Here’s how to get Qi wireless charging back on your AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520

Lumia 1520

The Nokia Lumia 1520 on AT&T is an amazing phone. However, the lack of support for the Qi wireless charging standard is its biggest flag. You remember what happened. AT&T had opted to neuter the device by giving it PMA support through a wireless charging shell. PMA is the other wireless charging standard competing for acceptance. It’s also a standard that AT&T publically supports. They said it couldn’t be undone, that every Lumia 1520 from AT&T would need an accessory to wireless charge. Well, never say never when it comes to the Windows Phone community.

Head into our forums and you’ll find detailed instruction from developer Lance McCarthy (@lancewmccarthy) on how to add internal wireless charging to your Lumia 1520. Lance is well known in the Windows Phone development community. By day he’s a XAML support specialist at Telerik, but he also finds time to be a Nokia Developer Ambassador, a Microsoft MVP and an assistant professor at Harvard.

Lance has just posted detailed instructions on what is probably the thinnest hack to add Qi wireless charging to AT&Ts Nokia Lumia 1520. Here’s all that you’ll need to get Qi wireless charging in your Lumia 1520:

  • Original ATT 1520 shell (we'll be using the the PMA flex cable in it)
  • Lumia 925 Wireless charging cover
  • International Lumia 1520 replacement shell with Qi coil in it
  • Some soldering skills required (important, you need to know how much heat to apply and how to pre-tin)
  • Kapton tape (or your favorite polymide tape)
  • Optional but highly recommended: Multi-meter to test continuity and voltage
  • Optional: Liquid nickel conductive pen

Lumia 1520 ATT Qi Hack

That’s it. It’s not the cheapest way to add Qi wireless charging to your Lumia 1520, but it works. Lance has very detailed instructions in the forums with photos. If this is something you’re thinking of doing you’ll want to check it out. This can definitely add some longevity to your Lumia 1520 if you’re on a two-year contract. Hit up the forums for all the info!

Congrats on the transformation Lance!

Sourc: Windows Phone Central forums /  How to add Qi wireless charging to your Lumia 1520 on AT&T

