The Windows 10 Mobile version of the Anniversary Update is not rolling out today

Microsoft has confirmed that the Windows 10 Mobile version of the Anniversary Update won't be rolling out today. The OS update is expected to be released sometime 'in the coming weeks"

While the PC and tablet version of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update has started its worldwide journey to all of its devices, it looks like owners of Windows 10 Mobile phones will have to wait a bit longer. If you are a member of the Windows Insider Program, you already have the current 14393 build of Windows 10 Mobile, according to Insider leader Dona Sarkar:

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In addition, a few days ago, Microsoft posted this update for Insider members in the Feedback hub:

Earlier this year when we launched Windows 10 Mobile, we announced a series of changes to Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Program, including details of our launch of Windows 10 Mobile as well as changes to the supported Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview devices. With the upcoming release of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the Release Preview ring is moving to Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview build 14393. This change will have some impact on unsupported devices:As stated before, unsupported devices will not receive any builds or updates newer than 10586.x. Unsupported devices will not be able to select any Windows Insider Preview rings in the Windows Insider app. Updates to apps and services may not be available for unsupported devices and in some cases may limit certain experiences. Unsupported devices can still use the Windows Device Recovery Tool to recover to Windows Phone 8.1, but will not have the option to return to Windows 10 Mobile.As always, we appreciate our Insiders and thank you for your participation in the Windows Insider Program.

Naturally, when the Windows 10 Mobile rollout of the Anniversary Update actually begins, we will post the news ASAP.

  • Uh Oh... Gather the pitch forks.
  • Lol!
  • This isn't news mind you. Nice of WC to clarify it in an article though.
  • /r/PitchforkEmporium Come on errybody, get yer pitchforks right here!
  • Pitchforks?  Check Unrealtistic expectations? Check Threats of abandoning the platform for Android or iOS? Check   Microsoft encounters delays.  Their delays tend to get more scrunity because they are Microsoft.  If Apple had a history of delaying hardware and software in the mobile sector, more disdain would head their way.  Same with Google - oh wait, they get that already.  Doesn't matter what platform, manufacturer or the type of upgrade that is pending - everyone complains.  It's not coming out fast enough.  Not enough changed.  My phone is slower.  My phone is hotter.  My phone is too fast.  Hey, it could happen.   Then you have the people on pre-release software complaining about a broken phone.  Quit rooting, hacking, and modifying your phones.  Buy it for what it is and not what it will be.  If the updates come that's great!  If they don't, you won't be disappointed.  Vote with your wallet and stop supporting a company if you don't agree with their approach to production and design.  Abandon the platform and go elsewhere.  Not happy with anything?  Oh, you are SOL then.  Get a flip phone and brush up on your T9 skills.  Get an old enVy from Verizon and text your friends to look up things on Google for you.  Get around town on VZ Navigator.   I made a choice to go with an iPhone SE after years without an iPhone.  I don't like the size of the 6/6 Plus.  Compared to my 650 this phone flies.  The camera is excellent.  The updates come from Apple.  It will be supported for years to come.  I have apps.  Ha!  Apps!  Microsoft ones even!   LOL.  I kid.  
  • Windows phone is not a smart phone.this is just feature and phone.
  • Windows phone is not a smart phone.this is just feature and phone.
  • Gather?? Here, have one, I came prepared!! I need to go back to my car and get the torches though....
  • Shift to the fast ring, if you are on slow or preview ring. You will be updated as us and will be on the Anniversary update i.e. 14393.5
  • I am on build 10586.494 but downloaded the windows insider and registered now the build (14393.5) is ready for download as an insider build how do I go back?
  • I am on build 10586.494 but downloaded the windows insider and registered now the build (14393.5) is ready for download as an insider build how do I go back?
  • Why do u want to go back
  • At this point you are screwed, you need to buy a new phone... Nah if it's only ready for download then nothing has happened yet. Change ring to production if that's what you want otherwise let it update, runs fine mostly. But if you already did install then you need the recovery tool to go back but that would be easy of time not to mention pointless.
  • My HTC One weeps... Yes, I've known for a while that it wouldn't get it, but just like you know a loved one will die someday, it still weeps.
  • I'm just glad tmobile made it impossible for me to buy the m8.
  • All text devices stop getting updates eventually due to hardware constraints...its a fact of life when it comes to tech
  • Of course! But just like when your goldfish dies, you still mourn.
  • Even though I agree. The M8 isn't really hardware constraint. It's just poor device support IMO. Never went back to HTC after the 8S debacle. Won't even consider them in the future.
  • @cannon#WP  I installed 14393​ to my HTC One M8 ( Reg hack) last Friday & it has been running really well.
  • But it will stop running, HTC will make sure of that, HTC Support is bad I don't understand why.
  • They didn't sell enough to be worth the effort and resources required to develop and push the update. It is simple. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What was the list of supported/ unsupported devices again?
  • All of the devices with 512 mb ram are unsupported and some of the older nokia Lumia's are also in the list of unsupported devices
  • I am using Lumia 630 with build 10586.494 and it is running fine. I just don't get why they don't make it in supported devices not to mention Lumia 1020, 925 and 525; those phone should be in the list of support devices.  
  • I feel like the 1020 and 925 would have major heating issues on Redstone.
  • I had a 1020 for years and loved the phone, but my god was it poorly spec'd outside of the camera sensor. I think at the time it had the best that was supported by the OS though
  • I believe that 512MB ram devices were phased out due to many apps like the official Facebook app being an iOS port which uses a lot of RAM and is unusable on those devices. Facebook is one of the major apps that ppl use on phones. MS just gave up and completely axed the phone/lumia division due to a change in strategy. Now they're starting from stratch.
  • good for you bro, make sure you dont go back to 8.1, you wont be able to come back, the main thing is that the 512MB ones cant run the redStone build very well.
  • It all boils down to the soc SD400 isn't upto running full release version of W10M, it's running the preview version that's a little different.
