Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview build 10136 close to release (Update)

Update: Microsoft's Gabriel Aul has clarified that this update if approved, is "unlikely" to come this week due to the time needed to validate and publish.

Those who are eagerly waiting for Microsoft to release the next build of Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview should have the next release to play with within the next few days. Microsoft's Gabriel Aul confirmed on Twitter that build 10136 should be released to the testing channel in a day or two.

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While we hold off for the next insider release, you can check out some leaks of unreleased build 10134 that should give you an idea as to what to expect from the next public build.

Source: Twitter (Gabe Aul); Thanks, Drupad, for the tip

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  • Sweet! Hope it's more stable
  • Gabe said its stable. They wont do the same mistake again like what they did with the last build (10080).
  • I let you try it out and report back to me. 
  • That's why I bought a L635 on the cheap, it's my guinea pig phone.  I know the risks include bricking it, but I'm ready.  I am tired of 10080 and look forward to a new build, stable or not.  10080 has not been real stable for me, but I never expected it to be.    Right now, I would definitely not suggest upgrading to 10080 to a friend, I would say wait.  When there's a real solid build for everyone, I'm sure Windows Central  will let eveyone know.  
  • Did the same!  W10M is unusable for my needs, due to major stability issues. That said, WP8.1 is also unusable for my needs, due to the OS sucking balls. So, here's hoping W10M becomes stable very soon!
  • This
  • WP8.1 does a lot, but it has never sucked my balls as far as I can recall.
  • Maybe you were sleeping when it did. :)
  • I tend to keep mine in a safe place ...
  • good one dude !
  • 8.1 unusable and sucking balls? Wow you're delusional.
  • If 8.1 sucked balls, then MS would have more market share.
  • It's not windows 10 mobile, it's currently Windows 10 mobile technical preview it's a (Beta) not (full version) Beta means still in development with many bugs, it's usable but can be buggy, it's risky for anyone to use who just want to use their phone for every day use with no problems. 8.1 on its own is very stable so is update 1, 8.1 1 update 1 is what i'm using now they  are full versions. which i'm sticking with until WM10 is fully tested properly and has got enough reason for me to upgrade, for example when Android app compatibility is available.
  • The 635 is probably going to be out of the question for me since it comes with 512MB of RAM, that's the same I have on my Lumia 625, the 640XL is much better specified but it has only 8GB of storage. My only choice to get 16GB today is the Lumia 830 but is too expensive for me, I'd rather wait to see more news on the upcoming 940 or 940XL, I've even think paying $650 for a 940 with 32GB of storage and $700 for a 940 with 64GB of storage would be great for replacing my phone.
  • 512MB for any phone is enough for basic tasks such as Internet, calls, texts, and emails, and the few Games. don't worry about the RAM if the phone was that rubbish they wouln't bother making it. The 635 is reasonable. If you're going to be using it alot for other things, upgrade the SD card  as much as it will allow. and if you do download apps, run a lot of programs and go onto the Internet you can go in to settings and run a phone cleanup, then restart your phone atleast once a week, you can also delete some apps by pressing and holding on them and uninstalling.  You can go to battery saver and turn that on, you can also stop things running in background. If you press and hold the back key next to the Windows icon, you can close Windows to give you more RAM to play with. You can also go to your Internet settings and it will allow you to compress data which will give you more Ram also.
  • you can always put a memory card in them.. a 640XL + a decent memory card will still be lesser than 830....if storage is your primary concern as it seems from the comment..
  • Same here... When a new build comes out, I try it out for a few days on my L630 before making a decision if I should put it on my main phone. The decision on 10080 was made within the first hour! :)
  • It wasn't a mistake. It was an early build
  • It was a mistake. BIG effin mistake.
  • You don't understand what Technical Preview means, do you?
  • no, it was an early build, and it was releatively stable, if you cant deal with hard resets then gtfo the tech preview.
  • 10051 sucked, I reverted back to 8.1
    10052 don't know
    10080 workable with issues, not for daily use
    10136 we'll see
  • YMMV. I use 10080 for daily driver on my Lumia 930. I use Spotify Premium, OneDrive, Outlook Mail and Calendar, Hike, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Readit, Windows Central, Converge, Skype - on daily basis. Just like I would have used them on WP8.1 I have just completed successfully a presentation using Nokia Beamer too. Oh and I use my Microsoft Band with this phone for daily workout sync etc. It isn't for everyone. Those who have patience and those that are happy to find what's wrong and how it can be fixed - build 10080 is an excellent example of what user feedback can do within the technical preview. It isn't complete, but who would in their sane understanding expect a 'complete' technical preview? We are at least 4 months away from finished product if not 6.
