Windows 10 build 14390 rolling out to fast ring Insiders for PC and phone

What, another build? Microsoft has just released build 14390 for Insiders in the fast ring on PC and phone which includes a number of new fixes and other improvements. Since we're at the tail-end of development, there are no new features in this build.

From today's announcement:

Improvements to PC

  • You should no longer see the error code 0x80004005 when enabling Developer Mode on the "For Developers" Settings page if your PC is using a non-EN-US language.

Known issues for PC

  • AWARENESS: A recent fix went into place for the Hyper-V firmware that will that affect the ability to boot Windows Server 2016 Tech Preview 5 VMs with Secure Boot enabled. A fix for TP5 builds has been developed however, due to release schedules, the Insider Preview build changes will be released before the TP5 fix is released. During that time, if you try to boot a new TP5 VM with Secure Boot enabled, it will fail. The workaround is to disable Secure Boot during this period.

Known issues for Mobile

  • Voice Recorder does not show up consistently as an option for Call Recording. We heard your feedback and plan to release a Voice Recorder app update via the Store soon that has the fix for this issue.
  • Wallet users are prompted for a PIN twice when using tap to pay from a locked phone. You can enter their PIN twice and tap as usual once the phone is unlocked. A fix for this will come as a Wallet app update via the Store.
  • REMINDER: We have changed the backup format for Windows 10 Mobile devices to reduce the size of the backup stored in OneDrive. As a result, if you do a backup on a device running the latest Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview builds and move back to the released version of Windows 10 Mobile (Build 10586) and restore from your backup – your Start screen layout won't restore and remain the default Start layout. Your previous backup also gets overwritten. If you need to go back to Build 10586 temporarily, once you are on Build 10586 you should disable backup so it doesn't overwrite the good backup from Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview builds.

My sources are telling me that this build could very well be the one that will roll-out to the public on August 2nd, meaning it's the sign-off build or "Release To Manufacturing" (RTM) build. I'm still gathering details, but it's looking increasingly likely that this is the final build. Exciting stuff indeed.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • Hope it fixes the battery life it was good 2 builds back but the build before this one it got worst, and the Bluetooth bug in the action center where if u turn off Bluetooth that way the phone freezes for roughly a minute....going to try to download this now
  • Hopefully this fixes WiFi issues. Still have to restart
  • Wifi connection randomly drops out and won't reconnect unless reboot? Same issue on my 950.
  • I only experienced this on my 950XL and my wife's 930 but not on my SP3... Hope it gets fixed indeed... I also think that when the build is really RTM, I'll do a hard reset on my 950XL just for the sake of it.
  • Hard resets - contrarily to what's being reported here - have not ever made any difference for me... Not with regards to performance issues, nor with regards to stability issues. Still, best of luck
  • I see hard resets as irrelevant.
    Doesn't make a difference for me.
  • it definitely solved some battery issues and flaws after updates for me in previous builds so I really do think that hard resets do solve stuff. Like format c: did solve a lot of stuff on pc :)
  • Absolutely, hard resets have often transformed my phone. I too have been having WiFi issues with my 1520 but worst my PC using a DWA182 WiFi dongle from dlink has been really bad
  • Is your shutter button still working on this build? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah, but not how it should... Freezing and even some reboots when using it on locked screen...
  • Format C: only solved things for people because it was usually there actions that caused the mess in the first place.  For the Insider Program we are all at the mercy of Microsoft and bugs - we knew this when we signed up.
  • Tap to wake???????? Where it at❓❓❓❓ 950XS
  • Settings->Personalisation->Lockscreen
  • what's firmware version for your lumia 950?
  • if you were asking me, my 950 (XL) is on firmware 16236, so the one that was rolled out earlier this month (or last month??)
  • Last set of numbers... 39033
  • 35033
  • Hard Reset fixed Wifi disconnecting (showing no-internet) issue . Even I was worrying about this issue since last 3 builds.
  • A hard reset is a little extreme when we are supposed to be so close to release date.  It should not really be needed but thanks for letting us know it helped solve the issue.
  • This happens to me too on my 950XL.
  • This is still a thing? Too bad. I ordered a 950 in last November but had it in a drawer by February just for this problem. I bought a  Galaxy 7 and never looked back.
  • I have that exact issue for a few builds now (ie not introduced with this build). I thought that the wifi issues in the 950(XL) was fixed by the firmware which also re-introduced the double tap to wake??? Are you on the new firmware of last week?
    In the UK, I am (im)patiently waiting for that firmware to fixed the WiFi.
    Any news on that firmware? Had anyone in the UK received it ???
  • I have that exact issue for a few builds now (ie not introduced with this build). I thought that the wifi issues in the 950(XL) was fixed by the firmware which also re-introduced the double tap to wake??? Are you on the new firmware of last week?
    In the UK, I am (im)patiently waiting for that firmware to fixed the WiFi.
    Any news on that firmware? Had anyone in the UK received it ???
  • I have that exact issue for a few builds now (ie not introduced with this build). I thought that the wifi issues in the 950(XL) was fixed by the firmware which also re-introduced the double tap to wake??? Are you on the new firmware of last week?
    In the UK, I am (im)patiently waiting for that firmware to fixed the WiFi.
    Any news on that firmware? Had anyone in the UK received it ???
