What are your top five most wanted Windows Phone 8.1 apps?

While we have seen the selection in the Windows Phone Store grow by leaps and bounds, there still may be a few apps out there that are missing in action.

A recent WPCentral Forums discussion asks the simple question, "What is your top five most wanted apps for Windows Phone 8.1?" The discussion was started by WPCentral Forum member burnabite who would like to see TED talks, NHL Gamecenter, Mozilla Firefox, Dropbox and BBM developed for Windows Phone.

BBM (Blackberry Messenger) is still rumored to be in the works so burnabite may not have too long of a wait for at least one item on his wish list.

Other games and apps on the wish list of other forum members includes Flipboard, Candy Crush, Jawbone UP, Soundcloud and several financial institution apps. Personally, I would like to see PhotoShop Touch (or Express), an official Fitbit app and Regions (local banking app) make their way to Windows Phones.

So what do you guys and girls have to say on the matter? What are your top five most wanted Windows Phone apps or games? Jump on over to the WPCentral Forums (link below) and join in on the conversation. Did you also know we recently hit one million posts on the forum?

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • I want a good Twitter App! :( Please make a new one, Twitter Team! The current one lacks a lot of features Android an iOS have!
  • Try Tweet It!
  • Yes, I already use it and it works great! :) But an official one would be better, especially for new people buying Windows Phones.
  • Attachment supported e mail app, google chrome, other Google services is essential in wp system
  • Uhh, no it's not really.
  • people don't want to switch from google services to MS services just because they switch phones... so yeah... kinda important.
    although chrome isn't so important, I don't think...
  • It is if you a.) use Google services for work, or b.) like Google's services.  My work uses Google Apps with Apple hardware. WP devices are a no go for hundreds of us in the company, and literally hundreds of thousands on the whole, because we cannot easily use Google's services on WP devices, except through clunky mobile websites.
  • That sums me up too, I WANT to use my Surface and WP for everything, but I can't, as the functionality just isn't there. I don't care who or why, they just need to wise up and go cross platform. 
  • I DO use my Surface and WP (and PC) for everything.  I can't remeber the last time that I used a Google service. Google is just too boring for me now.  Actually, I probably use my WP much more than my Surface or PC when I'm home because there's very little it can't do on its own with Microsoft services.
  • My business uses Google services, so I have to use them, no choice. So I don;'t have that luxury. I'm not alone. 
  • Your business or your employeer? Two totally different things. If you own the business, you do have a choice, choose to be sucessful, not a cheap skate .    
  • LOL, don't be such a tube. It's my business, how does paying MS £199 a year make me successful if the Google services are actually better (which they currently are and have been for a long time)?  Try integrating MS Services on a Mac and get back to me, and while you're there? Get a grip. Their own products don't even work with Outlook for Mac 2011 ffs, THEIR OWN MAIL AND CALENDAR ETC.  I tried moving all of my stuff to MS about a year ago, it cost a lot of my money and time, and it just didn't work as well as Google. It took me about a week to move everything to MS, and about 20 mins to move it back.  Google do services better than ANYONE. I don't want to have to change my entire workflow to use a Surface. Hence my earlier post. 
  • Why would you have to change anything to use a surface? Its a PC. Can u use google services on a PC? Yes. Can u use chrome? Yes.can you do anything you can on any other PC? Yes. If you want a surface for your business(it'll be good but pricey) get one. You dont have to make sacrifices. Now with windows phone... Yeah thats a little different. But no reason you cant have a surface pro with android or ios
  • I want these before ios and android: Modern Combat 5 Real Racing 4 Next Need for Speed and these Poweramp CPU-Z
  • Hey sister :p
  • Only google service I would be interested in using on WP (gmail within the built in mail app works just fine) would be Google Maps, specifically, street view.  Its really the only thing I miss from Android.
  • There are quite a few Google Maps apps in the store that have street view
  • no. there is only one good google maps app, gmap. i've tried dozens of google maps apps and only gmap is good. the rest are bascially Maps in a browswer, terrible usability.
  • Here maps should B adding an equivalent. It has an equivalent to steer view on windows 8 so I'm sure its only a matter of time.
  • That best
  • No central notification pivot. Tried them all. Official twitter is still best even with glitches.
  • That's already in the works... there was an article about a twitter closed beta app a few weeks ago..
  • There was hardly any difference between the beta one & the current one.
  • Fitbit Flex official app that will use BT 4.0 to sync directly with the phone Charles Schwab
  • I had a Charles Schwab and Fidelity investment account. Over the last year I switched all of my investments over the Fidelity because they have a WP8 app. Actually the real reason was that they have an investor center close to home. But I enjoy using my phone to check on my portfolio and do a quick trade.
  • Yes exactly this. & not just a new twitter app, but one that is updated equally/regularly with the iOS & Android one.
  • Hello Twitter Team, wake up and update your app dammit!
  • Youtube and Google+ are my most wanted apps.
  • I think you're mistaken, no one wants Google+
  • An official YouTube client or 3rd Party YouTube client that lets you watch videos and navigate at the same time, like the official one. Also, while I love AudioCloud for Soundcloud, I would love an official app. One that lets you view notifications and etc...
  • Have you tried myTube? Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Yes I've tried myTube, Metrotube and am currently using Toib. Has myTube been updated to allow watching videos and navigation at the same time? I use my old HTC one as an iPod when my 925 dies and I still prefer the google YouTube client.
  • Waiting for google too
  • Never going to happen, atleast in near future.
  • yeah, they are too busy bulding for FirefoxOS
  • I love the Twitter app for windows phone already. What features is it missing?
  • New and different timelines, twitter charts, better UI, connection with friends through mail, etc.
  • Notification never goes above 1. That bug had been there since day.. err 1
  • I want an app that changes my transparent tile icons to my theme color instead of just white. Or maybe Microsoft can do that.
  • Yeah that would be pretty cool. I wonder why black and white were the only options they decided to go with? I would love to make the colour match my phone. That would be awesome!!!
  • I'd prefer VSCO cam much better. :'(
  • I use Peregrine and I love it.
  • You should really try Rowi... It was developed by 2 Microsoft developers... It's a really nice UI. Check it out.
  • Zune.
  • Yes. This.
  • No Doubt!
  • ^This^
  • Yes
  • +925
  • Yeah!
  • LOL! Yeah, at have Xbox Music learn from the best parts of the old Zune app.
  • Indeed. A good Music app. Is that too much to ask 2014?
  • ^this^
  • @nizzon
    I'm currently learning c# and my first app is going to be a decent music app, so my friend u r # 1 on my beta list, I've started a test app in visual studio ahead of myself which is looking good so far.
  • Great, any music app will be better than current xbox app. I wish you luck in your further progress :)
  • I've already got that covered. I'm just working on updating it to meet the new additions that the Windows Phone 8.1 sdk brings.
  • LOL I too am writing a music player for WinRT which (eventually) will be ported to Windows Phone. But let's just say that it's highly requested, and that it does a little more than play songs ;) And if anyone wants to help, it would be greatly appreciated ;) Especially between High School and Football. :/ But I'm not open-sourcing it unless I abandon it.
  • I don't want Zune back, but I would like for XBM to be even better than Zune was....
    We should expect more❕❕❕
  • Careful, I got told that sort of opinion was BS in the forums!!! Isn't that what they are trying to do with the bi-weekly updates?
  • What means BS?
  • It means bullsh*t
  • Yes, that's exactly what they ARE going to do..... XBM will be better than Zune.
  • Please
  • Yeah I'm on this too. Zune we still love you!!!
  • +ZuneHD
  • Dead.
  • How about wifi syncing and uploading CDs.Wishful thinking on my part ;)
  • It's coming.
  • Yeah, I always thought that wireless syncing was really cool on WP7.  It was so convenient and easy.  Automatic syncing while you sleep.  What could be easier than that?
  • Yeah Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Agreed!
  • Agreed!
  • Yes! This is one backtrack/u-turn they desperately need to do.
    At the very least give us decent sync experience:
  • #ZuneZing
  • +920
  • Yes. This is the one thing I truly miss. Zune was the best music discovery and management system, without a doubt. There might have been a few flaws, but overall, it crushed iTunes in terms of music/video. They need it back badly, because Xbox Music is such a flop. I'm in full support of Zune on Windows Phone and full features, too. I do miss Zune Pass and Wi-Fi Sync for music, etc.
  • WhatsApp updated.
  • +625
  • +L625, very embarrassed.
  • ++++820
  • ++++++720
  • +925
  • +920
  • +1520
  • +ATIV S, Nerds
  • +920 ;)
  • +1111111111..520
  • +920
  • Flipboard, Candy Crush, and I'd like a built in stopwatch/timer app. On another note, we need to be able to add the flashlight and calculator to the quick actions in the action center.
  • THISSSS. I have been whatsappless since I did my hard reset....
  • That's most important.
  • +920 Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • What's up with whatsapp? Rolls fine on my fine except for startup crashes at times
  • Flipboard
  • Yeah, that one
  • I've been using the beta and to be honest it sucks! It is nothing at all like the slick, polished versions on Android and iOS. It is ugly, buggy, slow, and you swipe up/down to turn pages instead of left/right. It is still beta, but it isn't looking too promising, at all.
  • That is not an actual flipboard app, and is not even made by the people that own flipboard. It's crap and a fake, don't use it.
  • What Nick said. Delete that app from your phone. It's a crappy fake.
  • Yes we'll be dead by the time Flipboard arrives. Am tired of waiting
  • +920
  • THIS!!!! Flipboard is the ONLY app that I am still waiting for, and the only one I feel as though I'm truly missing! It's unbelieveable that we have been waiting this long... Was rumoured in early 2013 to be released shortly and it's been available to certain people for a LONG time. It's already made, now RELEASE IT! Flipboard for WP8.1 needs to be released ASAP!
  • What is special about Flipboard that others app don't have?
  • WhatsApp
  • For chat apps I want BBM.
  • Same, I'm looking forward to BBM too
  • I want BBM real hard
  • Still waiting on BBM.............
  • Only have one. Uber.
  • Yes! Definitely need this.
  • Uber would be nice.
  • Uber's mobile site is very good and obviously can pin that to your start screen. But I also would love a dedicated app.
  • Can a car be ordered from the mobile site?
  • Yes!
  • Download the WebApps app from the store and use it to pin Uber to your start screen with a nice icon
    They have updated their mobile site to be pretty much exactly the same as the iOS app, including the full car tracking on the map, it looks like an HTML5 page.
  • N64 emulator
  • Does other plant forms have that?
  • Roses mostly do. An occasional tulip here and there. Oh, and trees! Don't forget the trees!
  • Oops, dang swipe/predictive txt!
  • You have to proof read, blaming the predictive keyboard is a lame excuse.
  • Trying to be the next world record holder.
  • I think you meant platforms, right?
  • Yes
  • Why not an Xbox 360 or even an Xbox One emulator? (one can always dream haha)
  • Imagine An Xbox one emulator running on a Lumia 520. :P The phone would 'literally' be destroyed into smithereens.
  • Android has one and it works just fine. We have EmiPSX for Playstation emulation and it works quite well. I'm sure with some work an N64 emu could be ported.
  • A any dev that can tackle this probly will make tons of money.
  • Sirius XM
  • Agree
  • Second
  • That and Sonos would make me a much happier dude.
  • Sonos and Volvo OnCall for plug-in hybrid
  • Ditto
  • This for sure.  I keep an older Android phone my work bag for Sirius XM, it's my only choice.
  • +929 Icon needs Sirius XM!!!
  • This...
  • Yup
  • Seriously.  Even if the app sucks, which it most likely will, please just give us (you know, us, the people who pay XM for the service) a way to access it through our phones.
  • This.
  • try the app listenxm
  • Zappos, AE, plants vs zombies 2, post more when I can think of....
  • Pvz2!!!!
  • +1020 but I gave up on it already knowing how they do things we will get PVZ2 when PVZ3 is out....
  • Flipboard
  • Only one really that's missing for me. Fitbit.
  • There are some decent 3rd party ones
  • Yeah I agree with you, and I use them. But with Bluetooth 4.0 being supported would be good to see mobile syncing with an official app.
  • Well, worth a shot! Surface Pro 3 is awesome!
  • +929
  • +929 Icon please!
