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Windows 10 for phone and actionable-notifications in the new Alarms app

For some time now there have been reports that so-called 'actionable notifications' were headed for Windows and Windows Phone. That feature is finally here with Windows 10.

Actionable notifications are Toast alerts that a user can interact with instead of just dismissing. For instance, we already know that Skype and Messaging are merging in Windows 10 as an updatable app. When a message comes in from a user, you can respond inline to that message without having to launch the app. That app is not yet present in Windows 10 Technical Preview 2 for phones, but the new Alarms app is and we'll show you how it works.

The new Alarms app is a major overhaul to the barren one found today in Windows Phone 8.1. Much like the new Calculator app, Alarms has many new features, including:

  • Alarms  
  • World Clock (pinnable locations) 
  • Timer (pinnable) 
  • Stopwatch (pinnable) 

The ability to pin a Live Tile of the time in Tokyo or anywhere in the world is super useful. Likewise for the Timer and Stopwatch ability, which is a frequently used tool for many people on smartphones.

Alarms pinned in Windows 10 for phone

The app also embraces the new Modern 2.0 look in Windows 10 with smaller fonts and hollowed, wire icons. We are sure there are more changes coming to Alarms over the coming months, but for now, we think it looks solid.

For Alarm notifications, users are given a 'Dismiss' button right on the Toast alert as it comes in. Currently, Windows Phone 8.1 has a similar system, but it is a different dialog screen than a typical alert. With Windows 10 the Toast notifications are universal, and they can have buttons or text entry boxes added to them by the developer (and we assume third-party devs too).

Alarms in Windows 10

Sliding up on the Toast notification silences the alarm and puts it into the Notification Center. As we described last night, you can then expand the notification and there too you find a 'Dismiss' button.

There is much left in Windows 10 for phone that needs to be done, but greater control over alerts and notifications is high on the list. Watch the video above to see how it all works and let us know what you think in comments!

