A fresh update for the WhatsApp Beta is here, and it brings some fun features for those who share a lot of photos. Now, before you share a photo with a friend, you can add a bit of extra flair with emoji and drawing.

WhatsApp Beta draw

As seen in the image above, adding either is a pretty straightforward process. Simply select the pen option from the top of the screen when viewing the photo you're about to share in order to start doodling over the image. Likewise, you can tap the smiley face to bring up a selection of emoji to add to the image as well.

If you'd like to give these features a try, you should be able to do so by grabbing the latest update to the WhatsApp Beta now. Once updated, the app should be on version number 2.16.272.

Thanks to Pratish C. for the tip!

Download WhatsApp Beta from the Windows Store

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