  • Try changing your location to like Germany or somewhere where they did get the firmware update
  • Try to reset using recovery tool. You will get new firmware
  • I checked yesterday and the latest firmware available from the Recovery Tool was the same firmware (i.e. Not the new update) as is already on my phone 950XL in Canada.
  • Say it again.
  • in uk with 950xl and same issue, no firmware update either , probs with glance screen where stays on when charging, do you have that issue ?
  • Yes, please fix this. Happens almost everyday I get home from work. When this happens it also stops my cellular data from working too.
  • On what phone? I don't get it on 950xl but there is a new firmware for it that fixes wifi issues.
  • Lumia 640 XL
  • The firmware update that went AWOL. Would have thought all factory unlocked phones would have gotten it first. Or at least, simply have gotten it.
  • Most ex-Nokia people were fired in last May "restructure". Consider yourself lucky if your variant ever gets the FW update.
  • My lumia 1520 have the same issue and, to top it off, the power button doesn't work anymore... I'm screw :/ Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • My Lumia 1520 has run the last 4-5 builds without any issue including the current build 14390.
  • This actually gave me that bug. Was 100% normal until then. Oh well I guess...
  • Battery is worst from last 2 builds. Before 2 builds it was good. Now even if i charge my phone for 8 hours while i am sleeping, it gets charged only till 85-88%
  • hmm I thought its issue with my phone...
  • Battery is very good on my 1520.
  • That Bluetooth bug.ugghh. Please report beach if it's been fixed :)
  • Yeah there are many beaches worldwide.
  • Indeed, but not that many beaches where those blue-toothed bugs live. ;-)
  • Stupid beach...
  • So...we are repeating history again! Release another half baked OS (knowingly) to the public. Wow.
  • I agree. But I think the battery issue is related to VVM. As soon as I turn it on the phone starts to heat up and the battery starts to drain up to 2-25% per hour. Without the VVM the phone stays cool with normal battery Usage. I hope they can fix this. I have reported it several times already. We'll see. Using Lumia 950xl dual sim.
  • Yea I have this same problem. Took me a couple days to figure it out. such a shame becasue its been working flawlessly for me the last couple of builds. Also my firmware update is MIA as well. Lumia 950XL DS US unlocked build 14390 and firmware 36005
  • I think 400 build will be final in anniversary update, i read it somewhere
  • Yes, I would like to see 14400 (120²) as the RTM build number.
  • Ah yes, reminds me of the good old days when 14400 baud modems were considered "fast"
  • Haha... That was ages ago :)
  • I sometimes purposely connected my 9600 baud modem at 300 to simulate that scene where a young Matthew Broderick was asked if he would like to play a game.
  • I remember loving War Games back in the day. Definitely wouldn't want to watch it now, though. That'd probably just ruin those fond memories.
  • It would divide both by 16 and by 100, like the old Vista/7/8.x days.
  • It's break more than it fixes. No point having this build
  • For PC? No. For Mobile? Those are the same issues they have existed in builds for awhile, nothing new. There are actually hundreds of small fixes and improvements not listed and considering this is very likely RTM, you'd be kind of silly to not install it. You're likely getting it anyway.
  • There's nothing broken on my build im on the slow ring right now.
  • Daniel, Is your 950XL the US Dual Sim variant and if so, do you have any issues with sending text/MMS messages or any other data related or dual sim issues? I went back to Production after the initial Dual Sim issues and I lost the ability to send text messages. I'm thinking of enrolling into the Fast Ring but I have one important game that doesn't have progress or IAP backup so I am cautious. Do you think it's a good idea to rejoin the Fast Ring now with the 950XL DS or just wait a few more weeks until RTM?
  • I would install now. I have a 950XL us dual sim and it works fine for me.
  • I have a Lumia 950 DUAL SIM and for some reason both SIM cards get stuck at 2G but if I have only 1 it can use 4G LTE. I wonder if this is a bug or not? By the way, this hasn't happened to other Dual-SIM phones I had in the past.
  • I hit reset on my phone, and didn't use a previous backup, all of my issues disappeared. I also noticed a daily increase in battery life since the last build. Much better improvements than just repeating soft resets. I think they have done a good job. (putting up my umbrella shield for this comments down votes lol
  • Daniel we have problems with this build launching apps (lumia 1520). Do you recommend a hard reset? Previous build was better. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Explain...
  • Did "Close all tabs" when attempting to close Edge with multiple tabs open break for anyone else in the last few builds? Seems like kind of an important one.
  • Since last build (updating right now to the new one), Edge would not close when having multiples tabs open, forcing me to use task manager and kill the process, is this the bug you've encountered?
  • If you manually close all the tabs it will work, but yep, that sounds like about it.
  • Yes, exactly. However it seems to be fixed in the new build
  • yep
  • Well, still not fixed in this build either. Weird.
  • Really Weird, it is fixed for me
  • I hope he started live tiles in people contact
  • Loving W10 RS, but still have dysfunctional features. Anyone have Project to/from PCs and phones running reliably? Miracast? Edge not crashing and slowing the whole OS to a crawl?
  • Want to know more about Project to PC/Mobile too...
  • To project from PC you need to open the Connect app in Windows 10 PC. Then on your phone, swipe from the top and select Connect. Your phone will search for PC and other devices connected on your network. You should be able to connect from there. Also if you have not done it, makes sure you enable project to this PC in Settings. This is under System> Projecting to this PC.
