The revamped Windows 10 Skype and Messaging app may not be ready for launch

In January, Microsoft first showed off an image of the new Skype and Messaging app for Windows 10 on the PC. Since then, that app has not been included in any of the preview builds for Windows 10 sent to Windows Insider members. Now a new report claims that it's unlikely the app would be ready for Windows 10's RTM launch, which is slated for later this summer.

Here's what Microsoft had to say about the app back in January:

"With the built-in Skype experience you can send free messages over the internet straight from the taskbar, and on your phone send text messages and free Skype to Skype messages – all from the same place – it's your choice."

Now Neowin is reporting, via their unnamed sources at Microsoft, that the release of the Skype and Messaging app is, more than likely, being put on a brief hold. This delay is so that the Windows 10 team can concentrate on fixing bugs before its reaches RTM:

"One insider said they would be very lucky to have any app in Windows 10 for the upcoming RTM release, while another said that they did not foresee SMS continuity coming to the platform in 2015."

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A version of the Skype and Messaging app is also due to be included in Windows 10 Mobile as well, but Microsoft has already announced that it won't be released until sometime after Windows 10 on the PC is launched.

Is this bad news? Considering Microsoft's "Windows as a service" approach, all this means is what we already know: new features will continuously be added to Windows 10 for PC and Mobile on a regular basis. So although we may be missing some features at launch, these and other additions will continuously be rolled out through frequent updates.

With summer rapidly approaching (and that rumored end-of-July launch for PC), Microsoft appears to now be in a 'shut up and ship' mode, killing bugs, adding on polish. We always knew that point would have to happen, and it looks like we are finally there.

Source: Neowin

John Callaham