Here's why the Lumia 1520 is still my favorite Windows Phone

Eight months on and the Lumia 1520 is still my daily Windows Phone and that's weird

There is little doubt that I live a abnormal life when it comes to smartphones and mobile technology. At last count, I have over 50 smartphones dating back to 2006 and every Windows Phone made in the last three years. Combined with the rapid release of Lumias – with occasional releases from Samsung – and I have plenty of choices to use every day.

That is why it is surprising (to myself at least) that eight months after its release I am still using the Lumia 1520 as my daily driver. To put it another way, this is my longest streak in using a single Windows Phone since probably the original Samsung Focus. Although for regular folks, using a phone for eight months uninterrupted is the norm, for me, it is the exception. For that reason, here is why I still love the Lumia 1520.

I have touched upon some of these reasons before in my article ' Living with the biggest Windows Phone, the Lumia 1520' from last December. That article was addressing some common questions from potential buyers who were skeptical – even nervous – about the sheer size of Nokia's latest phone. This time, I explain why I still like it more than any other device out on the market.

Bigger is better

The display on the Lumia 1520 is still one of the best I have used on any device. I was reminded of this when using it at the beach the other day, as I was able to read email and choose my music under the glare of the 90-degree sun. Thanks to Nokia's sunlight readability mode, the Lumia 1520 works anywhere, anytime.

However, the Lumia 1520 does even more with the astonishing Assertive Display technology from Apical, which adjusts the colour and brightness of each pixel for more accurate results. It is awesome stuff, and I hope to see it in more Lumias in the future.

The 6-inch 1080P HD LCD display's colors are some of the best I have seen. Don't get me wrong, I like AMOLED too like on the Lumia Icon, but if I had to choose I'd go with the 1520's LCD.

Finally, there is just plain doing stuff on the phone, whether it is games, reading email or showing off photos, it is a better experience on the 1520's massive display.

20 MP Camera is enough

The Lumia 1020 may get the award for most megapixels in a camera-phone, but the Lumia 1520's shooter is good enough for the majority of photos I take. I still can shoot in RAW/DNG when I need to for high-quality photo editing, and I can re-frame with the Nokia Camera app to zoom and crop to get the perfect photo, just like the Lumia 1020.

However, here is where the Lumia 1520 is better: its Quad-core 2.2GHz processor. As a result, the Lumia 1520's camera feels zippier to launch and use.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, the majority of my photos are with the Lumia 1520. Moreover, I cannot wait to see how Lumia Cyan improves upon it with those new algorithms.

2.2GHz of speed

I already mentioned how the Snapdragon 800 Quad-core processor improves upon the PureView camera, but that speed applies to all aspects of the phone and the operating system. Whether it is gaming, editing, or opening apps it is all a faster experience. Although Windows Phone is in many ways "fast enough," the plain truth is once you use a Windows Phone with a 2.2GHz processor, you do not want to go back.

Qi Wireless charging

Wireless charging is still a big deal today as when it originally shipped with the Lumia 920. The ability to plop down your phone and pickup a quick charge is not just cool, but super useful as well.

Okay, AT&T were jerks in removing it, but at least there is technically a way to get it back. Although I would not recommend such a drastic option for a novice, if you know someone with some skills it is doable (hat tip to Lance McCarthy for helping me).

Expandable storage feels infinite

Windows Phone 8.1 lets users install apps and games to their micro SD card, assuming their Windows Phone has the option. The lack of expandable storage has been a sore spot for many on Windows Phone as many of the high-end devices do not have it. Due to its sheer size the Lumia 1520 has plenty of space for the micro SD. In fact, I showed how you could use a 128 GB card to maximize your storage. When combined with the 16 GB of internal memory, the Lumia 1520 can hold what feels like a boundless amount of music, apps, games, and videos. If you are lucky enough to have a Lumia 1520 with 32 GB of internal memory, well, even better.

Conversation starter

Okay, this may seem a little out there but I often get inquiring people asking about my Lumia 1520 in public. The first question from curious onlookers usually is "Is that a….phone?" as people react to the sheer awesomeness of the 1520. Although many folks initially think it is a Samsung, more people are aware of 'Lumia' and 'Windows Phone' today than a year ago. Regardless, it is a fun way to get a conversation going on mobile technology, something that almost everyone has an opinion on these days.

Best GPS phone ever

I noted once before that the Lumia 1520 makes an excellent GPS navigator for the car and months later, that has not changed. The six-inch display makes it feel like a built in car navigation system and if you want to sneak a peek at your notifications, well, you can do that too without squinting.

Battery Life

The Lumia 1520 packs a 3400 mAh battery, and when combined with the efficient Snapdragon 800, you get a powerful phone that also lasts all day (and then some). The ability to use a phone this size for so long just makes it that much more fun.

Room for improvement

The Lumia 1520 is to date my favorite Windows Phone, having said that there are things that do bother me. For instance, the infamous bug where the display picks up a scroll gesture as a tap, often launching an app or selecting a contact when you did not intend for that action. Another complaint is now and then I turn on the display only to have it be too dim. Quickly toggling the display on and off fixes it, as does waiting 15 seconds for the ambient light sensor to recalibrate, but it is still bothersome. My hope is the forthcoming Lumia Cyan firmware update finally straightens out those quirks, which to me seem like calibration issues, and nothing dire.

Wrapping it up

That is my story. Eight months on and I am still using the Lumia 1520 with no plans on updating anytime soon, at least not until Microsoft puts out another high-end phablet device. I do use the Lumia Icon, Lumia 925, Lumia 1020 and even Samsung ATIV SE as well, as I have a few phone lines, but the Lumia 1520 is my main phone, whereas the others are my sidekicks – phones that I really like, but can leave home if I can only take one.

I still think that for many the Lumia 920 is their defining phone for Windows Phone 8. Indeed, part of me would have liked to see that same phone but with the Lumia 930's internals (chipset, camera). However, once you commit to something like the Lumia 1520 it is hard to go back to something smaller. My only hope is that Microsoft can come out with a solid followup to this amazing phone.

