The Google Chromebook is arguably one of the main reasons why Windows 10 S even exists, but the question on everyone's mind is simply: is Windows 10 S enough to beat Chromebooks? One of Windows 10 S's main goals is to be a Chromebook competitor, but for what it offers, is it capable enough to be exactly that?

Chrome OS is interesting, because it's super lightweight, much more lightweight than Windows 10 S. In most cases, Chrome OS will likely be somewhat faster in certain tasks on low-end hardware too, thanks to the OS being built around a browser. Windows 10 S is full Windows, with some improvements to performance here and there.

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Rainar Angelo
Rainar Angelo

With the new Windows 10 S out, will Microsoft actually beat Chromebooks? I mean, I understand how system apps can keep it more secure and increasing battery life. The limitations of Edge and Bing and the possible block on Chrome and other browsers could prove cumbersome to a lot of users. Personally I love Edge and don't mind Bing but does Microsoft really need this drastic measure?


Our users on the forum have been asking the exact same question, and it's a legitimate question to be asking. Will Windows 10 S help Microsoft beat Chromebooks? Only time will tell, but we're curious as to what you think. Let us know on the forums!

From the forums: Will Windows 10 S help Microsoft beat Chromebooks?