Windows 10 won't run games with SafeDisc or Securom DRM

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Surface Pro Microsoft Store (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft has announced that it will block games utilizing SafeDisc or Securom DRM on Windows 10, citing security concerns owing to a lack of support by the companies that made them.

In an interview with German publication Rocket Beans TV, Microsoft's Enthusiast Marketing Manager for Windows, Boris Schneider-Johne, revealed:

Everything that ran in Windows 7 should also run in Windows 10. There are just two silly exceptions: antivirus software and stuff that's deeply embedded into the system.And then there are old games on CD-Rom that have DRM. This DRM stuff is also deeply embedded in your system, and that's where Windows 10 says 'sorry, we cannot allow that, because that would be a possible loophole for computer viruses.That's why there are a couple of games from 2003-2008 with Securom, etc. that simply don't run without a no-CD patch or some such. We can just not support that if it's a possible danger for our users. There are a couple of patches from developers already, and there is stuff like GOG where you'll find versions of those games that work.

Microsoft, for its part, seems to be doing all it can to protect users from using older DRM, potentially leaving them open to a malicious attack. SafeDisc has mentioned that it will leave it up to Microsoft to issue a fix for the ROM to be compatible with Windows 10:

SafeDisc DRM hasn't been supported for a few years now, and the driver has consequently not been updated for some time. Microsoft should have migrated the existing software since Windows 8. We don't know if that's still possible with Windows 10 or if they simply didn't care about it.