  • I've got nothing but good to say about casting via Miracast with the v2 adapter with a BT Mouse/KB. Just last night I wrote a paper while listening to Groove and taking pictures of my Leopard gecko who was keeping me company. No crashes after hours of use. I also use it to project media to my TV. (tho I have to switch to mirror screen for Netflix since it doesn't work with Continuum). My phone is casting like an absolute champion compared to my SP3 on the very same Fast Ring build.
  • Miracast is a crapshoot. It's like winning the lottery when it works. It always takes me two times to get it to connect.
  • It seems to depend on the adapter. When I connect to my TV's built in miracast, its pretty bad. My SP3 sucks at using it too. But the combo of display adapter v2 and the 950xl on fast ring is working nearly flawlessly for me.
  • My tv's built in Miracast is infuriating. OMG. I have called that tv every name in the book.
  • This exactly! Yes, I enjoyed using the MS wireless adapter, it worked great... However, I've only ONCE had project to PC work properly (950xl, 950 and 735 fail completely, rarely even seeing the (multiple) pc devices) and miracast to anything else... good luck. Utter fail with Fire TV - although, on the plus side the surface at least sees the fire TV stick, won't connect mind you, but it looks pretty in my list of available devices - one step up from mobile(s!), which don't even see it. Anyone else actually voted/reported these issues - the feedback is rather quiet/low votes in this area!!!! Sheesh!
  • Netflix works great using Edge in continuum.
  • :)
  • installing 
  • 1520, 950 XL downloading
  • How is the battery life?
  • Battery battery battery. My wife is upset about her battery life on the 950xl I hoped one of these many builds would fix that. So far not yet.. The battery saver usage says messaging and start screen are culprits..anyone else??/
  • Latest firmware or previous?
  • Many of us are still waiting for the elusive arrival of last week's HUGE firmware update that vastly improves battery life as well as the fixes the Wi-Fi issues (I suspect these two issues may be related, because right before I see the Wi-Fi issue, my phone warms up a lot and battery starts running down quickly). Anyone in the US received the new firmware yet? (I have the unlocked dual-SIM Lumia 950, so I'm stumped why we haven't seen it yet)
  • Hey, I'm one of them too.
  • I'm in Canada and no new firmware yet.
    Also my friends in Wales and Ireland haven't received it either :(
  • 'vastly improves battery life' is exaggerating it a bit. I got the firmware update (unlocked 950XL single sim) and the phone still heats up and drains battery when you use older apps that are based on 8.1/Silverlight, like WhatsApp and Skype in my case. It's a LOT better when idle however, but thats not really useful if you'd ask me. and Wi-Fi still drops from time to time (rarely though) but a quick toggle fixes it, so thats not too bad. Personally I think its the hardware. The SD810 really guzzles battery: friend of mine has a Sony Z5 Compact and that thing drains even faster with its SD810 so I've to compliment MS for optimizing the software so elegantly to work with this disaster of a CPU. Not sure what else they can do...
  • Still excited to get the FW update, but I figured as much. My idle drain is already fantastic, it's active use that's the killer. I spare my battery no expense and idle drain is about 2% per hour. Active use can go up to 20% per hour.
  • This^
    The lingering issues plaguing the 950XL in particular are probably related to the SD810. There's a good reason Samsung skipped it in the Galaxy S6. That's probably why the 950 has generally been more reliable than the 950XL. The SD810 should just be avoided where possible :-(
  • Nope, still waiting (950 XL NAM CV)
  • I'd like to know what the real story is on this firmware. SD410 issues? Found a different issue? It doesn't take this long to propagate to servers. All factory unlocked 950/XLs should have had it by now.
  • It's not a propagation issue. FW updates have to be approved individually, but Microsoft fired most ex-Nokia team in May. Who's gonna create/approve these updates? Consider yourself lucky if you ever get it.
  • Please stop with the FUD. The layoffs happened before the FW was released. If there was no one left to create and approve the updates, no one would have received the updates.
  • Hey brain. I said most, not all. And it depends by region. Learn to read.
  • The core FW was almost finished by the layoffs. But each variant has to be approved separately.
  • People are asking questions because those with factory unlocked phones are still waiting, while some locked phones have it, and that is a little unusual. But again, there has been zero indication that some 950/XL variants will get it and some will not. Therefore, FUD.
  • Previou build. 
  • From last 2 builds battery life have become worst
  • I had messaging kill my battery many builds ago. I had to stop messaging from running in the background and then restart it later and if fixed it. I had the build before this new build have my phone running hot and the Start was using the most battery. Restarting the phone did not help. I ended up powering it down and leaving it off for a while and then turningit back on, and it has been cool and fine since. Last night I still had 58% left after a long day, not heavy use, but normal use. I honnestly feel some apps or processes get stuck running in the background and for some reason, even restarting the phone does not help.  It is just a matter of figuring out how to stop that process.
  • I'm still waiting for the build in which they will enable chaseable live tiles.
  • Yes... you'll have to wait.........
  • Afaik, it is a feature that developers have to promote in their apps, like live tiles. API for the same is already available. Do correct me if i am wrong though.
    Makes me wonder though, what is stopping MS from using this feature for their own apps like news, money, sports etc.?
  • Then I guess that MS will debut the feature soon enough in their apps when Anniversary launches. Or just before that for insiders.
  • I hope they fixed Edge.  It was just bad in build 14388.
