WhatsApp for Windows Phone has finally updated

There hasn’t been a single day over the past few months where you folks haven't asked about the status of WhatsApp. We don’t blame you, it’s a popular app that’s been lagging in the development department for Windows Phone. It has also been since early April that we saw the beta of WhatsApp. Well, hit up the Windows Phone Store, search for WhatsApp and hit update. Today is the day.

If you bring your WhatsApp app up to version 2.10.488.0 you’ll be met by some of those features from the beta we highlighted in the past. Most notably:

  • Initiate voice calls from within the app
  • Background API allows you to play music
  • New smileys
  • Fixed notifications for users
  • Users can now see smileys on the double wide tile
  • Fast resume (If the app is open and you click on the incoming notification it opens as fast as on Android)
  • On start-up, it now asks if you want to back up your chat history. You can also do this through settings.
  • Large images shown

So, update and tell us what you think of those features. Is this what you want in a WhatsApp app for Windows Phone? Any features missing you still want? Sound off below!

You can grab WhatsApp for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8. Head to the Store to get it, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app.

Thanks for the tip @Dev_Rupani!

QR: WhatsApp

PS. Now can you please stop asking us about WhatsApp :p

Sam Sabri
  • HURRAY !
  • Is this a joke?
  • No, it's an article comment. Try again :P
  • Jump jump jump! :D
  • Also, no more misuse of music APIs to stay alive in the background
  • Ha! I added that to the story seconds before you said it. Good catch ;)
  • so thats what it was..hmmm
  • :)
    I also noticed that when I go to my phone settings -> applications -> background tasks, WhatsApp was enabled to run in the background. I blocked it. Not sure what it was for. Even when it is blocked, I am (as expected) able to receive notifications when I receive a message. Wonder what additional capability allowing it to run in the background adds.
  • I would imagine that is for updating the live tile.
  • I thought so too, at first, but the live tile seems to get updated every time I get a notification, and notifications do not require this app to be enabled in the background.
  • It's most likely there to enable whatsapp to continue downloading and uploading messages, images, recordings, videos while the app is not active. Previously, they used the audio api to keep the connection alive. Now they created a background task for that, like it should be.
  • Quick Resume.
  • Nope, quick resume seems to work even after I blocked it from running in the background. :)
  • THIS should be the headlines Sam!
  • Another update bumped to 2.10.491......one new thing noticed....u can tap the name of the person u are chatting with to go into info... :)
  • I still have 488 update on one of my phones, and that feature is present even in 488 update.
  • Msft should make change log compulsory for app updates :/
  • Thanks for that!  Wow I love the update so far... I just wish someone would message me so that I can see if the notifications are more reliable. But just the fast resume and 'tap on a person for info' is amazing!
    Another thing I noticed: You can now set your "detailed status" on your lockscreen to be Whatsapp. Yay!!!
  • Is it why it would just drain my battery away?
    Does this mean it might just last a while longer because whatsapp is not always draining my resources? :D
  • WOOHOOO!!!!
  • Finally, now I can delete it.
  • :))))
  • Lol
  • good, but still cannot share videos
  • really?? i can on my L920
  • You can share videos captured outside Wazup? Really?!
  • You can't share video that's saved on the device (OS limitation), but rather you can record video from within the app and share THAT.  Of course, WhatsApp neglected to put the front cam option in so no video voice message unless you're good at aiming blindly with the rear camera. :)
  • we need confirmation!
  • Woooooooooooohooooooooooooo!!!
  • awesome, best news ever ever ever, now works like my dick, very awesome, plz dont wake me up im drooling ou shit awesome, now bring amber and im  dead happy
  • Let's pretend you didn't say that ;)
  • Great idea!
  • Looooool, just logged in to hail you!
  • Hala madrid!
  • I tip my hat to you, Sir.
  • If your dick works as well as the updated app, can you Whatsapp me a pic please?!! ;-)
  • Is it Christmas yet :)
  • Nope but only two hours left till new years 2015!!!!!