  • It seems to be reliant on device. My Lumia 820 can't answer or end calls and can't even open the Spotify App. Some of the issues it has with pixilation and flashing/disappearing screens are interesting. Lucky its not my main phone anymore, just using it for TP. Eagerly awaiting new build.
  • Then which phone do u use primarily?
  • I use Lumia 640 and its working good.
  • I use both 640 and 435 as well (actually very impressed with 435 for such a cheap device).
  • Have you hard reset after installation? That fixed more than 70% of my issues.
  • Hard reset made it alot worse unfortunately. It's just a device which struggles with TP. Sure new build will be better.
  • On my 822 I ran 10080 for a couple weeks as my main driver, it was frustrating at times (beta store default dominance grrr) and stability...  this build will test your patience again and again with 2+ minute start screen load times, features like "glance, touch, & audio all disappearing after "updating" with no way to get them back without restoring 8.1. As far as basic phone functionality though my 822 didn't miss a beat makeing/receiving calls/sms as well as if not better than 8.1 aesthetically at least. Ultimately I did restore back to 8.1 but only because build 10080 is a battery consuming beast and that is, unfortunetaly a deal breaker for me at least as my daily driver. I'm excited with Microsofts progress with all things Windows 10 as of yet and am confident the next release could stay on my 822 until RTM, that is of course if they get the battery consumpition issue resolved which I have no doubts Microsoft has already addressed or they know its a battery glutten that just needs some tweaks and refinement that come later in development after system stabilization and app compatibility issues have been addressed.   
  • It deifinitely differs from one device to another. I also put 10080 on my daily driver 930 and the phone was useless, first I didnt have start svreen no matter how long I waitd, and after the hard reset, none of the apps would start. On the other hand, a collague of mine has it installed on his 930 and, while being a bit slugish and crashes from time to time,the phone is fairly usable with the current build. Reverted back to 8.1 and will wait out for this build, then see if its stable enough to rock it daily.
  • If they don't RTM by the end of August they should pack it in.
  • They won't. Windows 10 for desktop will be officially released on July 29th. I don't see Windows 10 Mobile having a release so soon after.
  • I lost my patience after 2 weeks. 45 seconds to two min after hitting start just was to much..
  • I hope the settings pages all get Icons not just plain text. It's much easier to spot a monitor pic for display than the text for example. I like that they are doing it on the main page but submenu doesn't have them.
  • It works somewhat ok for me on 1520. My email app crashes, my games like age of Sparta domt allow UI navigation, disqus fails to load the conversation upon a reply notification. Band works ver awkwardly without live notifications. Say SMS comes in nothing, but if I open message it will send the notification to my band. Band sync issues as well for my auto update of background. Some apps won't launch like Zedge. There is more for me, using it as a daily driver was ok but certainly limited for me. Hope next on brings more stability and usage.
  • Back your phone up and then do a hard reset. Everything works good after that. I've done like 10 times lol
  • Needing to do that 10 times sounds like it isn't properly working
  • I had alot of issues when I first install W10 on my 1520. It was so unstable that it was virtually useless. However, after I did a hard reset, everything seems to work fine. There a still a couple of minor bugs but I've been using it on my primary phone, the 1520) for over a week now and I've been very happy with it. At this point I wouldn't consider going back to 8.1.
  • Loading issues with Start Screen was definitely ignored by MS testers before releasing 10080 build. The build was good but that start screen issue turned everything uglier about 10080. We do have patience but we can't hard reset our phone 4-5 times a day just to view the start screen. We know that was not a complete/finished build but start screen issue was a basic thing that was overlooked by MS testers before releasing 10080.
  • Start screen one is erratic at best. I have been using workaround for background scaling on start screen as well as for loading - only had to hard reset once. I do make sure I restart my phone at least 2-3 times a day though. Just to manage memory better.
  • That would not be my experience with the 930 running that version however it is useable up until a point. Occasionally gets all toasty needs a reboot before my battery drains this is almost certainly related to an App. A number of Apps simple do not work and for me OneDrive is one of them well it works but does not support Business account anymore. The mail client is all over the place and the "resuming" spends far to much of its time dancing around my screen when it really should be only transient. Again though as I said I am getting by with it. For me its not that groundbreaking either and some of the design changes I just dont like but the under hood changes are where the money is and it things such as the universal App and continum that will be the game changers for me going forward.