  • All the supported phones:
    Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL
    BLU Win HD LTE x150e
    BLU Win HD W510U
    BLU Win HD LTE X150Q
    BLU Win JR x130e
    Lumia 430
    Lumia 435
    Lumia 532
    Lumia 535
    Lumia 540
    Lumia 550
    Lumia 635 (1GB)
    Lumia 636 (1GB)
    Lumia 638 (1GB)
    Lumia 640
    Lumia 640 XL
    Lumia 650
    Lumia 730
    Lumia 735
    Lumia 830
    Lumia 929 (ICON)
    Lumia 930
    Lumia 950
    Lumia 950 XL
    Lumia 1520
    Mouse Computer Madosma Q501
    Xiaomi Mi4
  • Why the 1520 and not the 1020?
  • Power. The 1520 has a snapdragon 800.
  • Same reason I pick the 1520 over the 1020 when I had a chance to upgrade when they both came out.......i knew the old dated chip in the 1020 would be its downfall, and I so wanted that phone for that camera, but anyone who compare the phone knew the chip kill that was dead on arrival. It's smarter to go with a stronger phone, more updates and more respect
  • same here why?  I own 1020, 2 of 810,630 (512mg) and 521  why and why      
  • 1520 is so is the 930.
  • Too bad the Samsung ATIV SE isn't on that list.  It smokes most of those models, save maybe the Lumia 1520/Icon. I have Win10 on my SE and all I can say is that it rocks big time.  Great camera, plenty of storage, and a great experince all around.  The various Lenses apps within the Store work great with it. I get better than a day and a half with it on a 2 1/2 year old battery.  Looking to get a new battery and keep rocking it if the HP Elite x3 doesn't make it to Verizon Wireless.
  • I'm running 14393.5 on my Ativ S and it's really fine. If only Samsung made a proper firmware ... But even like this it rocks.
  • Actually, the only second generation lumia (with 20 at the end of the name) that is supported is the lumia 1520. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • :(
  • :'(
  • XO
  • XD
  • :-()
  • :''''''''''''''(  
  • It will release at 1 minute remaining for Q4 2016.
  • You've got high hopes :P I'm thinking it'll come out a week or two after the rumored surface phone that may or may not come out in 2017 xD
  • Can I infer that no Surface Phone may result in no update?
  • I was just kidding, the update isn't related to the surface phone at all. The update will probably come out within a couple weeks or possibly (hopefully unlikely) months, but it has nothing to do with the surface phone.
  • Crap... Hate you Microsoft, I will never buy again phone with windows... I'm pissed off, switching to android tomorrow....
  • Just make sure you buy a Nexus device.
  • Ofc, I will! :)
  • Even Nexus devices only get 2 years of updates. Windows Phones get 3 (granted very spread out between updates lol)
  • Android enthusiasts can always use the unlocked bootloader of their Nexus device to flash any ROM they please. The "2yrs of updates" thing has never been a big deal. Most other Android phones can be flashed as well, and it's all part of the reason why Android is so great. 
  • Yeah it's so great to struggle to flash you phone every 2 weeks trying to make it run decently while every kid (and google) can get every single information you store on your phone whenever they want. Oh and the lag.
  • My 'ancient' GS6 runs great, and lags way less than my 950.  I've stuck with the 950 as my daily b/c the battery life & UI are excellent and I love it.  I'm no Android fan, but that 'lag' argument is played out.   And if you're side loading 'cracked' apps to get them 'free' from some chinese deserve to have your info stolen.
  • Are you on the insider builds? Right now the 950 is running better than ever on the latest build. If you aren't already on it I think you'll be much more pleased with it once the update drops
  • Don't you find it a little depressing that a beta build runs better than the retail build?
  • A galaxy s6 is not 'ancient'. It is also a flagship product, so it's not a very good example. Also, there is no denying that windows 10 was released unfinished in a sense,so you should probably wait until you get the anniversary update. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Flashing a Nexus phone is only a struggle if you're an idiot. So I'm not surprised to see you express that sentiment.
  • Enough with that 'lag' already... You guys really need to bring your head out of your little old tech-bubble. Unless you're using one really old, outdated, crappy, Android device with very limited RAM and tons of bloatware, Android doesn't lag. I've been a Windows phone fan for years and still love my Lumia 930. It works really well on W10M (14393.5), except in some cases where even Android seems faster than W10M.
  • you better try comparing an android phone with your 930, that was launched the same year, i can bet that phone will LAG more than ever, and might not even have the latest android, so good luck to ppl who have 3 year old android phone, can even get update past 5.0 i think.
  • Dude, both Nexus 5 and HTC One M8 was released in the same year as the 930. They're doing quite well, if you ask me. Both of them are on Marshmallow (6.0) officially. I suspect they might even get custom roms for Nougat.
  • They might even get Nougat officially. HTC is good with their flagships and Nexus gets a minimum of 2 years of updates, not a max. With the SD800, I would not be surprised if they continue to support the Nexus 5. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • my friends Nexus 5 could not take the official update to 6.0, went in boot loop, had to go back to L. HTC one m8 may be updated but talk about how well the device performs on it. another friend with that phone whines abt its battery life and is always asking me to sell my 1520 to him :P
  • Meanwhile, my friend is rocking Marshmallow on his Nexus 5. I especially asked for his review after coming through your answer. He had no upgrade issues to begin with. His phone works really fine, except in gaming, where it drains battery much faster than it used to on Lollipop. That's not worse than how W10M does on my 930, though. Given, both these phones having almost similar battery capacities (2420mAh on 930 and about 2400 mAh on Nexus 5).
    I don't personally know anyone using Marshmallow on One M8. However, the "Marshmallow on HTC One M8" YouTube reviews look good enough.
  • its possible, becasue the nexus i am talking abt was updated sometime in december i guess when it was just released in october. i personally will get a Nexus if i ever had to switch to an android. everyone knows that nexus are the only devices that get updates for a longer time, M8 i have used myself and is not a good experience, battery drain is horrible IMO.
