Where Be The Fuze?

We've heard from a few sources now that the Fuze has been delayed -- which is really bumming us out here, we gotta tell you. That hasn't stopped AT&T from mentioning it in a rebate form (Thanks for that, Greg!), but it certainly has stopped the Nov 4th release (i.e. today) that we were hoping for (though, as David points out, there's probably one or two to be found on eBay.)

BGR brings word that the Fuze has been caught in the wild and should be sent to stores 'within the next two weeks' for a Black Friday release. That, friends, is a lot later than we were hoping. We've also heard November 7th. We hear a lot -- but nothing we feel confident with anymore.

Anybody else waiting for the Touch Pro/Fuze to hit on AT&T?

WC Staff