WhatsApp just launched a desktop client alongside UI tweaks for its Windows Phone versions

Making good on previous rumors, WhatsApp has launched a desktop companion for its popular mobile messaging app. While it's little more than a wrapper for its web version (which you can find here), it does provide action center notifications on Windows 10, as well as native integration for sending files and utilizing the camera.

To access the service, you'll need to authenticate with a mobile phone and scan a QR code as you would with the web version.

Additionally, Whatsapp has also updated its apps on Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile. If you're anything like me, you might've accidentally hit the 'call' button by mistake while trying to attach a file to messages due to the buttons being side by side in the app bar. Not anymore!


The latest update to WhatsApp rearranges the UI to make it a little more thumb friendly, moving the call button to the top right of message windows, in addition to a couple of other minor tweaks.

The text box has been updated to match the Windows 10 Mobile design language a little more closely, mimicking the text box in the default SMS app. Conversations will also display a photograph for your contact next to their name in the top left corner.

Although these changes indicate that WhatsApp is taking note of design developments in Windows 10 Mobile, the latest version still utilizes the Windows Phone 8.1 file picker and has yet to implement some of Windows 10 Mobile's unique features, such as actionable notifications. There's also the ability to use formatted text in conversations:

  • Bold: Add an asterisk (*) before and after the specific words or phrases you want to embolden
  • Italics: Add an underscore (_) before and after your chosen words or phrases
  • Strikethrough: Add a tilde (~) before and after the words or phrases you want to strike a line through

Download the desktop client and the updates for Windows Phone devices below, let us know what you think!

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • But is it still UWP though?
  • The desktop version? No.
  • The desktop app is a desktop app.
  • I am unable to install the desktop version. It says there was a problem while installing the application. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Neither version is UWP. The Windows Phone 8.1 app is built using Silverlight, which is a depricated app framework. The new desktop app is a web wrapper built using Win32, but only works on Win 8+ PCs. Why they didn't just release an app through the Store? No one knows. You can get the same (or better) experience from the UWP app, "WhatsWrapp", available from the Windows 10 Store.
  • Why didn't they release a UWP? Because Windows 10 market share is still small, and requires effort to implement. Using a web wrapper requires very little effort, and if they're using a platform like Electron (which they probably are) then they get OSX as well. This is the exact same strategy that other chat apps like Slack and HipChat have used, and it's the best strategy for them at the moment.
  • I wish they had at least upgraded the windows mobile app with windows runtime APIs. Those APIs have been here since Windows 8.1.
  • They've had an app for Windows Phone ever since 7.5, so this already defeats the purpose of your statement of 'small user base'. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Not at all. Their current solution serves the small user base of Windows 10 as well as the larger user base of everything else. Sure, it would be a different story if they excluded some people by not building a Store app, but since we no longer have Windows RT, it doesn't.
  • "as well as the larger user base of everything else" The program is available only for Windows 8+, the "larger base" would be if they included Windows 7 on the list.
  • Is it really only support down to Windows 8, not even 7? What a weird decision. Having it Win32 benefits fir users who are still on Windows 7. If this only supports down to Windows 8, then the it should've at least just make it a Modern app at least. But still Win32 is still more familiar to most Windows users, so maybe that's another reason they go to that route. Aside from easier porting from web app and to other platforms as well. The mobile app though, needs support for Actionable Notifications for W10M, but oh well to reduce the development and support cost, looks like they have to go wider audience which is understandable. Sent from Turing Machine
  • you are totally wrong about Windows 10 market share.......and about UWP I'm sure they have planned it later or convert win32 into Windows Store app.
  • If I'm wrong about Windows 10 market share, then post a link to the figures that prove it. Don't get me wrong, I'm 100% behind Windows 10 and the UWP dream. I'm just saying that it doesn't make sense for WhatsApp right at this moment.
