Chime in: What web browser do you use as a backup?

A lot of people stick to one browser on their device. In my case, I use Edge full time, because I like it. No matter what anyone says, it's a viable alternative to Google Chrome. However, I also have Chrome installed as a backup browser, just in case something in Edge doesn't work.

I was wondering, and so was our community, what you guys use as a backup browser on your PCs. My backup browser switches often between Google Chrome and Opera. I actually prefer Opera.

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So I know many people aren't thrilled with Edge with its lack of extensions and sometimes quirky handling of some sites. Chrome is hands down the most popular, but what do you use as your other browser that's either your daily driver or your back-up when Edge just won't do it?


I really only use my backup browser when trying to use Google services anyway. The YouTube uploader, for example, doesn't work 100 percent of the time in Edge, so I have to switch to Chrome to upload YouTube videos. Apart from that, Edge works fine with everything else.

What other web browsers do you use outside of your main one? And why? Hit the link below and let us know.

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