Will EU roaming become more expensive after Brexit?

With British voters having chosen to leave the European Union in the June 23 referendum, one of the many areas affected by "Brexit" is the cost of Brits using their phones on the continent. As it stands, EU law restricts how much operators based in one member state can charge for calls, texts and data in another. And in the next year roaming fees between EU countries will be abolished altogether.

So following the referendum result, what does the future hold for European roaming?

Staying in the EU would've meant an end to roaming fees altogether from June 2017.

Right now UK networks are bound by EU caps on roaming prices. Starting April 30 2016, calls could cost no more than €0.05, texts no more than €0.02, and data no more than €0.05 per megabyte. Roaming fees between EU countries are set be abolished altogether by June 15, 2017.

In effect, that would give subscribers to one EU network coverage throughout the union — assuming the appropriate roaming agreements are in place — thus opening up competition between international providers, particularly in border areas.

When the UK leaves the EU British networks would (eventually) be free to charge whatever they wanted for roaming on the continent. And equally, subscribers to EU networks would once again have to pay to roaming fees when visiting the UK.

Even so, this wouldn't happen overnight. Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union provides a two-year negotiation period for a member state seeking to leave the union. During this time the UK would remain subject to EU treaties and laws, including the planned abolition of roaming rates in June 2017. Exactly when Article 50 will be triggered has turned into a contentious political issue, with Prime Minister Theresa May saying it won't happen until 2017 — so it's possible "Brexit" won't be concluded until early 2019.

In theory there'd be nothing stopping networks from raising roaming prices — but this couldn't happen overnight.

This could place carriers (and their customers) in a precarious position whereby European roaming is free for a time, only for roaming fees to be reintroduced 18 months later.

Even so, in a competitive market like the UK, rivalry between the carriers would likely keep post-Brexit roaming prices in check. While UK operators' roaming prices in some countries are extremely expensive, networks like Vodafone and EE have surprisingly palatable rates for many destinations outside the EU, including the United States, Australia and Canada. The situation may even highlight the issue of roaming fees, and allow some operators to differentiate by offering inclusive EU roaming even after the UK and EU part ways.

For the moment though, the big four haven't said much about any planned roaming changes, offering basically no information to the BBC as part of a recent feature leading up to the referendum. As with many other aspects of the Brexit issue, customers may just have to wait and see what happens once the dust has settled.

Alex Dobie
  • Thanks for this.
  • Although not in the EU, I am very excited with the roaming free thing things that will make my travels through Europe very easy. Would be bad if UK is not part of this deal.
  • How real is the Brexit? Is it a real posibility?!
  • Yes a very real possibility. The polls are all showing out at the moment. So expect a fun time when you travel in Europe next, UK will be it's onwn little island.. that's what it seems to want anyway.
  • I'm a EU citizen, from the Netherlands and I fully understand British complaints towards the EU. But I hope they will remain a member and that we, together, can change how the EU works and functions from within. On paper it's a great institution, but the way it works in practice is extremely flawed. If Brexit has shown anything to the other EU members it is that things have to change. I sure hope Britain is going to be part of that change!
  • The problem is that it's a little too late tbh. David Cameron went to Brussels asking for a good deal, Germany blocked many of the issues that UK residents are most concerned about. Sadly it looks like two fingers have been stuck up at Britain and the EU will probably ultimately pay the price for their ignorance. I'm in favour of the single market, but not the legislative side, and it's an all or nothing approach. The EU ultimately needs greater control and closer union, something Britain has been resisting for years, so a BREXIT could actually be a good thing for the EU, in terms of letting someone who's had their foot out of the door for years to finally go free. Sadly the more foreign leaders threaten the UK, the more people will dig their heels in... People know that Germany aren't going to block cars being sold to the UK, nor are the French going to block Wine & Champagne sales, or the Italians their Olive Oil, just to name a few industries. In reality after BREXIT, they'll be another round of 'talking' within the EU, and Britain probably will get access to the Single Market, plus other things the UK are interested in, but ultimately allow the UK to trade with the rest of the world.