  • Christmas will be when I get my XboxOne and 5" or bigger Lumia :P
  • That's what she said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • +1000
  • I didn't know you call it Lumia, nice to know
  • Lumia means snow... So in this case icicle??
  • Meh, can I send videos and music yet?
  • that is an OS limitation..3rd party apps are not allowed access to music+videos libraries..
    so that isn't happening until MS decides to change the access terms..
  • So, is M$ ever going to fix it? Probably not.. This is so disappointing
  • Of course it is not goint to fix it. Just like on iOS.
    Android is an exception, but everything is open in Android. Even the security holes.
  • Wait, what?
    On iOs, I can easily send previously recorded videos of course.
    So, MS is alone with this stupid limitation...
  • So tell me how the musicXmatch works? Because in anyway it has access to the libraries.
  • it's more like a read only i guess, can't write inside and copy from it.
  • + another
  • I'm going to try it NOW!
  • OMFG!!!!! Lol
  • well, android just got updated with a new feature 'Send Multiple Items". Guess we have to wait for a few months for windows phone...!!
    actually not that hungry for such features, but frequent  updates on other OS makes us wait for them :|
  • On android you can also see if someone is typing to you even if you're not in that conversation, you see it in the conversations hub (in place were the persons status normally is). Also a feature which I think never will be available on WP.
  • Perhaps the funniest part of that is that that was a feature on whatsapp for Symbian.
  • OMG. That took a while. I thought we weren't gonna see an update till December.
  • Very very fast and works flawless
  • Hallemurfknlujah!
  • You're welcome buddy.
  • Haha!
  • Global group hug! :D
  • Lol :P
  •  Haha....lolzz...Group Hug... we all were actually dying for Whatsapp update.......
  • Lol global group hug... :D
  • It works greeeeat!! And has the emojis I missed from the Android version.. :D
    I think WhatsApp is going to become my favorite app again :D
  • I noticed that when u start up the app is goes almost instantly to open! When you press and hold back to resume into the app, takes about 3-4 seconds. Same thing if the app is already open and u click the tile for it. A bit slow there but man it's impressively smoother now! I'm happy. Add backgrounds and some other features please :D
  • it only takes a few seconds when you go back to the app immediately after leaving it. Wait a few seconds on the homescreen and it takes you straight into the app. Every app has this behaviour, it is a WP8 limitation/issue.
  • If only Kik would follow suit.
  • I'm done with kik after this.
  • Kik already announced they wouldn't be updating for WP anymore. I'm guessing that its sliding away slowly now?
    Anyways, Kik was the alternative for a bad Whatsapp. Now that its working again, i see no reason to stay with Kik as most of my friend still use Whatsapp
  • Thanks a lot.
  • Haha the first sentence is such a fail. It is saying the opposite of what it means to say.
  • Ha. Whaaaat? I don't know what you're talking about. *waves magic edit wand*
  • Lol!
  • Nice. I need that wand.
  • Haha! :D
  • It is really responsive, fast and the music API is finally gone! I believe it is more reliable too.
  • You can now leave groups. 
  • well, earlier also i was able to 'delete and exit group' ;)
  • and it gives u a notification when on battery saver saying u wont be able to get notifications....
  • Now it's FAAST! Finally!
  • What features are missing compared to the iOS and android app?
  • The Music Streaming API is still there on WP 7.x
  • Because WP 7.x has no option to remain WiFi alive when the screen is off. In order to get notifications in case there is no network signals, music API helps.
  • so what you are saying is whatsapp is keeping my wifi on even when my phone is off?  This sounds worse!
  • Well I don't want that. That's illogical, as I will have a network signal 100% more often than I will have a wifi signal but no network signal. I would probably also turn off "keep wifi alive" to save battery. Let the 3G handle data when my phone is idle, as it is intended to.
  • It's actually not a battery hog as keep WiFi alive only works when you're connected to a WiFi network. Not to mention the fact that not everyone has unlimited data.
  • WI-fi uses many times less battery than 3G.
  • But cellular is on regardless, it doesn't make a difference to anything, while Wifi doesn't need to be on when not in use. No one turns off his celular and uses his phone as a tiny wifi-only tablet...
