Windows 10's PC market share rose in April 2016, Windows 7 drops below 50%

Windows 10 was used by 14.35% of all PCs worldwide in April 2016, according to the latest data from Net Applications. Meanwhile, the share held by Windows 7 dropped below the 50% mark.

The newly posted market share numbers showed that while Windows 7 remains at the top of the OS chain, it's share dropped to 48.79% in April, well below its 51.89% share in March. Windows 10 is in second place, but only made a slight gain in April with 14.35%, compared to 14.15% in March.

Windows XP, which Microsoft no longer supports, remains in third place with 9.66% in April, compared to 10.90% in March. Windows 8.1 is in fourth place with 9.16%, down from 9.56% in March.

Microsoft stated in late March that Windows 10 was in active use by over 270 million devices since it officially launched in late July 2015. The company will release a free Anniversary Update for the OS sometime later this summer. Meanwhile, consumers who own Windows 7 and 8.1 PCs have less than three months to take advantage of Microsoft's free upgrade offer for Windows 10; it will expire on July 29.

  • Awesome! It's happening! :-) Posted from the Windows Central app for Windows 10 Mobile
  • yes it is!! :D ~DheeraJ~
    Lumia 640xl 10586.164
  • Why you're still on 10586.164 ? I literally can't take off my eyes from the latest Threshold build on my L620.
  • Adaptation rate of Windows 10 is now much slower than Windows 7. If you consider that Windows 10 is a free update but people had to pay for Windows 7 it doesn't really look good.
  • Nonsense. Windows 7 was artificially propped up to somehow sell exactly 20 million every month for 3 straight years. AFAIK, there has never been a month when Windows 10 has sold/redeemed by less than 20 million.
  • Oh yeah!!! Win10 all the way. Congrats guys & MS ;-)
  • Year of the Windows 10!
  • Growth is nice, but that is a bit of disappointing growth decay still. I get much of it is enterprise-related (though my work PC is already on W10), but it still kind of sucks when they can't get the adoption rate to grow heavily while giving the OS away for free. I kind of hope they just leave the upgrade path as permanently free, or at least discounted, long-term. I'm curious to try the Anniversary Update, just need to get a new boot drive first. I like a lot of what they're planning on doing, especially with the store unification with Xbox (which can hopefully get some indie titles onto console and mobile more easily). Slowed growth or not, at least no one can call them lazy with this OS. Mobile might be unstable and lacking features at times, but the work on the traditional PC side is a nice taste of what could come to the mobile platform long-term.
  • A lot of media had spread false rumors about the os spying on people so a lot of people believe that and don't want to switch. Even forbes or new York times made a horrible article about it. Zdnet countered with reliable info but most of those people didn't see it. So yeah it has a bad rep from spreading of false info. Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Lumia 950xl
  • No privacy by default is entirely Nadella's fault. Default privacy settings could have been more conservative and resetting settings to no privacy (when updating from W8.1) is borderline criminal.
  • Default makes sense for creating a unique experience for people which win 10 sounds to do. During installation you have the choices right there to disable. No one will go in and enable these settings if they are off. And then no one will get the best experience. This is the same for all os's, social networks etc. It makes sense. Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Lumia 950xl
  • Updating from W8.1 resets settings to no privacy defaults. What if update would disable by defaul your firewall, would that be ok too? I'm willing to bet that Anniversary update will reset to defaults once again. About the 'choice', it should not be hidden to be a real choice. Opt in on privacy matters should be mandatory, and at minimum defaults should be shown always.
  • It's a different operating system. So you're going to get the defaults of the fresh operating system. It makes absolute sense. And again the install process goes through all this. You literally get a screen that explains everything. Reading is essential to learning and awareness. If you can't be bothered to read then maybe you shouldn't buy anything, especially electronic appliances that could be dangerous if you don't follow proper procedure.
  • Most of the settings are exactly the same as for W8.1. Yet changed by default. And changing of defaults is well hidden. How hard would it be to have privacy settings shown in install screens always?