  • 300 Million(only PC).... and still counting......is that less to you? if people want it ....they will get it from windows store any how.....at that point 300 Million is enough for Head start. because WhatsApp takes almost 6 years to reach 1 billion count with every platform Combined. so Windows Store Market share isn't small that you think. now...if you go to Whatsapp Download Page if you Choose Windows it will download ".exe" and if you choose Mac it will download ".zip" so they haven't planned to Make it to Digital PC Stores.
  • I asked you to post a link to an official source that proves it.
  • LOL....still crying for Link.......There you go...latest May 6th 2016
    " http://www.windowscentral.com/microsoft-300-million-active-devices-are-n... "
  • LOL!
    300M active devices mean PCs/Phone/Hololens & other MS Products that uses W10.
    So you are wrong to say that only 300M PCs are running W10.
  • lets take Phone 2-4 Million, Hololens Not even Release for Public yet and lets take Xbox 30-40 Million...and also Microsoft is gonna expand their UWP for Xbox as well...and after that PC market sill have it's Charm upto 250 Million.....on windows 10. and After Windows and Xbox Handshake that count will add on Windows 10 UWP. in the End all Devices are Running Windows 10 and about that 300 Million if WhatsApp make UWP Now. They get Community of 300 Million Active Users. ...Don't try to Change d topic....we are discussing about Windows Market Share....remember.... :)
  • I'm not crying for anything. It's basic web etiquette when challenging someone with your own claims to post proof of them, otherwise no-one will take you seriously. It's not my job to research your figures; the burden of proof is on you. Sure, 300 million sounds great on its own. But according to the respected and accurate analytics company Net Applications, this is still only 14.35% of the total desktop user pool (http://m.windowscentral.com/windows-10-gains-pc-market-share-april-windo...), meaning there are approximately 1.7 billion additional desktop computers out there that can be reached by a wrapped web app. This TOTALLY dwarfs the 300m figure. And I'll say this yet again: with almost NO EFFORT required from the developers. This is an absolute no brainer. I'm sure they're already working on a UWP app, but wrapping a web app for desktop is so mind numbingly simple compared to building a native app that of course it's going to be ready first and they would be STUPID to not release it. Look at it this way if it makes you feel better: they need to release an app for OSX and a native app for UWP. They start working on both at the same time. It's very common to wrap web apps for OSX, so they did this over a few weeks and they did it using a tool that also gets them a Windows desktop app for free. Bonus! They get to launch on Windows 10 NOW rather than LATER this year, and they also get Windows 8 and possibly 7 in time (and they know Windows 7 and older users can run it anyway, they just don't "officially" support it). They continue working full steam on their UWP app (because the desktop developers are not the same people as the UWP developers so the desktop app is not slowing progress on the UWP app one bit) and they launch it as soon as it's ready. Now Windows 10 users are spoilt for choice! They can use web, desktop or UWP and they have the best experience of any platform. This is most likely exactly what is happening. And you're so short sighted that you can't see it. You just think the world is ending because something launched that wasn't UWP. Get over it and learn some patience.
  • The basic web etiquette, and in real life too, is trying to document yourself about something before trying to argue about it. Not going into this topic just as a general rule. First you google on something then you argue about it. The burden of proof is not on him since he is not accused of anything, he said something, if you want to argue about it you do it after you know what you are talking about. About the topic, you said windows 10 market share is small, he told you 300M users is not small. If you said that it's smaller then all the desktops you would have been right and it would have been obvious.
  • I do know what I'm talking about, I've already done the research before getting into the conversation, and if he wants to throw his own figures around he should back them up with proof (just like I did in my rebuttal to him). I never said small, I said smaller (than the available user base they reach with their current solution). And when the "more" solution also encompasses everyone the "smaller" solution would, and can be launched NOW rather than LATER, it's the obvious first path to take.
  • Funny that you just have to scroll up and see you said small and he answered to that ;)
  • Funny how actually reading it in context shows that it's "small compared to the larger non-Windows 10 user base".