    We could create the largest trading bloc just by changing the Commonwealth into a trading bloc, that's 3 billion people! Not sure about NI, but certainly Scotland, it seems that it's the vocal minority who are in Favour of Remain and thus throw in the Independence debate to confuse, whereas most Scots are just as cheesed off with the EU as the English & Welsh...
  • Even though there could be the possibility of having access to the single market still, its still very likely that we won't pay the same prices. Can't expect to leave a club and expect the same privileges as before. Prices will still go up, which can potentially cause economic issues and ship prices rising. There are sadly good and bad of both to both leave and remain. Different sides of the same coin. +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • Add to that the most likely devaluation of the pound sterling. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The Commonwealth was once a trading bloc called the British Empire... look how great that was...
  • In EU we use one finger, the medium one.
  • What do you complain about? We Germans are paying for everything and still we are the dumbass of Europe. The Brits should leave if they aren't willing to be real Europeans. And they should take Poland and Hungary with them.
    I want a truly united Europe and not Germany paying for nationalists. We got enough nazis here, we don't to support them elsewhere.
  • I agree with most of what you say, Mein Freund, but I wish you Germans would stop pretending you pay for everything... Us Dutchies pay our fair share too you know! Also, you're not the dummkopfs of Europe, clearly that title belongs to the British if they vote out. If they stay in you're very welcome to claim it though! ;-)
  • "enough ****'s here, we don't to support them elsewhere" where have you heard at all that brits are nazis, and how did nazis get into a debate about the EU? +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • I know you're not asking me, but answering anyway... ****'s is probably not the right word... Extreme-right-wing-nationalist-populists would be a better word... It was clear when the EU was formed that there was a danger of Extreme-right-wing-nationalist-populism gaining in popularity. That, coupled with the current terrorism, is creating a very dangerous situation, not just in EU/Europe but also in the NAFTA/USA... People like Trump, Wilders, DeWinter, LePen, etc, are capitalizing on it... In my opinion we've taken great steps since we all had to deal with Hitler and Mussolini and such, but right now we are all about to take a few steps back again. Just my 2 cents...
  • I thought Brits by now should know not to trust polls given how amazingly hard they failed in the last election (and the Scottish referendum for that matter). Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's not a real possibility. It's going to be an easy Stay result. Ignore people who start talking about "some" polls because the main polls show a more then 60% stay rate.
  • I personally want the UK to stay in the EU, but most sources all point to the fact that polls are currently around 48. Edit: I've just checked the poll results from multiple news sources for the last month and none of them have even nearly reached 60% on either side. They're both very close. +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • Everybody I know is voting out and everybody they know are voting out as well. In fact I haven't spoken to anybody who wants to remain in so where ate you getting your info from?
  • Just a friendly suggestion... If you don't know anyone who has a different opinion than your own, maybe you should consider expanding your circle a bit?
  • Right now the voting hasn't started (that's for 23rd June) however polls are right now neck and neck on 41% remain, 41% leave with the remaining 18% undecided. So yeah I'd say it is a good possibility. 50/50 chance so far. The undecided will be the people who tip the balance either way. Unless people change their minds before the votes. +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • Vote out. I will pay the roaming .
  • This isn't a referendum debate article. I'm glad you have plenty of money to do that or you don't travel that often to care.
  • Personal opinion. I think a lot of things will get more expensive if it's out. I also think a lot of people will lose their jobs but that's just my personal opinoni on things. There's no real knowing for sure what's going to happen. I'm just worried about the far rightwing pollies saying things will be great...
  • How did the UK manage before. We need to get out now .. Or it be to late . Reopen the factories .. Buy British produce only..
    You might not like what im saying . But I'm not alone.
  • Also, maybe you could improve your education system so that you native-speakers finally learn the difference between to and too... You probably also blame that on the EU...
