Original Xbox backwards compatibility is rolling out to Xbox One right now [Update]

Microsoft has unveiled the first 13 original Xbox titles on their way to Xbox One, via the console's backward compatibility program. Following its unveiling at E3 2017, backward compatibility for select Xbox titles now allows three generations of gaming to be experienced on Xbox One hardware, with various enhancements to take advantage of additional resources.

The update is rolling out now for Xbox consoles everywhere. If you're not seeing it yet, try doing a hard reset of your console (long-press the power button). Alternatively, you can force the update by inserting an OG Xbox disc from the list of games below.

Rolling out right now, 13 original Xbox titles will be available via backward compatibility as of launch. Each of these games will also be seeing some notable enhancements to take advantage of the jump in horsepower, including a 1080p output, more consistent framerates, and improved loading times.

At launch, these are the games that will be supported via the program.

Once original Xbox backward compatibility hits Xbox One, each of the supported games can be accessed by inserting the original game disc into the console. Alternatively, a subset of the library will also be available via the Microsoft Store, priced between $9.99 and $14.99.

Are you looking forward to original Xbox backward compatibility? If so, let us know what you'll be playing first in the comments.

Complete list of original Xbox games backward compatible on Xbox One

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