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Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.107 now available for Slow Ring Insiders

Just a day after launching on the Fast Ring, Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.107 is now available for Insider Preview members on the Slow Ring. The build is a fairly minor one, as it's a cumulative update. However, it does contain some bug fixes to be aware of. Here's the breakdown:

  • Fixed an issue where in some cases a device could be missing tiles on the Start screen after going through the device out of box experience.
  • Improved support in Narrator to speak in multiple languages.
  • Improvements to the device reset experience when BitLocker\Device Encryption is enabled by enterprise policy or by the user.

If you're on the Slow Ring, you should be able to pull the update down now.

Source: Gabriel Aul (Twitter)

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  • Come on... Release it next week please
  • I got this yesterday on the new second to last level (the one after slow ring). Very smooth install. No need to reinstall apps and such. Fast and easy. Obviously, they are doing a dry run for release to production build.
  • yea, I think u possibly could have a point for release, I know everyone else's experiences have been different and the apps all NEED work (except for groove, which is great). I've been trying the IP on two devices and for the first build on both devices (635 & 640) I have not seen one resuming screen yet. As far as other bugs go, its still a little quirky, but I think thats huge.
  • Groove isnt great its adequate at best. There I Fixed it for you.
  • Nah its rly good :P the only bad thing is i cant stream songs because i live in greece xd
  • I have gotten so use to builds than I think when they officially release WP10, I won't even download it and go right back into the next preview build.
  • What's the difference between slow ring and preview ring?
  • No please. Fix all the bugs before a RTM release.........
  • Feb end for older Lumias, right?
  • When is the official release for Lumias with 512 MB ram? I've got 720 over here. ;)
  • Early this year.
  • nah 512MB ram might never get it :P
  • What are you talking about, fool? My L 520 runs absolutely fine on Win 10.
  • Are you running the preview?
  • I am running 10586.71 on my NOKIA Lumia 720 & works good not as good as WP8.1 but can use as daily drive. i am using it on my daily drive.
  • Really? :O .... I had upgraded mine like 3 months ago. The phone started hanging; 3 to 5 times a day, and was lagging,I can compromise lag since it has 512 and still a preview version. So I rolled back to 8.1
  • I had same problems with previous builds but 10586.71 is much smoother & less buggy, didnt even had to hard reset or soft reset once, downloading 10586.107 now.  
  • Thank you bro, I'll upgrade mine to latest build tomorrow then.
  • Fast ring and now slow ring is at .107
    What will I get if I go for the 'Release preview' ring ??
  • Release? Really? I've tried using my Lumia 640 as my main device for a week, running build 10586.71, and it's a total Disaster. Wifi doesn't work, Mobile Hotspot doesn't work, Cellular Data is spotty, the phone crashes and restarts often, doesn't recognize phone numbers on my contact list, the mask layer on the 'All Apps' list still disappear, and the music controls still Flickr like crazy when you try to switch song. Windows 10 is Dead, Get it! 
  • It'll be released in Android and iOS first.
  • And what? People complaining MS bricked their phones? MS take their sweet time. 99.95% isn't acceptable.
  • pretty close to Release then...
  • We've been saying that forever haha
  • As an insider we must have wait till we get it released.
  • Can the alcatel one touch Windows 10 Mobile enroll as an insider
  • doubt it happen now, but maybe in the future, remember when 950 came out it wasnt added right away, and since its not a lumia not sure how long you would have to wait
  • Actually, we're insiders because we do not have the patience to wait, but we do have the patience to put up with bugs
  • Lol.... Don't trust Microsoft for the official release dates
  • Microsoft hasn't GIVEN an official date.
  • Yes they did...soon(TM).
  • That's not a date Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • Hardly. It's still a mess. When will swipe to dismiss get to the messaging app to be equal with outlook and notifications. Why is Cortana so slow to respond especially via Bluetooth? Why was everything slowed way down performance wise?
  • You can now make it available for WP users, like public
  • The OS and core first party apps are nowhere near polished enough for public release so I hope it doesn't release next week. Needs more work.
  • I'll have to ask for details... can't see your point, but maybe I'm just missing something here. I'm not finding glaring problems.
  • Grab an iPhone and install Outlook.
    Now grab your phone and launch Outlook.
    Now spend some time doing some basic tasks, like searching for old emails, adding some nice formatting to an email, whatever floats your boat.
    I'll wait.
    Now you know what he's talking about.
  • I dont have an Iphone but I think the WM10 outlook is ok and much better than the Wp8 mail service.
  • I just switched to iPhone and it's insane how much more effort Microsoft put into their apps on other platforms (I have an Android tablet as well) than they did on their own platform.
  • But I guess.. Its not just MS for making outlook app better.. If we have not forgotten.. MS recently acquired accompli.. It had an iOS and Android app, for WP they have to start from scratch... So it will take tym! They r just improving existing app for Andy and iOS but starting from scratch for WP.. So it will take tym for Outlook to get better.
  • WHEN? 2018? No THANKS
  • So nothing to see here for you in the next two years. Please move on.
  • No.  They don't.  They can simply port Accompli.   I thought that was supposed to be easy, now.
  • True. I've played with Outlook on my wife's Android phone. It's nice from what I could tell, but not that much nicer than the Windows 10 mobile version. Maybe, I need to dig a little deeper to find features that WP doesn't have, but I really didn't see a huge difference. Anyone care to elaborate on the features or differences that are actually noticeable? I will take another look at it. You can call me a Windows fan boy or whatever, but I'm not seeing the major issues with the email app. I've been able to compose and read emails just fine on my 1520.