Stopwatch in Windows 10

World Clock in Windows 10

Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Great addition to the alarms app. I wonder if this will show the alarm time on the smallest tile size...
  • Very cool to see actionable notifications. That's been a trademark of android for some time and is crazy useful once you let third party devs do their thing. Hoping there's a nice API for it.
  • Very cool to see the ... in the lower right rather than the upper left hamburger :)
  • I agree with Paul. Hamburger menus need to die
  • And the new icons along with it
    Just look at the timer start button. Looks the same as the back button on Lollipop -.-
  • I'm sure that's not intentional.
  • are you referring to the right facing triangle? the universal play symbol?
  • Yes.
  • You can see those lower right elipses in office touch apps belfiore's windows 10 video demonstration. I think thats best ever execution of those elipses.....feel microsoft now listen to us.....
  • It seems the new pattern is to use the ellipses for options related to the current view (just like it always was) and to use hamburgers for app-wide actions (like a main menu). They're actually not interchangeable.
  • The issue is moving things to the top and out of reach rather than at the bottom where they can be reached. Even in this app the menu to choose which day to set the alarm is moved to the very top instead of centering it in the middle as the current app does. Moving things out of reach does the opposite of making us "love Windows" as they said they want to do. Making us stretch for a hamburger menu rather than the current side-swipe just screems Android, clunky, and inconvenient. They could at least make a diagnal swipe gesture across the bottom right corner to activate that hamburger menu so we don't have to try to stretch to the far opposite corner to reach it.
  • It is, but seems very inconsistent across the platform. Some apps have it, some don't. I just don't like the implementation as many others have stated.
  • I'm extremely excited for this. Especially for apps that need you to acknowledge your receipt of a notification.
  • Awesome. I can't wait to get windows 10 for my 820.
  • Nothing to get excited now.. Its very early build.annoying sometimes.I think it will worth a wait
  • I agree with Saikrishna. I suggest you to install W10 on a backup phone, if you are planning to install it on your main phone then keep in mind that universal apps need a sh*t load more time in devepolment to even call them proper apps and the majority of new futures are broken.  I installed it yesterday morning on my Lumia 630, gave a ton of feedback and today morning first think I did was to revert back to 8.1. I will install it again when most of the functions are massively improved. (beta state or whatever MS will call it)  
  • Preview 2?
  • Yes, Technical Preview 2. Remember, Windows Phone + Windows = same OS.
  • Hmmm makes sense. Didn't think about it.
  • Same platform, not the same OS.
  • Same OS, modified UI.
  • Ridiculous UI I suppose
  • Same kernal, same APIs and same application platforms but not the same OS!! UI shell is different
  • If was the same OS, just 16gb phones will support WP10 LOL
  • Then call it windows 10. Not Windows 10 for phones. Yikes what a name
  • Same OS and unfortunately also "same UI".
  • I can already respond to SMS inline from the toast or notification shade. I don't use skype, but for SMS it's definitely in the initial W10 build. It's my favorite feature by far.
  • I can do that too.
  • Are actionable notifications available for 3rd party developers?
  • Not yet
  • Great!
  • The link is to your keyboard video...
  • Preview 2??
  • Yes, MS is calling this Preview 2, Preview 1 is they launched last year for desktop as Windows 10 TP, as it is the same underlying OS for both.
  • Wow windows 10 for phone is way better then windows phone 8.1 and its not even finished yet
  • Does Cortana finally understand to turn off a single alarm without asking "which one"? :D
  • If you have more then one alarm, you can say "turn off alarm 8:00PM" and Cortana will turn off this one. Otherwise Cortana can't know which one you want to turn off...
  • No when I have just one alarm on it still asks which one on WP8.1. I am hoping they will finally focus on making Cortana's actually useful features better/more intelligent instead of adding fun but ultimately pretty useless things to it.
  • Cortana works fine if say you have only one alarm and it's set for 7am. Telling her ' cancel 7am alarm' works fine just as it does with multiple alarms, as long as you specify which one. I can see what you mean though when you only have one set, it should just cancel that.
  • Use the feedback app !!!
  • I like the attention from Microsoft to this functions, the devil is in the details.
  • The devil is wearing Prada
  • The devil wears pink
  • The devil is a lie.
  • The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convincing people that he didn't exist!
  • I noticed some changes in font sizes, they look smaller, Also new animation when you dismissed the alarm notification.
  • Yes, the animation is so beatiful,