Source: YouTube (Rocket Beans TV (in German)); Via: VG247

  • Yay for DRM.
  • Crazy isn't it? So, unless one can find no cd cracked exes, the legacy catalogue must be repurchased? Price of progress?
  • Nah, not price of progress just another example of #MicrosoftStupidity making people's game libraries obsolete and not providing any solution to fix it.
  • Or rather the stupidity of the DRM maker for making such a shitty, insecure system in the first place and now refusing to give users a legal way to deactivate the legacy DRM on newer OS's.
  • No, #MicrosftSecurity.  Those DRM hacks should never have been possible.   Microsoft is blocking developers acting in bad faith and trying to sneak rootkits onto my computer.
  • Good to know that a no cd patch might work.
  • Lol the good old no cd patch is back. Were these not considered pirating tools at one point..?
  • Yeah, but as long as you had the original disc, a no-CD patch wasn't a big deal and saved the hassle of popping in multiple discs to run games.
  • Oh I agree. There was a website just dedicated to cracks. Can't believe we need to go back to that. Progress lol
  • Well, developers should rerelease classics as digital downloads instead. I would like to see games such as Need for Speed III (the old classic, not the remake). It was a hard game to run in anything else than Windows 95 and 98, basically. There are other games too. Anyone have a favourite?
  • Collin McRae rally 2.0. One of the most fun rally games I've ever played. Not sure if the CD was DRM etc. but it was nevertheless an awesome game
  • The original NFS Most Wanted. I remember a couple of headaches thanks to SecureRom.
  • +920 for Most Wanted. Arguably one the best NFS games to have ever made.
  • I still have it and play it. Love that game.
  • The Xbox 360 version of Most Wanted 2005 will always be the better version. Better textures, better lightning, better reflections.
  • You can mod the PC version though, to look even better than the Xbox 360 version. A fullHD patch can make the game run in native 1920x1080 and an HD texture pack makes everything crisp and removes the yellow tint that Most Wanted '05 always had by default.
  • NFS3 works with 3rd party Vista patch. It worked in Windows 8 too. I could run it full graphics in hardware rendering mode.
  • Oh yes! The original Hot Pursuit was the &$#%!
    High Stakes was good too!
  • Does richard burn rally run on Windows 10?
  • Since it's a 2004 game, they're is no reason for it not to.
  • Have you checked out GoG? So many great old games there.
  • There is a site called, I don't know if it has Need For Speed but it has a bucket load of older games and they've been designed to work on new hardware.
  • Need for speed III yeah
  • I would be really happy when NEED FOR SPEED (any version) gets released on the Windows Store. Oh and Electronic Arts, make your games available as well instead of it on Origin :)
  • Never gonna happen, the best you can hope for is for the old NFS games to be available on Origin. EA does not even sell on steam, so no chance they will sell in the Windows Store, which isn't even popular with gamers compared to Steam.
  • Sure a digital version of old games would be nice, but I sure as hell are not going to re-buy my whole library because of some idiots at Microsoft who decided to cripple all my older disc games.
  • Rocket beans tv
  • I used to use and to avoid this dreadful type of DRM. There was a AAA title just recently (within 5 years) that needed one of these DRM schemes, can't for the life of me remember what it was though, but I played it a lot, and its gonna suck if I ever TRY to install/play it again.  
  • Wow that brings back memories. These sites still being maintained?
  • Of course it is. Games as recent as 2008 still need cracks from that site.
  • Superb. Been a long time since I've had to look there, I've got a steam and gog library but still good to know.
  • "Microsoft must have migrated existing software since Windows 8" Which software are they talking about? What is no CD patch?
  • The patch basically stops the spare looking to see if you've put the CD in your drive. Helpful if you don't want to keep swapping CDs to play different games.
  • The Sims series is using securom
  • The Sims 3 works just fine on my Win10 pc. But I do run a pirate version with a no cd patch.
    Im all for paying for games (for example I own a pretty large steam library), and I own the vanilla version of the Sims 3 (paid the launch retail price for it). But I refuse to pay a couple of hundred euro's to complete the set just to support EA's already fat bankaccount.
    They just milk this franchise for more than its worth and screw over there customers... So when a friend could set me up with the full game for free? How could I refuse ;-)
  • You can refuse easily. You presumably like to be paid for your work. If you're enjoying the content it's worth paying for. Milk the franchise? You apparently like it enough to have it installed, sheesh.
  • Im willing to pay a fair price for everything.
    The Sims is the only game I use a pirated version off, because their pricing is outragious!
    They launch a half baked game and then make you pay loads of money for even the most basic stuff that should have been in the base game to begin with.
    As soon as EA comes up with a fair pricing scheme I Will buy it. Their is a reason why this game is pirated so much, and its not (only) becouse the game is so good ;-)
  • You make no sense, it's half baked yet the game is so good. Your words alone are a contradiction. It's so good I have to pirate but I don't want to pay because it's not good enough for fair price. I pay more for shit snacks at work that what the sims ask for.
