Windows 10 Mobile only at 5 percent according to AdDuplex due to correction

AdDuplex has released their monthly numbers for measuring the Windows Phone ecosystem. Perhaps the biggest news to come for February was the down revision of the Windows 10 Mobile numbers compared to Windows Phone 7.x and 8.x.

The revision is not due to people dropping off the next-gen OS but rather to the incorrect inclusion of some devices still running Windows Phone 8.1.

As a result, the previous month's report of 9.5 percent for devices running Windows 10 Mobile drops to a much more sobering 5.3 percent.

Windows 10 Mobile is currently only available to two segments of users:

  • Windows Insiders who opt in
  • New devices like Moly X1, NuAns NEO, Lumia 550, 650, 950, or 950 XL

Although there have been isolated reported of official upgrades most users with phones running Windows Phone 8.1 have not had the option to update to Windows 10 Mobile automatically.

Unfortunately, with such a low number for Windows 10 Mobile it still makes little sense for developers to aggressively target the platform versus Windows 10 for PC. Microsoft is banking on developers making mobile versions of their apps due to the ease of Windows 10 tools but clearly there is some time yet for the ecosystem to transition for users.

About AdDuplex

The numbers from AdDuplex are collected through their in-app advertising that is prevalent in over 5,000 apps in the Windows Phone Store. That data serve as an important metric within the Windows Phone ecosystem. The full AdDuplex report for February will be posted Monday, February 22 on

