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Here is what is new in last night's WhatsApp update: Notifications

Last night, WhatsApp out of the blue pushed out a semi-rare update for their popular messaging app. Unfortunately, no changelog was included, so it was left to the masses to discern what is new.

We should have caught the change, as it has been rumored for months now, but alas we have been playing with shiny, new tablets lately. The change in 2.11.670 is rather straightforward: how the messages appear in the notification center.

Previously, notifications for new messages would be formatted this way: Sender: Message

Relatively direct, but one line dedicated to a WhatsApp message is rather limiting. Instead, the new format has it as such:

  • Sender
  • Message

Now, the person who sent it is on its own line, with text in bold. Meanwhile, the message itself gets a little breathing room on a second line.

Interestingly, notifications in Windows 10 are also formatted this way. WhatsApp appears to be getting ahead of Microsoft's changes in preparing WhatsApp for the new OS. Indeed, in Windows 10, you will be able to dismiss individual notifications within services, as opposed to the 'all or nothing' style that is currently found on Windows Phone 8.1. We are also hoping that users will be able to respond to new WhatsApp messages directly like they can for text and Skype messages.

For what it is worth, the private beta of WhatsApp is still floating around, being updated on a regular basis. However, its version number 2.11.670 now matches that of the official release, meaning the two have once again caught up with each other. Presumably, WhatsApp will now start pushing smaller updates to the beta channel again for the next few months before they go to the public one. We'll keep you posted on any changes we find when that starts to happen.

Big thanks to Henock S. for the screenshots!