  • The technically inclined can. But not the average user. The average user only gets official updates.
  • yea right!!! as if you know which is the best rom for you, untill you flash your fone twice a day everyday lol. and by the end of the week,  the custom rom are not perfect, and are known for battery issues.
  • @ visa declined I'm running my 920 on the latest restone build without any kind of flashing so WM is even greater!
  • How to do this in 920?
  • Search on XDA for redstone on old S4.
  • Very spread out? Patch Tuesdays is spread out? Lol
  • Well I was meaning the anniversary update getting delayed. The cumulative updates are great!
  • Nexus gets a minimum of 3 years of at least security updates. It isn't set in stone, it may get more depending on the device. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • But not the Nexus 5, which won't receive anymore updates.
  • If you own a Nexus 5 and don't know how to flash a custom ROM, you're doing it wrong. You can download a piece of software to your computer that will do it all for you with a click of a button.
  • Not doing it wrong. Just going the "official" route.
  • If we are to do things like that, we can even say Lumia 920 is supported. Just a registry hack can bring it up to anniversary update. If you are installing updates that are not meant for your phone, you're doing it wrong.
  • It still has another year of security updates promised.
  • Have had Nexus 6P for a week now and it's best phone I've ever used.  Amazing
  • Man, I'm long time fan of windows but **** all these delays that happen ALWAYS. Are getting on nerves I agree on that.
  • Keep your pants on, there is no real difference between the builds.
  • Switching to android herp derp, singing the same old song.
  • Because update is being delayed by a few weeks?.................
  • Just watch how "few weeks" will turn into "few months", and then... Sorry you will not get update, we will stop support w10m... This delay never happened to IOS and nexus devices! Microsoft don't care about w10m.
  • Windows phones have got more updates than any android phones...
    Waiting for few more days won't really matter... If u really want it now switch to windows insider
  • That's one of the stupidest things I've ever read on here.
  • Lol, based on 0 logic what so ever. By the way, iOS doesn't get "delays" they get jammed up because they can't handle updating that many devices at once. I fully expect there to be a delay in getting the update to both my phone and my PC becuse like 300 million devices are getting told to download the update at once.
  • Incase you haven't realized, Google didn't have a pc os to roll out along side a mobile os, so all their servers could be utilized for one audience. Microsoft doesn't have that luxury. So just relax and wait. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • ...because they just dont say when it will be out... That is not the same.
  • Don't you look dumb now.  
  • You are upset that you may need to wait a week or two, so you are going to a platform where getting updates may or may not happen, device makers are well known for releasing a phone and then never updating, you need to wait multiple months (a year or more is not unheard of) to get an update, updates are usually at least a point version, sometimes a full version behind. But you switched, so that showed them!
  • Over react much?
  • Lol! Calm down. Things in the tech world get delayed all the time. Why such a hissy fit over having to wait a bit longer for an is still going to get released. It didn't get cancelled. If you are so impatient enroll in the Insider Program.
  • Dude it will release on build 14393.10 so wait dont be panic or else move on
  • No aniversary update until build 1400..i guess.
  • ...
  • Why why why we always have to wait longer?????? So tired of the always "soon".
  • You're going to be bitterly disappointed with the lack of changes in this update.
  • waiting for Cortana in Mexico
  • And the changes, removal of many essential features.
  • Yeah, RS1 don't make much difference for mobile, you're absolutely right. Will have to wait for RS2 :)
  • There's a lot of bug fixes and my 950 is noticeably smoother than it ever was on 10586. Running really well, still love the phone.
  • headstone 1 did not make any difference....Headstone 2 will be much of the same.
  • Lack of changes isn't the matter. A lot of bugs fixed is the real deal.
  • If you are on this site and really care that much, you should be in the Insider program.  No need for complaining.
  • Do you even hear for what you say? If someone is excited for ios 10 he should be in the tester program what are you exactly?
  • The build available now to Insiders is the build that will be released to non-insiders. It is already tested so you don't have to do it! It has never been easier to get an update. Go to the "Update & security" Setting, turn on the Windows Insider Program, Fast level. Go back a screen and check for Phone updates. Install the update, then go back in and turn off the Insider builds again. See? Simple and you happily have an updated phone. Enjoy!
  • Don't even need to go to the fast level - finally caved and switched my 950 to release preview and have been running 14393 since the weekend. Looks pretty stable and no less reliable than on 10586.
  • Instead of WindowsMobile, they could call it WindowsTomorrow :)
  • lol, exactly, "coming weeks" sounds more like 3 or 4 months.
  • Yup, agreed.
    WindowsTomorrow #ComingSoon
  • Looks like the same story with the launch of Windows 10 Mobile
  • True dat
  • WindowsWen
  • WindowsSoon
  • Windwos Later.. (Laten for China La10)
  • It would be good to know why. My guess is too many bugs to call the current version final....
  • They got both guys left in the phone division working as fast as possible
  • They are on summer holiday. Autumn time earliest.
  • oh, you are a genius! this is the best comment!
  • /s
  • Nutella said that it had too many new features that would move mobile ahead.   Went against his plans to shitcan it.
  • Thinking nothing. As expected.
  • When do you think MSFT will be ready to talk about new features or fixing things that have been broken on Mobile for a year now?
  • What are a few examples? It's not perfect but there's a ton of fixes in the anniversary update
  • Either soon or tomorrow theevenger
  • That conversation is #ComingSoon
  • I guess mobile isn't a priority. That figures I guess.
  • Relax ffs.
  • I'm chilled, I still waiting on my surface to get updates. I just accepted that I'm not getting what I want when I want it. Soon *tm
  • My Surface and my old pc got it already :)
  • I'll let you know if my ghost gets it in another millenia.
  • Hehe, have faith ;-)
  • I can feel myself aging as we speak. My keyboard fingers are wakening. Need. Anniversary. Strength. Someone. call. Dona.
  • Someone bring this guy a red bull asap :P
  • *cough* *weeze*
  • Medic!!!!