  • I don't see anything insane about spending more time on software for a platform that's 98% more popular, and having your own version still be in development. Especially if the OS itself is still in development.
  • I agree. Outlook and skype get updated every week. So much improvement over last couple of months. And what about WP? It gets forgotten. Very sad to leave this platform (i've been loyal for 5 years).
  • I get updates twice a week (minimum) for Outlook and the Office apps on W10m. I would never accept such a slow rollout like there seems to be on the other platforms. I have also gotten like 7 OS updates and 2 firmware updates for the hardware itself within three months. I would never accept one update/year (Ios) or being completely without updates forever (Android).   Good bye!
  • It seem you're missing the fact if the OS is better so will the apps be. iOS and Android are more mature and capable that's why you don't see the same limitation as W10M.
  • Ios more capable than win 10 haha thats the biggest joke
  • That has been my issues for some months back. Their apps are polished on other platform yet we loyal customer can't seem to enjoy such luxury apps
  • I have to agree with this. A lot of the emails that I receive are poorly formatted on both W10m and WP8 Outlook (humongous text overshooting the boxes, strange carriage returns, tiny photos, large photos, and the alignment's all jacked up. Those same emails on the Outlook app on my sister's iPhone display flawlessly. When people say there are issues with the first-party W10m apps, they aren't just making stuff up to denigrate the OS. They're mentioned because the issues exist.
  • I don't have any issues launching outlook or searching for old emails. It's that and fluid in my Lumia 1520 build 10586.107.
  • Same here, no problem
  • Yes, you do.  You just don't even know it.  For example, how do you perform the most common search (at least in my experience): "Emails with attachments?"  You don't. And there are so many other features in the iOS app, including some that are superior even to the full Office 365 desktop application.  Watch this video and you'll want to go punch MS in the face for sticking us with the crap that is W10M: And that was a year ago.  It's even better now!
  • I dont know, mines seem to do a lot on 950 att, it works really well 
  • Outlook is pleasant enough on my LG G4 but trying to mark as read all the messages in a folder is a tedious one-by-one effort. It's a common operation which is much more elegant in WM 10 Outlook. It would be good to see complete feature convergence across all mobile Outlook versions.    
  • Emails with attachments is a common search? Can't recall the last time I needed that search function
  • Stop. You can't complain about anything cause now it's Waas............ hahhahaha like just W10M get updates xD
    Don't worry, everything will be fixed cause now (just now, cause it's Wass) we will receive updates to make things better.......... When? I don't know ;)
  • When? Soon :))))
  • Are you saying that outlook on the iphone is better than on WM? Because if you are i strongly disagree with that, IMO the outlook experience is cleaner and i dont have that lame focused inbox.
  • Everything is slow as snails, apps don't rezume, apps crash, the whole OS freezes, Outlook doesn't displays mails aligned, NEVER, Skype integration os a joke and a performance sapping feature, the lock screen doesn't unlock properly all the time, the Camera app is still glitchy. Swype isn't as good as on WP8.1, the keyboard as a whole is worse, Cortana is even slower, it's not as good as on iOS/Android nowadays, we don't have OCR anymore. Edge os slower than IE11 and Jr reloads all the time. The OS now uses storage as virtual ram AND IT'S STILL a worser experience. And there is actually more
  • You must be using a Lumia 520, because I've not experienced any of what you're saying.i think you're just someone who says to spread negativity.
  • I've experienced almost the same on hard reseted and non restored 735. What do you think how it'll be on new devices with less power, like 550 and 650? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They will have proper drivers
  • I am using .71 build in lumia 532 nd its great. What would you say now? Less powered? Huh
  • I have a L950 and every one of those things, and many, many more complaints, is spot on.  Overall, my L635 running W8.1 outperforms it.  W10M is horrible.  Literally everything about it is janky.  Not one thing works reliably and a huge number of features are gone from earlier versions of Windows or are inexplicably worse (like the noted typing experience, which is terrible compared to 8.1).  As he noted, not even unlocking is 100%. A.  Complete.  Disaster.
  • Im installing 107 right now so this may change, but IMO, the OS is smoother with every build(im on an att 950) and the core things like ringtones, files copy and paste work better and so does the update process. My complaints are this, app gap is a big thing now for me, BT is broken, 4k video is broken and camera still takes way too long to process pictures.
  • I will admit I am still on .29 on my L920.  Not going insider on my main device.
  • Like I told others, if your 950 is not working well, you should of return it, I am starting to think some of the few, tiny few, very few owners who complain 950 do the same either trolling or have a bad 950. Not everyone have the same problems, but yet these same 950 owners say we all do,, its not true, mines work very fast, no reboots, no resuming, everything on it smooth, especially with the last 3 updates we receive.......return your 950 for another one, no need to stay with a phone that have that much problems, I personally would not do it
  • Xl pretty fast too.... No reboot, hangs, those type of problem at all
  • I have had no problems in my 430 till now.
  • I agree he is just talking crap!!
  • okay, agree with some points, but your comment was too much of exageration!!! The OS experiance is fine for now, missing features imo, but there are no crahses resumes, and i grabbed a nexus 5 and edge was equally fast sometimes faster. i wud agreed to the Outlook app issues. rest the phone works way much better as compared to the builds in july, august back then. we NEED to be patient, my friend installed MM 6.0 on his nexus and he started getting reboots and device hanging to only recovered by reseting it.  another friends iphone has battery issue that most of the iphone users got with iOS 9.2 i guess. atleast MSFT is giving more updates than they are, and i definitly dont want to get official w10m on my l1520 and end up like my friends Nexus5. not only he tried the official update but flashing image was same thing, so whats make android and iOS updates more reliable. 
