Windows 10 UWP version of Adobe Experience Design CC app due in 2016

Adobe is currently working on a Windows 10 UWP version of its Experience Design CC that is scheduled for release sometime in 2016.

The reveal was made by Adobe's Andrew Shorten on his Twitter feed. He later confirmed it would be a UWP app, which means that it should be available for Windows 10 Mobile as well as Windows 10 on the PC and tablets.

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The Adobe Experience Design CC app has been made so that developers can quickly design and prototype websites and mobile apps. It's currently available for OS X users. Hopefully, we won't have to wait too long before its Windows 10 launch.

  • OMG! This sets up a brilliant precedent. Bring it on! That's the power of UWP! Great work Adobe!
  • Great news. Keep up the good work, Adobe!
  • If it will be a UWP app that will work on mobile, then its a good work but if not. Adobe can go and **** themselves... Makay Chapulets | MTN Nigeria CCR
    Posted from my Lumia 640XL running Windows 10.
  • I asked them about mobile on twitter. The answer was, that they are "targeting desktop-based experience to start". :/ Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10 on HP 250 G1 notebook. It is a scary old monster, I think :D
  • No developer is interested in UWP they said... The Windows Store wil stay irrelevant they said... Now what do those twats say? :D
  • The same nonsense, most likely. Microsoft has been "doomed" for most of the last decade according to their narrative, and the lack of any supporting evidence hasn't made a whiff of difference so far.
  • I guess we'll see what they say later this year when Adobe cancels this project and/or delays it another year.
  • Why would they do that? Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10 on HP 250 G1 notebook. It is a scary old monster, I think :D
  • Nice! Will most definitely check it out when it's released.
  • Very nice. The day we get Photoshop ill cry of happiness
  • This is a rather simple tool (go look at the Mac version), I'm not surprised they opted for UWP for this. That being said, UWP is a long ways away from being able to replace the current x86_x64 Photoshop application.
  • A UWP of Photoshop would be good for the Mobile side of things though. And would definitely be able to replace the Express app we have already :p maybe one day.... If they find a way to, considering the program's power.. +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • And this shows you have no idea what you are talking about. what you say it doesn't even make sense "so this is simple but they opted for UWP even if it's inferior" yeah right... get your logic there, if UWP was so inferior nobody would use it, especially Adobe which is focused and already have all their apps on win32, nobody would care about it and nobody would think about UWP or even centennial and the benefits it can bring on the long term. But I don't expect people like you to understand it, you probably think UWP is just for mobile apps with nothing more than touch interface... although you can see Tomb Raider, Killer Instinct, Forza, Gigantic, etc etc on Windows 10 store. yes, they are not on mobile because nobody said that by being universal automatically they have to bring it to mobile or only because they are on Store they have to be universal. That's the reason Microsoft made Bridges like Centennial, and if you paid attention, it's called a bridge because you can bring your win32 app to the store and you can use UWP features, then you can little by little making the app into a full universal app. it doesn't mean they will, for obvious reasons, they still could because Windows and UWP is not the limited crap you think it is, only clueless people with no logic and brain think so, like I said, if it was so simple, then there wouldn't be AAA videogames, or a Bridge that can give more features to a win32 app while keeping the system unbloated and still let you think about what you want in the future, full UWP or not. I am sure we don't need photoshop on a phone, and that logic applies to other software. the only ways photoshop would work on a phone is by having continnum support, and not many phones do. but it doesn't mean Adobe is always stuck with win32 and can't do anything in 2016 about it.
  • Games don't use UWP to any significant degree, they use Direct3D, which is a Win32 API supported in WinRT apps.  
  • He didn't exactly say that its inferior (unless he really meant like that), its just that UWP could be still restrictive for really powerful app like Photoshop. Things also to considers is that there are plugins and other extendibility stuff that current UWP doesn't allow yet, or limited to some degree (who knows). Those things also what makes the Photoshop and other powerful Adobe apps more useful than it is. It's still on Win32 for a reason and it will coexist for a while until UWP truly matched and surpass the possibilities of Win32 thing and other non-UWA. Even UWA games game some limitations at the moment like multi-monitor support which is a big thing for gaming enthusiasts, others are mods, and some other stuff probably even outside of core gaming that I don't know. PC Gaming is quite complicated market since there is where very rich ecosystem comes in that console gaming doesn't touch into. This is what's the PC gaming on Windows keeping it alive and healthy, retaining Windows as a platform of choice for PC Gaming. Though is a threat from Vulkan which is a alternative ti DirectX but its cross-platform, giving a great chance for other OS to be a viable PC gaming platform in the future, threatening the status-quo of Windows not because it will be abandoned, but possibility of losing its strong market thus losing gamers switching to other platform, but I don't think Macs will many gamers will switch to because of how limited choices the hardware they got, but more like Linux especially SteamOS. Sent from Turing Machine
  • UWP is capable. Doesn't mean they would publish it for mobile. It wouldn't make sense for professional graphics to have such a small screen and touch without good pen tech. Even then the point is to get it in the new api and enhance the UI. Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Lumia 950xl
  • Hopefully Continuum gains momentum - Apps like this would be great for it. When not connected to a larger display you can even display a relevant message if you want, so you can say the app only works in continuum if there's not even a limited feature set you can support on a smaller screen. Having said that, if the app has the capability to do responsive website prototyping then even just being able to view on the mobile screen would be worth it, with the full feature set when hooked up to continuum
