Microsoft HoloLens

With the Microsoft HoloLens Developer Edition now shipping, one website got a chance to see how the augmented reality headset looks when it is taken apart.

As shown on The Verge's YouTube channel, the lenses on the HoloLens transmit the holographic apps and images to the visor, and then of course to the wearer's eyes. On top of the visor is the sensor bar, which includes a depth-sensing camera similar to Microsoft's Kinect devices that can sense the world around the headset.

The video also shows the HoloLens' motherboard, which contains the RAM, CPU, GPU and Microsoft's own custom Holographic Processor Unit, or HPU. It also shows the battery packs that power the headset. However, Microsoft is keeping the capacity of its battery pack a secret for now.

Invites to purchase the $3,000 Microsoft HoloLens Developer Edition are still being sent out in waves. Microsoft is currently targeting the business and commercial markets for the device, with no definitive plans yet to release it to consumers.