  • OMG finally!!!!! I feel like having a party now!!!
  • most anticapted WP8 app update ever!!!!!
  • I know yeahh!! I've been checking the store manually almost everyday.
  • Voice Call
  • Its not a VoIP, just a normal call.
  • I hve been enjoying testing these features..
  • http://i.imgur.com/VePWU8k.png
    well, this notice has been added now...!
  • This update looks great, large pictures are shown. Loading times are improved also.
  • Party Now, Yo
  • Still need the option to upload videos from your library/camera roll and save videos that others have sent you. Till then i wont be happy
  • Tell Microsoft.
  • No problems reported? am very afraid to update heheheh
  • nice one
  • Good shit!! cheers to all!! :) 
  • Its about time❕ I wasn't expecting it to be updated for ALEAST another 2 weeks. The feature I'm most looking forward to is the removal of the audio api. Without the audio api, will my battery drain less?
  • Okay bug, the app hangs when you try to backup chat
  • works fine here
  • Super... Finaly
  • Does fast resume work on 7.8?
  • no
  • Huzza! Still needs some work on fast resume. Hate to see that ugly "resuming" page...
  • Uhm... Is it just me or is it kinda redundant to say "for windows phone has finally updated"... Since well we are on wpcentral... A windows phone specific site?
  • Since it's not just a WP app, it's not so redundant.
  • No. If people start tweeting or sharing this link via social networks they might think it's been upated for other platforms.
  • +2.10.488.0
  • +2.10.491 :P
  • Good job mate , the ability if hiding last seen at time like on IOS would be perfect for now
  • Amazing finally
    it's very good
  • was the search option always there? im in doubt now.. anyway i love it!!!!
  • yes it was there since the last version
  • now please give me the app in windows 8/RT so i can chat while on my tablet.
  • Never going to happen. Whatsapp are a mobile only company. Watch the interview with their CEO at Dive into mobile and you'll understand what I'm talking about.
  • It's much faster and the music background API is no longer a problem! Good update!
  • another update!
  • What the hell? Oh no not this shit again (3 panic bugfixes and then 6 months of silence). Hope this was just a small error and not something that breaks the entire app.
  • Great to see that you know that pattern;)
  • Happy wp8 user.... Me :)
  • Loving the new update! Keep them coming! App is quite responsive, looks like they made a few UI tweeks...
  • theres another update if you updated before...its at 2.10.491.0
  • Yes It's true I update it twice
  • It got updated to 2.10.491 from 2.10.488.
  • Already!!!!!! Changelog!!!!
  • yeah i downloaded the 491 version
  • you can now tap the name on top of the chat to go to their profile!
  • +2.10.491.0
  • Music Api is still used on window phone 7 phone...
  • Yup... Can't get rid of it due to OS limitation... Wp7 kills wifi connection when phone sleeps
  • At last! Really a major improvement!
  • Still can't turn off notifications. Bummer. is it really that hard to include that feature? Not ready for me yet.
  • I've experienced "Whatsapp has detected an issue with your Device's Push Notification system. Please reboot your phone" twice in less than 30 minutes since I updated to version 2.10.488.0 . The error asked me to exit or cancel. After exiting I couldn't open any other app until restarted my phone. Lemme know if anyone has experienced same error.
  • Im running 2.10.491 in UK and ive had the "detected problem with notification system" error. Rebooted phone and not appeared since. Weird.
  • I had the problem too, hard rebooted , looks fine for now
  • I have Nokia Lumia 920, and I face the same problem even after rebooting the applications was freezing
  • i had the problem too. :/
  • I am experiencing this very same problem. I rebooted the phone several times, reinstalled WhatsApp and even went on to reset the whole phone when the problem would not go away. Still after a reset the problem occurs... 
  • Now please improve the UI of the app (Wallpapers!!)
  • I've also been able to update to version 2.10.491
  • One more thing.. More animations
  • Ftr update,,,u cn enlarge anyone's dp..
  • That was already present in earlier version....