  • Ah that's a bit low like. Britain managed very well before , it can again.
  • The world pre-EU is a completely different world than the world we live in today. The EU emerged out of the ashes of WO2, fulfilling a desire to let things never get as bad as that again, and a desire for more European cooperation. The 1950s and 1960s where mostly about the decolonization of former european colonial empires, of which Britain was, by far, the largest and most powerful. What happens after that? Britain became the sick man of Europe looking across the canal seeing a prosperous and wealthy union of nations doing something right. That's why Britain joined and it prospered afterwards. No one knows how a Britain post-EU would cope with major challenges. Simply because there is no precedent for it. Since the 1800's the world has changed so much and in the 70 years after WO2 the world changed more then it did in 2000 years of recorded human history. Britain no longer has it's colonial empire to fall back on and 60 million British people are a tiny market compared to 1.3 billion Chinese and 1.1 Billion Indians. With a ever growing globalization there is no knowing what Britains chances are on it's own. But saying we managed before and we will again, is the stupidest thing I've ever heard! You cannot in any way compare the situations of Britain before it's EU membership to Britain today. Leaving the EU brings only one thing for sure and that is uncertainty (which might bring good things, but probably won't)
  • +10 to that! Very well said!
  • Very well said. Hopefully more people acknowledge this before it is too late! +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • Urm, sorry but saying that the British education doesn't teach grammar/spelling properly is quite insulting. Just because some people don't use grammar properly doesn't mean it's the education system's fault or that all of us don't use it properly.
    (although I'm not supporting willboyce, I want UK to stay) +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • (Urm) lol ok right you are lol. 
  • Uhm, sorry, but I didn't say that, although I'm sorry that you feel insulted by what I actually did say. Obviously it's not the English education system but the EU who's to blame! (kidding!)
  • People will find anything to blame the EU for, haha. Honestly a lot of people will be voting in/out for EU based on biased information from either side of the coin. They'll hear biased Info from (for example) brexit, and will not bother to actually look up the benefits of the EU or listen to the other side. It's sad really. I learnt both good and bad of the EU through general studies year or two ago before the biased campaigns even started so I have a very clear non-biased view on the EU, and honestly the benefits out weigh the problems by a long shot. Leaving will demolish the UK's economics for everyone but the higher class who will be laughing at the top. Sadly it could be possible that we will leave because not a lot of people realise this. +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • "We need to get out now .. Or it be to late . Reopen the factories .. Buy British produce only.." Buying British produce only will not happen even out of the EU. Factories won't be reopened either. If you had any idea what you were talking about you would realise how ridiculous your statement is. The EU for all intents and purposes benefits the UK, don't believe the bullshit propaganda the Out campaign are saying about British workers and British goods because it's rubbish. We would be worse off for a substantial amount of time if we left, the trade agreements would take years and years to do and they would be less favourable then we currently have. The EU has far more negotiating power to get good deals with other countries then the UK alone.
  • Things like workers rights (minimum pay, and minimum work hours) will also be vulnerable to governments' removing it as EU won't be restricting it. The Out campaign conveniently forget to tell people that because they know they'll lose a lot of voters. Leaving will be more of a benefit for high business owners, but will be devastating for workers. The campaign fails to make that clear and makes it sound like it'll create some kind of UK utopia which won't happen. Hopefully we stay in the UK :s +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • Go find out about the benefits of the EU then you can go figure out "how brits were before the EU". And "buy British produce only" you realise that will limit the quantity of products we have, which in turn will make prices go up which will also ruin our economics as a country. It says a lot when a 17 year old has to tell you this doesn't it? +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • In what way does the EU stop Britain from reopening the factories, or your citizens from buying British goods???
  • Getting out of the Eu will save the uk £326 million p/w 19 billion per annum good enough reason to get out I think personally
  • Do you really believe you get nothing back for that 19 billion? I suspect you then also save on your utilities by just refusing to pay your bills?
