WhatsApp, the popular cross-platform messaging service, has stated that it's not currently in discussions with Google to sell the company for $1 billion. Contrary to what recent rumours, Neeraj Arora, business development head at WhatsApp has informed AllThingsD that the company isn't actively looking to hold sales talks with Google and the rumours are not valid. We ran the rumour only yesterday, which relies on an inside source of Digital Trends, stating a deal was on the horizon.

While Arora declined to comment further on the matter, we'll remain slightly sceptical that a potential move is on the table. It was only back in December that Facebook was rumoured to be purchasing WhatsApp, which subsequently fell through. That said, an acquisition by Google makes more sense. Does what Arora says kill all speculation? Certainly not. This could also mean that discussions were taking place but fell through (déjà vu), or the company is indeed looking to sell up and is simply attempting to throw everyone off the scent.

But for now there's nothing to see here, folks. We'll keep our eyes open for more details to come to light.

Source: AllThingsD; thanks to everyone who tipped us!