Why has Spotify been delayed until now?

BusinessInsider got in touch with Spotify executive, Gerrit Meier, at the Windows Phone press event in New York today. While Spotify has been loaded on handsets at the event and we should expect to see the music streaming app on the Marketplace soon, why has it taken so long for the team to develop it? Meier told BusinessInsider that while Spotify's team might still be relatively small and resources finite, they decided to wait for the opportune moment with Microsoft to launch the app.

Microsoft has been providing support, resources and promotion, with slapping the app across all devices at the event in NYC, in Microsoft's showroom. The team waited for the service to launch in the U.S. and then Mango to take advantage of pinnable tiles (for playlists etc.) and background streaming and the launch of four new handsets in the U.S. turned out to be the time for the announcement.

We should expect to see Spotify on the Marketplace soon. Check out the hands-on coverage.

Source: BusinessInsider

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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