  • And still the UK don't pay anywhere near what other countries pay and we get the same benefits as any other EU country. (I'm not being hostile by the way, its your opinion and I have no problem with it :) just throwing in a rebuttal to balance the scales :) ) +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • I for one don't really travel that much, so won't affect me, but if I did, I would sort out a SIM for the holiday.
    For me cheaper calls, for staying Europe, not worth it, self governing, and freedom for a country to make its own rules for it's own people trumps all else.
  • Thank you . Someone with bit of sense..
  • Seems to me people with "bit of sense" will be voting for a Brexit while people with at least "common sense" will vote against a Brexit... Too bad, you Brits used to be respected throughout Europe...
  • Obviously if the UK leaves the EU the UK forfeits their EU privileges as well as their EU obligations. If I was English I'd be voting that "we" stay in the EU, and not just for cheaper calls throughout most of the rest of Europe. Sure, the EU has downsides and isn't perfect (yet), but in my opinion the upsides outweigh the downsides by A LOT!
  • What EU privileges would that be apart from free roaming there is none. Lol.
  • To name just a few, being able to move to and work in any other EU country without a lot of paperwork, less risk of another pan-european war, much easier to do international business, single currency (well, for the rest of us anyway)... The list is quite extensive... And if you Brits think you're being ripped off on imported goods now, just wait and see what a brexit will do to your disposable income... Not to mention Scotland (and possibly North Ireland) exiting the UK...
  • The fact that you think theres no benefits to the EU other then roaming shows how little you even know about the EU. Stop reading BREXIT rubbish and go learn what the EU actually is. Ignorance is unnaceptable in the information age of today, go read some real sources. The UK gets tons of benefits from the EU, the joint market for businesses, more negotiating power for trade deals with China and the US, ability to travel freely along with no work permit requirements. Plus for crime reasons the EU is more secure then us being alone, cooperation of police forces among the EU is far better then the old days.
  • I really don't get how people so easily forget what good the EU brought and really believe focusing on their tiny nation will bring salvation in a global economy. And I don't mean all the small stuff like standarized smartphone chargers, maximum standby energy consumption, dropping of roaming fees, maximums ATM charges, free bank transfer, soon no region limitation on streaming services,... which could only be achieved by the power of a combined EU market against multi-national companies.
  • "none" haha seems you don't have good political knowledge. I can list a good amount if you want? 1) a single market with cheaper prices with all other EU countries. 2) Caps on laws such as Minimum workers pay and also a cap on Workers hours (it won't be a 9 til 5 hour scheme for long if the government decide against it as there will be no EU reinforcing it). 3) if you move/work in another country, an EU country grade system is recognised in other EU countries, and can be converted to their grades. Outside of the EU, we will have to retake exams in their country. 4) In the EU, you can be in another country for 2(?) months before you need to register in that country. Then on top of this list, there is also Yaldenski's list. And on top of both combined, there is still a lot still to list. The fact is the Brexit campaign fail to state all these benefits we will lose. We pay to stay in the EU but we get benefits out of it as well. Its childish to say that we get nothing out of the EU or the EU wouldn't exist in the first place. +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • The (yet) in your statement shows you're an idealist. There will never be a perfect government or anything else made up of imperfect humans.
  • Lippidp, sure, I'm an idealist and I'm not ashamed of it. I'd rather work towards perfection realizing that perfection may never exist rather than not even try. If we don't try we will not make progress, if we shoot for the sky we might never reach our goals but at least there's a chance for improvement.
  • No one ever suggested we don't try to improve things. It was the naïveté in your comment to suggest perfection is even possible in a governmental body that was astounding and put into question (for me at least) your judgment on this matter.
  • Lippidp, fair enough. Have I removed any of the questionability for you with my reply?
  • Yes, you have. Enjoy your weekend!
  • Cheap mobile phone calls will not keep me from voting OUT. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Just right to. Roll on 23rd
  • That's why I mentioned we need to go back to British brands. . As for Scotland and especially northern Ireland, there is little and no chance they leave the United kingdom . I don't even know why you said that.
