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Windows 10 now used by over a third of Steam's users, closes in on Windows 7

More Steam PC gamers are updating their rigs to Windows 10. According to the latest monthly hardware survey of Valve's PC gaming service, over a third of its users are now using some version of Windows 10.

To be more specific, the 64-bit version of Windows 10 is now in second place on the Steam OS survey (with results from January 2016) with a 32.77 percent share. The 32-bit version of Windows 10 claimed 1.28 percent on the Steam survey, which means that overall, Windows 10 is in use by 34.05 percent of Steam gamers.

The 64-bit version of Windows 7 is still on the top of the Steam OS survey list, with a 34.31 percent share. However, it is likely that the 64-bit version of Windows 10 could claim the top spot in the next month or two. Overall, the combined share of the 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows 7 on Steam come in at 42.08 percent share of Steam users.

Source: Steam

  • I guess there is good word of mouth amongst gamers. Which is a very good thing since they are one of the most vocal demographics.
  • Direct X mustard race
  • Oh wow. Windows 10 is right behind Windows 7 in Steam usage. This is such a fast adoption rate. 
  • I doubt Windows store will get good amount of downloads bcoz avg users are now using more mobile apps.
  • You seem a bit off topic there.
  • Yes I was a bit off topic bcoz the article talks about gaming. But we all want Microsoft to win in general applications with the store.
  • Good thing Windows 10 apps run on mobile too.
  • Gamers know best.
  • Windows app?
  • I made all my friends to update Windows10 Literally held gun on their heads! "YOU WILL UPDATE TO WINDOWS10 FROM WINDOWS 7 YOU LITTLE..." (ok.. just joking) :D
  • Same here
  • Many of my friends have upgraded except one who says I love Windows 8.1 more.
  • A lot of Steam users have pretty much high adoption rate when upgrading to new version of Windows. This also happens even in Windows 8.1 I guess if I remember correctly, but Windows 10 even have faster adoption rate which is a good thing to Windows platform. I think this is quite true to many gamers especially the ones who build their own PC, many are really PC enthusiast. They tend to constantly upgrade their PC that upgrading OS is pretty much just another common task if needed. Since Windows 10 only have newer DirectX 12, it is no surprise here. Who doesn't want to take advantage of new DirectX capabilities with their new powerful expensive GPU? The only thing that holds back is the Windows 10 general reliability, those bugs and quirks some still exist that others still waiting to get all settled. Fortunately, it's a less of a problem if you got pretty well-supported hardware which is common for users who constantly upgrade. Lastly the free upgrade offer is really tempting anyways and users can go back to previous OS after they get Windows 10 license. 
  • Agree with everything you said - I'm still on win 8.1 Enterprise because my two titan x sli rigs have insane issues with win 10 Enterprise. I bought the licenses, not interested in freebies and want to opt out of as much Cortana fluff as possible. Will reinstall the moment that is sorted.
  • Microsoft should've sorted these out around the first Restone update at least especially they're trying to optimize their OneCore, hopefully they will not end up more issues than fixing it. QA plummeted around Windows 10 development for some reason and we now all rely on the mercy of Windows Updates. Too bad for people who have limited bandwidth with ridiculously limited cap using Windows 10 at the moment dealing with constant big updates. Even my GeForce is having and issue with Windows 10 that sometimes the driver crash when using Edge, which is why I'm avoiding it until they fix it. Internet Explorer is way more usable than Edge despite having some fancy new features, but Edge still lacks smaller but useful features web browser had for ages. Even they implement Extensions, I can't use it until they fix the reliability of it.
  • Sad thing is most upcoming games are either dx9 or 10/11 due to how long they are usually in production
  • That's understandable, not everybody is on Windows 10 nor not every GPU is taking advantage of DX12. It will take time, though the chances are it will be little faster because of fast adoption in Windows 10, who knows. Alot of my games is still pretty much DX10 and DX11 with some DX9. I haven't got GPU that is DX12 native, not for now until Microsoft sorted these issues in Windows 10 (which can became frustrating).
  • Gamers are know to pay for software, especially gamers on steam. This is good news for developers as this means tens of millions of high end users are now on Windows 10, users who are willing to pay for good software!
  • Steam games knows better
  • Linux actually dropped again. So much for SteamOS taking over, eh?  
  • To think I started with the 8-bit, 1Kb ZX 81! The progress we've seen in the past 30 or so years is fantastic.
  • For crying out loud, Valve. Give us a UWP Steam app already!