  • *beeeeeeeeeeeeeep*
  • Sounds like life to me
  • Accurate
  • Accurate ☺
  • No problem. We need good and stable Update. If we'll have to wait for it then it worth it. I really appreciate their work. :)
  • Well written :)
  • You have to wait 100 years then, switch to android or IOS... Microsoft is trolling with us...
  • look at this butthurt kid who can't stop bragging his new iPhone lol
  • But the fact is we still don't get stable update/ build even after waiting. Remember when Windows 10 mobile was launched after almost a year of windows 10 PC update ? Even after that it took so many updates to make mobile OS stable
  • It's still not stable...
  • I agree but they had to announce soon. I have been waiting from mroning and she facking annnounced now. They shud have told this b4 bloody delays. Fack u Dona
  • Moving to iOS, enough wait. _|_
  • Move to a landline, no updates necessary.
  • LoL! Or Nokia 3310 :) Kinda strange looking back 15 years when those phones never got any updates in their lifetime and still we were happy.. :)
  • Hahaha true!
  • welcome to the bright side.  You will LOVE IT.   So refreshing compared to the doldrums that is windows and microsoft.  IOS is AWESOME>
  • Yet you love to be here with us Steve... so touching :) - but I guess you are nowadays very selective with the threads you come on, if there is a chance of a gloom post, I can guarantee you will be here, take you doldrums and LOVE to iMore :p
  • You do realise you don't get paid by Apple. And if you do, I'm sure you have better things to do - like figuring out how to get a 20MP camera on their devices. Or a decent battery.
  • You realise I never got paid by microsoft either.  I was waving their flag for ages.  Until the dissapointment after dissapointment after disapointment got to me and I had enough.  Instead of waiting, waiting waiting and waiting for stuff that I wanted.  i switched to apple/mac and got everything I wanted.  Funny how that works.  I do love visiting these posts.  Its great to see "everything" i am missing.....which is......NOTHING. Can't wait for microsoft to figure out how to get actual apps and an OS thats stable on their phones lumiaexerprience.   have your 20mp camera.  My fuji cameras MOP the floor with the lumia.  The iphone camera has caught up to the Microsoft cameras and surpassed them anyways.  Plus.  GUESS WHAT.  There are no more lumias, or microsoft phones...and the brain child of the imaging dept has left as he knows that MS mobile is a sinking ship too...Please humor me some more about all the great features of windows mobile!
  • trying to bring some sense in all these fanboys is a no go :)) I visit these discussions only to see whether this mobile OS fiasco is still living on :)) wonder how long will MS keep this thing far their lack of respect is going
  • Haha, iOS seems to be better option, because security too. ;)
  • That's a weird hobby, but whatever floats your boat I guess. Kinda speaks of a major insecurity.
  • I find it sad that people visit these sites to trash Microsoft. Well, if you've got nothing better to do, then go for it.
  • that would have been my choice but the Note 7 is pretty awesome.
  • Ya, Samsung seems to have knocked it out out of the ballpark with the Note7. They sure know how to launch a phone. Hoping for a BOGO then grabbing four of them.
  • Do you need my address?
  • Yeah, even I'm thinking about Android but Nexus will be my choice if I'll go for Android. MSFT should shut their business gor mobile phones.
  • Just jump on the insider wagon.......
  • So i guess the delivery of the new hp will be postponed by a few weeks as well. At least we windows mobile users are very experienced at waiting.
  • There's technically no reason it couldn't ship with something newer than 10586 tbh, we probably won't see anything but cumulative updates on Mobile in insider ring now anyway
  • at this point, I'm pretty sure the current version is RTM
  • Just had a deja vu feeling.
  • Ok, the 200 of you with WM10 capable phones will have to wait a bit longer
  • 50, there's 50 of us. Posted from my Note5
  • Sorry, I was trying to be generous
  • No feelings here. Not even Deja...woes!
  • I couldn't imagine that the buggy 14393.5 would be the anniversary update....
  • What phone are you using?
  • Same old story!?
  • Yes! Same story like windows 7 mobile!
  • Didn't knew the story is that old !
  • not quite :)) WP7 was the worst of them all, that OS seemed built by idiots
  • This OS seemed built by idiots. Every beautiful feature removed.
  • Oh come on :)) there are also some great things on this OS to keep you going on it: bugs...and bugs...and more waiting for bug fixing Soon(tm) :))
  • Yep. The next thing you know is that Anniversary Update will be available on mobile in February 2017. LOL. "in the next weeks" hahahahha
  • I was in Release Preview ring and I got the update this past weekend. How did this happen?
  • Release preview has switched now AFAIK
  • They forgot to use their trademark phrase, "coming soon",,,,, :)
  • I know right? What were they thinking?
  • Shocker. /s
  • Yes, the patch is ready to update i.e 14393.10 for mobile but only not available today becoz of server overload from region to region...first all MSFT new pc systems will update then other upgraded systems, then in mobile lumia 950XL and 950 mobile and lumia 650 and then other mobiles...this is moto MSFT have till now...
  • They could serve those few W10M users from server running in compute stick.
  • good point, after a few more months there will be no w10m to update, they are waiting for that...
  • I remember someone from MS said that both PC and Mobile will get Redstone on Aug 2 but whatever its not like they broked their promise for first time or anything.
  • They are clearly lying spot on @ Aug 2.Shame MS mobile division.Give us a clear date or iphone is my next phone.Cant tolerate these dramas
  • Speaking of drama, here's something that sounds like a drama queen: "Give us a clear date or iphone is my next phone."
  • Oh yes how could anybody wins over the lying King MS.
  • Not sure if I should laugh or cry.
  • laugh hardly and smile
    Keep your mood high and up in the skies
  • F*** Microsoft... Its like they are lazy on everything..._|_
  • Ta-da!!!! Oh, wait.... That's the big twist in the plot? Starting to remind me of M Night Shyamalan...the same lame twist over and over.