  • Switching between apps is difficult, not what we are used to
  • Hurray!!! I often had messages deleting themselves before
  • Long message does display completely now, background doesn't show for the message though...
  • Finally.... I waiting a loooooong time
  • Hip hip hurray!
  • already found an annoying bug. When you tombstone the app in a converation and you then receive a new message in this conversation and press the notification, the new message doesn't show up until you back out of the conversation and enter it again.
    Is anyone else experiencing this?
  • Seems to work fine for me.
  • Meh...
  • .491 here in UK from store not .488 - what's the difference?
  • No idea, but I got both...
  • its updated twice in a short span of time bro.
  • Features needed - save videos on phone, send saved videos, color bubbles per contact
  • Hmmm nothing is impressive... Still...... frustrated.
  • Did you expect it to change into Skype?
  • Lol
  • About time...
  • So when's the next update coming
  • It's out now already. One more update over the one mentioned in this article.
  • Next yr!
  • The icons do not match, can you believe it? Results are different not only in style but also in what they present... Took so long and still with such obvious mistakes!!
  • I have problems with notifications. It says that I need to restart my cellphone ._.
  • 491 version doesn't give you that msg. Update again
  • OMG so glad they updated, maybe people will use this to contact me and be my freeendz!
  • Now where's Snapchat (Official)?
  • Wow, updated again! 2.10.491 now. That was quick!
  • I know! We've gone from 0 updates in months to 2 in one day.
  • It crashed when I tried to view old messages.. Looks like it'll crash when trying to view messages 2 months old..
  • Here's an unmentioned new feature: whatsapp is now supported in the detailed lock screen status!!!, previously it was just the number of notifications!
  • Thanks for mentioning that. I'm definitely going to use it. :P
  • +491
  • its a good start ... still need more features
  •   so im nt updating to 2.10.491 as there are bugs in that version! :(
  • Its better than the previous version
  • i just updated it 1 hour ago from .488 and now they have .491 . i dont wanna update coz ppl are telling that there are bugs in .491
  • Well there isn't one that makes it crash or lose functionality
  • lol.. .488 is working fine for me at the moment :P
  • U were loosers whtsapp dvlprs n r still,da,loosers . Cnt chnge bkgrnd wallpaper,cnt and mp3 n video frm,libraray . Wht da hell u did ? Its useless . Its a joke fr wp8 ppl. This devlprs shud be riped.
  • -10 for spelling and sentence structure Go stand in the corner.
  • LOLMAX! :D
  • Dmb dfr hope u knw da fl frm ( dumb , duffer ) u fool u r nt here 2 jdge my spel mstks .looser .go n pimp yurself .
  • go and pimp yourself? lol what does that even mean??
  • Did your mum get you tested when you were a kid? Please don't ban this guy. Its going to be a fun run!
  • yea she did got me tested but no to doc but to an astrologer . n u kw what he said? he said i was born to kick butt of loosers like u .
  • this whole comment makes me feel very, very... old.
  • Lol
  • The fuck did you just say?
  • You should turn on autocorrect. You'll be doing the world a favor then.
  • I'm loving it!
  • Well, I can confirm that the app crashes every SINGLE time I am scrolling back/ or trying to scroll back to old messages in a group chat. It's annoying. Plus, the fact that now 'Background tasking' is enabled, I can no longer keep my phone in Battery saver mode (which I prefer because hey! it helps save power), if I am to keep receiving message alerts from Whatsapp. This never was a problem in Symbian! :'(
  • *sigh* ...and now, it doesn't work. My HTC Arrive WP 7.5 ain't liking it. Crashes, freezes. WhatsApp wit dat?!?!??
  • Do a clean install
  • You don't think I have tried that already?? Like three times?!?!? Clean install, no good.
    DOUBLE UPDATE IN ONE DAY ***faints**
  • lol the 491 version crashes i guess..
  • nope i guess... it removes the 'reboot your phone' thing... i guess so.. bcoz after installing 488 it asked me to reboot the phone bcoz it was not properly set to receive push notifications or something like that.. that was twice within 15-20 mins.. and now 2 hours into 491, it hasn't happened..
