The revamped Windows 10 Skype and Messaging app may not be ready for launch

In January, Microsoft first showed off an image of the new Skype and Messaging app for Windows 10 on the PC. Since then, that app has not been included in any of the preview builds for Windows 10 sent to Windows Insider members. Now a new report claims that it's unlikely the app would be ready for Windows 10's RTM launch, which is slated for later this summer.

Here's what Microsoft had to say about the app back in January:

"With the built-in Skype experience you can send free messages over the internet straight from the taskbar, and on your phone send text messages and free Skype to Skype messages – all from the same place – it's your choice."

Now Neowin is reporting, via their unnamed sources at Microsoft, that the release of the Skype and Messaging app is, more than likely, being put on a brief hold. This delay is so that the Windows 10 team can concentrate on fixing bugs before its reaches RTM:

"One insider said they would be very lucky to have any app in Windows 10 for the upcoming RTM release, while another said that they did not foresee SMS continuity coming to the platform in 2015."

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A version of the Skype and Messaging app is also due to be included in Windows 10 Mobile as well, but Microsoft has already announced that it won't be released until sometime after Windows 10 on the PC is launched.

Is this bad news? Considering Microsoft's "Windows as a service" approach, all this means is what we already know: new features will continuously be added to Windows 10 for PC and Mobile on a regular basis. So although we may be missing some features at launch, these and other additions will continuously be rolled out through frequent updates.

With summer rapidly approaching (and that rumored end-of-July launch for PC), Microsoft appears to now be in a 'shut up and ship' mode, killing bugs, adding on polish. We always knew that point would have to happen, and it looks like we are finally there.

