When your favorite Destiny 2 legendary weapons will reach Max Power Level limit

Destiny 2
Destiny 2 (Image credit: Bungie)

A few weeks ago, Bungie announced that it was adding Power Level caps to legendary armor and weapons. This means that many of your favorites, even Ritual and Pinnacle Weapons from the looks of it, will be essentially useless for high-level activities because they won't be able to be infused to a higher Power Level. The Max Power Level will be set at the Player Power Cap attainable three seasons after their release.

Many of you will be disappointed by this news, but it should keep the game exciting because the meta will change frequently. While Season 11 won't see any changes, Season 12 will and a lot of amazing weapons will no longer be viable for the Master Nightmare Hunt, Grandmaster Nightfall, and more in Season 13. We've compiled a list of the most popular weapons below and when they'll, in a sense, reach their final infusion limit.

You can still use them for normal gameplay, but don't try to use them for high-level activities in possibly Season 13. This restriction doesn't apply to Exotic armor and weapons, for now. There's no guarantee that won't change in the future. Ric Molina compiled a handy list of when legendary weapons will reach their infusion limit. You'll have to play the game to determine if you still want to use them.

Fall 2020 - Season 12

Destiny 2 is expected to get a massive expansion then, and this is probably the biggest hit when it comes to favorite weapons. It seems like this season will be their final infusion limit.

  • Loaded Question
  • Oxygen SR3
  • Wendigo GL3
  • Edgewise
  • Hammerhead
  • Beloved
  • Luna's Howl
  • Not Forgotten
  • Redrix's Broadsword
  • The Mountaintop
  • The Recluse
  • Revoker
  • Randy's Throwing Knife
  • Breakneck
  • 21% Delirium
  • Exit Strategy
  • Spare Rations
  • Mindbender's Ambition
  • Bygones

Winter 2020 - Season 13

The season after that isn't so bad because we'll only reach two Ritual Weapons' limit.

  • Buzzard
  • Python
  • Komodo-4FR

Spring 2021

Astral Horizon is one of the most popular shotguns in the game because it's incredibly powerful. It'll definitely be missed. The Summoner is just as good as Hard Light and Suros Regime, but it's a legendary.

  • Astral Horizon
  • The Summoner

Do you want Bungie to make an exception for Ritual and Pinnacle Weapons? Or are you excited for these changes? Let us know. I'm personally a little disappointed because many gamers spend hundreds of hours earning them.

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