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Wow super most essential update lol :p :p
  • Well its actually nicer fo have it this way :)
  • android had this for a long time 
  • Really?
  • Yes it did, but now we do as well! :D
  • Stop comparing Windows with android
  • And with what should it be compared then...?
  • Compare Windows with a white circle, perfect, pure and round. Compare Android with a black circle, dark, blemished and probably a bomb. :P
  • Why even want to compare? WP is it's own platform with it's own special properties and features. It's no Android and especially no iOS.
  • Even hike messenger had it from beginning on WP, i think WhatsApp is copying hike now... ;)
  • this feature has been around in hike messenger since the start.
    actually a toast notification has multiple parts.
    there an icon (for the app). then there's a heading. then there's a message.
    previously whatsapp squashed the content of the texts into the heading itself. hence it was all bold.
    now content is shown in the separate messages area. hence the non-bold formatting.
    this is also why on windows 10, you can now read the whole whatsapp texts by "expanding" a notification. because the notification centre is designed to display a maximum of 2 lines for heading and the message can be much longer (at least 5 lines, for sure).
  • Exactly, I believe the new formatting came in with Windows Phone 8.1 and developers just didn't get up to speed with it for whatever reason.
  • Windows phone users cannot hide der notification bar, so the messages nw are more visible than before. Dat can be a sad news though..
  • Ahmmm, still waiting most basic features... Video optimization and mp3 sharing.... As implementation of whatsapp in basic sharing option.... Whatever...
  • Yeah.. Finally got this
  • Can any one please check Whatsapp on Windows 10 and tell if there is any new feature
  • Ohoooo!
  • That vibration also was removed. Depends on your notification settings.
  • ??
  • In-app vibration when getting new messages while WhatsApp is open. Now the in-app vibration is set according to the Vibrate setting in phone settings.
  • I think it is good how it works now. Didn't like that it was overriding my notification setting for vibration when the app was running.
  • They should have a setting for in-app vibration instead of tapping into the phone vibration settings. I have vibration on for phone calls.. This means it'll vibrate for in-app notifications which I don't want.
  • I think it's tied with Whatsapp notification settings. 
  • Really?! They finally got rid of it, yesssss :D
  • Actually I liked it. Lol! Now when I get new messages while on the contact list, I don't notice unless I go all the way up and see the new message. I always have vibration off because of battery life issue, so it was a nice feature.
  • This is so huge for me. I used to get a scolding from my mother when chatting at night. Now she wont even know. Huihuhahaha.
  • Yahoo!
  • nope. wrong publisher.
  • lol
  • Is there an option to go back to the previous theme on windowscentral ? The current one looks a bit messy.
  • All apps should change their notifications like this and have a lock like UC browser
  • A little of topic. Give feedback in the forum. You can mention that on the FulLHD screen you can also see 0 news by opening it. you have to scroll to read the first line of news
  • They also fixed the crash when opening group infos! Don't know if it was only happening with me, but at least it's fixed now! (:
  • Finally!
  • Great work dan! I did notice the sender/receiver text in toast notifications.
  • Would have much preferred to have better video compression and video splitter much like iOS however regular updates are always welcomed.
  • Sorry Man, WP still sucks
  • This is classified as trolling.
  • Trolling ^▽^ hahaha.
  • Hey I don't like you! >o
  • lot of apps still lack the quality ... I used WP for few months and went back to android ... 
  • Then what are you doing in Windows central? Go to the Android page of mobile nations. Bye
  • So stuff like this is fine. If you want to directly compare apps, features, etc. that is all legit. Just saying "WP still sucks" is not even criticism, it just trolling/baiting. I have zero issue with people not liking Microsoft, Windows Phone, or even this site. However, I do request people use their words to form complete thoughts when making their point.
  • Go Daniel Go!
    We need moderators in comment section.
  • Wooohaaaaaa!! ^_^ use your words..... LoL!
  • Ok that was kinda weird! Maybe misunderstood.
    I'm quite tired to look for something that WP is lagging to provide, even with W10 or whatever you may call it.
    I turned to WP one and half year ago and I'm quite disappointed with many issues right now. I owned Android and my friends all have iOS. WP helps me distinguish from others. But they experience a better way everyday nowadays.
    Hope to say better in the near future.
    Peace and I'm a real fun of this site and forum.
  • Then change your username to googleguy oh sry lagguy or sry again shitguy!!
  • I used Android for few months and went back to WP. (see what I did there)
  • Me too. Bye Galaxy S4, Hello my old Lumia 920. 
  • Arrest This Man
  • That's like your opinion, man...
  • Cheater?
  • That was part of a conversation :P
  • It's Daniel's phone right ?
  • Nope
  • Look at the last line in the blog
  • The other screenshot is an indian model , I guess. I see Vodafone IN at the top. And message from TD Facebook says Rohan Bhatt added a photo. So...might be.
  • Yeah. You guys are checking other stuffs in the screenshots 0_0
  • Having expandable notifications is one of the best features of W10fP so far. I miss it when I go back to 8.1.
  • Hey..... people say you need 1.7gb to roll phone on denim have 4gb space filled by operating can I take part in upcoming you have an idea....
  • That's probably why you still didn't get the preview !! A feature called "partition stitching" will make it possible for your phone
  • "Partition Stitching" LOL LOL! I see what you did there! :D
  • the 1.7gb download will be done on your PC.
    that will flash back the latest official rom for your device.
    the phone memory will be wiped clean. the good part being low phone storage isn't an issue.
    make sure you backup everything before reverting back. :)
  • Does it have the new feature like skype? Like reply on the notification on top? I want this.
  • Come on whatsapp inc, you know you want us to be able to respond to texts from everywhere..., you know you wanna do it
  • This update came out last night? I've got that version already installed and auto update apps is off???? I haven't updated anything for whatsapp for a while and I already have this build??? *confused*
  • someone has been secretly sneaking your phone away to update your apps without you knowing it.
    how do i know?
    i do this to other people's phones sometimes. :)
