WhatsApp beta now lets you draw on photos before sharing them

A fresh update for the WhatsApp Beta is here, and it brings some fun features for those who share a lot of photos. Now, before you share a photo with a friend, you can add a bit of extra flair with emoji and drawing.

WhatsApp Beta draw

As seen in the image above, adding either is a pretty straightforward process. Simply select the pen option from the top of the screen when viewing the photo you're about to share in order to start doodling over the image. Likewise, you can tap the smiley face to bring up a selection of emoji to add to the image as well.

If you'd like to give these features a try, you should be able to do so by grabbing the latest update to the WhatsApp Beta now. Once updated, the app should be on version number 2.16.272.

Thanks to Pratish C. for the tip!

Download WhatsApp Beta from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: WhatsApp beta

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • This is exactly what the photo app needs (both mobile and pc). I want to be able to do this with a saved picture or camera roll item right from the photos/camera app so that I can then easily share via email or txt.
  • So true
  • let use let them know in feedback as much as possible.
  • I always forget about the feedback app till I go to soft reset my phone cuz it froze or some ****..
  • It's coming, Release Preview insiders got Windows Ink support to the photos app just a couple of days ago.
  • Thanks! That's great news to hear!
  • Not for mobile though. It doesn't have Windows Ink support.
  • I assume it will eventually make it to mobile if the pc version has it in preview...
  • Hopefully the new paint app will be listed in the editing section of the picture option
  • You CAN! I've just had an update (on release preview) where you can do exactly that and it works really well. :)
  • While it is not there, use PicsArt for that.
  • I wish messenger would add this feature back
  • Why can't I find the beta in the store?
  • It won't appear in search results. Use the given link.
  • Thanks
  • I suppose there's something wrong with this app again, I cant seem to connect to the links and the app toast notification seem to be stuck on two, even tho' I have watched the all.
  • Wow...it will save lots of time and hassle going back and forth with photo editing apps!
  • Wow, we need this. Its on my Girlfriends iPhone too. Don't use the Beta so I will wait ..... no hurry here.
  • I'm going beta just for this feature!!
  • I'm having this feature from weeks now.. in Android.
  • ...and I found that is rather annoying than in Windows.
  • And no one cares, because this is a Windows news site, and an article about the WhatsApp WINDOWS app :P :D
  • Only this will be good if it loads the photo picker faster. It takes forever in my phone.
  • Great, thank FACEBOOK
  • This is great, but did no one else notice video calling is here also?
  • Hello. Is there any incompatibility between the "normal" app and this "beta", using both on the same phone device? I mean, is it possible to run both apps in the same phone?
  • Its not possible.. You know that you have to login into WharsApp every time you entering it via new device. It goes the same for switching apps. But you realy dont need non-beta app. WhatsApp Beta works just as great as the official one and it always has more features.
  • Yes you can run both official and beta versions on the same phone - I have both installed, for example. I think WhatsApp limits you to one active ID (phone number) at any point, meaning, you can have both beta and official versions on your phone only if you use different phone numbers on each app (that's how I do it, but since I have dual sim, that's exactly how I wanted to use it anyway). Maybe someone who has tried to use both apps with same number can confirm whether that's possible - I'm fairly sure it isn't, but hate to pretend to know something as a fact without being 100% sure that's true.
  • Thank you guys! I guess I'd throw the coin or maybe just sit and wait till those features come in the official release :-)
  • Don't we have this already??
  • Never mind. Wrong comment. Btw, how do we delete apps on the Windows 10 app?