Sam Sabri
  • Too complicated for me.
  • Lol, same here.
  • Aaaaaaaand I broke my phone.
  • Aaaaaannnnd its gone. (south park reference, incase you didn't know. Instantly thought of it :P)
  • Lol yeah, love that episode
  • Aaaaaaaanddd AT&T hates me.
    Aaaaaand my guarantee is void too.
  • Annnnnnd I burned the house down
  • My eyes!! .__.
  • I still don't see how people complain about not having this feature. Just a bonus. Plus wired charging is more efficient.
  • Because we're different.
  • It's convenient and when u have a toddler how doesn't understands that its charging and constantly getting snatched off the charger
  • If you smack their hand smartly and shout "NO!" each time they snatch it, they soon learn to stop.
  • Imagine that teaching kids no and being a teacher in there lives.... Ahhhh the good old days
  • That is what this grandmother would have done...:
  • Well I have several Nokia Qi standing/flat chargers and a Qi speaker, so why would I buy a phone that doesn't have Qi. It is a huge convenience to be able to easily charge my phones all over the house. Important enough to me that I will dump AT&T if they don't put out a Qi phone soon. Verizon supports Qi and their phones are unlocked. Why should I put up with AT&T's garbage?
  • What has prevented me from switching to Verizon: CDMA is crap not open like worldwide GSM standards, Verizon's phones don't support the bands compatible with other carriers, Verizon has been known to lock or modify portions of their phones too (they really f'ed with the old HTC Touch Pro style phones, and intentionally locked AT&T and T-Mobile SIMs from working in their Droid 2 Global phones even though they worked with SIM cards from elsewhere in the world), and their lines are very expensive. At least with AT&T one has the ability to purchase international editions or non AT&T branded phones...not with Verizon :) Jason
  • After having my former HD7 no longer accept a charge 14 months into a 3 year contract, and now 17 months into another 3 year contract with my Ativ S having to buy a new micro USB cable every month or so because this jack is also loosening, the value of wireless charging is becoming VERY apparent to me. I would like to sign my next contract (thankfully Canada FINALLY got rid of the three year terms) secure in the knowledge that I'll be able to charge my phone for the entire length of the agreement. My next phone WILL have wireless charging.
  • Good thing that abomination (3 yr contracts) is over with...
  • Amen to that!
  • I charge by Qi and USB cable, I wouldn't say Qi is less efficient than USB.... agreed, just a bonus.
  • He means slower and it definitely is.
  • The amount of energy required to power a phone compared to everything else in your house is so negligible as to render the difference meaningless. It does cause the phone to get hotter though, so I guess in that way the inefficiency matters. But wireless isn't about saving you 2 seconds of effort from the times you would have charged with a wire. It's about making it so that you charge your phone a lot more often, setting it on a charging plate on your desk during the day instead of just on your desk. I've never really known what kind of battery life to expect from my 920. Between my car dock and desk plates I've seldom had a chance to notice. The point is, I would not be charging the phone in half the places I charge it if I had to use a wire, so my phone's always much more ready for heavy use than it would be otherwise.
  • TRUE! And I can't see how that's not a good thing. Put it down and I know where to put it, on the charging plate. Plug it in? That's more a thing for when the battery is getting down.
  • Just simpler for me I work nights for my company and when I get off its easier just to place on my nitestand than to fumble looking for cables to plug or unplug when I get a call.  Also if anyone needs this done hmu my good friend does it not sure of cost but he did mine and it works great.  I just need imo a bigger Qi charging pad.
  • Because I don't want wear and tear on the plug, and because I have five Qi chargers all around the house that I can't use with my 1520 because ATT is a bunch of F*cks.
  • for me it is more than convenient. I had a nokia n900 (My fav phone of all time by the way) and eventually the charger port went... I make a small some of change on the side helping people fix broken charger ports The longer you have it and the more you plug s**t in to it greater the chances this will ultimately happen to you
  • Orrr just plug it in. . I love my 1520. I don't mind plugging it in. Like Glades plug in. It stays fresher longer than 60dayz though.
  • Well there are plenty of people out there like myself who have invested in several Qi chargers. I was planning on installing them in some of the tables and counters in my house. Now that I have a 1520 the chargers are useless.
  • I could understand that. I also have a 920 and the wireless charging was one of my favorite features. But I got over it quickly because this phone is amazing. If I had paid for the charging pad I would probably made this phone compatible but since it came free with the 920 I'm Ok with it.
  • Too much work, you're better off buying the RM-938 version from Newegg or Negri. Added bonus: no AT&T bullshit. I'm tempted to get one.
  • But AT&T is the only one who gives SD card support and 32 GB. Am i right ?
  • Enjoy your lack of LTE. That's why I'm typing this on an att 1520 thru tmobile instead of an international
  • The 1520.3 or RM-938 has ATT LTE band support. The normal International version (RM-936?) does not.
  • RM-937
  • Agreed! 32GB of storage, SD support, Qi support, no silly shells or carrier markings, and still cheaper than what you pay ATT for their gimped version. This is definitely the way to go if I manage to save my pennies.
  • Not as good LTE support I hear.
  • Say what!?
  • I love wireless charging on my Lumia 822 because it always connects whereas the usb cable connector can wear out and make it difficult to charge.