  • i did not get any reboot your phone message thing in 488.. so should i update to 491?
  • Yay yooo great.... Haters gonna hate!!!; Keep going
  • Pack up boys. We're done here.
  • ...said Belfiore to he WP team... ;)
  • Hell, it's about time.
  • Back up messages, uninstall and do a clean installation of app, restore back your messages. Works better than just updating the app imo.
  • A bug is when in the 'now playing' window in music, and you tap on a whatsapp notification toast, it brings you to an empty chat window with the persons number at the top, but not their name
  • It doesn't anymore in WP8. However what you say is hard to reproduce. Happened once randomly. Its not persons number. It was my own number!
  • I have a Lumia 920, and that's what happens to me. Maybe I need to uninstall and reinstall
  • Well I backed up, restarted phone then reinstalled and can't replicate the bug anymore, so all good :D
  • Anyone has experience the voice call. I read in the update that there's voice. I expect something like Viber. If so, than it is great. I tried calling from Whatsapp, there's a pop up saying its not / can't dial through internet then redirect me to phone call app. Basically its not Voip call and shortcut to phone app. I search through the settings and can't find any option on Voip call. Anyone has tried this? Please give some input
  • Its not voip, just a shortcut to dial using cellular
  • Updated, restarted L920, phone stopped opening apps. Anyone else get this, or unrelated to update?
  • Update to latest .491 version
  • Wow! Got the same thing in my L720! I did a hard reset and it was fine. But, but, by then, my WhatsApp had started crashing when I tried to access past messages by scrolling up in a group chat. It still crashes every single time I try to scroll up in a group chat!
  • it happened to me as well. but only once. when it happened i only able to open some of the apps.
  • i got this twice. both times i restarted the phone. a Lumia 920 sim free.
    cant open the whatsapp, neither the system settings, or contact hub.
    some other apps was able to open right.
    while on this situation any whatsapp message was received and neither notified by whatsapp.
    after rdevice restart i got all the messages.
    this happened on wifi
    and o 3g with Wifi enabled but not connected.
    i have more or lest 3 gourps with average 12 people on each one.
    and 6 uni person chats
    i think is due to the battery saver beeing always active.  that was my case.
    I disabled the battery saver fonction and the issue seems to be gone. i Will try again to enable the battery saver, BUT if we cant no more use the battery saver permanently, it's really sucks...
  • I'm surprised that no one found issue with Whatsapp's cache storage problem. I do not know whether the latest update solve that problem but if you do a storage check on your phone (L920), you will find whatsapp is taking up storage to few hundred MBs. For me, at one particular point, 700+MB. Only did I uninstalled and reinstall it that reset the cache storage but even then by now it has slowly crept up to 100+MB. It is still increasing by the day so long you still receive medias from the chat even if you turn off auto download of pictures. I hope I'm wrong about this but it doesn't look that way.
  • Not for me
  • delete some old chat logs and group chatlogs maybe??
  • I delete my old group chats quite often but the storage it takes still increasing. Thanks.
  • Delete media by going to group info or contact info and swipe to the right.. 
  • Wow I never noticed.
    I went to update my mother's 8X and it kept failing on updating. So I uninstalled and clean installed it. My free storage went up 1.1GB! My Other usage is still the same size, so it wasn't causing that to baloon, it was just using a lot itself it seems. 
  • you issue also occurs on symbian devices. i think. because with my old Nokia N8 the cache grows with the conversation history.
    the more opened chats you have, the more cache memory you will use,
    just keep you chat history clean by deleting the conversations, periodically. I have also a Lumia 920 since febrary and i dont have the issue, but i noticed that removing the chats also decreases the amount of memory used by whatsapp
  • Okay, I signed up, buy tell me why I should use this instead of normal MMS ?
  • This way you can message random people on the interwebs without having to pay fees if the live in another country. Other than that, I have no idea.
  • Its free to share pics... MMS cost money (about 35p in the U.K.)..
  • Did you face this problem:
    When I opened the app and then closed it by pressing the back, it shows 'whatsapp has detected an issue with your push notification system, please reboot, but nothing is happening after I reboot. I'm not getting push notifications too
  • Fantastic!