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • After one year I hope windows phone will be vanished
  • And if they do, you'll be cheering?
  • Yes, less choice always benefits consumers. Less competition FTW. This message was brought to you by Mehboob Jahedi, the hard of thinking.
  • Hahaha love this guy!!
  • No one really cares about Windows Mobile so the consumer isn't really losing anything Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Windows phones are not competition. Android manufacturers get way more competition from each other than all Windows phones combined. Losing it would have no impact on the market. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Or you could just move on instead of being silly.
  • Will see the D DAY of Microsoft...... Lol...
  • The idea of Windows 10 across devices is really good, but Microsoft is so slow with it so the real question isn't when its going to's when its going to start living?
  • It's already living, it's just kind of got a really persistent pulmonia.
  • My hopes too, MS should upgrade all lumias ASAP!
  • With 1GB devices, automatically upgrading is now doable without excessive backlash IMHO. However, 512mb devices are not yet reasonably usable with W10M. Definitely not a good thing to move those users to the new OS unless performance can be improved. Unfortunately that's the majority of users.
  • I still believe those 512mb devices will run fine, perhaps a little bit slower but usable. Still I don't belive most people will have one by the end of the year. If they do, they probabbly won't care for other than calls & sms. The 520 is going to be 3 years old in a couple of months!
  • 512mt devices indeed run well! My 2 years old Lumia 520 runs well as with WP 8.1! In build .107.
  • Mine too.
  • I tried a factory reset on my W10 Lumia 520 and now its bricked. So yea. While W10 Lumia 1520 is great.
  • My Lumia 520 was bought at a sales price in 2015 just for Win10 beta.. It's currently running 10.0.10586.107 It's responsibly responsive, but can hang every now and then when returning to the main screen from an app or the settings menu. And after all this time on Windows 10, one still doesn't know if the device (512MB) will be on the list of devices to be supported by WIndows 10 when released. Features like the Windows 10 glance screen are not available for the Lumia 520. Is that the writing on the wall.  
  • No they shouldn't, WM10 is such a step back in terms of polish and features that it would be really bad. Perhaps in another six months or so.
  • My 950 is polished enough for me. Its fabulous.
  • And I hope you vanish and all of your cult followers who agree! Mac in the world of computers are at a low percentage like WM10, but do you feel the same about that???
  • I don't care about mac...I love Microsoft so...i am worried about it
  • It's used by professional youtubers cuz they want stability.
  • Lol he meant all winphones are upgraded to mobile10 ... I guess!!
  • It will have. There will be no Windows Phone, it will be Windows 10 on a mobile device, be that a telephone, or a small tablet. The OS will be platform agnostic. Your acerbic comment is actually foretelling the future.
  • I guess that you meant WP will vanish and we will only have W10M, did you? If so, no, it is way too soon, as we still have WP7 in the charts, if not, then you can whole-heartedly vanish from the ecosystem.
  • I don't. I decided to try and switch due to better availability of home automation software I want. After using a cheapo backup Asus android phone for a while purely to manage my smart home, I decided to try the full experience. I switched to a Samsung G6 and while it is a very very nice phone, I quite hated android as a day to day OS. I miss my tiles, I screen density allowed by small tiles. I hated the home screen page flipping. I didn't quite care for how many times I was asked to allow google or Samsung access to another piece of data. Enough. That experiment lasted just a few days. I returned the phone to BestBuy (I just bought the phone) and joyfully returned to my 950. I so unappreciated what Windows Mobile has become for me (user if platform since zsamsung Focus) and though switched back, am ashamed that i was reaching a breaking point. No more. I can't explain why android is so popular, but it is what it is and I'm ok with that. For me, I'll wait and see what cones next from Microsoft and it's partners. These are just phones, after all. Gotta love what you see everyday.
  • The beauty of Android is that there are so many flavors of it, some of them extremely customizable. Samsung phones don't really appeal to me (don't really understand what's the big deal with them, they have great screens, though) but I'm strongly considering a OnePlus X right now.
  • Hes just trolling here. Windowscentral should start ban all these trolls!
  • I think you guys are reading it wrong - I think he means Windows Phone should be dead - taken over by Windows Mobile.
  • And this is why I believe any device not going to be updated to Windows 10 needs to be bricked by Microsoft right here right now. And by that I mean force bricked. Get rid of the excess baggage.