  • British brands like Jaguar, Vauxhal, Mini-Cooper, Bentley... And that's just cars... Are you going to buy back all those brands after you Brexit? I can't and don't want to speak for Northern Ireland and Scotland, but if they have to choose between staying in the UK and staying in the EU, I wouldn't count on "the Great British Empire" not crumbling even further than it already has...
  • The Turks are getting ready in the thousands to come once they get into the EU.. Britain can't sustain it mate ..
    NHS will crumble.
    We give the EU millions. it's time we stopped
  • This is not the thread or forum to discuss Brexit and its unforeseen impact in or out.  Your comment suggest your one of the narrow minded UKIP supporters right?
  • Turkey in the EU? Not going to happen for a long long time, Russia is more likely to be invited before Turkey is... The crumbling NHS... Seriously? You blame that on the EU too??? Anyway, seems like your "mind" is made up, I'll leave arguing with you to your countrymen...
  • I don't think the British are respected that much to be honest but the wealth is..
    Britain will do what's right I suppose. If we stay in fair enough, we will have to change it for the better.
    But if it leaves, then even better.
  • You're right, notice how I said "used to be"? You used to be known as "gentlemen". Now when people think of the English we think of your hooligans first and foremost. Do you blame that on the EU too? Or are you blaming the Russians for that?
  • No one knows, depends on the way the Scottish feel about wanting to be a part of the EU (if we leave) Oil prices the way they are mean they cant, Oil prices are going to go up, when they do they will demand a refurendum (if enough want to be part of the EU) and they will vote to leave, simple really.  As for British brands, you mean the ones Like BHS (British Home Stores) that the great british public saved? oh wait...they didnt did they.  People go where the deals are.  I run an international recruitment company from the UK and know where the skills gaps are, what people are not discussing (they like to create fear) is that the skills gap will mean the UK will need MORE migration after the econmy recovers from a brexit and starts to expand.
  • Vote out
  • Im voting out too, not for the reasons that the leave campaign are shouting about though, Farage and Boris are the 2 worst people to be in politics!
  • Ok, I'm curious... What are your motivations to "vote out" which the out-campaign is not shouting about?
  • Farage yes Boris no. He will be the leader of this country soon.
  • Nope will remain the same, whatever the EU does without the UK the UK will reflect the same prices back, how can they not?  If the EU charges UK a tariff then the operators will eat that up, no way im paying more!  Worst case scenio is I get a local sim card and use my VOIP.
  • Sounds like you want to blame everyone there mate.. I'm the only one here that's not allowed to have an opinion of my own it seems..
  • Speaking for myself... I think it's great that you have an opinion, it's just that you're so wrong in that opinion...
  • Vote out lol
  • Right folk I have things to do and people to see.. Let's meet back here after we leave . Just for a we chat like.
  • Let me guess... Are we going to the local for a wee binge, mate? You know, we and wee, just like to and too, sound the same but are spelled different... Not trying to be a smarty-pants, but if you're trying to convince people of something, it often helps if you use proper English... Makes it seem more like you have some idea of what you're talking about, like...
  • The most important thing is that we Brexit. We can worry about the other nonsense later on. If roaming charges go back up then so be it. There is always free Wi-Fi anyway haha
  • Not if your non-EU network providers figure out a way to block that and charge you some other way... And then you won't have a European court to go and complain to.
  • I'm afraid roaming charges won't be stopping me from voting out either. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I wonder if any English bookies are giving odds on how long it will take, after a Brexit, for the UK to want back in again...
  • I'm just hoping that if Britain votes out, we get a second referendum when everyone realises the mistake they've made. Because people will regret voting out if they believe so right now or not. +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • I think that is possibly the only good that could come out of a Brexit, that people across Europe realize, when they see what happens to a Brexited England, that a EU, however flawed, is not as bad as no EU.