  • "Why didn't they release a UWP? Because Windows 10 market share is still small, and requires effort to implement. Using a web wrapper requires very little effort, and if they're using a platform like Electron (which they probably are) then they get OSX as well."   This is the context, then you explained, but he answered to this ;)
  • Windows 10 market share IS small, compared to the rest of the desktop market.
  • P.s. the fact that they are not supporting windows 7 users (as you acknowledge in your post) makes the whole marketshare point empty
  • As I've said before, there is a big difference between what they support and what it will actually run on, and they know that. Any developer knows that. And there's no reason they won't support 7 soon, again something I already said. And lastly, like I said, they effectively made an OSX app and got Windows 10 for free NOW. Rather than LATER. No one has ever said they're NOT making a UWP app. It was just very so much easier to make this wrapper app FIRST.
  • Proof that they are going to support windows 7 ? LOL
  • I never claimed they would. I pointed out that they did not word their support in a way that excluded it.
  • Ok, so I'd like to point out that the world may end tomorrow so the they could have kept this useless client.
  • That doesn't make any sense. It's very common in software development to release something with limited support and then expand the support later. If there are no plans to do that, usually the company will word their support range in a way that clearly states support will not be expanded. It's also very common in software development to officially support a limited subset of platforms/versions, while knowing that your software will probably run fine on more. Not having to officially support many platforms keeps your project agile and your costs low, and not actively blocking the other platforms allows people to use it there anyway. Ultimately, it's insane that people are freaking out over this app that they never knew would exist a couple of weeks ago, simply because they have not been given something they were never expecting right yet.
  • Well, 300m potential users is not something you can miss easily, though via Windows Central app for Windows 10
  • And they didn't! Because this app they released today is available to them. And where did WhatsApp ever say that they are not making a UWP app?
  • It would have been a great chance to wrap their Web App in some UWP goodness, rather than a desktop app that wraps it - But I guess they have their reasons.
  • 61MB for a web wrapper ?
  • Stickers and emoji for HD screens.
  • God, forget uwp
  • I keep saying that the Windows store will eventually be the biggest, most popular store for apps. All apps. It just won't be until next decade. But, I think MS has a chance to own next decade with these universal apps.
    By then developers will have no choice but to go universal... Thats the plan.
  • pretty sure no one wants to wait a decade, in a decade perhaps smartphones won't even be a thing
  • Next decade is in 3.5 years from now.. Lol. Smartphones will still be a necessity.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Exactly. That's what MS is aiming for - device independent experience. Whatever device it will be it will probably be able to run Windows and the same apps as your desktop, notebook, tv, watch, router or wahtever. At least that's the vision in MS.
  • "in a decade perhaps smartphones won't even be a thing​" Jason Ward is smiling right now. :)
  • Once Windows Store has enough market share on Desktop (or whatever becomes the most popular form factor) then it will be a no-brainer. I think us fans/insiders just need to temper our expectations at the moment and realise that there is >75% of the desktop market at the moment that cannot run UWPs.
  • True dat. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • I really want that UWP... we all do.
  • It'll come. That's the plan.. Some are still gonna make desktop apps, but eventually some may have no choice but to go universal. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Something like WhatsApp still needs to be available on legacy OS for now. UWP is no good for Windows 8 users. Just the way it is right now.
  • Until they build a UWP app, it will never be able to take advantage of features such as actionable notifications, adaptive UX, ability to run universally across different devices and form factors, etc.
  • Adaptive UX and running universally across different devices and form factors is already served by the fact that its a web app. The current implementation is simply a wrapper; they could then wrap it in UWP for Windows 10 and Xbox, or wrap it for Android, or ChromeOS, or whatever.
  • Try interacting with this Win32 app using touch, especially those tiny context menus at the top. Try replying to a message from an actionable toast notification. These are things you can do with a UWP web wrapper that you can't do with Win32.  
  • They are very minor compared to reaching so many more people. When you're a messaging platform your need to be where the people are, and this was the best way to achieve it. Have some patience, it's quite possible they have plans to wrap this web app as a UWP next and bring you your actionable notifications to boot.