  • If you mean you want all users to transition completely from Windows Phone (WP7/8) to Windows 10 mobile, I think you are being overly optimistic.  If you are instead taking the ignorant stance of wanting the entire platform to drop; you do not understand how competition improves the landscape for all consumers. Having 2nd tier platforms (Windows / Blackberry, etc) available forces the competition (iPhone, Android) to follow the innovations and price pressure that the smaller players bring.  I could understand if you were a major stockholder of Apple or Alphabet, and you did not want to have to ever innovate or reduce prices to keep your customers, but your comment shows otherwise.      
  • Really? Not hard to figure this out....THEY HAVEN'T RELEASED IT TO ANYONE. This has become ridiculous. Most people aren't going to dick around with insider, only the true loyalist and techies. They have some real idiots making decision and it starts with the clown at the very top.
  • You mean the one that WAS on top? The one that owns an NBA team now? If that's the case yeah we all agree with you.
  • They released it to the (admittedly very, very few) people who actually bought a Lumia 950 or 950XL.
  • I'm excited to switch to iPhone when the 7 comes out. I've been on WP since its inception and this feels like the end.
  • Why are you even posting in this forum. you can buy iphone 6s today and update it later apple makes it easy for you.
  • Because I like the windows phone, but it is being handled by an idiot and one main idiot. What is the point of denying it? Lets be like you and keep our heads on the sand. We know what the problem is, but let's ignore it. There is an idiot running the ship trying to kill the consumer half of almost everything they have.
  • IF they managed to get OEMs on board and the cost was having a low quarter sales then I'm all for it. Think about the already released phones (nuans, alcatel, lumiasx3,etcetc) and the phones that are coming (acer, hp, another alcatel) and the ones rumored, it's looking good for 2016 far better than 2015. Mix it with an OS that is becoming stable and is nice as always, mix it with the upgrade to 10 for everyone, mix it with the universal platform and the flow of apps coming. I'm kinda optimistic (and I wasn't till 2 months ago).
  • This is the end...hold your breath and count to 10.
  • Adele, are you there?
  • Hello, it's me. ;)
  • Hello from the other siiiiiiiiiiide,at least I can say I triiiiiide.
  • Shes a hot ****
  • The Windows 10 share will only increase as people finally dump their Lumia 520s and switch to Android, leaving 10 with a bigger piece of the remaining pie.  
  • Lmao
  • Whoa!!
  • XD +730
  • This shouldnt be shocking. W10 is not out yet for old phones and only very recently available on a couple of models of new phones.
  • Truly embarrassing that there are nearly as many devices running Windows 7.x as there are on Windows 10.
  • It's not that embarassing... there are tons of Android devices on really old versions. Some people don't feel the need to buy new phones, if the one they have works. 
  • Update on Widows Central app before the weekend?
  • Coming soon lol
  • Yes, but it's not sure which one. :)
  • Makes sense, for most users its just a phone, nothing more. They don't give a rats ass whether its running 8.1 or 10. So I guess its just us fans and the few 950 owners running 10.
  • Haha
  • "Windows 10 Mobile only at 5%..." Stability
  • 5% finished
  • Yep. When the other 90% is finished, ppl might consider it. Maybe for 2019 it'll be polished, after ios 12 comes out.
  • Let's see if there is a significant increase in March because this is the month where MS, you know, actually releases it officially to some 8.1 phones.
  • hahahahahhhahaha In December 2016 the x20 with 512MB will be waiting for the availability some countries are always the last ones.
  • Well these numbers aren't going to improve anytime soon since they more than likely won't be releasing W10 to x20 devices officially which make up the bulk of the current WP install base, which leaves a much smaller target. And with upcoming quarters likely to show even fewer new sales its not going to be a pretty year for this platform.
  • how can they send figures, if its not realised to all phones? the article is just confusing, this only means that 5.3 percent of COMPUTER AVID people have instlled the windows insider, and installed windows 10. The normal folk wont upgrade until the notification is on screen to do so.
  • It's raining users!
  • *hemorrhaging  
  • Quick, get a tourniquet...
  • Good bye W10 before it comes to W8.1 Phones......
  • In all fairness you'll really see the install base drop if W10M gets pushed to the legacy devices running 8.1 Is someones mom or dad rocking a 640 going to understand when the update glitches up and they have to do a recommended hard reset nuking all their data? No, they are going to drop it like a rock, say F-U Microsoft, and go get an iPhone or Android.
  • Actually, the update is being delayed partly because MS is working on making sure the upgrade experience works out.
  • More than 8 months they are still trying to figure that out? Even vista was not a pain like upgrading w10m..... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "dynamic stitching"
  • After few months windows phone will be history....... Windows phone only waste of money...
  • Then just spend your money elsewhere and move on. I really don't understand you people here, complaining and complaining to no end. Just get a different phone and get over it already and stop this eternal lamenting.
