Windows 10-Xbox One cross-buy support is just for in-game purchases and DLC packs

Micosoft has offered more specific information on how some of its upcoming games for the Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms with "cross-buy" support will work. Unfortunately, it looks like it will be limited to just in-app purchases and DLC packs for those games, at least for now.

Kotaku previously posted, as we did, that "cross-buy" support meant that some Xbox One games would support a "buy once, play everywhere" scheme, where the owner could buy the game on the console and then also download and play the same game on a Windows 10 device without having to pay for it again. Sadly, Microsoft sent Kotaku a statement today that seems to refute that idea:

"Cross-buy for games like 'Fable Legends' and 'Gigantic' refers to in-game purchases and downloadable content that can be accessed whether you are playing on Xbox One or Windows 10. As we bring more titles to Windows 10 and Xbox One and enable rich cross-device scenarios, we will continue to listen to our fans and evaluate what's best for each individual game."

You can bet that gamers would definitely prefer to pay just once for a cross-platform game, so hopefully Microsoft will offer that kind of support for games made for both Windows 10 and Xbox One in the future.

Source: Kotaku

John Callaham