  • Yes, patient. Which is why I said that this should NOT be shipped to general public in it's current state.
  • Guys should understand that preview builds carry a lot of diagnostic and statistics collections that capture info about most of the things that you use with a build, this is how MS would know how each bit of new and old features and options work. But when production build is released MS will know how to turn off those feedback things, and polish the final build such a way it gets peppy. So it looks like W10Mobile is close to final product.
  • Running a very ol 925 and don't experience slowness so not sure what you are talking about. Edge is pretty fast as well, don't get me wrong... it is not perfect but if it works on my 3 year old phone ... can't imagine how better it would be on a newer hardware. I own an iPhone as well... can't stand the dumb thing... the keyboard sucks, the autocorrect gets in the way... On a sepparate note... you are complaining mainly about an app not the OS.
  • Typical fanboy comment. How lame can you be to complain about autocorrect, a thing that can be DISABLED...
  • right... I'm holding the phone the wrong way... I get it
  • This is all true. Everyone who says "hurrr w10m is great idk wut u talkin bout" like the guy above boasting about how he has no issue with his 1520 with 2gb of RAM either have the high end devices to carry the weight of this garbage or never used WP7/8.
    Even on the Alcatel Onetouch which also has 2gb of RAM the keyboard lags so much to the point where it will skip spaces and space in the middle of the words.
    I really wish Microsoft would make those phone challenge commercials where you try and beat them to do certain tasks on your phone and WP always won. Yeah, not going to happen anymore.
    And that's just the beginning. Windows Phone 7 and 8 looked and felt so premium even on low end hardware. W10M? Not so much.
  • Don't u think dats y Dey r not launching it globally n yeah m using 830 n dere r some issues like edge is not dat good ,random reboots and crashing of apps but that's it no other issue on my device
  • Yeah, I remember Ben the Pc Guy...I've watched those videos dozens of times. It used to be nice. not anymore.
  • return that phone, the 1520 do not have that issue, same with my att 950, ask the store to see another onetouch and see if it do same thing
  • Completely agree to this ^. My mails are horribly formatted(Zoomed and pictures not loaded), lockscreen has to be unlocked twice sometimes, apps show logo and then jump to start screen, keyboard pops in and then out and then in again, and the most obvious Screen freeze. It'l probably need a lot of polish before its rtm'd.
  • Had the same experience on a 950: bad email formatting, many times I had to press power multiple times to wake the phone, apps crashing back to start screen, keyboard not going away, phone lagging when using a microSD card NO MATTER what brand or speed class, mediocre wifi and BT performance, quiet hours never worked on automatic rules, alarms not ringing, indoor photos ruined on automatic mode..etc worst OS ever...a total joke. Too bad that the 950 as a phone is very nice.
  • Finaly someone with the guts to say the truth.
  • he did not say what phone he using, no one on the 950 or 1520 having this problem
  • what phone are you using, it cannot be att 950, or 1520
  • WAaS.....!
  • Yeah, I think we need more weeks or at least days for further polish. Forget the UI (which Microsoft seems doesn't even know how to polish UI at the moment), there is still some graphical glitches and crash there and there. In my case some apps bow won't even open from the Start screen or All Apps, leaving blank screen. There is also and issue Messaging app crashing when sending a photo straight from the camera app. Edge is still have this annoying bug where the suggestion list while typing won't close, covering the screen even after the addressbar is collapsed. Bug in keyboard that sometimes won't open immediately or at all, not to mention the accuracy seems off.
    For me m, this is not yet ready. There might be more issues that I haven't mention or I bugs that I don't have but it exist on others.
  • Coming from Samsung ATIV S with WP8.1 Update 1 Now using MS Lumia 950 XL with Win10M 10586.29 I don't know what people are talking "broken OS?" unfinished yes! Windows 10 in general was and still "free" Threshold 1 & Threshold 2 still beta OS's until "Redstone" Redstone is the finished Windows 10......only a year behind! I loving my 950 XL so far and can't wait till the official "Redstone"
  • I think this just goes to show how complicated OS's are. I have a Lumia 950 (ATT US), and I have none of the bugs or complaints listed in this thread. The only bug I have is the random reseting thing. It does not mean other people do not have these bugs. It could be something as simple as different settings configurations cause trouble, etc. When I had WM10 on my 920, I found that if I had the display size slider in the settings set to the reccomended scaling, the notification center did not always work correct, but moving it to a non reccomended settings fixed the issue. I reported it, but do my knowledge they have not closed the thread reporting that fixed....not even sure if they actually read the forum posts over at Microsofts site.   It is hard and complicated. I do believe people that there are bugs! But for me, it is in pretty great shape for my use! Lucky me!      
  • I am same boat with you, I do not have any of those issues, and with last couple updates the 950 att is running silky smooth and so fast.....I personally think their phone have hardware issues, its the only thing that make sense for why it do not work properly 
  • ^This
  • My L640 works perfectly on .107 hope release is sooner than later
  • +1. Though many features are not yet inlcuded and far from finished that  we expected out of W10Mobile being compared to Android/iOS, the latest .107 build seems solid on my Lumia 640. Something I eagerly expectged from Edge browser is swipe to forward and go back missing. Plus edge should become stand alone app and include add-ons.
  • My 640 runs as smoth as silk now on 107 as well
  • Their are a lot of bugs. This update is kind of useless...