  • You want to know why people are complaining?  It's because we supported Windows ever since 6.5, got screwed when they wouldn't update from 7 to 8, and have been waiting FAR TOO LONG for this platform to take off properly.  Excuse after excuse after excuse is all we get anymore, and people are tired of it, ditching Windows, and finally moving on to other platforms. Many of us have moved on, but you can't tell us NOT to vent our frustrations towards MS because of the lousy way we've been treated.  A lot of people are angry, and MS needs to hear their voices.
  • I'm not criticizing you for complaining or questioning your reasons for doing so, it's just that I know I'd have way better things to spend my time on. I'd just move on and call it a day, especially if I was so tired as you are. You can obviously do as you wish.
  • You just made me reflect on my mobile life. I began with 6.5 and suffered the same fate. What if we are wrong?
  • I've had them nearly all. Win Smartphone 2002, then Win Mobile 2003, then the 2003 SE, then 5.0, then 6 and 6.1 and 6.5, I skipped 7 and went straight to WP8, then 8.1 and now I feel a little desperate looking at my Lumia 730 running W10M. It's been a ride, but mostly downhill since 6.1. That thing on a PDA was a beast. W10M is a funny little toy.
  • From all the comments lately Microsoft are dammed if they do...and dammed if they don't !
  • You're probably right. If these numbers are to improve, they have to make 10 a stable o/s and release it tho the masses, and soon.
  • From the headline, I actually thought the article was going to say W10M was only five per cent complete
  • As much as I do love the WP8.1/10, it pains me to say that I'll be jumping ship to android soon. Lack of some core banking apps and support from developers is pushing me away from this platform.
  • Personally I'm considering getting an Android phone while keeping my Lumia 640 at the same time so I can keep using it, installing preview builds etc., but covering my bases in case WM does fail for good. I'd try Android as my main phone, while still using the Lumia 640 in tandem, e.g. whenever I'm at home while I'd be taking my Android phone when going outside or reversing the roles whenever I felt like it. Gives me the best of both worlds. ^^ Depending on the situation throughout the year, I could just slowly transition to Android entirely or I could go back to using my WP more intensively if Redstone brings some awesome features.
  • To be fair. Windows 10 mobile isn't released yet.
  • Are the 550, 650, 950, and 950XL sales figures that insignificant?
  • Those have been on sale for about three months while WP 8.x devices have been sold for over three years and still are today, so yes.
  • Do you remember the Zune? Same story....
  • To be fair, it is way, way overdue!
  • Daniel, you forgot to mention users of the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL for Windows too. People are buying them too :P
  • Congrats to all five of you. Join the five 650 owners in that corner :')
  • lol xd I didn't buy it, but it isn't a dead forum though.
  • Given that WP global market share has sunk to 1.1%, there just isn't any demand for this OS (anymore?). App gap remains a problem, UWP does garner some attention, but I don't believe it'll be enough to sway devs to jump all in...So, what's the incentive to stick to WP/WM10? I enjoyed my WP while I had it, it was (still is I presume) the best OS for calendars/email, but that's about it. There is nothing compelling me to stick with or recommend a Windows Mobile 10 device.
  • I have an incentive: Less chance of your app getting lost in the crowd never to be used anyway. So, do WP. May be less people but your app may be seen, hell even get a write up.
  • Not surprising at all.
  • Windows 10 mobile os user is just 5.3% because most people believe that the insider preview may harm there phone.. And also breaks the warranty of the phone
  • Their*
  • Loool... Microsoft is gonna be history and dooms day coming for Microsoft... THEY ARE NOT CAPABLE OF MAKING GOOD PHONES AND RELEASE A PROPER BUILD TO PUBLIC... JUST DELAY DELAY DELAY...
  • Are you really that clueless or do you actually think Microsoft is going to be history because of how WP is performing? The all-caps does not make you appear smarter by the way.
  • MS might "die" as a consumer brand though... although a fate like that, if it ever happens, is still a decade away at least
  • It may, but we'll have to see how things develop. Windows PCs will surely still be relevant in ten years, people may know Microsoft as a consumer brand through Office and other services on Android and iOS and anyway, ten years is a long enough time for Microsoft to step up with a brand new consumer technology - the next big thing, so to say.
  • I am not sure that 5% is W10 Mobile from 950/XL/550 or including insiders too.
  • Microsoft doesn't care
    They are carrying over phone hardware division just for name sake
    Just to maintain a presence in mobile industry that's why they are making only very few Lumia s
  • When offical win10 release
  • In 2020
  • Why is this even a topic? Ofc people don`t use Win 10 Mobile since it`s not out.
  • The news is obviously that the number is lower than people thought because of AdDuplex' error, not that W10M is still used by the minority of WP users.
  • I was asking the guys who can`t belive their eyes that Win 10 has such low market share.
  • Time to enhance windows phone 8.1.2. for parallel OS offering...
  • That makes more sense than the old figure. There couldn't be THAT many ibsiders.