  • Okay .491 has a bug, after opening the app it takes 2-4 sec to show the chats where as in .488 there was no such issue.
    Anyone else having this problem?
  • Mine took 1-2s for group chat and almost instant for normal chat... On v.491
  • Abililty to attach existing video is still not there. Is that the limitation in the OS ?
  • From what I understand yes, that's on the OS side.
  • Finally Relief !! Hurray!
  • Happy for the update.... it is welcome !!!---- but still can not change font size nor color (like we can do with the great WPC app)....
    Lets see if the lag time was corrected ... and the sync time between a notification and the actual message appering in the conversation... certain times it took a while to appear ....
    Happy week end to all.....!!!!
  • Is this real life?
  • Awesome update..loving the fast resume :D:D...just wish the live tile had got the metro look like on WP8:/
  • Found one new bug. Every now and again it keeps telling me to reboot my phone due to connection error when i try to exit the app. But my connection is fine. It has done it now a few times. It still works better though,faster etc but this bug has risen
  • same with me.pls kindly help to inform if there's any info about how to fix it.thx...
  • Woooooohooooooo !!!
    Happy times are here to stay :)
  • Finally! Thank you!
  • Yes! this is amazing! I love it more than government cheese and women surfboarders! What in the world is Whatsapp?
  • No music sendidng ..no saved sending no mulitple file sending ....3 things i needed the most ..not there..though the app does app alot faster
  • does this update finally fixes the ridiculous battery drainage problem?!
  • Still kinda buggy.. I'm gonna reinstall te app and see. Nice update btw :)
  • Its still bugged. My previous messages in the chat are not loading. :(
  • The all (contacts) still sucks. Hope they fix this 'cause I don't want to see all my friends... I want to see all my friends that are already using whatsapp. Maybe next update on 2015 they fix :)
  • Any contact of yours that has (or had) WhatsApp is listed under "Favorites". "All contacts" is for inviting your friends to use the app.
  • Finally I am happy
  • Not being able to send videos from your library is still embarrassing. I know its a OS thing but why.
  • This is SO bad!! I don't get notifications when the phone is located!
    And if I'm not opening the WhatsApp app I don't get new massages This is very annoying the whole idea with IM is instant.
  • Same problem... sucks
  • "If you bring your WhatsApp app up to version 2.10.488.0..."
    Store version says 2.10.491.0 Updated 12-07-2013...
    Please update the news... ;)
  • Correct my store is also showing me 2.10.491.0
  • updated on wp7.8, still got the annoying music streaming thing when I exit the app via start button :/
  • there is no multitask on WP7 dude. This new written code is only for WP8.
  • oh, well then
  • Hahahah sounds like this update gets GTA5 status seeing the reactions of some =D
  • How does the backup thing work? Is it still backed up on you phone? Or online like it should be?
  • Well, when I'm on another app and press a toast notification from WhatsApp, the app just opens a blank screen with that person's number on top. I need to press the back button to go to the "Chats" screen and then open a chat separately to see the messages.
    This happens when I exit WhatsApp by pressing the Start button while on a chat screen and receive a message from the same contact.
  • guys please help, what's music background API that you are talking about all the time. I'm new to the platform thank you.
  • Till now, WhatsApp used to make use of what is called as the 'Music API' to stay in the background. This used to suck up a lot of battery. Now it uses Push Notifications. Much better.
  • But still not working right?
    Notifications/messages only 10-15 minutes after someone send it to me...  Earlier only if I open Whatsapp... =/
  • Hats off!!.. They are still supporting the 7.x platform!!
  • Yeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
  • I don't see new smiley :(
  • Never has an app update brought out so many emotions. I'm loving it!
  • Since update mine say version 2.10.491
  • Works like a charm now. Is it just me or they have moved the sending confirmation arrows to the right next to the time ?