  • Not sure what you do for a living, but if there's something I've learned in the past several months, while working in IT and helping users with out systems, it's that they do not read. They do not try. They want everything to be automatic and magic. I actually wrote multiple manuals for our system,s and I get calls from users all the time, mostly asking questions in that manual. There is something to be said about designing software to cover those low-level users.
  • I work in IT, too, full time. Some parts of my job invole helping users in 2nd-line support. I do write manuals on occasion and I see that all the time: users do not read instructions. It is just like in that movie, "The Terminal" starring Tom Hanks where the janitor (I think) says "no one reads the signs", where he is referring to people slipping despite that he put out signs in places where the floor is slippery after cleaning it.
  • I work in engineering but deal with IT admins. If you're talking about business this is a non issue if you create a proper system and roll out updates to employees. It you're talking about average users they typically like to get the full experience of the new operating system, hence why they upgrade. And I'm not sure they are so concerned about things like Cortana learning their behaviors as these same users don't go into their settings usually and just use the default install. It's usually savvy users that are concerned. And most new operating systems have a learning curve. If for instance edge is now the default app for browsing as soon as they open their preferred browser it will ask them if they want to make it the default. Software is pretty smart about these things. I don't see it as an issue. The only way a typical user would change privacy settings is if someone told them to. Remember they don't read like you said. Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Lumia 950xl
  • Kasperskys new cleaner beta has a set list to automate changing all those privacy settings
  • That is a very true statement. The other thing to consider is that people many times are satisfied with what they have. The average person may not take the time to care about an upgrade, if they only use their PC for the occasional document creation/viewing, casual web browsing, or syncing media to their iProducts. As for enterprise, it will take time for them to upgrade, when they can pay for continued support from MS. As systems get older, they will likely make the switch then.
  • So... All versions (but 10) are down, and windows 10 didn't gain half of the amount others lost... I don't think thats good...
  • It means people are either switching to other o.s's, or throwing away their computers.
  • If someone throws away a windows 7 computer and buys a new windows 10, the windows 7 will still count. Doesn't mean they are not switching to windows 10.
  • No, because only active users are being counted my Netmarketshare. So it basically means that the current user base is shrinking pretty fast for Microsoft.
  • I think it's a little bit early to make that assumption.  When we have a few months worth of numbers maybe a trend will show up, but one point in time does not make a trend.  It's more likely that the differences are just anomalies within the margin of error for this dataset. 
  • Apparently they switched to Windows NT, since that somehow magically gained over 2% points
  • That does seem odd. I'm guessing "Windows NT" is catching versions of Windows that couldn't be identified correctly.  Maybe W10 Insider Preview Redstone branch?​
  • Am curious which OS picks up the decay of Win 7, 8 and 8.1, because it sure isn't windows 10
  • ^^THIS^^
  • You know how it goes. Lies. Damned lies. Statistics. The less sense the numbers make the better those who provided the numbers feel.
  • These numbers shouldn't be taken that seriously. I bet XPs are way more than 9% because most of them don't connect to the internet anymore, thus they don't show in statistics.
  • Good point. I still see lots of small companies using XP.
  • Or its a tricky device to update. Like ATMs running XP -Mach 8 Solutions, LLC a software company.
  • True. I have two such at home.
  • Yes Sent from my Computer
  • seems Windows NT went from 0,07% to 2,54%.
  • Exactly - I noticed the same. I think that there are some errors in these numbers :-)
  • Wrong detection of a build family, probably. Posted from Bikini Bottom via my Pineapple PineBook XPS 13"
  • Well, soon MS will notice that Cortana integration is their biggest mistake. Greetings from my orange Lumia 930 W10M .218 non-insider in The Netherlands.
  • Uh... Makes no sense. Posted from Windows Central for XL
  • People don't want Cortana. People want to use their PC and phone their own language. Greetings from my orange Lumia 930 W10M .218 non-insider in The Netherlands.
  • And how does Cortana prevent you from using your pc and phone in your own language?
  • It does not prevent me from using my pc in my language, it prevents me from using Cortana. And in future build Cortana will be more integrated into the OS. So Cortana will be for the happy few leaving more people out from the benefits. They are not going to like that.
