discussion. Hit the forums thread linked below and have your say.

In the forums: What if there won't be any more Windows Mobile devices?

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