Do you love your Lumia 1520 or are you still considering one? What is your iconic Windows Phone? Let us know in comments.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Too too big for my hands. Still waiting for a 920 upgrade.
  • I am also on 920, since the day it was launched, and planning to upgrade to 930. The lack of Glance screen kinda prevents me, but other than that, it is a perfect replacement. I want built-in wireless charging so I don't see any other options.
  • I also can't comprehend "upgrading" from my 32gb 920 to a 32gb 930. Give me more space or SD expansion!
  • Well, for me, 32gb is enough, probably because I don't have a lot of music and videos stored on my phone. My phone memory is filled mostly with clicked photos, videos, some ebooks and apps. So, 930 is perfect deal for me. Wish they make it available here in the US.
  • +1
  • I was excited about the 930, until I noticed that it uses an OLED screen. I love using the light background on my Lumia 920's LCD screen and doing so on the 930 would trash the battery live, as I think OLED screens require more power to display lighter backgrounds.
  • OLED FTW!!!!!!!!!
  • IF by FTW you mean winning with screen image burn in then yes.... FTW is accurate. Every OLED phone I have owned has experienced obvious screen burn in. I use text messages a lot and the message bubbles on all my phones burned into the screen to a point where even friends pointed it out when I showed them something on screen. I should not have to keep turning my phone in an vain attempt to avoid this. I am very happy with my 920 with LCD and I am praying the new hero phone coming out this fall is neither a phablet or OLED phone. If it is then it looks like I will be sticking with my 920 for yet another year.
  • Even using the white/light themes, the 930 screen is going to very efficient.  The maximum difference you will find between a light/dark theme is around 1-2% of screen power consumption. Which is something you as an end user is not ever going to notice.   The 930 screen also has advantages over the 920's LCD. Color consistency, sunlight readability, pure blacks, etc.
  • I have the Lumia Icon, I really love the thing and don't miss glance nearly as much as I used to. The only real thing I miss about it from my 822 is being able to show off. The screen is so lush and beautiful that now I just show off that and the amazing camera.
  • I did some research,and amoled uses like 50% less energy when a pixel is black..however when a pixel is white it uses up to 200% more energy! Have fun counting black pixels on the interwebz my friend! Its a drain! (plus it gets really hot, something I like about the 1520 LCD is that it stays just cool!)
  • I turned off glance on my 920. The double tap is good enough for a quick view. I also have my device that I hear it or feel the vibration. I'm waiting to purchase an unlocked 930. Hopefully, I can have someone bring me one here in Israel.
  • Yeah, but without glance, WP doesn't have a missed call notification. You'd never know you missed a call, unless you woke your phone from the screen time-out looked at it......which is pointless.    Not everyone is 17 years old and looks at their smartphone screen every ten minutes.
  • Dog, you don't need to take personal digs. It's a damn forum.
  • Ah, apologies, but it wasn't meant as angry/personal, more tongue in cheek. But that get's lost when typing.
  • I think it creates a misperception when Microsoft says the 930 is "the best of Windows". Take the 1520, for instance. When it 1st launched it was truly the flagship phone everyone was waiting for (except for the actual size): 1080p screen, latest processor, microSD, built-in wireless charging, glance screen and so on. What Microsoft/Nokia have done to the 930 is cut out some of those features like Glance and the microSD, and that's no way to upgrade a proper flagship. I know the 930 isn't the 1520's successor, nor its replacement, but it sits right at the top of the list as THE flagship phones from Nokia. So how come one has all the features a phone can have, while the other - which is supposed to be in the same level - doesn't?
    I sure Microsoft makes it right with McLaren.
  • Me too. I'm waiting for the 1020 successor. The 930 doesn't seem worthy enough to replace my 920. I'm actually thinking of getting the HTC One M8...
  • If you value a phone's camera, don't. The M8 (well, all HTC phones actually) has the worst camera on a flagship phone. It's just embarassing.
  • 3D Touch for you, homeboy❕❕❕
  • I wasn't aware the M8 had that gimmick...are you sure you're not using the M9? ;)
  • M10❕❕❕❕❕❕❕
  • Yeah the camera on my 8X seriously sucks but then I don't particularly care about taking pictures much.
  • Really? I have the 8X as well and think the camera is great. Plenty of options to optimize based on lighting conditions, etc. Got me through my photography class that was supposed to use a "real" camera ;)
  • Ehhh I'm also thinking of jumping to the M8 but the camera is not a deterrent for me. My wife and are are talking about getting a real camera to take on trips with us and for out and about because using our phones is a big battery drain. Also I'm just not that impressed with my 920's photos. I really think my wife's GS4 photos look better. The M8 is a solid phone to jump to if your are tired of waiting on a 920 replacement like I have become. I really wanted the 930 on ATT and the 1520 is not for me. We'll see. I'll probably wait until the fall though because I refuse to get ATT Next.
  • Maybe wait until the early Fall for the iPhone 6 (end of September) or the LG G3 later this Summer. I'm with you on the photos.  I'm about to get a pocketable compact Sony RX100 camera, that has NFC tap to share, which would make the Nokia cameras redundant.   At that point I'd rather have a nice Android with NFC. I've enjoyed my 1020's camera abilities, but the lack of applications, and frankly the half-assed nature of media handling (I'm looking at YOU, Xbox Music) has become really old, really quickly.
  • I have the HTC m8 and love the butter smooth software and boom sound and for my camera phone that's what my 1020 is for
  • The 1030 is my bag.... But my GF has the M8. She loves it, and is loving the infra red blaster. Screen appears huge next to my 920.
  • Waiting on a 41MP successor, thinking of getting the One with the 4MP camera. Huh?
  • I will get both, lol. I know the M8's camera is meh, but I wont take many pictures on that compared to the 1030.
  • Here's what I did, I picked up an Eye-Fi card and stuck it in my Sony NEX-F3, then paired it with the wife's HTC One M7. Best photos anywhere, and sync directly to her phone. If you get an M8, you will always have options. As for my 1520, I'm not giving it up. I'm just burned out on waiting for apps to mature. I have an LG G2 but I don't want to go between phones and their respective calling/communications platforms. So I'm selling the G2 (which is a damn nice phone actually) and getting a Galaxy tab Pro 8.4 to tether with my 1520. Problems solved. At least until december anyway.
  • I am right there with you. I really want to dig the MS eco system, but find myself reading up on the latest android phones more and more. Apps are slow to mature, but it is not being able to sync my music to the cloud (I know, the locker service is coming... At some point..) that hurts the most. That, and the fact that the Windows mobile platform is completely ignored by companies like Sonos and similar. I just feel a little bit handicapped... I like my 925 a lot, it is the platform that is lacking in areas that I find critical to me. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • The 930 is definitely a worthy successor to the 920. Everything is much better (screen, speed and camera) with the exception of the loss of glance.
  • And design. Never forget that especially with Nokia devices
  • Yeah, I love that design. Super industrial.
  • But same storage, still fat and heavier than most phones, and no microSD? No thanks.
  • All flagships are quite heavy lately - they might not be as thick, but that's another conversation. The M8 and Z2 are practically the same weigh as the 930, the S5 is light because it uses the cheapest plastic around, and the G3 sits in between (very good build quality and somewhat heavy).
  • Then you have to buy an expensive case for it becuase it's so light that it defeats the purpose. I like a phone like the 920 that's pretty tough
  • And the colors. Played with one yesterday, orange my arse. Definitely more of a fluro peach.
  • Lol I never liked the orange to begin with. That green, though...
  • No phone camera can match the quality of a Pureview, or even any Nokia Lumia with Zeiss optics. Plus the Nokia exclusives you get with a Lumia are a deal!!
  • Don't believe the haters, I have had 2 M7's, and now own the M8, and the G3, actually sold my 1520 for the M8, and it takes fine pictures. The G3 is alot better in the photo department, but no phone I have ever owned comes close to my $150 Canon Elph PowerShot point and shoot. None, and I have owned alot of phones.
  • Thanks man. :)
  • 1020 upgrade please. With dedicated processor to allow FAST photos. I would upgrade in an instant.
  • Yes, me too. I love my 1020, but give me a 5" screen and faster processing and I'd be happy as a pig in...well you know.
  • ^ This!
  • this, an 801 or 805 and a 1080p 5" screen (if possible slightly slimmer) and i would buy it in a heartbeat.   the 1020 and my nexus 5 have been the two phones i've kept the longest in the last 4 years. finally gave up my 1020 and am awaiting a proper replacement for it. the 930 is nice but basically impossible to get and by the time i can get it in the states (not on verizon) it will be old news. hopefully the november devices will live up to the rumors.
  • Agreed. I was very disappointed with the 930.
  • My mother uses her  1520 as her daily driver and her hands are TINY. Sure, one hand use is impossible, but she's happy using two hands. Don't write it off just because of size :) That said, I can completely understand if you want to wait for McLaren. That's what I'm doing!
  • These guys are ackin like some bia, bia, biaches❕❕❕
  • Of course you should write it off on size. It's a phablet, not a phone.
  • So? It still kicks ass on any phone on the market.
  • I'm 6"5 and it's still too big for my rather large hands.
  • Same here! I'm 6'5'' and thought "This'll be perfect for my big hands!" Nope. I have gone into the AT&T store about four different times, thinking the result *might* be different, but each time, I have to leave disappointed, knowing that the phone is just too big. Even for me. The 930 is one of the most beautiful phones I've seen, but I'm on AT&T and I'd HATE to give up the glance screen that I love so much on my 920!
  • That's your problem. You only handled it for what, 10-15-20 minutes at the store?
    I actually thought about selling mine during the first 2-3 days I had it. Now no way I ever go to anything smaller. EVERYTHING looks so much better on the big screen. And not necessarily bigger, but you just see more.
  • My hands are quite small and I still would not trade my 1520 for anything. I slide the phone up and down if I absolutely have to use it one handed. I love this phone to bits
  • This phone is not big in two weeks it has started looking small frankly speaking, I'm used typing with one hand the only letter I cannot hit with one hand is letter Q and the first suggested word ...
  • Yeah, that's what people don't understand, you can't just look at it in a store (no matter how many times) and think... Ugh, this is just too big... You have to actually live with and use the phone to get used to it and appreciate it... Most phone stores, including AT&T, have a 14 day return policy...I guarantee that if you use it for two weeks, you won't be able to return it... Because, you will not only love it, but also any other phone in the store would be too small...I rarely use my phone with one hand, but for gaming and movies this isn't a problem, nor for typing an email or reading... All things that are better in landscape anyways... As for calling, I rarely put it to my head...I either use speaker or Bluetooth/headphones... But I did the same with my 920... So nothing has changed for me... Except that everything is just better when it is bigger... Games, movies, reading, typing... All are more enjoyable!
  • Well said. +1520
  • THIS^^ Best Windows Phone ever.  So easy to get comfortable with the size.  To me, the camera is amazing on this phone, although I never used the 1020.  I can't wait til everytime a new app comes out it will say: for iphone, android, and Windows Phone.  
  • Check. Check. Check!!! Everything else feels and looks small once you own a 1520.
  • I also have the 920, and it looks like I will have to keep it for another 6 months, since there is nothing worth upgrading to on ATT, 1520 is just too big and 1020 is not an enough of an upgrade at this point. I'm not sure what's stopping MS/Nokia from releasing 930/1030 on ATT.
  • The 1520 is NOT too big... Everything else is just too small
  • And I got chided for complaining that the Icon doesn't have expandable storage mostly by 1520 users here. Yet it's cited as one of their favorite features (besides the size).
  • i love my 1520. even have a three piece case on it. yes it is big, but so am i at 6'4" and a ring size of 12. i have other wp phones, 710,810,630 ,520 and htc 8x. they all now seem so tiny. the 1520 fits into my hirt pocket or pants pocket even with the case,
  • Glad u forgot the 's' and not the 'r' ;)
  • I'm a typical Filipino at 5'5" but I've been using my YELLOW 1520 for 6 months now.
    everything else becomes small once you own a 1520.
  • But does it fit in your pocket? Or do you carry around a wheeled computer case for your phone?
  • Mine fits just fine 5'9 160 and i wear slim fit jeans not skinny and have no problems I have plantronic gobeats headphones so I don't place it too my face which I the only time it feels big, extra space is great, only thing it need is qi I got the 32gb
  • Good to know it fits. You'd think Daniel would of let us know how he carries it unless I missed it. I doubt he's a girl so I don't think he puts it in his purse. Maybe he has one of those European Shoulder bags?
  • It will fit in most pants no problem. Especially if you're a professional who mostly wears suits, tailored slacks, or khakis. When I get home, I usually changing into cargo shorts, again - no problems. I think pocketability is only an issue for men if you're wearing some kind of pants you really shouldn't be - like some painted on Richard Simmons model gym shorts.
  • Good to know. I'll have to try it next time I stop by the Microsoft kiosk.
  • Lol
  • Yeah...i need a real 920 replacement and a real windows 8 upgrade. These new phnes are realm nice, but not enough for me to upgrade... Now like Daniel said, his situation is different. I understand. Me being a little more than a consumer can't justify a new device and I have tried... There are just other places to spend my money and gain fun or efficiency in much higher yields. Looking toward the future for WP.
  • Yes, for me also too big. I'm really happy with my 925
  • size is fine. i wish microsoft/nokia would change to rounded corner in their future products - that sharp corners of lumia have worn the pocket of my 3 favorite jeans.
  • I only have a 1520 and it sucks because it keeps locking up on me. I have to force restart at least 3 times per day. SMH
  • Did you have install the 8.1 update ?? Because it was the same problem for me until i have made a hard reset !!
  • Yes I have the latest 8.1 update installed.
  • Backup your thing and try a hard reset, or wait for the official release of 8.1 with cyan !!! The hard reset resolve my problem...
  • I did do a hard reset and it was perfect for 3 weeks then started acting up again. Hopefully Cyan fixes it.
  • Yeah I think when you make a comment as you did there "a 1520 sucks because" the real cuplrit is you decided to go with the beta platform, not the device iteself. Lesson learned but next time put it in your original post. "I opted to put the pre-release software and since it's not done yet I have to deal with reboots". Lest your statement be misinterpreted as "1520 sucks".
