Why Windows 8 is better than the post-PC iPad

We'll just leave this image here as it sort of speaks for itself. Windows 8 looks to be a game changer in more than a few ways.

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Daniel Rubino

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  • Nice. Thats what I call a show of force! :)
  • yes ipad, you may have 100x more accesories than us, but you need us to work :D
  • Yep, Slate PCs sure do have USB host.
  • -iPad: Windows 8! i need you!
  • Now THAT is funny :)
  • after seing w8 i made an 180 turn on the whole tablet thing.
  • hah! pwned!
  • Won't this kind of be redundant in iOS5? Since you won't need a PC to activate it? Regardless i'm really excited by W8. I hope they do a few form factors also.
  • The iPad and Win8 PC's tablets aren't even competing with each other, Win8 tablets are actually PC's, the iPad isn't geared towards that market. Two different types of tablets.
  • +10 for nailing the technicality.-10 for not understanding the consumer market
  • The consumer market? Really? The consumer market right now wants iPads, and Android tablets. The Win8 tablets will be great for enterprise but, regular consumers? Not a chance. I showed my parents (who are in their 40's so their not old as dirt) the new tablets and how they had Windows, and they replied, "Why would I purchase that, and I have my Samsung Series 7, which will be upgradeable to Windows 8 as well." To the average consumer, that already owns a PC, these tablets won't have much appeal. Its like me buying an iPod touch even though I already have a iPhone, and iPad.
  • ?Why would they want it?? They will both have great big icons on the front screen so the differences on the surface are next to nothing
  • Mostly disagree. Windows 8 tablets may be PCs, but that's just an added benefit of W8 over the iPad. The only market I can't see W8 tablets competing with the iPad is the hopeless Apple fanboy market.
  • Really? The "hopeless" iPad fanboy market? Can we do without the bashing, its not that serious and it really makes YOU sound like the fanboy. And if haven't noticed, those "hopeless" fanboys are the market leaders by a LONG shot.But anyways the difference between the iPad/Mac and Win8 tablets/Win PC's is that if you have a iPad you still have a use for your Macbook, but on the other hand a Win8 tablet PC is, well a PC, their is no point in having both a PC and a Win8 tablet.
  • that is why I like the Win8 tablet better...it combined both the Ipad & a Macbook in one. ;-)
  • Just how millions of Apple fanboys had been wishing from Apple when the iPad came out. Of course all the MS fanboys were asking the same thing but the difference is that MS was listening and not pretending to really know what the consumer wanted. Windows 8 is real revolution on the scale of the American, French and Russian ones.
  • These will be much better than an Android tablet -- but it's a different thing altogether when you try to compare it to an iPad. Not at all the same, and they won't be competing. iPad is a standard of it's own, those that it appeals to won't have much use for a W8 tablet. Personally, I'd like an iPad and a W8-tablet, but I'd like to W8-tablet to slip into a laptop-like docking station :)I think Android tablet makers are the ones who should be most worried about this...
  • How about for roughtly the same price as an upper crust iPad 2, you can purchase a full, COMPLETE OS with more powerful hardware and more compatibility with the accessories you already own.... You don't think that would appeal to someone about to shell out $699 for something that's half as productive (and that's being generous) as Windows 8? Apps are one thing, a decade of programs for Windows is another.
  • Its not just more powerful its design is better. Scrolling through a sea of static icons tells you nothing, and is not putting information at the center of your focus. Win 8 (and WP) is the true modern UI revolution I've been waiting for. Imagine this on your coffee table (surface), your tv, your bathroom wall ect. Scrolling through tiles which give you information that is constantly updating. Now imagine scrolling through an iPad. Something may show a number in the corner, but thats all the information you get. Android and widgets? Ok, they give you something, but its a jumbled mess and not nearly as fluid or intuitive as the design MS has created. I haven't been this pumped up for the future of tech for a long time. 1 year ago I would have said I have no idea who is going to make what I desire. To say MS is impressing me is an understatement.
  • "Windows 8 looks to be a game changer in more than a few ways."no man. Windows 8 is going to redefine the overplayed term 'game changer.' As I posted on my fb account: Windows 8 is gonna put a spanking on the OS market.
  • That pic says a lot, haha.In a way it's hard to compare them yet when you see Win8 on a slate, all I think is "Eat your heart out, iPad." :)But it's really much much larger than that. They took their cross-hairs off of iPad and instead of trying to catch up to it (functionality wise) they are aiming to surpass it. This is to change how we interact with technology. A machine that can be beautiful AND powerful is what I want. I think Windows 8 will do it. :)If anyone has the dev preview installed be sure to find all the varying weather conditions around the world for the weather app. The rain one is the best! :D