  • Yes! Official Fitbit App with syncing! The 3rd-party apps may be nice, but they don't sync. And I, for one, and tired of the old refrain: "I want X app." followed by someone saying there's a third party app for it. With the improvements coming in WP8.1, hopefully we'll see the rise in market share that will finally start us getting official apps. That all being said, I would be happy to use a 3rd party fitbit app if one had sync capability since WP 3rd party devs are typically more WP-knowledgable than most companies are. News of a Fitbit app has been floating about since Feb of 2013! And yet if you ask them, they still act like they don't have a clue if they're working on one or not.
  • Yes, need sync and food adding and alarm setting
  • Better Games app
  • A decent official Tumblr app, not the screwed up one we have right now.
  • Same.
  • +1020; this, so hard. I'm a frequent Tumblr user and this has been a huge sticking point for me.
  • I too use tumblr a lot, imo the one that we currently have in WP is pretty "usable". And I haven't seen the one in android and ios, but clearly I need a better one with missing features..... Heck I just need a decent and not-as-buggy one
  • I did use the android one and its 820 times better, it has a looooot more features and doesn't crash/freeze (as much). Tumblr really need to step up their WP game.
  • Spotify. One that is equal to the apps on other platforms, not the current bs
  • And a version of Spotify that works in offline mode. The current version does NOT. So frustrating.
  • ^This^ and removal of the premium subscription to even login would be nice as well!!!
  • Yes! I want to be able to access spotify with my free membership
  • I want one with Last.fm integration.
  • Wishing Spotlite would release a Windows Phone version of their app.
  • For my wife - all those couponing apps and swagbucks. She uses those non-stop and has to keep her android phone set to those to participate in them. Though, I'd love an official Fitbit app... ;)
  • How about Wallet that comes with the OS. I thought that has something similar. I don't do electronic coupons so I don't know much about them.
  • The wallet app we have is garbage. You cannot make payments with it (which would be nice using NFC). You cannot add coupons to it. You cannot add loyalty cards to it. All it does is show which money-related accounts are stored on your phone. It is majorly disappointing.
  • Have to agree. I was trying to add a loyalty card to it the other day and was really dissapointed to find out that you can't! There's a few 3rd party options but there's no way I'm risking my info, even if it is only a loyalty card. Microsoft really needs to add functionality to the wallet app, to enable NFC purchasing and loyalty card storage and display.
  • WhatsApp and MyFitnessPal fixed. Windows Phone may have a lot of apps, but many apps on the store are broken and the devs couldn't care less.  Both these apps have been broken all year and haven't been updated all year.
  • MyFitnessPal devs should really be embarrassed at the state of that app and for the service reps to keep on trotting out the same “we’re working on an update” or “reinstall” line for over a year is even more embarrassing. I don’t think anyone at that company has any professional pride.
  • I know this is a few days old (aka eons in internet time) but I just found an answer on the support forums. They claimed that the delay in making the app usable was due to no one in the office being able to recreate any of the crippling bugs. It wasn't until a user was able to bring a phone to their office to show them it breaking before they could even find the issues.... While there is still no timeline for the app to be even remotely helpful, they have at least acknowledged that there are issues and that they are working on a fix for the major ones. -- Since including a link marks me for spam - Go to the MFP help desk site, and look for the Windows Phone question by user "tecjunkee". The answer by Kelly outlines what was going on.
  • Thanks, I'll take a look for that thread.
  • IMD F'N B to be updated, flipboard, and instragram update
  • IMDB and LinkedIN
  • Same
  • Linkedin already exists
  • Yes but it sucks.
  • Yes!
  • Not necessarily an app, but I would like streaming apps to have compatibility with Chromecast. And Whatsapp back
  • +1320
  • I would just like an equivalent windows version of chromecast. Hope this is the next internet of things item.
  • +920
  • Real racing 3 lol
  • You don't want that.
  • Clearly he does. :)   I do too. I have 25 cars, R$ 1,131,612, 26,859 Gold and level 16 on Real Racing 3 on Android and iOS. I would like to play it on my Windows Phone as well, with cloud sync just like between iOS and Android. I have been playing RR3 since it came out and it is much better than the time wasting, IAP bullying game that it used to be. My list *since I don't want to go to the forums and it seems most of us don't want to either* 1. Real Racing 3 2. Bring Twin Blades back to the store, with HD screen support 3. Real Boxing with cloud sync. (I have it on iOS, great game, good graphics, my boxer is almost maxed out) 4. Candy Crush Saga. NOT FOR ME. I never played it and never plan on playing it. Coworkers and family members are addicted to this and their first question is "can I play Candy Crush"....needless to say, they are not considering Windows Phone at all. A shame but who am I? They have to enjoy their devices and their usage patterns. 5. Crazy Taxi 6. N64 Emulator - been using one on a smartphone since the Nokia N900. Snapdragon 800 chews through N64 games better than the N64 with the RAM Pak installed could ever do.
  • Proper WhatsApp, proper Facebook, tinder
  • Yeah, a proper Facebook app would be great
  • Oh god this is hard
    5. Clash of Clans
    4. Better whatsapp
    3. Tango
    2. Candy Crush Saga
    1. I don't have an number one, but I'd prefer more official apps that come out together with other mobile osses
  • +720
  • Definitely candy crush
  • Instead of games you must have exclusive application....... Like file manager, apps locker......
  • Starbucks
  • I know it sounds lame, but it's actually a really GOOD thing that this is the first suggestion that I really empathize with!  That's not bad, considering where we're coming from.
  • +920!!!!!!
  • Agreed. An official Starbucks App, also, I don't even know why we have to request this. The companies are practically neighbors. They could practicaly develop and program the app in MS HQ thats how close they are. Frankly, if I was MS, I would be a little offended that Stabucks has not made one yet...also, they give out ipads and iphones to company employees at corperate. Cumon guys, support the local team!
  • Echoing everyone's sentiment on this one!
  • Yep
  • Hayday too
  • Yes, I agree with this, especially for games like Clash of Clans and Plants vs. Zombies 2. My only problem with these types of questions is that, does it matter? I mean, nothing will become of this. What would be nice is, what are the top apps you would like to see someone go after the developers for? Would be nice if there was a proactive response to this.
  • PayPal Here or Square
  • I agree. PayPal Here with support for their card reader, and Square with support for their card reader.
  • I have the card reader buy haven't used it because of a lack of an app to support it.
  • Or Venmo
  • I am shopping for a simfree Android phone just for Square. It's very frustrating. 
  • HSBC for both personal and business.
  • Keep dreaming! HSBC have only really just started to get their act together on IOS. Even then banks like Lloyds completely outclass them. I suspect an app from HSBC for WP Will be a long time coming.
  • SiriusXM, Kattack, SailFlow, any weather app that shows predicted storm paths!, and I'm sure I'll think of a fifth.
  • Facebook app from Facebook inc, Stick Cricket, Dr driving, Flick Shot, soundcloud, 
  • Facebook with ads? Is that what's missing from the Microsoft release of the FB app? The one we hav enow work fine IMO.
  • Uber and flip board
  • Hearthstone
  • That's in my list too.  :-)  Looks like only you and me so far.
  • I've been waiting for the Windows 8 version for a while now. I read somewhere they're working on android and windows tablet versions.
  • Just added it to mine. Would love this
  • + THIS!!!!1!1!!1
  • Zipcar
    Plants vs Zombies 2
  • Slickdealer works well for slick deals...
  • Nest! Yes!
  • Also major financial banks and stock apps
  • BECU App please!
  • Nationwide UK! Had over 14000 votes and still nothing....
  • PNC Bank
  • Citibank Please.....
  • Better official apps in general. WP usually lags behind on features.
  • Exactly, most of them are outdated compared to IOS and Android, such a shame! Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, all the major ones.
  • What about MS's official File Explorer app?
    And, that cool dynamic lock screen app?
  • State Farm, American Express, Amazon Video and Amazon Music. And maybe some of the retail stores like Target or Costco.
  • And fix that Zynga POS Words with Friends so it actually works!
  • +1 for the Amazon apps
  • Like I said in the thread... there are just too many to list... not to mention those that haven't been updated for years. MyFitnessPal badly needs an update. Citibank has no apps, and their website doesn't work in IE11 (big problem). My local credit union has no app, of course. Target. I shop there a lot and would like their app. OR... everyone could just make good mobile sites, and they wouldn't have to worry about developing the same thing for multiple platforms!! No, that would be nuts, of course...
  • Amen to good mobile apps! One stop developing!
  • B&H Photo's mobile website should get a design award. It's the best I've ever seen on a commerce site. All the way through from shopping to the ordering process.
  • Target Cartwheel has a decent mobile site, no?
  • Amen, I have to log out and back in to MFP every time I launch it. I picked up an off contract g2 and moving myself to that just to have some decent working apps. I know I'm going to really dislike not having Cortana, fantastic messaging and handsfree calls and texts, but at this point I don't buy a smartphone for calling as much as I do for apps. Let's hope for a 1030 this year so I can punt the g2 and come back where I belong (assuming the apps mature enough). Leaving a 1520.
  • Citibank
  • Runkeeper
    Capital One
    US Bank Everything else just needs to be updated
  • Have you tried Endomondo? Really solid. Started using it after Runkeeper bailed on WP. Have never been happier.
  • Tried and don't care. I have too much investment in runkeeper and keep an Android phone around just for that.
  • Runtastic :)
  • HBOgo, ShowTime, Fitbit and Simpsons tapped out
  • HBO go!
  • Can't believe I had to scroll down so far for HBO Go.
  • It makes me angry that we still don't have HBOGo and the rest of the cable apps.
  • Flipboard, sonos app, runkeeper, more Xbox games
  • I agree with Sonos
  • WhatsApp for the win!
  • Give me a reliable Etsy client (3rd party or official), a non web-wrapped app to browse Discogs, and a new Twitter app and I'll be alright for now. 
  • 1. YouTube
    2. Facebook from Facebook Inc.
    3. VSCO Cam
    4. Instagram update
    5. Tumblr UPDATE
  • Yes yes yes
  • Modern Combat 5
  • You will never ever see this ever never
  • Battlefield 4 or titanfall.
  • updated WhatsApp, updated Facebook, updated Instagram, Tango and BBM
  • ^ this exactly!!!!
  • Easy. Flipboard and WatchESPN.
  • WhatsApp updated,BBM and candy crush saga
  • Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, Whatsapp, PayPal here
  • new bbc iplayer, official soundcloud, in-house built facebook app, official snapchat, a rebuilt twitter app (redesign and feature-complete with ios and android versions), and more and more local apps (banking, transportation, local services).   and please do it natively, and forget framed html5 and phonegap bullshit.    
  • Zune. Our something that actually lets me set up and play my music!!!! Getting really frustrating. Why is it so hard to make something work that already worked???
  • pinterest
  • Contact+ and twitter client apps and some F1 games
  • An official HSBC banking app. They apparently have one on WP in other regions (Brazil for example) so I don't see why releasing it in the UK is so difficult.
  • Exactly, same goes for the Starbucks app which they have in Mexico but nowhere else.
  • Nothing, don't miss anything apart from OS features like attaching docs directly from the email app.
  • +1 this! And native WiFi printing from phone
  • Better Xbox Music  WhatsApp to come back I think thats it for me, everything I had before on IOS and more is on WP now.
  • Yes, need the kids corner functionality back quick. Cannot believe that this does not work.
  • they need to bring back ZUNE instead of doing anything to shitty XBOX MUSIC!!!!!!!
  • mozzila Firefox and properly functional Facebook app.....
  • Better ESPN or CBS Sport app.
    Bleacher Report
    Better WhatsApp
    Better Twitter
  • Task manager Remember the Milk. https://www.rememberthemilk.com
  • SkyGo
  • That's already coming
  • Is it?! All ive seen on the sky forums are Sky Reps saying "no"
  • I'd like a NowTV app, but Sky obviously don't care about us. They made Microsoft rename SkyDrive, perhaps they could return the favor by making us some apps :/
  • Need Foxtel go in Australia. Sky Italy app is available don't know why it can't be reused for other markets.
  • Yes, Foxtel Go
  • Exclusive apps :D
  • A better video player and browser
  • Not really an app, but adobe flash player. I'd like to be able to watch videos on a website. My choice of phone shouldn't limit that.