  • Ditto, it was confusing to see such negative review only to find out it's due to wp8.1 preview
  • Do you happen to have Cortana pinned to your Start screen? If so, unpin it and that problem should disappear. I was having that exact same issue with mine until I did that.
  • Same here, yeah. Great advice. If only I knew it before I made a hard reset a few times, and all I had to do was unpin Cortana from Start screen :/
  • Well i have try to unpin cortana before doing a hard reset but it did not work for me !!!
  • Someone here gave me a lot of sh*t last time coz I didn't upgrade to 8.1. Thanks, for the info, then I'll wait for the official update.
  • Just like mine. Hard reset solve this problem.
  • Thought it's just me, glad to have a hope that it's a software issue at least I don't have to bring mine to a technician yet. I thought it's a hardware issue since I only expereienced the same problem a month after I opted for wp8.1 A hard reset worked but after updating, everything's back to hanging again.
  • You need to factory reset. I had issues with mine after upgrading but a reset fixed issues.
  • Yeah I think that's a thing with the 8.1 dev preview, my 920 locks up at least once per day. I figure this is the kind of thing that they are fixing for the official release.
  • My 920 has had problems since the dev preview. The worst was last Saturday. The screen was doing crazy stuff. Had to reset it. Gonna do a full factory reset when the official update is released. Been quite glitchy since that last update. The initial dev preview was perfect, the updates have made it worse. And it heats up much quicker, and very often.
  • +920
  • Well, at least we hope they do. But given Microsoft's tendecy to ship first, try to fix later...... I mean, 8.1 is already shipping on the 630 and 635, so the 'Beta' tag is no longer relevant, unless one implies that they're shipping devices with Beta firmware.
  • But they have Cyan.... thats the difference.
  • Exactly right. New devices with official 8.1 also have official cyan firmware which all of us running dev preview still lack. Once we get all that made official were should be good to go. So I wouldn't worry too much about it, Johnny Tremaine.
  • I had the same issue with my 1520 and I got so fed up that I did a hard reset and I'm glad I did, the phone reset it to the 8.1 update, also gave me the choice to reinstall all my apps that I had before, now the phone is smooth with no issues at all, just make sure you back up your photos and other files to the OneDrive cloud app so you don't lose anything important.
  • Yeah I have had no issues wht so ever since I upgraded to 8.1 my 1520. Once in a while the screen would do something weird for a couple seconds then it's fixed. Let me knock on Wood. Lol Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I had to do a factory reset on my 1520 after updating to 8.1 and reinstall all the apps one at a time instead of going from a backup. Since then my 1520, had worked perfectly.
  • This was happening to me and I did a little searching around. There is a thread in the forums where someone suggested unpinning Cortana from the start screen. I tried it and for whatever reason it worked. I liked having cortana as a tile, but I like not having to restart my phone several times a day more.
  • Thanks for the tip! I will try it.
  • I had the same issue unpinned Cortana and it hasn't happened since. I do miss seeing her on my start screen though
  • I agree. I miss the live tile, but it is still easy enough to long press the search button for her to start listening.
  • Are you using a Sandisk sd card? My wife had one and had the same problem as apparently a lot of people do. I switched her to a Samsung Pro card and problem solved.
  • I hope Verizon gets a variant of this.. Currently using the 928, but would like a 6 inch screen like this!
  • I cracked my 928s screen and my brother let me use his 1520 for a week while I decided what to do. I got the Icon and to this day 3months later it still feels small. If ATT worked at my home and office I would have moved to ATT. Here's to hopping Verizon gets something bigger than the Icon.
  • True as the 20mp is enough. If you want higher res, then move to a descent or advance camera gear.
  • People still misinterpreting what the 1020's camera is about. The 41MP isn't about hi res but about the ability to zoom and re-frame pictures without losing quality. It combines the data from the pixels to keep the image quality good. Since smartphones don't have zoom lenses, this is the best alternative.
  • The 1020 is better not just because of megapixels. It has a larger sensor which lets in more light at f2.2, resulting in more dynamic range and better bokeh. Also most dslrs and good cameras don't have 41 MP. They also don't fit in your pocket and make calls or run apps.
  • Yeah it might be handy, small and can work with other like apps but when it comes to serious photos, you or I wont rely on 1020, as dslr/dslt has a functions that phone cameras doesnt have. Not saying that 1520/1020 cameras are bad. They are really good, their functions is enough for everyday photos.
  • @Jaywin Up to this day, I am still waiting for the next upgrade to 1020.  I am holding on to my 920 til my contract expires.  I am hoping there's an upgrade similar to 1020 when the time come.  I couldn't agree more about 1020 being the best one.
  • I love the camera on my 1520. I find the OIS better and the audio quality on the videos is far superior. The colours are also more natural, as Nokia acknowledged people prefered the more natural tones of the 808.
  • I guess size does matter 
  • I agree love mine too
  • Best device i´ve ever had
  • Me to best phone I've ever laid hands on. That said really wish they would fix the tap vs scroll issue. That's so annoying when you lr trying to do a scroll and it gets a tap.
  • Is that device-specific? It doesn't happen on my 8X so I'm wondering if I've been lucky or if it's just something that the 1520 does.
  • you're gonna love it even more once you get the cyan update on it! :)
  • Wht all does the cyan update do? Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I love the 1520 best phone I've ever had comin from a htc one m8 I can never go back to a device that size
  • Dan im astonished sometimes how in sync I am with your opinions. I could have wrote this article word per word O_O
  • OK JF, Vigor  I'm in line after you. My comment is further down ,but great minds think alike!! I agree Ver batum!!!!  (  Please forgive me if that is spelled wrong, I'm using my Laptop ha ha ha )
  • Verbatim. Glad I could help.
  • Great article!  As another 1520 owner since December (left iOS), I concur.  Great device!  Great camera!  Great phone too!    A real workhorse.  So glad I was open minded to a new OS. It is true that you get an unusual number of comments when using it in public areas.  Most either know what it is or WANT to know what it is.  The Samsung crowd is blown away by the photos.  The Apple group has admitted to me that they are having serious phone envy and now say it doesn't seem so big anymore (they have 5S's w/ Mophie battery cases on them).    Too funny! Either way it is a keeper.  Would buy another one without question.  Carry on!
  • Yeah I just took a MacBook pro in for a diagnostics. Needless to say the apple staff was all a buzz when I whipped it out. Most everyone really liked it, the only complaint I heard was form factor.
  • I have 1320 and it's going to be my daily driver for a long time!
  • If I couldn't get the 1520, I was definitely going to get the 1320. How is it?
  • Apart from camera(5 mpx), cpu(dual core) and RAM(1gb) almost everything's pretty much same. The screen is 720p but I find it amazing on 6"! The updates to DP has worsened the battery life basically :/ But I just looooove it!! :)
  • I found disabling background tasks of apps in Battery Saver extremely helpful in increasing battery life. IF you haven't done it, do it and you'll definitely see an improvement.
  • I've disabled most of the apps save a few which are necessary for me. But I'm believing that it's the lack of firmware due to which the battery has become a mess. Now, if only they release Cyan for DP too, otherwise have to roll back to 8.0 which will erase my apps and games. Downloading and installing all again is a pain really.
  • 1320 is ace for its price. Cant imagine how anyone could not buy a device this pleasant for this low-mid range price bracket. Camera is better than M8 when you use Nokia camera app as a default. Nothing to complain at all! This is coming from a phablet hater.
  • +925
  • I love my 1520 ;)
  • Was gonna get the McLaren because its the next new thing. But I really didn't want to leave 6 inches. So glad there's rumors of a 1525. Where there's smoke, there's often fire
  • Not rumors I myself have seen it in the flesh with a pic to boot. 1440x2xxx screen, 801, 32gb, SDcard, expandable storage.
  • Ok show me a pic then please? Link?
  • And where's the picture.
  • Link please Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • This guy is trying to be the next evleaks, sans the evidence -_-
  • I think the 1520 is absolutely great!! but am I the only one who notices a HUGE difference with the camera, after having used the 1020 previously?? I am back on my 1020 lately
  • Your are trying to compare a 20mp on 1520 to the massive 40mp of the 1020. Big difference 1020 hands down.
  • There is definitely a difference in the quality of the pictures. The 1520 takes softer pictures and it needs some work when it comes to recording video at night. My 1020 is the goto device if pics and video are my main objective. But my 1520.3 is my daily driver and I don't know if I can go smaller. This thing is just awesome. The firmware and beta camera update should work out the kinks of the 1520. Its a great device.
  • I also think that the dev preview has a lot of noise in the beta camera app. My photos looked way better before I jumped into the beta, and they looked far nicer on my 925/920 at times as well. Just noise is all, but still.
  • Is that still true even with the update today? I always assumed the beta was better so it's been my default camera app from the start. Maybe I should go back to the regular Nokia camera?
  • Yes!
  • My 1520 is the greatest phone ever.
  • Agreed, I love mine
  • +1520
  • 100% agree :)
  • I love it, still have my 920 for nights out etc though! Got rid of my iPad thanks to this phone, just hoping for more optimisation with regards to text size and screen optimisation in cyan update and it would be perfect
  • It is awesome can't wait for cyan having issues with bad camera jitter no matter how steady my hand is on dev preview so hopefully official update fixes it other than that it us a sweet phone
  • Is Lumia 1525 follow up?
  • Dan.. Is it your favourite phone or favourite windows phone?!
  • Aren't they one in the same? ;)
  • +8X
  • maybe favorite Nokia phone
  • Love my 1520 too. And you daniel sums it up real nicely there. But for me this beauty is not for someone shy as it attracts a lot of attention out in public.
  • Definitely a conversation starter. Sparks one every few days for me. Especially in a dark bar
  • All microsoft/nokia apps should feature a extra extra small text size just for this phone.
  • Wasn't there supposed to be a green and/or orange version of this coming out?
  • Yes there is. It will be flagship of WP in summer of 2015. Green 1520, no glance. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • We have an optimist here
  • I couldn't agree more! My 1520 has been the best Windows Phone I've had.
  • Also how about a high density mode for the start screen, even more tiles haha
  • It's to big. Plain and simple.
  • You've got all these brave 1520 owners around you saying you get accustomed to it. And you just sit here. Stubborn
  • That's what she said.
  • I can use 1020 with one hand now. I like the 1520 but can't see how I would manage with it as a daily driver. Picking it up. Throwing it down. In and out of pocket
  • I'm still on the 920 and was commenting to myself the other day that I really have no desire to upgrade.  The phone has been great, the size is great and the Qi wireless charging is great (I have like 4 pads).  Some new phone is going to have to be really compelling to want to upgrade.....  (and I'm pissed about the Qi-AT&T thing--STILL) -m
  • Yep. I couldn't agree more. It's not possible to get a flagship the size of the 920 anymore, which is quite sad. And with at&t giving in to the Duracell money, I'm not even sure I could spend good money on another flagship phone with one of the best unique features deliberately removed.
  • The size of the L930 isn't drastic though. Yes, the screen is bigger but the physical dimensions of the device are almost exactly the same.
  • I have a 1520 from at&t and mine came with wireless charging - I can tell because there's three circles on the back for it (lower half). I'm confused, if at&t removed the wireless charging, why does my phone have it?
  • That's for PMA wireless charging
  • I believe you need an additional case for it to work. Because att were crap heads and removed it from internal to make more money in us and the fact that they joined the PMA camp. :(
  • That isn't what those dots are. They are contact points for the PMA charging cover that AT&T offers.
  • My daily driver is my HTC8X
  • +8X
  • +8X Gonna keep mine til a) It dies in like a billion years or b) I can't resist the latest and greatest anymore. Option b) might happen when the McLaren comes out...
  • I have a 925 (which I absolutely love) but I think the 930 would be my favorite to date
  • I'm really tempted but seeing it in carphonewarehouse the size is the only thing that puts me off. I think I'll try the 930 first as 5" would probably be the right size. I'd like to try the 1520 out for size though as I'm in sales and can see the benefit of a larger screen...
  • Yeah, that's what people don't understand, you can't just look at it in a store (no matter how many times) and think... Ugh, this is just too big... You have to actually live with and use the phone to get used to it and appreciate it... Most phone stores, including AT&T, have a 14 day return policy...I guarantee that if you use it for two weeks, you won't be able to return it... Because, you will not only love it, but also any other phone in the store would be too small...I rarely use my phone with one hand, but for gaming and movies this isn't a problem, nor for typing an email or reading... All things that are better in landscape anyways... As for calling, I rarely put it to my head...I either use speaker or Bluetooth/headphones... But I did the same with my 920... So nothing has changed for me... Except that everything is just better when it is bigger... Games, movies, reading, typing... All are more enjoyable!
  • +1520
  • There haven't been many new flagship WPs in awhile, and the 930/Icon doesn't really count. It makes me sad. :'(
  • Purely down to the Nokia aquisition and integration, it will come soon :)
  • " will come soon" That's the Windows Phone motto and rallying cry.
  • Love my 1520. Favorite phone ever.
  • I couldnt agree more have /920 /1020/1520. after using 1520 other phones feel small.
  • I'm sorry about this off topic but, does anybody know if there is an official ROM for Lumia 520 from Finland?, thanks.
  • Forums, homie.
  • I'm afraid I already did that •_•
  • It has 3400 mAh battery and it lasts all day?! It should work at least 3 days.. My 8s lasts 2 days with 1700 mAh battery..
  • I am with you. The 920 is a beast, but I am ready for an upgrade. I'll probably get McLaren when it's released.
  • This has to power a six inch 1080P display and a 2.2GHz processor. Not really the same thing.
  • I know its not the same thing. But if its such more powerful phone it should have battery in range of tough phones, around 7000 mAh.
  • Factor in the amount of time he invests in his phone... The amount of connections and notifications it pulls up..
  • Exactly. Phones are his job. I'm sure that I would burn through my 8X's 1800mAh battery in a day if I used it like Daniel, but I don't so it lasts me anywhere from one to three, depending on how much I watch videos, play games, etc.