  • **** off microsoft
  • Bahahahahhah. To think Microsoft was actually going to keep their word with something about mobile! Laughing so hard right now :D
  • Yeah I didn't believe them for the first time actually XD
  • Hahhhhhhh lol
  • So if you have the 494 build is that the update, cause then it is out!?!?!?!
  • 10.0.14393.X
  • Maybe I should enroll as an insider?
  • yes come to the release ring
  • Not suprised....... But even an unreleased product is getting it today...........
  • Must the microsoft regain credibility
    You say August 2 update ... Well that is the update??? ... tell us ...
  • Seriously.. "For the first time ever, XBOX OS, W10 and W10M all are going to get Anniversary update at the same time".. Seriously lost credibility here.
  • And they wonder why nobody is getting on the Windows Mobile bandwagon.
  • same old story...mere disappointed as ms broke there promise!!
  • We all know though, the same hurrs would speak of switching to android when they fit the update today and it stinks
  • Rightly you say my friend...
  • They're breaking their promises over and over and over
  • Pants
  • I heard continuum will work directly on Windows 10 PCs but is that part of Windows 10 update or Windows 10 Mobile update?
  • You're thinking of the ability to use miracast to a PC. When you do this from your phone to a PC you can interact with continuum using your PCs keyboard and mouse. You can cast PC to PC, Tablet to PC, Phone to PC in anniversary update, but when you do it from a continuum device you can interact from the PC side if that makes sense?
  • So why do they are releasing it on certain day, and then they dont release it? Still dont get their logic
  • Not surprised at all.
  • Screw this, it's time to get myself an IPhone. Windows mobile is officially dead.
  • You will be loving it.  IOS is awesome.
  • yep.true.finaly decided to sell my 950 and take the chance on an SE. This device is simply amazing, it's so darn fast, especially on the ios 10 beta, the camera is not the same pureview 20mpx, but it's way more than enough for me.
  • Totally disappointed ... Always microsoft will do this... Very complicated circumstances..
  • I'm actually relieved. I was not happy thinking that I had the "latest build" where Bluetooth is broken. I am just fine with a final update that works perfectly.
  • What's wrong with Bluetooth?
  • When trying to disconnect Bluetooth from action center while the phone is connected to a device, the phone will freeze. This is a huge problem reported by many. Also, it doesn't always connect automatically to my car. Maps voice doesn't work over Bluetooth making it useless as a navigation tool. It goes on and on.
  • I am having the same issue. Almost always I have to soft reset when disconnecting bluetooth. Sometimes I wonder how can something as simple case as this slip through their testing??
  • This is exactly why I'm relieved that I don't have the final build. This would be a huge credibility issue releasing it to the masses with such a basic feature broken.
  • apparently, the Bluetooth icon on Action Center doesn't sync with the Bluetooth setting ​try this next time: open Bluetooth setting and then pull the Action Center to kill Bluetooth
    ​Bluetooth will be turned off, but the icon in Action Center would still be active ​you just need to tap it once and let it be, it'll turn off by itself after around half a minute
  • I have this bug too, but it works fine if you go via settings so should be easy for them to fix. people would not be happy if they sent out an update that broke their phones. delay is better than causing problems, w10m didnt come until november update anyway...
  • I thought I was the only one with the Bluetooth issue. It's crazy. WP 7-8 was never this messed up. It was rock solid.
  • I agree on wp8 and 8.1, but 7 was a total fail! a big fat crap!
  • Yep Mcsft's mobile first strategy hard at work. So im on production 10586.494. If I join insider prog now is this what I'll get?
  • If you have a device that is on the list to get the W10M update. You can join the Insider program, enroll in the fast ring and get the Anniversary Update
  • Well I have the 650. Oh well decisions decisions.
  • You will get anniversary (14393.5) no matter what ring you enroll in
  • depends on your device. if it is supported, youll get the annivesary build as a meber of windows insider.
  • Lllllll
  • Lllllll
  • I was so excited until I hear these news but I'm patient
  • it about ready it not like it's a month a way so i can wait
  • I haven't got the update for my Windows 10 PC yet. Is it normal? I am on the official .494
  • That's normal, it will roll out in phases if you're getting it from Windows Update but there's ways to speed it along in a more manual way.
  • Thanks :)
  • Haha man these comments. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (LG V10 or Nexus 5x)
  • Yeah man XD
  • Soon as I saw the title of the article I grabbed some popcorn and waited for the comments to roll in. So many hissy fits
  • Would you like a soda and some candy sir? Haha Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (LG V10 or Nexus 5x)
  • Aw man. Well, it's cool. Hopefully there will still be monthly updates for those of us in production before then?
  • Their lying, delays and lack of apps caused my beard going white faster, how much to wait MS? Treat us like humans
  • I wonder if they are waiting until the Skype Preview messaging everywhere is ready to go as well.....
  • Possible it could be ready by then but not sure they'd hold the whole OS update back for it. I hope insiders get to test and feedback on the Messaging everywhere feature.
  • Surprize!
  • Disappointing... Last time they said updates will be for all WP8 devices then backtracked. This time they said August 2 and again backtracked . Seriously embarrassed to be a Windows Mobile fan.
  • Dates are always a target but not guaranteed. Maybe I'm more sympathetic because I write code for a living but a small delay like this isn't as unusual as you'd think
  • Will i get update if i was on fast insider till today,today i exit from windows insider and now i have 14393.5 ?? Will i get stable ota anniversary update ?
  • I'm not surprised by MS, this was there move to the mobile OS from the beginning
    W8 and WP8 3 months later
    W8.1 and WP8.1 10 months later
    W10 and W10M 8 months later
  • Dude, why don't you join the insider programme. Keep it simple.
  • Bro I'm not whining nighter angry, it's normal to me. I'm just saying that to people who are getting mad at MS
  • Microsoft is the best ..................................... in disappointing people
  • We already knew this was likely to happen. Thanks for clarifying.
  • Dear Microsoft, please stop making promises you can't keep.