  • What do you mean
  • I mean, they should care more about the bugs and fix them, it is useless cause it does not fix to many. Or nothing that can be observed, at least on older devices like my 1020. I don't even bother to update the 950 to it. Waiting for a more greater release...
  • Some of my apps still won't open with this update. Somehow they became corrupted and reinstalling seems only option. Others are missing in All Apps.
  • What are those apps? If you list them, at least other people might be able to corroborate or help you with the issue. Without listing them, your statement is kind of pointless.
  • Windows Central Coverge Authenticator Tubecast 2048 Audiocloud Barcode Lens Flow Free Office Lens Westpac Bank app Vimeo   I don't think everybody will have have same apps that having an issue. This is more like somehow W10M randomly makes them corrupted, thus refusing them to open. Leaving a blank screen when you open from Start screen or All Apps, or the Open button from Windows Store won't do anything. Worse is after restarting, some of these apps are lost from All Apps but they still exist in Windows Store as installed and in Settings apps too. Solution is so far is uninstalling them, well this can be annoying to some especially some games that doesn't have any online backup of some sort. Still even I have a solution, its temporary since this is not an app problem, its an OS issue that makes them corrupted for unknown reason. I haven't get any chance to trace the issue how this even happen but others even reported here in Forums that other people is having similar issue. This is needs to be fix under-the-hood or this may cause more unforseen issues in the future. We don't want more unnecessary "Reset phone" process just because the OS randomly makes its own issues. It seems this maybe be a long forgotten untraced bug. I'm not sure if this is only new in W10M or even older.
  • I actually had the same issue a few builds back. I could not get the apps to open no matter what I did, save reinstalling them. I agree that their are still a lot of bugs to be fixed.
  • Oh, do you still remember which build you first encounter this issue? I only remember this on build .71. By the looks of it, this issue is left unsolved and another bad thing is that this issue isn't present to anybody, thus not all will have it but the bug definitely is still there lurking waiting for bigger issue to happen. I recently sent a feedback about this. Windows-Feedback:?contextid=308&feedbackid=d1f014b6-f82d-463d-b532-fbe0916d23fb&form=2&src=2
  • what phone are you using, I do not have these issues with att 950 or 1520
  • Did they completely install? After every update, you have to wait for the apps to update. Good luck
  • Never had a problem with the apps updating on 107  It was the smoothest update by far for me everything worked out the gate. 
  • They're all completely installed. This issue existed way back even before this new update. I don't think this update causes the issue but it also didn't fix this issue either. This could be around .71 build since I just noticed that several of my apps refuse to open, leaving blank screen. I can say this isn't caused by .107 update but this issue sounds like under-the-hood issue that persist even on latest build and left unnoticed, I don't know if this issue is old or maybe only recently making more bigger issues from unknown bugs. This maybe somehow corrupted the apps during or after the update or just random. This didn't happen right after I installed the previous build.  
  • Don't need to wait for apps to update on .107. It was fast and easy, at least on my 1520.3.
  • How so it's running quick and smooth on my 950 XL battery life is better, second day in and not had one reboot. You comment adds nothing to the conversation so kind useless as well.
  • nope. My 1520 still suffering from battery sudden dead syndrome. Battery level suddenly drop to zero and shut down but normalized after reboot.
  • 1520 att and 950 att, do not have this issue, I am wondering if your phone have a battery issue itself, like what if you had a new battery replace, would it work much better
  • I had never had a reboot on my xl;). And mostly i have never had the problems people are talking about. I have bugs: In setting bugs. Apps crash from time to time. Edge noticebly slower after some minutes of use, the same happens with store. Battery stabilized after the 71 update, but for this huge battery should last longer then a day. Unlockscreen. Is pretty fast when sliding up to unlock, but if you don't want to unlock it and slide back down, it takes soe god secondes for te clock to reappear. Sometimes hitting the power button will not turnon the screen. Kind of bad cause you don't know what's happening. As for the older devices. 1020 is still dragging a lot with the latest update. And edge is slow and annoying. So yeah, none of this were fixed. So. Useless update for me...
  • One commenter wants it released next week & an other one a couple of comments below it says don't release it next week .... Only in Windows Central.
  • That's why Windows Central has more fun, unlike others.
  • It gets annoying after a while though
  • Different people, different perceptive about the build quality. Some are already just excited or it's works for them, so they want releasing it soon.
    Some are still suffered from bugs, glitches and other kinds of issues. So they feel its nowhere ready for public. Especially that if you plan to release it to non-950 series and 550 devices, having a still buggy build would bring disservice to users pwning older devices and might even frustrate them. Even other 950 owners claim that the build isn't even that polish.
  • Why some people have no problem while some saying that it's full of bugs? Can you explain? I have no issue at all using WM10 on my 640 for daily use.
  • If I install it on mine, will I recieve any update when the "oficial" starts to roll out? Tell me more about the build on your device, please! 640 here and never went to insider. Thinking of join. Any problem?
  • Maybe I recommend you to wait for official rollout with possible firmware included. I don't think you have to wait for too long (I guess). There is at least a gurantee that 640 will receive the update sooner simply because it's one of the recently released devices before 950 series and 550. If you don't want to deal with any sort of issues big and small, better to wait and enjoy what you have for now. If you wish to contribute for sending diagnostic reports (which are automatic also), giving feedbacks in Feedback app, suggesting and voting feedback features, etc. Those are the perks being an Insider. Just expect issues of your device and possibility of not able to use the phone in case of emergency as a warning, because of higher potential of getting an unexpected issue.
  • thanks!