  • Not even Android is supporting it if I remember correctly.
  • It's "unstable" since Jelly Bean 4.1 IIRC. 
  • Yes, not anymore.   Because flash is shit on low end hardware like mobiles basicly
  • Is not supported but still works and users are still able to install and use it. And it works pretty good.
  • WP8.1 has embedded video capability, and very few sites use Flash for video anymore, due to no (active) mobile OS support for it any longer.
  • WP8.1 browser plays most video sites I go to now. It's awesome.
  • Contact + Contact + Contact + Contact + Contact +
  • Barclay US
    My local bank - Huntington
    HBO Go I have more but you said 5. :-(
  • DirecTV, HBO go, ShowTime, Amazon MP3, flip board
  • Bing Vision app or at least a way to pin it to the start screen.
  • Bing qr code is there
  • And speedy app folder
  • And a much better Xbox music app. In still using the music backup app via the tile shortcut app
  • Freedom
  • Flipboard, official Facebook app, pinterest, plants vs zombies, and har.com app
  • Want fb integration back with more features in it. If that's possible then its great otherwise even if the official fb app arrives for WP it may have lot of bugs
  • The original PvZ made it to WP, but not PvZ 2.
  • 1.updated whatsapp with full missing feature
    2.file manager
    3.google map
  • File manager may be coming this week my guess
  • File manager WAS on the way and gone with the wind!
  • Whatsapp and Grindr.
  • Second. Not having a proper grindr app is a huge letdown...
  • This. Grindr! Scruff just doesn't cut it.
  • I personally don't use Grindr but we need it badly, millions of gays out there won't switch from their iPhones without it.
  • as many heteros won't without Tinder...
  • This one annoys me the most. I currently don't need (and hopefully shouldn't soon) it but the fact Rudy had a fully functioning version of Tinder there which they got rid of just seems like a blatant kick to the face.
  • New whatsapp and properly working telegram cliënt. Faster skype.
  • New apps: Firefox, BBM, stick man golf (loved it on android)
    Update apps: FB, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype
    (Also give us option for a dark theme in more apps like the one twitter has. Messenger and FB consume too much battery mostly because of the white background. Besides dark background looks phenomenal on amoled screens)
  • Dude Facebook's paper app
  • Oh yeah. That'd be great.
  • Watsapp, twitter,mix radio, wpcentral, my tube
  • Having connection issues when opening from notification center or replied emails. Can someone at wpc fix issue?
  • 1.Improved Facebook;
    2.Improved WhatsApp
    3.Candy Crush Saga;
    4.Improved Facebook Messenger;
    5.Official File Manager.
    ...plus Data Connection in Notification Center (Maybe in next OS update) and official YouTube app.
  • Feedly, official/Microsoft YouTube app and contless amount of great iOS Games.
  • I think there are alot of other Feedly readers. Is it not good enough? http://www.feedly.com/apps.html#windowsPhone I currently don't use a windows phone
  • I'm sure you want the official feedly app ( I wouldn't mind either ) but apps like next Gen reader and phonly ( even has a similar layout to feedly ) work really well.
  • Whatsapp viber Facebook youtube
  • Official Dropbox, Pinterest, Roku, Snapchat ...FitBit with Bluetooth sync. ...HBO Go, Apple TV, Amazon Prime streaming, Amazon MP3, Wunderlist, a real iMessage competitor, Yahoo Weather...
  • ZUNE
  • I just want a good, up to date Tumblr app. The one that's out there wont even allow comments.
  • YES.
  • Am I the only person who hates Flipboard? A Fitbit app with live tile would nice. I would say feedly but NextGen reader is just too awesome.
  • I don't even know what that is but i keep hearing that name...oh, and snapchat too, i don't know what that is either :D
  • I also don't like it. It's too cluttered and confusing!
  • I just want a capital one app and that one family guy game where you rebuild Quahog
  • YouTube
  • Metro tube for the win!
  • Agree
  • Only one request, need all premier apps to have same features as IOS / android
  • Pvz 2, Spotify(a good version, like on other platforms), real racing 3, injustice, soundcloud.
  • 1.Flipboard
    2.Twitter update
    4.Whatsapp update
    5.Basically every app that Releases on iOS and Android.
  • #5 YES!!!! that would cover everything!
  • I'm not really an appaholic like most, the built in functions do most of what I need. I just want more Xbox games.
  • Autocad
  • Fitbit please !
  • BBC news and ITV player in the uk
  • Google earth for Windows RT
  • Steam, better Twitter app and better FB app
  • Glad to see someone else would like steam no matter how unlikely it would be. This is the app I was going to choose.
  • Kik Messenger update
    Official YouTube
    Walmart Photo Center
  • I just want better core apps in terms of features and speed at least on par with other platforms. This includes facebook, twitter, whatsapp and instagram.
  • Why bbm?
  • SoundCloud! There is an app that would really fit my needs if it just would get updated! I'm talking about Soundrivin. All the others (Audiocloud, SoundCloud+, ...) simply don't offer continuous play! :/
  • Youtube Raiden (old school arcade game) Desert Strike (apache chopper game)
  • Why YouTube? In my opinion myTube is better than every other YouTube app ever has been!
  • Completely agree.. MyTube is out of this world!!
  • Candy crush,clash of clans...
  • Sky Go. BBC iPlayer with download capability. I think that's all I need.
  • How about an app that streams Xbox games to my phone and the ability to sync an Xbox controller to it? Make good use of this unlimited data plan. Forget everything else.
  • Siriusxm app and a sonos app are the two apps that I need and may be the two apps that move me back to android.
  • I would like a rbs banking app,flipboard
  • 1.Lockscreen 2.Listen 3.Advanced English Dictionary 4.Yuki file explorer and certainly WP Central...
  • Flipagram
  • Sonos and an updated GoPro that lets me pull bids off the camera. Also, wifi direct to my PC.
  • I want Lenovo ShareIt.
  • 1.Thumb
    2.Better Whatsapp
    3.Clash of Clans
    That's all I can think of ATM
  • Clad of clans, yes.
  • Apk emulator!
  • 1. Clash of Clans
    2. Candy Crush
    3. Hearthstone
    4. TV Guide
    5. Chromecast
  • I guess I'd take an official Roku app too, but there are 3rd party options that get the job done.  There are really no 3rd party options for the 5 I listed (other than a really basic one for #4)
  • Minecraft!!!!
  • Official Google Maps. Chrome Browser. Pulse news reader. Official vGoogle plus. Google Photos or better Picasa app. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • All google apps and snapchat
  • Adobe Kuler
    Adobe Photoshop Touch
    Adobe Ideas
    Paper by Fiftythree
  • Yes!
  • Just one ;) Official VSCO cam app!
  • And an up to par official Facebook app!
  • Icici personal banking (imobile) india
  • An official youtube app, not that I like the one on android but because we need to have more official developers.
    Some good browsers like Firefox, chrome & opera.
    And a completely updated WhatsApp(With everything fixed).
    Music players like VLC & MX player.
    And in the games section clash of clans, candy crush saga & stick cricket/tennis.
  • Outgroceries
  • 1. Canadian Banks (Scotiabank, TD, others)
    2. Sports teams (NHL, Canucks, MLS, Whitecaps, etc)
    3. Cineplex
    4. YouTube (Official)
    5. Sonos
  • Wow only five? How about top 1000 apps need .....at least!
  • Name 2% of those 1000 please. Should be easy for you, right!
  • I'm sure by the end of this thread you will have counted at least 1000 different app that people all over here would love to have maybe not me but many out there
  • AutoCAD 360
  • 1.facebook from facebook inc
    2.Opera mini official application
    3.ICICI bank's official application
    4.VLC Player
    5.All the game to be run on 512mb RAM devices.
  • First of all I want to see all apps updated to include the features from other oses. Second the google apps like YouTube and google+, more android games, omg more browser choices like Firefox and opera.
  • My number one right now is probably Xfinity Home Security American Express, maybe I think that's pretty much it. I'm not missing many apps.
  • 1. An update to the terrible Official Tumblr app
    2. Microsoft's YouTube app, with love from Google
    3. Grindr..! :3
    4. Gym Guide (from Win8)
    5. 8tracks
  • We need Grindr badly to lure the gays away from their iPhones. Also Whatsapp please come back!
  • 1. Amazon Instant Video 2. Square 3. Xfinity apps not just the remote one either 4. HBO Go 5. Update Xbox Video so i can save my purchases to the SD Card instead of the 8GB phone storage
  • Flipboard, Uber, Fitbit, Candy Crush, MiLB (AAA Baseball)
  • Square Enix hub with exclusive Xbox facilities
  • Goodreads( or a this party client as good as apps like 6tag/poki/tweet it!
    ESPN Sportscenter
    Skype that doesn't suck, is better integrated, and as good an option as hangouts is on android.
    Games, lots of games
  • Tumblr UPDATE Whatsapp UPDATE VSCO cam File Manager
  • 1-5: VSCO Cam. That's it. Honourable mention to Eye-Fi, now that WiFi Direct is actually supported and all.
  • Have you tried (I think its) Fhotoroom, pretty sure they have a lot of the filters and editing tools that VSCO Cam has.
  • Fhotoroom's not even close. Neither the user experience, nor the filter quality.
  • Well i think you are casting a false implication about fhotoroom, so here is just a tiny list of the things fhotoroom can do that VSCOCam cannot. ;) - Edit upto 22MP Photos
    - TiltShift
    - 2 Additional Crop Ratios
    - Denoise
    - Add Textures rather than just Grain
    - Variation of Vignettes in shapes and colors.
    - Tones Filters
    - Classic Vogue
    - Hue Splash
    - Double Exposure
    - Light Leaks
    - Flipping and Mirroring
    - Resizing
    - Frames both black and white
    - Lens Correction
    - Chromatic Aberration Correction
    - Perspective Correction
    - Panoramic Rotating And this doesn't touch our tablet app which would have a difference list so long we could make 2 additional apps.
  • That being said, thank you for your feedback. We will work harder to bring more authentic film results to our collection of presets.
  • Instead of games, need more productive applications.
  • PC financial (canadian bank)
    Those are my top 2 right now, I'm actually looking through comments for the rest. 
    PVZ2 uhh...still short of stuff I want/need
    the two ff14 apps? (authenticator and libre) I'm running these via an android emulator as is.  With the app gap, it shouldn't be this hard to find 5 apps I want, but generally it'd be apps I'd use once in a blue moon rather than anything I really need. Even the banking app is more of a want since their website runs just fine in mobile IE and the only con I would use guidebook for (at current) would be PAX and there are fan created schedules that are simply awesome. 
  • aha, remembered one more that would be a need/heavy want. Marvel Unlimited. 
  • Tumblr, yahoo mail/weather and youtube are the only ones I want
  • 1. Official YouTube
    2. TD Bank
    3. PULSE (ADT Home security app)
    4. Amazon Mp3
    That'll complete me
  • Yeah. A good working xbox music app with proper pc backend and bbm would be great, too, I admit!
  • I had Regions app on iPhone years ago. It started off really good. Then they republished it as a web app wrapper, instead of a native app. From that point on, it sucked and was useless. I switched to WP and to this day I have survived without that app. But you know what is probably better than anything Regions could ever cobble together? Mint. I can see the same exact banking info there, as I can on the web app (and on Windows Phone, the web app is disgusting. Text won't even show on the buttons; I have to guess what the button functionality is. You see a list of actions [ account, transfer, etc] before you even login. You login after you make a menu selection which is ass backwards). And what's even better about Mint is that I can also see every other piece of my financial info: Car loan, credit card debt, student loan, 401(k). I don't see a need to ever use a banking app again.
  • 1. Plants Vs Zombies 2 2. Real Racing 3 3. Something that doesnt make my Lumia 1020 to randomly shut down! I sent in once because the screen wouldnt rotate ( setting was off ) and now I have to deal with the phone locking up and shuttting down. I dont want to send it in again  :* (
  • Preach! I'm typing this from my 3rd 1020 and this one is giving me major problems.
  • I would love mapmyride to be updated. Also, an official Strava app. 