  • Why are u guys shifting to other platforms? Wait! I have no choice but to stick with this os as this windows phone is a gift. So, have a nice future with ur future mobile
  • Maybe both W10M developers are on vacation, thus the delay?
  • Yeah with iphones
  • No they are too busy working on some new bullshiiiit ninja cat wallpapers!!  #MSFAIL
  • LMAO! You can end the suffering, get an Android. I did 2 years ago and its the best decision I ever made.
  • Both? :)) more like the only one left.
  • u guyz never stay on ur words....
  • Hope delay means they are fixing the rendering issues for edge browser at last.
  • **** off Microsoft mobile phone
  • It's on time if delayed by one year.
  • hahahah right
  • Classic Microsoft
  • As long as they fix the Bluetooth Action Center bug and Edge scaling issue ill be fine until Panos Phone arrives.
  • They have to fix the edge downloading bug now some downloads start and then instantly say error it just started doing this in the last build or 2
  • Sooo, Release Preview Ring gets cumulative update, we all get same update huh? I don't want to wait, can someone tell that, is Release Prevlew Update is the same with normal update verslon
  • Yes.
  • Mostly, you get the builds/cumulative updates that will go out to public, but you get it a day or two early so you are more likely to get a last minute bug. But honestly, I dont think there has ever been a bug in a release preview update that wasn't still there when it went out to the public.
  • If you're mad take a minute and think, phones is the smallest of windows so it makes sense. If you're still mad...... Go to android
  • Well obviously, they've had to delay because the Starbucks app still isn't ready.
  • Ya man, all updates from here on out have got to be starbucks approved and ready! xD
  • remember pepper,  its "coming soon"!
  • If it will only fix all the bugs,i will definitely wait.
  • Waiting few more days won't make much of a difference...better get bug free wm10 ...if they released today and it had a bug...u people would scream and say that they should have waited few days and released a bug free update ...
    Soo guys relax....on my S7 edge June update killed my battery
  • it is not going to release in this week nor in next week.... it takes some weeks..... and also don't expect coming update resolve all issues and bugless.... it is definitely going to be buggy... they are just adding features but not resolving basic OS issues.... even after the update u get app scalling issues, battery drain, app crashes....
  • Depends heavily on the apps you use. I use a fairly small set of UWP apps and my 950 runs fantastic. The only apps I use that are slow are the Facebook ported apps but that's down to the apps themselves more than anything and once they are up and running they aren't too bad. Any well coded UWP apps build from the ground up are solid
  • WC is a very stable uwp app, but it crashes all the time, so many updates but still no use. I found outlook is also not stable, it crashed me several times, have u ever used ms photos ? Zoom any pic and try to swipe left n right, it won't move freely, there r so many basic issues in win 10, and it is 1yr old...
  • Most people have been waiting over a year for a bug free w10,  has'nt happened yet.
  • I agree but they had to announce soon. I have been waiting from mroning and she facking annnounced now. They shud have told this b4 bloody delays. Fack u Dona. They didnt say anything abt delay till today. Facking dissapointment. I havebeen using win phone for 7 years now and I am used ti this delay. AssHales
  • And so the update cycle of wich i was so proud of ends :( i miss 8.1 my lumia 920 performed great on it but i dont want to revert back to it. hope this upgrade bodes well for the spported devices. holding on for one of my own :( ....  
  • Is this news that upsetting guys? There's more to life than updates....Im sure MS are thinking damned if we do, damned if we don't! Chillax
  • Guys you know that you could get this update by joining the insider it,s that simple.
  • If you don't mind buggy, unreleased software. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Use the release preview ring, its a lot better than the other two and rarely gets a build that isnt released to the public.
  • Yes Yes Yes.... Windows mobile Update is not rolling out today. It may be releasing in coming weeks... Yes Yes Yes...
  • meanwhile my android fans are laughing at me for MS ditching us....
  • I dont want the ******* insider updates. They should deliver what they promise. 
  • All the drama ... You are just behaving like childs. Just give them a couple of weeks. I'm running the insider build on my Lumia 640 and I'm happy with the improvements. It's not an overhaul but if they keep this pace up that's fine for something that is not their focus and is being refered to as "dead". If this is "dead" then i look forward when it will be in their focus.
  • Seriously folks...chill out! If you are that impatient then join the Insider Program! Ever think that updating all phones, PC's, tablets, laptops, convertible's and HoloLens today would possibly over tax the servers? Most people here complain too much. Going to stop reading comments.....
  • Damn it I just want a $249 fire sale on the 950 XL from the MS store! C'mon MS!!!! LOL!
  • That is too much. It should be $199 at this point. They should have launched it at $249. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The shouldn't have launched it at all with the mediocre state the OS was at that time...that proved once more that MS does not give a damn about customers and knows nothing about respect.
  • We would chill out easier if Microsoft told us the truth and actually hit a dead line once. Sorry but yes we are all impatient at this point. We have been told to wait since window 7 and its annoying. bring us what we want. Thank u
  • Perfect
  • Well, it's not like my life depends on my Lumia 930 getting updated today.
  • Well it was good then i joined insider running the annevercery update on my 550 its really nice
  • Buhahahahahahaaa... I'm not even surprised... New Samsung Galaxy Note 7 here I come... Dead ting Microsoft
  • Well my 950xl is on 14393.5 and it has been acting weird.  Today, it started vibrating for no reason for about a min, and then proceeded to reboot itself.  It has rebooted itself a few times over night.  So there may be an issue.  Anyone else seeing this? ​What is more worry some was her response.  Can someone explain what: "we're going offline to do a #WINsider4Good project." means?  I'm sorry but that smacks of "yeah it's not happening, so f'off for now..."  I'm not going to rant, but anyone still on Windows Phone is there because they are your core believers.  As everyone knows, it can be very hard to stick with the platfrom.  So where is the love?  Ok you didn't release the update today, how about a better reason why.  Don't effectivly tell us to STFU and piss off...   