  • Yeah, Edge needs a serious fixing effort from MS. In fact with apps lacking, browser is our only resort for many tasks. Microsoft can't blame anybody else if their browser sucks :( They should target to have THE best browser across all mobile OSes. That would give us some bragging rights!
  • Where are the new live tiles ?
  • what do you mean?
  • The cheasable live tiles or something?
  • oh that is something that is already enabled on Microsoft's side. Developers just need to implement that in their apps.
  • Lol RTM? for mobile? Seriously? Typing lags on apps like WhatsApp, App crashes like Windowscentral, wifi issues, and issues here and there especially with typing and general perf. I hope they have it all.. Anyways Im happy that Im getting RTM love Microsoft for this.
  • Yeah, I still have the Wi-Fi issue all the time. I also have awful text scaling issues in Edge - makes it almost unusable. And yet, no mentions of these things AT ALL.
  • I agree with you happens on my 640 xl
  • clean install will solve those problems - Just use the Windows Device Recovery Tool to reset back to default OS and then do a clean upgrade to the current build.
  • I did eventually go with this solution, and it worked. First, I tried just an in-place hard reset (with restore from backup) because why not. It did not address scaling. Then I did a full rollback to 8.1 with the WDRT and upgraded to 10M - again, with restore because I don't have time to rebuild everything by hand. This did fix the scaling issue, and my Wi-Fi disconnect problem seems to be largely solved as well. The only real problem was that I accidentally used a restore while on a TH2 build rather than Redstone (as I meant to do), so I ran into the problem Donna S. has described with the restore point format having been changed. So I lost my startscreen and had to rebuild that. But most everything else was ultimately ok. Having to go through the WDRT process was annoying, but ultimately effective. So thanks!
  • Settings > Ease Of Access > More Options. Change text scaling to 100%. All Edge text problems went away for me. 950XL Fast Ring.
  • That's like saying that if you don't use text scaling, you don't have text scaling problems. That's not helpful; I need text scaling due to vision limitations. But see the above comment for a fix.
  • I wasn't implying that it doesn't need fixing properly, simply suggesting a workaround that I had found that worked for me until a proper fix is in place. There's no need to be quite so defensive when I was only trying to help.
  • Hail GN'R!!! What a great show.... also cool another build
  • Hell yes!!
  • Would have been nice to see improvements/fixes to mobile rather than just the PC.
  • Does it solved major issues like wifi connectivity problem and camera picture mode problem?? Does MS noticed this?
  • I feel the all-round speed has improved in last monthly update.
  • Great! Still waiting for tag editing in Groove but otherwise, I think it all looks great and everything runs so smoothly and much more fluid than in the current RTM build. I think Windows Ink is going to be a great thing for everyone who has a touch screen. Microsoft REALLY needs to advertise Windows Ink as a huge feature. What about some commercials?
  • So, nothing fixed for mobile and still no 950XL firmware for US unbranded phones lol. I still upgrade tho :P
  • i got mine days ago chief.
  • THAT'S FANTASTIC NEWS!!!! I still can't even see it in WDRT! Please confirm your device is indeed an RM-1116, a US unbranded 950XL. If so, yours is the first confirmation I've read of a US handset getting the new firmware.
  • I still can't listen to a podcast without it stopping and resetting back to where I started when the screen timeout 950
  • I wanna know where my firmware update is for my unlocked Canadian 950XL DS
  • Same in the US... still waiting
  • Same in the UK... Still waiting
  • Sunstorming just a couple posts up just confirmed he got it in the US on his!
  • That's promising to see... I just checked again and no luck. I do think this is an area where Microsoft could improve with their communications.
  • Oh nice! Thanks a million for the update!! Ill check now!
  • Yes me too in Canada just waiting around.
  • i changed my 950 and 950Xl to european branded and got the new firmware.
  • What exactly did you do?
  • Shape writing accuracy is getting worse with every build.
  • I'm disappointed by this, almost RTM and still we don't have landscape start screen, still the battery life sucks and still when using a bluetooth headset the phone doesn't turn of the screen with the proximity sensor. Sad!
  • Yep.... landscape start screen was one of the most requested features... but looks like MS will need time to implement.... so we can't see it with the anniversary update.
  • Landscape start screen was never a feature slated for Redstone, so that's a touch unfair. But keep suggesting and upvoting that feedback and maybe we'll see it in the next major release. Something I was hoping for on the desktop was to see live tile folders like we have on phones. I'm really, really hoping that feature will make the next big release.
  • I just got an iPhone 6s plus for work. I dislike that GD thing, but I like the landscape mode - much better than android's.
  • Preparing to install updates 14%...
    Lumia 640xl..
  • How is your battery backup on lumia 640xl...mine was worst so i rolled back to 8.1 it used to give about 15-18 hrs on normal usage
  • One build a week should be fast ring! Phone takes 2 to 3 days to settle down before we can acually see the improvements in the build and give feedback. But with 2 builds a week, people will constantly report battery dain issues.
  • In my experience it takes up to 24 hours to settle down.
  • I found that rebooting the phone after the update ends improves battery and heat issues.
  • Hope they'll update Outlook apps soon as the only problem I have with the Anniversary Update is dead live tiles for Mail and Calendar.
  • Yeah, same here. I really thought an issue like this would be fixed by now.