  • How would you fit that battery in the Phone. It would be 1,2 cm thick and it would weigh 240 grams...
  • Yeah, I agree with every word in the article, Daniel. Im in love with my 1520, and 930 isnt just so good to replace it(no Glance or Sd). Will wait for a better folowup for my1520.. Until that I'm more than satisfied with it, as long as they fix small bugs it has got.   P.S. What are those wallpapers you have on the pictures of it? Could you please share them with me? Thanks in advance :)
  • As a regular user, it BARELY lasts all day.  Some days as an avid user it won't last the whole day.  But this is same problem I had with my previous 920, battery power sucks on current Nokias it seems.  I'm using an iPhone3GS temporarily while my 1520 is at repair center fixing smashed front glass and even though this phone sucks horribly, the battery lasts 3-4 times longer than my 1520 and I'm sure it's a lot smaller..
  • I use a 1520 and a Note 3. Under use the Lumia lasts much more. Without the glance and running normally it can run without charge two whole days...
  • Its def my fave it kicks arse !
  • After reading the article, I'm salivating like Pablo's dog for the 1520, however the best we can get here in the True North is L1020. Which is basically a L920 with a super camera, hence why I'm still using the 920 after eighteen months. And, I have to say this thing is a beast.
  • I'm in Canada as well, just got a 1520 from B&H photo in New York. Absolutely love this phone a and am glad I bought it outright since no Canadian carriers have anything that comes close.
  • Good advice, I just may consider that route. Also, I don't know about you, but I find it frustrating that we are not getting the best variety of WP devices.
  • Absolutely.  It is frustrating.  I have started buying unlocked phones from elsewhere to get the phone I want since the only highend phone you can get at any Canadian carrier now is the Lumia 1020.  Nice phone but if that isnt what you want, you're out of luck.  I don't really see any reason for the lack of support except the fact that Canadian carriers seem very lazy.
  • I love love love my 1520. Have been using it for 7 months now and only a couple of things bother me. The camera doesn't seem to be quite as good as the 925 (underrated phone) or 1020 (for obvious reasons) in low light and close up. Also the size is a pain sometimes for purely practical reasons, some pockets just don't accommodate it very safely. Other than that though it's a freaking amazing phone and a guaranteed conversation starter.
  • Good points my friend. I agree it is amazing. For me to change , Microsoft is gonna have to work hard   ..... Lol
  • Love the 1520! Great phablet!
  • No! its a phone! Stop making up silly words :)  
  • I love my 920, but I'm ready for an upgrade. Maybe McLaren :)
  • Got the 1520 when my GS3 crashed and i haven't looked back, yes its a conversation starter at restaurants and coffee shops & it fits perfectly in my rather large hands..
  • Love my 1520. I still get teased about the size, but I can't go back...I won't! There are occasions I wish for a smaller phone, but not often. I still suffer from the volume bug, where it fluctuates. But that's my only real niggle. I'm now interested in the 1525 in the amazing green and the 801 proc.
  • Best phone I've ever owned.
  • 1520 is one of the best out there. Agreed with the problems stated in article with the scroll prob and dimmer switch. But besides that the screen crisp clear and ALWAYS readable. Battery became one of my main issues with 920, still a great phone, but never worry with 1520. Wireless charging not a big deal to me, just DO NOT use coiled chargers due to the pressure they put on port. Can't wait for cyan to come and see how much greater the phone will be. Quad core processors!!!
    I have big hands and did want a windows tablet so this was a logical step. Even with case still fits in hand and pockets. Just remember a screen protector, I used a tempered glass model off eBay and so far have been very happy.
  • Had mine 4 weeks and its awesome without question.
  • I totally agree with everything you said Daniel! I was skeptical at first, but now I'm a believer. Nothing can beat all the perks of the 1520...especially the 1520.3 version with built in Qi charging and 32 GB storage. I do have the same two "bugs" you speak of and if Microsoft could fix those in Cyan then this truly is the perfect phone for me.
  • 1525 please. C'mon T -mobile
  • This phone had changed my mobile life...
  • Wow i was shocked when i saw the titel because it was so big.
  • +1520 Daniel. Hard to believe what I would have been missing if a 920 quad-core upgrade had shown up on ATT first. Can you point me to details on the Qi "hack?" I remember seeing a teaser a while back, but missed any further details.
  • Qi hack is linked in the article but here it is again.
  • Daniel. After the update hits, please make a camera comparison between cyan and pre cyan firmware.
  • Cool story bro. Hahaha, jk
  • I'm with you Daniel. The best decision I made was to buy the Lumia 1520.3 off-contract from in April.
    It's my all-time favorite Phone. The screen is gorgeous and when my friends see the screen and that it runs Office they drool.
    Because of my 1520 I've gotten 1 Co-worker to ditch her Android Phone for the Luma 925 (she said my phone was too BIG) but fell in love with the screen and the double tap to wake plus the glance screen.
    The biggest advantage of the 1520 is the battery last allllll day, 7AM-5PM while at work son. Plus the 6in screen allows me to play a few games I normally wouldn't.
    So yeah, I love my 1520.3.
  • Well only had the 822 and I'm using the Icon and they are both great phones
  • Should I get this phone or wait for the successor? Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I have same bugs as you have with screen!
  • Me too they are aggrevating, especially the dim issue.
  • Those of you on Verizon, should I upgrade my 822 to the icon using the early edge upgrade, or wait until my contract expires in December?
  • I'd wait. Gotta be something new for the holidays. Maybe McLaren.
  • I'd love a 1520, but still waiting to see what McLaren brings to the table.
  • Icon is my fave
  • I've always wondered about this: Does the 930 also sport the Assertive Display Technology, too??
  • I don't believe so, but I will look into it. Might be an LCD thing.
  • Found any news yet, Daniel? :)
  • No mechanical shutter is the deal breaker for me, I made that mistake going from the N8 to the 920 :(
  • My 1020 has a mechanical shutter... You should try one!
  • I have the 1020 too, got it because the 920s camera was a big disappointment, but I mean for the 1520 :) 20mp is enough for me tough :-o
  • APLAUSE !!!! I too share your history of having every windows phone Tilt I & II , Fuze , Titan , Focus  Etc.. I even have a Galaxy Note . The 1520 is one of the best phones ever made ( so far) Its even better that I have a stylus I use with it.I simply can't put it down. Perhaps its not for everyone,but we are all diffrent and should have choices. The 1520 NOkia is the phone for me
  • I got a 1520 2 weeks ago as I got fed up of waiting for 930 & it was half the price.
    After initial size adjustment I love it. I loved my 920 but this is another level.
  • Its extra large for palm.
  • I have a 1520 from at&t and mine came with wireless charging - I can tell because there's three circles on the back for it (lower half). I'm confused, if at&t removed the wireless charging, why does my phone have it?
  • Those circles are for a charging cover, and I believe they are with the PMA standard, not QI. The international 1520 didn't require a cover.
  • I agree 100% with this article. I obviously haven't utilised as many devices as yourself buy this is easily the best phone I have ever owned. The issues listed can be very annoying (the dimming I can live with but by god the random tapping can frustrate the hell out of me) but the good infinitely outweighs the bad.
  • I had a 920, then I upgraded to tha 1520 n I'm Lovin' it like Mickie D's lol
  • 8 months later, and I still drool over it too
  • Nah i prefer my 1020, sure the screen on the 1520 is great and i thought about upgrading to the Lumia 930 but i just can't. A few times i have been asked about my phone in various stores or by my friends and 3 thing's i point out ;- 1) it's not locked in like the iPhone. 2)It's not susceptible to malware like Android. 3)The app gap is closing (not many people are aware of the gap).
  • Same here... I just can't give up my 1020 yet. I've thought about the 1520, but I think I'll wait till this fall when the new phones start coming out. Maybe the 1525 or McLaren? I'd really like to see a true 808/1020 successor with even better Pureview camera tech!
  • The 1520 is my all-time favorite phone. :-)
  • 920 my favourite phone from the long time. Maybe look old today but still don't any problem with installed software. Next one should be with the Qualcomm 808.
  • Hate to ask this.. But do you have a link to your start screen background?
  • Search the site for 'my wallpaper' or something as I posted it before in an article
  • Will do, thanks!
  • You find the wallpaper? Please, share!!! ;D
  • Best windows phone out at the moment. It would be my choice come upgrade time but alas no carrier has it available and I don't buy outright.
  • You should really consider buying outright...I used to be you, but after being frustrated at not being able to get the phone that I want because of carrier exclusivity...I started buying my phones outright and switched to a prepaid mvno carrier... Yes my AT&T 1520 was $573 last November... And I pay StraightTalk $543 dollars upfront for unlimited prepaid service for one year (yes you can pay yearly)... I've calculated that I save $1400 over the price of a phone with a two year contract... Even if I upgrade every November (which I do), I'm still saving $800-$900 without the hassle of waiting out a contract to upgrade, or ETF's to switch and general freedom from carriers... and I still get the same service, as StraightTalk uses AT&T towers, so no coverage problems, at least no different than an AT&T subscriber... Yes, no insurance...but I use cases, and if I do happen to break a phone, I've already saved money by not going with a carrier, so I can buy another one if needed... But I rarely need to exercise that option... I've only broken one phone, a 920 (I dropped it off a 40ft scaffold without the case) so I bought another one... But I never broke my blackberry, hd7, or titan since I started to buy outright... Nor has my wife, who I've bought a radar and 925
  • I have the 1020 and 1520 and I love using the 1520 as my daily. It's easier to hold than my Note 3.
  • Love the 1520, quite worried though about the very low US WP adoption rate. Back to the 1520. I'm running 8.1 and love it, but do wish it was a bit faster. It's fast, but still I get lags I'm hoping Cyan fixes those as well. Still love this phone, but really, do we have to wait till November for a new WP flagship in the US... Yikes.
  • Yeah, agree about the lags. Hope 8.1 with Cyan fixes that too.
  • Who cares???? Why do you report on yourself??? Just cause there's no news doesn't mean you talk about yourself.
  • Actually, that's what it does mean. Remember, I run the site, you don't. So tough noogies :)
  • Ha ha... Nice one Daniel. Stick it to the haters.... Brilliant!!!
  • Then shut up and don't read it. This article is helpful. I can't think of anyone who is more qualified to say what the best Windows Phone is.
  • Daniel helped us a lot, so give a respect please, thanks
  • As cool as the 1520 is, the size breaks the deal IMMEDIATELY to me. The 930 with 5" is already at my limit.   That said, the best Nokia Lumia to me is, yes, the 920. Albeit the lack of a microSD card, I think it's still the best designed, more complete Lumia device. And yes, I too wish I could pick the 930 internals and jam them on the 920. Actually...I guess that *could* be done...but I'm not brave nor mad enough to try it. I can tell you I'm still try to convince myself to leave the 920 behind and move my stuff to the 930.
  • Love my 1520! I do hope for a strong followup, it's the only phone Microsoft has to compete with the Galaxy phones
  • The 1520 is hands down the best phone i ever had. I just love it. After my wife of course.
  • I have the 1520 and I just love it!!!
  • Please help me. I have nokia lumia 1520 , and my phone is Always too hot when a unlock the screen , about 30 seconds start screen isn't showing . Please help me ....
  • Contact Nokia care
  • Battery life is my favorite feature of 1520. That's why I changed my Lumia 920 for 1520 instead of waiting for Lumia 930.
  • This article is almost exactly like a more detailed version of what I say when I tell someone how awesome my 1520 is - especially when someone says they thought it was a tablet.
  • Don't think I can get into using a phone that large. My 925 feels great (would feel better with full HD) and I'm willing to go as big as 5" (Icon and HTC One are just right). Otherwise, I just feel ridiculous. It's like phones started off large, got smaller and more anorexic, then started blowing up again. Now we have tablet/face sized phones.
  • I love my 1520 im just not savvy enough to do the qi upgrade. I would love to have it but i know id fry my phone if i tried. I miss qi haha my 920 spoiled me with it. hell if i found someone in SC who could garentee that they could do it id pay them to do :)
  • The qi hack is not too hard at all. I did it on my 720. Just need the wireless charging case. Take it apart, and put the coil under the phone back, and make the pins connect. Hard to break anything. :)
  • the how to vid makes it seem alot more likely to mess something up and seeing how ive sold all my older spare phones i kinda dont wanna mess up this one haha
  • I have a 1520. While I like it, it is just to big and I'm a 6'1" guy with large hands. I bought a Lumia 925 to replace my 1520 until a phone like the 930 comes to T-Mobile. The 5" phone is perfect for me.
  • Debating on moving on back to iPhone or waiting for the next phablet.  The mclaren sounds good, but i hope it doesnt come with the 1020 hump as reported.  its a bit annoying to me. 
  • Lumia 820 is my most favorite Windows Phone yet.
    Using it since 1.5 years. I usually switch to a new phone every 6 months, but this this the first time I have been using the same phone for so long. Thinking of buying a Lumia 930 this month when it is available here in Kuwait.
  • I love my Icon... I wish I had a 1520.
  • I love my 1520. The size initially threw me off, but I quickly got used to it. I routinely get reactions and people asking what kind of phone it is. Just yesterday my mechanic asked about it. Best phone ive ever had.
  • +1520. Favorite phone & gadget.
  • Man I wish I could afford an unlocked 1520. :(
  • Agree with Daniel....use my 1520 every day and it is awesome
  • Best phone...period!
  • Really is a conversation stayed y. When I was using the 920 I was the Windows Phone guy in the room. With the 1520 Android users want to come and see my phone and look at it in action........ almost like they're little cogs in their head are considering the #switch
  • This is off topic, but I posted a comment through the app and it edited a comment I already made. I didn't notice until I got a reply to it and now there's duplicates. :(
  • 1520 is def my fave of the WP bunch.. didn't think i would like using a 6 inch phone as much as i do.. i challenge anyone to use it for 2 weeks. you'll never go back.
  • Great write up, I agree, I was skeptical on getting the 1520 because of it's size, but anytime I use anything smaller I find it too small, especially the iphone. Two issues I have are : The screen colors when you turn on the display are cartoony looking sometimes, I don't know the word to describe them. This happens sometimes, it is kinda rare but it does happen. When unlocking the phone, the phone unlocks which what seems to be the last used app even though it was locked on the start screen, again this doesn't happen all the time but enough to annoy me. And one more thing, the start screens gets a loading or resuming message sometimes which is terrible as it takes quiet a bit of time to reload the start screen.  