  • Not sure what WINsiderGood is but must be some sort of charity related thing. It does seem weird to use the term "going offline" but then I'm not seeing any issues on my 950, It's running better than ever so I guess it doesn't affect me tbh
  • Offline means using her regular iPhone. Tweeting from it would add more salt to wounds.
  • It means they are too busy working on some new bullshiiiit ninja cat wallpapers!!  #MSFAIL
  • Alas.
  • I give up on MS! I've got no more reasons to defend them when people ask me why I use n windows phone.
  • they need sales, revenue to care us, but how could they achieve it without performance ? delay after delay... still buggy OS, Now people r calling Windows mobile as Buggy just like we call Android Laggy
  • Well... what Windows Mobile 10 would it be without a delay? :D
  • Windows 10 for PCs or something....It just wouldn't be the same man
  • Meh -_- party poopers
  • I think they just want to allow the update for the pc first, to avoid servers to crash and then phones after. So let be a little bit patient. Be positive lol
  • Bunch of wimping baby's......
  • Sure, let's call angry customers wimping babies...
  • W10M has been getting consistent updates all year. So have the MSFT native mobile apps. The sky is not falling.
  • I would argue though that the updates we have been getting are mostly superficial or attempts to fix the multitude of bugs in W10M.
  • I would like a subway restaurant app so I could lose weight while I wait.
  • Just ditch your microsoft gear for apple,  they are much lighter.   No waiting, less weight more filling!    
  • That's the beauty of updates at Apple. You have almost clear dates, betas come out at specific 2 week period or less, all supported devices get updated at once. Imagine Apple saying that ios 10 update will hit the public this fall as usual, but in the final day to delay it to "next weeks or months"...
  • Time for dich the L930 biggest mistake I've made is buying a Microsoft mobile device. Any mid range android do better job then flagship phones from MS. Lack of apps big problem for end users os is still buggy as hell maybe not on all devices. Hello Apple
  • Come join the bright side.  Instead of living in the dark ages with microsoft.  They always talk about their revolutionary products....I have yet to see one.  The surface was one until it was nutered by windows 10.  
  • Good point there. Remember when SP4 and SB launched? all full of bugs and running a broken crap of OS? MS called that innovation :))) well looking on one side it is :)) only they can launch such an expensive product with so many severe problems and only they can take months to solve them...partially.
  • The comments didn't disappoint today lol anyone want popcorn? Soda or some candy? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (LG V10 or Nexus 5x)
  • I do! Extra butter on the popcorn please!
  • Alright done haha sorry being a little late machine gave out again. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (LG V10 or Nexus 5x)
  • Yeah!!!!!
  • W10M anniversary update will release with build 14393.10 please hold your breath...
  • Problems with the store app on build14393.5, can not install new apps. Some licensing problem.
  • You are all a bunch of impatient dumb worms. If you can't wait go release preview ring. Problem solved for everyone.
  • Lol worms Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (LG V10 or Nexus 5x)
  • They have been waiting for 6 years. How much longer should it take? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • 6 years for what?
  • For Windows phones to be viable. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Be patient. Soon (tm) :))))
  • We will be good and old. Lol!
  • I don't think that's what she meant, if the whole article is based on her tweet. She could be saying that the team has already finished their job, and they're taking a short break. This shouldn't impact distribution of the final release whatsoever.
  • Microsoft wtf!!! They said all Windows 10 devices today now its not rolling out smh...getting harder and harder to defend them...
  • Don't believe all the press releases.
  • I stopped defending MS,  I bought apple.  HAPPY now!  I was always waiting.....never getting.  So now with apple, I got the apps I want,  the wearables that I want,  and the smooth polished os that I was expecting from windows but never got!  Buh By MS.  To bad more of the fanboys here would do the same,  do you know why?  MS would probably get off their collective ass'es  and work faster and harder to win those consumers back!  ******** here does nothing,  However talking with your wallets speaks volumes in business.  thats why I pulled out of MS's services, devices etc.  Why should I support a company that is providing nothing to me.  Thats like going to a resturant,  ordering and paying for a meal you don't eat.  Makes no sense.  
  • Windows mobile often gets updated Thursday (US-EDT), so I'm thinking mobile will be updated then.
  • Well laying off all those phone engineers and QA department, this is the result.
  • They have insiders to take up that slack.  IMO the insider program ruined w10m.  10 worked really good on my 1020.  I did not see the issues other claimed they did.  The camera was wonky at first but fixed up after.  like wise the battery and speed were on par if not better than my wifes 1020 on 8.  However,  they shitcanned 10 on the 1020 for some stupid reason.  Plus alot of other things were trashed because of whiny insiders as well.   Another nail in the MS coffin and headstone 2 IMO>
  • Since my HTC M8 isn't eligible for Windows 10 Mobile, I just purchased a Lumia Icon -- just to be able to get Windows 10 Mobile.
  • I think it will be delayed some weeks. But the real reason are probably that most of the people involved in Windows 10 Mobile project privatly just using iOS or Android devices.  That can be a explanation why so many of the bugs have been sticked around and not been fixed for a long time. A person that using Windows 10 Mobile as "the daily driver" for fulltime find them mostly themselves. But they have not realy any "insiders" at the company themselves anymore.  Not even Satya Nadella himself got a Windows Phone anymore.. Microsoft are basicly totaly dependend much of the remaining fans outside the company that have joining the insider program for Windows 10 Mobile and bother to write and send in proper bug reports etc.. In short I think the priority still are the desktop Windows 10.
  • Looks to me those employees lack passion.
  • The CEO and his LEMMINGS Lack passion.  all use iphones instead of 950xls.  Tell tale sign that it's time to fire them all.  But at this point in time it's too late.  
  • If it comes from Microsoft im supposed to believe it
  • I am not impatient, I could wait a little longer but when you tell people you are going to do something and then on the day said you are not, that is bad. Person not on insider program we waiting on this day. You other windows fan m, stop defending them. Right is right!!!
  • That woman should work on windows... And stop tweeting.BTW Those feedback doesn't work. It only work when you are loooking for something specific, not random thoughts of people. When you know where you want to go, you don't need opinions. Even with feedback this still happens... Again Microsoft doesn't care people opinions.