  • Many video apps, like hbogo, watchespn, xfinity, NHL. Chromecast support for apps that work on iPhone and android. Key apps catching up to the android/ios version, like Facebook, twitter, yelp. But really, I just want 8.1 officially released for my 920, and for it to be good enough to keep my from giving up on WP and getting an S5
  • +929 for HBOGo
  • Starbucks
  • Cytus
  • +929
  • I need Cytus and deemo or any other rhythm games!
  • Square
    Fit it (with sync)
    Amazon Video
    OpenVPN or PPTP VPN client
    Printing app (HP)
    Good couponing apps Just to name a few
  • Official YouTube, my local bank, Target with Cartwheel, Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap, BBM.
  • hsbc uk, real racing 3, something to view .dng, popcorn time and some new xbox game maybe NFS
  • WhatsApp(updated)... First give us that.
  • 1-A decent Xbox music app 2-Square up credit card reader app 3-CANDY CRUSH SAGA 4-More games tied to xbox 5-Plenty of Fish and other dating apps updated
  • A good twitter, facebook and linkedin app. Also, Flipboard and TheScore.
  • ICICI mobile banking application.
  • Whatsapp please
  • VSCO
  • +720
  • Native Google Apps. Just to shut up those complaining and bring in more people to Windows Phone.
  • All I want is some more "main stream" apps.
    1- BBM
    2- Flipboard
    3- a GOOD twitter app
    4- some cool free games, just like we have on android and ios.
    5- Native YouTube app.
  • there are decent to great 3rd party twitter apps. Twabbit, Rowi, Peregrine for Windows Phone & Tweet It come to mind
  • Other apps are
  • I hope they listen to us.
  • The 5th one is not possible to develop as of now :D
  • I miss Swedbank, Swedish bankapp.
  • Check.me
  • Slice, VSCO Cam, Google Maps, Timely, & Moovit Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Dropbox
  • Flipboard, ultimate food value diary, bbm, all sky tv apps (inc now tv) and triple town. Oh and steam mobile, Simpsons tapped out and the "flick kick" games
  • Let's Create Pottery Toca Hair Salon Sky Guide Retrica Windows Phone is worst gaming platform I want all games on ios for WP
  • Opera mini, mozila Firefox, flash transfer and a good you tube app
  • These are some basic apps and yet we don't have them.
  • Good Facebook app is all I need
  • 1.) Flipboard
    2.) TD Bank App
    3.) Gamestop
  • 1. Google Chrome
    2. TD Bank
    3. Exak Time
    4. Nest
    5. NY Giants official app.
  • YouTube Remote Imagine something like Xbox Glass, but Windows 8 Glass designed for the Lounge Room PC's.
  • Some real good browsers, Google products, vlc (we have moliplayer but it takes to much time to load a video :/ ) , Facebook pages manager (official ) , updated Facebook and twitter and other official apps :)
  • Flipagram please
  • 1. Free moliplayer, I purchased it though
    2. Candy crush
    3. File manager
    4. Banking apps
    5. Make apps free which are free on iis and android
  • I want Scotiabank and Yahoo Fantasy Sports. Platform probably needs, for legitimacy's sake, Pinterest, Tinder, and an official Snapchat client. God bless Rudy Huyn's apps, but they rarely satisfy the critics. And sweet merciful Jesus, WhatsApp needs to come back - fast. I just bought a new phone. This is embarrassing.
  • A real facebook app, storm shield, a real YouTube, and a PhotoShop client app
  • World of Warcraft Mobile Armory. Cisco Jabber client, working Words with Friends,
  • Official NEW YORK GIANTS app from YinzCam (for the live feeds in the stadium -- I have season tickets). Then I can watch the game from the urinal line in the men's room.
  • 1.whatsapp
    2.applocker(should be created)
    3.facebook app even better
    5.chrome browser
  • An app locker would be great. Hope they hear us.
  • BBM
  • I think we've got plenty of needed apps... Just that most of them needs to be updated to be on par with iOS and Android, Instagram for instance or things as simple as forwarding an email. Things need to get better.
  • I'd like to see MS grow up and allow adult apps. We all know that InPrivate browsing is for looking at porn, why not an InPrivate Store feature? Seems hypocritical of them...and its a multi-billion $ industry that would increase profits and sales. No need to make a big announcement, just let it happen. And I'm not talking an app from Vivid that would just be an ad for their bids, I mean there are lots of game programmers that could have some fun if more adult themes could be presented.
  • 1. Isis- Verizon & AT&T Wireless sales reps get HUGE incentives when customers use Isis to pay while in store. There needs to be less reasons to NOT recommend WP.
    2. Watch ESPN for obvious reasons
    3. Zynga Texas Hold Em and fix Words w Friends
    4. Candy Crush Saga(for would be WP users)
  • What happened to the file manager promised?
  • Lost somewhere in the history.
  • Its still May, complain if its not released in 10 days
  • Eyetv micro, Real racing 3, flipboard, Movistar Go, Autodesk sketchbook...
  • Clash of Clans Candy Crush Spotify Free Amazon Video Words with Friends (yes there is an app, but it badly needs updates)
  • Isis Mobile wallet
    PNC or usbank app
  • There's only one app I would really love to see finally come to Windows Phone. I don't even care if games like Candy Crush, Farm Heroes Saga and the like don't get to us because I can just play those on my iPod touch. I want an official Weight Watchers app, complete with eTools support and all like there is on iOS and Android!
  • I want WhatsApp, Facebook and Kik Messenger apps with full features and and super performance! It really sux when I'm buying a high end phone and all the apps in it sux! Come on Microsoft! Stop making phones till you give proper apps equal or better than android and iOS! To go ahead of android and iOS, WP should be equal to them before going front!
  • Vids, not bids...second typo today...I'm losing it.
  • My ongoing list (that I keep in a pinned OneNote):
    Capital One
    LafAm Bank (my local bank)
    EasyMobile 2 - OpenEye
    MDVR HD - OpenEye
    Sudoku4ever by 1Gravity
    Daily Mail UK
  • I want the new facebook app better than android version and a good movie maker 8.1 versions
  • Tinder, candy crush, capital one
  • DishAnywhere, FarmersInsurance, google apps (GMail, Talk/Hangouts, YouTube, etc.), better app folders, better music app, Skype integrated into OS, Nook, and hell as new releases come out release them on WP at a similar time as other platforms FFS.
  • Edjing or a dj'ing equivalent.
  • 1. Yahoo weather
    2. Google plus
  • Southwest Airlines, Schwab, Uber, Minecraft official
  • I'd like more wallet apps so I can use it to hold rewards cards.
  • 1. Flipboard
    2. Amazon Prime (Movie & Music)
    3. Watch ESPN
    4. Slacker Radio (Updated)
    5. Xfinity
    Now my wife would love Candy Crush.
  • HBO GO and an updated DirecTV app that actually serves up some video. Also Amazon video and maybe an app for that Marvel subscription service.
  • Ifttt, google voice, google hangouts, nest, chromecast
  • I want mozilla firedox. Google apps like hangouts,google+, chrome, youtube,
  • Firefox
    Candy Crush
  • Starbucks App
  • Whatsapp ( the current version is ok.. But could do with better stability and a cleaner UI), Twitter ( im fine with the current app too, but the photos should auto download and show up on our timeline, makes it much nicer), Facebook (better integration with the Peoples hub and the phone in general, more stability fixes, cleaner UI and whatnot). Other than that I'm quite happy with most of the apps... Oh oh oh. I forgot. The app that was showcased at /build/ that allowed us to customize our lockscreen ! that would be sick ! 
  • Updated
    Just for my social life tho, there are more
  • Soundcloud, flipboard, drpbox, official youtube and all other google services( google disc, hangouts, maps..)
  • bank apps are a true sign of growth in a software ecosystem, and I'm hoping we start to see more trickle in, especially in Canada.
  • Kik Messenger needs an update desperately
  • Trillian, please!
  • Sonos, amazon cloud player. ShowTime and hbo.
  • Swarm by Foursquare Tinder Flipboard Grindr VSCO Cam
  • And a decent webkit based browser like Firefox.
  • VSCO Cam, Facebook (from Facebook Inc.), An eBook Reader (one that's as good as iBooks but a Nokia or Windows Phone exclusive, Nokia Reading's still a prototype for me, YouTube, and a Good workout app.
  • An open vpn client
  • Starbucks Verizon FIOS Pinterest Reddit
  • Amazon Cloud Player - I buy all my music from them on CD but to get the free auto-rips I need to downlaod on a PC and then transfer them over. This is a real PITA, give me an app already! MoneyManager - I use the web app pinned to my start screen but a native one would be awesome FirstDirect Bank - They lead the UK in INternet Banking but now there website looks tired and their is no app in sight YouView (A UK-based DVR)- I want to be able to view my TV guide and set/stream recordings from anywhere in the world! Humin - an awesome new contacts/address book app
  • WhatsApp,fb ,hay day,bbm,quizup,mxplayer(free)...a good music and video player...not the laggy shit we have now...
  • 1. Rocket Bunnies 2. Tentacles - both the upcoming new one and the original!
  • SONOS for WP8.1 and W8.1. Can't believe Sonos still haven't developed one :-(
  • a good SKYPE  integrated app
  • All the major apps we don't have is what's needed.More frequent updates to apps we do have.The Chase Bank app on IOS was just completely overhauled,and looks sweet. We will probably never see a major update like that on WP.
  • Sonos
  • nike running!!
  • www.chikka.com app
    Local banks (i.e. Bank of Phil. Islands, Westpac, etc.)
    Updated Facebook & Whatsapp
    Hugely improved Xbix Music/Video
    Official Youtube
  • Lightroom(currently on pc/ios) would be more suitable than photoshop as it has had the best use of dng
  • Apps on par with those available on android is all i ask 
  • Polovni automobili beee
  • Spotify free
    UB Reader
  • BBM and Flipboard pleeeaaasseeee
  • I just want Whatsapp and Instagram. You know what i mean. Owh yes, Growlr! ^_^
  • +1520
  • 1. Free VLC
    2. Full featured file manager from Microsoft with best in class UI
    3. Some security to provide password for separate apps
    4. App similar to flash transfer which transfers for with the help of wifi
    5. Official YOUTUBE APP ( FREE MYTUBE :P in short) which downloads videos directly to SD card and offers every single format available to download.
    6. This should top the list (i forgot) OPERA MINI.
  • +1000000000000000
  • Youtube, google+, google chrome and hangouts. Damn you screwgle :(
  • A Facebook app with super fast integration with the OS
  • How about Rdio.  Make a version that works.
  • Update Whatsapp !!!
  • 1. Amazon Cloud Player (music) 2. Amazon Instant Video 3. PNCBank 4. Nextdoor 5. Square card reader
  • 1. Watch ESPN 2. Watch TNT 3. Watch ABC 4. NDS Emulator 5. Discover Card
  • Flipboard, official fitbit app, snapchat, official YouTube app, and level! These are the only things I miss from my iPhone I need them now.
  • Whatsapp, whatsapp, whatsapp, whatsapp and whatsapp.
  • Whatsapp
  • Clash of Clans please!
  • Ustream, fl studio, nettalk!
  • Chromecast apps would do it for me.  I wonder if you could port Bluestacks into a Windows 8 Universal App and run certain Android apps...mainly for the apps that I can't run on WP8.1.
  • Whatsapp. It was.
  • Pinterest
  • Top five :- Quidco Sky Go Sky + Nationwide Banking F1 (the official version)
  • Also a better tumble app and square sorry I know that's more than 5
  • Battleheart!
  • Video play app that works
  • BBM!!
  • 1. Opera Mini (their UI and rendering has been awesome be it static though) 2. Citibank India (Please, Please (I don't like responsive access. ))  
  • I would like the official bbc app
  • Flipboard, PvZ2
  • 1. NHL Gamecenter
    2. LogMeIn
    3. Simpsons Tapped Out
    4. SiriusXM
    5. Marvel Unlimted Honorable mention for Dropbox.  I've mostly switched over to OneDrive at this point, but it'd be nice for shared folders.  
  • Mine are:
    1- Facebook
    2- Alfa (Mobile Network in Lebanon)
    3- Telegram
    4- Italian Post app
    5- Clash of Clans
    6- Fun Run And guys i think http://WPapps.uservoice.com is a better way to promote what we want. Check it out ;)
  • Are we going to get IE11 photo uploads??
