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Why Tom Clancy's The Division for Xbox One and PC is worth a revisit in 2018

The Division
The Division (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Tom Clancy's The Division has been a game defined by failures since its 2016 launch. Though it had a phenomenal opening week, breaking Destiny's record for the best-selling new franchise, it didn't take long for the title's flaws to rear their ugly heads. Between the unbalanced multiplayer, terrible performance, rampant hacker issues, and general lack of content, The Division faced one problem after another. People began to abandon the game only a few months after release, and this urban dystopian shooter role-playing game (RPG) became a ghost town.

Fast forward to the beginning of 2018, and the game now looks much different then it did. The dedicated post-launch support Ubisoft has given this game worked some magic, and while nothing excuses the poor entrance it made into the gaming scene two years ago, The Division is definitely worth checking out now.

Fixing what's broken

Arguably the worst aspect of The Division at launch was the shocking amount of bugs, glitches, and exploits that made the game unplayable. There's nothing worse than a game that doesn't work, and The Division was a terrible offender.

Fortunately, the developers stuck with their project and patched up almost everything wrong with its performance. The game runs smoothly, crashes to desktop or dashboard are non-existent, and the plethora of visual and audio glitches that once plagued The Division are a thing of the past. Anti-cheat systems have been implemented in order to tackle the waves of cheaters, as well.

Quality of life

In addition to fixing up the performance issues, The Division's developers have also made several changes to balance the game and make the overall experience better, both in player-versus-enemy (PvE) and player-versus-player (PvP) scenarios.

In PvE, enemy AI has been tweaked in order to retain the challenge that The Division is known for, while also making some encounters fairer and not overly difficult. In addition, the issue of missions in the game not giving out the rewards promised to players has been resolved.

For PvP, players have to manually select whether they want to go rogue and turn on other agents before being able to do damage. This is a beneficial change, as before a single accidental shot on a friendly agent would turn you into an enemy. On top of this, The Division's weapons, armor, and skills received specific balancing in order to make PvP feel more separate than PvE.

New ways to play

With The Division's latest patch, three brand new types of free content have been implemented into the game. The first of which is a brand new area on the map, called West Side Piers. This location boasts a new dynamic enemy spawning system, a new safehouse social hub, and tons of new missions and commendations to complete.

Secondly, there's a new PvP mode called Skirmish, which is similar to arena shooters like Halo or Destiny. Two teams of four players each battle with each other to rack up the highest kill count. Performing well in the mode increases your PvP rank, and the PvP rank itself has received a higher level cap to compensate for this.

Lastly, there's also a new PvE mode called Resistance, in which a small group of players team up to battle hordes of enemy factions that ally with each other to take them down. Resistance can be played in three different arenas found in the West Side Piers area, and each one is unique and different, making players strategize differently for each.

Conclusion on the state of Tom Clancy's The Divison for Xbox

Though The Division will likely never repair all the damage done by its botched launch, the game has become a solid title thanks to the support it was given by the developers. Whether you're thinking of coming back to the game or considering picking it up, The Division is definitely worth your time in 2018.

What do you think of The Division? Let us know down below.

The game is available for $49.99.

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  • I bought the base game pre-owned for £3.99, at that price it can't possibly be bad!
  • This game has always been nothing more than a race to see who can attain the biggest bullet sponge build first and then endlessly troll weaker players. There is literally no actual skill required. Just be an OP troll and you'll be unstoppable. And sadly, the game encourages trolling. They should have named the game ROGUES instead of The Division because the game is designed to reward those who betray the Agents as often as they want, which completely ruins the whole premise of the story, namely being an agent of a team designed to restore and maintain peace and order - not to have everyone just betraying the agency over and over. I hope they decide in the next game to ditch the whole lame build mechanic and actually punish those who go rogue (for instance, if a player chooses to go rogue more than twice in a 24 hr period, that character cannot lose their rogue status for an entire 24 hrs, and they can be hunted by other players if they leave the DZ as well as inside of the DZ but they cannot kill agents outside of the DZ. If they do that, I'd gladly buy the next game. Otherwise, I'm not going to spend money just to have no-life, non-skilled idiots who play 24/7 and become OP bullet sponges to endlessly troll me no matter how many times I hit them.
  • Personally they should have provided the option to enage Rogues if someone initiated Rogue status.  Meaning, if the other character did not respond to engage the Rogue, like an invite, then they can't be killed.  As with any PvP, both parties are agreeing to fight each other, but with the DZ that's not the case.  Most are after the bosses, div tech, and caches who should have the option to go about thier business without having to engage rogues.  If your back is turned or they sneak up on you game over. You don't have a chance.  The other option they should have had was to give players the option to go into the DZ by selecting PvE or PvP, then thoses who don't want to be bothered by rogues are left alone while others who like that playstyle can still play it that way.  It's a win-win for everyone.
  • Good lord, why not just avoid the DZ? There is so much else to do that that stupid stuff.
  • As someone who played a lot of the Division on PS4 back when - up to patch 1.4 I think - I can say its 100% worth getting back into. I even bought it again for PC and have been getting properly addicted once more. I suggest getting the Season pack as both Underground and Survival are fantastic game modes.
  • As someone who bought the game day one at launch, I can speak for the state of the game in both contexts. I recently went back to the game a few weeks ago after hearing about all the updates and it is a very enjoyable experience now. As a matter of fact, I've gotten a number of my friends to go back and start playing it with me again as well and we all unanimously agree that it is definitely a fun game to play now with a lot of rewarding aspects to it. Thoroughly happy that Ubisoft stuck with it and finally turned it into something closer to the potential it always had. Glad to be back playing it.
  • Guess I'll reinstall it
  • Is it getting an enhanced patch?
  • Too bad is wasn't a proper single player. Love the plot of the game, but not interested in multiplayer and/or half single player campaigns.
  • you mean I can't play alone by myself?
  • You can but like Destiny it's built from the ground up for co-op experiences. For solo adventures there are many other better games - like Horizon Zero Dawn etc
  • Division is great as a solo. I run the DZ as a solo, also the LZ. you can also do Resistance and Underground solo. Some do solo legendary
  • Wtb Xbox One X enhanced version and ill come back for all the new stuff
  • Just played the other day for the first time in months. It was myself and 3 other friends.  Game has improved alot and is worth another chance. Resistance mode is fun, dynamic spawning system makes it a little harder and more unpredictable, and I like what they have done with the loot and gear systems.
  • I've played the game since launch and always liked it.  My complaint is that even now in 1.8 I'm getting crap loot.  Doing a 3 phase Underground at level 35+ I'm still getting level 245-275 gear everytime.  Weak.
  • are those screen shots from pc or were they pre-rendered marketing?  xbox doesn't look near that good
  • Why could't we get something like this? Would you play it?
  • A great comeback imo.
  • Where the hell is the enhanced patch? Not touching it until then