  • No problem! :)
  • I disagree with what he say, I say go for the update, my mom use the 640 and its her daily phone, I use att 950, and we both have no issues, the last 3 updates, I do not what they did but everything is better and smoother and made everything so much better. I personally think the people who are having issues maybe have hardware issue and not software, its my opinion, but it do not make sense how it can work so well for a big majority when a tiny few say they have issues, when I say tiny few, a small few, and I am talking about current phones, not the ones that was release 2 to 3 to 4 years ago who are trying to run windows phone 10
  • I don't know for others, I just saying based from what I read from several forums and comments like here. In my perspective, its not that full of bugs but they still have several bugs persist and left unsolved like from Edge as an bit more popular example. The problem with many of W10M bugs are inconsistent among its users. It means, you will have that bug and I didn't get that bug. This is rather harder to trace and simply causes argument in forums because of disagreement. Aside from reported bugs that are almost universal among its users, there are several that just pops out to certain number of users while others is scratching their heads what sort of issue it is. That doesn't mean the bug don't exist, especially some are reported from Feedback app long ago with unfortunate low number of votes because those bugs are somehow not present to everybody. Other than bugs, there are still even UI/graphical glitches from other apps like Office apps. When opening the Hamburger menu of Word for example, the text have this glitch boxes while opening it. The glitch is always there everytime you open the Hamburger menu. Also there is even a gltich after the loading/downloading screen when you open a document. Not a stop-gap bug but certainly annoying especially for people that somehow have critical attention to small details that causes irritation witnessing those obvious imperfections for them.
  • Difference between optimistic/dreamy people and realistic people
  • Sees to me anyone with a 640 has no problems
  • my att 950 is very polish right now, it is very smooth and fast, no issues, no resuming, no app problems, no crashing, no nothing.......I was asking the tiny few that complain about problems if it could be hardware related, cause it do not make sense, same for att 1520, it run smooth, so im wondering if its hardware related since the update is the same for everyone....and its known that parts in a phone can go faulty sometimes even the battery
  • That's why it seems faster :P
  • Well! Give the lumia 930 some love now!!
  • Why ? It's available for the 930, right ?
  • I have a 930, it's installing right now. Have you checked for it? If you're an insider you should be able to get it.
  • Is it it fix the mobile hotspot stop when the screen is off?
  • And for Lumia 930???
  • It's for everyone
  • What do you mean ?
  • That non insiders hace been sitting for months waiting do win10m but nothing.
  • Okay
  • Then join the Slow Ring. Or the Release Preview Ring.
  • I opted out of the prog then came back ...considering it's not the "final" build and you have Win10m already installed, you might as well get the latest updates and opt out when they do finally release the "final" build.
  • This update also vastly improved my continuum experience
  • Really helped Cortana loading speed also....sooo happy right now. An iPhone user told me a couple weeks ago that Cortana was faster than his 5s Siri on iOS 9. I was really surprised.
  • So wichone is the safest fast slow or previeuw can someone tell me that ?
  • If you get .107, it doesn't matter which ring it came from. The builds are exactly the same, they just release at different intervals and only the more stable builds go to slow ring.
  • Ok but the previeuw ring is slower than the slow ring ?
  • The Release Preview is the safest. Fast and Slow will move to Redstone early builds soon, while Release Preview will stay to Threshold stable builds.
  • Ty for the anser :)
  • Thanks for clearing that up, was wondering what the difference's were as well
  • I don't see why people are just waiting for an office release ... Even then its going to be as its now ... With MS releasing updates and updates to fix and improve ....
  • Yes, but the people who are waiting are hoping for a more polished state of the product before jumping in. Think of it like a river after a storm. Lots of debris and stuff floating in it, not a good time to jump in. The river will never stop moving, but generally once the debris is removed the waters will be fairly safe by comparison on average. Right now, people want the debris removed before MSFT makes everyone jump in the river.
  • it is really polish now, these last 3 updates did a lot for windows 10 for phone, my att 950 is blazing fast now, no more resuming, no crashing, battery life tripled from what I had when it first came out, I knew it would get really good because 1520 was smooth mom 640 is smooth also so in my opinion they can release at any time, its perfect, I do not mind them releasing one or two more bug updates if they want to, but its at a good place right now
  • Official release should include firmware. And that is what people wait for.
  • Running perfectly on my 930. Pretty happy and all the apps are a big improvement over 8.1.
  • have you tried recording a video on your device?
  • I just did.  It recorded a video.  I played it back.  What am I missing?
  • Or any voice recording for that matter. :) WhatsApp doesn't work, Skype, not even speaker function on a normal carrier phone call. L930. Europe, UK.
  • Is it safe to install it on my Lumia 930 ?
  • After using it for a day I have yet to see any resets, crashes, or the inexplicable sudden jump to 25%/hr battery use and overheating. I think they may have squished the worst of the remaining his and just don't want to admit they were there in the first place! Fingers crossed!
  • Yeah smoothly on my Lumia 950xl but I want firmware update
  • Me too. Not had the firmware that was released a couple of weeks ago. Tried going off insider fast ring, still nothing. UK 950XL user on EE.
  • Very stable on Lumia 950
  • Still waiting for firmware update and .107 update on my 950XL in France.
  • You hould first sign out of insider program, restart the device and then search for firmware updates. If their you find none, use recovery tool. Their you will get it for sure. But wel, it will reset your device.
  • I am not on the preview with a Lumia 950 in USA. No newest firmware for me either.