  • Right
  • "whatsapp has detected a problem with your devices push notification system. Please reboot your phone" this error/bug has popped up about 3/4 times now :(
  • Still most of the old issues persist!
    disappointed yet again
  • it still hangs at startup sometimes . smz tha bug nt yet fixed . i tried to exprmnt by starting it again n again once or twice it did start instant thn it started to lag  n bug .
  • Does anyone send voice clips on Whatsapp? Half of mine distort and are unintelligible. I think it may be my phone though. Samsung Ativ.
  • Mine does the same after a couple of tries htc8x
  • Own the same phone , yes I can confirm it is Samsung Ativ S. majority of my audio recording is distorted.Looks like the placement of the mic, so have to be careful how you hold your phone. cant wait to get my Lumia 925 tmobile where i can get full support with nice exclusive apps.
  • Thanks for replying guys. I did notice it did it far more if there was a song/radio app paused in Xbox music. So I tried Stop The Music from the market and when I run that I never get distorted voice clips. At least not so far. Give it a try and see how it goes!
  • Oh, when I say distorted chaps it's actually more of a cacophony. This weird echoing. I have had issues where I was smothering the mic but this is a different thing. It's really weird.
  • I think we will be seeing a fairly quick 'bug fix' update .... Hopefully asap
  • So far so good... Only thing missing, though I think that's more a WP8 thing, is changing the notification sound.
    Anyone know a hack?
  • Do I need to keep WhatsApp running in the background? Can I block it?
  • Finally!!! Great update 
  • Nice update. It is more fluid and liking the larger size pics. Time to revamp the Ui with a more modern look since this one is just too basic like the old facebook app for wp8. Please take some clues from viber, groupme and Line. Thanks for your hard work and looking forward to new features and new User Interface in the next update.
  • Great News
  • The update is awesome.... earlier version 2.9 used to provide inaccurate push notifications and used to notify me for old messages, this update has fixed it i guess.
    the new features include a button for voice call (wil use the mobile carrier services)
    You can now share voice files, location, video, music.
    in all the update has improved the overall whatsapp performance. 
  • Can anyone tell me if they are facing the same problem I am? Every single time I am scrolling up past messages in a group chat, the app crashes. Anybody else who has faced the same problem, please confirm.
  • Bug carried over from previous releases I think. i.e Just not fixed yet
  • Major update. Still needs some major improvements. Experienced crashes. Had asked them to add searching of conversation. The current search option to search my conversations for a particular word/phrase gives back all the results. But when you tap on any of the results to see what the conversation was, it doesn't take you there and actually takes you to the latest end of conversation.
    Also, the contact photos take a second to load after the app opens.
  • It has become considerably Fast on my Lumia 800 , and by that I mean : Super Freaking FAST !!....
  • Praise the lord, WhatsApp users on Windows phone 8!! But does it really give what it promises??!! Read on to find out :
  • I don't seem to have the problems you're facing, on my phone. I get notifications on time and not after 12-20 minutes like you've mentioned.
  • No Update! :/
  • firstly thank u for the update.. i'm so happy tht ppl at whatsapp are still supporting windows 7.8.. i just have one small request, scrolling the chats and shared media is still a pain.. can something be done about tht.? or just make the search more accurate.. thanks
  • hmmm. I can't install the second update. after finished downloading, it shows 'Attention required. Tap here.'
    Lumia 920.
  • Same here, also on Lumia 920.
  • That's not a WhatsApp problem, I've had the same problem with several apps I tried to download today.
  • images in the media tab shows as thumbnail size instead of full screen. anyone else encountering this?
  • del
  • Runs so much smoother now on my WP8 Samsung ATIV S
  • Not able to install the update..the app downloads but doesn't install..anyone facing the same problem???
  • i have the same problem. stucks at 50% on wp 7.8
  • What about customizing the conversation background image? Its better but not even close to be at the same level as the android and the ios are.
  • audio API still used in wp 7.8! 
  • whatsapp says it has problem with push notifications need to reboot in wp7.8!
  • You know what would be nice. If they added an alert feature everytime we got messages. Ppl message and I don't know until I pull my phone out bc I got a normal text message or a phone call.