  • Why would anyone do that?
  • Didn't get any actionable notification from WhosDown or WhatsWrapper. All they do is to tell you that you've got new messages but these don't even show on the action center. Now the question is, why they bothered releasing a desktop app for W8+ when they could simply drop an Store app with the same functionality... Sent from my laptop on Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview
  • And even less for the vast majority of Windows users on Windows 7.
  • Do you have any idea how many users are on 7? Supposedly there's 300 million on 10. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • I'm on 7 and all my friends still are!! 
  • Lol. That doesn't give me a good idea of how many people are on 7.. Everyone knows that there's more people on 7, I'm just asking about how many more. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • You don't have many friends do you?
  • 47.82% of Windows users are on Windows 7. So if Windows 10 with 15.34% has 300 million, Windows 7 would have around 935 million users. Also worth pointing out that there are still around 208 million people on Windows XP.
  • Yeah, that's about what I figured.. MS has some way to go if they are gonna have 1 billion users on 10. And, now that the free upgrade is going away it seems like it's gonna take much longer. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Exactly, that's why I said "some". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Considering that windows 8 users have few reasons not to upgrade to 10 and that they left win7 users out, this move makes practically no sense. It probably was a 30 days development so it was worth it anyway :)
  • Few reasons not to update to 10? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • To implement actionable notifications the app needs to be UWP app. I wish this desktop app was it. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • I hate to be the one to say I told you so, but I did tell everyone that it would be a web wrapper. It makes the most sense for them right now versus UWP, because they can reach 100% of desktops for almost zero work rather than
  • C'mon, don't leave us hanging!
  • But they're not reaching 100% of desktops. Their Win32 app is "available for Windows 8+" only. https://blog.whatsapp.com/10000621/Introducing-WhatsApps-desktop-app
  • When it comes to desktop apps, there's a big difference between "what we support" and "what we know it will run on anyway but don't want it to hold us back". Also note that it runs on OSX; UWP doesn't. Also note that they didn't have to do much more than run their web app though a wrapper tool; unlike UWP!
  • Actually you can very easily make a UWP web wrapper. Check out "WhatsWrapp" from the Windows 10 Store. It's a much better WhatsApp web wrapper than this Win32 one -- it has a live tile, supports action center notifications, etc.
  • And it's quite possible that WhatsApp will do the same using the official tool provided by Microsoft to publish web apps to the Store. I find it silly that everyone is wailing and gnashing their teeth without seeing the logic here, or waiting to see if a UWP version is on the horizon.
  • WhatsApp is not becoming an UWP app - even on mobile - until they're close to drop WP8 support. That's why it took so long to get actionable notifications on iOS (not sure if it has yet). Sent from my Lumia 830 on Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview
  • Nope, they still haven't implemented that on iOS yet.
  • See? We got a point :P Still wondering why it's a Win32 app for 8+ when it could be released as a Store app... Sent from my laptop on Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview
  • But it's been on android for a while now, since Lollipop I think (1 or 2 years ago) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No. Actually actionable 'Reply' from the notification panel was only implemented last week on Android. Problem is only Android N has an API for this. Until now every app developer had to program their own system for actionable notifications
  • It should have been an UWP...I see a missed opportunity here...
  • What missed opportunity?
  • To release it as a store app or a Windows 10 UWP app. Those without Windows 10 can still use the web version, but an UWP app could do wonders for the platform, besides being more stylish and functional.
  • This app will serve pretty much the exact same purpose, required hardly any work to implement, and can reach so many more people (including Windows 10) than UWP can at the moment. What they have now is the opportunity they would have missed had they chosen to only launch UWP.