  • Personally I want the quality of the current apps to be at least equal to their ios or android counter parts. Take Aviary for example, the app on iOS is completely different from the over we have on Windows Phone
  • Sky TV apps, BBC apps...
  • Last.fm
    Xbox games
  • Hearthstone. Not playing it on a PC but I definitely would on my phone. Oh, and a proper Last.fm scrobbler.
  • Lots of negative review for 630 in India.... Most of them complaining about absence of WhatsApp....a new user really feels frustrating...
    Do something fast... Moto e and moto g really gaining popularity...
  • 1. Clash of Clans
    2. Candy Crush
    3. VSCO Cam
    4. PvZ 2
    5. Starbucks
  • Is there any app for call recording on windpws 8 / 8.1
  • I thought during black updates was announce our dear Stephen elop said that flipbloard "soon" will be release in Windows phone ? And this announcement was made at last year , so me elop , where is flipboard huh?
  • Citi mobile
  • The #1 app I need for WP is GLIDE!! No one I know texts anymore they glide all day. Actually thought someone would have mentioned this already. ...anyway 1. Glide 2. Candy Crush for my wife 3. Clash of Clans for me 4. Updated 6tag/Instagram or something to upload saved videos, Damn! 5. A real video editor. I've tried the two I know of and they're crap compared to other platforms.
  • Aside from what I said about an updated Tumblr app-- Firefox, Flipboard, Starbucks, Facebook Paper, and Amazon apps.
  • PNC banking app and blackboard learn app
  • My top 5 are WatchESPN, WatchESPN, WatchESPN, WatchESPN, and WatchESPN. Well a WatchESPN app wouldn't hurt as well.
  • WhatsApp updated and BBM for sure. Travel apps like oneworld, SPG, etc. Banking apps like Citibank (for Malaysia). Please make it happen, and like some above said bring back FB integration!
  • I want a better music app. It really sucks!!!!
  • Still use iTunes and will until Microsoft removes head from ass.
  • Music app,Omg we are in 2014 and we are asking for music app. Facebook,BBM
  • Uh Starbucks
  • Zune music.
  • Flipboard
  • Pocket
    Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp updated !!
  • Not entirely off the topic. But, when the new LockScreen API for WP 8.1 will be released? WP8.1 lockscreen revealed at Build were awesome. Waiting for them ever since.
  • Subway surfers for 512MB ram
  • I want the hobbit game !
  • New Facebook app UI like android phone app..
  • Opera mini
    WhatsApp, instagram updated !!
  • 1. Media center extender support (If they make this for windows 8 could just port it) 2. Watch ESPN/Xfinity go 3. Tango 4. Google hangouts 5. My bank, Navey Federal credit union, (thier mobile site is nice but would like bill pay) I know some have been repeated but I did it incase some one is actually watching this who can do something about it.
  • Windows Media Center extender support (Stream live and cablecard record tv), Would be FREAKING EPIC. Sad that the eHome team is broken up, that you wont see that coming, at least from Microsoft... I am cetified in Windows Media Center and was a MS MVP for 2010-2011... Trust me, I know WMC..
  • Badly needs Opera mini for Windows phone...missed the speed and simplicity
  • GPS Test (or any decent GPS app that has information about the number and position of satellites, accuracy, S/N ratio, etc.) Candy Crush Saga (even though I've kicked the habit) MAME (it's a Windows app already - just needs a front end) A Region control panel-like program that will allow you to set a custom date format, along with metric measurements, first day of week, etc.  A 5-pin bowling (Canadian style) game An official BBC News reader Idealo (European price comparison website) An official Calendar that shows week numbers (essential in many major countries, but still frustratingly missing)
  • Garmin Connect, Wunderground weather app, Google apps.
  • Amazing Weather HD uses wunderground
  • I have Amazing Weather HD and it is a good app, but it doesn't compare to the Wunderground official app. I love the Wundermap.
  • I want app update !
  • <p>access to google play music</p>
  • TD Canada
  • American Express TripIt (A much needed update) Jet Blue Google Maps The Economist
  • Hayday please
  • Discover Card and about 90% of all other financial institutions.  This is the main reason my wife won't switch to WP.
  • Tinder, Photoshop Touch, VSCO Cam, official Snapchat and an update to Instagram BETA to bring video support.
    With the work Microsoft is putting in on universal apps, dropping license fees, and all the tools they've given developers to make good apps, you'd think more people would jump ship or at least put a little more effort into Windows.
  • HBO go
    Max go
    Official Sphero App
    KOTOR and Xcom game (as well as Bard's tale)
  • WhatsApp, BBM, PS Express, PicsArt like on Android, and full featured Facebook App.
  • I got what I wanted............
  • Google Chrome, GMail, Google Plus. Google, google, google. Lel
  • 520
  • An official Sonos app is a must !
  • Win Amp
    MX Video
  • I would be really happy with some unlikely Google services...Google+, Drive and Youtube!
  • The Simpsons: Tapped Out
    Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff Dead Trigger series
    SHO Anytime (ShowTime app)
    HBO Go
    Uverse app
  • ScoreMobile (the current app is just crap) Air Canada Simpsons Tapped Out TD Bank BBM  
  • 1. Capital One 2. Credit Karma 3. Amazon Mp3 4. Square 5. Pebble
  • Flipboard Pulse news reader Sonos Youtube Updated Audible app!  
  • Sonos app!
  • I miss the delightful Cloudspotter app from iOS. And games of Catan. And quick vocab sessions in Memrise.
  • I love cycling, so STRAVA app is the one for me.
  • An update for Netflix would be great.
  • I've just thought of another. I want an updated ESPN Sportscenter app. The current Scorecenter app is lackluster at best, and though I love Cortana and Bing Sports, neither is as in depth as the Sportscenter app on iOS and Android. 
  • WhatsApp.... WhatsApp and WhatsApp!!!!!
  • AutoDesk! Just the apps from AutoDesk!
  • Square
  • The store needs to get a clean-up bigtime. To much nonsense copy over quality games, it ruins the store. But yeah, Twitter team needs to wake up already. Xbox Music and live event player needs a fix or two. Telegram and BBM, Tango would be great. More Xbox games. No Candycrush. Maybe a background feature for the action centre? Overall more quality. Oh I'm waiting for Playfire after ask a billion times to release a WP app. Biggest game community to connect to other gamers.
  • Official Pinterest, canon dslr remote, Official SW Air, Official JetBlue, Amazon Video
  • Firefox Firefox Firefox Firefox Firefox
  • Any news about WhatsApp?? When will return to the store?
  • 1.) PNC Bank 2.) Square 3.) Nest 4.) PayPal (with card reader support) 5.) FitBit
  • 1st-3rd : fully working SKYPE app 4th: VLC Player  5th: Opera Mobile
  • An official facebook app. A creditone bank app, a western union app, and much more useful apps.
  • Amazon app to purchase mp3 and play current playlist, Boat Browser , official Walmart app, and a nexia app that doesn't suck
  • Opera mini is the app I need most
  • Walk Band or any free professional instrument keyboard apps
  • WP needs Grindr for gay support, gays are like 10% population, this could improve market share tremendously.
  • TPE, Audubon Birds, Secret, Disney Movies Anywhere and Sony Playmemories. Probably the only one who would use them, but they are the ink apps I use on a regular basis and miss.
  • Looks like most just want better official apps and I agree. But to add: TD Bank App
    NHL Live
    Opera and Opera Mini
  • Steam Steam Steam! Cant believe the lack of mentions for that!
  • Starbucks!!!
  • Minecraft PE, Google Chrome, YouTube!, EECU Mobile Banking, Plague Inc, Fully Functional Facebook App From Facebook Inc although rumored to be in the works for release on time period wp8.1 is released, and many more apps.
  • 1. Spotify Free 2. Fifth Third Bank 3. Up to date or official Snapchat 4. Tinder 5. Frequent updates to all of the popular official apps (FB, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Full Weight Watchers.  Yep. I've gotten there.
  • I would love these five apps, HBO go, twc tv app, credit karma, pebble app and support, and pulse thanks!
  • visual body
  • An official SnapChat app
  • CostCo, HBOgo, Citibank, Southwest Airlines, Watch ESPN
  • Facebook from Facebook inc
  • RC Planes 2
  • SiriusXM. WatchESPN. Goodreader (iOS). Capitol One 360. Clash Of Clans.
  • Flipboard. Wasn't it supposed to be out last year.
  • WhatsApp!!!
  • Google Chrome, by Google inc.
  • Starbucks, AMEX, Uber, US Airways, Snapchat
  • I'm pretty happy with the WinPhone app selection (better selection and better apps than Win8), but lots of apps need updates/improvements (i.e. I see a lot of twitter complaints). Not a big deal, but I would like to see a CIBC (Canadian bank) app and a Battlelog (Battlefield 4) app, Flipboard would be good, I might try BBM if it comes. Better Twitter and Whatsapp a must, and Instagram moving out of Beta would be nice...
  • • Google Hangouts
    • QuizUp
    • Starsports.com And WhatsApp.. YOU SUCK!!
  • Where's Rudy Huyn's lock screen app??
  • Hey, where's the OFFICIAL release of WP8.1...?? C'mon, man.
  • +1
  • SiriusXM. Capitol One 360. Goodreader (iOS). WatchESPN. HBOGo. Clash of Clans. Guns-N-Glory. Uverse. Uverse T&R.
  • BBM isn't just rumoured, it was confirmed by Nokia at MWC...
  • Whatsapp!! Bring it back! All my friends use it and i can't communicate with them! They ask how is it possible and i have to explain them: i have wndows phone...
  • Why not explain that whatsapp is trash. And you need new friends.  
  • a proper fitbit app that syncs to your fitbit (requires bluetooth 4.0 LE, though)
    photosynth app that actually takes synths (not just shitty panos)
    9gag/failblog apps that don't suck
    a good gif lens for the camera
    offical youtube app, that doesn't suck
  • Subway surfer (-_-)
  • Watchespn ugh.
  • Extraction
  • HBO go
    Max go
    Bard's tale
  • Any.DO
  • There's an app on android called ZBox ... It can lock apps\setting & have "Quite Hours" Feature ... I know I know Cortana does it, but I don't have it & the Region trick doesn't work with HTCs. Also, I'd love to have the HTC camera app.
  • BBC sport. That's it really as far as new apps. WP has come a long way. Only thing I want is for current apps to be updated and improved. Especially WhatsApp, LinkedIn and BBC iplayer.
  • I am really urgently waiting for Wunderlist!!! Wunderfull app on nearly any other platform but WP8 still missing ... beside non-realised promises nothing from them ...  And Flipboard would be a nice addition too!
  • A decent twitter App, Pulse news, a fully functional Facebook and Messenger apps, Power Amp (or a good third party music player.
  • Sirius XM
  • I hate threads like this because they get filled with 99% garbage and teary-eyed drivel.
    So with that said, here's my garbage:
    HBO Go would be nice, but I'd rather have it on my SP2... then again, I can use the site too so no bid beal. Something from Xfinity would be cool... but with Comcast currently going into fuck-your-wallet mode I'm not sure that's a good idea either. PayPal Go would be nice, for sure on WP and W8.1.
    I would like to see the old/original WP style FB app return but updated/fixed. That'll never happen though because the cry baby's drowned that one in the salty tears of "why isn't it like everyone else".
    Personally, I say fuq this, give me back the integrated funtions that we had, but make it better with Skype... meaning the Skype that we were *promised*. More ability, less splash screens. I refuse to buy into the "apps get updated" shit. 1; The developers have made an olympic event out of ignoring WP. 2; If it works on W8.1 it can still work on WP8.1. Oh, and no google shit. Pretty tired of people crying for their trash.
  • Here are my top 5: Snapchat, Sirius XM, WatchESPN, QuizUp, VSCO and I guess flipboard.
  • BBM, YouTube(official one), Twitter(like iOS has), Facebook(official one again), Snapchat(official one again!)
  • SIRIUSXM!!!!  
  • Passbook
  • Candy crush saga
  • Xplore file manager, ezpdf reader, a good app for streaming from network HDD
  • A "Bookshelf" like app for all digital text, books, mage that works on windows phone and tablets.
  • Opera mini in 1st place....
  • Youtube
  • Oh and the OFFICIAL Bleacher Report app!