Source: Neowin

  • Damn it this was one of my most anticipated features.
  • Nah, MixView tiles were the most anticipated, and we probably wont see it till 2016 :p
  • Ya I was hoping for exploding tiles...
  • Windows without skype? Wtf?
  • Current Skype is not going away
  • There will be a Skype app, don't worry. But not this new universal messaging app yet.
  • Without new fancy integrated Skype*. You'll still be able to use the desktop and Metro Skype.
  • ikr... Microsoft NEEDS to get this working and fast! They are losing more and more people to other, better messaging apps. They need to have skype as a Universal app AND to be integrated into Windows 10 Mobile SMS. This is a must and should have been ready and advertised a month ago. 
  • Agree.  Skype is already pretty much defunct.  We should have this already.  By 2016, no one will care anymore.
  • Agreed, the thought of Skype being tightly interwoven into the OS like BBM that just worked when your phone booted up was very appealing. Sometimes I feel I have to "start an app" just once in order for it to register and work. As opposed to apps that are just always on, ready to go.
  • So does that mean we won't get out on the phone wasn't sooner?
  • Ya, something to compete with apple, and make skype and the whole MS ecosystem a little more popular.
  • People didn't want this for Skype, they wanted it for the SMS Relay between Phone and PC.  When you use an iPhone with an iMac/MacBook you realize just how much of a killer feature this is.  I can have my phone, literally, downstairs and still get all of my Phone Calls, iMessages, SMS, MMS, FaceTimes, etc. on my iMac. Skype is too poor of an IM client compared to what's available to care that much about it, and there are now too many ways of Accessing VoIP/Video Calling to care about that, either.  Skype's Audio and Video Quality are comparatively poor compared to a lot of its competition (Apple, Google, Facebook to name the biggest ones).
  • Completely disagree with the Skype video and audio quality issue. Skype is one of the best clients for VC. BTW, even Facebook uses the Skype engine.
  • I've been waiting a long time for this real integration... I even thought it was going to happen in 8.1, think I posted that somewhere here before cause people were complaining about the skype app and I was like relax, they'll get it sorted... lol jokes on me
  • Me too. Skype seamless integration has ben lagging since MS bought it, and I was hoping this would finally bring It up to my expectations. Oh well, disappointing but ship the new OS and get this fixed ASAP.
  • Wat. Windows 7 definately did NOT take 10 years to make, it took maybe 3 at most. Windows vista (aka project longhorn) was the os that took 10 years to make.. and windows 7 isnt that much different than vista, really, its mostly a massive service pack to vista, hell it wasnt until the end of its development we started to see it stop looking like vista.  
  • Vista wasn't that bad.  If Vista was released when Machines were specced like they were when 7 was released, I don't think we'd have heard much about it to be honest.
  • Exactly, nothing much changed between 7 and vista, it was a placebo effect
  • Just letting you know, windows vista was started in 2001, a month before the release of xp, was slated to be released in 2003, but was delayed till 2006 because they took the features slated for 'blackcomb' and made it into what vista was released as, 5 years not 10
  • looks horrible 
  • The new approach is more focussed on releasing stuff faster on another platforms. Hope this trend will go away when w10m will be launched.
  • The trend hasn't changed because skype is already delayed in windows 10. And we are talking about pc. Phone always takes longer. So we'll probably see android and iphone users with the new skype, and w10 mobile without it.
  • Except the new app will be universal and will work on both Windows PC and Phone. But hey, who cares about facts, right?
  • Well the fact is that at the moment we havent seen anything that would proof any sort of fact that this is the case ... well excecpt of someone saying they might do it and here is a mockup how it could look like
  • What are you even talking about? These are mockups released by Microsoft themselves and there are mock-ups of the new app on both Windows 10 Desktop and Mobile as well. The new Skype app for Windows 10 is going to be a universal app like all other Windows 10 apps.
  • @Gatanui:
    Who cares about facts whose declamation doesn't serve any purpose? Maybe except obscuring the fact Suckya Nadella put all Windows development on the backburner.
  • Jamal639 is being 365whiner .. Come on man.. Skype is always there.. You may have to wait 1 or 2 month after RTM launch to see the new universal one.. Be patient.. It's not the end of the world
  • You are completely right... Way too many people whining over the most little things.
  • Well, windows phone 7 and 8 had an sms app on the phone that could manage sms, mms, facebook chat and skype messages all through a single window and I found it pretty functionally successful..
  • Yeah.
  • It functioned well but they need to make it have the same features as the actual Skype app if it is to replace it completely
  • Did it include Skype, really? or just live messenger and Rooms
  • It included skype.
  • That was the most unreliable messaging app I ever used. FB messages would show up once in a blue moon. Good riddance!!
  • Worked like a charm for me.
  • The IM functionality in that app was completely broken.  I remember having lots of discussions about it, and I even made a YouTube video showing the issue:  Windows Live Messages would take anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes longer to get pushed to the Windows phone while being instantly pushed to Android (Trillian for Android, BeejiveIM), iOS (Microsoft Messenger Client), or Windows Mobile (Windows Live for Windows Mobile Client).  Facebook was even worse.  Sometimes you literally *never* got the Notification It was so inconsistent, volatile, and laggy that it was functionally worthless to try to use it. Brilliant Idea, but absolutely damning execution. It doesn't take a lot of work to see there were tons of issues with the Facebook integration with the Windows Phone Messaging App: Those are issues that have existed (and persisted) from the day Windows Phone 7 was released.
  • One of my most wanted lol. They should extend the free offering pass one year until they get all the features they've shown so far going.
  • Is it just me or is everything on Windows 10 going to look like a project Spartan window? I know my grandmother is going to think every program and window is ' the internet'. There's not even a Skype logo on that window
  • Not just you. The whole OS basically looks like a mobile website.