  • The thing that I hate the most about the iPad is only being able to view one app at a time. I think Microsoft has it right with being able to split 2 apps on the screen and if they are written correctly will scale right. I'd like the option to take it further and be able to have up to 4 apps tiled on the screen. Going to submit it to Microsoft.
  • I've been holding out on buying an iPad precisely because I need such an expensive device to do more in order for me to justify that kind of expense. iPads are great tech, I can't deny their success. Fact is, I'm glad I've waited. I do want a tablet and everytime I use my WP7 Focus while at home I ask myself, "damn, when is this OS coming out on a tablet?" In the meantime, I just have to outfit my family with WP7s so I don't have to train anyone (I've owned three generations of iPhone and am tired of supporting them) on anything and then buy bigger screen WP7s for me :D
  • well conrads, lets not forget this is the x86 version of Win8 - this isn't an appropriate match-up. The real competitor of the iPad will be the ARM version of Win8 because of its similar CPU, RAM, battery and app management. The x86 version won't have the same system underpinnings as WP7, iOS, Android, Blackberry, webOS, etc. (true mobile OSes). We most likely won't be able to run iTunes to MANAGE iCrap devices on the ARM version.
  • Who's your Daddy!
  • The most valuable nunchucks....
  • As soon as they demoed win8 months ago, I knew they would have something special on their hands. I like apple (not a fanboy), but I've been waiting for something like this for a while and with the xbl & wp7/8 integration, it'll be a real contender for best os. And that picture should send shivers down apple and android fanboy spines!
  • Thing is you guys, demoes, screen grabs, and concept hardware is great to look at, ooh and ahh over, and can have some make broad reaching statements about how game changing it is.But what really matters is marketing, execution, and delivery of content. WebOS looks wonderful and is so intuitive, but execution on Palm/HP was horrible.No matter what you may hold true to your heart that most consumers need access to a decade worth of Windows Programs, or do 'full PC' things on the go, that is not where the market is heading. What MSFT will run into in taking over market share is that people own and have invested a lot into content and applications that work on one device's OS. Why would anyone want to go and re-buy apps that exist elsewhere to be ported to this same environment. And don't give me the streaming argument about delivery of content. Infrastructure wise we are not even close yet.It may be too much too late. It looks wonderful, but looks and the actual decision to buy are completely different. Guess we'll find out. MSFT needs the content delivery, apps (original and exclusive), and the right financial incentive to get people to switch over. I'm an iOS guy myself, but want there to be competition. Competition drives innovation and pricing.
  • I am at the //Build Conference and I am typing this on one of the Samsung units.While there is work to and more hardware that needs to come out, unlike the iPad, this does give the best of both worlds.There will be room for both depending on needs but by far this will be the more powerful option. The hybrid approach will appeal to many. This Win 8 tablet will allow me to have the best of both worlds. And as far as apps, it will not be long before devs will be porting Win7 phone apps to Win 8. From my view, it will not be that hard.
  • I've had an IPad since v1. I've spent a fair amount of time with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview as well. I'm not going to suggest that Windows 8 kills the IPad in sales out-of-the-gate or anything, but I will say that it's a complete tablet computer compared to the IPad. The IPad is essentially an application launcher, and there are some great apps for it, but it doesn't compare well to Windows 8. Win 8 is the first complete option that has been designed with touch in mind from the ground up, and there is a sense of cohesion that I just don't get with the IPad. It may not feel perfect in the desktop scenario at this point, but I'm convinced  that it's going to be awesome for tablets and other touch screen devices. Actually, I'm sure that in a few years it will feel more natural for desktops as well. I was a big believer in the IPad when it came out, but I think it looks a little crude now compared. Nothing against Apple at all. In fact, they pushed Microsoft to create Windows 8. The real challenge for Apple will be in how it addresses the many options that will come out from Microsoft and its related vendors. Neither the IPad nor the IPad mini will cover the range of devices to come out for Win 8. Eventually the Apple hype will need to be supported by reality in the same way it originally was when the IPhone and IPad came out. The difference is that Apple now has a real competitor in those spaces that might be taking the lead. Can Apple do it? Maybe, but that doesn't change the fact that Windows 8 is a substantial release. The truth is that this benefits all consumers regardless of which company you support. We should all appreciate the efforts of any company raising the bar. In the end it's the consumer that wins anyway.