  • yea and hasnt seen an update like for 2 weeks or more for these 2 apps, think they are doing something great to show us? :O
  • As many have said, the battery life took a nose dive in the last two builds. I really haven't had many issues in the past, but its very noticable in the last week. I dont agree that shape writing is worse.. after learning how to use it, only a few things are wrong ALL THE TIME (its, is... OK, I'll, I'm), and some  words it just doesn't seem to know at all. Also, is anyone else occasionally getting the (Most annoying) bug where the screen stays black when you press the power button to unlock your phone? The red light willl go on and I can unlock it with "Windows Hello", but the screen stays black for another 5-10 seconds before finally coming on, but being very dim. When this starts, it requires a restart.. and many times, its difficult to even do that! ​Other than that bug and the battery draining, I think these last builds have been very solid. Responsive, quick, etc..
    Sadly, those two bugs alone pretty much make the phone unusable as a daily driver. oh, actually, I've been finding that Outlook Mail has been crashing the last few builds (or maybe since the latest app  update?) when trying to "Reply All" to an email. Not a huge issue since I just open it back up again and the draft is there, but still an annoying bug that shouldn't be there.
  • I think it used to be that I could hold my finger on a letter for a bit longer to encourage it to be recognized. Now there are words that it will never recognize no matter what I do.
  • I get the wake up issue sometimes, black screen, handset doesn't respond to several presses, though eventually does wake up.
  • I have the start bug you mention. Embarrassing as hell when folks see it happen - especially when they say "use your camera, it's good" mmm, k... Then it fails like a hooker on a Sunday night.
  • Once upon a time release of builds was a reason of extreme excitement. Now it has become a daily drama :-P
  • Want to see their new tool for porting Chrome extensions to Edge!
  • still a lot of game and app crashes. Bluetooth toggle bug. No landscape orientation for Action Center. Wifi stops working after trying to use wireless continuum, which fails anyway... They must be kidding
  • Since I'm not anymore on fast ring, can anybody please confirm if there's still a bug in a glance screen? (no option for turning glance off while charging / clock not moving across the display) Thanks.
  • Yes, still an issue unfortunately...
  • Doh.. I'm starting to think it's not a bug but a "feature".. 
  • Lol
  • Voice Recorder no problem since the last 2 build, before it does.
  • In first ring i did not get this build,even in slow ring,,,,what is fault? is it does not come in india? i download the 14385 in my laptop .
  • This can't be the final build cuz there a lot more for u to do,the build b4 ,this so called final build, I don't get notifications for my WhatsApp and even my mail ,almost all my social apps,I don't get notifications.unless dis build fixes that,u must work on that too. This happened on my L730
  • Glad to see I'm not the only one experiencing notifications issues.
  • Just reboot!
  • Check the settings in data usage if is allowed to use network data when wi-fi is not available. I think you have this notification problem only when you are on the network data.
  • The two mobile issues are things that will be fixed via app update.  So effectively no major known mobile issues... looking an interesting release :)
  • L950: Voice recorder app issue...sorted at last. I used WDRT to update firmware and the Wi-Fi issue as been fixed and overall generally more stable.
  • Good to hear the Wi-Fi issue is indeed fixed with the new firmware. Definitely looking forward to it. I'm just not desperate enough to use WDRT to get it when I know that it's Coming Soon™ over the air.
  • Definitely agree with others that since the last 2 builds battery life had major issues... before it was really quite good. Waiting for confirmations that this build fixes it (and I sure hope it does if this is final build) before I install it
  • Surface pro 3 insiders, be patient...
    Stays stuck at 87%, for about 40 mins...then all fine after that
  • Fix wifi please!! So annoying to be at home using up my precious 4G data.....
  • The Wi-Fi issue has been fixed in the latest firmware release. You, like a lot of us, are just waiting for it to be pushed out over the air. (Another great thing coming in that firmware update is double-tap to wake, which I've missed terribly since moving from my Lumia 920 to the 950)
  • Double tap to that!  Missed that feature since leaving my 1020 for the 950.
  • I think why lagroid getting more popular is it is an independent sw. Which more customisable. Here WP actually a borrower. It need help of groove. X box.. Al those things. WP trying integrate all those in a phone. And now its like a PIZZA.. I think it is better you 1st make a strong basement. And then u can start integration or diversification what ever..
  • If this is the final build i find that really scary: I still experience lots of hiccups and glitches during everyday work - some rather severe to be honest. Eg. I still see every single photo up to six times in the photos app - the jpg, the png, the live images, the Long exposure, the short exposure etc. Needles to say UX trying to delete some images is simply horrible. If this kind of stuff escapes ms before release they really have a major problem with quality control...
  • I had a lit of issues from last builds, but just a full reset from the recovery tool into latest preview build and all issues are resolved. 950xl
  • Anyone having issues with notifications getting stuck? A couple of builds ago, at some point while the phone is on notifications stop coming through. Like for ESPN, Skype, and others. But when I restart the phone they all come through suddenly. Also, email notifications have been slow for a number of builds. At work, I have my phone next to my workstation and I used to get email notifications almost at the same time for my work email, but for a couple of builds they come through to my phone much later.
  • There will be more builds to come bofore the AU.
  • So the feature to make calls from your phone via your pc is gone? :/
    something like the messaging everywhere which too removed...? i hope they do the call thing :D
  • The current fast ring 388 (on my AT&T branded and unlocked L950) has broken WiFi. I am connected but it always says "No internet access". I hope this build fixes that issue.
