Will the Samsung i788 be called the BlackJack III?

Mobility Site is reporting some new tidbits on the Samsung i788. That's nothing big, we've been expecting the Samsung i788 on AT&T for awhile now. What does seem new is confirmation that it will, in fact, be called the BlackJack III. That's what SK Telecom is calling it, anyway.

Samsung's sequel to the BlackJack II are being sited on the internet as well as details on what the new phone will bring. The SCH-M480, otherwise known as the BlackJack III, will launch with Windows Mobile 6 Professional and will be the first BlackJack with a touch screen. It will sport a 2.6” 320x320 screen along with a Blackberry styled keypad and finger mouse. Additionally, the BlackJack III will feature WiFi 802.11 b/g connectivity, a 2.0 megapixel camera, Bluetooth support, mp3/mpeg4/wmv file support and will be fitted with a microSD card slot.

Expected delivery of the BlackJack III on SK Telecom is sometime in late July. AT&T: We still don't know.

WC Staff