  • Sucks. Cannot update since it always failed to install whenever download is completed. And to make it worse, I've try to uninstall and reinstall it with no Luck. Now I don't have whatsapp installed. What kind of update is this? (-_-)a
  • Found a difference between 488 and 491, emoji now have a scroll indicator on top for each type.
  • Since the update was installed I have been having problems trying to launch other apps on my L920. Occasionally, pressing the tiles has no effect at all, with only the 'Messaging' tile actually working. I can only resolve this by rebooting. This has happened on about 3 occasions today & I've never experienced it before. Can only assume it's related to Whatsapp. I'll try an uninstall/reinstall to see if that helps. If not then it's curtains fow Whatsapp. Shame really because I liked the fact that they finally sorted the emoticons.
  • There's still so much more they can work on and I don't have anymore hope after this "major" update.
  • First update installer but now it says there is an other one but when i want to do that update of whatsapp. You see the download list but it says. there are no downloads wtf?
  • got the push notification error... reboot and its gone, this is the 2nd time got this popup.
  • Why dose it still hijack my audio API after updated??
  • Can u plz temme wht does tht mean?
    Audio APIs??
  • ...again the push notification error popup appear... 
    ..whatsapp ... what is happening????
    already uninstalled-installed-... but the problem still exist sometime
  • Also receive notification about error on the push notification and ask to reboot.got it 3 times already since i update the app.wht happened?
  • I uninstalled WhatsApp..and tried installing it again..but the verification process not going through..been trying for two days..what to do??
  • yesterday took me 3 hour just to verify... sms ver not recevice, waiting for the voice verification but never called...
    finally working after sometime. 
  • Global group hug... :D :D
  • No voice call over the internet.
  • Whatsapp update on Lumia 920 seems to crash all apps after abt 20-30 mins use. i cant even open up the people app :-( . still a couple of more bugs as the app asks me to restart everytime to fix push notifications....#sigh
  • So, it seems everything is fine now, eh?
  • Soooo Awesome!!!!!!
  • My whatsapp is Crashing contineously :'( it's not even starting!! :'( i don't hv their email ID as well...... :-( :'( i hv msgs to readddd :'(
  • Mabe you also have some language to learn...
    Tried a reinstall?
  • After this update, "Whatsapp has detected an issue with your Device's Push Notification system. Please reboot your phone". This is bug or what??
    FYI im Lumia 720 user.
  • Gostei desse nava atualizaçao
  • After the update, notifications are perfect. Everything is working as it really should. BUT!!
    Few times a day i get the Warning that I should reboot my phone because there is something wrong with my notification system. after you open the app few times it dissapears(even without restart) but in the meantime toast notifications are dead! hope they fix that bug quickly. I refuse to restart my phone 10 times a day, and I use whatsapp a lot! 
    HTC 8S user
  • Love the new update! Finally!!! Thank you good people!
  • I had updated the WhatsApp, It worse than previous version. What did I get? It always shows connectivity error: WhatsApp has detected an issue with your device's push notification system. Please reboot your device. I had restarted my device, it showed the message again, I restarted again, in fact it still shows the same message. This issue just makes my other applications doesn't work properly, Settings, Skype, UC Browser, Internet Explorer, Line, IM+ games, etc can't be executed, so I should restart it. Finally I uninstall it, it just makes my device crash. >:(
  • Yes! The one way to save our phones is uninstalling the WhatsApp! What a pitty that good App does not work properly on WP8... (
  • Thank you for your reply. It's a bug from WhatsApp. Well, I use other chat app now.
  • Looks like many people got that notification error problem hmm
  • Missing functionality includes:
    - Sending videos from the video library
    - Integration with people hub (as in send a whatsapp message like we can to facebook, skyp and sms)
    - Maybe some sky-drive integration like backing up messages and media from whatsapp to the cloud in order to save space from budget devices with on 8gb of internal memory Regards
    Márcio Cattini
  • Only me having problems with delay?
    I'm receiving notifications/messages 10-15 minutes after someone send to me. This happens since the last version, didn't change with the update...
    Or I receive when I open whatsapp... =(
    Anyone can help me or having the same issue?