  • Nik, I see your points, but in my opinion 300 Million users is enough to have to build a dedicated, native app. Yes you will say "but they reach windows 8 and OS X". Yes, of course. But until yesterday they didn't have any desktop app, why is it now so important to reach all people? I am not going to use this App on my Surface probably, because it is not toch friendly (I think, I haven't tried it yet). This of course is the strategic course they chose, but I think they put the wrong priorities (quantity over quality). And the first thing you learn from business schools is "don't disappoint your customers, if you want to survive". (Lol, Microsoft). I mean they could still have done a Web App with no effort and released a nice UWP App (really, this cost them nothing! Do they even have developers?)
  • You're all acting like the release of this app means they'll never make a UWP app. That kind of thinking is very naïve. I never said that the Windows 10 user base is too small to dedicate a UWP app to. I said that they can reach all Windows 10 users PLUS other OSes with a fairly decent experience with almost zero work. Literally. They would have had to do hardly anything to get the desktop web wrapper working. Even if they started working on a UWP app six months ago, they could have started on the web wrapper last month and still finished it first. For a company like WhatsApp, that kind of decision is an absolute no-brainer. WhatsApp have never said they won't make a UWP app. Now that they launch a desktop app that took next to no time to build without first having a UWP app, everyone's losing their minds! They could launch a UWP tomorrow for all you know. Yes, usually quality is more important than quality. But that's not quite true for messaging. You HAVE to be everywhere because people will only use it if all their friends also have it. Why do you think WhatsApp is available on feature phones, and until recently still on BlackBerrys? In the messaging game, the platform with the most users is the winner. I don't doubt a UWP app is on the way. WhatsApp are very dedicated to being everywhere. But this move was a very simple way to reach many more people NOW, rather than later (which still serves their commitment to being everywhere). And that is a smart business decision.
  •   Sorry Nik, you are mixing two things together here. They need to be on feature phones because it's a business they can grow on. They acquire new customers there. On Windows and OSX they don't aquire new users. They already have those users using WhatsApp on their phone, you need in fact to connect to WhatsApp Web using your phone first. Yes, they are probably working on a UWP App (I really hope it), but it is not an excuse. They should have released this WebApp like at least 2 years ago. People were expecting a real WhatsApp Client, and now they got disappointed. It's like Ferrari stopped making cars for 50 years, then they invite you to see what they have researched in the last 50 years, it will be exceptional and they make a biig event in a big convention center. In the end they present you new new Ferrari-Edition tires for VW Fiat.You would be disappointed, wouldn't you?
  • So, I'll have to scan the QR code every time I want to use the desktop client? Hmm....
  • Just the first time. It'll cache and remember you on the PC if you are using the same PC.
  • The setup doesn't even work yet.
  • What setup?
  • When I launch the installer, it gives me installation error. It's not working at all. ~Sent from L830
  • any idea why didn't they launch it as an App through the store?
  • Wrapping their web app allows them to reach all desktop users, including older versions of Windows, and OSX. And it requires almost no effort on their part. Making a UWP requires a lot more effort and only reaches almost 15% of desktop users.
  • That'd make sense...except the app only works on Windows 8+. So no real reason to make it a Win32 app instead of a Win 8 store app (if not UWP) -- given it's just a web wrapper anyway.
  • As I said before, you can very easily make a UWP web wrapper. You don't need Win32 to do this. See for example the Store app "WhatsWrapp", which is a superior WhatsApp web wrapper sporting a live tile, action center notifications, etc.
  • Yes, you did say it before. And I responded to you there as well. No need to have the same discussion in two threads.
  • Well then they could have done all this themselves!
  • Because the majority of Windows desktop users is using Windows 7 not Windows 10.
  • And that majority won't have access to this Win32 program, since it isn't compatible with Windows 7.
  • "Not supported" is not the same as "not compatible". The former indicates responsibility, the later actual functionality.
  • It doesn't matter in this case. The application simply won't be available to Windows 7 users.
  • "The latest update to WhatsApp rearranges the UI to make it a little more thumb friendly, moving the call button to the top right" So... top is more thumb-friendly than bottom?
  • On Windows 10 it seems to be, heh
  • Yes, for the E.T.