  • I too have every one of those issues, on my 1520 but only started after installing 8.1, hopefully its a firmware issue that will be resolved with cyan.
  • I'm waiting for a high end phablet from Microsoft, upgrading the 1020.
  • Too big for my pocket.  I don't want to have to carry a man bag to carry it. The camera is good but it cannot shoot rapid fire which is my favorite way to capture the best candid photos.   SD card is nice but I had to return mine in less than a month due to lack of Apps. Its really frustrating when all of your friends use a new app to meet up etc and you cannot use it.
  • What are you talking about !! I also use a HTC One M8 (and Google Play Store now officially has the highest no. of mobile apps across all platforms) and still, I no longer feel WP Marketplace is inadequate (except of course for Google specific apps).
  • Text
  • I think that the best Windows Phone for the U.S. right know is the 1520.3 variant or RM-938. It comes with QI wireless charging, data sense and 32GB.
  • This is why I hope the Lumia 1525 is not just a rumor.
    I feel I would no longer need a tablet and save money by only have two devices, a Surface Pro 3 and my 6" phone.
    Yes, I know a Surface Pro 3 is kind of a tablet.
  • The SP3 is kind of a tablet just like the L1520 is kind of a phone ;D
  • HA!  Amen! That should be perfect then!  I'll have one kinda PC/kinda tablet and one kinda tablet/kinda phone!  :-D
  • My next phone will be a waterproof one, ideally an upgrade to my 820, but may have to make the switch to android
  • My 1520 gets a lot of love. :) Samsung should take a lesson or two from MS/Nokia on build quality.
  • Love mine too. Looking forward to having 8.1 too
  • Love my 1520, I am also experiencing the issues you described. If it wasn't for them than it would be a perfect phone. Everything else is perfect for me.
  • Best phone I have purchased to date.Turned on my 920 after four months and used it for one day then went back to the 1520 the next day.Forgot how bad the battery life is on the 920 compared to 1520.
  • I have a 1320 which is still awesome. I did have a 1520 bit the seller sent me a Hong Kong variant I was not happy. It is an awesome device indeed though and it's camera in the 5mp mode takes awesome photos
  • Exactly the way I feel Daniel. Good article...
  • 1520 is too big for me. Phablets are so big it looks comical when people use them as phones. Plus it wouldn't fit in my pockets. But I admit the extra screen real estate would be nice.
  • I'm still considering getting a Lumia 1520 soon. But Im loving my Lumia 920 though.
  • Great phone with touch screen problems that just doesn't seem to get fixed.
  • I was a little nervous about going to the 1520 from the 1020, but a combination of the hardware, the feel, and your first review, I decided to get it and I am so glad I did it. It took a day or 2 to get used to the size, but now I'd never go back. As for conversation starters, I think there has only been 5 days in the last 150 days in which someone didn't inquire about my phone!
  • Except for the sieze, this is how I feel about my Lumia Icon. It has its drwbacks most noatbly the loathsomely bad WiFi range, but other than that it's fantastic, with I think virtually the same specs (excrpt SD card, which I don't need with 32GB in it) as the 1520.
  • I am so tempted to buy the ATT version from Ebay and unlock it for T-Mobile as the prices continue to drop. The only thing holding me back is the recent rumors of a newer similar device headed T-Mobile's way. So I'll at least wait until September to make such a decision. I'm using an ATT Lumia 920 unlocked for T-Mobile so I would anticipate the same kind of performance(everything works except for MMS when I'm on LTE) if I decided to jump the gun. I keep telling myself: Just wait a little longer for an official announcement or invitation announcement for a new unveiling.
  • $330 unlocked on ebay for an AT&T 1520 model or $700 for a new one on T-mobile. What are you waiting for, to pay more?
  • Ok #1. I doubt it will cost that much once something does get #2. I really do miss out on official carrier support(or not having to hope I hit a 4g/Edge network area to receive and send media messages). If I had a carrier specific device I would be able to send and receive picture messages as I please and would not have this tug of war between ATT signal and T-Mobile signal(since its an ATT phone it always chooses ATT'S LTE over T-Mobile's LTE/4G). #3. Even though they have gently used in near new condition phones on eBay, I owe it to myself to wait for at least an announcement and be one of the smiling customers with a shiny new phone. But like I said, I know in the long run I will be paying a little more over time at a cheap price for a new phone as opposed to the small sacrifice of not being able to send MMS all the time. And I actually have the money to get the 1520 now. This is my dilemma!!
  • We need a 1520 with the 1020's camera...
  • You can see it clearly on the tile, it's clock hub.
  • I wish it could record video at 60 and 120 frames per second :(
  • BEST. ARTICLE. EVER. Thanks Dan. 100% in agreement with everything you say.
  • My most recent phones include HD7S -> Focus S -> Lumia 920 -> iPhone 5 -> Lumia 1520 all on AT&T. I also had a Verizon iPhone 4S and Droid X in the mix, both being work phones. While I did enjoy the iPhone 5 because of it's build, materials, & app selection, I think the best all around phone out of the lot is the 1520. Its not too big at all.
  • I wish I could upgrade to the 1520 but its too big for me. I currently have the 920 since its launch but I think the icon isn't worth the upgrade.
  • Love my phone, Microsoft will have to come up with something way better for me to trade in this Porsche of a phone.
  • I agree with each and every reason provided. You did forget the abuse these things can suffer without breaking. The polycarb is astoundingly resiliant and shock-absorbant. I will say the conversation starters tend to be more depressing than not once they get past the inquiry, but it does definitely spark interest by informed passers-by.  I've had mine since they went on sale and I have to say that I've determined that I need something just a tad smaller.  I've damaged the display (imprint on LCD where the camera bump is) by accidentally sitting on the phone.  I wish/ can't wait for 930 or something in the 5" even though I recognize how tiny anything else feels after using such a large device for so long (my 920 looks like iPhone, its startling to even pick it up to power it on).
  • Just bought L1520 and I absolutely love it. I was considering L930 but it has no expandable storage, so I waited for L1520 to become cheaper and got it now.
  • As some one who uses 2 hands rather that one to navigate the size doesn't scare me quite so much. My problem is since I sliced my 3gs sim card for the 920, looping it again for nano is spooky. No carriers in Japan carry WP. At least until next year I am stuck. Supposedly Japan will make it mandatory for carriers to unlock their sims. Maybe finally I will get support.
  • Its funny how your perception of size changes over time depending on what phone you have been using and for how long. But my pocket size doesn't change much so that has become my standard by which I can do comparisons. It seems that my limit has been reached at 5 inches with my Lumia Icon. Even it seems 'too big' sometimes when I try to sit down. But it works for the most part and it fits within that sweet spot of pros and cons for me. The only two things that I miss from my previous choice (Lumia 822) are the replaceable battery and expandable memory.  Otherwise, its pretty much the perfect Windows Phone.
  • I upgraded from the 920 a few weeks back and its been the best decision ever! Everything that you said resonates with how I feel about the phone. Though apart from the screen gesture and dimness issue, the lowlight photos are a bit of a disappointment for me (especially when compared with the 920 which performed exceptional in every condition). Really hoping that the Lumia Cyan can work its magic and bring the phone near perfection. Btw - I had no idea that the phone supported 128gb sd cards! I thought the limit was 64... I am currently using an 8gb card that I had laying around but was planning to get a new one. Will go for the massive 128gb which would be just perfect with my 32gb internal storage!! ;)
  • Could not agree more. I love my 1520!
  • I don't think I can use a phone this big without it having a stylus though
  • Great article, Daniel. I have high hopes for a possible 1530 and intend to wait till it comes out. I am fantasizing of something higher than 1080p...
  • With you Daniel, and I'm also surprised. Never thought I could handle the big screen, and it is still a challenge, but the clarity is unsurpassed. For wireless charging though, I went the PMA route, adding the Duracell base to the package. Works great!
  • Who want exchange his Lumia 1520 with my 1020? Sigh, I want both
  • I agree... I love my 1520 and don't regret anything about this purchase.
  • Sammy ->NOKIA, seems NOKIA is slowly but surely becoming a dirty name/word. A better phone is coming.
  • well said. +1 for 1520!
  • Great phone, without the touch screen bug it would be the best.
  • I also changed my phones all the time. BUT once I got my 820, (not sure if you can get it easily in the states.) I haven't wanted another phone. Battery lasts at least a day and a half when I'm on it all day and to top that, an extra Nokia battery was $12.00. And having a 64gb SD card where everything can be saved (apps, music, games, etc.) still doesn't even cross my mind whether I need to delete anything.
  • Yeah I really like my 1520 I don't have any problems with it. I just want the 8.1 update for it already though
  • Once you commit to any Lumia, you just can't go back...
  • Too big for me... A 5inch McLaren with an 805, 64GB, dedicated imaging chip, 3GB ram, sd card, qi charging, in matt yellow. And a less slippery plastic. My 920 is harder to handler than a greased Scotsman.
  • Love my 1520
  • 1520 is my best phone ever! I hope they get bigger in the future!!!
  • I had a 920 I loved it but I can't go back my 1520 is a beast and people also ask me what is that all the time lol
  • Wow you have 50 phones. That is amazing. So I believe you why the 1520 is your favorite one. My favorite is the 1320
  • I got the 1520 a few weeks ago after wrestling with whether I would want something so big foot a long time. Turns out I had nothing to worry about because I love this phone and think I would have a hard time returning to something smaller.
  • I wish I could afford a 1520, that would be awesome! I'm with stupid T-Mobile so I really don't have a choice without paying an arm and a leg for it up front. I hate my 925 now, I want a 1520 so bad.
  • It is also my favorite WP to date.
  • I love my 1520, but the minute a new 5.3 to 5.5" screened Lumia with Qi charging is released for AT&T I'm getting it.
  • Well....i wish 720 had 1 gigs of ram :P
  • Daniel, I am like you in a sense. The 1520 is the phone I've used longer than any other phone. Ever. I've been changing every 6 months since the HD7. Feels weird but totally justified with the 1520.
  • What say about Nokia Lumia 520 @Daniel Rubino.
  • I'm moving my 1520 as well. Was hesitant at first cuz of the size but then it just free on me. Great camera(almost as good as my 1020) and the best battery life on any device right now. Its my favorite along with my M8! Need the snap feature with such a beautiful screen size. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I waiting for that or something close to it for t-mo
  • I want any Lumia phone with snapdragon 805 with octa core 2.5 GHz !!!!!!! , water and dust proof , excellent camera , finger print sensor , 3 GB ram , 64 storage
  • I'm with you all the way . I feel the same way.
  • I've had the 1520 since February and this review is spot on. Best phone ever. I love using the device hard all day and still being at 50% battery when I go to bed.
  • I love my 1520, hands down! I've had HTC phones and Lumia 920 and 1020, the 1520, overall, has them all beat. Resolution-excellent, speed - outstanding, functionality due to the larger display - extraordinary. I just wish they would push Windows Phone 8.1 out for all of us.
  • Waiting on the 1030
  • I could never give up my 1520! HOWEVER this tap vs. scroll issue makes me crazy at times. Otherwise I use it more than my Dell venue 8 our Surface pro.
  • Wonderful phone. A 5" version would be my perfect WP. HD screen, qi charging, glance screen, memory card...yum.
  • Icon takes the awesomeness of the 1520 and makes it portable. I'd take my phone over that huge monstrosity any day :)
  • 930 is my main phone.
  • If WP would just allow Bluetooth keyboards then a massive screen like the 1520 would be a PERFECT match! Come on! Give us Bluetooth support!
  • I wish it was 5.5 or 5 inches. It would be mine.
  • I love my 1520 and it's running 8.1 p for Devs, the problem is the phone reaches boiling point especially at the top left corner when I play my favourite game asphalt 8 ..... What's this overheating thing by the best gaming phone. I am hoping the final update will fix this
  • Heres a question; I've had a 16G SD card in my 1520 since I got it. If I want to move to a larger sd do I have to reinstall all the apps on the card?
  • What make me be aware to buy this fabulous phablet is:
    If it felt down what will happen??
  • Agree with every point... except on the size.
    Yes, this is by far the best WP device out there (even the "flagship" 930 is missing SD card support), but 6" is simply too big. There no other way of putting it. You may like it bigger, but there is a stage when a device stops bring a phone and becomes something else... For most people, 6" is that line.
  • I love my 1520, but have the same complaints of Daniel. Also there is an annoying noise when I scroll online videos, it's like a "pum!", it happens while using the built in online player when pressing the next and back buttons, and also when using myTube.
  • Can u share the wallpaper please? :)
  • I probably own more phones than you across all platforms (bragging) but there is no other flagship windows phone other than 930 released after 1520 so this not surprising. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I love my Lumia 1520. Could never go back to a smaller screen. I get more and more iPhone users wanting to see my phone. Pics are good (my wife has the 1020 now that's an awesome camera). Lumia needs to make the McLaren in a 6 inch.
  • I liked the 1020, but I felt Nokia and Microsoft should've put that camera into the 1520 body instead using the specs of the 1520. Give it 32GB internal storage and microSD expansion and people would flock to it INSTANTLY. Of course the 5"-6" screen size debate would be the biggest issue.
  • Still love my 1520. Agreed on the touch screen issues and ambient light sensor. However Daniel, another issue has cropped up concerning the touch screen: that would be the screen refusing to acknowledge what keys you've pressed on the keyboard. Sometimes, you have to tap rapidly a couple times for the screen to register the taps.
  • I hace the 925, i like the 1520 but I haven't got money xd
  • If I didn't have a DVP8 I'd get a 1520. As it stands I absolutely cannot pry myself from my 920. Size, specs, features, and design are too complete for me to consider an upgrade. It's THE Windows Phone experience in my eyes. Every bit as iconic, well designed, and useful as an iPhone 5/5S. Probably won't upgrade until my 920 until it stops getting updates.
  • This is only on AT&T, am I correct?
  • Yes.
  • I have wanted this phone since hearing rumors of it. Att is not good where I live. I need it on sprint or big V.
  • Then go with the Icon on Verizon. The specs are really the same. The difference is the screen size and no expandable storage. But 32GB isn't much to sneeze at unless you have more than 40GB of media like me.