  • Yeah, i personally really don´t like the new alarm dismissing animation. Way too flashy for my taste.
  • oh great font is bad enough i dont need it smaller esp on 530, plus FB app is to small also , still waiting on Denim
  • Hey Daniel your Lumia 830's background Pictures is very Good. Plase give us:)
  • Thanks for link
  • Thanks crise!
  • waiting for build event to find out what APIs are avaialble
  • What'sapp dev.. I hope you are planning on how we are going to use the actionable notifications to respond to texts
  • ^ what he said.
  • Yes, they should optimize their app for v10 when it is officially released.
  • THe more and more I look at the transparency tiles, I wish that they go with blur but don't overdo it like iOS.
  • Select a blurred pic?
  • Yes I guess you can do that, but the blur can expand to other things like that ugly white long-press menu. Man I wish tech preview come sooner to 925 so I can feedback the fuck out of it.
  • just buy a cheap one that takes w10 tp and keep your daily driver your daily driver. you will always have a backup when your 925 decides its time to stop ;-). I have the 1520.3 as my dd and bought the 830 for the TP, happy I did that because some things in the TP are just not done yet and for all complaining here about anything I just want to say.. Shut your face, do what you are supposed to do and use the feedback app to ask/suggest/beg and make your feedback clear.. you can see that MS is listening to feedback from the W10 TP (it's getting better and better) because they see what we say......
  • Forgot to mention btw....!!!! WE should not be in a rush! They will love your f**k, just buy another cheapy and f**k the hell out of them...that's what I do!!! And, with buying that cheapy you will bring the market share up a little too, just sayin! regards t
  • Blured tiles would be great as well as on the background where all the apps are... Those trying Windows 10, please suggest it to Microsoft.
  • Give a reply to Microsoft, everything could be made, a lot more options could be given in the final build, meaby, without losing the style, we can have a lot more options to personalize our Start Screen
  • Why didn't you show the time select widget? Is it the one with the circles like the widget in the alarms app in Windows 8.1, or it is the old one?
  • But can't you already reply to messages as they come? I do that regularly
  • Of course you can but it takes you into the messaging app and does not allow you to reply in line or right there on the screen. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • No, I can slide down to respond to notifications in W10
  • I think Daniel may be referring to the merging of messaging and Skype, not the ability to reply from the notification.
  • if you click the notification, then load the app up, yes, this allows you to interact with apps without openning them up.
  • They seem to be integrating some standalone apps they have put in the store under "Microsoft Corporation" like the world clock feature, on 8.1 you can download the app, though it doesn't look exactly the same some of the design carried over.
  • Ok...I read the article, but I'm confused. I have the W10 preview on my 635 and I have been responding inline to my text notifications. I don't have the new messaging app, obviously, but I've been able to respond w/in the toast notification. Also, I really am digging the improved Alarm/Time app. It's is miles ahead of WP8.1.
  • Me too.
  • They should make the icons for the start screen hollowed and wired too for consistency.
  • Yikes
  • Is quick reply available for services like watsapp
  • Hopefully it will be available to all developers once new SDK is out. We have to until /build// to find out.
  • I don't like that rounded switch on the alarms config, it's better squared as in WP 8.1 , they shouldn't change that squared design in anything.
  • I like the roundy ones
  • The square design will restrict a lot of design possibilities
  • The round looks so much better
  • I don't mind the rounded design as long as they keep it elegant like it is. No gradients! Hopefully the new look will appeal to many who dismissed WP's design as "boring". 
  • Yeah I actually noticed it and liked the round way better. Mostly because it was slimmer. I wouldn't mind that kind of look for the boring white rectangle drop downs too
  • I think they are trying out to see which one looks better going forward. I have noticed 3 different types of switches used in TP. Other 2 are square like 8.1 but with slight design change.
  • Hey Daniel, is it possible to swipe left/right in the Alarm app instead off pushing the buttons for alarm, timer, stopwatch on the top?
  • No pivoting. You can only press the buttons.
  • No pivot menus in Photos either. :( It was always such a nice thing to do instead of buttons... but looks like MS is dropping that. I like the new alarm app and the new Photo app as well, but I do hope they make the fint size bigger or adjustable. The new notifications are great.
  • Why no pivot? I dont understand. Why not letting people use both? Buttonds and pivot. Why would they remove it, theres no logic behind that.
  • This REALLY sucks. Pivot is SO useful, especially on big screens.
