Windows 10 is getting a Japanese anime mascot, but it still needs a name

If you saw a recent story on Last Week Night with John Oliver on HBO, you know that Japan loves its mascots. Today, Microsoft's Japanese offices revealed the look of its Windows 10 mascot and will launch a campaign to officially name her in June.

Windows 10 Japanese Mascot

Yes, Microsoft's mascot is a cute 17-year old anime girl who comes from 100 years in the future, works part-time in the gadget-heavy city in Akihabara and, of course, she loves to play online games. Her voice will be handled by anime voice-over actress Ai Nonaka.

Microsoft will start its public campaign to name the Windows 10 mascot on June 19, and people who enter will be eligible to win some prizes, including five grand prizes that will be autographed by Nonaka. This is nothing new for Microsoft; the company has had similar mascots in Japan for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Internet Explorer.

Source: Microsoft; Via: Crunchyroll; Thanks, Christopher, for the tip!

John Callaham