  • I have a 1520 and like Daniel and many others here I just love my phone. But the tap that selects something when you don't want to is still annoying me
  • Yep. I had amazon replace mine and the new one is better, but still has the occasional phantom tap. Still the coolest phone I've owned.
  • Absolutely love my 1520. It just feels like the right size, and I'm with you, Daniel, it's a conversation starter!
  • Today I got my Lumia 930 ...and let me tell you ..nothing beats this brick!
  • Love my 1520. Even after dropping it many times and having a cracked screen, still loving it. Hope its successor is even larger (at least 7")!
  • People, stop complaining about the size. You can get a 520, 630 925, 930/icon, and a 1520. With windows phones. You are not limited to one size fits all like Crapple. You get all the great features of Windows phone in every size. Please, stop looking for reasons to complain.
  • I absolutely love my 1520! The only gripe is not have Qi charging, I love keeping my Lumia "naked" so having to consider PMA case is sorta a non-starter for me. It literally turns heads, not that I want the attention but does give me a chance to evangelize the Windows Phone platform.
  • Have always been glad to own and use 1520 despite its initial flaws prior to 8.1. One bad experience of all is the cost of replacing the cracked screen of my 1520. Really expensive to replace and the screen is just too fragile on certain pressure points but it is a killer display imo. Won't be changing to any other anytime soon. Camping for Cyan update!
  • I love my 925 more
  • 8.1 dev preview makes battery life of this phone sucks.. Waiting for lumia cyan update
  • Planning on getting one to tide men over until McLaren comes out. Just want the blasted green one!
  • I agree. This is the best Windows phone I've owned. Although the 1520 seems large, Its been a gradual size increase starting at 3.5 inches for me to get to six . It would be very difficult for me to get used to something smaller.
  • I don't "truly" like any of the devices. They're all missing something. All the specs I want are scattered between multiple devices. I want to replace my 1020 (insurance replacement) badly, but I'm sure I'll be disappointed in November, again. I just like the OS and settle for what fits me best. 1520 definitely does not.
  • thats good as Im probally gonna get the 1530 or mclauren Im sure it will be simular maybe even a little better
  • Judging from my daily needs I think I don't need to replace my 920 yet. Posted via Windows Phone Central App for Android!
  • Wow, Daniel, in the last several shots of your phones, Songza, in the top tiles.  Google buys Songza, now gone from the top tiles.  Quite impressive.
  • Isn't the 128gb microSD card too slow for video recording? I used to use SanDisk 64gb Ultra 35mb/s card in my 1520. And I later found out that the videos recorded to that card skips every other minute or so. Now I am using the S
    SanDisk 64gb Extreme 80mb/s. I know that Sony's 40mb/s card would work (tried it in store) but I am just playing save with the Extreme. Just in case Nokia camera would one day record 1080p @60fps
  • I believe switching the sensitivity of touch to normal from high fixed the tap on swipe that sometimes happens.
  • Love it! I also really hope that they address those bugs. Still worth it considering this is the best phone ever!
  • Your article kind of makes me want one. Though in all honesty I still love my Lumia 920 and don't "really" feel the need to replace it.
  • I plan to use this until the next three years. It still amazes people just by looking at it. And its beauty is not only skin deep.
  • My upgrade from a 920 will have qi or I'm sticking with it for longer
  • +920
  • Love my L1520 but need somethign else to take on my runs... Its just to big
  • The road to my 1520...
    An Android user until I saw the 920. Amazing photos with the 920. I later picked up an HTC One and went back to Android because of how awesome that phone was.
    While still loving my HTC One, I saw the 1520 when it was released. Ditched my HTC for the gorgeous 1520. After 8 months, got I tired of pocketing the 6" beast.... So I bought a 1020 for the sizeability and amazing camera. 2 months later, I just couldn't live with the small screen and old hardware. Went back to HTC One M8. Sweet phone! But all the while, my conscience was pulling me back to the 1520. The screen and simply using the phone is such a nice experience, I can't really go back to anything else. If you're on Verizon, it would be worth switching to AT&T just to get this phone! Beautiful, smooth and quick.
  • I love my 1520. My only real complaint?  Gmail accounts work badly - delayed syncing and worse - opening a gmail message takes a really long time and shoudn't.  If they could fix that bug things would be even better.
  • I'll get one if only if I can find a 1520 with the 1700 /1900 2100 Mhz band for AWS and the 700 Mhz for LTE... I don't think I can find a unlock version of that so I stik to my 920 in hope that my provider will at less get a hihand windows phone some day, for now they only have blackberry, iphone, and a lot of android phone, but no windows phone... I have probleme with my eyes, sometime, I have probleme reading email or looking for a bus time, the 6' screen wood be amazing for me... but you can't have it all... 
  • There was an article that amazon had the tmobile compatible one with wireless charging inside. It was like $629. May still be on amazon.
  • I've been on Apple iPhones since 2007 until my iPhone 5 had issues. I decided to take a look at the Windows phone at the Microsoft store. I initially wanted the icon but it was not out on AT&T. The 1020's built camera protruding on the back just did not feel right for me. I initially thought the 1520 was way too big but because it was the newest and I'm one of those that have to have the newest.. I took the plunge and went with the 1520. It honestly took me about 1 1/2 weeks to adjust to the 1520... I can never go back to anything smaller... Never! I'm hooked.. I have the same issues Daniel has in addition to screen corruption occasionally. But it's rare. Love my 1520
  • How do you expand to an 128 Gig SD card for the Lumia 1520?
  • using a 1320 and loving it! Also waiting for a new phablet to buy, 6 inch is the perfect screen size (I had 5 inch phones and all seem too small)...
  • A tela me pareceu meio ruinzinha. Da pra ver legal contra luz tipo o 920?
  • O display e muito bom, gosto mais dele do que o do meu antigo ativ s, e tanto como do meu antigo s4. Ao sol, com a opção de melhorar a legibilidade ve-se muito bem.
  • I don't wanna bitching about it, but can you please use english in your comments, not everyone understands spanish or portugese , thank you :)
  • 1520.3 here to correct the AT&T issues without breaking open the device. It's funny how phones started out huge, got really tiny and are now getting bigger again.
  • I will wait for another wave of new devices... Love my Lumia 920!!
  • Makes sense considering there are no new hero devices right?
  • Even more sense since MS is chopping off bit by bit, little by little, until nothing will be left. I love "coming soon", like the app for lock screen Mr J. Belfiore, or OTG support, or how about OTA release of 8.1, yet here comes GDR 1 and 2 is right around the corner.
  • Absolutely love my 1520. Agree to all your points, Daniel. Including the store/click touch problem. It seems limited to 1520 and 720. A Nokia service representative did tell me that Cyan will solve that problem. The one big issue I have is when I play Nokia mix radio with play me feature. While streaming the music I connect my phone to my music system through Wi-Fi & the music hiccups and jerks. Funny thing is when I switch off Wi-Fi & play the internal music in my phone it plays the music smoothly. Again if I switch on Wi-Fi even this playback starts jolting.
  • Actually my 810 had issue when I had it before getting my 925. Turning sensitivity to normal for screen fixed on that model.
  • It's already on normal
  • I'm thinking of buying the 1520 I don't need the newest version I'm using now L810 that's basically dead in the water . But it works fine for me I wish I could have gotten the last update but no luck with that.
  • If you disable glance you won't have any dimness problem.
  • Yes I have and its perfect but the screen is so easily broken
  • Use tempered glass
  • I Love mine! It is the primary device for me. I too am hoping that MsMob comes out with a great followUp to the 1520.
  • I've been about 7 months with the 1020 and still a happy user! I wish 1030 will have at least quad-core Snapdragon 805, dedicated graphics chip and a tid bit bigger FHD screen..say 5" or 5.2" maybe.
  • I like 1520, but I have a doubt about it: is not uncomfortable using it to make a phone call?
    Is not too big?
  • I find it very comfortable to make calls. I like it better than my 1020
  • Waiting for 920 upgrade, 930 not coming to Canada :(
  • 1520 user. It is now difficult to go back to lower size displays.
  • Yeah, my wife hands me her s4 to fix something she locked up or a setting, and I feel like I need to break out a stylus.
  • I've been wanting this phone ever since it was announced but I had to back out when I learned how AT&T emasculated this phone and ruined what might have been the best phone Nokia ever created. I will never understand nor will I ever forgive them for messing up such a great device, I absolutely hate AT&T and can't understand how any carriers have the right to change the specs' intended by the manufacturer!!! My 920 will have to suffice until a proper 1520 or its equivalent materializes.
  • The wireless charging tmobile version was on amazon i believe. Was an article about it. Expensive but is there.
  • Wow well lucky for me my Lumia 1520 doesn't have all of these issues in reading about. With the exception of the dim screen when I unlock my phone, everything else is just fine. Best phone ever! It does exactly what I need it to do.
  • I have one and its definitely a conversation starter. Lol. Love the phone but need wp8.1! :-)
  • I want to see native full res picture editing on m L1520. Other than that, my L1520 with my 64gb stick in it does it for me.
  • Being on T-Mobile, I can only hope the rumors are true and that there is a 1525 coming to T-Mobile. When and if that happens, I will finally ditch my 810. I absolutely love my 810, and refuse to upgrade to the 925 available, for only one reason, no expandable memory. I need alot if storage for my job, I take thousands of pictures a month, and my 64gb SD card isn't close to being full. Sure I know I can delete them from my phone and access them on OneDrive, but sometimes I need quicker access to them for troubleshooting reasons, and there is no replacement for me for having them on my phone when I need them. Beyond storage, this phone is a beast and takes a beating on a daily basis, and through all this abuse, it is still for the most part in perfect condition. I say for the most part because I have the optional Cyan charging shell on it, and there are a few scuffs on it these days, but I still have the original in perfect shape at home. No aftermarket cases. But back to the main reason for this comment, COME ON WITH THE 1525 T-MOBILE!!! DONT LET ME OR ANY OTHER LUMIA FAN DOWN!!!
  • my only complaint with the 1520 is not having a xenon flash(with all lumias for that matter) and i would rather have an amoled, i see no advantage in lcd other than the constant power draw regardless of color, and that could be a bad thing anyway, also i prefer full metal phones, hope microsoft starts doing some squared, sharp, vapormg lumias with overwhelming specs
  • I was considering the 1520 at on point but after a deep consideration the impracticality of a 6 inch phone in day to day use and lose of one handed operation of the camera via the shutter key made me decide not to get the 1520. Was on the verge of pulling the trigger for the 930 and then read the rumours of the McLaren so decided to wait for that instead.
  • I would have purchased the phone but ATT only was a deal breaker for me.
  • Want one so bad. Fingers crossed on a 1525
  • Wow, can't believe we have so many views in common. I also believed surface2 was the best windows tablet (besides thinkpad 8) before surface pro3 came out. I also love my Lumia 1520 so much that I keep telling people this is the most satisfactory phone I have ever used from Nokia (I'm a Nokia user for nine years and never switched to any other brand)
  • Switched to the 1520 to try a big phone. So odd to pick up anything smaller now. I was also really glad to see your list of bugs that are the main annoyances I have to know it's not just mine!
  • Love my 1520, wouldn't replace it for any. Two things:
    1. Screen is gorgeous and any reading, surfing, playing and messaging is incredible;
    2. As I said before in other post, although screen is big, WP takes the edge in user experience in large screen. Main reason for that is back button and menu options are in the bottom of the screen, and all apps use it and the OS and apps uses many gestures like swipes left, right, up and down. So, most of the time phone is user friendly with one hand. I had a S3 once and had two use two hands much more than this phone. Most of navigation, back and menu icons on Android and iOS are on the top of the screen (this is really 90's), and you have to reach it with two hands or stretching your fingers. Interesting to notice that Facebook already got it and is taking proactive changes on its app for iOS so it is better used on iPhones with bigger screens that are coming.
  • 920 on my hands. After update 8.1 preview it's enough for me mow!
  • I don't complaint about my Lumia 720, I want to get a better Lumia tho, however, I don't think I could handle such a big display
  • 4 of the 5 main members of our website have a Lumia 1520, myself included. I could not be happier with it, especially when the pair of issues Daniel mentioned in the article are resolved. I was thinking that having the screen protector I use was partially causing the scroll/tap issue.
  • I have the 1520 as well and its the greatest!!
  • The volume bug should be fix
  • Great phone and I am die hard WP fan but the SD card issue with MS Exchange and not being able to get corporate email is about to drive me to the next iPhone if its not fixed. Too big of a deal breaker...
  • oh, i also experience the same problems as you, Daniel. the screen sensitivity issues and the dim lights are also quite commonly happening to me, i almost thought my phone is defective. i love my Lumia 1520. no other phones entice me so far. i really love its size. my friends say my small height and built does not suit this kind of phone, but hell i care! the only problem i encounter so far is that my fingers do not reach the other end of the phone when texting. so i can only text using two hands. the weight of the phone while using only one hand is not an issue for me, it's just my thumb cannot reach many letters like a, s and d. i wish microsoft could make  an option to switch to left or right handed keyboard. other than that, i never regretted buying this phone!
  • My 1520 is the best phone I've ever seen, much less owned. Still in love with my phone and that's got to be some kind of record. Usually i am nitpicking after a couple of months and pining for something else shortly after, but not this time. The only thing i would trade for my 1520 is a 1520-3 with Qi charging, lol. Amazing (and thankfully durable) handset.
  • I wanted the Lumia 930, but the lack of Glance, along with the bad battery (I have a 720) discouraged me. The 1520 is perfect, but it's too big.   
  • I passed my 920 down to my teenage daughter. I originally gave her my old Focus, but it stopped charging. I decided to upgrade and picked up the 1520 32GB. With the 64GB microSD in it, I'm good to go. The only issue in having is my microphones seem to have stopped working. I'm not sure if it was due to the Dev Preview update or just faulty hardware. I still love my phone, despite that one issue I have. I will wait and see if the Cyan update will fix the issue. I tend to use Bluetooth most of the time, anyway. So, it's only a minor inconvenience, for now. I loved my 920, but the battery life sucks on that phone. Carrying your charger is a must. However, I have to agree with the author of this article, once you go big anything else seems too small. I would not go less than a 5.5 inch screen...ever. With the size of my hands, 6 in works very well.