  • Wish I didn't need a wireless charging cover on my 1020 but it's better than not having wireless charging. Love it... I use it at work, home... Its something that I look for in a phone now
  • I'm surprised Nokia has been so quiet on this front. No official OEM PMA charging cover (yeah, I know they support Qi) or no hint at how they plan to address the charging standards conflict with regards to US Lumia 1520 owners. While this seems like an aesthetically superior solution against the Incipio PMA shell, I sadly don't have the skill to make this possible.
  • No thanks. But thanks Lance for your hard works.
  • Lol my thoughts exactly!
  • I support Qi
  • Me too! and screw ATT!!
  • No one has commented on how fast it is now. Lulz
  • Seems to charge faster now...
  • Was done way faster than Obama care sign up!
  • Too complicated. I'd rather pay the extra money and buy the RM-938
  • A third party just needs to make a qi wireless charging shell so Nokia doesn't have to and won't get into issues with at&t.
  • You can't it has pma installed so u have to buy their cover and charger
  • That is not correct. It has nothing "installed" but the connectors for ANY charging cover
  • For all that money and effort, I'd rather get an intentional version from our friends to the north. Of course, what we all want most of all is for AT&T to fuck off and not mess with our devices, but lets not hold our breaths on that one.
  • No way am I performing unnecessary surgery on my baby. I love this phone, Qi or not, and now that I can install stuff to the SD card it's as close to perfect as any tech device I have ever owned, phone or not. Even ATT couldn't stop Nokia from hitting it out of the park with the 1520.
  • This approach is definitely not recommended for those who don't have soldering experience or who want to keep their warranty intact, lol. I kept it as modular as possible so if you mess up, you only lose the cable. I wanted this because I made an investment in Qi. I have the awesome wireless charging car holder and wireless pads at work and at home everywhere. Even on top of my JBL Bluetooth speaker. I almost gave up this device up and went back to 925 but decided to try the hack. And yes.. "it seems faste... SLAP
  • God dam! This is harder, than it was signing up for Obama care!!!
  • You're like a one-trick pony of comments. It got old days ago. Think of something new.
  • Ok
  • Shame on you
  • LOL!!!!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!!!
  • Wasn't there one for a925a while ago? I would pay someone to do this to my 925 if they were skilled enough for it
  • I've done this to my 925, it's much less complicated. Doesn't void the warranty either as I've removed the hack for a return twice during that bad batch 925's on Tmo. The hack literally only takes minutes.
  • So how do you do it.... Do you have a YouTube link for link to a website I can check out.....before I do my own research?
  • I was almost thinking about it until I saw the soldering part. I'll just plug it in. Haha
  • Stupid att. But I love ❤ my 1520
  • How about I just ship mine to him? I wouldn't dare mess with this.. lol
  • Either Microsoft now that will take over Nokia step on the game and make devices that will please and what people ask like having wireless charging and not let carriers device for them.
  • I'd just get the RM-938 if I needed an upgrade right now. But this is cool if you are good at soldering at have the ATT 1520.
  • AT&T Alternating Technology & Torture. Maybe I'll switch to Verizon, they keep their phone original and intact.
  • I've never heard that one before, but I'm pretty new to AT&T....
  • Of course with Verizon, you would be 1520less then.
  • But, in Icon bliss.
  • Obviously it's not for average joe
  • I never soldered anything in my life, but just bought a solder kit a few days ago to try and fix a part in my wife's laptop. Maybe its a sign from the cell phone gods that I need to unleash my Lumia 1520? (0_•)
  • Instructions unclear. Warranty of phone is voided but my penis now charges wirelessly.
  • I'd rather charge my phone with a cable plugged in. Than doing these complicated things.
  • Can you wire in a Verizon LTE radio too?
  • I have the PMA case, it makes the phone thicker, but not bigger. Plus it offers some protection too. Now if a company like Mugan would get behind PMA, they could make a case with wireless charging and a spare battery. This way you wouldn't have to charge it but once a week. LOL
  • Lance probably wrote five apps while he was building his charger with the other hand.
  • did this months ago and it worked at first but it stopped working because one of my solder points came loose, so I fixed it and it came loose again so I said I'll return to it at a later date and never did. I also had a pretty bad bulge on the back of my phone
  • You forgot one of the most important things you'll need - an absolute disregard for having any type of warranty service honored on that phone ever again.
  • That is the key to all that. It's not like hacking the OS then when a problem occurs either flash back to the original OS or do a data wipe and freeze it. This is a Physical change that cannot be undone once you commit to it. So you just kissed goodbye to a warranty on a $600 phone. Wish I had the cash to toss around like that. LOL
  • I started a petition over at stating that AT&T should let the consumer and manufacture decide what charging format thyr want. Here is the link:   Please sign.    
  • This is really good! @all, Please sign and support this petition.
  • Signed :)
  • instructions not clear enough.  stuck my deek in the toaster.
  • Whatever happened to the Nokia clip on back plate? They said it was coming out but nothing yet
  • Honestly I don't need wireless charging on my 1520 I had the palm pre and didn't use it so much that I can't live without it but it is a cool thing to have
  • Can this be done on the Lumia 1020?
  • I have started a petition to get AT&T to let the consumer and manufacturer decide. Please sign...
  • How's this any different than the same solution posted last year on WP Central?  
  • Or you can just buy a new battery cover that has wireless charging built in. Duh!