  • No lie. The hamburger button and unsmooth jittering transitions when expanding three dot menus and the hamburger seem like the crappy web-wrapper apps that nobody likes in the windows store.
  • In my opinion. They need to hold back the launch of w10 until all w10 are ready to be released. It would give a much better beginning experience.
  • They are rushing, but the core is there. People don't buy PCs for apps, but MS wants a store to make more money... They better get on it.
  • I'm glad you don't make business decisions for them. The os already way overdue in the marketplace.
  • That Rumor' O meter has not been updated with Windows Central Branding :)
  • Lies !!!  Skype & all other apps for win 10 are on hold cause the teams were too busy developing for android & iOS
  • Yeah..... If Microsoft team up with Cyanogen , to give custom ROM which gives 100% Windowsphone UI to Android phone..... Then Hi ,Oneplus One
  • Exactly.
  • @GuilhermeManso:
    So it's finally official: The next flavour of Android is "M". "M" like in "Microsoft". ^.^
  • Lolololl.
  • waaaaaaaaah!
  • Skype needs to take over the messaging market.  I hate having to What's App with some people and FB with others. I want on dominant do everything Skype from every device - app.
  • I want *ONE dominant....
  • It is possible to edit existing comments if you want to. I use the edit feature pretty often when I submit comments from my Lumia phone or a tablet, because with on-screen keyboards, typos seem to happen more frequently.
  • This.
  • An awsome crossplatform skype will give a chance for MS to compete with Whatsapp,BBM,Hangout,Fb messenger,Wechat etc.. I hope they are gonna include all the features from each of those apps..
  • It doesn't really have to compete, cause its the granddaddy of all those apps. All it needs to do is introduce number based system for phones & reduction in subscription rates.
  • For that to happen, Skype actually has to be a decent messaging service. And right now, it kind of isn't.
  • No worries, they will launch it on Android, iOS and Blackberry first, maybe consider adding to the Windows portfolio then. Suckers.
  • I know your pain dude - this is called best for business Developing own platform is too mainstream..... So Microsoft is interested in developing Android and iOS which will give them more income
  • /s
  • So the money we spend on actual phones and apps is just dirt by another name? Nice.
  • No problm ...
  • Its a really nice app that I'd love to have for official launch, but we already have Skype, both modern UI and Desktop. I just want Windows 10 core experience to be as smooth and bug free as 8.1 is, especially the start menu. Start on my SP3 running Windows 10 is a lot less stable, and flaky compared to my desktop running 8.1. Forgetting which looks better, concentrating on getting the OS core features solid is more important than apps. Especially when running an external display, the start menu can be slow to launch after clicking the start button on my SP3
  • Wait for this new Skype experience to be released for iPhone and Android in the late summer. For Windows? Windows users can wait, as always...
  • @GuilhermeManso:
    "Coming soon™". Le sigh.
  • Well knowing the enthusiasm Skype team puts into Windows Phone this really comes as a surprise /s
  • @adrian1338:
    History repeating...
    We're used to Instagram suspending the development of their App and Snapchat refusing to develop for Windows at all.
    But a company like Skype that is basically a division of Microsoft should not be given such a free reign over their schedule that they can make Windows the last item on their priority list EVERY FREAKING SINGLE time!!!
  • better bring with it the calling and texting sync to the pc, same as apple did. plus, this would be another selling point in using a W10M device with the pc, over android and iphone. and w10m  really needs selling points.
  • You can already do this with Android, using Hangouts and Google Voice. Apple is in the business of Selling Macs (which means, OS X) not doing Microsoft's work for them. In any case, it's working for them, because their PC sales have never been better. I know I bought and iPhone and iMac, and the Continuity and Hand-Off Features were a HUGE reason why I went that route. If Windows Phone had that, I'd have gotten a new Windows PC/AIO and a Windows Phone instead. Microsoft could have had this in 2012 if they weren't so busy trying to turn Windows into a Mobile Operating System.
  • As long as it arives before Windows 10 Mobile goes out, its not a big deal.
  • Two most anticpiated features: (1) Action Center with synced notifications (2) New Messaging client with Skype/SMS sync The first is now up to the app's developer and the second is delayed via Neowin directly - possibly all the way till 2016). Both features were also compelling reasons to adopt a Win10 phone if you were already using a Win10 PC. Since it would be difficult if not impossible to achieve such things on competitor's operating systems.   Still excited for what Win10 is delivering, but very dissapointed with the state of these two features.
  • Th
  • Hopefully they don't slow down after the launch of Windows 10
  • @lumianok smart:
    How could they?!
    Given their momentary pace of development slowing down MORE would be reverse engineering...
  • I am fine with the delay as long as they make it like whatsapp and facetime.. Why is it so hard for them to let people sign up with their mobile #.. That way i really dont have to ask people for their userid or email ids( people feel shy or reluctant to ask).. I have barely 6-7 contacts in my skype.. Guess if they have above functionaly how many people i could be in touch..if in future wjatapp release video call functionaly, it will be big big loss for MS. hope they listen and act fast. 
  • Yes.
    Plus make it like imessage.
    Plus clean up linking, because I see lots of user names and not real names for people, even in my family, with MS accounts.
  • Seriously? This trend of making apps and services available first on other platforms didn't start until Microsoft began putting more focus on Windows 10 Mobile. It's not that they're ignoring Windows Phone 8 users, they're just focuisng more on integrating these features into the Windows 10 Mobile update. I gurantee that things will happen differently once we're well into the Windows 10 Mobile roll out.
  • It'll come out ready for IOS and android before windows because for some reason or another they can finish those versions but they can't seem to finish anything on their own platform on time
  • That reason might have to do with the fact that they can immediately profit from those platforms. 
  • We may as well see it in the next iteration of Windows. I wonder what these will be called. Updates? Service Packs?