  • Indeed! I find that statement quite funny. The older one actually way more thumb-friendly since virtually all the controls you need is at the bottom, a good example of ergonomics and UI design. The new ones just makes it consistent to W10 Design (both good and bad), but it didn't solve any usability aspects, rather that call button is harder to reach. I don't get why we seem so blind that Windows 10 Design is the best one. Metro Design wasn't perfect but it actually follows the rule of one-hand usability and other design aspects. Microsoft Design Language on Windows 10 breaks some of the rules such as the one-hand usability and even in aesthetics department. Sent from Turing Machine
  • They probably do (definitely should) have Telemetry data showing them how often the feature is used, and how many of those call activations appeared to be accidental etc. to base these decisions on.
  • Yeah, agree. IMHO, in some elements, WP8.1 has better design. I like talking about usability, actually usability covers both ergonomics and aesthetics, too
    - Industrial Engineer -
  • "Thumb friendly" also means you are not making accidental mistakes such as hitting the call button when typing.
  • Great point! Though that shouldn't be that much of the problem if the command bar isn't visible when the keyboard is up, and when the send button is inside the text box rather than the command bar. Bad side it gets crowded and also leaves odd remaining button at the command bar similar on that screenshot of lonely send button.
  • Yeah, and they're now moving the send button exactly above start button
  • It's 64bit only?
    Won't install on my x86 atom tablet.
  • It isn't installing for me either.
    Running Windows 10 Pro 64bits (10586.318) on Intel i7 (4500U)
  • Me neither on Surface Book i7
  • Today's WhatsApp Phone update is lame,emoji and files attaching options are not handy after the update
  • For some reason the desktop version will not download to my PC. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
    Using My Beastly 1520
  • It downloads on mine, but won't install. I keep getting an error message when installing. 
  • Wait! This has notification count on the taskbar icon! Is this a new feature of the latest windows update or just something done with this app????
  • Actually notification counter on the Taskbar is nothing new, I think it was one of the underrated Windows 7 feature. It was unfortunately not used by most desktop apps. I get that feature on Spotify too. Sent from Turing Machine
  • It's a Chrome-based web wrapper, using extra processes, RAM and disk space just for the sake of it. If you want an UWP, use WhatsWrapp instead... or simply stick to your browser.
  • The update also includes the text formatting. #FYI
  • -yuup- *late but still awesome* :)
  • Do you know all kinds of text formattings? Care to tell some
  • Just put _ before and after sentence for italic, and * for bold
  • iew guys, look its a .EXE file
  • The desktop client is nice. I signed up for Beta updates. But I think it would be better if we could actually minimize the programme to the taskbar next to OneDrive etc to have it running instead of having to keep the programme open in the taskbar. As it stands, the desktop app doesn't really offer anything substantial over the Web version. Let's see how they'll improve it.
  • The desktop program doesn't work on build 14332. First, it wouldn't install (Smartscreen Filter and Windows Defender blocking issues). Then, it just won't open (actually it opens then suddenly closes itself).
  • That call button up there is really androidish!
  • Yeah, the new design for W10M is a ShitDroid one. Hate that.
    Why don't they just copy the SMS design as they did with WP8 and WP8.1.
    WhatsApp does replace your SMS plane right? So get us an SMS design WhatsApp devs Sent by Lumia 532 W10M
  • Sad after seeing this design. Its good, but expected more when they told UI tweaks. Saw a concept WhatsApp for windows 10 and that led awesome! Wonder WhatsApp officially will bring something that can surpass that design. ~DheeraJ~
    Lumia 640XL 10586.218
  • I'm also not sure why whatsapp for windows phone can't send bold, underlined or cut across texts as of until now!
  • yea right. That should have come first instead of this UI tweaks.
  • Font formating for Bold, Italics and tilde also working with new update...
  • Good now can we respond to messages via the notification center please whatsapp team
  • Can we ? No not yet
  • It would be better with interactive notifications
  • Baby steps
  • INSTALLATION HAS FAILED. This is what I'm getting. Any solutions?