  • Oh damn but why Microsoft does these steps back?   Send many feedback also about this! the swipes are more confortable for navigating the app with one hand
  • Because tho now a shrunk down desktop.
  • I hope people on the preview give feedback on this. Removing the pivots is a step back, at least for me. It's just much easier and a smoother experience than reaching the tabs.
  • Likr this, but allow switching between the tabs swipping (pivot style) and I will love it.
  • I agree!
  • The on/off toggle is horrible, bad usability and hit area is reduced from WP8.1
  • +1000. Of course they may well make it bigger. The more serious problem is that the oval shape is uggly. Bring back the beautiful rectangles! :)
  • Agree! I also dont like the smaller fonts.
  • Hey Daniel, can Cortana access and action timers with this new app?
  • I'm a little doubtful about the "slide up to silence" feature. It seems it would take more than a quick swipe to do, especially for one-handed use, since it's thin and against the top. But hopefully someone who has tried it can tell me otherwise. Edit: Nevermind. I just saw the video.
  • Would like to see the pivot control, tabs alone are just not so great to use on large screen or one-handed operation
  • I completely agree. Pivot system was much better
  • Really hope they fix that... :(
  •  I can't get 10 on my 1520, so I can't send in any feedback, but it would be nice if we had an option to dock the inline notification much like we can do with the taskbar in windows for desktop. That way people with larger phone llike myself don't have issue reaching all the way to the top of the screen.
  • It's great but I do miss my windows phone 8 messaging feature.... Where I had my fb chats and text messages merged..... Wish there could be an option to do that in windows10 for phone.....
  • I really miss the good old days when you could direct message people on Facebook directly form the message section... Or that you could tag a person in a picture on FB before posting it
  • I hate the fact that you have to reach the top of the screen every time you to change the alarm to stopwatch etc. I hope they don't remove the swipe/pivot system or is it there but Daniel isn't using the swipe gesture to change the options.
  • I don't think its there and am afraid the changes of pivots coming back are not very good..
  • Windows 10 on phone is gonna get bullied for looking like lollipop.
  • It looks nothing like lollipop. Give it time is gonna change. Gabe said so himself
  • Would be much better as a pivot screen instead of having to reach all the way to the top to touch those dumb icons. You would think MS would remember how to design an app by now.
  • Welcome to one Windows.
  • Is it possible to swipe through alarm, world clock and timer kind of like the panorama UI? I really hope so...
  • I don't think. They think adding buttons all over the perimeters of the screen as if its a small desktop is a good idea.
  • What does this mean for Xbox music?
  • Nothing... How are alarms or notifications related to Xbox Music?
  • In no way. The point is controlling music playback from action centre was a requested feature and now we know that it should be possible. They then have to update the app for that. Question is: is it going to get it?
  • Nobody knows at this stage. But once new xbox music app comes out for w10, I am definitely going to send a feedback for that.
  • They can incorporate the now playing inside the notification center. Then we can get actionables for xbox musoc too. A bit androidy but wpuld be nice.
  • The most important is the snooze. Can you snooze with physical buttons? Or with the whole display without shutting off the alarm?
  • Nice background!!!
  • I gotta tell you guys the most exciting thing about W10 is that everything is an app. The settings are apps, the clock is an app, and so on. This means that developers can now write apps for the business end of the phone as well. Truly an exciting time to be in the Windows ecosystem.
  • Aka, Android and iOS :P.
  • Not really binsin. I should be that way. Much easier to change and update things.
  • A nice addition to actionable notifications would be the ability to swipe to the right (opposite of dismiss) to read the rest of the message without having to go into the app.
  • "Windows 10 for phones"........
    Let's cut the crap... Just say Windows Phone 10... It's at least a little shorter.
  • No, no, no. They can't say Phone first before 10 because they need to project the image that this is Windows unified. And, they can't use "Mobile" because they ditched that for "Phone". Fun times :)
  • It's not about what they call it.. I, and any average consumer, could care less about that... But, for the sake of less irritating conversation let's just say what it really is... WP10.
  • Awesome!
    Love the new alarm app, hope they add some sort of a Timezone converter.
    The actionable notifications are also great addition, can't wait for developers to take advantage of them (looking at you twitter).
    Quick question, with Microsoft merging SMS & Skype texts into a single app (updateable I suppose), will they also merge Skype Calls into the the Dialer app?
  • I suppose so.