    Siri on iOS speaks my language, Cortana does not. Greetings from my orange Lumia 930 W10M .218 non-insider in The Netherlands.
  • Cortana prevents you from using Cortana? Interesting, can you tell us more about this information about future builds and future availability of Cortana? Siri hardly understands my language and isn't available on any of the platforms I use. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • Well, i am.on build 218. I have a Dutch voice in maps. In the next build Dutch voice is gone. Only in English. Maps becomes useless. And like i wrote. Cortana is not in Dutch and never will be. So I am never going to use Cortana. Greetings from my orange Lumia 930 W10M .218 non-insider in The Netherlands.
  • So they are removing Dutch voices in the next build and they will not implement Dutch forever. May I ask for a source on those two statements? Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • Yes. First statement: Dutch people on Insider build. Second statement: Microsoft themself. Greetings from my orange Lumia 930 W10M .218 non-insider in The Netherlands.
  • What Dutch people have a newer TH2-build than the official one? Are you talking about how the language packs have been buggy in RS? Because... That does not mean what you think it is.
    When did Microsoft say they will not roll Cortana out in Dutch? Link please.
  • I don't have a link for you right now but it says: Dutch is a difficult language and we don't want to spend resources on it. In the future we will skip region but if you want to use Cortana you have to use a language that supports Cortana. O, and Dutch Insiders are on build 14332. Greetings from my orange Lumia 930 W10M .218 non-insider in The Netherlands.
  • Yeah, that truely sounds like an official statement... Totally...
  • Well, it is your choise to believe me or not. If you don't believe me i have nothing more to say and wish you well. Greetings from my orange Lumia 930 W10M .218 non-insider in The Netherlands.
  • Yeah, try to find a link... Nothing you wrote about Dutch and speech language came up in any search engine.
  • Well, try Marcus Ash, Program manager Cortana during Build 2016 in Your searchengine Greetings from my orange Lumia 930 W10M .218 non-insider in The Netherlands.
  • He speaks in the keynote on day 1. I didn't hear him talk about Dutch.
  •   I hope you can read in Dutch ...
  • One of the last phrases says that Dutch is coming in the next phase and the last phrase says that it can take a year. Where does it say that they will not make Cortana Dutch because they don't want to spend resources on it? The article you linked to says the opposite... Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • Clearly you don't understand Dutch. The last phrase says: I could take a year to only begin to understand a language. You must be using Google tranlate or something like that. Greetings from my orange Lumia 930 W10M .218 non-insider in The Netherlands.
  • But it proves whatever translate engine you iuse makes a total mess trying to translate Dutch into your language. Now why should Cortana do better? The other phrase says: The Dutch can use Cortana in about a years time when region is no longer needed. But you still need to put your phone to English Greetings from my orange Lumia 930 W10M .218 non-insider in The Netherlands.
  • I use Cortana on my PC/Surface all the time.  How does having that option hurt you in any way?  Just don't use it.
  • Thats what i said. And many others won't use it. It has nothing to do with you or the 13 countries where Coratana is availible. It has to do with hundreds of milion that will not going to use it. Greetings from my orange Lumia 930 W10M .218 non-insider in The Netherlands.
  • No, you said "Well, soon MS will notice that Cortana integration is their biggest mistake" Based on everyone elses responses I think we can all universally agree that you are a moron.
  • Maybe I am but there is a decline in users. So I am fine with you calling me a moron if you think calling names will benefit Windows 10. Greetings from my orange Lumia 930 W10M .218 non-insider in The Netherlands.
  • Why ? Sent from Lumia 650
  • Because they are going to integrate voice/speech in Maps into Cortana. That means i will no longer have voice in maps because I don't want to use English. Children also want their pc and phone in their own langiage. Greetings from my orange Lumia 930 W10M .218 non-insider in The Netherlands.
  • Lol what on earth are you talking about?? Putting cortana into all their OS's was the best thing they could have ever done. I can't wait till they release little 'amazon echo' like devices but running cortana of course so that way I can have an AI thoughout my house. Cortana is AMAZING.
  • It is amazing in your language. Not in my language so iI am never going to use it. Greetings from my orange Lumia 930 W10M .218 non-insider in The Netherlands.