  • Your experience and opinions on it, from the likes to dislikes completely mirror mine. Aside from a few minor quirks this is as close to the perfect as you're gonna get, unless you really can't handle the big screen. As for me, it fits ok on my Asian hand and I've never had problems with it fitting into any of my pants.
  • Ok, what's up with Cortana? She keeps trying to search for apps when trying to find a website! Cortana, why have forsaken me?!?
  • I am also waiting for the successor of my 1020, hopefully it will also be the 1520's successor WITH microSD if course.
  • Yeh, 1520 is nice. I will like a 1030 though.
  • What are your thoughts on going with the international model that includes Qi charging? Is the extra money worth it...?
  • Lumia 1525!!
  • I also love my 1520 (& 8.1).
    I fell in love with my Laser Red 1520 but after a screen cracking I had to let her go (tear) and decided on a Matt Black 1520 and with it I am even more pleased with the finish it just feels ultra premium & finger printing is no longer an issue.
    The 64gb ultra sdxc really adds the final touches to the best smartphone/WP experience I've ever enjoyed.
  • Wp has no apps and games
  • Really? No apps and games?? Are you very very sure the store is EMPTY??! You are drunk. Go home and sleep or cry in a corner like a baby.
  • Please troll, so explain.
  • Got a 1520 since I cracked my 920 screen. They wouldn't give me a 920 so they gave me a 1520. Didn't even cost me my upgrade either
  • I am very fortunate in my job that i typically get to play with a lot of devices daily. I take them home use them for a while then when something new comes out the 1520 is still my favorite and my daily driver. Up until my birthday a couple days ago and my wife dropped it. Cracked screen luckily a replacement os on its way. I do however love the waterproof-ability of the galaxy s5. Posted via Windows Phone Central App because my lumia is being repaired
  • Yes, I love my 1520, except its phantom taps! Is really frustrating with the mis-taps. Is bad. Was actually scrolling and somehow it will become a tap when I moved my finger off the screen. Not sure if it is a s/w bug or hardware issues. If Cyan can't fix it, I guess I will have to move to another phone. That said, may I know where can I find the wallpapers used in the photos above? They are nice!
  • I love my Lumia 1520!!! Perfect size, definitely a conversation piece, and above all, has replaced my laptop, and of coarse, to ice this big badass cake of a phone, it's running Windows OS, better than any PC, I have ever owned. Lumia 1520, two thumbs way up and a phenomenal HELL YES!!!
  • Daniel... The wallpaper you have on the 1520...mind sharing?
  • I am also using a Lumia 1520 which I upgraded to from Lumia 920 & this 1520 is really just awesome there isn't another phone that I want right now
  • Still using my 920 and 1020. I would love to see a 1030 at 5" with no camera hump and qi charging built in. Looked at the 930 and cant stand the blocky build. Feels fat and heavy in the hand compared to the 920 and especially tho 1020, a step back in design as far as I'm concerned. I do like the build of the 1520 but its just to big.
  • Can't wait for 8.1 update to reach my region so I can enjoy Lumia 1520 more
  • Here, here, and well said!!!
  • Just got my 1520 yesterday. I love it! Best phone I have ever had!
  • I've lumia. The only thing I do not like in it is lack of expandable memory, otherwise it's awesome.
  • I will wait for 1525, hoping for snapdragon 801 and amoled.
  • I still love my 920 for its all around goodness, (storage, 32 GB, colors, shape, wireless charging (qi)) ECT)
    I hope for a 6in Nokia 1520 refresh with micro SD and a removable battery. Glance and qualcomm 805-810 would be nice too.
  • Daniel, you forget to mention the lock screen lag bug
  • Nice article!....even though i don't prefer using larger screens. I like to be able to hold/use my phone with one hand. 1520 is a great phone....just not my type.
  • Glad to have it, For 6 months now. I agree with every word you have said. I do agree a lot in the fact that the phone is a conversation starter ... OMG how big ! Is this a windows phone ? Why you didn't choose Android ? It's kinda funny
  • I love my Lumia 1520 too! Although I miss my Lumia 920, which for me is the most beautiful Lumia in terms of aesthetics and design, the massive screen size of the Lumia 1520 is a joy to use. I can't imagine myself using another phone smaller than this.
  • Oh yeaaah.. I'm using my 1520 side by side with my Z2. Look-wise, the yellow 1520 is a head turner. It's big.. And bright yellow. My friends always associate my Lumia with great cameraphone. I'd love to carry it naked but too afraid to let it scratch without a case (currently using the official red flip case)
  • My 925 is perfect for me, but I probably won't be able to resist upgrading if T-mobile ever gets a new WP flagship that has a 4.5 or 5 inch screen
  • 1520 is the best WP to date. Love it!
  • +1520 ftw!!!
  • The only phone taking the 1520 out of my hands is a 5.5 inch iPhone...if Apple actually ups their game....and when they get cheaper on eBay. So it will be a year anyway. 1520 is definitely the best phone out there for people who can tolerate big phones.
  • Love my 1520 :). Best phone I ever owned, and I've had my share of phones (both smart or otherwise). Great battery life, absolutely stellar camera (if u know how to use it), a superb screen, and expandable storage- super deal.
  • Left ios in December for the 1520 and it's changed my life. It's powerful enough to handle everything I throw at it and the camera is perfect for me - I have a dslr if I want anything more than what a phone camera can give me. The display (and I'm comparing to an iphone and 1020) is perfect. Natural tones mean I can show off my dslr images to friends without any weird oversaturation (or yellow tones) found in 1020 and...1080p. What's not to love. 32gb with 64gb sd card is wonderful coming from an iphone. Wireless charging has revolutionised my life - I have something everywhere and it's ridiculously easy to work with. Fits easily in coat pockets and hand bags, easy enough to use with one hand and gaming/video is incomparable. Only drawback is explaining what it is every time someone asks me on the bus/in queues 'what is that?' - but I do love people's reactions. Overall I'm not sure I'd ever downsize, heck I think I'll be happy with this phone for 2-4 years which these days is hard to find.
  • I love my 1520 for all of the reasons listed. I even paid a premium to get a non AT&Satan-crippled version from South America.
  • Love my 1520. I can usually get 2 days off a charge unless I go crazy with the games. The photos are great, The screen is positively luminous, and now that I have adjusted to the extravagant size, I will never be able to go back to anything less.
  • Funny.. coz i'm using Lumia 620.. The smallest windows phone out there in my knowledge :D
  • Lack of self esteem prevents many from buying the 1520. I have actually heard people say they are worried how they would look talking on a 6" phone. Once you have used the 1520 as your daily driver it is hard to imagine using a smallblet.
  • Best Phone ever!!! I used to have a Lumia 920 but this Phone is by far better than that one.... When you use it you fall for it.... Give it a try and you never regret it
  • But with all the stupid news about MS/ WP, this does not entice me to upgrade my WP. In fact, I might go Android. Loving Microsoft no more since it gave me more heartaches than joy. Goodbye! *throws my rubbish WP and spit*
  • I'm still enjoying my 928. I'm starting to get a little anxious to upgrade to a new phone though (Nothing against the phone, I'm just easily bored.) Hopefully this long rumored McLaren phone lives up to expectations. I just did t see enough benefits of upgrading to the Icon.
  • Mine 620 and i loving it :)
  • I currently have the Lumia 925 on T-Mobile which is better than my previous HTC 8x but both just don't have the battery life I need without stopping certain features that make me like Windows phone. Also, neither have expandable storage which isn't that bad but I want to download my entire Xbox music collection to save battery life from cellular which murders the battery on my Lumia 925 ( about 13gbs and growing). With that said, I will be getting the Lumia 1520 or the rumored Lumia 1525 ( which is made for T-Mobile). The Lumia has outstanding battery life, bigger screen, and expandable storage: All three positives for me and I don't wear skinny jeans so we're good.
  • If the 1520's screen were OLED and I could get it on Verizon.mmmmm
  • Great post. Was kind of waiting for the next big thing but may break down and go with the 1520. Anyone have any idea if Cortana will be available on the 1520 in the future?
  • I have the 920 &1520. The 1520 is my daily driver and my goto phone when I travel for work. The Gps navigation is stellar.
  • This article speaks the truth as I still love this phone, cracked screen and all! Copped day one!
  • Still hoping to get this on contract.
  • Still love this phone as well. I've had it since December of 2013. Can't imagine liking a phone more than this one.
  • Love ❤ it
  • Love my 1520. Upgraded from 920. I think wp8.1 has drastically reduced battery life, although it still lasts the whole day. I wish it was optimise for the big screen, like Samsung do with their Notes
  • I must recharge my battery twice a day. Is that normal?
  • Nokia Lumia 1520.. Love it, best phone I've owned. BTW, it's always a conversation starter.
  • I've been holding out for a successor that will hopefully include a digital stylus. But Iam constantly tempted to just upgrade my mint condition 920 to the 1520.
  • 930 is sexist phone even when being compared to other domain phones. I wish it had expandable memory. I would buy that.
  • +1520
  • Its without a doubt the best phone in the WP pack. I picked my 1520 up in December last year and instantly loved it. I just hope that MS continue with 6"phones because there's no way I'd want to go back to a smaller screen now. Phablets are the future
  • I got my awesome red Lumia 1520 in the last week of December. And I go through many phones quickly because I grow tired of them fast until I got the 1520. I hv several lines and yet my 1520 is what I use the most everyday. I do own a Note 3 and a Nokia 920. I'm surprised that this long with a phone that I haven't felt a need of wanting anything else and already dread the day that my 1520 will no longer hold a charge although right now it lasts about two days on a full charge. Outstanding battery, speed, display and camera. Still every place I look online I keep finding the ugliest cases for this beautiful mobile show stopper and I'm frustrated that when such a phone has some eye candy that cases cover it up with ugly. And yes people everyday ask if my Lumia 1520 is a phone, lol. Much love to you Nokia and Microsoft and I love 8.1 on my 1520. Hugs.
  • I agree with every single point in this article. I love my 1520 but my camera problems means I will get it repaired or replaced. My only argument, had to get it in red as yellow wasn't available in the UK
  • Really hope something this good with this screen size shows up on Verizon this fall.
  • I liked my 1520 (former iPhone user) until I installed 8.1. Now I love my 1520 and could never go back. It is big, but the size becomes a non-issue. It fits perfectly in my sport coat pocket.
  • I have a 925 and I want a 1520 so bad but I'm going to wait a few more months for the 1525 on T-Mobile
  • I love my Lumia 1520. Your exactly right when saying once you've committed its hard to go back.
    .. Everything look so small! Let's hope that we see a new high end phablet coming out at the end of next year.... Or I'm not sure what I'll be doing.
  • I love my 1520.  One of the best purchases I have ever made.  I hardly use my Dell Venue Pro 8 anymore as it fills my daily requirements.  
  • I was forced to buy a 1520 as my Lumia 920's screen shattered and 930 not yet available in NZ. But I am absolutely loving it. The phone neither feels too big nor too heavy in hands. Use it to believe it!
  • Good article but please think twice about using the term "daily driver" when mentioning your phone. It's childish and frankly a bit lax.
  • it can't use as daily driver and cant fit in pockets the next lumia 1020 successer solves all problems with good size
  • I loved my 920. Only the 1520 was capable of making me change it. And I love it. Perfect for me in every aspect. 920, 1520 +++++++++
  • The 1520 is my first windows phone and its awesome. My iphone loving wife keeps using my phone when she gets the chance so I think she loves it as well
  • I love my 1520
  • You get used to the size of the 1520 after a few days
  • I love my 1520 too and still waiting for the Cyan update. Saw the developer mode when I bought mine at a Nokia Store and even the guy selling it was impressed with it... :)
  • I love my Icon for very similar reasons--plus I didn't need to have it modified for wireless charging;).
  • Was opting to wait for the Lumia 930, but after awhile i needed more space for music. So bought the Lumia 1520 instead. And it has been joy to use. Glad i made the purchase.
  • Thanks.
  • Brightness issue exists with 1020 also!
  • I have A LUMIA 1520 32GB in My Hands Right Now..
  • I have quite huge hands. The 1520 I'd simply the best phone I've ever owned. The display bug you mentioned Dan is indeed annoying, but I'm also hopeful for a fix with Cyan.
    My one gripe I'd actually regarding accessories. I'd love to be able to use it in the car more, bit haven't found a really decent and clean car mount yet. Any recommendations anyone?
  • I loved mine until last night, when within 2minutes of putting in pocket (no coins just phone) and taking it out the screen had cracked with the radial around the front camera lens :( oh well maybe a sign I should get the 930 next week then. For now back to the Note 3 :( 
  • I love 1520 :D but I'm still hang on my 920. just because I don't have enogh funds to go for a 1520 or 930 :D
  • I thought you take Icon as your main driver, surprisingly i am wrong. For a side note, my Lumia 1520  is no longer have screen dimming and sensitivity issue after several updates. Wierd somebody still has the problem.
  • I was looking to get the 1520, but then I heard about the 1525 that may be out soon. I can deal with my 920 w/the dev preview until then as it sounds like it will be on T-Mo, my current carrier. Woot! Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • yes.. lumia 1520 for 6 months now.... but i still like my old 920 camera when using without flash
  • +1520
  • Daniel you'll be loving the Mclaren then!
  • While the 1520 looks great overall, the following have put my off buying it somewhat 1. Screen sensitivity and brightness issues still not fixed. No guarantee that Cyan will fix them 2. Green 1520 seems to be vapourware. Announced months ago and still no further information 3. WP8.1 is not officially released. I don't want to install a dev preview on a brand new phone and invalidate my warranty. WP8.0 does not have the features I want such as apps on external storage. 4. Low light photos/videos are worse than Lumia920 from what I have heard 5. The phone is quite old now and it's tempting to wait and see what the new ones are like. Phones such as Lumia 1525 and Mclaren are rumoured.   Potentially, a lot of these issue could be fixed by the Cyan/WP8.1 release. I will be very interested to see what happens. Also I still think the 1520 looks like an awesome phone overall and the best Windows Phone despite the above criticisms
  • I also totally agree on this article! But I'm glad that I have a phone without those over sensitive issues! Switched from the 1020 to 1520, and I think its nearly impossible to switch to a smaller phone again! But I must say I still get stoked when I pick up the 1020 for taking photos. It still outrivals the 1520 in details (obviously since its 41 Mp) But as you said, 1520 is clearly good enough for those daily shots! So to all of you who are thinking about the 1520, buy if you can afford it! I promise, you won't regret it!