  • Font formats working fine at message windows , but not sure can see at android or ios message windows when sending from w10
  • WhatsApp is not installing in my Laptop w10 official
  • https://web.whatsapp.com/
  • This update makes WhatsApp UI half Windows phone 8 and half Windows 10 because of the circle photos inside chat box and square photos outside.
  • Finally they fixed the accidental call button probem. I faced this embarrassing thing several times.
  • Should have been a UWP app, when i read the title i quicly jumped to store to download and found nothing, then i read the article :(
  • Not getting installed in windows 10 build 10586
  • Naah, i don't want the contact image displayed on the conversation page...
  • I love that
  • At least some new changes ... WhatsApp ui was so boring
  • Does it now allow to save received video when the auto save incoming media is set to off.
  • Oh come on! Just make an UWP app. It's not like launching a manned mission to Mars. Why complicate a simple thing?
  • I just need cloud backup now
  • People asking for UWP app of WhatsApp, why don't you develop a simple Fibonacci series UWP and then talk... It isn't a cakewalk to develop a UWP app for something of the magnitude of WhatsApp... That too the development would be ground up... Grow up and stop making unnecessary demands... Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • So I can now use WhatsApp messenger on Windows 10 pc? AWESOME!!!! Downloading later! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Unable to install desktop client. Flashes " Installation error".. Please Help..
  • They are one step closer, they added new background images, and you can see your number when you go to your profile
  • Well at least there's a windows 10 version, you can't even get WhatsApp on an iPad!
  • Send button still sucks.
  • Can't update on 950XL using latest fast ring build.... Error 0x803f7000 - any one else getting this issue ? Can't download any other apps FWIW too. (MSN apps updated OK though)
  • has anyone notices it's slower on phone?
  • Why not a UWP?
  • It is whatsapp web. What is this we want uwp Sent from windows 10 mobile LUmia 640 XL
  • Why does it look androidish?We want same interface as windows phone
  • I love the banter in market share et but I have to laugh cause before I commented here I tried to install it on my win 10 tablet and it doesn't work lol
  • Much needed ui changes. That call button placement was ridiculous. Like the formatting changes as well, like skype. Also makes it easier for persons switching from android and ios as the ui is similar to those versions now
  • This will do until WhatsApp do a UWP app for Windows desktop PCs
  • I dont like this new update. The text box is too big, the command bar with just one command is ugly and it leaves less space for the messages when the keyboard is up. They should get ride of the command bar and put the send button is the text box. And shrink the text box a little bit.
  • Not installing on desktop
  • after todays whatsapp update on windows 8.1 phone, my whatsapp shows offline even with good net connection. Anyone else facing the same issue?? help plz....
  • Anybody else having issues installing on a windows 10 tablet/pc?
  • The desktop application is only for x64 PCs.. Not installing on x86 (32 bit) PCs.. Whatsapp site is also not giving option to download for 32 bit PC..
  • Aren't those things called programs? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The desktop app is just a web wrapper..It still needs your phone to be connected to internet..
  • I just noticed the new realtime URL preview as you type, and after you send the message.  Useful for if you're typing out long links for whatever reason, it'll show a 404 in the preview until the link is valid.  And after you send the message, the thumbnail/title/short excerpt preview is handy for recipients. Thanks WhatsApp!  Still keeping my fingers crossed for a UWP version in the works.
  • Visual Changes to the message input on mobile are nice. Pretty nice showing the contact image at the top now, and it's circular which is more Windows 10 than 8 so good they are going that direction. I don't really use What'sApp anymore but do have it installed for those contacts who still use it. I use Skype for my most regular contacts (there's few of them, but I speak with these people daily) and a lot of others seem to have favoured Facebook Messenger lately, so had a lot of Social group stuff going on there.
  • getting error updating the app on L1520 running 14332, anyone else?
  • Whatsapp web & the desktop app are a cause for phone battery drains ...