  • basically most of social apps need a lot of updates the only app that keep updating is LINE thank you LINE team
  • Regions, Clash of Clans and there was one more I can't think of. Lol must not be to important.
  • YouNow app for windows phone
  • BBM, full featured twitter app, full featured facebook app, full featured WhatsApp app, Adobe PhotoShop, updated music app
  • i want google talk.......don't kill me :D
  • Kik Messenger needs a serious update...
  • Amazon MP3 - PLEASE AMAZON...I've been waiting for this forever!
  • Regions, Clash of Clans, HboGo, ShowTime, and updated Netflix (that I can manage my mail DVDs)
  • Off topic but I just want the damn data connection issue fixed in WP8.1. I seriously cannot open any app without some kind of "check data connection" or "no internet connection" message so I have to close the app completely a d hope that next time I open it, it will work. It's annoying as hell and yes, my APN settings are correct on my L920 using Straight Talk. I've never had any issues with this before until I updated to WP8.1 dev preview. Anyone else have this problem?
  • Okay........or duck all of you ;)
  • Comixology.   
  • Anyone love Cut The Rope 2?
  • I wouldnt know as I have a Windows Phone device and we dont have Cut the Rope 2 :/
  • WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Candy Crush.
  • Mixvibes CrossDJ
  • I would trade all apps with the old SOCIAL HUB in windows phone 8 so I won't use 3rd party apps. IT WAS PERFECT
  • Mozilla Firefox with inbuilt flash support would be epic.
  • I don't think we need to worry about what apps people want! I think Microsoft need to do it themselves! They should be pushing the OS and getting big companies involved! There is such a lack of enthusiasm for the OS from Microsoft!....
  • Banking app backend software by MitekSystems.
  • I guess I am the only one. TINDER! Timber has become a great thrid party app be be damn do they work hard at improving the app but an offical one would be nice. Also US Bank. WTF almost every other US bank is on here. Seems like everyother day there is a new bank in India or the UK adding there app, what the heck.
  • OovoO
  • OovoO I want OovoO
  • Tinder, an updated POF, an updated Facebook, Pinterest (pin it is the best 3rd party),
  • File manager was promised to come in last week of this month ! So we can expect it anytime before 31 may! And WhatsApp most probably this weekend ! Hope so!
  • Mailbox is a great iOS and Android app that I'd like to see made for WP8. I also use Google Voice, and with 3rd party voice clients being killed by Google I wish they'd come out with an official Google Voice app. Seeing that the iOS version hasn't been updated in forever and Google makes no effort to make any Google apps for WP (becides Search) I doubt it'll happen, unfortunitely. If Google were to make some WP apps Chrome and an official Maps, Google+, and Wallet app would be nice as well.
  • 1) BBM
    2) VLC player
    3) MOZILLA firefox
  • I don't need/miss too many - Fitbit (with proper syncing)
    - Uber (although the webapp works way better now)
    - Westpac Bank (Australia) (although their iOS app isn't that great and the mobile site can do thing their apps can't)
    - Australian Football League Apps (News, game streaming, fantasy leagues)
    - Wouldn't mind the Supercell games, but I don't like to use them on my phone anyway
    - Improved Facebook & Skype The Amazon & Google apps are important to the ecosystem as well, I'm kinda surprised at the lack of Amazon apps and am hoping the new Unified Apps will help bring them across.
  • Td bank, discover card, pinterest, and target!
  • I would love to see Strava, a Nedbank app, Fitbit, Flipboard and Pocket.
  • Crunchyroll - update
    WhatsApp - update/fix
    Kik - update
    Tumblr - update
    Twitter - update
    Netflix - uodate
    NHL Gamecenter
    Capital One
    BBC News
  • Official snapchat client - 6snap is cool, but it would be nice to see support from snapchat themselves.
    Google hangouts - I know it will be a cold day in hell when this comes, but it is my favorite group messaging app.
    Fitbit official app - or at least a third party app that can sync with the tracker.
    Clash of Clans - hugely popular on Android and IOS I love the game and would love to be able to play it on my phone
    Smash it - another cool android and iOS game that I like, but the chances are super slim that it will come.
  • I want updates for IMDb and WhatsApp!
  • Where on earth is Flip board for WP 8..??? Bring it out already...why make such tall promises, Nokia??
  • Pintrest, clash of clans, google maps, starbucks
  • Tinder, Snap chat, Groupon, Scottrade, oovoo
  • Snapchat, YouTube, Zune/MediaMonkey, Flipagram & RapGenius
  • Updated Twitter, Updated Whatsapp, Updated Instagram, Updated Music (or alternatively, JUST PUT ZUNE BACK IT WAS BASICALLY ITUNES FOR WP AND EASIER TO USE). Oh, & official Snapchat please.
  • IPSec or L2TP VPN.
  • Flipagram, amazon instant video, snap chat, tinder, scottrade
  • Facebook (one that works)
    NETFLIX with chromecast.
    And some more, but I just had Symbian and windowsphone so I don't know what I miss :)
  • Team speak 3
    Sky mobile tv
    Facebook same as android wp lacks far behind with features and functionality
  • 1.  REI Shopping App 2.  REI Visa App 3.  an app which will tell me which foods are going to make me really gassy. 4.  an app to help me with my memory 5.  I forget what else
  • bbm ffs....
  • Flipboard, Fitbit, Starbucks, Everymove, updated Twitter, FB, Zillow, Kindle
  • Google+
  • Simpsons tapped out.
  • There's isn't even WhatsApp right now and that my friends sounds SO LAME.
    Candy crush never played it but you need popular apps like that even when they are not that great at all.
    YouTube, I'm not waiting an official one at all but is needed, this one is just good for the platform nonetheless I'm super happy with the alternatives we have. N64 and other emulators as well. Either Tango or make Skype something we could brag about.
  • Now that we have notification centre, there's no point in keeping live tiles. So I'm thinking a good android theme that actually works.
  • Fitbit Wunderlist Swarm Pinterest Secret
  • I think all the apps you guys are mentioning are important, for sure. But maybe it's just me...but I'm happy with everything! And the fact than an app like Grindr is NOT ON Windows Phone even makes it better lol
  • Microsoft and developers..?? I requested u too make windows phone apps like ios.. Full hd graphics , high resolution, lag free, and more adjustable to OS. Today I used iPhone 5 of my frnd and I really fan of apple that the all the things .. , each and single thing was totally heart and eye touching. I really loved windows phone because I liked Microsoft things and research. And I knw Microsoft can do that no one can do like apple or Samsung. I hv trust on Microsoft tht they can do different level things tht touches real lives of people.m using windows phone n daily I walk through store and all the apps are very worst. Just 50-60 app official in store like fb,WhatsApp line n all that. I don't wan to buy iPhone but I want tht my windows phone nevr go down to any of the iPhone. IPhone store just a fabulous. Lots of HD apps with no lag on any device run like a charm. I got hearted when I saw store with full of worst apps. Now I wntu buy new phone but NW I stuck btw iPhone n Lumia 930 . Coz iPhone gave lots of apps that not available in window store. But I love windows phone coz of live tiles, camera, maps, cellular data experience and word flow keyword. Plz make windows phone OS touchwood.. Tht nevr anyone can beat it. And made apps like iPhone apps. And main thing plz make hardware for your products ur own like processors and graphic card just like iPhone fast processors A6 and M4-5 . Super fast processor hav apple and I want Microsoft also launch their extra ordinary processor from apple and beat all apple products . Plzzzzzzzz take I as a request. I knw al windows phone user want that their windows phone works super fast from al smartphones. Plzzz dont regret. Best wishes with u.
  • More free apps that are free on other platforms!
  • Official TeamStream app would be an awesome addition the Windows Store
  • How about a Real-Time Tracking app like find my friends on iPhone ?
  • The most missed apps for me are:   Strava Sky Go  
  • NHL Gamecenter
    Amazon Instant Video
    ATT Uverse Remote
    Ally bank with Auto finance support
    "Facebook Blue" *interesting tidbit, makers of Facebook 24 is totally revamping their app to a fully featured facebook app but keeping that same modern UI, metro style, which is going to be bad ass, and will be renamed, "simply facebook"
  • I would like to see HBO GO more banking apps ' my credit union app and all the above ' my niece keep asking me when will she be able to repost on instagram who know's ?!!
  • I don't want new apps. On want current apps to have features on par with Android/iOS features. I do love the Yahoo Weather and Yahoo News apps. I'll take those.
  • How about an official NPR app
  • Clash of Clans!!
  • I want a really good weather app with nexradar and real time weather alerts like Tornado,Hurricanes and Flooding. I also want a desent app that can read pdf,cbr and cbz. I want the Marvel app to make to both wp and windows. and More Better Games. and Update star walk and star chart to have full tablet functions. 
  • Disco zoo :)
  • Poweramp, MX Player, Youtube, faster Skype, Opera
  • Sky Go and Sky+ apps. They won the name so let's have some support for WP8.1.
  • I actually want flipboard. It is a pretty useful app.
  • Amazon MP3
  • 1) Official Facebook app that can actually see full posts, reply to tag requests, etc. 2) Synovus Bank App 3) AT&T Uverse App 4) MyFitnessPal app that works. 5) Glympse Update to allow it to work when screen is off.
  • For me it would be nice to see: Wolf WiFi for use at work Zite - this is the only App I ever found useful on the iPad File Management!!! BBM
  • SiriusXM & Sonos
  • Siriusxm
  • They should be ashamed in bringing such topic. WP is dramatically wasting its potential by making sucessive mistakes that take too long to be fixed (when they are fixed).    Here in Brazil, WP is a joke. It's really rare to find some one using one (specially a high end model) and they are usually not very happy about it. The huge absence of apps of quality, the vicious marketing claiming to have 8-9 every 10 apps that other platforms have and the system malfunctioning issues are draging a promise it represented 3 years ago to the drain.   People won't care for 41mp camera, when they have no snapchat or instagram of quality. People won't care for Cortana when they can't use it in their language and with voice activation (like Moto X). They won't care for app integration with people hub when foursquare, facebook, twitter apps are broken (not to say ridiculous).   Other problem I face when I shout "even when there is no official app, there is a reliable substitute", is that what about new apps. The one that will hit iOS in August, September, December? When will it come to WP. A year later? After no one is using it any longer? The new Mozilla platform with webapps feels more complete than windows phone store. Microsoft should market a huge release of at least 30 high quality most needed apps and commit them to be updated at the same time of every one. Don't they, as one of the biggest companies in the world, have this power over developers?
  • Pebble / Tasker
  • Spottify Free Situations A homescreen toggle switch to turn teathering on/off An background app that stops the phone from locking or the backlight from dimming if in an app and connected to a charger And not a phone app but An improved windows desktop app that allows the phone to sync calendars notes and tasks with outlook and also read and send text messages from a pc desktop through a phone connected by either usb or bluetooth, ala nokia suite   
  • Square, GoPayments Groupon Metchants or similar. Cube is terrible. Also, an official Starbucks app. Then my wife would finally convert.
  • Qmanager for QNAP NAS servers
  • whats really sad is i was considering going back to windows (had an original focus back in the day) but im tied into google services, so without that i cant see that happening.  also, no sirius... i pay for that service and would really like to use it.     its really a shame, i like the window platform a lot and the nokia phones are great phones.  but, i just cant do it.:( and all these comments are reasons why.  i dont expect every app from every platform, but basics... like google service apps (i know ms isnt fully to blame, if at all for this), uber, sirius, and various other ones just seem like basic apps.  and apperently a good music app?  whats up with not having a good music app?   it just makes me stay with android (i like my htc one.  good music app and awesome speakers.  so so camera)  wont do apple anymore unless they allow me to have control over my phone as in choosing default browser, mail app, etc...  this is all just my opinion and i guess i needed to vent out my frustrations.  
  • I want
    Opera Mini
    Super Beam
    Pixlr Express
    Nentendo DS Emulator
  • Sirius XM
  • Proper Faster Skype.The current implementation is sad.
    Farmville2: Country Escape
  • Expedia
  • Fitbit app with sync.
  • VSCO, a proper whatsapp and a proper telegram.