  • I now have a Huawei W2, but I want a Lumia 930. The only thing the W2 does better is the SD card support.
  • I'm currently using the Lumia 920 but I love the 1520 in all its glory.
  • Totally totally off-topic but I can't help it, can you give  us the link to that wallpaper or at least hint how you've made it because it looks stunning. All wallpapers don't come to live the way WP8.1 works in my case. This one does. It's awesome.
  • I'm 620 user and everyone knows Awesome Hardware of 620 as well as 920.
  • I have a red one, brand new, att, I could sell. I was wanting to keep it as a backup, but phones are changing. Anyway, mint, only three weeks old, never put a sim in it, did upgrade through dev preview.
  • Love my 1520. The 32gb and wireless charging that we are lucky enough to have in Australia is brilliant. I commute a lot so its perfect for me. Also, the keyboard on the bigger screen is a joy. To top it off the sheer speed of the processor is the icing on the cake.
  • Totally agree , I will not swap my 1520 with any other phone, but when an upgraded 1520 is available - the 920 will I use as work phone will be history I would not mind a newer version with mSD and two SIM-slots Ståle
  • I, like Dan, love my 1520. Hands down the best phone ever. And he's right, everyone asks 'is that a phone ??' and then I let the 1520 strut its wp8 stuff. Always amazes the audience! The 1520 just does everything great, touch and brightness quirk excepted.
  • I own is great...
  • I agree the 920 is the defining WP 8. The design to build in wireless charging and the very solid quality, all exceptional. I too would have loved the 930 to be the 920 design, just the internals updated with the larger screen. But saying that, I will be ordering the 930 as soon as its available and may change my mind? As for the 1520, if it had been the Note 3 size, it would have been my phone. It seems to excel in all areas but just a bit too big.
  • I was messing about trying to help a Samsung user with their GMAIL association and had realised how horrid Android can be. At first I thought Windows 8 was incomplete and it did feel this way but now my Nokia 1520 has 8.1, wow.. They can stick Android where the sun doesn't shine. The phone with it's large screen just does everything so dam well, it covers all bases. I used it on a holiday to Europe for the car nav as well as walking about the streets of Venice and though I did have a DSLR, 99% of photos taken was with the Nokia. 6 inches is something you have to adjust to, getting into the car you take the phone out of your jean pockets but hey, on a bus or a train people look at you and think dam. Great phone just great.
  • Till now, the size of the 1520 still scares me and that has kept me away from it. 930 looks good spec-wise but I just want another device the size of my 920, 32G AND micro SD slot.
  • I was sceptical about picking up the 1520 the moment it launched here and my Lumia 800 desperately needed a replacement even though it worked well i was missing too much being with a WP 7 device i decided to wait for the 930 to launch in India and was sure to pick it on day one, then like a god sent reminder of a better device already available the screen of my L800 gave way. I hesitantly ordered the 1520 as that was the only high end WP available and was not sure how it would fit in my hands, pockets etc. Now a month has passed by and i could not have asked for a better device its Perfect!! And yes Daniel one of your articles did give me the confidence to go ahead and order this beast :)
  • Till now, the size of the 1520 still scares me and that has kept me away from it. 930 looks good spec-wise but I just want another device the size of my 920, 32G AND micro SD slot.
  • I'd like it even more if it had an Amoled display, the Snapdragon 805, corning gorilla glass 3 and 64GB of internal storage (I don't like to have a micro SD in my phone that could be taken out anytime)
  • I really want the 1520 but waiting on that new update with the 801 snapdragon and 32gb of internal! I have a 128gb micro SD waiting!
  • Where do I get wallpapers like the one Daniel is using in the first two pictures of his device?? I can't find apps in the store for that...some are close but nothing really good! Thanks for help ...:)
  • For me it is the 925. It is the best looking phone, sports pure black screen I love. I dis mod it to put the charging coil inside.
  • I got 1520 and then sold it coz some times its too huge for me..But after reading this article and comments i feel I made mistake...:(
  • My 1520 started resetting on its own yesterday, freaking GOOGLE is messing with it again.. Everytime I watch you tube it does this, just yesterday, it was ok the whole morning until after the world cup.. Its 5am right now here in Cali, woke turned my WiFi on,the phone connected,and then I watch you tube again and then boom the phone reset in its own,the. My WiFi can't even detect my own WiFi at home.. Oh well I guess im done watching you tube until they fix this sh##
  • Hi, Daniel. I also have a 1520 and I love it! I was always changing phones and when I met lumia 1520 I just stopped. So, do you use and suggest any case for it?
  • I've been using my Yellow (all my Nokias are yellow!!!) 1520 for six months now. No plan to upgrade even if they will release a better phablet within the year. Man, I don't work to buy two high-end phablets in a year. Maybe next year perhaps. :) And yes, my very bright phone is certainly an attention seeker which leads to a lot of questioning from those who are not familiar with the Nokia Lumia lines. But I'm, glad that more and more people are using Nokia Lumias here in Saudi Arabia compared to the time when I was using my 620 a year ago. At that time, it felt like I was the only one using a Windows Phone in this part of the world. Now, more and more bright colored Nokia phones can be spotted almost everywhere. :)
  • Owned my 920 for almost a year and no MAJOR complaints.  Still one of the best phones i've had since the day it debuted back in 2012.  Pretty much does the job!  Upgrading to another WP device like 930 / 1520 honestly doesn't do enough justice for me as i'm not a big "techy" guy compare to most individuals here.  Will be using this thing til it breaks or when the day comes that its time for an upgrade.
  • I love my 1520 and my complaints are all I line with the articles author. The 1525 with an 801 chipset seems interesting but I don't see it as much of an update. I look forward to the MacLaren if it is coming to my carrier but if the screen is to small I may have a hard time switching. I thought the 6" display was a downside and now I have a hard thinking about giving it up.
  • Sir, please share this wallpaper. I want it badly.
  • I'm in the same boat where I really like it but the thing is the 1020 is just so hard to let go. Ideally I'd like to see a larger 1020 with the snapdragon upgrade. I don't care for the large size as the 1020 is one bulky phone. I don't get why nokia didn't use the better chip on the 1020. It is so slow, you sometimes miss whatever it was you were taking a picture of because of a 5 - 10 second delay.
  • I'm on my second 1520. Bought a black one last fall. Sold it. Missed it. Bought a white one about 6 weeks ago. Won't sell this one until its successor is in my hands.
  • +1520!!!
    Love mine for all of the above, and just because it's so damn sexy!
  • I found the 1520 screen to be simply amazing, but its just too large to put in pants and carry all day. I am hoping we one day see a 5.5 phone in a similar style.
  • I love my Lumia 920, performance, size, everything works fine. But I think it's time for me to move on and I'm waiting for the Lumia 930, it's so disappointing I never tried the wireless charging system, this accessory is not available for Mexico
  • Love mine, best phone I've used since my 1st Gen iPhone, been a lot of other phones in that time but not as good as the 1520.
  • I love my 1520. It is the best phone I have owned.
  • I love my Nokia Lumia 920 but it have major problem that's the battery problem
  • The 925...the body, the design, materials, the only thing I can't really like is the internal memory :S
  • Daniel, why do you have shazam on your start screen? I would think you use the Cortana song search ability, no?
  • Lumia 920, my fav..
  • Conservation starter....... Big one for me
  • Owned it and loving it everyday!
  • Would this be too tight for pockets on slim jeans?
  • As a tablet replacement I would really like to pair my Microsoft Wedge Bluetooth keyboard to the Lumia 1520, but it still does not even pair on my Lumia 920 with 8.1. On the forums it looks like its a software issue.
  • I bought the Lumia 1520 from newegg unlocked with Qi charging 32gb ram and works great on ATT.
  • I loved the Lumia 1520 when I bough it.
    However after 6 months and still no fix for the really frustrating sensitve touch screen problem, escalating random reboots and and miscoloring on the display I really regret buying it, and can't really recommend it.  I got the Lumia 930 last week and it has been completly stable and a joy to use - the only thing I miss is the glance screen and the boxy shape feels a little off.
  • Many thanks Daniel for this updated review on the 1520.  I've looked at it several times and *almost* hit the order button.  My only objection is the size of the phone.  Currently, I'm waiting for the successor to the 1020 to make the jump from iOS and iPhone 5, and that size difference from 4" to 6" is enough to give me pause enough to back down from making the leap to the 1520.   I'm more than excited for my first Windows phone ... but I think something in the neighborhood of 5" will work better for me. Question though... when you leave the house with only the 1520, can you fit it in your pocket!?  LOL
  • Lumia 1520 hands down. Everything else pales in comparison. Once you get one nothing else compares. 32GB + 33GB SD Card. Replaced my iPhone 5 that I don't miss at all except for tethering PC via USB.
  • As others have said, it's simply to large of a phone for me to carry day to day. I love the size of my 925, I don't want anything much bigger than that. The 929/930 is pushing it with the thickness and 5 inch screen, but I guess I'll no choice soon but to move to a 5 incher if I want newer WP tech. :-(
  • I do think the screen is too big, but I would still love to have one of these! Definetely the best Windows Phone! (:
  • I like 1520. but still it lacks basic function. there is no internal memory backup, no LED notifications.
  • Love my 1520 <3
  • I fully agree. I've been hesitant for quite a while due to size concerns etc (coming from a Lumia 520 after all , but I'm still amazed after 2 months now by the quality, finishing and performance of the device. Can't wait for the upcoming 8.1 upgrade!
  • I had a really bad experience with the 920. Two software failures, and two hardware failures. I switched to a Galaxy S4 for awhile, but just recently picked up a 1520. It is the best phone I have ever used. I have had it for a month now, and it is working great. I hope it stays that way.
  • Thanks Daniel, you' ve helped me to make up my mind and BUY this beauty... :)
  • I went from a 920 to my 1520, and I have to say I love it. Couldn't go back even though the 920 is a great phone, it just seems tiny now. This coming from someone who does not have big hands.
  • Can anyone please tell me how to create or get that wallpaper on the above show mobile background,was that pattern created by using any app or is it just a picture ? wpcentral people said they created it by using "Polyscreen" app but i tried that app and i cant get those vibrant colours and shapes.
  • Here's what my dream Windows Phone is: 5.5" screen Nokia Lumia  20 Megapixel camera(carl zeiss pure veiw oubiously) 2.5 Ghz quad core processor 450 PPI (made with whatever screen that supports glance and double tap to wake up) 32 or 64 GB internal   Sd card Port(expandable to 128gb) 3 GB Ram 4k Pictures and video Available in white, black, red, yellow, orange, And special editions Cyan and Bright Green Qi wireless charging 3600 mAh battery Windows Phone 8.1 With Cyan Firmware Available to the world and to all carriers( NO F*****G BUTCHERING) IR Blaster Dual Nano Sim How about that 3D touch technology
  • Have had it since the launch here in the US and have not felt for a minute to change it. Love WP. Love Lumia. 
  • Love my 1520.  But frankly annoyed too much about the accidental tap and launch of apps going on as well as the camera clearly being sub-par to my previous 920 (that camera is amazing).  Also, I've dropped and smashed the front glass twice on concrete and after using smartphones for some 8 years and never breaking a single front glass, this proves the phone is just a bit too unweildy and apt to drop.  I'm going with the 930/ICON as soon as ATT is authorized to sell.  Hopefully MS will release an improvement to the 930 or 1520 and I'll go that route.  Otherwise all the author's comments are spot-on, love the screen, usability and general features of the 1520.
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  • My precious! Best phone ever!
  • I'm very upset that Verizon didn't get the 1520.  I would have liked to twist their arm to get it... I really hope that the 1525 is real and that Verizon wises up and gets it.
  • Fully agreed. I've had this phone for two months now. I only have small to medium sized hands but size in operation has proved not to be an issue. Where it can be a bit of a pain is in the lugging it about. This largely depends on the size of your pockets and the tightness of your clothes. I've got by, but therre have been times when I've had to carry it around in my hand. Aside from that, I love the phone. I've moved up from a 920. I imagine it must be a little faster but I haven't noticed that much. The big improvements are the camera and the size of the screen. The downside of course is that it's still hamstrung by the shortcomings of Windows Phone. The upcoming update will improve things again slightly, but it's the apps where I have most of the issues. They still have fewer features than those on Android or IOS and a lot of them don't work as well. This must be resolved for the platform to fully take off. My worry is that the progress made will be lost when existing Windows Phone users get tired of waiting for it to catch up. This is my third Lumia now but may be my last!
  • I've been using 1520 for few months now, and without doubt it is the best WP phone I've owned/used. Especially since the upgrade to WP8.1 (Prev), there is only one issue I have with it i.e. ultra sensitive touch, except for this there aren't any major issues at all. Excellent screen/build quality + battery life! In fact, since I bought this, I only ever use my S4 for one thing ie. flipboard, which still hasn't launched on WP.  
  • The article says this - "My hope is the forthcoming Lumia Cyan firmware update finally straightens out those quirks, which to me seem like calibration issues, and nothing dire"   Unfortunately it's looking like the Cyan update does not fix the screen sensitivity issue (see links below). I doubt it will ever get fixed now unfortunately.
  • Lumia 1520 is the best Lumia device. And your tag line is just awesum! "Resolve to serve no more, and you are at once freed. - Étienne de La Boétie"
  • 1520 disappointed me because the SCREEN OVER SENSITIVE issue still haven't fix.
  • I'm currently on my third Lumia 1520 because I keep on having trouble with audio. My latest problem is that my phone thinks there are headphones connected to it so I can't take normal phone calls now without a headphone and I can't listen to music on speaker. I need to return this phone and I'm ditching the brand.
  • Received ​my 1520 Dec. 19, 2013 from a physical Microsoft store for free during the 20 days of Christmas. I absolutely love this phone. My previous phone was a Nokia N8 and I do not miss it. It was a good phone but the 1520 is much better in all aspects. Long live the Nokia Lumia 1520! ​ ​ ​ ​