Windows 10 Photos app will reportedly add intelligent search in future update

Windows 10 users may see some new features and improvements to the operating system's Photos app in the near future. A new report claims that Microsoft will add things like intelligent search and more advanced editing options to the app in the next few months.

According to WinBeta:

"Sources familiar with the matter say Microsoft is planning to introduce the same intelligent search functionality found on the OneDrive website today, allowing users to search their photos based on the people in them, the places they were taken as well as customized tags directly via the Photos app. The idea here is that the Photos app will automatically scan photos for faces, as well as metadata for locations, then categorize them automatically for easy viewing. You will be able to teach the Photos app who a specific person is so it can automatically categorize them into a folder/album that is dedicated to them."

In addition, the report says that more filters and effects options will be added to the app, along with a way to draw directly on an image. The new editing features will also be included in the Windows 10 Mobile version of the Photo app, according to the article.

Windows Insiders will likely get the first chance to see these additional Photos app features in the coming weeks, and the report claims that all Windows 10 users will get these features as part of the big Redstone update in June.

John Callaham