  • There if no audible alert during quiet hours. It shows up in the action center though. Make sure your quiet hours do not overlap your wake up time if you use your phone for an alarm clock. You will over sleep if that is the case.
  • I wonder if the panorama UI will be completely killed off. I can see it being removed from the system interface, but I can't imagine the News app without the panorama without it.  
  • Does it have UTC time? Need that for my job sometimes..
  • A FRIGGEN TIMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • We want actionable tiles and backward compatibility now....#wecanmakeitbest #feedback #uservoiced
  • smaller fonts... why cant we tweak that? i hate this compact-shit skype has now and there's no way to change it, i like my huge fonts, some people have quiet, slow paced lives and their phones look better that way
  • Yeah, maked me smile when i saw the controls on stopwatch. Bigger screen smaller fonts, thats strange.
  • I hate huge font. If I see little, why big?
  • No snooze option in the alarm ? This would be a real killer for me I use that every morning to get up for work this would be huge if it doe not have snooze
  • My god and jesus as well, those butt ugly oval toggle buttons again.. And no pivots.. :(
  • Need Cortana to set alarm 2 days from now instead of just tomorrow.
  • How about a sleep timer with music?
  • Really don't like how the timer looks. Wish they kept more of the Windows 8.1 Alarm look with the radial dials. It's much more visual.
  • that dissolved notification animation was awsome
  • We are creating wonder.
  • Didn't like the darkening of screen when the toast appeared!! Can blur the rest screen or let it be like usual!! N else is awesome!
  • To set the alarm or countdown timer, is it still that sadistic rolodex-style thing that forces you to flip through up to 30 numbers for minutes and seconds? To set timer for 30 minutes, 30 seconds (0:30:30), can I type 3-0-3-0? Or do I have to swipe 0>1>2>3>4>...>29>30 for minutes, then again through 30 numbers for seconds?
  • I hate that too... Although it has become quite an art form to know how hard to flick the screen to get it to land roughly where you want it :) It should always have been drag to slide counter, tap it to type.
  • Finally, I have downloaded & install windows 10 preview on my pc, extremely glazed with win 10, I LOVE MICROSOFT....
  • My favorite feature by far on the new Win10 alarm app is "Pick from my music".  Can't wait to set my alarm to "uptown funk".  If I never hear "silk" again it will be too soon!  Keep the awesomness coming Microsoft.
  • This feature was leaked before 8.1 came out but sadly it wasn't added in 8.1
  • Stacked tiles could be a nice concept too :)
  • Can you define the default sound for the Alarm, instead of having to select it all the time?  I have a L1020 & the default alarm just isn't loud enough for me!  This is a BIG pain when using Cortana as "she" just uses the default sound.
  • Go Microsoft Go!
  • Can anybody tell me whether the background downloading bug of windows phone is fixed or not ?
  • That stopwatch timer has so small buttons, on a sunny day wont be any record breaker, shouldnt those buttons be begger and the digits? Bad design if u ask me.
  • I have a question! Can you still swipe left and right to get to the different parts of the alarm app? Or must you reach all the way on top and touch on "timer" or "world clock"?
  • Super cool. Windows 10 on phones already rocking in it's initial builds. 
  • Once more again i will have to uninstall some apps, saving some more juice on my battery!
  • great and useful
  • Good stuff by MS. It's nice to see the core apps being given some TLC. Alarm and calculator have been far too basic for far too long. I kind of wished they had brought across the UI from the W8 alarm app though - those dials were really quite nice.
  • Really hate those new rounded toggle buttons...
  • What about battery usage? How is it in windows 10(smartphone) battery draining quickly?
  • Yep! On the lumia 630 it went from 100% to 20% within 10 hours with minimal use.. (on 8.1 I get about a day and a half of battery life with normal use)
  • The timer function is really one of my favourite features in Windows 10. So far every third party timer has sucked big time because of API restrictions. Accuracy has been no better than 30 seconds if the app is running in the background. Also, if you have closed the app by mistake the current timer is canceled (which means you eggs will boil far too long :) ).
  • A timer and stop watch built in...what a brilliant idea (sarcasm). It's about time, all 3rd party stop watch apps had some limitation due to the OS. It's one of those simple, yet useful features I always wish were built in like in iOS
  • Comu nu strunz assumigghia a nu babbà
  • I just wonder why MS doesn't add brightness bar & combined alarm,stop watch + stuffs in 8.1 . Finally they have done it (bit late). Well Done.  Joe belfiore said  (Windows 10 tech prev video)  there is a continuity in mail from PC to Phone. Please Wiindows Central try to bring that mystery out !
