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WhatsApp kills rumours and says it's not selling out to Google

WhatsApp, the popular cross-platform messaging service, has stated that it's not currently in discussions with Google to sell the company for $1 billion. Contrary to what recent rumours, Neeraj Arora, business development head at WhatsApp has informed AllThingsD that the company isn't actively looking to hold sales talks with Google and the rumours are not valid. We ran the rumour only yesterday, which relies on an inside source of Digital Trends, stating a deal was on the horizon.

While Arora declined to comment further on the matter, we'll remain slightly sceptical that a potential move is on the table. It was only back in December that Facebook was rumoured to be purchasing WhatsApp, which subsequently fell through. That said, an acquisition by Google makes more sense. Does what Arora says kill all speculation? Certainly not. This could also mean that discussions were taking place but fell through (déjà vu), or the company is indeed looking to sell up and is simply attempting to throw everyone off the scent.

But for now there's nothing to see here, folks. We'll keep our eyes open for more details to come to light.

Source: AllThingsD; thanks to everyone who tipped us!

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Good morning.  Cannot get on. constantly getting server busy message.  Is it just me?  Lumia 820 on wifi.
  • Yessir
  • Cheers
  • If they are not selling then I commend them
  • Somethings are just worth more than 1 billion dollars especially when a buyer like google.... Lol
  • Whatsapp is a cool messaging app, but it is still quite buggy
  • thank god!
    right, now, where is instagraph?
  • +1
  • Too bad this app still eats battery...
  • Good news
  • The operative word is "currently" so they have kept the path open.
  • Yes like any business would.
  • Good News, every single company bought by Google has been destroyed...if Google buys a company it disappears
  • and even the ones that retain the name they were bought with Example being youtube are barely recognizeable and riddled with their ad-STD's
  • I almost completely gave up on Youtube due to the ads.  Sadly there is no other video service with the same depth of content.  However, a neat trick is to use Firefox with the adblock plugin installed.  Somehow it prevents the 15 second commercials.
  • YouTube hasn't disappeared, even though the endless ads certainly would have destroyed my enjoyment of it if not for admuncher.
  • I prefer IE I should not have to change my preferences just to watch a video without having to watch a commercial.....
  • Android hardly disappeared...
  • YouTube was bigger than Google video, & they didn't have a mobile OS prior to buy Android, but with that two exceptions all the other companies they bought where doomed
  • What do you mean exactly? Youtube is still going strong. Android is king. And Motorola is at least surviving (they were on the decline before Google bought them).
  • Motorola is dead, tell all the people that lost their job how good it is, with the exception of Android & YouTube all the other companies acquired by Google ended disappearing
  • Nokia seems to be leading to the same place as Mororola...
    If just they had adopted Android....
  • Good. No company should be tricked by Google.
  • Google can "trick" me with a billion dollars any day.  I love MS but I do admit that I have my price.
  • YOU WHORE!!! lol jk how much? :P
  • $278,563.67
  • Lol I'll c you later ;)
  • *reads the header*
  • Just curious.  What is WhatsApp's business model?  I don't use their app.  Do they run ads or something?
  • In the past they charged IOS users a one-off 99¢ app download, and all other users paid one premium SMS message each time the app was registered with a given phone. It's pennies and I'm not sure WhatsApp is making enough money to be able to afford staying independent if Google is knocking on the door. LINE is gaining a lot of traction and WhatsApp needs all the help it can get. But us WP users would be screwed, that's for sure!
  • Too bad what's app has access to all your contacts from your phone unless you're iOS device. I'll use them again when I get the same privacy.
  • It has access to all contacts on iOS as well... You just have to approve it and it gets full access to contacts...
    what privacy are you looking for? That is the best way of detecting which contact of yours have their number registered on whatsapp.. 
  • Lies... I would have sold out for 1 billion, bought an island in the Philippines and retired at the age of 30. Have a maid feed me and bathe me. Hire a little midget to point up in the air to tell me whenever a plane comes.
  • Gotta love them plane-spotting midgets...
  • Does it still sucks the battery in wp8?
  • Really dude why use Jesus -_-
  • Because Jesus saved man... Duh... Without his pain and suffering, we would have had to bear it on our own. These cases are like Jesus. They save our phones from pain and suffering.. :)
  • Good job. :)
  • +1000
  • Good news!
  • Can they address the rumour that their wp8 app is sooo crappppy
  • How so? What is the crappy part of it? Just curious.
  • Battery hog, Audio API, Lack of smilies, Lack of notification control, Limited options with silent chat, Limited options with enable/disable toasts, Unreliable notifications, Ghost notifications etc. I think.
  • @techblogger you obviously dont use whatsapp, if you did, you wouldnt be curious.
  • Sweet. WhatsApp, please don't sell out to Caligula's Empire.
  • He better not sell or him and some of his buddies be canned and replaced by Google staffers, just like what happened to Motorola. Sad alot of MS haters out there but they never want to see the bright side of MS. And you here alot of those bright sides on news. One of them is Bill Gates and his philanthropic work.
  • @lubbalots I'm not sure. Google has,bought a lot of companies, and Motorola is the only example you bring to the table. I know it didn't happen to Android.
  • Good job repenting the devil!
  • Thank god. I was going to cry.
  • Confirms my Nokia speculation.
  • With articles like this, it's always useful to play "Spot the Weasel Words":
    Neeraj Arora, business development head at WhatsApp has informed AllThingsD that the company isn't actively looking to hold sales talks with Google
  • Like they always say ...if you actually hear the rumour it's NOT true.  
    Details of an acquisition are almost always done before the general public find out about it.