Chime in: How well does Microsoft's Surface Pro play virtual reality games?

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Sporting up to an Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB RAM, and Intel HD Iris graphics processing, the Surface Pro can be kitted out to be one killer tablet PC. While the components used aren't desktop-class and won't be the same as you'd find in a powerful gaming desktop PC, they're still capable of running some intensive tasks. should you own one, we're intrigued to learn about whether you've managed to play some virtual reality games.

So I have a desktop which plays most VR games well, but I also have a Surface Pro (2017) and I have been testing the WMR Store apps that will run "acceptably" on the comparatively low end Surface hardware. I have the i7 256/8GB version and a HP WMR headset. My list of games that play well (so far) is... Space Pirate Trainer (whoo hoo) Super Hot (another whoo hoo) Super Goat (runs well, ok...


As an owner of a Surface 3, I don't have quite as much power as Surface Pro gamers and that means I wouldn't be able to play VR games on the tablet. That said, even the Surface 3 can play some rather demanding games and that makes me hopeful for anyone who owns the tablet and is considering the purchase of a VR headset. So what have you managed to get going on your Surface Pro? Join the conversation over on our forum!

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