  • Update: Saw in previous threads that the fix is to delete the old wi-fi connections, do a soft reboot, and reconnect.
  • Touch sensitivity and accuracy is worst on my Lumia 640xl Fast Ring build 14388, no option for increasing sensitivity. I hope they fixed sensitivity issue.
  • *sigh* Still waiting on the Firmware that brings DTtW to 950/950XL....
  • Build 14400 would be wayy cooler tho
  • What about the battery issues for older devices? Are they fixed?
  • Sorry, Out of topic!! What is the cost to Replace L950 touch screen???
  • RTM with such horrid battery life? WOW!   Unless this is the build that happens to fix that. Let's see but I am not optimistic.
  • Always reading about guys installing fast builds in wive's phone... Why?? you experiment with her? Just buy her an iPhone poor thing
  • Why would you want to insult your wife's intelligence by getting her an iPhone?
  • This build has some serious battery drain issues. Unplugged phone because it was charged 100%, sent 2 text messages that took approx 1 minute to type everything out and send. Checked battery again and it was at 95% battery. :(
  • Ok everyone...settle down now... First off, no one said this was the RTM.  It's just another build on the Fast Ring for insiders.  Given past patterns of releases, the cleanest of the builds get dumped to the Slow Ring, and eventually to Preview Release if at all.  There are two weeks left.  These are all tweaks and fixes that the dev team can clear up quickly.   I think I am especially shocked that so many are reacting to a Fast Ring build like it was an actual RTM.  Just as in the initial release of Windows 10, before it went 'public' there were multiple builds released to insiders in the final days. Lastly, remember - if you are downloading from the Fast Ring - it even warns you in black & white (or white & black depending on your choice of theme), noticeable bugs, less solutions if any. So, if you are using your phone or PC / laptop / tablet and need Production stability, don't install a Fast Ring build - it's like shooting yourself in the foot... Just my opinion on the matter...
  • Errrr... Did you read the article at all or did you just feel the need to be patronizing?   The RTM talk started because the article was what brought it up not because we just decided that this would probably be RTM:   "My sources are telling me that this build could very well be the one that will roll-out to the public on August 2nd, meaning it's the sign-off build or "Release To Manufacturing" (RTM) build. I'm still gathering details, but it's looking increasingly likely that this is the final build. Exciting stuff indeed."
  • Location services now broken on my 950xl. This better not be rtm build
  • What annoys me is since announcing the firmware update I have 3 complete OS builds makes you wonder what the phone companies do all day or is this another side effect of Pokémon go. I really need the Wi-Fi fix as that annoys the hell out of me but not more so than knowing a solution is waiting for some dim wit to approve the build.
  • If this was RTM why put 388 on the slow ring? I bet theres going to be builds right up to the last min. 
  • Agreed...And the RTM build will just get rolled out without going Fast ring first.
  • Hope they add landscape mode for the start screen in the final build.
  • Hey sameermehta2! What's your take? Leave a comment.
    people live tile is not showing pictures,tried soft reset but no use,there was an update available for microsoft people app as soon as i updated to 14390 dont what it did
  • Looks good with one exception. My camera shutter button had stopped working completely since the last cold and this one. Lumia 1520. Anyone else? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • In all reality, you should give us a choice of deleting stuff like gadget's! I do not use Bluetooth and never will and also continuum. I do not use that either. It just takes up space on my 950. Also, what is going on with the transparent tiles? My lady phone will not even "transparent" ! I have tried everything down to hard resetting it and still it is solid colors. Mine works fine but hers does not. PLEASE FIX THAT BEFORE THE BIG UPDATE! Thanks in advance!
  • I can't decide whether to make the switch away from the current production build to this or not. So tempting, but so many potential problems, but I'm also having so many issues with production build anyway...
  • I am inclined to do the same myself. production build is not good right now!
  • This is the rtm build because if you try to stop completely getting insider builds it will tell you to confirm, and not take you to the help page.
  • It cannot be. We are still 17 days away...
  • i know your point, but if you think how to opt out from insider build as per the support page, you find that your phone can confirm to get no insider builds anymore. i did it on my phone.
  • I hope they fixed the GPS. It never detects my location when i'm driving. It's a basic feature, not some new or experimental feature you can afford to have screw up. Very frustrating.   Lumia 950
  • Bluetooth still shows like I'm in my car even if I'm not... Do you guys have this bug?
  • I have this same issue on the current production build.
  • Thanks for noticing :-) hope they fix it by the time they hit RTM... Maybe it has something to do with firmware...
  • There llenty of bugs in that bluetooth especial at bluetooth toggle . It freezes my device
  • Bluetooth in my car has been pretty much unusable for the past several builds. What really ticks me off is that things like bluetooth get fixed in one build, then break in the next, then get fixed, break again etc.This usually imples their configration management sucks and not all developers are working on the same build branch and so fixed bugs keep getting reintroduced when they merge code. But then I remember they probably only have one developer working on WP.  
  • For everyone saying it's RTM, Dona has confirmed it is not.