  • Nobody likes "that guy" who enters a thread full of requests or concerns and says "everything is just fine for me, hehe". However, just this once I will say all the apps I need have finally been accounted for. The ones that bothered me in the past with their absence have been: Xbox Video, Mass Effect: Infiltrator, Wells Fargo, a Sega Genesis Emulator, and a bunch of other games which arrived on WP late but I'll be switching over to the NVIDIA Shield for gaming now anyway. The real issue isn't trying to get every huge app slowly and slowly. They will never catch up at this rate. Honestly, I don't know what the solution is but it comes down to WP just getting so big and popular, both large companies and indie developers simply can't ignore the platform. Apps that aren't as well known, but are used by people every day like the Jordan 23 app (shoes), Rap Genius, all the trendy iOS and Android games that die out by the time they ever get to WP, things like that. If they chase them all and try to throw money at them all, they'll still always be behind whatever new app shows up for the other two platforms. Mainly what I am saying is, I truly hope WP will get popular enough to avoid that cloud of uneasiness that I KNOW a lot of us get when a friend, coworker, or even boss recommends or suggests an app to use for X task and we don't know if it's available for our device. And if we haven't heard the name, the answer is likely "no".
  • SCUMMVM for playing good ol' Lucasarts games, and also Zune or any other working music player. SCUMMVM should be easily doable because the source is freeware, but no high hopes for decent player because Microsoft.
    ScummVM supports many adventure games, including LucasArts SCUMM games (such as Monkey Island 1-3, Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max, ...), many of Sierra's AGI and SCI games (such as King's Quest 1-6, Space Quest 1-5, ...), Discworld 1 and 2, Simon the Sorcerer 1 and 2, Beneath A Steel Sky, Lure of the Temptress, Broken Sword 1 and 2, Flight of the Amazon Queen, Gobliiins 1-3, The Legend of Kyrandia 1-3, many of Humongous Entertainment's children's SCUMM games (including Freddi Fish and Putt Putt games) and many more. ScummVM is continually improving, so check back often. Among the systems on which you can play those games are Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Dreamcast, PocketPC, PalmOS, AmigaOS, BeOS, OS/2, PSP, PS2, SymbianOS and many more...
  • Look behind you, a three-headed monkey!
  • 1. Runkeeper 2. Twitter (the real one, a direct match) 3. Facebook and Facebook paper 4. Pocket and pocket integration 5. google plus and hangouts
  • Snapchat, clash of clans. That's about it. If I get those two I will be content :)
  • Garmin Connect so I can connect my phone to my bike computer for live tracking, sharing, mapping etc. It's the only must have app I'm missing that there isn't even a workaround for Looking forward to BBM which BlackBerry has confirmed is coming.
  • +1
  • I just wanna have top 10000 apps and games on Android and iOS are available on WPstore. 10000 apps are not so hard, are they? Microsoft?
  • Google apps and working current MS apps aka Skypenand such
  • Outlook ! I am already getting Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote, how about a full blown Outlook for my Nokia Lumia 1520 please :)  
  • IFTTT (If THIS Then THAT), as well as an official Fitbit app with syncing
  • SunTrust
    The Room
    Mahjong and Friends
    Medscape Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Wouldn't it be cool if we had Xbox Live enabled games? Oh wait... j/k Seriously, give me PvZ2, with or without XBL.
    oh, and Pulse newsreader. I miss that one. Otherwise, I want more features, not apps.
  • Duplicate post. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • VSCO Cam plz :(  
  • Bank Of Ireland
  • For a game: Plants vs Zombies 2
    For exercise: Official Fitbit app
  • Whatsapp, Mozilla Firefox and a more stable facebook app.
  • Apps locker...
    Candy crush....
    File manager.....
    Facebook messenger.....
  • No matter how good windows phone gets its crippled by the fact it has no apps. It's getting better but not fast enough. Not to mention the apps we do get are lack luster. Always has half the features take fidelity for example or PayPal
  • I'd love to see Simpson's Tapped Out - lol.  I'd like to see Civilization Revolution brought to parity with the iOS version (the current version has much cruder graphics and slower performance).  I'd like a Skype app that would allow your old Skype username and not force you to an MS account (again, as it works on iOS and Android).  I'd like to see more nav apps like Sygic and iGo. I'd like a version of Flixter that actually let me purchase tickets (as I can on iOS and Android).   As also mentions, I'd like to see Tripit, and Flighttrack, WeatherUndergound weather app,  Byki and Innovative Language to bring their language apps to WP. At the OS level, I'd like to see Cisco VPN support and BT keyboard support and OS level printing support (especially for larger format devices like the 1520). And I'd love to see the iPad versions of the MS Office apps brought to WP and RT - the touch-based versions.  
  • Official Pocket App
  • More apps & games(try to reach apple store or make your(Microsoft) own mark). mainly the quantity and quality.
  • Definitely Flipboard, Charter One financial app, Youtube App, Soundcloud and the return of the People Hub. 
  • CLASH OF CLANS Its about time the number 1 grossing app for ios gets to wp8
  • I wish WP could have Flipboard, BBM, Behance, Secret and Opera browser. Maybe some more personalization and Design apps.
  • Starbucks
    Capital One
    Bloomberg refresh w/ iOS parity
    LinkedIn refresh
  • American Express and Southwest airlines
  • My most wanted apps are: Amazon MP3
    Amazon Instant Video
    An update to the Slacker Radio app
    Target Cartwheel
  • HBOGO, XFINITY, SONOS, LYFT, SIDECAR, The original Windows Phone 7 maps (tap to speak), Belkin Smart Home
  • ScummVM we need
  • Good apps of existing - FB, FB chat, Dropbox, and all G-APPS - google maps, google+ etc...
  • Opera mini too needed guys
    My 80% data goes into just browsing
  • Opera mini
  • BBM
  • Todoist, Lift, Strava
  • I want subway surfers for 512mb
  • A better Dailymotion App!!!!!
  • Facebook's "Paper" app, official Snapchat, YouTube. I give up my other two slots for "on time updates" :P
  • Google Chrome Youtube Google Hangouts Whatsapp Skout  ---------------------------------------- Pocket Ted TuneIn Radio Fake GPS Utorrent  
  • My top 5 apps are:
    1. BBM
    2. WhatsApp Updated
    3. Hotspot Shield
    4. Firefox Browser
    5. Ask.fm other apps that I wish them to come:
    Clash of Clans
    Shabik 7
    You Are Your Own Gym
    Candy Crush
  • We need a better WP Central app for WP
    I used to use BlackBerry 10 but I switched to WP and I think that CrackBerry app for BlackBerry is better than WP Central on WP
    It doesn't have adds and its better in general. Posted by my Lumia 1020.
  • Powerdvd remote control, teamspeak
  • I just wish for better update schedules for the "key" apps we already have. You know, those apps that were HUGE announcements...then we waited and waited, and FINALLY, they came? Only then for us to realise we wouldn't have updates for months at a time. Instagram - still in beta! I mean...what is that even about, dudes! Vine - still truly hideous to record on some of the lower end phones, and still missing some key features (indeed this and Instagram are really shown up by Rudy Huyn's efforts, given these work perfectly) Flixster - Would be lovely to have access to our UV movies like we can on the flixster app on other platforms. This is just a tiny selection. But aye. Mostly just missing features/lack of optimisations in the apps we already have which I notice the most.
  • 1) - Zune 2) - Zune 3) - Zune 4) - Zune 5) - A better Mac transfer app.
  • Dji Phantom App Sonos Sunfleet (Carpool) Other than that i think i'm set. From a OS perspective i would love to see OS level DLNA support so you could route all audio to a DLNA recevicer.   
  • Nook/ "Microsoft Consumer Reader" Comixology Amazon Instant Video Nest Fitbit
  • These apps I need Opera Mini BBM pinterest Snapchat Candy Crush Saga DropBox QuizUp Monster and Naukri Kotak Mahindra Bank Tata Sky Youtube MxPlayer   Updates Line (Video Calling) Skype (File Sharing) Instagram (Direct) Flickr (obvious) IMDB KIK F Messenger (Calling) Email (Attachment in replies) Subway Surfer (512 MB ram devices-) Tumblr Whatsapp
  • LinkedIn
  • Assuming its not installable for your country? 
  • ABC Iview is my only desired app that I can't get
  • Playstation Companion App
  • Pinterest - Flipboard - new IMDb app - Banks apps (many still don't exist) - Official TVs channels apps (many still don't exist)
  • Zune, updated IMDB app, official youtube app, proper facebook app, updated twitter app and all will be good and well.
  • BBM, WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8.1 (appx), Dropbox offiicial app, Twitter for Windows Phone 8.1 (appx), Opera Mini, Opera Mobile, Opera Browser, PvZ 2, Sonic Jump,
  • Better whatsapp notification centre like ios or Android more games better facebook which added features like change cover foto better apps store and a YouTube app & also better videos which have option to download videos from web in phone and make music also better and please bring lock screen system for windows phone
  • Credit Karma App, Rite aid pharmacy, All Google Apps, more American banks & Credit Unions.Flash player Support for facebook games. thank you.
  • WATCHEspn, TNTOvertime, NBA Game Time, Time Warner Cable, Official Facebook (made and supported by Facebook just like in iOS and Android)
  • Facebook (official)
    Youtube (official)
    Candy Crush
    Tumblr (official)
  • What about a British Gas and an official National rail app for us UK WP Users!
  • Would really love VLC on WP!
  • How about an official DAILY MAIL APP!
  • Windows Explorer Al Quran Weather Stopwatch+Timer
  • Spotify with lastfm scrobble, flipbord, strava and pinball fantasy.
  • My Disney Experience and an official Pebble app with full Pebble integration on the level of Android.   Edit: not sure why this new comment was posted as a reply.
  • ESPN fantasy BASEBALL App.. (WP has ESPN Fantasy football, but not baseball??) Cozi Calendar, Candy Crush, More restaurant apps (i.e. Chipotle)
  • Anonymous Message App .
  • 1. Growlr 2. vscocam 3. Tinder?  I dunno, jury is still out.  4. Official snapchat app. 5. Simple.  
  • Veetle for streaming!
  • Threema Amazon Instant Video
  • Update Shazam! Update IMDB! Update TuneIn Radio! Update Bing Weather App!
  • HSBC UK Sky Go F1 National Rail Football League
  • Damn it, forgot Cisco AnyConnect & Cisco Jabber.
  • Flipboard, Beach Buggy Blitz, Garmin Connect, Suunto Movescount, AND A DECENT KINDLE-APP, where I can read my old .prc or .mobi ebooks stored on the device.
  • Harry's Lap Timer.
  • Indian Banking Apps are very much required, especially ICICI Bank.
  • FLIPBOARD : release the damn app for Windows Phone already!!
  • HBO GO
  • It'd be nice having native apps for the myriad of google services (gmail, drive, g+, youtube, play music/movies/all the other stuff they sell through play that is platform agnostic, if it wasn't such a pain in the arse getting that content onto a windows phone device, etc). I'm resigned to that never happening, however.  On a more realistic front, I can't say there are any real productivity apps that I pine for (outside of google). Either they already exist (evernote, etc), or there's a perfectly fine alternative (dropbox, etc). The calendar app is a little annoying in how it doubles up certain things (holidays) if your imported calendars have the same info, as well as how it seems to like putting calendar entries a day ahead of an event in addition to showing you the actual event. Presumably, this is a clumsy way of trying to remind you of an event. Really annoying, and for the life of me I have not been able to figure out how to remove. So, a third party calendar app that integrates with google calendar, and is capable of recognizing duplicate enteries (holidays, etc) when importing multiple calendars, with a less annoying approach to reminders would be welcome.  I do wish the messenger app was better. As an American, I primarily use sms/mms, and avoid all those popular messenging apps that require the recepient to be using the same app, and I hadn't realized how much the little things that imessenger in ios and hangouts in android add up to making the experience better until I had moved over to Windows Phone 8/8.1. I have no idea if it's even possible to make a sms/mms app (all the messenging apps seem to avoid it, but I've never understood if it's because it's just not possible for them, or because they're inherently motivated to make their users not use sms/mms). If it is possible, I'd love to see a third party sms/mms app that had basic things like contact photos.  I also wish the Windows Phone OS integrated with more social networks than Twitter, Facebook, and...Linkedin, which has drastically limited what photos/personal info my Lumia now populates/associates with my contacts. If that's something that can be "fixed" through an app (ie: a third party People app), then I'd be all for that. 