  • I make perfect sense. The vanilla version of The Sim 3 is only 10% of the game. EA charges an outrageous amount of money for its add ons and expansion packs to its users. Most of this content should have been in the base game to start with. And, for me atleast, it is in no way justifiable to pay around 500 euro to get the full game of The Sims 3. And I’m not alone. That’s why this is one of the most pirated game franchises. The kind of money they are asking is in no way justifiable to the content they're delivering. That's why I've stopt buying and playing The Sims 3, untill a friend offerd me the possibility to try and play the fullversion of The Sims 3. And untill they come up with reasonable prices I will not buy the legal coppies. I'm all for developers getting paid for there work, but multi billion dollar corporations like Electronic Arts don't deserve my money nor my respect when they cant deliver good content at reasonable prices.​ Thats why piracy still exists. Not because we don't want to pay, but because the industry (Music, Movie and Gaming all a like) cant deliver the same experiences at reasonable prices as the 'illegal' and free alternatives.  
  • Time to roll back to Windows 8
  • Or maybe, you know, not?
  • What game isn't working on Windows 10 for you ?
  • Says the guy not running Win10.
  • and you don't even run Windows 10 and you don't know what safedisc and securom............ pathetic
  • Just run Windows XP in a Virtual Machine (VM) and play the games that way
  • And that is the reason this old stuff was just a crazy attempt to stop illegal copies by force, although today we see that there are other means to keep people from pirating a game.
  • They will never learn, Not everyone pirates, the pirates will always find a way and still there has not been a game that HAS NOT BEEN cracked (I do watch this stuff but, only crack so I dont have to use CDs/DVD every time I want to play), it just takes a little time. DRM only hurts honest people...
  • yeah and locks on doors are just to keep honest people out. if obtaining pirated games was too easy, honest people would be tempted to just download the games instead of buying them. the hassle of finding the games, dealing with crack, issues with updates, and risk of viruses keeps people honest. plus the steam sales makes pirating more of a hassle than its worth for some.
  • If you are really honest you will not pirate even if you are tempted and even if its easy, you simply value the work developers put into the games you enjoy and you want them to get paid to make more great games you can enjoy. What makes honest people not want to buy games and support developers is if they have to jump through countless DRM obstacles to enjoy a game they paid for. That is the real cause of piracy, and people that release DRM free games like gog know that and know that if you make it hassle free to get DRM free games most people are more then happy to pay for great games and support good developers.
  • True that, There has been a few games over the years that I paid for, the Physical discs (got online or in a store) after about an hour trying to get working, my next step is to find a crack for it and about 85% of the time trying a "TESTED" crack, my game plays in 5 min.... No one suffers from DRMed games more than honest people...
  • I do not know if already are blocking it, but I still can play Megaman X8 on my Windows 10, and it requires that the disc is inserted into the PC to run!
  • Is Windows 10 not required antivirus?
  • Just because it requires you to insert the disk into the drive before playing doesn't mean it uses SafeDisk of SecuROM... -_-
  • Good. Pirates are idiots.
  • The only idiots are those calling others idiots.
  • Well... GabeN explained that according to Valves research most Pirates came from people that don't have access to a product to begin with and I can totally relate to that as it was the main reason why I pirated Games in the past ( and concerning Anime/Mangas never released in a language I'm capable still do )
  • Lol original safedisc(rct) wasn't that hard to circumvent use just a simple iso mount(like what came with w8) but the next version you had to use alcohol(rct2) funny not too long ago obtained a gold copy of rct/2 that I got all 3 on gog on sale a few months later
  • The one game I wanna play is G-Nome by seventh level it won't let me install it even in with win 95 settings
  • DOS Box?
  • It doesn't require dos to install it installs fine on XP
  • Actually. Patches are usually virus.
    I'm agree with MS decision..
  • And now you know why there are places that make a No-CD crack for them... Thanks Microsoft, so if you want to play a older game YOU OWN, you HAVE TO CRACK it to play it... Good job MS, at least you could of found a way to sandbox it or something knowing people will want to play games from a few years ago.
  • Are there really that many people still using games with these versions of DRM anyway? Probably not or the original developers would still be supporting and patching them.
  • I loved the old games proteciton like on Prince of persia you had a special level about drinking bottles, so you needed to have the long paper with the numbers and the game would tell you which ones you had to drink. that was a cool. this safedisc and securom not so much
  • I guess this is Microsoft's brilliant plan to support PC gamers by screwing them over if they want to play their bought games. I should assume by mentioning GOG that Microsoft will pay me to get the games I own on disc from GOG right? Because if not, thats not a damn solution, I am not re-buying games because of idiots at Microsoft. Not to mention quite a few games are not available from any digital distributors.
  • Check out "" and search for the old game.
  • People complained then, people complain now. Such is the nature of DRM.
  • Guess you could say we have some alcoholics in the audience
  • Well Im old school and I'm quite disgusted that not only is windows 10 total crap but Microsoft new it was and gave it away free, now Im unable to play my old games like C&C zero hour, Rome total war etc, were to they get off, so I'm off Wednesday to get my sytem back to windows7 and Microsoft can shove their BS windows 10 up their asses