  • Well, it was the first personal assistant on a desktop OS
  • Um.. Clippy?
  • I suspected some of the Win7 machines are dead - not used by their owners at all, or just used several times a year when needed.  These machines may never be upgraded to Windows 10.
  • As soon as I saw the headline, and before seeing the last sentence of the article, I predicted a mad rush of people who have held off upgrading before they can do so for free, which will overload the system, causing some to miss out. That and/or some people, in maybe a year from now, will try to upgrade, not realising they have missed out on the free upgrade. But I'd say neither scenario would be MS' fault.
  • My lad has a gaming PC and a laptop (Also a 930 but it's PC's with three months to go) and he is a steam gamer, I have told him his time for a free upgrade is running out and given we have some family stuff like weddings coming up the amount of free weekends is dwindling fast. Why hasn't upgraded, well he is either being stubborn or lazy and given it took him ages to go from 8 to 8.1 and he hated 8, my money is on lazy.
  • Lol w8.x.x is a double edged sword 1 side it fixes some problems like how the the various mice work while on the other hand certain Wi-Fi chipsets have drivers that aren't quite there yet(which also affect w10 by extension)
  • They'll extend the free period, no way they want to stall W10 upgrades, without a dominant W10 user base MS plans are in big trouble.
  • be sure in July they will tell you that they extend the free upgrade offer for another half a year because of the high demand. just to announce before 2017 that they think people are so happy with  the free offer that they will keep win10 for free.
  • Wow
  • Many are using pirated versions of windows 7,8,and 8.1(not to speak of XP)especially in countries like India and China and can't officially upgrade to Windows 10. Otherwise we'd have had a much higher percentage of Windows 10 users. There must be someway out of this.
  • Somebody I know upgraded his pirated version of Windows 7 to Windows 10 just fine using the Media Creation Tool.
  • Yup, if your pirated version of Windows 7 or 8.1 says activated with no watermark then you can upgrade to Windows 10 :)
  • I also know of some people who have successfully upgraded from pirated 8.1 to 10 flawlessly with the media creation tool.
  • Me too :) Sent from an alien space ship with a Lumia 950
  • Its nothing to do with pirated version. They are lazy to upgrade / update PC OS but not for mobile OS. They dont care about free stuff when its about free windows OS upgrade. Cause most of the people know they can get it by cracked windows whenever they want.
  • The whole point of this period, is that it's an amnesty period -even for those with pirated copies; "If" MS do away with the free upgrade from 29/07, they'll likely stop allowing pirated copies the free upgrade too.* Cheers. *but folks will likely find a way around that
  • Yeah! :D And I'm part of this growth since day one! :D And my little brother uses Windows 10 since he got his first laptop some months ago. We both have Windows phones, on Windows 10 Mobile (Mine is a 535, and his is a 532 :D ) and we are planning to switch our xbox 360 to an xbox one.
    And at my university, all the PCs in the geoinformatics lab are getting Windows 10 slowly, but finally :D So this is happening around all of us, not just somewhere else :D Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10 on HP 250 G1 notebook. It is a scary old monster, I think :D
  • We'll see. I'm not really seeing a significant market adoption of windows 10 in my region. I'm seeing a higher windows 8 adoption though at work. We'll see. I'm not expecting a significant jump in 3 months. It would help if the anniversary update was released before the 29-7-2016 deadline. I think that would help with the traction. Windows 10 now is just not where it could be. Windows 7 and 8 are still just fine.
  • This probably means lots of users don't like 'change'. Doesn't matter if windows 10 is better, they don't like change. So they see this as a moment to switch to Apple. Which is also a change. People are so stupid. Sent from an alien space ship with a Lumia 950
  • The most weird thing is that where those rest 4.54% down share(7+8.1+XP=4.74%) gone? Cause Windows 10 has only gained mere 0.2% !! Sent from Windows Central on Windows 10 Mobile
  • As someone stated above, Windows NT when from 0.07 % to 2.54%. I'd guess that Redstone Windows 10 builds (Windows insider preview built) are not being counted as Windows 10 in NetApplications data. It's possible they are being counted as Windows NT and/or "Other".
