WhatsApps goes to version 2.0 on Windows Phone with minor improvements

It's been awhile since we've seen an update to the popular messaging program WhatsApp (okay, well just over 30 days, not bad) so we're curious to see what could version 2.0 bring that required a whole version bump. Turns out, not too much. According to the release notes this is what you can expect from the latest version:

  • Set your profile picture
  • Several bug fixes

It's not the craziest amount of changes but the new profile photo makes the app feel more complete, the Settings are more refined and our "Paid" account doesn't expire till 2021, so we're happy about that. The app feels a bit faster to us too, which is a common complaint, so hopefully that will make some of you happy.

Pick up WhatsApp version 2.0 for Windows Phone here in the Marketplace. Thanks, Rudy Z., for the heads up

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Each time whatsapp gets an update, you guys say its faster, but it seems to be the same as before to me, that is the app starts up like a tortoise.
  • +1, it's so slow.
  • That's cause I never use it. I'm on team Kik, baby. :P
  • +1 for team KIK. Night and day over whatsapp.
  • I agree
  • Except my friends all use whatsapp :(
  • Same here :(
  • The first thing I noticed in this upgrade was the startup speed improvement I wouldn't say it was slow to begin with though, not sure what phone you guys are using I am on a lumia 900 though. I am writing this from my phone actually and I noticed menus seemed more smooth. I have yet to test sending media though which has been admittedly slow in comparison to my iPhone. So we'll see hopefully there will be improvement there!
  • Feels a bit faster to me too. But not extremely fast.
  • its all KIK for me.... Also I see the King of Crackberry on there.... is he defecting to Windows Phone? It's only a matter of time Kevin...
  • I give the spelling skills of this article's headline an A+ for "Horrible".
  • I and others have recommended in the past that they get a proofreader. I suspect this is an all-volunteer operation. I would volunteer, but don't have the time.
  • Looks a little better to me. Hope next update makes it faster.
  • Whatsapp is not slow for me at all and I used it everyday! However I don't keep my messages so maybe its a memory thing?
  • I keep mine, you just have to scroll up to the top and it loads it back up. If not you probably need to uninstall and reinstall the app.
  • Plzz make faster
  • Still way too slow!!!
  • Still no video sharing from the gallery? I quess it´s up to Microsoft.
  • Mine expires in 2031 :D
  • Yea I checked mine and it says 9/23/2031 !!!
  • I use it everyday and I can definitely say that it's faster. Especially when you start the app.
  • Just compare the launch time to the Android or iPhone version of the app and you'll see how slow it is.
  • They can't make it faster as native code is not allowed in WP. All WP app starts are slow, yes even KIK takes about 4 seconds to load.
  • While I agree it can't be as fast as the android or ios versions, it is still super slow compared to kik. Kik loads up much faster than whatsapp on WP.
  • Still slow IMO. Still, I will take a slower speed with a stable drive over Android's crash fest.
  • Mine keeps crashing since the update. --- update reinstalled it. Works now. Bit slow.
  • Loads up faster for me.
  • Still doesn't connect with Edge or 3G or H connections.. Says not connected.. works only on Wifi..
  • I think it's called WhatsApp, not whatsapps
  • Another thing that's updated it the way you attach pictures.
    Instead of your albums and a camera button at the bottom, you get a empty page with 2 button, to take a picture or to select one from your albums.
    I'm guessing they did this so you can still send pictures while syncing with Zune?
  • Definitely starts faster, but not fast enough :-(
  • Fast enough for me and does everything that I need it to. I don't see what the big deal is even if it does take 1 or 2 seconds to open up. Keep o the good work people at Whatsapp. And for all of those wondering, I'm using an HTC Titan.
  • The problem with me isnt the speed at which it loads - i can handle a few seconds extra for loading, its the speed at which incoming messages display. I'll get the notification 80% of the time ill click it, it will take me to the chat thats relevant, then wait about 10-15 seconds and then load whatever it needs to - slow.
    the other 20% of the time nothing happens (I still have the number on my live tile), which I then have the game of going into the app (usually 4-5 times) hoping that it picks up and retrieves messages. I've reinstalled (not this new update admittedly) whatsapp so many times hoping that its just a dodgy install, but to no avail :(
    I hope they work on this rather than working on new features. Id much rather have a super snappy message and picture service than a sluggish feature filled app.
  • Yeah that's the biggest issue for me too. They really need to fix it because it is an IM. What's the point if it can't send and receive messages instantaneously.
  • Still faster than Viber.... Just Sayin'
  • IMO, a little ui update would be great...looks kinda, too boring now :/ maybe a thick banner across the top?
    and of course, faster app starting is a must !
  • Startup s a bit fast.... But message delivery notification is very slow.... Sometimes I don't recieve the notification untill I open d app to check...
  • It's damn slow on my phone compared to the new gen phones. Cos I'm using LG optimus 7 lol.
  • Just wondering if whatsapp is working on windows phone for any of you guys here in India?