  • What eats me is that NONE of the universal apps are truly universal. I have to give massive kudos to Tweetium app. I use it both on my tablet and PC along with my phone. It works truly like an universal app. If I read something on phone, it does not nag me on desktop and tablet. Yes, I do get repeat notification if all devices are on. But once app syncs, its all gone. Not the same with Mail, Calendar, Music, Photos app etc. They are just not working like Universal apps. Not yet.
  • I thought it was going to be Windows 10 and Windows Phone 10 that we begin to really see "Universal" apps at the moment they may be releasing them but I suspect we need to eco system for them to work as advertised. Of course if I am wrong then thats one less thing to get excited about and it was not that big a list to begin with.
  • Microsoft doesn't sell the 930 in Mexico where I live. But is IMO much better and faster than the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, and comparable performance with the iPhone 6. Why are all these phones available in Mexico but not Microsoft's flagships, that is the question my friends.
  • I agree but usb hosting is a glaring omission spec/feature wise. I want to be able to connect an external usb DAC for audio to my 930 but no can do!
  • And why does it work fine for me on my daily driver phone? I am a very heavy phone user...
  • If you pin a person to the home screen does that individual's notifications work? If you navigate to a different app mid call will the phone not lock up? Do you not have to reboot the phone 2-3 times per day after lockups? Did you not suffer from missing app tiles? For me the people app and individual tile functionality is what made me bail.  The legacy app way taken off the last build and the new people app was just not functional.      
  • NO live tiles work reliantly. You shouldn't expect that to work in a technical preview.
  • I think it is safe to say that, overall, live tiles don't work.  Never have.
  • Sadly, I agree with you.
  • 10052 was okayish
  • You are right, as it bricked my L520
  • Unstable doesn't even begin to describe the state of 10080, it's not worth even bothering with.  I just came to WC to make s ure there wasn't a build coming out in the next day or two or else I was going to flash back to 8.0.   Text messaging works... maybe 40% of the time.   I'm missing phone calls, the battery lasts 5 hours at best, the clock was stuck 5 hours off yesterday for half the day, attaching files to emails usually crashes email.  Opening most emails crashes emails.   Wifi tethering doesn't work.  1/4 of mynotifications are like 1e690c51-5f3a-4569-9ed2-45764e9a0166.   Looking at a notifcation freezes games and makes them restart.   The lock screen doesn't work half the time.  Going back to the home screen is an iffy proposition at best.   I'm ok with buggy and unstable but you have to at least be able to open the lock screen more than 30% to call it a "beta". 
  • Any luck they figured out why word flow input crashes my devices. I've had to go back thumb tapping. If its stable and i get Cortana (alpha) back in Australia I'd be happy.
  • Yeah hope so.. Went from wp8.1 -> wp8.1 update 2 -> w10 ->wp8.1 cyan -> wp8.1 denim ->wp8.1 update 2 ->,w10 ->wp8.1 cyan -> wp8.1 denim -> next???
  • Keep looping.
  • I feel you, did this yesterday.
  • Yeah mainly because of the bug which keeps on using internet even if the data is switched off.. I lost half of my talk time balance.. And also touch becomes unresponsive sometimes when I receive a call...
  • Lol
  • Kinda irresponsible to suggest this could be out this week and give people false hope. It's Thursday. No way does this come out this week. They need to test it for anything critical before they can even think of preparing it for Insider release. That is NOT going to happen this week.
  • If I were you i wouldn't bet on it!!! This kinda things happened to the last build and i seem to remember they just released it 3 hrs later after the rumors came up to get a new build in the next few days. So, why not....
  • I was right.....again. MS takes forever to do anything. Now they say its approved and yet they cant manage to publish it before the weekend?  LOL  This should come as a surprise to no one. MS is SLOW
  • hahahha... thought about you when I read the article... u definitely were right.... THIS TIME!!! ;) but still MS is always up for a surprisingly moment
  • Of course they're slower they're testing WP10 because all of you complain about how crap their Operating systems. You want them to be quicker that's fine. But atleast expect a buggy, useless piece of Software for your phone, and then you'll wish they had tested it longer than them rush just to please you.   MS have made mistakes in the past before where their OS hasn't been fully tested this was because they wanted to rush it out just to keep up with customer demand.
  • And you know they haven't.... how exactly?