  • Using this app on a smartphone would be still useful, only very limited use case even without a pen (though pen is a must and we need more smartphones to have this). Quick prototyping, editing to already created project and easy way to show projects to other teams or clients would be common use case for smartphone use. Especially that there would be W10M tablets too, having support for mobile is still good thing to have. But yeah, we seriously need W10M to support pen, sadly there seem no sign about it, even on current Redstone builds on W10M. All I can say, the lack of pen support on W10M disturbing. :P
  • UWP is a d**k ...
    Which is getting harder day by day !!
    One day it'll phak every OS :-D
    *Bring 'em All*
    -Posted from Lumia 520XL
  • What are the specs of your Lumia 520XL?? Makay Chapulets | MTN Nigeria CCR
    Posted from my Lumia 640XL running Windows 10.
  • A massive 6" Screen (like 1520), 50.7 Mp camera & Continuum (like 950XL)
    Available in my Earth (E-5)
    -Posted from Lumia 520XL
  • This is that Project Comet thing that's supposed to rival Sketch, isn't it? Considering Sketch is OSX only, this seems like a boon for Windows for sure. Fingers crossed since they're making it for UWP, they program in more than just iOS templates and animations
  • I know this is a fairly simple program, but having Adobe on board with UWP goes a long way to show developers and customers that the Windows Store is a place for serious apps. I'm also looking forward to the rest of the Adobe Elements portfolio, which Adobe says is coming "soon" to the Windows Store through Project Centennial. Sent from a shiny electronic rectangle.
  • Waiting for PS Touch app from iOS (UWP of course)
  • It probably launch in the fall during Adobe Max conference
  • Sweet! That makes up for the delay.
  • Good now make the entire adobe suites as uwp apps
  • Raining apps!
  • Great Job by Adobe!
  • Can somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but UWP apps must be released through the Store right? I wonder how Adobe will reconcile this with their Adobe CC software that you install to manage the installation and removal of software you get via the Creative Cloud subscription. If XD is going through the Store it's a completely different channel from Adobe's current subscription model via Adobe CC software. I hope they offer XD as a standlone product and I don't need a Cloud subscription. If they actually get it close to Sketch then I'd put down $49.99. Once. Only. Once. No subscription b.s.
  • No, UWP apps don't have to go through the store, as MS explained to game execs who were complaining that they were creating a walled garden with UWP. That's simply not true. -- Lumia 640 (Windows 10)
  • Finally a great designer and prototyping tool for Windows! Which is kinda rare (there are some exist) on Windows which Mac OS X enjoying for a long time, another reason why tons of designers use Macs as their main computer (and basically dominated the creative fields). I really hope that when they release this, it won't be a victim of being lagging behind from its OS X counterpart. It needs to be feature-parity to OS X. Another interesting note here is if this is also available for mobile, then it will help alot for designers to easily prototype and design apps for W10 as a whole especially the mobile part. That can help to make a spark for some companies to make W10M apps, not just for the sake of it but also equally functional and beautiful.
  • I agree, and I'm really close to getting a Mac because I have to. The industry pretty much requires designers to own a Mac which is BS.
  • Unfortunately, the situation on design and creative industry is mostly filled with Macs. There is a reason though and one of the reasons I know (or told me so) is when working that is related to text, OS X have better font rendering than Windows. Even me I kinda noticed that when I was working with Macs in the past, it just looks bit better in some ways. Other is as I've said is there are many design softwares that even Windows doesn't have, I don't know all the specifics but some UX designer software are exclusive on OS X for whatever reason. The least factor I've been told is that simply because the OS X is well polished OS in terms of its aesthetics and design, which is for me understandable for designer to work on desktop environment that looks conistently good or at least doesn't feels frankenstein in some ways, though OS X is no perfect, it just that I even find it generally just way more polished. On the hardware side, Macs generally are sleek PC's, minimalistic and clean looking. Though there is also sleek looking Windows PC's out there, but the combination some few factors above makes maybe their first or easy choice. Still it leaves my head scratching that how come Macs dominate the design industry, regardless the reason because in the past Macs is best choice of it (before Windows catches up back in the day). In the end though, it's really up to the individual as a designer to choice your own tool that does the job. It doesn't have to be a Mac, I guess it just happens to be an easy choice for that field. There are tons of sleek Windows PC's these days, even bit cheaper and more powerful. Windows may not have all the software, but that depends what's the work requires you to have, not everything is exclusive to OS X. Working on video editing for example doesn't really have to require to use Macs, unless you're that fan of Final Cut Pro. For Microsoft, they should do something at least to help Windows platform be more visible and used on design and creative industry. Attract developers who makes those design apps on OS X. Improve the font rendering engine in Windows which seems bit common topic why many choose Macs, not exactly they have to be fan of it, just happens that it renders the font better. Polish up the overall aesthetic and design of Windows, though for Microsoft this proven to be difficult for them for whatever reason, Windows 10 for example isn't exactly I will call super consistent in terms of design and some aesthetic choices is something left to be desired, let alone UI inconsistencies. Heck even Microsoft left some apps like People app to look horrible on public release. At least on PC hardware side, there are a lot of choices that PC's do look good, heck some even bit more Mac-look-alike if some are that into. It's really just the software-side---the actual environment to work on most of the time, needs improvements. For me though, I stay on using Windows simply because I have other use-cases that I can't stay on Mac, one of which is gaming, but there are tons more. I only hope that Windows will improve it's design aspects really, which they trying to do, but not all executed very well.  
  • I find UWP apps ​crash too often. Reason why I can't rely on them yet.​
  • FINALLY, Adobe XD. I'm waiting for this for a long time!
  • Mocking up an app or a website on touch devices is a great start, but hopefully they are investing time and effort making other on-the-go apps to make a mobile-desktop workflow possible with the Windows ecosystem. Finally Adobe is doing something about levelling their mobile apps situation which might make me buying into CC.
  • Wait, is this app basically, Sketch for Mac?