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Where to buy original Xbox games for Xbox One backward compatibility

Xbox disc
Xbox disc (Image credit: Windows Central)

Following its unveiling as a part of E3 2017, Microsoft has announced that original Xbox backward compatibility is scheduled to hit Xbox One on October 24. Launching with a small, yet curated library, this allows 13 original Xbox games to be played on the console, with improved resolutions, more consistent frame rates and shorter load times.

However, nearly two decades have passed since the launch of the original Xbox and getting ahold of these games can be significantly harder than average Xbox One games. Here's where to find each of the 13 titles set to launch alongside original Xbox backward compatibility, through major retailers today.

Buying original Xbox games digitally (Microsoft Store)

Leading up to the release of original Xbox backward compatibility, Microsoft has begun posting listings for each of the supported titles on the Microsoft Store. Like Xbox 360 titles, these games are classed as "Games on Demand" titles and will be digitally distributed similarly to Xbox 360 games on Xbox One consoles. While some of these titles were already available on the Microsoft Store for use with Xbox 360 consoles, Microsoft recently added the remaining titles to offer the complete launch library in digital form.

Each of these games are now available for purchase, starting at $9.99, or an equivalent value in your region. Select titles are also priced at $14.99, however, it's currently unclear what causes the price increase.

Buying original Xbox games physically (on disc)

If you prefer physical game discs, getting started with original Xbox backward compatibility will be a little more difficult. If you already have a game, simply insert the disc and go. However, new buyers will need to search around to secure original Xbox games at a reasonable price point.

With these games no longer in print, buying certain original Xbox titles still sealed comes with a huge asking price. Some second-hand titles are also still worth a fair amount than you'd expect, with many becoming increasingly rare after years off the market. When factoring in the additional appeal from backward compatibility on Xbox One, buying discs simply isn't recommended for most gamers. Regardless, if you're looking to purchase these games on Amazon, expect to be looking at between $50 and $100 for new games, with second-hand pricing varying between titles.

If you're looking to grab a bargain, don't forget to check other retailers near you in the process.

Are you looking forward to the arrival of original Xbox backward compatibility on Xbox One? If so, make sure to let us know which games you'll be playing in the comments.

Matt Brown
Matt Brown

Matt Brown is Windows Central's Senior Games Editor, Xbox & PC, at Future. Following over seven years of professional consumer technology and gaming coverage, he’s focused on the world of Microsoft's gaming efforts. You can follow him on Twitter @mattjbrown.

  • Can I just go into my garage and ship MS my boxes of OG games and get the digital version?  LOL  Because I am NOT pulling that stuff out to play them.
  • I own and still have all the physical games listed for backward compatiblity. Is there going to be some update that is coming or will I be able tomorrow (Oct 24th) be able to simply pop-in the disc and go? I assume that it loads the game onto the HD or are they suppose to run from the disc themselves?  Not clear how that is supposed to work.
  • It might be an update, but more likely, will just be enabled. Just pop the game in to register the license and the game/emulator will download via Xbox Live (:
  • x360 back compat works thusly:  Insert the disc, console recognizes title. Console begins download of a copy of the game from the MS store wrapped neatly in a virtual machine image. You need to have the disc inserted to play. The only difference I see is that instead of an xbox360 virtual machine image+game, it will be an OG xbox virtual machine image+game.
  • They are sitting on my shelf in my closet right now.   I'm glad that I didn't toss them out.
  • For those who haven't played it before, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time is a lot of fun.
  •  love recycle-video-games.
  • I really, really want to see OG Xbox Splinter Cell Double Agent running on the X1X.