Where Be The Fuze?

We've heard from a few sources now that the Fuze has been delayed -- which is really bumming us out here, we gotta tell you. That hasn't stopped AT&T from mentioning it in a rebate form (opens in new tab) (Thanks for that, Greg!), but it certainly has stopped the Nov 4th release (i.e. today) that we were hoping for (though, as David points out, there's probably one or two to be found on eBay.)

BGR brings word that the Fuze has been caught in the wild and should be sent to stores 'within the next two weeks' for a Black Friday release. That, friends, is a lot later than we were hoping. We've also heard November 7th. We hear a lot -- but nothing we feel confident with anymore.

Anybody else waiting for the Touch Pro/Fuze to hit on AT&T?

WC Staff
  • I'm just wondering what the problem/motivation is here on AT&T's part. Is it due to last-minute fixes of the hardware or software? Is it because they don't want to steal the Bold's thunder? Is it because they want to position its release closer to the Holiday Season? As a loyal AT&T customer, I have to say I wish they'd be more communicative. It's building as much frustration as word-of-mouth buzz. Also, with so many "flagship" smartphones due for release in the coming months, each passing day creates more competition for themselves.
  • my frustration knows no bounds when dealing with att on a year to year basis with these phones. every store i call in nyc has no idea when they will get the phone. 80% of them didnt even know what the fuze was. this annoys me to no end. its not like i'm asking these people to calculate voyagers next point of travel in space!....the communication that goes on in att is horrid!
  • i have been emailing my local company store, after checking with the managert, they feel the date will be the 14th or 17th. :(, but checking every 2 days to stay on top of it. ATT online has no clue, they havent even heard of it, and said that the stores will have it before they do online.
  • im not worried got mine on sprint im typing this comment on it rigth now the sprint version looks best anyway lol
  • ejb2027...I hope you enjoy manually entering all the contacts into your new SIM-less Sprint Touch Pro. Or can you still pay extra money to have the tech do it?
  • Actually, with all past WM phones, i've set it up to automatically backup my contacts online. Now, it's a matter of configuring a server with Activesync and boom, all my contacts, appointments, and alarms are back on my phone in a matter of (about) a minute's time.
  • you can do it like james said which is pretty easy or sprint will doing for you at no charge so there you have it again being entered on my touch pro rofl
  • oops sprint will do it for you
  • Wow...great to know Sprint finally changed their ways! My company was with them for a few years before we switched to AT&T. They used to print out all the contacts for you to enter yourself...or you could pay them $20 to do it for you. The only reason we left Sprint was because they refused to work with us on a better deal for our company. AT&T was literally $300/month less for a much better plan.