  • Oh well, the doom mongers are out again! Why post 'I'm waiting for the i7' on WC forums? 'I'm hoping it's dead by September'. Don't wait to jump to your fashion icons, do it! It may not be the death of Windows Phones, but it is the death of my love affair with these fine boards. Whilst everyone is entitled to their view, don't keep posting view in every f*****g comments page or forums. Don't like WP, P**S off then instead of trying to bring everyone else down. I wish you all well, but remember the grass isn't always as green.... On that note, I'll sign off.
  • I really like the articles here but the comments can be super annoying - I still keep coming back to read them, it's like when something is so horrible you just can't look away. :) I'm not saying criticism isn't allowed, heaven forbid, but all this whining, moaning and doomsaying from people is pathetic. Just freaking move on if using WP/W10M has become such an immense burden to you. I like W10M but I'm not chained to it, I'm capable of moving away anytime without any hard feelings whatsoever. Right now I'm considering getting an Android phone and using it in tandem with my 640. I'm not giving up on W10M yet but if the platform comes burning and crashing down I don't want to be standing on it when that happens.
  • Re: Gatanui,
    Thank you for a good, reasonable, common sense comment. Well, except for those words about "considering getting an android". Oh well, no one is perfect.
  • Nah, come on... Tech is my greatest passion and while I really don't want to give up on W10M just yet it just makes no sense for me to restrict myself to Windows forever. I just need to try out Android even if it's only to return to Windows afterwards. And as I said, even if I get an Android phone I plan on keeping using my Lumia 640.
  • ...and the slow motion continues. No push at all like whole 2015. Ballmer back in business, he knows mobile is important and have to be pushed seriously, haha
  • Make March Month Merrier Microsoft
  • 5% of 2%. Nadellas mastermind scheme proceeds as planned.
  • Ha. He's got Google and Android exactly where he wants them!/s
  • No surprise.Unless you're a insider or bought a WM10 device everyone else is still on WP8.My factory unlocked 735 is still on 8.1 update one.
  • Incredibly slow motion with windows 10 mobile releases.
  • When are the wp 7.x going to break? They must be solid devices. ... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Great memories of WP7. I'm jealous that you are still experiencing the great features of WP7.
    Best Wishes
  • What about those who were on the insider program and downgraded back to 8.1? That might explain the confusion and why the numbers have dropped.
  • I was one of those who reverted. At least 8.1 works.
  • And why would that sudden drop suddenly be this month now that builds are becoming more and more stable, and not a few months ago? That doesn't really make sense.
  • 107 build on my 550 is still buggy.The screen lock's up and random reboots.
  • I said they were getting more and more stable, not that they're already perfect. Anyway, I've only gotten two random reboots since build 10572 and no screen lock-ups either on my Lumia 640.
  • When 10 becomes official, we will see changed in those numbers. I hope.
  • Keep delaying the OS and keep pulling,in the developers
  • Disappointing that others don't see the light. If WP fails, I'm giving up on Network Operators and smart phones - switching to a W10 tablet with VOIP. If I need a mobile, I'll get simple flip phone. No interest in going back to an iPhone or the knockoff, Android.
  • I just returned on win 8.1 yesterday. After seven months in insider program and lots of builds and lots of bugs, I only have two options: Break phone in pieces, or go back on system that work. Second choice. Why going back? W10 is awesome! Yes, yesterday Photos and Camera suddenly start to crash all the time. I lost it. No more for me. Tired of this adventure. Win8.1 is ugly, it missing many features, but it WORKS!
  • This is why UWP doesn't add any value for developers. 5% of 3% is .015% market share for W10M. Thats less than 2 out of every 10,000 people... No one cares, and that tiny market share will only shrink since there are no new Lumias for 2016, and no one buys non-Lumia Windows Phones. That's why MS bought Nokia - because they were considering jumping ship to Android. Nokia sold like 95% of all Windows Phones.
  • "That's why MS bought Nokia - because they were considering jumping ship to Android. Nokia sold like 95% of all Windows Phones.​" Precisely, and this is also why MS is massively scaling back their phone hardware efforts - they never intended to become a full-fledged OEM like Nokia was, the Nokia acquisition was an emergency reaction to prevent the overwhelming majority of WP sales from disappearing "overnight".
  • And Windows for phones is losing more ground. Windows 10 is one of the worst operating system for phones today
  • Not one of. It is the worst.
  • True!
  • WM10 project as we all know it will pack its suitcase, and close. 8.1 will once again go up on stage, and continue. Reality check.
  • No way, sorry. 8.1 is done and over with, if 10 is discontinued, then that's it for the time being.
  • I installed WM10 since first build release. I upgraded many many times but due to some problem, I had to roll back to 8.1. This I did till .86 build. Last month I finally decided to stick to 8.1 as it is better than WM10 as I felt. Likewise many of insider might have rolled back to 8.1. This might be another reason of percentage downfall of WM10 users.