WhatsApp for Windows Phone has finally updated

There hasn’t been a single day over the past few months where you folks haven't asked about the status of WhatsApp. We don’t blame you, it’s a popular app that’s been lagging in the development department for Windows Phone. It has also been since early April that we saw the beta of WhatsApp. Well, hit up the Windows Phone Store, search for WhatsApp and hit update. Today is the day.

If you bring your WhatsApp app up to version 2.10.488.0 you’ll be met by some of those features from the beta we highlighted in the past. Most notably:

  • Initiate voice calls from within the app
  • Background API allows you to play music
  • New smileys
  • Fixed notifications for users
  • Users can now see smileys on the double wide tile
  • Fast resume (If the app is open and you click on the incoming notification it opens as fast as on Android)
  • On start-up, it now asks if you want to back up your chat history. You can also do this through settings.
  • Large images shown

So, update and tell us what you think of those features. Is this what you want in a WhatsApp app for Windows Phone? Any features missing you still want? Sound off below!

You can grab WhatsApp for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8. Head to the Store to get it, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app.

Thanks for the tip @Dev_Rupani!

QR: WhatsApp

PS. Now can you please stop asking us about WhatsApp :p

Sam Sabri