  • Looks like a clean and neat design. I think this app can be improved a lot more though. This is an app that will probably be used by many. So I would think quick access and quick implementations would be an important part to the experience of this app. Things right off the bat I would suggest: 1. circlular dials for the hours, minutes, seconds. It's more intuitive and takes less time to enter the times than scrolling endlessly through number lists, having to stop and go back. More time consuming. With dials, its just a swipe, set, done. Just like an egg timer. I think microsoft had a solid design with their alarm app in winodws 8.1. I think they should continue that legacy. It takes less time to insert the time this way that the more standard of scrolling the hours and seconds. As I see it I don't want to spend 20 seconds entering a countdown or alarm, if I can do it in 5-10 seconds. Get in, get the clock ticking,, get out. 2. in my work I use this app daily to use the stopwatch to count heart rate and breathing rates with patients. For me the quickest access to start using it would be to swipe the lockscreen, enter pin, scroll to the stopwatch tile and press play on an interactive tile to start the clock. Now what probably happens is lockscreen swipe, enter pin, scroll to the stopwatch tile, press the stopwatch tile, wait for it to load, grab my phone with two hands to press the start button at the top. I think a relative amount of time would have passed before I could start something simple as a stopwatch. A comprose could be that once I press the stopwatch icon, the clock would start while the app loaded. By the time the pageload completed you would already see the clock running but are now in control of the split, pauze, start and stop.Could shave off some valuable time to use an app quicly, when you need it at your fingertips. 3. It would be better if the live tiles for seperate timer clocks would automatically start the clock once the live tile is pressed. There is already a powerful timer app called Countdown by Donmar. You can preset and save timers and save them as live tiles. You can preprogram them within the app to automatically start the timer once you press the tile. It runs in the background. Even more once you press the tile t can also start the timer and returen to start automatically. The timer will even work under lockscreen or if your phone is off! I use this app daily and I can recommend it to. everyone. 4. I would have liked to see the stopwatch controls and split times mirrored. Controls at the bottom and the split times at the top. This way, the controls are closer to the thumb, is more ergonmic and easier for onehanded use. After all have you ever seen anyone with a real classic stopwatch use it with two hands?
  • If all apps(whatsapp, hike etc) can provide interactive notification`s that will be awesome!
  • I love those animations!
  • What about snooze button? Did they get rid of it?
  • no, it's there if you didn't disable it
  • there's the extra large and the vertical tile as well, at least for the people tile :)
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  • The Alarm app is missing two crucial things. It now: 1. Doesn't break through Quiet Hours. So good luck if you're using it as an alarm clock. 2. Doesn't increase volume gradually, which was a great feature in the previous version.
    I really hope they fix these things.
    Also the text is ludicrously small. So much wasted space. And those oval toggle buttons are pathetic - the "Metro" style was much better.
  • Which one better....insider slow or insider fast...?
  • Love the actionable notifications. Ive had other phones with that. Very very useful. Since we are becoming more androidish lets have more than one homescreen for all those things we wanna pin while maintainimg or start unmolested.
  • That UI is vile... I really hope they add the option to use the parallax image behind the tiles of 8.1...
  • Good one
  • How get in on Lumia 525? For Asia region.
  • Actionable Tiles Implementation:
    • swipe down from a tile with a notification
    • have a partial app focused action center below the tile, just like with the group tiles
    • can even be done within a group.
    Reason to write this is reading about actionable tile wishes and small tiles not having space to both click to start app and perform an action in the tile.
  • World clock.... That's a nice addition and stopwatch too...
  • I like the new functionality of the Alarms app, but it bothers me that they are changing so much from the current Windows Phone UI and UX. Do these new apps at least support left and right swiping to move over to the next panel like in WP8? It seems like WP will be a lot less intuitive if it loses the left and right swipe functionality.
  • Agreed. I'm hoping this is just a temporary thing during the preview (for some reason) and that they'll revert to the "modern" style in final release. It's what makes Windows Phone distinctive and in many ways better than others.
  • Does anyone know if it will be available for Lumia 1320?
  • It is posible to pin the differnt timers to start screen?
  • looks like fun 
  • Hey! @DANIEL RUBINO (Windows 10 for phone and actionable-notifications in the new Alarms app) use wallpaper this phone  i want it this wallpaper can u give me the wallpaper??