Windows 10 build 14986 ISO files now available for download

The ISO files for Windows 10 Insider preview build 14986 are now available to download (opens in new tab) direct from Microsoft. If you've been having problems with installing the latest build via Windows Update, doing a manual fresh install with the ISO is now an option.

Build 14986 initially rolled out to the Fast ring in early December, and made its way to the Slow ring just last week. The build packs an absolute truckload of new features to check out, ranging from Cortana improvements to inking features and much, much more. For a full rundown of what's new in this build, be sure to check out our announcement post.

If you're eager to install build 14986 manually and start testing out all of the new features, you can grab the ISO files now directly from the Downloads section of the Windows Insider site. Instructions for creating an install disk are included there as well.

Download Windows 10 build 14986 ISOs from Microsoft (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Never thought it would feel weird waiting for a new build after just a couple of weeks without update on my windows phone. I'm so spoiled..
  • Coming soon, after Christmas, in the New Year.
  • 14986 broke Windows Hello and RealSense 3D.
  • Fine on my Surface Book.
  • Sadly broke my F200/Hello too. It is down as being worked on in the insider hub. Also destroyed my edge (20 secs to start or add a tab), crashes my NUC on standby with HID issue and other misc issues. Never had such issues on slow but I guess its my turn :-p
  • Ok fixed Edge - 14896 update removed Malwarebytes without any warning so I reinstalled. If I quit Malwarebytes Edge functions fine, not ideal and shame as never previously had Malwarebytes issues with insider before so hope they jointly fix soon. I'll leave it installed so at least get a startup scan before exiting.
  • I wish they'd bring paint 3d to w10m on mobile build 14986
  • I so wish to clean install the build on my Lenovo aio but on the boot priority the usb is always shown as excluded . How can I get it into the included category so I can format the disc & start afresh. Thank you
  • Start install from within Windows.
  • Finally able to get this. i hope the next build don't fark up and not download like this one
  • Is it save for SP4?
  • Everything I see related to the ISO's mentions clean installs. Will using the ISO remove all software installed from my machine, or can it be used to update similar to how the over the air update would work to keep software and files intact? My Surface Book hasn't been able to detect any updates for over a month on either the fast or slow ring, and I've tried every registry fix, folder correction, and downloadable program to reset or fix the problem I could find.
  • You should be able to extract the files out of ISO and run setup. You should select to upgrade if that option is available, if not you will have the option to cancel.
  • Thanks! Successfully updated to 14896 without having to reinstall any programs. I hope I am able to catch the over the air updates from here on out instead of having to wait for the few and far between ISO's.
  • After what you've done to the registry, you'll need a clean install.
    These days, factory reset is the best.
  • Can i install this build on p4 4gb ram laptop?
  • It'll work but don't expect performance parity with newer PCs. P4 is the minimum spec Microsoft used to recommend. In my experience Windows 8 and 10 runs better on older PCs than 7
  • It would be very exciting to see a production build iso release....