  • Hey friends.. I have a950xl.. Just up updated to the latest build.. After I moved from threshold to redstone I had had no battery woes after the first 24 hours.. I also did not restore but sdid a fresh redstone I stall.. The latest build seems to have fixed my Bluetooth notification issues that many of you have had. So far so good.. Took only twenty minutes
  • If this indeed the RTM build they always get some quick updates so Microsoft's OEM partners devices RUN AS WELL AS THEY CAN so that Microsoft's OEM partners will get as little complaints as possiable from the people they sell their devices to. I bet a lot of Microsoft's tech staff is probably still puting finishing touches on this build as we are down loading and begin our tests
  • RTM build should be on build 14400 or so.
  • hopefully this will fix my messaging notifications. Every time i get a text it only goes to the Action center. No toast, no ding, no vibrate (I've changed settings and soft reset multiple times, not going to hard reset again until confirmed RTM).
  • That also happen to me. Go to settings >battery> battery usage by apps> click messaging app choose manage by windows. Hope that works for u too.
  • Your sources are probably talking about something else it seems, because Dona herself said there are more builds coming. Better not post everything you're told
  • She's not allowed to say it's RTM, that's why :)
  • Glance and Double Tap to wake gone on 640XL. And others have said, this is nowhere close to a final build. I am watching the battery drain as well, It is literally going down 1% a minute. What have they done? I guess it's true, one step forward, 12 steps back.
  • Both are working in my 640XL
  • Well darn, thanks. Maybe I need a reset.
  • And again my battery is draining very fast! There were 2 good builds, but now it takes again 4 hours to drain.. Looks like the old bug for old devices (Lumia 930) is back !
  • 4 hours, seems like your lucky. When I posted mine was at 94% it is now at 81%. I wasn't kidding about 1% a minute.
  • Well, since I can't edit for some reason, I will say that even if I seem negative, it really is beautiful. I hope these little last things don't take long.
  • Why will Microsoft not work with standard OS. Look at Android. On a standard device fewer features. On a medium Device More and high-end handset everything. So you avoid that more new bugs occur. Keep it simple. Keep your customer satisfied. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Really? I guess you're not into Android then. Android features are available to all phones (unless it needs specific hardware, just like Glance and Hey Cortana do). The difference is that OEMs (not Google) decide not to release the update to older devices, and this is actually very ****** for costumers, because it basically forces you to buy new devices every year or so.
    Besides, choosing features by device would not get rid of bugs. It would add even more complexity to the code making it more bug-prone. W10M was buggy because it was a major overhaul instead of simply an update to the existing OS like Android and iOS updates are.
  • I was having an issue with the last build, on my Lumia 735, where I couldn't open apps like Edge or WhatsApp. The Skype tile had also reverted back to the old one, even though I had the new app installed. This seems to have been fixed in this build.
  • I have never been able to update my gestures and touch, Equalizer,rate ,Lumia help since I joined the insider program .It gives me error any time I try to update it. I use L730 dual sim
  • Need an ISO image so I can upgrade my main pc which isn't on insider preview Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It feels like my 1520 has gotten worse after 14390
  • Is it better than public build .494
  • Agree!
  • Im asking..
  • I have always been on fast ring so I'm not in a position to give you a sincere answer.
  • Hasn't fixed the 0x80071ACE error I'm getting when trying to update several of my apps on my L950XL
  • Flashlight not working! Was fine in previous builds. EDIT: I get it. It doesn't work when charging...
  • RC yes RTM no way get a grip.
  • I feel that the coolest thing ever is that Win10 team is working hard even during weekends to have builds tested before the due date, instead of holding on to the usual patch Tuesday. Thank you Microsoft!
  • Anybody Else getting the awful Keyboard bug where the keyboard covers up the text box?? happens in Text/Whatsapp/Messenger etc. Lumia 640 Dual Sim
  • Ya.  Very annoying.
  • Horrible build, my lumia 1520 has problems launching apps, overall performance is worst with this build. I can not belive that this is the final release. I have two phones, my lumia and a lg g4, I can not do one with both phones, the lg has the worst wifi antena of the world and my lumia 1520 with a poor mobile OS. What Phone do you recommend? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Fix fatal freeze when turning connected Bluetooth off?
  • Who knows. Maybe W10m will work as reliable as competition now.... LOL. Let's be real, it will never happen. Lumia 950XL is still the king among worst phones ever made.
  • Totally disagree.  Win 10 mobile is awesome.  Not perfect, but neither is Android or iOS.  Lumia 950XL is also very good, except for build quality.  Again, not perfect, but still very good phone. Maybe the reason I'm so happy with Win 10 Mobile is because I'm not running insider builds, only production.
  • Now battery drains even more faster than the previous build
  • One of my two major issues seems to have been resolved. GPS seems to work. Battery drain? Will wait for a day before commenting. The Bluetooth toggle making the phone freeze continues.
  • I have L950 with the latest built 390. Everything plays very well. Thru battery lasts almost 2 days. No rebooting. Every app I used plays very smoothly and speedy.
  • I have the same model and build as you have but I don't even get a full day on my battery. By the way do you use WhatsApp on your phone. Actually WhatsApp drains almost 40% in a 24 hour cycle for me.
  • Now, after two charges it's draining 1,15 %\hour. My use is quite moderate. WiFi is on all the time and occasionally data. I don't use WhatsApp very much right now, but it takes 11% phone's power\24 hour.
  • App scaling issue still not fixed on my Lumia 638. I should have been fixed by now but...nope. This prob is quite annoying...You can't even do the basic things properly...Shame...