  • Damn them sneaky people. :p Yeah im changing my passcode
  • Better time to keep a password! or change your password if you already have one ;-)
  • And, when I send a video by recording it via Camcorder, the recorded video it's now saved on the phone.
  • Feem saster
  • Mp3 file sharing Whatsapp plsssss or should I say Facebook plssss.
  • Wow! Cursing is not acceptable in a screenshot!
  • Small but nice update. Happy to see WhatsApp developing their app regularly. Many other developers have kinda neglected WP...
  • February is about to end. Do u think MS give us the Windows10 preview(for mid and high end devices)?
  • That's what i felt after seeing the changes......that WhatsApp is preparing for W10
  • I can see a whatsapp web. Has it been there before or did it come with this update?
  • The update before this one ;)
  • That was in previous update! That feature came in v2.11.634! Now its in v2.11.670
  • Ah, thanks :)
  • When will they fix the annoying bug that keeps showing the same alert several times, even after I read and dismissed it?
  • Mp3 sharing... Nowhere... Whatsapp wake up
  • If WhatsApp has indeed pushed this update to function more efficiently for Win 10, can we assume, that we'll be getting to play with WhatsApp on tablets running Win10?
  • If your tablet has a SIMCard. Yes, What'sApp works.
  • Why not regular WIFI connectivity? I mean, If a user has his/her phone with them at the time of logging into whatsapp, to receive the sms code, then technically, that all that is required. I could be wrong though..
  • You should request this to Whatsapp support! I use Whatsapp Web sometimes
  • Wish they build a native app for WP8.1, this one still drains a lot of battery plus when battery saver is on you always get that annoying popup (even if you set it to "always yes" in background)
  • oh and btw, can we start banning users that post that stupid "seems faster" nonsense, just for posting sake... gawsh, that shit is annoying. #MiniRant
  • I've noticed that it already does not vibrate when someone speaks to you, that is fantastic..
  • Btw.. Who is Rohan Bhatt????? :D :P
  • Someone who you don't know and i know :P :D
  • Ask Rajnikanth..
  • I might be crazy but I also see some animations. They were not there before, right?
  • You're not crazy. The animations are new and pretty cool, imo.
  • It took them how many months to implement this change since the release of wp8.1? The article gets it wrong. They are not ahead for w10. They are many months behind. Wp8.1 introduced this notification layout.
    Also, it would be better to have the sender name and then the lines of text underneath that simply add to that. Now the name is repetitive and wastes a lot of vertical space. But I'm betting this isn't possible with the current APIs. I hope w10 will do this.
  • In Windows 10, i think you can read the whole message in the notification center. I think you can expand the notification which was a new feature in Windows 10
  • Now, i'm wondering, hwo does it work on Wp10? Is it clearly different?
  • What about Waze? :p
  • and in windows 10 for phones we can directly reply to the instant pop up notification? right?
  • They should def implement that feature.
  • I already figured it out
  • Need an update to send songs or audio messages
  • That's urgent then this update I guess
  • LINE had this for a long long time
  • Please let us to share mp3 files
  • And now the live tile shows message preview when it's size is wide
  • Cool
  • Keep em coming
  • I'll tell you what else is new. I finally have blue checkmarks
  • Lol. That update was long time back
  • I just got it in mine. and I use WhatsApp A LOT.. more than anything else on my phone
  • A minor update,but at least some noticeable changes.
  • Yeah!
  • can anyone tell me how to forward multiple video files on windows phone thanks in advance
  • Cant do that.. Only pics...
  • Um waiting for Mp3 sharing on windows
  • I prefer the old way.  Normally any message I receive is longer than a one word reply, so even if it gets a whole line I'm going to have to open the app to read the entire message anyway.  The downside now is that the notifications take up more vertical space.  It's not the end of the world, the old design just fits my usage better.  
  • Windows 10 lets you read the whole message in notification center, there is an option to expand
  • bring the audio feature on Whatsapp
  • Messages from the same sender should still stack under their name instead of having Name, Message, Name, Message.. Our notification center is so far behind..
  • And the voice call function? Nothing?
  • Notifications stopped working since update :(
  • good job what's app.... it is great app + Skype + Telegram ;)
  • Sweet
  • That's it. I am done complaining about WhatsApp. With the in-app vibration now optional, and the new notifications, it just got a LOT better for me. Updated my review to 5 stars.
  • I also noticed that on my Lumia 535 the font size has been enlarged and I can't seem to change it in the settings. But I'm used to it already.
  • Yeah
    Its annoying
    I loved the small text size
  • I can see a mail from
  • Yeah!
  • Wohooo.. Now I can get rid of the questions about blue ticks and last seen ..
  • There's been a subtle change to the UI as well. The transitions now accompany a little fade-in effect. For ex. while on the home screen, the message glance has a fade effect for new messages which looks really nice now. Looks much more polished!
  • After the update ..... I don't receive any notifications. Any one else facing the same issue?
  • My 1520 has been freezing every since I've updated this app.
  • Daniel using flipkart :O
  • The screenshot is not taken from his phone. Please read the last line in the blog
  • Yeah I saw that. (Y)
  • One day one day... We'll get voice call feature in WhatsApp for windows phone
  • audio calling is amazing, i even can call FB messanger contacts using whatsapp messanger now......
  • i got a new thing in this update. befor update if we dont open unread message from notification center than the notification remains as it is...but now notificaton automatically disappear after opening whatsapp....  
  • Good stuff!  
  • This is only Chat application in windows phone who get regular update..but very sad to say application not supported to attach mp3 file n multiple message Android.
    I cant understand why developers care less about this minor problem.
    I hope they done well when Microsoft launch Windows 10 OS for phones.
    Thank you.
  • Am I the only one who cant send MP3 and MP4 via whatsapp.
  • I do not know in which update we got this and even i dont know whether we are aware of this but, i noticed that u can get info about ur message in groups (tap n hold on the message u sent in a group, click on info) this allows you to see who has seen your message!
  • add audio file downloading and saving option please