  • you missing out, the last 3 updates improve the 950 a whole lot, battery life is way better, its more responsive, its faster and everything,
  • I still have random resets, some apps crashing, some little issues with the on-screen keyboard, start screen lagging when some time pass and the on-screen navigation bar turns grey (happens every time), HDR on Camera App still not working (I use a Lumia 735), an some little UI glitches now and then, all on this latest build :( all of those bugs I list where there in previous builds too, so, yes, the performance is better, but a lot of things are not ready yet. Someone else with a Lumia 730/735 with the same issues?
  • Did this fix the sound of video recording on lumia 930?
  • Have you actually tried to go back to 8.1 and try the sound recording? Cause as far as i know. The 930 has some hardware issues rather then software...
  • hardware issue 
  • How come messages aren't coming back after update then hard reset!?? I did 3 backups in a row to make sure it was backed up. Anyone??
  • Give it time. If problem remains, try changing "Download messages from" to a different setting like "last month" and leave it syncing for a while. Then set it back to "Any time" again. Eventually you will have your messages.
  • I've had the exact same issue. I even tried restoring to a different restore point. It doesnt seem to matter. Each time I reset the phone the text message sync setting is off by default. I turned it on, tried changing it from a year, to a month to any time. I have left the phone for 2 days and still no messaging has synced. It must be a bug.
  • Must be a bug for sure :( sucks though. That's the only reason why I didn't want to reset the phone ugh any help anyone??
  • Use Lumia camera instead of Microsoft camera wayyyy better
  • on the 950, Microsoft camera way better, havent tried it for 1520, but microsoft camera quicker and everything, pictures come out just as good, even better, first I press where im focusing the picture on with the 950 and then I take the picture after 
  • Yeah I've tried last month and anytime and nothing yet :(. Sucks. I did a hard reset too and backed up everything smh
  • I've installed this release on two Lumia 635's for Sprint. So far, everything is working just great.
  • After the update my Lumia 1520 seems very smooth and fast, only problem is that in some websites the keyboard just comes up and disappears whenever I am trying to type something. That annoys me as the same website when opened on some other 3rd party browser runs well and keyboard doesn't disappears.
  • Sometime waiting a little bit before typing helps
  • Really? Slow Ring already? Geez, I mean what's the point of being on the Fast Ring if they're shipping it to everybody. Hey, that would be neat! Ship it to everybody!
  • The most likely were looking for crash reports and such. It was below their threshold so they upped the ring. Not to mention it seems like they really want to give out a new release to all.
  • That was primarily sarcasm. Been that kind of day.
  • it was a bug fix update, no new features, so it didnt really matter, they not adding anything new to break something else
  • No saving screen on my camera app anymore
  • Still no notifications for message box. Have to check manually all the time and see if I got a new message
  • I am pretty sure i answered youmore then one time. Their is no problem with notification. You most probably turned messaging background proccess off and that is why you recieve no notifications. Go to battery saver and look for the proccess...
  • Has anyone installed .107 on Lumia 635 successfully?
  • ya 635, 920, 1020 and 1520
  • Get l640, after 1520 its my favorite phone. But 920 is super designed phone though battery life is poor
  • my cousin replace his battery and the 920 work better, but I agree 635, 1520, and 950 are smooth....with the at  950 silky smooth 
  • Just finished.
  • Has anyone successfully installed it on Icon? I installed it yesterday through fast ring and it was the first time I got BSOD on my phone. Had to roll back to 8.1 but I jumped back on, this time on slow ring... Now I'm afraid even to stay on this ring :/
  • I installed this on my Icon AFTER I went back to 8.1. The reason for this was due to motion data was not working. I will say this build works really well and my motion data is now recognized on my Fitbit and Microsoft Health app.
  • I am in the same boat. Never got it installed on my Icon, even after resets to 8, then 8.1. Plural. I went to slow ring today to get back to a usable state finally, so I am mortified to see it now in slow ring too. I never had BSOD with Icon before this.
  • I messed up and wasn't able to switch to production ring before the update had downloaded again. Fortunately, second time was the charm -- installed and working fine now.
  • Coratana stopped working with this release on lumia 1520. When I long press the search button it comes up to voice and disconnects.
  • not 1520 specific since I have 2 of them with functional Hey Cortana. Good luck figuring it out though.
  • which 1520 you have because others do not have that issue just like the guy who responded to you, he do not have the problem either
  • I installed on my icon last night. No issues at all and my battery life seems better today.
  • Does this solve the touch jerkiness issue?
  • hardware issue
  • After the install my groups in the People app are all empty. The name of the individual groups are listed but no contacts inside. ...Anyone else experience this... Suggestions?
  • nope, and I do not know what to say to help since I did not experience the issue, which phone you using so people can know which phone had the problem
  • Lumia 830... I manually had to add the contacts back in.. Some I had since wp7
  • I experienced a lot of the bug mentioned here and others on my 1520 until I did a full wipe with WRT AND didnt allow any apps to upgrade until after I got to the latest release. Now it runs buttery smooth with only a few minor OS fit and finish issues.
  • Windows recovery tool will help you there, you can download latest or you have latest
  • And still no new windows central app :/
  • Well it's coming. Let them take their time polishing their own apps. It's always better not to deal with alot of issues. The current app though not perfect, at least it works for now.
  • Is anyone install on L540? How it is working
  • Gears turning! Waiting to check if the build is usable. ....
  • Shot myself in the foot, got build created in may 2015! What a cokup..... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Thats cause you are using an 5110:)))
  • What's the size of the file?
  • Have it on a 640 and a 950. No real issues.
  • Hi I have Lumia 950xl (Canada) I installed.29 with windows insider and I try to get .107 but nothing.