  • I feel your pain search for please fix bug 7 in the feedback hub app and upvote it the more the better.
  • Battery seems alot better on build 14390 on the Lumia 635.
  • okay so i find the issues
    1. outlook mail and calendar files don't update
    2. mobile charging is slow, even if put it whole night the phone will keep on charging
    3. glance options are not available
    4. store doesn't open in 2g internet connection
    5. notifications on action centre don't update even after reading them, and i don't know the notifications can't look like from which apps they are coming from instead of just boxes.
    6. battery consumption still need to be optimized it's no where close as wp8.1 i am using Lumia 640 dual sim
  • also there is no touch settings available in extras menu
  • Scaling not fix on l635, on my 640 ... skype app wont install, but shouldn't need as they claim messages+Skype installed. Battery drain not fixed either.
    Charging slow despite using included charger.
  • This is not the case on my Lumia 635 only problem I have is the stupid app scaling bug as it makes some apps really horrible to use.
  • Scaling was on the l635. Others on l640
  • Yes and the Nokia Lumia 635 638
  •   A few builds ago they took away IE 11.  Since I don't want to install chrome for several reasons, Edge is the browser that I have been using.  I did see steady and marked improvements from early builds of Edge, but this last version I am going to call Crashy McCrasherson, or rolling off the Edge, down the cliff and falling apart in to a billion pices, particularly when trying to use Facebook to play Words with Friends.  I will have to do some research in to alternate browsers since Chrome is not an option and I am not a fan of Firefox either.  I am sure I’ll come up with something because Edge is not cutting it, at least this particular version of it. 
  • So my downloads has been stuck at 45% for a day now. Anyone know what I can do? I've done soft reset and stuff.
  • 3 main things that ruin my experience in Windows 10 Mobile Fast Ring:
    (1) Bluetooth Action Center button
    (2) Scaling in Microsoft Edge.
    (3) Battery Drain
  • Ok, I thought that IE 11 was not part of Windows 10 any more.  I was wrong about that, it is still here.  I will use that until Edge gets fixed.  Happy not to have to use Chrome or any other browser. 
  • Since I'm not installing preview builds anymore, can anybody tell me if this build will allow for separate ring tones for each sim in a dual sim phone?
  • no
  • No, you can't tell me?  Or no, that feature is not in this build?
  • its not available
  • I hope this isn't the sign-off build for mobile. As usual, mobile doesn't feel as refined as the PC. Personally still experiencing Wi-Fi issues and still no apparent sign of bluetooth profile AVRCP 1.5 even though its supposed to be part of the anniversary update.
  • So much complaining, as if anybody here can do better.  Get a grip people.
  • I hve official 10586.494 .this build some setting apps not open equalizer and touch
    And battery draining fast 4% per hour without usage
  • I hve official 10586.494 .this build some setting apps not open equalizer and touch
    And battery draining fast 4% per hour without usage
  • Still windows 10 mobile lags behind 8.1
  • f this is going to be the production build then it will be the death of Windows 10 Mobile! There are still so many issues affecting the basic functionality of the system. The latest one seems to have been introduced with build 14390 or possibly the previous release. When switching from one wifi connection to another, the IP settings are not changed to the the new connections settings, e.g. IP address is not updated, DNS suffic is not updated. It requires a reboot. Massive issue in that the fact that the phone believes there is a wifi connection (albeit one without internet access) it will not then use 4G network. Thus no emails are recieved until a reboot is effected. Additionally issues such as the Hey Cortana not working outside of USA renders the phone useless in countries such as Australia where non hands free use is illegal.    
  • I made the upgrade to fast ring from the latest production build a couple days ago and so far everything seems to be running pretty well. Battery life has been good, less crashes and issues than production build, but have the expected Wifi connection issue now. Actually surprised how well it's been working.
  • This latest build has killed the functionality and reliability of windows central app and photos. Plus if I connect my 950xl to my sp4 I am having problems there moving and deleting files. Not had those problems for quite a while.
  • This build on the pc has gave me big problems on my Samsung laptop when I boot up get into windows my taskbar items no longer load up I cant even right or left click the start button to do anything like goto settings so was thinking on waiting for another build then I could just windows key + I and goto settings from there to update but nope shortcut keys have broken to. So here's to a fresh install. Lol
  • I'm still dropping wi-fi on my Icon with this build.  Have to reboot in order to getg my wifi to work and connect.
  • Folks Microsoft Sofware Enginners have just 2 weeks to get things fixed because August 2 is the day the Aniversary update is to be released to the public. They must be undera lot of pressure I wish them success.
  • Win10 mobile (fast ring)  NEVER recognizes my SD card on ANY phone on startup - three different models, three different SD cards. It ALWAYS stops to ask if I want to "fix the problem" I've learned never to answer "yes" because it does nothing of the sort. I choose "cancel" (or whatever) and shortly, 1 to 3 minutes, it finally does recognize the cards and the apps that are on it. This is particularly irratating during unattended updates, since I'm not watching to "tell it to not bother fixing what I know it won't" by clicking through the error message that stops EVERYTHING EVERYTIME until I take action.  I have come close to oversleeping several times because a 3:00 AM update restarted the OS that stopped dead for this "dialog choice", keeping my RealAlarm from going off (as well as turning the phone into a temporay brick).  Any fix for this, MS?
  • Multiple times, disconnecting from a Bluetooth device fatally locks the OS.