  • Anyone used lumia 530 for the preview?, having trouble in installing
  • Yes. I have tested the Preview on a 530 and it installed fine. Have you tried the simple trouble shooting methods?: Note: before the following, make sure that you uninstall Preview for Developers which could confuse your device and cause confliction before you install Windows 10! 1)Make sure there's enough space on your phone, if there isn't delete some Apps. Then go to settings, storage sense, and clean out your Internet history and temporary files, restart your phone. 2) Make sure your phone has enough battery charge, if not plug it in. 3)If you haven't already, sign up for the Windows Insider program  4)Downlaod the Windows Insider app to your phone, you can do this by going to the Store on your 530, or you can click this link to help you! 5) once you have download Windows insider app, sign into it with the same email and password you used to sign up for the Windows Insider program, or if you have a Microsoft account/hotmail account this should work! 6) Since the 530 is compatible with the Technical preview the app you installed will recognise the device. 7)make sure that when you're in the Windows insider app that you check the box next to get preview builds and then you'll need to select done to confirm that. 8) choose slow ring or fast ring, (WARNING FAST HAS MORE BUGS AND COULD GO WRONG SO MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO REGULAR BACKUPS OF YOUR PHONE!) 9)When you have made your decision your device will restart and install Windows 10 on your 530, make sure that your phone is plugged in while it installs Windows 10 mobile. :)
  • i got stuck after installing the update. after i choose region and language and press next.. it does not move to next page.. even the loading dots not moving, it just 1 dot and stop in the middle.. anyone get same problem?? or i just got a bad luck.. hahahha..
  • Are you trying to install Windows 10 onto your phone? if so from your information it appears it's got stuck during the setup process, have you tried holding down the power button until it prompts to turn your phone off? If that didn't work. Take the battery out of your phone for 2 mins and put it back in and try again.
  • Will non-lumia devices can get this one now?!
  • Finally !! I hope it comes today though. Its Thursday too, perfect time!
    PS: I got too excited that I forgot that 2 days in Microsoft's calendar might be a week....
  • It might not make it at all...
  • You're thinking Valve Time
  • Valve time is: It will come once we have landed humans on Mars
  • You may have to connect yourself to the Matrix to get it
  • Coming Soon™
  • Maybe they should replace the 'Resuming..........' message with 'Coming Soon.......' when switching between apps :-)  
  • I know your post is meant as a joke, but what they should really do is make a friggin OS that actually works. Resuming is still everywhere on the W10M previews, so far.  I don't think they're actually doing anything about it...
  • My cell phone usage consists of 50% waiting for something to resume ("Huh, Resuming? It's the damn Start Screen, WTF needs to resume!?!"). 25% waiting for the camera to load, 20% rebooting after the camera locks up, and 5% using my phone for phone things. SO HAPPY I STUCK WITH WP.
  • The only joke is your ridiculous response. It's unbelievable that there are so many people like you out there messing with (not testing because testing means you would provide valuable input to the builds being released) these builds and have such high expectations that they should always be RTM level releases. Snap back to reality.
  • The frustration is real but the expectations, yes, high for a technical preview. I went back to 8.1 but even on my 1520 still see Resuming alot between app switching and it is frustrating.     Reality is that this is a problem on 8.1x and on 10, I am hopeful that we see improvements and less Resuming screens in the future.  They call Android 'Lagdroid' and more but the same issues seem to dog Windows Phone too which is a shame as the UI in most cases is snappy and sleek.  You don't see these kinds of issues on iPhones.  I am a Windows Phone primary user who has used Android and iPhone as long term daily drivers.  I like Windows Phone but the whole Coming Soon be it app switching :-) or promises for features does get frustrating. I hope 10136 will be a more stable build and something that can be tested on as a daily driver on my 1520.  I look forward to being able to contribute more into the bug reporting and feedback although at the later stages of this I guess its more bug squashing than anything else!  
  • I'm not an Android user but have messed with it while helping my sister inlaw address issues on hers and performance on it doesn't impress me at all compared to my 1020. I was talking to someone this week who was testing a budget Windows phone and was so impressed by the performance that he moved from his Android permanently because of it. I guess everyone's perception is different.
  • I agree mostly, just try running something like Spotify, Fitbit or Waze and flip between them.  I have a 520 and my main is a 1520, both show Resuming...... The response generally from the UI is the same on both - a smooth responsive experience.  It's the app switching/loading aspect that sucks.  Also why can't people drop splash screens and go straight to the darn app.....!
  • @R0bR What is ridiculous about my response?  I actually went out and bought another Windows Phone so that I could run the TP on it and report feedback to MS because I so badly want their next OS version to not suck as horribly as their current one does (and oh my, does it e