  • UberX
  • TabbedOut!!!
  • Google everything. and Starbucks. But I don't want it to stop there. I want to see my local news say "download our app for Windows, iOS, and android." And every single other app updated to be as polished as iOS apps. This may have been said, but out of nearly 800 posts 90% of them are:  +920 +1020 +1520  SO really, we have 100 suggestions and 700 +"whatever phone number"  its getting really old to see this take up 50% of the posts on this site. 
  • Flipboard puhlees ... It was a wonderful source of all kinds of 'news' i wanted and their layout was wow.
  • TimeWarnerCable, Toyota Entune, Watch ESPN, Sonos, WeightWatchers, Health4Me... Yes, I know that's 6 and I could add more.  When are they going to realize WP is for real?
  • I'm a huge gamer so the gaming focussed apps are the ones I want the most. Namely IGN and Gametrailers, I'd also like the cross device version of these so something for the future Windows RT/Mobile platform so I can use it on my tablet too.   While we're on the topic the same thing for my Xbox One would be amazing.   In terms of everyday use, the main app I am missing on my phone is the HSBC banking app for the UK.   1- IGN App 2- Gametrailers App 3- HSBC Banking (UK) 4- Official Facebook 5- Official Youtube
  • Sky Go and HBO Go, hostelbooker.com,official Nike sport apps, official WTA and ATP watching app, official Guitar Hero
  • http://www.windowsphone.com/en-gb/store/app/horoscopes-free/dfa2c39d-b5b...          
  • Application of bbm
  • Ermagash... PayPal Here and/or Square reader. And of course a State Farm app, since I bank with them and want to deposit checks. I literally bought and carry around a Moto G just so I can use those three apps.
  • It's funny, I used to be content with Vine and Instagram.. but nothing seems to work as well as the iOS counterparts. I just want things that work. Everything original to WP is brilliant though. Sort of wish there was an app that emulates iOS data.
  • Ok, so: 1: Get back the synchro with Zune possible... 2: Fitbit or Withings  3: Sonos 4: Pebble 5: MyFox  
  • would like to see more medical software. Compared to other platforms, windows has none. none of medical disease calculators are windows compatible.
  • Time warner tv, hbogo, adobe flash
  • Sky Go & Fitbit with BT4.0 syncing, cant think of much else.  
  • Opera Mini. Pretty pleaaaase :)
  • I can't wait for BBM to arrive on WP8.1. I'm a long-term BlackBerry user and I still love my Z10, but I'm also testing a Lumia 1020 for a week or two, as a photographer I enjoy the amazing PureView camera, all the manual settings and RAW files and honestly I quite like what MS did to the system since the 7.0/7.5 phase, so I'd love to give it a longer test-drive, but really want to keep in touch with my BBM buddies and especially 2 BBM groups I manage. Whats App and other alternatives are by faaar not that great in my opinion. BB said earlier that BBM for WP is coming this summer, so hopefully we won't have to wait too long ;)
  • 1. SONOS Controller
    2. SkyGo App
    3. Clash of Clans (game)
    4. Youtube
    ​5. Better Facebook/Instagram (no, 6tag is not good (anymore)) Pocket is a close 6th.
  • Suntrust app would be awesome
  • Another two apps would be WatchESPN and a Dish network app
  • Duolingo, RunKeeper, FlipBoard
    Spotify with free-mode
  • Strava/Polar (or more Fitness apps that will do GPS and Heart Rate Monitors - only micoach so far)
    Pocketbook (get pocketbook)
    Spotify (to same level as ios and android)
  • Where the Hell is BBM.... Seriously........
  • The official FIFA World Cup app? Official BBC Sports app (Word Cup). There is a very good one available now called Onefootball Brasil spnsored by VW. But still...
  • Microsoft should stop developing the Facebook app and give it to its respective owner which is Facebook. LINE should improve, it must be at par with iOS and Android. Just because Windows Phone is non-existent in Japan or if ever, have 0.7% market share is not an excuse for them to slack off. Another app that I'm looking for is Pinterest.
    Here in the Philippines, all banks must have a Windows Phone app since not a single one exist. For a travel app, I hope that Navitime ports their "NAVITIME for Japan Travel" app
  • I want Comixology back...now!  It's the only reason I left WP.  I need my comic books back.
  • I'd like to see updated IMDB app. I just happen to be using it a lot. Current one still works and even does not look that bad, but sharing with FB app got broken recently. Previously, sharing to FB would create nice post with movie image, title and so on, now it just creates post with internet link for that movie's IMDB page. This is not necessarily IMDB app issue, might have been caused by recent FB app updates or even WP8.1... but app itself wasn't updated for years, real eternity in techie terms... :(
  • Can we just get flipboard? A beta was shown last year last yeat must be ready by now! Someone from Flipboard must be reading the posts and seeing how much peope are looking forward to getting it, damn I'd pay for it!
  • Arggg, I want spotify to use the native design pattern. It feels like an andriod app since the last update. And yea Candy Crush, so my GF will get a WP. 
  • Oh and Mindsnacks Mardarin!!!! 
  • Drop Box Flip Board
  • 4 Apps and game that i want in windows phone with full functionality as andriord or ios, are Facebook messenger- we still dont have chat heads and video calling and it also tad slow, Whatsapp - again slow, cant view media files, cant send audio or video files, notification no problems works fine, but when i try to view previous chat history app crashes. Opera - again we need opera web browser, uc browser sometimes while loading heavy wages, also there is problem while surfing facebook on uc, inbuilt ie explorer doesnt work with storage of previous pages that a problem while surfing facebook on it, everytime i press back page loads again which increses data cost.  Truecaller - this app is there but the new update sucks, i mean it, cant search any number it just hangs and freezes and the only option is to close the app, also it doesnt search unknown number on thier own when u recieve call.  Candy crush - u dont a reason why it should be there, and a request to windows developers atleast make this phenomenal game free, i hope it comes free   
  • still waiting on Kobo's promised app. i also want a google maps app with more multi-touch gestures and indoor navigation. or they can, you know, fix they pile of crap they call Here Maps.
  • - Nook eReader (or even some other reader than Kindle for a little competition) - FlightTracker - Southwest official app - Twitter update (to what Android/iOS currently has) - Music app update such that it doesn't sync my entire collection every single time I open the app
  • Off the top of my head, I'll have to go with Whatsapp.
  • Threes! Candy Crush (would get so many relatives onboard with this one app) Kobo (have it on my win8 tablet, but want it on my phone too)
  • Threema; KeePass App, that is really working and any kind of better music experience !!!! That includes, that MS wakes up, develops WMP so, that its usable (combine it with the WP App/program) and then have soemthing like XBox music for Desktop/iTunes from MS. Skype that is working (MS failed to build it up to have a experience like Whatsapp)
  • Even the low end lumia 520 is a very powerfull device by 2011 standards. Yet we are still to see high end games like Gameloft's NOVA series. NOVA 3 works like charm on the Iphone 4 or even the iPod Touch 4th gen with just 256 of ram. On the windows side it requires at least 1 Gigabyte of ram! More HIgh End GAMES in general! Other Apps like: Tapatalk (hasn't been updated in ages and lacks functionality compared to it's android counterpart) Paypal (hasn't been updated in ages and lacks functionality compared to it's android counterpart) EPSON, HP, Canon Print & Scan Apps!!! Torque equivelant / OBD diagnostics app Blue&Me companion App Parrot A.R. Drone App Official ARDUINO App Microsoft Remote Desktop AirDroid alternative      
  • 1. Real YouTube app. 2. Real Flipboard app. 3. Comixology. 4. Downcast. 5. Strava
  • 1. Disney Theme Park App (Fastpass etc) 2. ATT Uverse. Be nice if they even remotely in any way shape of form put forth the smallest effort to support our platform. Huge downer that Nokia was joined at the hip (920 release) and ATT to date has 0 support for our platform. Go read any of the app reviews, you'll see what I mean. 3. Any major Grocery Store app for the east coast. 4. (Tie) Nest / Major Stores such as Sears 5. Local apps. News channels, small retail, We have the large apps, just don't have a lot of local small guy support.
  • 1. Updated Tumblr app that doesn't suck 2. Grindr 3. Something like Droidsound so I can play sfc, nsf, gsm, usf, gsf, psf etc files on my phone 4. DuoLingo 5. Official Walmart, IKEA, Lowe's etc apps
  • Best call recorder Opera for mobile
  • I don't particularly want a new app, I think what i want is similar quality of apps (think spotifiy WindowsPhone vs Spotify Android), app intents (calling another app like facebook within an app like spotify to sign in), and stopping carrier exclusivity, (I want a lumia 930 / icon on AT&T without having to unlock or hack or root or jailbreak.) I may be off topic a bit. 
  • Amazon MP3 App Fitbit  
  • Sonos.  Sonos.  Sonos.
  • 1. Square
    2. Starbucks
    3. VSCO Cam + Lumia 1020 RAW
    4. Pathfinder Character Sheet 
    5. Photoshop Express
  • Fitbit App now that we have Bluetooth LE support  
  • Test
  • You guys should look for alternative comment system. This one is slow, overkill, and it does not work on all articles. Like the SP3 giveaway :'(
  • A media player App that's on par with iTunes.
  • I would like SalesForce to have a W8 mobile app.  My peers at work with iPhones and Androids have clean, critical access to client information right in their hands thru the beautiful SalesForce1 app.
  • I thought BBM was confirmed to be development, not rumored.  I would like: -Candy Crush just so I can hear people stop talking about it missing on the platform. -Playstation app.  Many people who use WP, and previously gamed on the xbox, also game on the Playstation.  There is a nice companion app for the PS4 that I wish Sony would bring to WP. -Youtube.  Hopefully Google will stop being a dick about things (yeah right) and allow MS' developed Youtube app to be republished. -The Walking Dead TT games.  I loved these games on the 360 and would buy them all over again if they would port them to WP. -Google apps.  I don't care if it's all of them or just one.  It's getting old to read and hear about google apps being available on IOS and Android but sticking as a sore spot for WP. Really, other than the lack of sometimes receiving apps/games at the same time as other platforms, I'm happy enough with the app situation on WP.
  • HBOgo would be another awesome app to have.
  • Duolingo for sure! I'd like to see Spotify radio too.
  • 1. A Music app that functions (preferably something as good as the zune hd experience) 2. Fitbit  
  • Until microsoft can come up with skygo or bt sports app then i will have to stay with android.better system but lacking
  • DROPBOX for sure.  And I use a budget program with my wife on my iphone that I really need, called EZ Budget.  It is the best way of using a shared budget I have ever seen.  I NEED EZ Budget!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 1. Minecraft
    2. Simpsons Tapped Out
    3. Pocket Devil
    4. Ninjump
    5. GTA III
  • PNC mobile banking please
  • I really want the game "Gangstar Vegas" !!!! It looks awsome on my brothers iPhone -.-
  • Needed :
    1. Flipboard
    2. Tweet deck
    3. Firefox (MS pls. let mozilla in) but IE 11 is cool too with assassin's creed pirates demo
    4. Google hangouts
    5. FB integration in messaging app Thanks to MS :
    1. Speedy Files app
    2. Lumia 520
    3. Awesome built-in fine tuned camera app
    4. Of course for Cortana
    5. Wifi sense and battery sense and fully functional free office even in low end devices Thanks wpcentral team :
    1. Giving insights on Windows tech
    2. Giving to world free via contests
    3. Making discounts and deals
    4. App reviews and updates and even showing us free, productive and limited time free apps.
    5. Doing the best you can :)
  • Mailbox, VSCOcam, PayPal, Squarespace & Facebook Paper
  • Hello
    That's a nice cover which is on the phone 
    "yellow coloured four corners" Whats this type of covers called?
    I would lke to purchase this type of cover for my lumia 525..
      please give me link.
  • BBM . Dr.driving . Brother in arms 2 . Snapchat. Ask.fm . Ask.fm
  • I want Poweramp player....for windows phone....
  • I also want powramp player this is a great player in android ....seriously
  • MPATool needs to be updated for 8.1   Edit: Starbucks +928. Didn't see it - one screen above.
  • 1. Foxtel 2. ANZ 3...That's all.
  • Poweramp Music player