  • leave the insider program and join back in and see what happens
  • I don't what people want ! It's insider preview not even beta and they know its not final has bugs and so not going public. Isn't it expected some bugs and issues with IP? I agree w10m doesn't have anything exciting compared to competition but I don't why it is worse too. I use both Android and wp and in fact I never feel I should throw out wp because in Android I have a lot of cool stuffs other than several launcher that is not available in windows ! I have lg g2 and lumia 640. Both are great but I enjoy using 640 more but to be honest apps are better in Android even Skype and outlook!
  • Form last 3 build im not able to set brightness.and reset doesnot fix it.i thought this build will do some good to me.but no.battery performance is very bad.drain in 4 hour in lock condition without using ant thing.
  • Which phone?
  • This build also drains my L640 faster than the last build. 18 hrs instead of 30!
  • opposite for me, 950 battery is way better
  • I joined the Release Preview ring yesterday and received this update, which I think was a mistake with the new ring. That said, it would appear that they intend this for general release so it would have come to that ring anyway. It's all very well saying that this update us small but it's cumulative, so it will be bigger for anyone not on the previous most recent Insider build.
  • Still hopefully waiting for an official release :| :( lumia 640 xl
  • When is win10 comin to blu win hd lte
  • Soon ™
  • I am happy with my L1520 build 10586.107. Since Novemeber I had installed all builds and can safely say that this one is very stable and can be a release build. Yes, the outlook mail client is still not par with iOS and Android counterparts. Hope MS will fine tune it in coming cumulative updates. The only gripe I have with Windows 10 Mobile altogether and this.107 build is that MS should provide 15% more battery backup. Then it will be on par with what was available with 8.1. My observation is that WhatsApp and Facebook are eating majority of the power. But saying so the Standby time is still excellent. Hope MS will rollout a Firmware update for L1520 (Current Firmware No. 02540.00019.15236.45004) Cheers!
  • Why the build number is slowly increasing (in points) nowadays? What's reason behind it? I am seeing 10586 from long time.
  • they working on bugs, not new features, when they start working on new features the build number will change, but for now this is a good idea, its perfect now on 950, faster, smoother, longer battery life, so I would not mind they add new features on next update, but if not, more bug fixes are good too
  • 10586 apparently is it. The goal right now is to launch to the rest of the 8.1 devices. Once that happens we can move on to Redstone. Fine tuning 10586 is the priority.
  • Forgot double tap to wake for L950/XL Microsoft?
  • Windows 10 phone? Excellent! You should get a Lumia 950 XL.
    Lumia 950 XL spec:
    1) Qualcomm MSM8994 Snapdragon 810, octa-core processor 1.5 Cortex-A53 & 2.0 GHz Cortex-A57(dual CPU)
    2) IQ Built-in wireless charging
    3) Fast 2 Hours charging
    4) HD 5 MP wide angle front camera, 1080p video
    5) 20 MP wide angle main camera, 4K video
    6) 3 GB RAM
    7) Maximum memory MicroSD size: 200 GB
    8) User data storage: In device, OneDrive cloud storage, App and data storage on memory card
    9) Flash type: 3 LED RGB Natural flash
    10) FM radio
    11) liquid cooler
    12) Video zoom, Optical image
    13) Lumia Rich Recording with four microphones
    14) Materials: Free of PVC, Contains recycled metals, Free of nickel on the product surface, Free of BFR
    15) system and charging connection: USB-C 3.1 release 1.1
    16) WiFi or HDMI windows 10(multitask) with mouse and keyboard display on TV and with phone still function.
    17) Biometric authentic method to login. (iris)
    18) Continuum, dock workstation
  • Where is touch setting?
  • In settings type "touch" in the search bar.
  • so many complaints i don't get it,you have chosen to be an insider,you have been told there will be posibly some bugs and you acepted this so why spend all your time complainingif your not happy revert back to 8.1 (exept for 950/ 950xl) and wait for the official release,i have ran every build on my 930 in the first builds they were buggy but windows 10 has come along way since then, i have never done a hard reset for months since that build that was anounced saying you no longer have to reset i have never has any problems at all , this latest build is simplyfantastic runs so much better than 8.1 did battery life is great cant find a single complaint so well done ms for the hard work that is being put into getting windows 10 mobile for realese. before i go those things that were being said about emails ,lol wot rubbish never encountered any probs with that either SO STOP COMPLAINING IF YOUR NOT HAPPY THEN STOP BEING AN INSIDER LOL
  • Generally agree with you but my 930 double tap to wake has not worked 90% of the time - working so far on this build so very happy. Last 2 days emails appear on the live tile but not showing in notifications. I would not return to 8 1 as the integration with W10 on my SP3 is awesome. Likewise, I don't hard reset and apart from the above everything else is awesome.
  • 2tomtom silly question but have you gone into your email setting and ticked the checkbox's for notifications and sounds
  • Thanks, yes the notification function is on within the app settings and within Notifications in the main settings. This happened before in another build and disappeared but is now back.....aarrggghh. My emails show on the Lock Screen and the Live Tile though. well, its beta and others are having bigger issues (whilst others have none) so lets see what the next build brings. My double tap to wake was working with this build (intermittent before) but has again gone back to working occasionally after a days use.
  • Well... You're right, somewhat. Part of being an Insider is to find bugs in each build and report them. Yes we have the feedback app which is at this point a one way street. Forums like this one are the only place we can get these things discussed, possible workarounds or fixes found by other Insiders. Right now we're on the final lap before W10M gets released to the 8.1 devices. So if we're picking it apart, finding the last hidden bugs, we're doing what Microsoft asked us to do.