  • Im not in the insider program. So I guess I get in around  2 Months or so. The mobile have always slipped behind the desktop OS before to.
  • Dona Sarkar should be fired just like Joe Belfiore and Gabriel Aul before her.
  • No we need something to feast on.
  • I have expected this....i mean the delay.
  • Let the crying begin!
  • People people calm down...2017 is not far away. Lol!
  • at which point in 2017 they will be promised the great windows phone/windows experience in 2019.
  • They're waiting for Skype sms relay to be ready
  • Gotta love this "unified" Windows concept.
  • As someone posted before...One CEO to ruin them all!
  • My gut feeling was right all along.
  • Unified my arse
  • as always Microsoft breaking promises...
  • Lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Losers....
  • Yes, we are.
  • I feel as if microsoft just made a mobile line in there company, just to be there in the competition, because think about it. Everyone buys PCs, everyone buys Macs, it's equally matched, Microsoft is never going to fail with its computers and Xbox is doing good as well, so hey, f it, let's make a phone line... just to make one, *if we win, nice, if we don't, oh well but we tried, I guess we can keep it going.* Thats pretty much how they're handling the situation.
  • But they bought one of the baddest phone makers ever and still found a way to completely jack it up. Nobody has a plan over there. Everything mobile has been handled as poorly as possible. When you have the WP lead tweeting from an iPhone, the CEO showing up at an apple event with his Iphone Pro and the company porting all their core apps to the other competing platforms is this delay even surprising in the least? Microsoft has zero interest in their mobile. I wish they would even try, but they aren't. Sorry.
  • Hopefully while we wait ATT will roll out the 950 firmware update for the 950
  • Lol.... Cheater ****.... I know Ms cant implement update... Again. Fooling... Fu** I never buy windows phone anymore...
  • Maybe they are aging the anniversary Update in french oak barrels to bring out It's flavor. It'll be ready in the fall.
  • Yey! You made my day.
  • If you're not used to the 'In the coming weeks' line, you haven't been on Windows Phone long.
  • People commenting here as if Android and iOS gets daily updates. Just sign up as insider and choose release preview ring, you will get stable build.
  • Android gets monthly updates and iOS every couple months. They are mature though, they don't need updates as much as W10M. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So everybody knows that you can get the AU build by joining the Insider program and yet there are still those who would rather complain here than do that. Please all go and buy an iPhone or an Android phone, play Pokémon Go and walk off a cliff. The gene pool will thank you.
  • Just like no one can complain that Android phones don't get updates because you can just install the update yourself.
  • I understand that whatever version could've been released today for mobile is indeed available right now if you're an Insider. But, it's really just the lack of any official statement, or timeframe, or even any sort of apology to their biggest fans (let's face it, anyone following this news so closely is a fan) that are most disheartening. Something like this would suffice: "If you really would like the Anniversary Update, it is available right now by simply enrolling as an Insider. For everyone else, we apologize for the delay and will update you in detail by the end of the week."
  • Then what the hell did I install last night on my 640?
  • Can't wait..
  • Hi, I am also concerning about windows 10 anniversary update for mobile. But it doesn't take too long for us.This tweet makes it for sure. Check out tihs link :     User Actions
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  • Dont worry Anniversary Update for Windows 10 Mobile is coming on next Tuesday 9th August 2016 ;)
  • How can you be sure of it?
  • Just downloaded it from insiders. I felt like I've lost more than I've gained.
  • Hey @Dhans seka & others read this, one thing to remember this site is Indian, reporter is Indian & me too Indian so no more #WhenInIndia
  • #wheninindia?  Coming soon.  which in microsoft terms means....NEVER!  get an iphone.
  • Why is everyone even surprised of this? Mobile is not their priority at all. It's not the first time they f@ck things up, and it won't be the last.Nadella hates all things related to their own mobile OS and he doesn't give a damn if things get late on it, things remain broken or are simply missing. When will you ever learn to stop trusting this company? 
  • @mariusmuntean I don't know about others but I am excited because the name which is rocking above on my 730's top of the display is the "NOKIA" is the synonym of Quality since 151 years & it is the only brand which still rules the heart of every Indian, just wait till 2017 & just imagine what the magic of Nokia brand will do.
    @Steve Adams, no thanks iPhone "was" great only until Steve Jobs were alive means upto iPhone 4, after that the countdown to destruction is begun, I appreciate Steve Jobs only because the angle of view to everything he had. For now no one have that angle of view & never will. Read his biography you will let know, what I want to say.
  • I was not talking about Nokia, just MS. I know Nokia had quality and great stuff, and I also know that MS managed to f@#$k it up with it.
  • My GF's 640 running insider preview release build has been updated since Monday to the RS1 build and I don't know why that happened and I have an unlocked 950xl on same preview release still on TH2. Can anyone say why her device was updated and not most others who're still waiting on MS to release the AU.
  • Now weeks then tommrow will be months then it goes to year....... what rubbish the told first they Anivsy updt will come in july then they cofirmed update at last week of july then it goes to august 2 finally we are on it and they broke promise by their delays......booooo...U r failure big loosers leave this mobile servises and hand it to google
  • It's coming on 9th Aug.  
  • What's the winsider4good project?
  • Do I still need the Upgrade Advisor app to get the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary update build 14393.5. I am using a Lumia 435 running Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.494?
  • No you do not.
  • latest fast ring build(14393.5) = public build of anniversary update right?
  • Latest mobile fast ring = public biuld right
  • Im on Latest fast ring 14393.5 can i get public build without using windows recovery tool
  • So What !? Windows 10 Mobile team screw up again !? Well this is BIG, MS fire people and screw up the W10M AU .... " in the coming weeks" !? I don't get it. Once again if MS don't want mobile business ... better shutdown W10M department. DON'T TELL US THE BIG STORY AND SCREW UP !!!
  • Tired Of waiting :/