  • Exactly. I just hope it won't come to the UK being the ones to suffer for leaving. +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • Honestly, I rather see Britain suffer (to a mild degree) when they vote leave then that I see the entire EU (and with it the entire European Cooperation we've build in the last 70 years) collapse. Which is a very real possibility as a succesful BREXIT would fuel anti-EU sentiment movements across continental Europe and fuel anti-EU political parties to demand referenda across the entire Union. If European cooperation fails it will destabilize the entire region and bring us back to square one, and possible on the path to WW3. I think we can all agree, that that would benefit no one. For the first time since the Roman Empire we have had a unprecedented period of peace, cooperation and mutual prosperity in Europe. I hope we can keep the freedom that we grew over three generations last for at least the next thousand generations. A BREXIT would divide us up until to our bone. So I say, please vote STAY! Posted from my laptop with the AWESOME universal Windows Central app!
  • I don't think it would get to that possibility haha.. (I hope ._.), but still yeah, I'd rather UK stay... Always have +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • There will be no 2nd referendum. Anyone thinking this is in a dream world. You have the result, deal with it. We're better off out and many other EU countries will join us in this.
  • I'm all for trade and working with Europe which I hope carries on if we leave. What is it that you think we will miss if we do leave? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Not sure who you're asking, GazP, app is not great with threads... But the simplest answer I think is that England would be "working with" Europe instead of "being a part of" Europe... That's best case of course. Worst case scenario is that England will be fighting with a United Europe instead of either working with or being part of... Not to mention the very worst case which of course is that the Brexit leads to the collapse of the entire EU and that we'll all be fighting with each other again... Possibly ""just"" a pan-European trade war, or, depending on what happens in the USA in November, full on WW3... It seems that at least the Russians have been preparing for that last option.
  • So maybe, if your apocalyptic prophecy has any merit to it, Britain should remain a EU member for the sake of the entire human race ;) Posted from my laptop with the AWESOME universal Windows Central app!
  • I like the idea of working with Europe rather than being dictated by an unelected, unaccountable group. Britain has been part of the EU for the last few decades but hasn't been working with Europe just told (strong armed) what to do or at least thats what it feels like. This rosy vision that EU is united and just is a load of rubbish, for example it's disgusting how the Greeks are being treated at this current moment in time and makes me not want to be part of "club" that can treat its members so badly.
  • GazP, there's problems in Greece, sure, but would they have been better off if they had not been an EU member. Another example is Ireland, where would they be right now if the EU hadn't bailed them out of near bankruptcy. Where would countries like Poland and the Czech Republic be today without the EU? You say you're feeling dictated by the EU... Can you give me an example of something you personally are restricted in by being a EU citizen instead of just English? Are you not happy with things like no roaming fees, single currency almost across the entire EU, the option of moving to and working in 20+ countries whenever you feel like it, being able to take a case to the European courts if you should ever find yourself stuck in a dispute with your government, etc, etc, etc.... Please, just give me one single example of how an EU regulation is restricting you personally.... It sounds to me like your opinion is really just a copy of anti-EU newspaper headlines. How has the EU worsened your own personal life for you to want the UK to exit the EU?
  • There is a huge list of benefits of the EU what we will lose out on which you will find on a branch of comments above. Read them :) its a long list and isn't even all of it. I would list them out again but honestly its time consuming. +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • Being from Scotland, this could be an interesting result. UK votes to leave, Scotland votes to stay could lead to a very interesting debate. Independence? or stay with the UK and make all Scottish laws comply with EU treaties and regulations + Human Rights Act to make a political statement... Watch this space!
