WhatsApp has been updated for both Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile. The listing itself has been pushed up to version 2.16.2, leading us to suspect this is a minor bump in releases. The popular messaging client continues to enjoy a steady stream of releases, further enhancing the user experience.

Unfortunately, there's no changelog to refer to though we can see this as a small update to fix any bugs introduced in a recent version pushed to the store.

Update: OyeAdi did ping us with the following list of potential improvements:

  • View how much data was consumed in the most recent WhatsApp call
  • You can forward and share to the broadcast list
  • Larger videos can now be shared and they resize accordingly
  • Font optimization
  • Improved audio file sharing (OneDrive, internal + external storage)
  • Emoji have been revamped (larger, cleaner)

Noticed anything new that we've overlooked? Sound off in the comments!

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Big thanks to everyone who tipped us!