  • But Redstone build install base is so tiny with respect to total windows 10 install base. And NT increased for 2.47% . And still there are 2.07% remains with out any count in windows install base. I hope to be still it's in windows platform not on other OS platform. Sent from Windows Central on Windows 10 Mobile
  • Very good points.
  • Netapplications still isn't counting Edge properly, they seem to be adding Edge usage to Chrome. You would think there would be some interest in getting that fixed.
  • Such low numbers for W10 is an epic fail, like 10 plesiosaurs large. Almost every Win7 computer is capable of running W10, but only a fraction of users actually upgraded. I'd like to see how much Chrome gained since Edge is unusable and IE is hidden in Windows 10.
  • A fraction? 1/6th of the entire market has moved on it already. Posted from Windows Central for XL
  • But in this 14.54% many PCs are preloaded with Windows 10? But Microsoft doesn't disclose anymore actually how many PCs have upgraded to Windows 10 from 7 or 8.1. I think its not more than 80-90 million only. Being a totally free upgrade and almost all the 7/8.1 PCs are capable of running 10, the figure isn't interesting at all.
    Microsoft needed to fix all the bug as soon as possible and has to release Anniversary update at least at the beginning of this July not at end.
    And over that so many crap news/tech sites have spread wrong conception about privacy in windows 10. This has also severely damaged the image of W10 in the mind of some percentage of users. Sent from Windows Central on Windows 10
  • The numbers have always included sold units too.
  • yes.. Microsoft has to consider that not so much people are upgrading to 10 on their existing devices. else this figure would be double. this is a trouble for windows 10 development. Sent from Windows Central on Windows 10
  • Not really.  A lot of people will just procrastinate and upgrade in the final few weeks.  Others simply NEVER upgrade any device they own.  Those people will get W10 when they buy a new laptop/whatever in a year or two.
  • So as Mac OS (all versions) have had more less 10% since ever (at least 3 decades), its a bigger 'Epic Fail', right?
  • Mac OS is steady with strong brand loyality, the big problem regarding desktop OS is that crap called Chrome OS, which is sold on expensive hardware with crappy storage of 32GB. Im glad both Windows and OS X are more popular than that junk Google plans to make popular in education market Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Compared to Android Marshmallow Windows 10 is much more popular which shows why Microsoft is still better than Google regaeding OS upgrades.
    The big question is, what comes next after Windows 10, since Android will be moving to N version, but Microsoft said there wont be Windows 11 and 10 will be the last version Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The PC industry is still huge with over 1.8 billion active users where 900 million are still on 7, 270 million are on 10, and about 180 million in XP and 8.1 respectively
    Too bad Microsoft only sold less than 2.5 million Lumia devices in last year, compared with 8 million a year before Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • 3% of Win 7 must be a huge number..i wonder where did that number go..
  • I'm still using Windows 7. It's the best.
  • No it's not the best
  • There are some interesting things to notice in this months' statistics. Windows (all versions) went from 90.45% to 89.23%. Mac on the other hand went from 7.77% to 9.2%. So that means that many people who left the other versions of windows went to mac instead of windows 10. Also it shows that Windows NT went to 2.54% market share. That could be a bug. Some good news is that windows phone (all versions) market share went from 2.54% to 3.96%. However, looking it as individual versions it says that windows phone 8.0 went to 1.20% market share. I believe that could be a bug too, but who knows.
  • StatsCounter has better story to tell I find it more reliable. This one (one posted by WCentral) just shows sudden dip in Windows -  90 to 89 and rise in MAC OS X.  According to StatsCounter -
    Windows 10 has 16% market share (may be insider + regular),
    WINDOWS 7 - 45.48%,
    Windows 8.1 - 10.9%, 
    OS X - 9.41% ,
    winxp just 7.52%, and
    8 - 3.28%. Data is till April 2016!!!!
  • StatCounter is a much better source. 
  • sub.
  • I just cannot understand the logic of not upgrading a Windows 7 machine to Windows 10. Humans are the most mysterious creatures in the universe!
  • Actually it's about 17.9% worldwide, according to StatCounter, which is what most people use for these kind of stats.