Where can you buy the new Halo Infinite Nerf guns?

Halo Nerf Assault Rifle
Halo Nerf Assault Rifle (Image credit: Hasbro)

Where can you buy the new Halo Infinite Nerf guns?

Best answer: The new Halo Infinite Nerf guns will be available on Amazon as well as the Hasbro site itself. The Assault Rifle is up for preorder now, while the others are coming later this year.Go with Amazon: Nerf Halo MA40 Assault Rifle ($50 at Amazon)Go with Hasbro: Nerf Halo MA40 Assault Rifle ($50 at Hasbro)

On Halo Infinite Nerf guns and retail sites

As previously stated, we know that the full line of Halo Infinite-themed Nerf guns will be available on both Amazon and Hasbro's website. This is because the Nerf Assault Rifle recently became available to preorder on these sites. Presumably, other retailers will sell the Nerf guns too, but we can for sure expect Amazon and Hasbro to sell them.

Aside from the Assault Rifle, two more Halo Nerf guns will be releasing later in 2020: a Needler and a Magnum, both of which you can see below. It's extremely likely that Nerf also modeled these after the versions of the weapons coming in Halo Infinite, considering that the Nerf Assault Rifle is based on the Halo Infinite Assault Rifle.

The Nerf Assault Rifle, which releases on October 1, 2020, comes with a 10-dart clip and ten individual Nerf darts. Additionally, it also comes with a rail on the top of the weapon that's compatible with various Nerf accessories, and the Assault Rifle is also motorized so users can shoot it multiple times by holding down the trigger. A code for Halo Infinite is also included with every purchase, which will likely unlock a skin or some other type of cosmetic item in the game when used.

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