  • Windows Update
  • Satya Nadella is being HHH in WWE ... He is doing what's BEST FOR BUSINESS :D
  • Of course it won't be ready! This is Microsoft!
  • they have to make app for android and ios first
  • My view on this would be it will come out when Win Phone 10 is released so they can do the message intergration from phone and PC as Mac and iphone cna do now
  • If only Microsoft spend more time on Windows 10 / Windows 10 Mobile rather than trying to bring features (Outlook / Cortana) to Android / iOS...
  • They should just delay the launch. I'd have no issue with them pushing it back to the holiday season. Unfortunately not everyone is as patient (probably including the board at MS) so they probably won't be able to have everything rock solid by launch. 
  • Why am I not surprised? From the quality of latest W10 mobile build, I should more than happy to be able to have the W10 mobile final version installed on my phone by Dec 2015.
  • Oh shit
  • It's ok for me. I think is going to be the same as it is now with the Xbox One, new features every month.
  • 1. iOS 2. Android 10. Windows
  • I can't wait to text message on my PC!
  • They need to fire some people at Skype, is the Skype windows division purposly screwing windows and windows phone?
  • I completely agree. Im actually wondering what the hell they have been doing these last years.
  • I think I'll skip Windows 10 out until Redstone, as it's giving me less and less reasons to upgrade. No interactive tiles, no seamless messaging... And not a big fan of the new design direction.
  • Yes, same. I hope they make Restone awesome because right now I'm not impressed at all...
  • When Redstone hits, it'll be wait for Blackstone or whatever. It's an everlasting game of coming soon, steps back, rebuilding from start, promises. Blabla
  • How about Infinity Stone TM?
  • this is an acceptable use of circle pictures!! I had a nightmare about the Circle pictures in xbox music last night.
  • LOL...but they keep developing new apps for Android and iOS!!!
  • No SMS continuity at all by the end of 2015!? They still don't get it.
    It's this kind of poor prioritization that is the reason Android and iOS are spanking them in mobile and they never catch up. It's so frustrating watching them screw up year after year, yet they never learn from their past mistakes.
  • Coming soon™
  • Very much looking forward to this, just hope Apps can now have notifications and showing on the taskbar icon for the app itself much like Skype app flashing when there is a new message. Is great for us that have Windows devices and Skype however what I like to test out is; if I was to message someone who has Skype account however no Windows 10 Mobile to receive the message; will it go to their Skype account or their Mobile (e.g. iPhone/Android)? Appreciate that we can choose how is delivered however a new user would find that confusing so this is one of the main areas I like to see in action.
  • Zero excuse for not having "Continuity" type features ready for launch. Notifications and SMS sync from my Windows Phone to my PC and Windows Tabs is a requirement, far as I'm concerned. Since Windows Mobile 10 is going to be late, then the day it's shipped? That better be the day MS pushes it out!
  • Which team is worse, the Skype team or the Xbox Music team? Their apps blow and features/fixes are constantly delayed. How many years do they need to get their shit together??
  • Shame. Improved skype experience and (free) sms on the PC is probably the feature I'm most looking forward to in Win10.
  • It may come when it may come. Maybe.. My favorite word in an article title. Maybe your sources is wrong maybe they are right. Time will tell.
  • The feature requires Windows Mobile 10 which is not going to be released until late 2015. There is no reason to expect it in the summer!
  • I wish WhatsApp had this kind of UI.
  • Wonder what the long pole is here. Is it the fact that Windows 10 Mobile is behind the desktop version and this requires both to be updated to work cross-platform? Or is it just the general suckiness of the Skype development and infrastructure teams? Or is it simply that Windows 10's planned release date is overly ambitious and they need to rob Peter to pay Paul?
  • Most likely Skype needs to be reworked ground up as it was never designed for mobility.
  • Satya and Joe must be fired. They have absolutely no idea why Microsoft keeps losing. This feature was due 5 years ago. The worst part is that they promised it 5 months ago. And here we are with absolutely no idea when it's going to arrive.
  • Fired? The new Microsoft is trending towards being an app maker for iOS/Android. The quicker Satya can devalue the hardware division and take a write off, without it seeming like he did it on purpose, the better. This is obviously speculation on my part, but actions seem to support my theory.
  • What Skype team have to do to Windows team fix bug? 
  • I'll be expecting this feature in Windows 10.1 Update 2.
  • Well I hope you aren't forced to sign in with the Microsoft account that is connected to the user account. Alot of people use different accounts or unlinked accounts (myself included).
  • Too many company resources sucking up to Android and iOS users.
  • This was the most important feature to me.
  • Not bad
  • Are they going to merge skype with text messages, I don't like Apple but imessage for your iphone and ipad works great together. I would like that samething across smart phone, tablet, and PC...cause there is no messaging on tablets. It would be good if they follow Apple in how they have messaging and facetime.
  • Well, according to the article, it has a lot of bugs so Skype messaging across phone/tablet and PC won't be here soon.
  • So it means I will have to survive a few more months with skype's shitty white backgrounds and useless WP app
  • So it won't be ready for RTM. But will it be ready for launch? Let's not forget that there's always a 2-3 month gap between RTM and launch, so let's hope they'll have it ready in the store by then (even as a beta) or as an optional update.
  • More broken promises by MS. Why am i not surprised... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think Skype team should be fired. They don't take WP or the Window client seriously.
  • The news just fuels the doom and gloom comments. But in all seriousness, Microsoft is just slow. Seems always behind and releasing stuff in beta form.
  • It's the Skype team. The people that still only give us two status options on WP (when there's four everywhere else) and who's idea of a 'dark theme' is to set it in High Contrast mode. Lazy. So this really doesn't come as a surprise.  
  • WTF?  They can't get their messaging up and running for launch? That's no small thing. It makes the iMessaging app look like a work of staggering genius.