  • Well, here we are, as far as I'm concerned a very sad day for all Europeans. All we can do is hope that the rest of the EU sticks together and that I was wrong in the predictions I made in this thread earlier and if not that at the very worst my "best case scenario" unfolds and not one of my "worst case scenario's"
  • You Brits have just done something really really really really dumb. Have fun with higher prices, unemployment and political turbulences. I'm not going to feel sorry. People who reject migrants will not be welcomed by me and should not deserve extended visas in my country. Build a wall Brits! Lock the door and reach us the key. ;)
  • A great English poet wrote a long time ago; "Better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven"... The UK has made their choice. I wonder how many Brexit voters who may or may not know of this quote also know who those words are attributed to...
  • You can't be serious man. Every country in Europe "works" for Germany and gives money to them. The first 2-3 years will be tough, but after that period Brits will become tougher!
  • That's pretty unfair. 48% of the country (even more if young people were given the vote, no doubt) wanted to remain. The other 52%, arguably, did not possess enough of all-rounded knowledge. The immigration issue snowballed from a point on bolder control to an out-of-hand exaggeration of the current situation. Our government, our experts, unions and almost all of the political parties agreed, pretty much for the first time ever, on one thing; we should still be in the EU. Unfortunately, the people did not listen. For those of us who opposed the exit, this was a massively disheartening thing to have happened. I actually feel like I should be apologising for my country, we did not all agree with what has happened but unfortunately, the future generations now have to live with it and we have to deal with what the rest of us have done.
  • Hi LondonLumia, I can't tell in this app exactly who or what you're replying to, but... I understand how you must feel... Probably very similar but worse than I did when here in Holland the majority voted against the agreement with Ukraine not very long ago. I hope that the people of the UK, who voted to remain in the EU will not give up. I don't believe the Brexit voters would have given up either had the vote gone the other way. Their majority yesterday was only a minor one. This battle may have been lost, the war is still raging and has only just begun. There are many paths forward still, don't give up the fight! Together we stand, divided we fall and it's not over till the overweight lady sings!
  • I was replying to Hutzi :) Yeah, problem is, it'll be a miracle for this to be reversed. Until our government chooses to invoke the act of seperation (Article 50, I believe it is called), there's the slightest chance this may not happen, but their purpose is to serve the wants of the British public and they're going to be forced to do just that. Add to that the fact that the United Kingdom is now facing a very real threat of breaking up from the inside, and it is a very sad day.  
  • A very sad day indeed, but, if I'm not mistaken this was an advisory/consulting referendum, not a binding one.... It wouldn't be the first time that a referendum like this one wasn't followed up on. You guys are still in, not all is lost yet. Article 50 has not been evoked yet and even after that should eventually be invoked there will still be paths forward. Just don't let this single setback ruin all the hard work that's been dine over the last decades. Don't give up on the dream, keep on fighting, for yourself, your children and their children... Don't forget that at least 48% of voters are with you... If the fascists can make this happen, there's a lot the European minded people can still do too... Just don't give up, remeber what Churchill said about never surrendering... Most of the rest of Europe is still counting on you guys... Don't give up! Never surrender!
  • Brits won't be able to afford to travel to the EU anymore with the depreciated exchange rate, so doesn't really matter!
  • ... and what a hell it's going to be. With some really mean devils ruling from the top.
  • Nightmares of a World ruled by people like Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, Geert Wilders, Vladimir Putin, Marine Le Pen, Frauke Petry, Flip DeWinter, etc, etc... After they get rid of Muslims, who will they go after next....
  • Thank you Great Britain, you did awesome!
    Respect from Germany (we basically pay the whole EU now).
  • better say you steal from the whole EU and give only a little percentage of that money, just to look fair, but no you're not. I love the fact that Great Britain is out of EU, I would love to see more countries doing the exact same thing!
  • Wow just read that. This is no political forum but you should explain that stealing theory.
    In the meantime I go with the facts.
  • Laws that were brought in by the EU still stand though unless we choose to amend or get rid of them.
  • That was a sure thing.
  • More expensive for them ? Sure, but not for us, those in the EU ;) please stop act as all the Europe is UK Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • After 2018 Pound worth will be so low we, UE citizens, will be able to paid UK roaming fees with three peanuts.