    Unfortunately this kind of program tends to create frustration, that's what we're seeing. We all want to see this thing work, but we see the damage the premature release of the 950's did. We need to make sure it's as good as possible or all of the Media will bury it for good.
  • This update not recommended for 8gb memory phones. Poor memory management
  • This seems to have fixed my double tap to wake on my 930. It generally does not work on previous builds or works for then stops.
  • Did the audio got fixed in video recording or when calling inside an app?
  • I've not had any issues with Audio - in fact I recorded a song at a live concert and the sound was impressive.
  • Anyone else having problems with Edge and web forms in this build. I cannot tap in to a text box and get the keyboard to show. Damn impossible. Works fine on another 950XL with .29!
  • Edge has really some wierd issues after one uses the device in one handed mode. I mean. If you go one handed while browsing, to reach something then go full screen again. Happens exactly what you said. It is imposible to touch something cause goes crazy...
  • Some people just have to hard reset their phones... Just saying
  • A lot of them have to do that an no restore...
  • Windows mobile platform needs a lot of time to become decent, after a few years maybe I'll give it a try again.
  • It is very decent. What it needs is ms working faster on solving the bugs out of the platform.
  • True
  • Seems faster on L 650, lol!
  • It looks that microsoft is stop giving updates to the Belgium lumia 950 and 950 xl owners. We stay finaly on 10586.29..... Next time i buy my Phone in the UK so that i have more garantee for updates. Bluetooth is terrible and battery is empty after a couple of hours. My lumia 950 cost 599 € and the xl 699 € for a dam bad updateservice and many bugs
  • Reset the device with recovery tool. Then update to the latesy firmware, then enter insider and update;).
  • flashing display nokia lumia 830
  • One day after the upgrade and only good thing here.  Better batery life time 
  • Ok for all you people on fast and slow rings stop moaning you are BETA testers! Report the bugs to MS not to forums, for all those wanting to leave and go to android do not let the door hit your ass on the way out! Enjoy those 10-20 app updates every day enjoy the late security updates on every handset except the nexus handsets which have sold less than MS lumias and enjoy the crappy 12 hour battery life unless you leave it to idle all day. My 950 works great I have all the apps I require, I went from IOS to android and finally on windows I have found a decent phone and os, Sorry for the rant but cmon first world issues people!
  • Well said...iam using Lumia 950ds and lg g4...i love wm10...just more apps then we are in the league of android...and more marketing from microsoft and more oems making windows phones
  • ^^^this^^^ Fast/Slow ring- constructive criticism only please. Let's face it...we are working out the bugs for W10 for the surface phone :)
  • Really slow and lots of bugs was in 10586.71 lets see what is in this build
  • Okay I upgraded to .107 .. Device feels faster than ever... Seems bugs are gone. Its more responsive!! Updated on slow ring Lumia 730
  • Someone please clarify. Fast ring and now slow ring is at .107
    What will I get if I go for the 'Release preview' ring ??
  • .107
  • Works very smoothly on my daily driver Lumia 930 ... Without hard reset ... I would recommend it ... .107 on release preview ring
  • Working great on L1520, but awful on my L1020
  • Hey my Lumia 1320 camera not working what to do
  • Use the forums and provide more details about the issue please.
  • I am not able to add my existing Microsoft account since last two builds.(L730)
    And i had questions regarding warranty....Have i lost my warranty with signing up as an insider.....???
  • Fix the battery please.... Its better than previous builds but not perfect. 8.1 used to run for 2days but this one lasts for 1day.
  • What changes have been noticed in this version?
  • No messages after hard reset after update 107!!!?? anyone?? 1520 I backed up everything like I usually do. Help!
  • Ohhh i thought this update will also fix Whatsapp Text size Issue :(
  • Running the 10586.107 on a Lumia 920 I'm on fast ring. Noticed better battery duration but if switching on both WiFi and cellular data duration still poor. I resolved two issues I believe were due the build:
    1-crash of smscallfiler
    2-no audio notification on received SMS
    I so far installed upgrades without resetting but last time I performed an hard reset and reinstalled from 8.1 without recover from backup.
    The phone starts to work much much better more fast more fluid and smscallfilter has been replaced by the new feature of blocking call numbers.
    SMS missing audio notifications I discovered went corrected AFTER you set your phone number into SKYPE settings!!! Personally I disliked the mixing among SKYPE and SMS I prefer if they stay separated but probably M$ wants to make an overall VoIP environment independent by cellular Carriers.
  • Just installing! Great to hear that battery life is improved, in last build it was little worser. :/
  • Whaat there was new build for fast ring!!!???......
  • Loving my 950xl. Its
  • Loving my new 950xl. Its better than I expected
  • Still battery and charging problems
  • I have 10586.71 do I have to roll back to 8.1 before upgrading to 10586.107
  • Everything is okay in this.107 build but my phone Lumia 1320 screen goes crazy with pattern lines with awful colour and nothing seen without wired pattern colour. So every time i have to switch off and on to use it. Please fix this problem
  • Can anyone tell me are the fast ring builds actually fixing issues for people? Has the battery life improved at all? My biggest thing is battery life. Right now my 950 is going through it's battery as fast as my 920 was when I replaced it with the 950. Ridiculous Imo.
  • that required a hard reset, but it works now. also, is updating bundled apps so hard when publishing new builds?
  • I have updated my nokia lumia 1020, its working fast and battery timing is also improved from previous build but sound problem is same, also mobile hotspot is still not working. plz MS fix this bug soon...