What we learned about Intel Tiger Lake processors and Intel at CES 2020

Intel Core i9 logo
Intel Core i9 logo (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Intel confirmed that its Tiger Lake has Xe graphics.
  • Tiger Lake and Xe could be built on XE-LP microarchitecture.
  • Intel moved its 10th Gen mobile CPU line into 45W hardware.

A wide range of devices announced at CES 2020 run Intel processors. These new hardware announcements illustrate the evolution of Intel's chips and show where manufacturers are in terms of catching up with Intel's latest processors. Intel shared with Anantech that the company is moving its 10th Gen mobile CPU line into 45W hardware. In addition to information regarding 45W hardware, Intel shared some details about its upcoming Tiger Lake line of chips.

Several PCs announced at CES 2020 use 45W CPUs and are powered by mobile Intel chips. These mobile chips are from the Comet Lake line and, according to Intel, will hit 5.0 GHz when paired with 45W Core i7 hardware. They will also hit more than 5.0GHz when paired with Core i9 hardware. Anandtech speculates that these figures indicate that Turbo Boost Max 3.0 and Velocity Boost technology will make their way to the mobile platform.

PCs like the newly announced Acer ConceptD Ezel and Lenovo Y740S gaming laptop use 45W CPUs, though Intel hasn't fully disclosed details regarding its latest hardware in relation to these devices.

Much fewer details were shared regarding Tiger Lake, but there are some noteworthy pieces of information confirmed by Intel. Intel confirmed that Tiger Lake has Xe graphics. Tiger Lake with Xe graphics would be on the Xe-LP microarchitecture, according to Anandtech. This architecture targets sub-25W power on the GPU.

We'll have to wait for more details about Intel's upcoming chips and its mobile platform, but at least for now, we've gained some glimpses into the direction that Intel is going.

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